The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on February 17, 1901 · Page 20
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 20

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 17, 1901
Page 20
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THE EKQUIRER. CINCINNATI. SUNDAY. FEBnUAltY I77"IT01 nenow kXTx. WHh tb wldlnate awer oa glir'.v Ta.-d.y, Ik llwh. elety will ( Intu ear, talk sod ah ..f ewtrrair- win tU. an evrsalaMai rnuairaio an-l lit rarr la end, hwtdraaially h- f Kaeler bamn-'. aril t.rl.tal 'r i.e-a.ia M Ml rwm M..r.i M tri.r. will h a II"!' fl. ar of lr. a l.i . ar.1..- wHra aaa'itr ealvhss If l.r.airi n il half lr' r-nltlllaJ e-.... Th mae-i'. a '" lirian lf n.ih wV.I ...en t. Mi-a'ar.nar f.atJVHIre Me l I f'.U..-1 iy f. lun hxoi an 1 1innrt prwaaident and Mr. McKlnirr .Itntwr f-.r ! Ii Inpl.snal.S drain, ram ..rT with lh. I .y"e mrrrlnamt af a.ainlur a day ta III. r. d I nmahan .rtria I.- taa h-an a. r. I hla yaf , .aa.. lei lf .rvl.trt.. t'i lal Hani tsar. T h. .....a" ln'rtlT: ati .-M will l- l f ana i . of Vfia ( lair ..newm-r. with tli o'ini d ham tarns Ai-hMahi Ireland will "fh la'a ThN, n' a r-.iarraara a,.-..-... e-rraaa.r will i aru.rn .f mm h ..f it i a.lfl .r in Dial I.. y a la., will iTur ltlti marT'a f Mr ran hard an.l Mlaa IVII. I M,rr'...n whuh wMI l a oni-t w 1 ting Im I'lar hrV1- will Ira ten.1rd ..Hi l.v h.r aiater Mr llugtmrl. 'f 'Iranrt ami I. r...,m rif.Hwr Mr K' an Or. hr.l. ..f Nw ..;.. will l u bat I man. I Tb- Haklrt iail waa of tha amart-aai fun II-. . a of tha wwu now awlflly wnliia '1 ri bauilf-il nf w hatm.. a wall auitari lo iha (tu .mu naa of hoapltal H y 'h" ynutiK an. I liAiulanma Imai an.l i hiKirn ilia ihr..r. i t jr'iat ail ronalrl I l.i nrnaa it a n..iai.i affaJr Th ni-n m-r- I ih.- oi. anrl in na mut 1 hi in r.i i r ri'inlniai-'nt iio-ir m.iai . m...-1. ilia v.iiik rrul' in "ruiaa-elacl and dcbutanun rather carry-it. ..u.- frania of mind. Thar- (n4T or . w . . . . . . . ...... Wara ataiia II... h.nll atlaa ll.imnl. Mra It.o k I r f alaior. wor a n-.nir.i. wl lai "u with b.ind of aahla on t ha i.k1. nl rrl nrnamanta. AMI..IIK Ilia 'II "f l.'W.I flli-ala HiTii Mra lli . d.l u .1 ..f ia. .n in m rli i nnihlna-lt. .a ..f M-ia aailn nnl whll lai . vtla rit.MMnr.l. In whlia Iho uvar whlln I la Mr. J T llr.,-1. of .ana. oll. in bh.a a,..ln. wi.h whl'. la.-- a n d Trti p.-r ! "T.":;!:.,., .w r .n. i . harmlim mlirt of whitf rrimliwn I I. ,,vfl pink. Hi- llla"ll "in. a nman-u uy a i..kli "f anil . nor il-la fr I'.iw-ll iMimI.- I'-tidlalnnl w.ta inn. li .i.lnilrl In h ill gown of bl.u k in i iii i. . ' me w. i li ) i Mr. rVlt.x.tirtwi.kar of lMlturr (!lrl '...k. w .ra Willi- ln.' th la a taidlra ov-r .aim. in-nv air.inila of pink .viral Ik-id. f.illUi to th- wn al Mra Krank Wllx.rt w.ira a atrlklna tlt ff h-nvl-l whll- l.roiMla ttl- lxil- In-i rnai-l wdh pr.irl. In hr hnlr waa a tiara ..f dlamotxla art-1 on hrr ta-lU'- n ajrvat aotiniir.t of Mra Mity l.i.1rr Iva;l wore. n-rhap. thai m.yat iw-rf t inllrt at the ball. 1 li-alaeve an.l T..-1l.e wara iimipwr.l "f a network of iK-nra a.nd iwn ih- full l-nrth of th- klr' ..f ilrllrai" nut fall mitnv r-inila ..f ! irla, .n.lli.a In l ink maaola .if iwnr . Th--ffa.l wn iTiartnlnn anil nn pr-tty a man waa rniniviiinii I.l VI wara i hiinman. nf Columbus was very alii - in yellow lull- nvar aatln, with a tou.Di of pink eiiiir l.-ry nrnit ih- cr-aj- 1 1 . Imnn. laf ' ('aaium'bua. wore a lovely run nf VVUM -rape ilaa rhrne and White I Mia Arthur H'-m wa-a verv harwlanme In II li''t.k gown wl'h a llira of .Hamonila. an.l ih- ii.nil.l. r -irmia of th low i oraa b.-'.l tv iii.l wlnn. Mra liciiv.. N Hl'in- wur- -in e'inlslle i..i:. i of ahii.' v. i r.nt..a.-.l In bin- or-chi-l. ara.1 il. ni-:.-.1 In w h ' I I iri-. anil .a JIh-in. n-l n.'. k it- - i. ti .1 II. wo.i it bmntlfnl black a 1 1 . i Willi r.lai of I ur.iiols" bin." velvet ..i.l .mbrolilory iiirl h.-r aiiaerb itlatn.ind a i. I -pa I in n i f r. I' Hi.ll.-rl . .a I In sown waa alm-pli ..iai1 In h-r lli-hu an.l IViuncea of naaT- el. .u. Iu. h...H (. -in l Mi. Mirrl... Ilu'lori ttaa a'nnnlnk In l.l.i' k l.-at.-.l mile h-r fin- .houl.1-na framtnl In . Inaml "f let ll-.iin. - lr lo Miin k h inlt w.ra grny ntnl pink !.... .id... w in of p.Hnt la. .' un.1 v.lnk v-1 I Mr. Murrv T'IIn..i. nf iivion. a va i v ananri hla. k . iv. i nowu dvt-'irat-.l In Whl..' Ihi- M.a U I' llowler waa v.ty dlatlngn- In an -.uUi i - 1..II-I of bin- brvia.1- an.l white la. - Mr. A-ni"" w.a. In bl.i.-k velvet, with a han.l.orne M- In. of l'm-h-jea- railnt Mra Itni'it Kink wor. a blue Im wlih A.Min.ea uml O.-ri n of llin-h.'a.e la. .. Mi Krank I'rrln w... In a vki-1- tall sown, with r'M.-f of g.ild enibrold- , - .-lien, oll uion w.,a a-oe,1 hv Mil- I c,.. .I.l.n r. -..... .m an." th- r.miinn. in h iw . f ai-orna. done In i h.c.- ii.l a i .i r-. n In- tn l.'i a Mr Ie .i r Anl.a t-a waa an cucep- tio.uilv ham Lome function on Thursday, i a w hl. h a lark- number o( (ii-ats aaalated Ti.. .Irawlna room wn. ilecorat.l In Arra-rl-i-'ii Meant v roar, sreat clualrra of them I -. ti faai-r.-.l t-. th- window .lr ipcrw. wto. I. gav - : h-m the -ff-ct of them-aai.-M In I.- po.ri " Mra. Ault wore a . vi iv gown ih- .kirt of brown velvet, the h...1i.- . lro. ..le in ahadea nf brown, the ft. arra pi. k. .t nit In aol.i The Kmplre ho. ti. wt I t-n 1 hv a triple whorl of diamond. Mr. Walter Field a. .lute. I wenring a prrnv toilet ..f white la.