The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on January 23, 1948 · 22
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 22

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1948
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2 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS,-Fridoy,' Jan. 23, 1948 FM Programs FRIDAY RADIO PROGRAMS WABW 47.3, 919 Megacycles FRIDAY NIGHT 4.00 Treasury of Song 4:15 United States Navy 4:30 Music Sweet and Hot 5:30 Veterans' News 5:45 Treasure Chest 6:00 Dinner Music 6:45 Pop Concert 7:00 Sportscast 715 Dance Cavalcade 7;30VABW Bequest Show 8:30 Memory Lane 8:45 Just Music 9:00 Evening Serenade 9:30 Hoosier Playhouse 10:00 Sign Off SATURDAY DAYLIGHT 2;00 String Ensemble 2:30 Dance Maestro 3:00 Shuffle Shanty 3:15 Midday Symphony 3:43 Spike Jones Indianapolis on the Air By Martha McHatton P.M. 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 oo 15 :30 45 :00 :15 :30 :45 :00 :15 :45 :30 :00 :15 :30 :45 00 15 30 45 00 15 :30 :45 00" :15 30 45 :08 :15 :30 :45 WIRE 1430 NBC When a Girl Marries Portia Faces Life Just Plain Bill Front Page Fan-ell Fred Holt Melody Billboard Frank Farrish Sports and News Supper Club News of the World Organtide Fred Holt Highways in Melody Highwavs in Melody Can You Top This? Can You Top This? People Are Funny People Are Funny Waltz Time Waltz Time Mystery Theater Mvstery Theater Bill Stern Tony Hinkle WIBC 1070 MBS Easy Does It Easy Does It Easy Does It Easy Does It Easy Does It Easy's Rabbit Club Captain Midnight Tom Mix Fulton Lewis. Jr. Gene Kelly Henry J Taylor Inside Sports Burl Ives Tello-Test Waltzes for You Waltzes for You Gabriel Heatter News-Hoosier Serenade Information Please Information Please Meet the Press Meet the Press Daily Hit Parade Dailv Hit Parade Fred Holt Voices in the Night Music You Remember Music You Remember News Sportsman Marine Story White Whirl White Whirl Gene Kelly Variety for You Popular Batons Kelly's Sports News Ten Pin Singer Art Kassel Tempo Revue Tempo Revue WFBM 1260 WISH 1310 WLW 700 CBS ABC XBC Opinion Please Hoosier Request Time When a Girl Marriea Opinion Please Hoosier Request Time . Portia Faces Life Rhythm at Random Hoosier Request Time Just Plain Bill Rhythm at Random Hoosier Request Time Front Page Farrell Rhythm at Random Terry and the Pirates Sunnyside Revue Rhythm at Random H-R Scoreboard News bum and Abner . Jack Armstrong Rendezvous with Ramona Lowell Thomas Jack Armstrong Three Star Extra Gilbert Forbes Luke Walton Supper Club Jack Smith Show Barry Wood Smith's of Hollywood Club 15 Lone Ranger Smith's of Hollywood Edward R. Murrow Lone Ranger H. V Kaltenhoin Baby Snooks Fat Myi Highways in Melody Baby Snooks Fat Ma i Highways tn Melodv Danny Thomas This Is Your FBI Can You Top This? Danny Thomas This Is Your FBI Can You Top This? Don Ameche Break the Bank People Are Funny Don Ameche Break the Bank People Are Funny Oz2ic and Harriet The Sheriff Waltz Time Ozzie and Harriet The Sheriff Waltz Time It Pays to Be Ignorant Boxing Bout Mystery Theater It Pays to Be Ignorant Boxing Bout Mystery Theater Spotlight Revue Boxing Bout Bill Stern Spotlight Revue Boxing Bout Benjamin Franklin , Gilbert Forbes News and Music Peter Grant Serenade Songs of the Islands Peter Donald Beulah Ten Thirty Time Kentucky Editors Music You Like Ten Thirty Time Gardner Benedict Million Dollar Party News News Moon River Million Dollar Party Variety Hour Moon River Million Dollar Party Variety Hour Platter Time Million Dollar Party Variety Hour Platter Time The March of Dimes has a rival In the radio broadcast of the Penny Parade Saturday at 2:30 p. m. over WIBC-Mutual. It's a party presented in behalf of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis fund and will originate from the Kingsbridge Armory in New York. Participating in the half-hour program will be the