The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 22, 1934
Page 3
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NOVEMBER' 22, ELYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEYvS iday's Markets |»* Cotton Nov. 22 (UP) — Rli'iici)', j-'i) Iijgh |oiv close 1230 1225 mG 1:3,1235 1232 1232 1.0 1241 1238 12-11 1-0 12-11 1233 1241 1231 1233, I23S I'l 120-1 1189 .1201 (steady in I2.VJ, mi- Dec Chicago Com open high low close 8-i 1-8 80 8-1 3-1 85 1-8 85 5-8 SO 1-2 85 5-8 8!> 5-fi s Cotton INS, NOV. 22. (UP)— i'ket Itoltl steady to- 1 creased vchiiue of llntlon. Demand for of tile sustaining I lit' market. Prices down 10 five |»!nts J;n low clos-j 1:8 123) 1228 1221; :4 1231 !231 1231 .3 12« nw 1241 IK 1212 123!) 1241 1238 1234 1237 1 13 1205 12(11 1203 l.steady at 1251, im- Cut in French Wine Duties Aids Canada PARIS. tl)P)— I3y lowering tlic Import duties on French wines. Canada lias gone nliend as an ex- jpovtsr or agricultural products In Prance. Terms of the recent Pranro- Oiiniidlan irado agreement reveal (hat Canada receives the minimum tariff scale for wheat, oats, rye frozen pork, liver, tunned lobster anil potatoes, the latter destined foi- the West Indian colonial. A particularly Interesting fact is that Canadian whisky is ndmit- Ik'd lo Fnuii-o at the minimum dn- I ly. Concessions also are made for some manufactured poods ami ni!-i. flls. TJ)e l-Vt-ncli benefit by C3 per cent I reduction of llu duty on still wine:;, jand 20 per cent reduction nncliam- | iwtrno imii sparkling \vl»c duties. "Touch" Football Makes Headway at Missouri U. COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP)—"Touch" football is being promoted by the University of Missouri athletic- pro- grain director In eltarje of liilra- nuii'nl sports. By allowing laditus to "down" 1)11! ))llll-KI!-jiK|- .'.imply |)y (Olldl- PAGE THREE lnj him, conches have eliminated wiicli of llic (liuigor of Injury from the contests between tlic various i fnilmiltles. A louchw Miinot leave '|hls fc-el In Making the "touch" nnd j must uiil both luinds on tile vmi- ner to make the "tackle." Nvviuln produced 6.358,000 ixiunds of wool this year, its compared lo li ; 70a,000 poiiuils 111 l.'B.'l, How Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Bad Cold . 'Alillio.ns have found In Calotnbs n! •xiost valuable aid in the treatment of colds. They tuke one or two te.b- lets the first nislit and repeal the third dr nflh night if needed. How do Calotnhs help Nature throw oil « cold? First, Calolaljs arc one of the most thoi'digli nml dc- Iiendaule of all intestinal Uli-Untmts. tlnis rleanvlni: the tntestincl trad, of (lie t'cuii-)aiti-!i mucus ami (oxlncs. Second. Calotabs are diuretic to the kidneys, promoting the elimination of cold poisons from tlie blood. Thus/ Cnlotnbs serve llic double purpose ol n purgative and diuretic, both of which we needed In (he treatment of colds. Crttolnte arc quite economical: only Iwenly-Ilvi! cent:; for Uie family Uiicknire. len cents for the trlul IriicltuiiG. (Adv.) i Bachelor Hears Wedded \ttock Prices. Troubles on Ohio Bench '. Nov. 22. '(UP) — : on railroad shares Lchange today, mili- lo gain, and demand I tcet issues. A m a| registered gains of >rc thnn a point. •'. 106 3-4 10 1-4 28 1-2 35 7-8 1 1-2 148 1-8 37 tcel CLEVELAND. (UP) - CO'iimnn Pleas Judge John p. Dempsey Is a bachelor, but he probably knows more about practical matrimony than most Clevelanders. He sits on the domestic relations court bench aiid hears first-hand ac- coimty of married strife day in and -day out. Judge Dempsey believes in serious study of the marriage contract before couples wt Vj an: | , s opposed to loosely constrtitted divorce lan-s rican Tank : ric 19 1-2 I >rs Harvester iVard Intral I lemn is ... S. J. obins 31 38 29 20 1-2 4 14 1-5 5 3-4 11 42 21 3-4 as 1-4 1 7-8 3 7-8 in; The great blue heron carries a comb on the claw ol its middle TOO [..ATI; TO cr.ASSirv FOR KENT — Moilcrir four room furnished apartment, vacant Deo. 1st, 214 Dougan, H. R 1 Schmuck. 