-e over Initk In ilo- i. -.a room Mra Horaert llurton. It, pile hlu- aid white India, an.l Mr ieorge II million In a klrll.h white gown an I a knot f while ribbon tn h-r hnl". Th- table wua .1-c .rated with many tell hranrhea of Kaater lill-a. ami In the center waa a sreat bowl of atrawberrlea. big and In. clou, and breathing of the land ( "in and ft'. wera It wa.a a fa.clnallng cireblnattnn and elicited much admiration. Vra Charle. W Ttell gave a very pretty Imn heon on rl.tttirdav In honor of Miai Belle M Trlaon. who la to be married on Tuesday next The decorations were American Beauty rosea and about tha round table were gathered a dosen of the bride elect's aloeeat frtenda. The last of the series of subscription ger-aiana before Lent took place oa St. Valentin. . Five at the Avondala Club. The lit t la god nf love had already arrived, aa the array vf painted hearts and decorated vaientmea plainly showed, and he gave the dancers a rim for their money. Mr. Will Irwin and Mr. Ho led, and they made the fla- urea a series of lovely plrturea The Orre brought down a lot ot Indian trophies from Uueb-c, where they spent last summer, anal these were used among the favora. The meal renw pmtMily rilenlay bows and arrows, pi pea of peace and Indian baaketa ga-Irare, which decorate their .l-ns and make a filling reatlng plai-e for the miniature kodaks and other trifles which I hey received an rhle occaalnn. Mrs Orr. Mra Hates and Mra. Davis An-rlerwnn dlalrlbuteal the favors before the tayly decorated tablea laden with frivolity's polls The patroneeaea wera Mrm. Irwin. Mra. Wlllard Howe. Mra Davka Mrs. uaH. w. jonnanon and Mra. John aiatee, and th-lr careful management of the affair added greatly to the pleasure of tne evening Archbishop Ireland, who la to officiate at the Da Chamhrun-Long worth wedding on Shrove Tuesday, arrives In town from St. Paul en Monday, and will be a guest at Hook wood. Mrs. Gilbert, end Mlsa Natalie Gilbert, "who have been the guests ef the Albert Chatflelds and the recipients of a aeries of delightful attentions during their visit, left yesterday (or tha East. Mrs. frank Peria's dinner oa Wednesday waa brilliant affair In honor of Mrs. kbMkVBaaaw Reble Cook -of Pittsburg, wha Is tha gueet of Mrs. Tulllda-a. It has been eome yeare since Mrs. Schoenmaker a last visit to Cincinnati, and her devoted fnende hare have welcomed her with open Mra. Tnllldge gave an informal tea on Friday afternoon, at which aaeaat JO of Mra. aVhoonmaker-a old friends wera asked ta look lav Mra 8cho.nm.ker will r," a In for some time with the Tullldgea. which will give her frtenda the pleasure of reailv aeeln something of her. reauiy Mra. C. R. Holmea gave a email moalcale n rrtday for her cousins, Mlaa Flelach-anaaa and Mlsa Edelbeisg, of Nw Torfc The Invltationa were limited to the Intl-aete circle of tha family, and the music Mfall. Ulnaon w..r- bla. k valvt an.l F IxVu lavllW- a. .uZZ of 'h, n'V"' I dAla with a l- wl-l a.""" . if ! h " ,,r", i T,,."," and by tr 'KTt0nJl In b-r hair ..... ..,.-rb n-kiar. of r..,,h. Ht. Valentin- affalV Wa party weM an In ma.1.i'll .n. our In a ,rtnia rr. and wera met at vLl Mra U-aalrt In whlia panna l.,.nvll with tha draa in rtai. rh-, HI . ;;.,v;:: ;.AM.'(-n&i:; ' ""f - '" '"""" "' n. of cli .....t and ohLI ufi J": I ro'lleT . f 'b . ii r k li hr bod a bl.ti- of ijYla rsHry VtKid's IM'lasririllt " u ..iiiu ti ,rt I tii-.i N V w.-re whit.. J'r n., ,.M1" Harmon. Miss Ben- a,M, a ,hr'r.:it; '.'V'lim,.'....- blTi- and ' lMCT."aVi "Allb l Mi i!?rar-1 TE,U'' a.- n.l lew-...I lr i'e In her hlr ! ' i ' . u.'? J,nrS-Ml.. I,..a-ll. of Vlrainl... an uncommon! v " ,''n'' , '''."' M," M?ry Hfrlaon. waa mavla. mil an tnridant bit bat tha ra 'in t (ra ' f in affair Tha baautiful houa waa awa with flowcra. and the m uaic rliirmH avrytwwly Dainty tr- rrami Iar1nc Mra Hl'mn'l mmofrin i, '.1.1 rrllaf, a i. l I ha brilliant faca of d.lT.r.nt "poir 1 rl" 01 .ail.awir.g aellghtfu. nun on ah. aat lortb tha mbtri: faa a. Mtiirk rortn b. Air 4a Mallai ChaminaOa Mr Hi imo (inw Va-a-a. "Iima.iit Roak1na b. "Viinh iaf" Ifuunu M aa r.Ua Marahall. VMIf- Ptan A4ai.. hl i.a. . Vlaaatamr V.ara -a. ' - mmrr La v la-m ajia. 'ikar -r ' rr'.rk latarllart Nuraar4lack rai mr,A - . Iahinann Miaa Klaa Marahall Albumhlatl . Waanar-Wllhalrtrr y'i b llunfir at) Tana .... Hubar ., X ' M.rr Layla-MaJiB. Vol.-. ylolln an4 ? I'-"1'- ', ; MaWMI M alaraba-j. M-i am Harm an4 Mr Oarno Aftr tha muilc lhara waa taa and an aa-raeabla fichanit of compllmanta Mlaa H-la lutton laavaa aoon for a wln-tr In aljfornla. whara aha will ba tha ' of hr davotad fr1n4 and elassmaia. ' Huntlnaton. of Ban rranctaco. Mr and Mrt Joaaph T. Carcw Wv today for Anhavilla and othar polnta In the rt.niih Mr. ( rrw rxpcta to remain away a month or mora Ht Val-ntliia was tha azcuaa for savaral vmry harrntna affalra, thoaa In honor of arat r. hrrt The favora wcra dalntv bonbon l..ix. In tha ihana nf haaria ih.. of Mlaa Muunders and l!r Harris belnr a trlfln rr.iil.r nj a. groat deal laraar than D r' WM" ,r'T'ly Jolly affair out ana Dark Dy trolley atart-Inr Uir- fun an.l Kivlt.r it a final nourish Ihoar prr.ent warn Tr and Mrs. Harry IlllVla If U a. a . . . .4 a . - . ' M ,., I?Cy wiUhlr. Ml 0?r' M u, Hlriltrr McsarsT A Harris J V H w ,.Dh " "rk uana and Dr. Mra Hnnnln and Mlaa Klla Banning leave this werk for Florida, where they will spend I..iu. They will make Jacksonville their headquarters, and from there make arree-ablo Jmints down the east coast. Mrs. Vachel Anderson's luncheon on Thurwday was an affair of hearts and out of compliment to St. Valentine. The arueafa of honor were Mrs. AmWmn's nl-i.s. Miss Kara Sherlock and Miss Hran.ea and Mlaa Janle Anderson. The il.Tnrntlon. hml In them the breath of -.prlna. Kreat bowla of red. yellow and white lulipa forming th- cent-r piece of each of the ihre r..und tables at which the guests were seated. Among thoae oreeent were: Mi. a Hi-.i Sherl.M k. Mla Frinra. Aiw- Mrs. W'm. T. Irwin and Miss Orr ga.v a beautiful luncheon on Tuesday for M1s ll-len White, whose marriage to Mr. f3eo. Kuails will be one of the bridals of Easter S .