panel for Juvenile Jury, stars from the House of Mystery. Gus Lesnevich, world's light heavyweight boxing champion; a talk by Margaret O'Brien. News columnist and juvenile film star, and a blow-by-blow description of a boxing bout between two 11- year-olds with Bill Stern at the microphone. The whole party will be tied together by the words of Bob Emory, a leader in the radio field for children. SATURDAY RAIO PROGRAMS State Bridge Tournament Opens Here The 12th annual Indiana state bridge tournament began this afternoon at the Lincoln Hotel. Entries have been received from players in Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Kentucky in addition to the large number of teams and individuals from Indiana. The tournament started with event for women's pairs and men's pairs, to be followed by the mixed pair championship this evening The feature event, open pair championship, will be held in two sessions Saturday and the teanvof-four contest will complete the tournament Sunday afternoon anad evening. Russell Baldwin will direct the tournament, assisted by Mrs. Dean Weisbach. of Cincinnati. Prizes and master points will be awarded the first and second teams in each event. The committee in charge of the tournament I- headed by Mrs. A. ,K. Coffin, assisted y Mrs. Feb Buck. Stanley McComas and Richard W. Lee. Listen to INFORMATION PLEASE Tonight, 8:30, WIBC Presented by Citizens Gas & Coke Utility 1 Refrigerator ANP Radio Service Indudaa Blast fetm la Wu, turn cart iuaiama lightning Eltctrle Co. tit N. Jrfrwa. Ml 5 TUN I INTHI 3 010 GOLD show CBS 8 P. M. CST iiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiliiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, BILL BRANDT REVIEWS TWO HEAVYWEIGHT FIGHTS Louis-Schmeling Battles Featured on "Inside of Sports'" 3 A. M. :00 :15 :30 :45 :00 15 :30 :45 ":00 :15 :30 :45 ocT :15 :30 45 00 CBS is still making radio news; with more announcements of; changes to come. First, a definite j date on the return of Dinah Snore to a regular program has; been set for February 13 at 9 p m. replacing It Pays to Be Ignorant, which will move to a Saturday night airing, according to present schedules. Escape changes from a Wednesday night airing, not carried by WFBM, to the Christopher Wells spot Sun-i day nights at 9 p. m., starting1 Ftbruary 1. The Saturday repeat j broadcasts will continue. Christo-i pher Wells will then move to ; Tuesday nights at 8:30 p. m.. withj Studio One to start a half houri later. The last item concerns the j comedy show of Sweeney and March, which has been kept on the air by the network for two years. This show will be dropped February 4 for a revival of the Romance dramas. Open Hearing: moves from Tuesdays at 9:30 p. m. to Wednesdays, in the Escape' vacancy. 6 7 8 9 10s 1 12 1 2 3 WIRE 1430 45 :00 :15 :30 :45 loo" :15 :30 j45 -.00 :15 :30 :4. :00 :15 :30 :45 Too :15 :30 .45 WIBC 1070 NBC MBS Ridin' the Range News Emmy Lou Timber Time Emmy Lou Dawn Patrol Markets Devotions Dawn Patrol Morning Neighbors World News Roundup New? Musical Clock Sons of Pioneers Musical Clock News Faith In Time Musical Clock Faith Congratulations Musical Clock Larry Richardson News Easy Listenin Eat-itorlally Speaking Easy Listsnin Eat-itonally Speaking Easy Listenin' News Children's Corner Barnvard Gang Elliot Lawrence Barnyard Gang Archie Andrews Crosby Sings Archie Andrews Big Little Party Meet the Meeks Public Report Meet the Meeks Public Report Smilin" Ed McConnell Library Story Hour Smilin' Ed McConnell Youth Guild Sub-Debia Pan Americana Sub-Debia How's Your Memory Your Record Player Four Stairsteps Your Record Player Indiana Farm Bureau Glen Wilson Larry Richardson Man on the Street RFD 1070 Farm and Home Hour RFD 1070 Farm and Home Hour . Hickory Shindig Platter Chatter "Hickory Shindig Platter Chatter Hickory Shindig Platter Chatter Hickory Shindig , Platter Chatter Hickory Shindig "Platter Chatter Hickory Shindig Platter Chatter Hickory Shindig Platter Chatter Penny Parade Platter Chatter Penny Parade "The Mikado." 