The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1937
Page 3
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[1RDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 193V latch-as-Cat-Can Is Only Rule for Making the Fin l ^r^SS^SS^^^r^mfrs^ .——— H ' L '•* 'Zr'-i&i ' .**' \ ^ ' *&,,"$£*$ ' ' / - A "FXS **'A * ' V'K at?fe> ij |V> * ' u \ W&fe&A . *•? '*£' ^i 1 *?^/' ^ 5/A/l fe£*l I' jfkft&v > &l \^^Jf,y <v//| Kr ' r ^i" ••*>* t & ^*,J'* ***r ins sure were right jht, folks 'Pcler Ja uis, and 'Jim Coibetl is folks; Ir.^t'b Jim yiov flank during prov ? '""I- le "'" lln g as. Peter some 'ing lo be a \e\ liable vvhen he gets in close takes a nip out of his Will Come ,From ne Triljunal That 1<J AAA.Invalid «}' IIOMEK .TENKS I'ress Staff Correspondent TON (UP)_A test of the social security act resls )e tame u S Circuit Cwnt, call tint first outlawed the tural Adjustment Admmls- iprocesslng taxes =ourt amrm or reierse "Isions of a fe1«pl district holding lonslitiHIoiial ta\es J iiiuler-lhc old a ,» 1s5 j s i nil ununploijntnt iniunn-" • of. thc net. AAA cisc the court redistrict jud^s derision ibscquently was upheld by prcme Court. at slike In h o casei lhe the ration ( 0 reach a cir in, are these taxes: „. , CXC1 .V: la - °" I"J rolls '"Kiel the acts Title N iloymcnt insurjiiee) * on employs d«,lucted tn\ on cmplojtrs Its the right uo ...... can get on his bic\cle and EO Rut Tim^e ^T^uV * ".",—^°~v "" -^^ ...*•* \. U i^ LWUL>WII\: KUSII. now no MI^I* rnnn\< ^ . > . ., " " ~ •- .- «^^^^s«SS!SlSlS ^HS^fe----'^= l " th "^vin g everything they've got They're 1 ^ see 'I 1 ",' cat '? fool work; Rosh. how ha he's got Peter cornered Peter Oops, Sorryr-a Royal "Train Trip" coii.1 Pomt Knlcd 0 ,,t si and third taxes constitutional b\ ni' o Sv S. attoi-ney-jencral. Jle (le . to rule^on the second o: . lie plalntinr had no.stajid- f I?'! "n cans ""'«ona!lly.. ''If in both case? j« •" of Wallham. m i.,. «trai;i t|, c ' froii mider light 1 hope thc decision won't put me In Hie dof! house 1 " Nine Places Refused County Licenses lo Sell Bra and Liquoi Officers Fail to Dislodge Waukegan "Sit-Downers" CARUTH EFiSVILLE, Mo.— The rimpil»n to curb Pcml«.ot count/ roadhouws dance halls and 'dues begun last November by Prosecuting Attorncj R w Hawkins was given neu- impetus this week.when county ofncmts refused county beer and liquor licenses to nine places. According'to the officers, the permits were refused on the ground* that the places were "public mil snnces." and the scenes of "dlsorcl- j ro»d>ism where n Ms shoot >ng and cutting scrapes mid the like have been altogether loo fre- ement.' Hawklni said he and Sheriff John Hoslcy find .other county officials were cooperating to elmilmte ob TTcrc Arc Nominees for "Ouisiaiuling Stars of '36' noxious places opened Soon after Him drJve'lnst Novcni- and 'an jou imngiiie the Queen Mary's train? T r^r^^?;::;;°rir ch r;: stcr , wiie " •* -™ — And Chichester mi^ht be doln» an Am n, , g °° 5C n ' vory P r «voked "A-o ">e train. And Queen Mary n rdy tone "nd "mi, 7?'' T^' " ^ hC * ' r5 ' tag lo ^ "'•' y " lm «> «nd Mmlctl her forgiveness. The incident occurred wl,en accompanied lhe widowed Queen to a movte premiere in London of the royal gown in getting out of their car. on ofT on the train .,., he \va. l™ r ly. In Ms piar 'se r i,i r i.; "'"••>. Jii MS i iftSt*" Davis a ? n Thc Saga of Bucfe Gobi -TU* Tll.\r» c-xr/T,. J -,, . ,*-^ __ I suppose almost every major ovcrflov tlk^aster has its amusing incidents, thc Hood in Southeast Mis- THAI) SNOW, Charleston, Mo._ - souri was no exception. A writer hi the Post-Disptilch says:"lt is ;asy for swivel-chair critics, miles ram thc fiood, to blame desperate -ncn, fighting for their levee with' •hotgun and sandbag, for losses hey might have avoided by bowing to the Inevitable." Of course, I don't know all the notion behind lhat statement, but evidently the writer believes we tried to snv 0 _otir "fuse-plur, levee." Possi^ i^n.