-.'k. The decorations were a happy har-blrik-r of this event, Easter lilies an.l bridesmaid mar vicing with each oiliar for .uprema.y above the silver and gloss of tha. pretty table. Among thoae present were-Mri). John Dates the Mlenes White, Mrs .-or;e Ingalls. Mrs. H. F. Woods. Mrs I'uvi.. An.leron. Mlaa Clara Ooshorn. Mlaa Mary Hart, Miss Uajssle Kllgour and Mrs. Ucorge Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Marfleld's dinner on W.-dnesilay for Mrs. Brush, of Indianapolis, rhe guewt of Mrs. Keakert, waa a very Jolly an.l Informal afTaUr of a dosen covers. Mr. and Mra. Marflekl nave the happy faculty of Ktvlng their gueats a rousing good time without an effort, and this lltlla dlnrmr waa one of their suteeaee. Mrs. T. 1. A. alreve entertained very agreeably on St. Valentine's Eve for the Iiaughtejna of l.13, resident In Ohio, of which she la President Her spacious old-f iahlon-.l houata on Weel Elg-hth street, wlrh It family portraits and Interesting heirlooms, was oiaened on this occasion for thr nrwt time in two years, since Dr. (ireve's .l.wth. Mr. Joaeph Wtlby, President or me tusioricai ana rniloeophlcal So ciety or nio. gave an entertaining ad- "1 on h "bject of the kinship between Illuminated whh Mr. Wllby's wn Inimitable wit and rllatened with in formation In regard to the War nf 1812. I .lin n -iii.--. 10 o. ma: ii imo ine spnare ot . ... . r-i i. ri-o.a. i up uaia waa ma same as I hat of the aurr-mler of Ft. Boycr and the affair eeraeclal alenlflrano Th. i.itirr iari of Mr. Wllbv's address was de- voieal to the Matory of the historical and PhlloaojOilraal Society and a plea for Ms more cor-li al support. Moat of the gree.t nm- In Cincinnati a g-n-ratlon ago were :.!. min-d with thka society and It Is extremely rl. h In literature relating to early .lav. in iihlo. a collection which has been carefully gathered together. Mr. Romeo Krl. k was In fine voice and Sana beautifully nm- hemic ballads well suited to the .K-. a-.ion Mra. Greve looked extremely well In a black town with a quaint necklace and lera of amcthvata set in Etruscan trold fh- waa ajeiKted In the agreeable duties of rn-. evening Dy nrr rtaurrtter Miss Julia. w ho waa verv pretty In a girlish arown ot white mull, and her young son Brennock A hundred urate enjoyed tha evenlns which wound up with a delicious collation and a very good puncti. Mr Orr and Mlsa Orr leave on Ash Wdnewdsy for a few weeks In Florida and Cuba. The Orrs hava many friends In army snd diplomatic clrolea tn Havana and the'r visit will be a brilliant one. They will return In time to enjoy the gayetles of the Iste spring at Miami and Palm Beach in Florida. Mrs. John Maxwell Bhaw, who came down from Indianapolla for the Lewie-Matthews wedding and th Reaklrt bail, returned home an Wednesday. 8h will spend Lent In Florida with a party of friends. Mrs. T. W. Graydon, Mr. Joe Oraydon and the younger children are apamdlng a few weeks at Atlantic City. Mrs. Albert Fisher, of Highland avenue, Avondale. gave a pretty Valentine tea on Thursday in honor of Mlsa Blanche Cot-p.H k, the dsnghter of Mr. and Mrs. Win. 5 Coppock, whose marriage to Mr. Downes takes place op Shrove Tuesday at the Ch;trch of the Advent. Mrs. De Mott Woodmanse gave a charming luncheon on Wednesday, at which St-Vslentlne was evident tn the beautiful decorations of th Icea and bonbons. The tnNe was decorated with superb La France roses and Easter lilies. Mra. W'oodmansee w" taxi by her slgters, Mra. Charlaj W. Baker and Mrs, rrank Bahiman. Among tbe guests were: Mra. John Oa:es. Mra Louis Duhme. Mra. Perln Langdon. Lem a Pertn. Mra Lee A. Ault, Mrs. John Henry Martin. Mrs. Walter Field. H.1"- w." KeUogg, Mra. John C. Oalla-gher. Mra. Benjamin Dale, Mra. Chaa. Boa-worth. Mra. Franklin Ivea. Mra. McC ure Todd. Mrs. Caleb Shipley. MrTp D. Com! oekl Mlw Werk. Mrs. Chaa. W Baker. Mra Frank BaMmann. " Mlaa Russell, a Virginia, vfce has been aha guest of Mra. Tlaeoaaore Cbok during the past week, has been i wary suae feted, sue la aa xiremeiy handsocna gin, dsj-g. wlrh a Crfeot njprre; and ta aniV U 2 euty. One of th preida.ralfairs glWr for her waa Mra. George A. Bowen'a aaard party on Wadnaeday. The fcpajSewi fra-rrgnt with hyaalntha and daffodila, and rh card table arranged for aavan-ahaaded euchre. Taa gaanas were eery aaerry- aa the bidding climbed to the limit. The prises Theodor Door-man, Mra. Bert Bailer and Miaa Ttiereae PurL ,AmocV UiT Tu iaS guesu wera Mlsa Roaeell. Mra. Theodore Oook. Mrs. Arthur Burui, Mlaa FlSdof Loa Ange ea. Maas Blanche Clamariae Blanrne Alter, Miaa Teresa Iredell. - Miaa Tbereea Pugn, Mass Devereaax, Mlaa Marv Andrews, Mra. M. F. Woods. Mia MTLouiZ Wright. Mrs, Ckarlee Iredell. Mhw AmeUe Wllahlre, Mr. Staoey HUU Mra. Jart In. Diet on, Mlaa FVarenoe Dtttmaa. Miaa Nannie Webb, Mrs. Theo. DohrfrraMnT C BtsJ vena. Mra. Bert BaUaT. UlS KmmU Braai Mr. A. C. Wood laavaa aooa to ota kaw tsuaka4 to IwnanapoHa, rfera Mr. Woo4aa proBMltaaj