'Easy Does It "The Mikado." Easy Does It Cmdr. R. H. Branneman Easy Does It Jordan Music Easy Does It WFBM 1260 WISH 1310 WLW 700 CBS ABC NBC Early Birds Morning Hymns News Early Birds Indiana Farmer Cadle Tabernacle Musky Muskrat Indiana Farmer News Early Birds Dunkin' Time Chuck Acree World News Today News and Music Coleman Brothers Hoosier Headlines Dunkin Time News Bins Sine , Dunkin Time Morning Matinee News Dunkin Time; Morning Matinee Flving Weather ChuekleTime Morning Matinee Songs for You Chuckle Time Morning Matinee Songs for You Chuckle Time Lucky Perny Saturday's Rhythms Chuckle Time Days of the Giants Garden Gate Chuckle Time Family Fair Johnson Family Choir Chuckle Time Family Fair Mary Lee laj-tor Chuckle Time Archie Andrews Mary Lee Taylor Chuckle Time Archie Andrews News Let s Pretend Abbott and Costello Meet the MeeKs Let Pretend Abbott and Costello Meet the Meeks Escape Land of the Lost Smilin' Ed McConnell Escape Land of the Lost Smilin' Ed McConnell Theer of Today High School Hour Man on the Farm Theater of Today Club Federation Man on the Farm Star Over Hollywood American Farmer News Stars Over Hollywood American Farmer Everybody's Farm Gilbert Forbes News Music Farm and Home Hour Smri.-s Ahotit Corn Here's to Veterans Farm and Home Hour County Fair i..o"" Mp'vrter Everybody's Farm County Fair V. FW. Program Everybody's Farm TjTvrTand Take "DieWalkuere" World's Great Novels Give and Take "Die Walkuere." World's Great Novels Grand Central Station "Die Walkuere." Doctors Today Grand Central Station "Die Walkuere." Doctors Today Overseas Report "Die Walkuere." Orchestras of Nation Adventures in Science "Die Walkuere." Orchestras of Nation Cross Sfttion U S A "Die Walkuere." Orchestras of Nation Cross Section U S A "Die Walkuere." Orchestras of Nation Treasury Bandstand "Die Walkuere." Sylvia Treasury Bandstand "Die Walkuere." Musical Kaleidoscope Saturday at the Chase "DieWalkuere." Juvenile Jury Saturday at the Chase "Die Walkuere." Juvenile Jury 2 A special program will replace j Cues: Star Sunday at 10:45 a. m. on WIBC this week only. It will; be a Youth Week broadcast in'' drama form presented by the Church Federation's Y'outh Guild and will be transcribed from The News station studios Friday night. News of another Indiana personality in radio circles was found in a press release from NBC concerning one of the leading characters in the Meet the Meeks show (Saturday at 10 a. m. on WIRE-NBCl. Mortimer ..leek Is played by Forrest Lewis, who was born in Knightstown and was the first member of his family to enter show business. Forrest first sang in a theater at the aee of 12. Following high school, the Indiana-born actor travejed for a year as a stock company actor before entering Indiana University. The lure of the stage was too strong for him. however, and following a year at college, he again went back to the theater The white collar worker In crime, according to This Is Y'our FBI. is the swindler, and tonight's drama at 7:30 o'clock (V'ISH-ABC) will tell of this particular type of criminal. One of the best quiz shows on til.' air. Give and Take, conducted by John Reed King Saturdays at 1 p. m. on WFP.M-CBS. will air from Philadelphia this week as a March of Dimes contribution. The man that comes to the Nelson house on Rogers Road is discouraged by Ozzie when he tells Harriet to beware of the foot-in-door salesman tonight at 8:30 u clock (WFBM-CBS). Ozzie. however, turns right around and is given the "old one-two" by a street salesman. WISH nas canceled Tommy i Bartlett Time at 8 a m. Sat up days to allow for an hour and a half of Reid Chapman's Chuckle Time ... A display window stunt ot