22-u-k-afi I (jo Wheat Iiigli low close 5-8 98 98 I 8 3-4 97 3-8 97 3-8 THCDFOR BLACK DRAUGHT FAMILY LAXATIVE lir Dairy folks arc sure going back- to Cow Chow these days. They liave found thai there's nuihing like tlic old reliable to make money-makers of cows. Sec us about saving money on your feed bill anil making money on your cows. CASH FEED STORE K. Aliiin T. H. Vanbibber, Owner and Operator |)ld Post Office Bldg., BMhevil! Phone 234 We Deliver K - c - chuck - lb 71/zC Rih : II) Ilk- .Shoulder CTI?A¥ »• K - A " Cuts Mil-All Pound LL CHITTERLINGS HI-LI). Pail 7 can Se iece N Swift's Oriole. Sliced or i'iec Pound JF* (ieiuiiue Spring. Chops or Roast •€ f™ _^ Pound J<«3L- Dozen 25 c -'OWLS, SIDES, Pound - - - i3'/ 2 c 17'/ic Fryers Oysters, Geese, Ducks R Purc, Fine Cane in Ponmls f 2J - I>( "»"I Sack ------ 59c -18-Pound S:ick ------ 51.15 ED MB JI n 2i c ! VIENNA Rl1 "^ 5 C . PICKLES River Viuiv Quart Jar UPDO Spa.i?hclli, Macaroni, Noodles' J*-JllJ Package GRITS Miller's Package 7c INS Household 2-I/b. Package 19c IED PECANS Whol ^;r ACHES Nn - 2 L?" lOc I ]]V ^A A I) ^'"vic St;ir Picture KHWB! *!/>.-.. LUA |5UH1 With :i liars nl &UC I9c With :i liars at Our Mother's MACKEREL MAT d^.QFQ 1>llrc S "8' a '' H()llsc ' !iril ^ TEi** JSlUJJiiOOJLO Yntir Hiieket. Gal. /OC DOG GO'NE Dog Food '•j Cans 23c TennesHee Jlade C^** (,'nllon <5UC FLOUR S!i:a:::f'£ - 8fic .... s«.!in For .Salads or Kryinp. iinlk«5£" » fcWVr rin_^ Can. I'l. 12|/,c; POST TOASTIES Buy A V ^ ILK TOMATOES Cot(:t!fe 4 ^ — 3 Tall or f> Sniiill Cans X / C Pel or Carnation 4 Q-^ 3 Tall or (> Small Cans A«7C No. I Can fie No. 2 Cans, :* for 25c Produce Guaritnlced \\\,,\ } \ ]>,.i cc _ln Fact TOMATO PASTE Spring Valley Can 3c PORK & BEANS No. 1 Can S Tall Can 100 I.h. Sack SI.00 25 I,li. Sack CHERRIES R. S. P. iN'o. 2 Can lOc PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE We will luwc a Free Denumnlration Monday and Tuesday on Gcblumllv entire Una of merchandise PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Florida, Large Size DOZ6H 12C for Grapefruit Kimey l,«rfc« Flnridn B for Kraut Avnndiilu i.iivj;L' V/i :) tor Sugar I'apor HIIKK 10 I'otindK iniiii) Potatoes (Inhhlcrs found Viilcnllne. No. 2 C;i; I'clil I'dis 2 (.'mis for Pickles Sour or Dill Quart Jar COCONUTS "ILi, 5 C CRANBERRIES n9 c , CAULF M)W " :U Fn t,,. 10° POTATOES 1 " 11 Tli :r lh 2? OLEO Ki """"' e u,10 c SOAP ''"'"""Tnarslf •BANANAS WcI -°- R [5r: 5" 1 LETTUCE u -,£ 7? ONIONS 8lMn ?,, ta .15 <J ' Uppp Oiuiriinti'tid Fresh OtC WESSON OIL Q r, 35 C SUPER SUDS .^%25 C APPLES '"" T"u, s . ir CARROTS '"Si.*, 6 C ORANGES €illif ' , l £ 3f HUMKO "-'-Ut 4S 3 MILK • i , aC; r, 17 C iiAiuiv ,{ L^o. ov (i !S ni. -Li SOAP (j ' r>VHlaI Wliilc iri c PUMPKIN Country Clnli Uiirgo ZVi Can 2 for 15c Chili Con CARNE' I;il)by's No. 1 Ciin 2-for 15c Coffee Jewel ' Poiiml Jewel;3Pounds..:. 5k Crackers ConnliT Clul) l!ox 21c SaladDressing 25c Pineapple -H 17c Avontlale 1At No. 2 CiinlU PEACHES ETn " orat a. 10 (: FRESH BREAD S10° COOKIES Mother's HOMiNY Ti '" ( ^ KIDNEY RKANS:i ^;19 c '•SDH COCOA llcrshey 1-1,1). Ciin 2 for 25 hctainnle TISSUE . 4 Rolls 25c I-'jiiicj' (Jlue Rose ,<IC t- Rose ,<IC \1\). M. li PRUNES Bvuilorat1 l 7^ BREAD ^'^^."gi-lO 0 CANDY Ch "a SALMON . ink lO c CATSUP a c - '"I- S25 Kreni'h, Pound '- 25c CHOCOLATE " CARE s "" c ' ; " 35 FRUIT CAKE] it; S iS BUTTER Sl>rinKliro ;l3r PORK & 11RANS c ci 6 C DUCKS WMKKOBaHB Bacon 23c GEESE = 19c HENS = 22c Kwick Kvisji, 1,1). 27c i\iorroj!s, Pound 23c Pork Chops Center Cuts 1f\C Pound - - - End Cuts Pound - - - Hams •BK&nBI^H BEEF Picnic Pound 15c Neckbones I 5c Hams liniled Sliced Pound 39c Liver licef or Pork Pound 10c Steaks Shoulder Thick Rib Brisket lb. 17k lb. 12ic lb. lUc pound Sausage jg 23jc FISH OYSTERS, Selects. I'inl - - - 2Sc SI/ICED CAT, Pound 25c HADDOCK, Pound --•-.-. 19c Veal Roast or Chojis Pound lOc Cheese "= 16!c

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