on tha axaff o( kha) Baf Fmr Ma ) ukaa (bam. Mr. Woo4 a4 bor oblklrwa win taira aarlr In Marat for fw wacka in Lotatatnrja whor tbar will ba tava ruaata of Mr Wooda'a paoaia. VmXM thar artil a t Ufcatr eotiaa-a ( Or-r Bar. on tba Kw Una and Caul and rttari to fnaUaauMria In lb autumn. to wat up tbrlr lavrea a4 poo aia thara. Mrm. Maxwal! nnd MIm Majorat MaxvaU ara la xw Tork dotna; tha ahopa. laddaat to Mlaa Maxwall'a waddlac at Eaatar. Mr. and Mra. C aid wall, with tbatr eharm-Inc aaoajhtar. Mlaa Lbiaa, aad tbalr aaa. Mr. JlaJph. will apand tha inmnar in Euro pa Mlaa CaldwalJ aradoataa x Smith and bar brotbar at liarvard lo J ana. and thar will aail aoon atar. Mra. r ordinal roar rara a rary prwtty lurtebann oa frtdar for Mlaa Ollbart, of L'Uca. Mra. Charlaa Hanry Martin, at bar auita In tha Ortla. cava a vary praty Valrntlna i for bar ruaat. Mrs. Hcndaraoo. of PKta-burg. Tha rooraa ware daoorated with a profualon of pink bearta. ftowtns axallaa and HourlMra amllax. Mra. Phillloa and Mra. rlanderaon, of Plttabura;; Mra. Klrkup and Mra. U'. B. Carpantar aaaiatad In tba noapitaiitiaa A card party folio wad tha faatlrltiaa of the aframoon. and whlrh waa irreatly n)oyad. Tha ta,lly card wara dainty haarta artlatlcally daooratod. and tha collation also carriad out tha tdaa of 81 Valenilna. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cole, of Peru. Ind-. are the gueau of friends at the Hotel Alma. Miss Chapman, a charming Columbus girl, has been Mra. L- B. Gibson s guest for the peat- week.' and at the Reaklrt ball waa much admired, the will be Mlaa Hutton's gueet before her return. The Terpalchoreans gave a Valentine dance at the St. Nicholas which waa one of tbe moat successful In the series. The St. Nicholas ballroom waa festooned with Southern amllax. from which were neradaru hearts of various hues and sizes. The' collation was served in the ladles' caa, and the Icea and bonbona appeared In the appropriate guise of hearts and cupids. The committee In charge Included Meeara. Henry Eatt-rman. Joseph Ryan, Edward Sullivan. CharW-a Barrett. Daniel Mats, William He-berger, Joaeph Gllilgan and Albert Dorst. The stud ems of the sophomore class at tha university gave a vary lolly Valentine dance at the university on Thursday. The lirvitartons were limited to the nvetrtbers of the class, and each gueat received a valentine, capitally Illustrated by Eustace Hale Ball, and bearing a message of kindly l nd humorous ridicule of the recipient. The dartre waa made a-frollc appropriate to the patron imlrvt of the day, i arm wound up mth a ear lea of games and " reels.'' The affair was a great success. Mrs. Ambrose Park, of Avomtale. gave a St. Valentine card party on Thursday at her home, on Marlon avenue. The decorations wnra In scarlet carnations and the Ices and bonbons In the shape of scarlet hearts. The prises were pretty trifles, won by Mrs. Thomas Trevor, Mrs. I. K. Mott. Mrs. R. Hamilton and Mrs. I-ee Smith. A daimy collation followed the games. Mra Dan Tbew Wright, Jr., of Riverside, gave a delightful euchre party on Thursday at her pretty home on Llston avenue. The house opens up beautifully for such an ax- fair, and from tha broad, low windows the tiend of the. Ohio and the view of the Ken tucky hi Is beyond made a beautiful winter landscape. A hundred gueeta assisted- Mr. Wright, who lovaia to have her frlen la about her. She wan aaeriated by Judge Wrtgh.t's mother, Mrs. D. Thew Wright, Sr., and her maters, Mrs. Johnston and Mlse Marie Louise Wright. A buffet followed the cinls. in which the patron or the hour St. Valentine appeared In the ices and decorations. Miss Amelia lllckenlooper, who has been suffering from a sprained ankle, Is now con valeecent. Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Skinner, of Kemper lt.r.e, Walnut Hills, entertained during; the paat week in honor of their gueet.' Mlaa Emily Elliott, of Cleveland. The affair was a valentine party, and hearts were profusaaly used In the dooo rations, favora. Ices, Ac. The tallies were dainty, heart-shaped valentines. Mlrs Elliott and Mr. and Mrs. C. Irving Benn-tt aa. luted Dr. and Mrs. Skinner in welcoming their gueeta, after which cards wera- played. Mrs. Skinner received in ;i handsome black-jetted gown. Mrs. Bennett wore a very pretty pink chiffon gown, and Mlaa Elliott looked very charm ing in pale blue muslin. Among the guests were ay. ana Mr. A. c liaidwin, Mr. and Mrs Eflward Hayard, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin J. While, Dr. and Mra. Hullck. Mr. and Mr. Thomas J. Mulvlhlll. Mr. and Mrs. c Irving Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Con-roy; Mrs. Charles E. Twombiey; Mlsnee FToronce Kern. Elsie Mulvihlll, Frances Clements. Martha Faulkner, Emily Elliott uixi Mary Faulkner: Messrs. Tom Clements, John Faulkn-r, Frank Cottle, Pierre J. Faulkner, Wm. Am baler, Richard Crane and Dr. Will Jonee. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kohner leave to-morrow for Palm Beach, Fla., to spend some days. On their way north they will storj at Savannah, and be in Washington in time for the inauguration. After the ceremonies there they leave for New York. On their return to Cincinnati they will at once move Into their new home on Mitchell avenue, Avondale. Mis Mary Rains, of Tennessee, g the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Rufu Burckhardt. -f Esst Fourth street, and is having a very gay visit. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Larmlng. of New Tork. are the guests of their daughter, Mrs. O. H. Denney, of Tusculum. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Langdale are receiving congratulation on the announcement In the Boston papers of the engagement of their son. Rev. Guy Langdale, to Miss Edith Pierce, only child of Mr. M. J. Pierce, a retired merchant- Mlsa Pierce Is a lineal descendant of one of the old Puritan families. Mrs. M. Meidel. of Clifton Heighta. enter tained a party of lady friends at euchre Wednesday afternoon in honor of her birth day. Those present were Mrs. Meidel, Mrs Behlerrdorf. Mrs, De Sarno, Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Wev. Mrs. Backmeir. Mrs. Reichert Mrs. Kaucher, Mrs. Wlehaus, Mrs. Hock. Mrs. Bcnoitmiuer. .Mrs. brotensteln. Mrs Fhher. Those winning prises were Mrs. Behleivdorf. Mrs. De Sarno and Mrs. Smith After the euchre they were served with an elegant repast. Mr. and Mrs M. Mosler and daughter Ertna left last Friday evening- for Palm Beach, Fla.. where they will remain until spring. Mr. J. Stark Wayne and his son "Teddy' are enjoying the sea breesea on the eastern coast of Florida, and will return to their home at Ui Hotel Alma next yrw One of tba moat obarmlng affairs of the weak on Price HtU waa the St, Vaieotlne supper given by the Woman's Guild of the Church of tha Nativity at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L- Anderson, on Sufntnlt ave nue, Tnursday evening. The spacious An derson homestead, which is one of tbe taundaoraeet of Price Hfll homes, was very prettily decorated for the occasion. Supper was served on card tablea scattered aboat In the parlors, library and reception hail, while some of the most prominent of Price Hill society gins wanted on trae tao4ee arid added much to the brilliancy of the affair. The supper wae a success from every poasl- oie view point. Mrs. Stanley Cass Archibald on St- Val entine's Day gave an exquisite luncheon. In her apartments at "Th Woodford." Cov ington, tn honor of her husband's kins women, Mlsa Casa. of Pennsylvania, and Mrs. Frank Earl, ot Lexington, her guest The color scheme waa scarlet, and from the carninu cm (iua iwai lit guassTS received large bouquets of carnations, a red satin box, heart -eh pod. filled with candy bearta was placed before each guest. Fairy lamps tn the shape of roses and tulips were lighted, casting radiant color athwart the table. The "hostess was eaegantly gowned arid uiatnraiaaaj uuapiuauuci aim S gTKCIOUS Mrs. Max Mosler. assisted by bar daughter, Mlsa Edna, and Miaa .Jacob, entertained tba lafllea of tba Queea city Cycle Club very handsoT"a?lyvThiaraday afternoon at her home tn Avondale. . There was a lively hear er so at a saeck auction In wuk Miaa Jacob -xeaa Mr Auctioneer, and the guests bid tn myste-' rioua packages, which peovaal ta, ea la memauca of the aceMton. a. deUc4aus lUUUiWJil vaawaA. Mr. , and Mrs. John Kreiaa, hava gen to Saw Orleans to Join Mr. aa4 Mrs. Kreia. gr, la the Mardl Graa festlvltiea. Tba ladies ef Alba. Chapter Wo. MM, q. k. 8.. will entertain tba gestleman of tba chapter .at dinner Fajbruary 21 mt ti suburbma bom of Mr. anal Mrs. AJsasa Curtis, tn Cartbaaw Tba affair win has of double interest, al nee It will mark k-TTJ ond avnnrversary of tha chapter' a InaUtution. Miaa Irene Merera waa tmalerra a a Valentine's Day at hex homa. No. 1410 Elm atnaC it being bar aernteaotk btrtb4ay. aarreaty-flra oeupaea were sareaeat to en-gratttlaxa Mlaa MeyeM aa4 a-ay the lurvch-ao prepared for Ubcra. A Cieater party waa grra tb, xrednee-day atemooa at Ptke a Opata Howaa Is aamer ef Miaa BaaMrtce Maa4 Oiaaaai. ef Chicago Tbuee preaest were Mlaaee Nora and Kaiile Walsh. Jialla ta laaaefle Uae-haa. Mae nacineesy. KAUh Arent and Em- Mrs. WaJtr B. Ludlow haa reocrered froa ft very Ions; and aeecre Ulaeaa. Miaa Btrdle Tmjy. o. West wood, le.'t Taeaday for New Ortasaaa for the Mardl Orae and a trip through uhe South. afiaa Margaret Ronaa. of Cortngton. was surprised ty rwr frtenda on Laat Tbura-day. Among those prtwent wera Mian BJey. Btalla Bryan, bsle Bryan. May Mur-Mayme OTonrualL Anna Kreuukarcp. Mary McOary. Janet Minor Mara Burke. Katharine M'jrpby. JuiU O Brl-n, Margaj-an iw jsc.ormara and Miee Murpf.y. of luring-on Kjr Msr. WIJ Haes. red Konrrman. John P. Murphy. Th-ma Flynn. Fred KreutzkaAp. John ReaiUe. Will Oonie rrank Stuaenborg, Joaepn O'Connor. Will Kelly, TlKftnaa Conry. Jofcn Ha-nasn. Thorn Aa Burke. Earl Madt-r. Junes Hurley, Tom Brutorn. fi-org a Mrtxel. In U. E. ReardVjn and Mr. ar4 lira fTrrv Me?a of Newport- Mrm. George McMillan, of 43 Fome avenue. Betierue. Ky.. Is ensertajnmg her daughter. Mra. B. M. te Koven (nee Mlaa Blaracae McMillan), of New Tork City. Mrs. John Berry fNellle Kane) Is entertaining Miss Agnes Oeraghty. of Rushvll e. Indiana. On St. Valentines Day the former graduates of Cedar Grove assembled to pay respect to their Alma Mater. It was the annual meeting of the Alumnae, and the beauty of tbe day was quite In harmony with the occasion. An appropriate programme was rendered and a most tasteful banquet followed. One of- the notable features of the occasion was the preaarnc-of the oldest and youngest graduates of the academy, the former being Mlaa M ar-gam Murray and tba latter Miss Mary Cannon, of the class of laoQ. A birthday surprise was given in honor of Miss Amanda Nagel. at 1410 Walnut street, last Saturday. Mrs. William Bchrorer entertained th-Delta Bata Euchre Club on Thursday at her home on West Seventh street. Thi prizes were captured by Mrs. C. V. Cod-r. Mr. Milton Long, Mr. Wess Long and Miss Jacks. The Chrysanthemum Euchre Club, a social organization of Brighton, was last Sunday evening entertained at the handsome residence of Mrs. George Lohrey. 