flipping a coin 20,000 times and counting the number of heads ano tails will be reported on People Are Funny tonight at 8 o'clock (WIRE-NBC' ... The Radio Guild Choir of the radio division of Indiana State Teachers College will be featured in a broadcast at 4 p m. Saturday over WIRE . . . James Mason and his wife. Pamela Kellino. will be guests of Information Please tonight at 8:30 o'clock : i WIBC-Mutual' . Morton Downey will trade song styles : with Burl Ives at 7 o'clock (WIBC-i Mutual) . . . Senator Glen H.; Taylor D.. Idaho', mentioned as a possible running mate for Henry A. Wallaces third party, will oe on Meet the Press tonight at 9 o'clock 'WIBC-Mutual. CARPETS Mastioavp LINOLEUMS Hsohalt Tile SMUCK'S 17 E. Maryland St. fAftSrre' Hear Easy Gwynn on WIBC, 1070 on your dial, daily (except Sunday) on Easy Listening, 8:15 to 9:00 A. M. Easy Does It, 2:45 to 5:00 P. M. Easy's Choice as of Today: 1. THE IIARMONICATS play I'M LOOKING OVER A FOUR LEAF CLOVER and THE RECORD BAN BLUES. The TOP recording of the Clover number. , HO" 79c) - GRACIE FIELDS sings NOW IS THE HOUR and COME BACK TO SORRENTO Still the tops in popular demand. 110" 79c 3 B1NG CROSBY sings BALLERINA and GOLDEN EARRINGS. Two hits on one record and both the TOP versions. . 10" 79ci 4 VERA LYNN sings HOW LUCKY YOU ARE and WHEN YOUR HAIR HAS TURNED TO SILVER. Having a revival again and this is the ORIGINAL. HO" 79e 5. BING CROSBY AND WARING'S GLEE CLUB sing THE WHIFFENPOOF SONG and KENTUCKY BABE This one is still up among the top sellers. 10" 79c ; PEGGY LEE sings MANANA and ALL DRESSED UP WITH A BROKEN HEART. Peggy's Manana is sure to catch on. 10" 79c ARTHUR GODFREY sings SLAP HER DOWN AGAIN PAW and I'D GIVE A MILLION TOMORROWS. Arthur's newest release. '10" 75c GUY LOMBARDO plavs I'M MY OWN GRANDPA W and FRANKIE AND JOHNNIE. No. 1 in Indianapolis 1 10" 79c PHIL HARRIS sings LOADED PISTOLS LOADED DICE and NOW YOU'VE GONE AND HURT MY SOUTHERN PRIDE. H0"-63c 0. FRANKLYN McCORMACK with WAYNE KING re-cites MELODY OF LOVE and NONE BUT THE LONELY HEART. You keep asking for it. 10" 63d hil oRiims nr. mrm m.l cimrcis r , am r..r tie rriaitMaie arcomeanir ardcr Add Z.V tau thaa lift nntli We rain, Hal 50c fe an all i'- O II 'a 10 revr, evira voaiaic aathmt asd teaadlma Bill Brandt Looking ahead to the forth. coming sum-mer return battle between Joe Louis and Jersey Joe W a 1 c 0 t t, s P 0 rtscastcn Bill Brandt and Joe Cum-miskey, win hark back tn two outstaml-ing championship fights. 6:45 PM Monday thru Friday Burl Ives Program to Have Touch of Old Ireland Morton Downey, guest rf Burl Ives program, will sinj Irish airs tn. night. "W r Rose of K'l-larnry." "Dublin City" ami "The Devil ami the Farmer'' are the tunc he'll feature. 7 PM TONIGHT Burl Ivrs SENATOR GLEK H. TAYLOR ON "MEET THE PRESS" TONIGHT AT 9 WD! fMELYEY-KELUiif. M.SS7I felllllll:!:!:!.!,,-,-, The Ind'anapoltt Stit Station 1070 on Your Dial 5.000 Watts Now 50.000 in the Sprint Mimmiiiimiiiiiitiiimmiiiiiiiimiiit BIGGER BREAD VALUE Fresh, enriched Kroger white bread . . . made with twisted dough for finer, whiter texture. The best bread buy In town BIG VA LB. LOAVES ACTIULT LESS THAN 12c A POUND rcn unmuvc 1 ullfijlli iti u huh it I V m a aa a 4a. aa v ,Mlf Id WiaVtf SHOP TUESO AY THRU SATUROAT & Fresh and pretty as the first Spring flowers! IE ViV-' m V Meek fytti free Vtedtet 3.00 Carefully mode, attractive designed little dresses oil cf the so-easy-to-wash-and-iron fabric that mothers love . . . and all ot one moderate price. Sizes 3 to 6x. A. Cross-tucked bodice dress of pink, blue, or maize broad cloth. B. Cord striped dress with white vestee bodice, pink or blue. C. Striped chambroy with pique top. Blue or rose. D. Broadcloth dress with flower-embroidered bodice, pink, blue, or maize. 11 1 I tit . I jt a m t

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