^. i \X~itl- it might not lave broken if Cobb. ' \ K L ullu &« ^OOO. he was somewhere out in thc ' '"' Wc co " lcl " Dt 1 , oc ''' tc lias been drowned in every Hoot! \ve have had, including "Jis one. We believe it for a day or two, tin i, e : st]ows up Thjs time we were sure of it until he In and told about his cn- r with the United States ««ny. Now, i don't vouch for this, anyone would believe it who had seen and known Budge. cotmler iratcr and go lo Ihc levcc for a the that. Silently, the nrmy withdrew, re-embarked and headed upstream to make a trial landing two mile-s farther up. But when they again saw Budge from afar coming around a bend In the levee and heard his otri shotgun roar the army called it a ' river lo Cairo f crossed the ber sc\en places \\erc closed „,„, the iiiue plnces refused licenses this week probablj vull also close They Kill be closed if tliej attempt to sell beer or whisky without thc licenses. Stale Liquor Control Boird mem bers hate informed county officials that the'state'will hi no'instance Ksue slate beer 01 liquor license., to places which have-not first secured the necessary counlj licenws Among license applications refiis cd this week were.thc .n": Ora Critlondon, CanitlicrsVlJIe, for 32 beer; p. L , Dav is. ersvdlc, for 3.2 beer; l,. M j^, a . man, Coltonwood Point 3 2 beer- Hubert Ulley,- Crescent Night Club'' near Holland, 3.2 beer; Mrs. Hubert mley, same location, package "quors; Mrs. R. M . Myrlck, 32 teer; J. A. Skinner, 3.2 beer and hquor; E. B. Chitwood, 3.2 beer and Pokie Holloman 3 2 beer , Irene 'Dunne From among Ihc group plctmed Miearer 4 „„, and " Wn to ToAn', Posvcll, !n member's ^f^thc Academy of Motion Picture / nclor and ncticss whose work Is adjudged tl . ...- W....J. ^ vupt- . /oi hit work in Waller Huston, In • Dods.orlh . Paul Muni In «,„ alory of tafc p a ,u, Ur , wllllam My Man Godfrey. „„, s^nce, IVacy, In San Francisco" Actress nominees Irene D«n,£ In Tlicodcra Goes wild Ohdjs GtorBe, in In ' Valiant is u, !„ t* meut thc negroes have admitted .they, stole from there three nlghls ago at the direction of Qlark. officers also have Informed • the shcriir tlial they arc bringing persons here to attempt to identity (he negroes and Clark In connection with thefts around cooler. '. Ofllcers believe n habitual criminal ' prosecution may be obtained nenlust Clark In Missouri lint sheriff Jackson said unless ho was convinced a strong case could be established against Clark there he preferred to force trial in Mississippi county. Negroes Admit Ta.kin, Articles From At' leas Six Stores •: :•'. ..'',.: At least a half dozen local store • " ..... ** *»>»%j ijii have also confessed when the dynainiting .. proceeded without further Interference. chlckcn".Wta"Eni«"rf^ * wiSl^biKlp'Ss^r Bl5 ' teU i°.- d ^eo,a V andU elsewhere pursuing the myriad de- , per- happy Ol ,iy j,, lime of flood 11,1 'L! nalgenous to lhe swamps, "' " C ' CCls " **!' l ) . jo« , m " art Uellt «» ^s J °«» here last week, sketching d o r s««>ject to Ihc lax. The •orppration has no standln* to <>•" enge its validity m,d tl 'erefo e ->vk cannot challenge the v a!W°ty » he is a slockftolaer anrl as i MMdinWcr has no more <..lw;i the conw.itloii." Inmiing grounds! Budse was "patrolling" the levee. He wasn't ear- any rabbits to proclaim him „..„ ra e thei 51 S'iU borne to him on the flood Some say 'that hundreds owe their lives to Budge's heroic and successful, albeit unconscious and Woodless, repulse of the army and the consequent delay In the open- Ing of the fuse-plug.