21J9 Kin-del avenue, with an elegant lunch. Euchre waa the main feature of the evening. Prizes were awarded as follows: First, Mrs. Oeorga Osterfeid and Mr. Theo. Schone: second. Mrs. M. Bprengard and Mr H. Ost.-rfeld. consolation. Mra. E. Comody and Mr George Oaterfeld. On Thursday evening; a most Interesting lecture on "Music" was given at th Hotel Alms by Miss M. C. McAvoy fcr the benefit of the Mothers' Club. A large audience greeted the speaker. Mm. Fred Alma waa the guest of honor. Mrs. Lucy V. Baxter. Chairman, extended, on behalf of Che mothers a cordial Invitation to all ladles present to their next open meeting In March at Miss Wilcox a school room . corner McMillan and Gilbert avenue. Walnut Hills. Maude Orr entertained last Thursday evening with a Valentine euchre at her horn on West Eighth street. The prize were captured by Marie Gagen. Miss Leah Burdsal. John Deasy and Mr. Charles McCarthy. Those present were: Helen Dray Ada Winters. Ieah Burdfa! Ma-cel a K-llv. Marie Gagen. Maude Orr. Karl Menzei. Del-vln Orr. John Uasv. Will Gagen. Charles McCarthy, Albert Thompson and Hsrry Lang. The Primrose Eurthre Club met at the home of Miss Rose Van. Corryvllle. Thursday evening. Cella Schoenfeld. Gene Bruns-man, Nellie McLaughlin, John Anderson. Mayme Dorsey and Mr. Carl Van won prizes. Those present were: Nellie and Alice McLaughlin, Cells and Nettle Schcen-feld. Mayme Dorsey. Lydla Sand. Laura Grunkemeyer. Rose Van, Albert Scrmlcke. Gene Ilnuinnan, George Grunkemeyer. Arthur Sand, Harry Dornhegge, Emroett Barry, Carl Van and John Anderson. The Rookwood Euchre Club met Saturday evening at tne home of Miss G. Murphy, Mt, Adams. Prizes were captured by Mlsa Magdelena Smith, Mr. Wm. Raine, Jr., Mias Edythe Sell and Lea B. Tatem. A mask aurpnse party waa tendeml Ioula Plogsted. Jr.. on hia twenty-fifth birthday, at his residence. In Clifton Heights. Those present were Carrie Plogsted, Clara Plog-sted, Clara Goda, Clara Tokasky, Marie Zlmmer. Sophie ElchofT, Marie ElchofT, Mamie Gentner, Ida NMderrrran. Mattle Flugel. Alma Slechinger. Mandy Bauer. Flora Bauer, Frora iloda, Carrie Pot, Katie Goda. Katie Thielen. Josie Krellman, Lizzie Holtkamp, Loo Krolmajin, Lu'.u Keariv Carrie Coda. Carrie Mangold. Lizzie Kelm Alice 8cha,mz. Emma Schotmlller and Ida Beyler. Mis Daley and Mr. Charles Tittle entertained a few of their friends on Thursday evening last with a Valentine party at thrlr home, in the West End. The guests war Misses Emily Rianhard, Agnes Klrkpatrick. Grace Allen, Ella Thompson. Edna Fa gin. Emma Auel, Lizzie Koebel. Anna Everson. Ethel Stewart. EmiMe Rels. Grace Thompson, Lydla KUnk. Ida Schwankhaua, Cora Rankin, Mrs. Evans and Dal-av Tittle Messrs. Ixiuis Leavttt. Harry Dick. P J-Emmertck. Oscar Mitchell, William Arnold Charles Tice, John Huppert. Henry Rela' Philip Auel. Walter Evans and Charles Tittle. A surprise party was tendered Mlas Elizabeth Freeman, of Rickey street, St, Valentine's Night. Those present were Miss Maud Boyce, Clara and Anna Witte, Gertrude McLaughlin, Fannie Schuler, Daisy McKiMpe, Grace McCluckey, Margaret CI Inge, Mattle Ervanle. Stella Harper. Roeala Felthaus Rena Hunt, Catherine O Me-aru. Geneva and Irene Fra-eman, Mrs. Henrv J. Reushing (nee Seifert). Mrs. Marv Wrassman, Mr? Kate Freeman. Mrs. Ben Felthaus Mr Robert Severn. Bernart Gastrtck. Charles Roycrof Joe Gastrick. James Stevcnaon James Hunt. George Gastrtck. William' Isaac and Ehrard Freeman. Mr. Fred Wehrman and Miss Ada Huser were married October 17 last at Lawrence-burg. Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Wehrman are established at 1709 Cbase avenue, Northslde. where they will be at home to their friends The HartweU High School Dramatic Club, under th direction of Miss Anna LueHa Waldo. In the Wyoming High School, will give an entsrtainmentt Tuesday evening. February 19, at the school ball. A white-cap surprise party was tendered Mr. and Mrs. Michael Witt at their home, on Bate avenue. Camp Washington, last Monday night. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Doran, Mr. and Mrs. Stein-wela. Sr. Mr. and Mra. Hman. Mr. and Mrs O Haxa, Mr. and Mrs. Kfeaiier, Mr. and Mr' Stein wets. Jr.. Miss Emma Steirrweis ud Mrs. Llppert and rfraugnter, from Chicago. Mr. George Wenner entertained with a evichre at her home, on Eastern avenue Saturday evening. The prizes were won by Miss Mattle McGrew. Mr. Will Huffsteder Mr. John Conway and Mrs, Conway. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. George Wenner. Mr. and Mrs, John Wenner. Mr anl Mrs! W411 Bwing. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stump. Mr. aed Mrs, John Conway, vr and f Will Huffsteder. Mr. and Mrs Ferree Mr and Mrs. George Wilson. Mrs SsrS, Messrs. Will Conway. ClaenceHurTaxedeT-ArthnrEwing. Misses HauieeTrw Flo?: eno. ftn.JkUa Siegrtet, Msu&sMeOrew and Emma McGrew. A euchre party was given by Mlsa Ells 8aws field Sunday evening at her home. 611 Patterson street, Newport. Ky. A sorprise was tendered Mrs. William Straack at bar boat, tsnar rv.wa .. Jones stroaU. lat week. Thos praeet were Mra. Otto Loth. Mrs. Jobs wh. u Barnhard Puakmaan Mrs. He&ry fltunma Mlas Cathryna Fitzgerald amaj-utoad at ber boaao on Martjuis atrsnua. West Wsjnot HIUS, ftrftdaT. Miaii. 1A .am . 111. amars tboaa present were Mr. and Mrs. Patrick MaJbnev: BeTThrlkr ' T Iwrsr. Cwrartsb firsAFs u - ZZz! zT u. AeondsJa. ssmooacea tba, sngarraRit ' fr dau-Thter Cora to Mr. Loois Leknian. BunUy 17 and 24. Thursdays a r,elllaOwy, Gjraoe Story. MsWcJSneP Sdwar Bargoyse and akero Dtdty. iTH --1WS in Block of Stores, H. W. Cor. Main and I CLOAK DEPJRUinil. ARKIVAI lor spring oVfaawd oar attenuoa aod oar atavrs- Wtrtsr grmenu tUal atiU linger anil as rUnCtCD oat Monday Al Om Ulf, Om Is Its' imA Sow at 0a Faaxrts Ferviors SELU0 PUCES. tJOuOO Jackets for 47 JM All oar 15 00, note saad " 00 Jsrksts '"f SLM. &M god HM 56.50 RainyDay Skirts for $198 A loa-ky porchs of -Van Rainy-Dsy kiru from an oversto. zed Ksr-rn manu facta rrr ensbles u to make this nfler. alao a lot of 900 tkat would readily aril st t3-5u Ycmr cl.cH.e at L75 5.00 Fur Collaret tea for Bc 1 .50 For Collarette (or 99 M-flO Fur ricarfs for Srr73 6 JO Far Scarf, lor i" and flO Plush Capes glM and M M Ladies' New Tailor-Made Soits. .NEW SPRIVG SUITS ....4.9 For tha new Eton and Fly front Suits. Black and every color, lined throughout. entirely new. worth (10.00. Monday. at Sa.W Extra large size w roak to order on short notice. .tf.00 Golf Capes for $1.98 MF..VB SHIRTS Is node red fsnry Per rale, stiff Uosooi, nice patterns, al ..ttSc Whll Unlsandered Dress rblrt at 3&o OKEAT CORSET BABGUX In-clu.ling tlie R. A . . Kabo. Wirntr'i and every other p. pulsr make, all going at 2A. M anl BO Csots less than st any other store. Qlcddxng Belb Ring JVIemly Ht the Gzy Rational Capital Brides in Exquisite Costumes Charming Feature of a Lively Week. Every Day lias Functions of Interest Some Fine Dresses Worn By Belles. '-6- White Hats Seen Everywhere For Afternoon Wear Habelle'i Society Gossip. arwiaL cnBEt.aroN nmi or mx ssortasa. Waahlnrton. 1. i'.. February 13 The weather this week has been delightful, with some days that were positively "springy." and every day crowded with fascinating entertainments or pretty and Interesting weddings. On Monday Miss C'ondlt-Smlth. the beautiful heroine of Peking waa. I think, the ideal bride, and all of the appointments of her church wedding were In such exquisite taste. To begin with you know aha has a superb figure and the features of a Greek goddes. aside from her beautiful coloring. Her wedding gown was of filmy wblte liberty silk, with yoke and sleeves of Hon! ton. There was a panel of the Honlton In the front of the trained fklrt. also a flounce of which traveled round the hem. Her dear llttle bolero of Honlton lace and silver threads was rounded In front and caught with a diamond bar. Over all fall the misty folds of a tulle veil, reaching to the plain white slippers. Another bride of the same day wore a pale blue chiffon and crepe de chine gown, with panne velvet trimmings and a picture hat of blue. ) At Mlaa Condlt-Smlth's wedding, which was a noon affair, there were many pretty toilets to be seen. Miss Edes wore a dainty fawn poplin, with vest of pink panne and lace. Her hat was a stylish flare, one of black aatin tucks, with a single pink rose on the edge. Miss Satterlee, the Bishop's daughter, was there, too, and looked perfectly stunning In a full suit of gray. 'Tarn a taMorad creation of broadekxh. lined with apple green taffeta. The under skirt, too, was of green taffetas, wlrh Insertions and ruffle of rare gray serpencine lac. Tbe short fray Jacket revealed a front of green panne and a folded girdle of the same, oa-ugtrt with Uttle dull silver buckles On of the older ladles wore a pearl whits satin covered with black ChaaUlly. with turquoise paane as s couch sf e lor. Tbe bisck lace over whits and other pals shades has become quite tba riling, sad tbe popular opinion la that ss old ma rati Has sad Southern shawls bar hand sots r patterns than laces to be bought aow, they are preferable for sucb trimming, but few there ar who wjll ascrtflc these arid family shawls to th scissor of the mod 1st a a at a We atteraaled another of those dailarhtful cotillons a few nights ago. snd. believe me, the gowns surpassed sny previously worn taia season. Everybody looked arroply great Tbe mu-lc was. as usual, the bast, and th decorations wonderfol m pink. Mlas Mattlciy. who Is tall and pretty tike her married staters, was superb hi sorsl pink net over cream satin. There war trimmings of cream gause. embroidered In exquisite pink rosebuds, and a sualat Be ha of the flimy material too. Prom tbe shoulder to the elbow there was s tagbt, tucked steers of the net over satin, with a roJlfeig back elbow cuff faced with tbe embroidered gauss. Many pvrs-wrbtte bats are dotting aftar-stooa affa-ra, asd tboro Is aapthisar ss try ma; AfiT EXHIBITION. No bottor dsscrlpds -Ustha-rJgC Water Colors" eonld hsv boats rtinosa for tbo Baery B- Pattss cnllsctloa hoas- os view at Bartoa a gal try. 128 Wast Fsr strwat. Tkla ramsrkabl sxblbitlo- b) f iiftjssul of nearly two hundred carers Ily ulstHI ss-ampiss of on htmdrwat snd stxtg tsssiim and popnlar lorHfn and toasili.. orUots. and la attracting marked aita-ttarao rroca cuHlvated peopas. Is fact, arverrkody I. going tosslt.aatttatbrt evwot saf tbs saw son. frSSj NCV liDI EVCRS OP BOARD. atra. J. C. Ursts, eaf CoOaasw ssfTI wb mad a donatio, of S-aJO to Tmd( --iai aasaw latwiu m, rssr assy aTa. baa Just sewn elected a isr asf tk- board of the assoarl.tlon. Vra K- n- T..1 . l to tb board! alsetsa THE CtftMANlC OKY COODl CO. iFj mm m:t awaaaaaaaaaawaaaaa HOUSE WRAPPERS Ail solar. India-. TeAst, Grey Red e4 Moorairuj. A worth sp U al tar .