—St. Louis hunter. He'ci along later . •>y boat io gather up the kill. When ;ie jaw a uniformed landing party ahead, naturally, he -trolled toward it. It'was the first dynamiting expedition. Budge <-cftcd tnc army over . and said wthing. The army looked through Budge's startling whiskers and :vlZ2iy brows and saw the murder " Ills eye. It was only raboil Post-Dispatch. Pcliliou Signers Warned OLYMPIA, Wash. (UP>_Thoii- sands of persons over thc state could lie arrested for affixing their signatures to the same initiative petition more than once an investigation by Secretary of State B. N. Hutchinsoii revealed A pctson convicted of thc offense Is liable to $1,000 fine, a year in prison, or both. Read Courier News Want o a a named Clyde white, an ex-MJssou convict, as the ringleader of tlv theft ring. The negroes were taken Into custody sheriffs deputies and s police officers Involved them In a number of chlcton thefts. Thc while man, Clark, .denies implication but has Wen positively Identified as the man who sold a large quantity of chickens to a Memphis poultry dealer, officers claim. Poltce Chief E. A. Rice said thc nogrocs had ' admitted stealing wares from display counters at J. C. Penney -company, Grabcr's department store. Quality shoe shop. A. W. Hays, Kress ten cent store, and I. Rosenthal. A number of articles have been recovered and recovery of others is expected soon. Sheriff Hale Jackson sold this afternoon that Gimtowii, Miss., res- dents were enrout* here to at- Be ( Dislricl Supervisor of! .Operations Under New WA Set-up LITTLE'ROCK. Feb. 20.—B. N Wilson, now diretcor'of the Distrlc WPA office at jonesboro, will be supervisor of opcrntloa'i for-the new.district office at Newport under the reorganization of the stale WPA set-up which will ttike cirec ; on March 16. It was announced here last night by Floyd Sharp, state administrator. T. J. Collier, jr. of Pine Bluff now director of the district office in that city, will be In charge of ihe Newport district, and George Ij-ford of Helena. no«- director of thc Batesvllle district, will be Mr Collier's assistant. Olhcr division heads In the New- x>rt office, which will serve the cn- ire northeast quarter of the stale fill be: T. J. Robcrlson, supcrvl- or, Safely Division; Mabel Am- urn, supervisor, Division of Wom- n's and Professional Projects- Ole Sandifcr, supervisor of recrca- tonal projects; E. A. Spear, su- Mrvlsor ot thc Division or Finance nd Statistics; L. B. Held, assist- nt lo Mr. spear; Ehyood Wheelr, compensation officer: Homer "ox, supervisor, Division of Em- pervisor. Division of Labor Assignment, and Eddie B. MoulUni, supervisor of Intake: awl Certification. Issues Warning Against Stray Dogs and Cats A warning DOS Men issued to beware of stray dogs and cats after .several people In tills 'city and surrounding section have been" bitlen and scratched. The" county health unit has had reports of several such cases and heads of a cat and dog have been sent to Little Hock for examination but no report has yet been received at to whether they were rabid. Mrs. D. T. Heard, 224 Dougan, was scratched on the finger by a eat which appeared mad. Bonnie Jo Fletcher, 4, was bitten on thc hand. nmf'hSr inotner, ::rs Alfred rictchei, on the'anUe, by a roff which was Mlled t 'BoflV live at HI ton ah Some one*" here -vwas also biitcn by a dog, which-was killed, but no name was given to lhe health unit office. ' : CLEVELAND. (UP)—During recent unseasonable winter weather the family of Mrs. Gerald P. Hmcs ntc- green onions, fresh fiom the garden. Drs. Wert & Wert;: OFTOMETRISTS '.' — Over Joe Isaacs' atora "WB MAKE -EM SEPT Phone 540 l ' ..— «-I»MI>I*; nuic lu HI- * "••! ^'»HVI »i.-ivi, uiviftion oi Em- tempt to Identify feveral hundredploj-menti James L. Rutherford, su- PHONE 327 for the finest laundry service vou'vc ever known. Phone 327 for the finest cleaning service you've ever Known. Phone 327 for the lincst hat blocking service you've ever known. • Phone 327 'for the finest rug aiuf drapery cleaning set-vice you've ever known. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY

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