-. . .. bsb sad TtW Ptttlrittt'i firlrfil hrn'wi W oar rrest wlawiew dWav af aarsr "W ainsar. rat th. ea awaittv Mart, raw al snet FrewHt asten rVttlewsaa merle with deap ervwtvran Connor savl rgtts draet rufBe B ark and every raior. tl.JV n awd -; Vi vsloea Maw lay oo'y T"r, fMsc (a) 4L ag) MflTULFlilMjiSEIlW-n 51rM Gwwwa worth 7e Mas A'an tare rrr ewttaenaalerr tr-naawad Oaaw .aa, rrster1slsrbabaajt.wr.rth TV st aMSs VT Arm. r.nsas r KraS long eirh r.awbrV-r-e MoaJm taiawsaea) wKb rarWar of larew Kemaalietilnr wd eoiKrwJirrv worth up to fas prv Saav-. SMSr Fine White Peetirvwta. aatnV aaf eitr qnalttv Wnain nr rasaKrlr. wlak, lar nr rmKroiderr. all Una-tha wawlh an to 1 fl rs'a prace 1UW. ,. aiv4 nor of nver )0 AlfVrewt ty'as r4 lowers is aawl-rvr or Wni'in worth V and Pal prv 1 5c ad SbVc Fine Csm briar Coraet Cwi er ... JaVp Ftraea C mrt f'orera beao'l'tjllv trimmed with lac or rmKroadery. w-th Va- awl II rsla prtre 3&r aivl Jte New Silks! New Silks! jran pieeee new Fmalsa-d arrl rVer1 Hahaita . In all 'be rvrw roianmt and printings, .W and TV vsloew At Seil 4 So Fancy TarTe'a cor laH efterta 9c Spoclal Kale of Children fine V aal.n rrwera. Skirt. aaSort seal long ra s C.srk O. f T. Cotton. ur 1'H riraool Silk . hm A foil line of Dnaaiiiakers' Findings, tall at lb very Lowest prvrea. if. .u'c' Ilk . ' a. r - - a -a - , - , ' j t - . 1 . , y 'm t. wwitaV: ;. r .'. r. -?S'i-?'..y- MISS MATTINGLV. A Promirvtnt Wtirwnjton Society EWflt and hard to wesr. Some of feet dreams tn them. w1 me! Ml- Gallaud wear, her, wh .hamam. . , ease, ana priaanti a truly ptcturawquw ap- Pesxarace, It Is bust on a wire frame, tbs new flat shape, whtcn flares up In the front . V.' . Jr. w Tnml " ""var o w,i. tun. tucas, wife a seauln button eaicOIng a swaaarptng white plume, wntch rndrcle. tha brira. Vn&mr im t sld. st the back, there arw some Hoy try leaves of velvet nesUIng ag-lnst her y. pretty hair. "aa nelda. of Ohio, wno has a prrfant mania ror pretty hats, has added s wtute on. U, be, llat, and wear. It vary wrll u of tbe whitest panne veivsc. and verv flat arad svere. It la also laid In tocks. srnlcb ar. tltched with vlolst silk. At rs -- lata asul talwed. a Icuamrly DoHTwri. front tY.mrm mrm tan. K.tA. . ' i - ' - - - u. bM-nfnlna I . t , . n . . - . . 7 w w rtrroas st) IS ot coirrsra. g-rrr MB. Sad aaaaarwaans; omoer OB MMur7 V-g IS amor st LUrtllaila taesuUfsl debajtssts Tbetr bom waa as low wUA t aaii ai Besuty res, sod r-ailax to asr mmZZTZ tb Pretty Washlnatcn bawla ... .. . waws there Mlaa Hints la a tVrllghtfsJly gpaceful Via. aod verv brrma.. ' vsrastloo, Har rm u al te-a a rare, wlrh sa under drws. of taaavrkttwk . w cr P nsarklacs as4 -flss Aww. ai .,,.. . Of tbs a ' prwaaaawy w. oStO Ot tBO Bnt arsar aa outlsg r waiklog exalt .f WBlt waa . It . . art sf - aaa a PAJiOUS COUNTRY SCAT. L--. Lam T-rt. saa of tb. awws ia-soa eay-Ktrjr awaxs mt aid ' . ta ssaa sf , aoraa-i. w-t- of K-aTBsb ctorr. Has- tssj study. r - arcbttacinre of rbs nasdisswal parns, s ?-S-wWO-,Jrr- - ad rV-s JJ tTJstrew. ra rteft wswd csrw-teC being by tbs grwst artist. TTr li ii7 ?eor-r tb great Irrtsg rwoaa is tbs !T.,ir- bsrtng tbora-T-f QJ "wvaM ten await aorta th ?? a assdlsajsrat fr-SM as' a kattaar mm wl.l.. a. , 4fawK a a laaua, war r: "'"i s'ama waaaam aas Da s e vS tbo eooch spew wblcsi Jsnae " vT?!?? tb on algst that ks rssnalsid at rt "rark! v, ana a aocrieu ins iaag-try xmn. sod a aaoot of I :. 1 1 h mn4 m mi mm "- rm-w ..naaa - a tr wear. ..r declares that she wtli never chart It I raiit tha thraai ili.tta fas are .rn maiata.... ae.r mtM.iaii area i .. n csnnot wonder, for It la Serosiy banoeslng Z ,bcr"" - '" fr.i ta Saw ,t . , , u, ,. . t.uA . i T"a a,.. a . v . nounoa of th lac Tt OaOatr weaver ft a- la .Utt. .4 - -at... . ftome of the other arlrla ar wearing tbstr ,r cf -TJ-e-.- .arw. and .it. nr, w-ri .r t I -, . l...,, . hair dr-aawd lew with q sal sueorwa hUar of vatrwa rttrt raaa.g iArr a la a wt-'.rw a- r, a. wrrua hat-, m. t. . k - emwa, - . . . . " . ------- - ' nnaraow ax waaf a-.. ar,- , a .ra al a nasa a. .rm. ...... IKe knot, ar. pregaartr-g to aatcpt th In a rtaa s-aw..w K.-r l .a.a rv. ... low style at th. aatrlc of the hair spajctal- a a lua a t rra.-aaaa. aat mmrnrn l- .u. r- .. r- K..; fa cfDO t-at weartsg tbe I I aS-a a ran al-raj-... hair in a styu wich camar astir Sraws It A . iV wWrw .aw. mmmm .wo - ... In an opposite drrwctloo ta that tn wtiiek It A rrrat s rasas ,k ar. wa mm , .s mrm .attar a tlms bound ta waa as rt wrr O-pary aaf ahaaa aaa wtt tsXls. awast I ft raw' aaal tww I a. orop oait rnmrnn. was tba arssra aa- a w. 1 netrn Hooervelt was thrra. too. as4 wsa "-r'T " " Ufa Is It ks srTswarawa Dvrfartlv rwrflaM I. . V"rT: s va r lr v - . . . rvaavw IJ.M IT. .r i with allver aro-in u . T a m M. H .. - . .1 Tba lsc jak ewmg frUUTrT aw-tMUmiea. 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IUr I A D D 0 li f I D QTflDb J H I I 0 hV OlUilL k4S T llf-' 7 I . ' f ' ' PIANOS. Grau Piano u SI EINWAY emaiia ju 1. 1 UttlU- ' sn i i . I -4 EPsf im r- s J m 111 L I.l ;i7 'l I WfT BELGIANS 1 hl ha. kwuSW aaw r ' O VCALTHtCM '(I1A I N (MAX Ww . t j sw swtss' r- atr -' -' t t sa a. raw ' ra. a - ' I a 1 'a " , w . n ' " . " ' ' ar-waara ma.. - . " w tl1 a- o' ... - a-u ta- . RECITAL POR V. - C mm s Cr as a St aaf W"t " . . . 1 "SIS 1 '" ' . . Tw. nrila. . e mm 1 1117 J. aa VrJa-fai Ftrsar t' ' ' "V ' a af aawgsy " Ai. aaark -MraaaW. J aasaat lnar-w a. . . - ' M asf asaaal taa aun pj

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