The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1937
Page 2
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-(AKK.)' COtjRlfcR NEW3 Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's Council of TUst Chris tlau church meeting ftt the horn? ot Mis C A lant Mth Miss Phelps as guest speaker Business ana professional Women:, c'ub meeting Hotel Noble 7 JO p.m. Woman s Ml c ilonaij Societs First Methodist chinch, meeting .it chuich 2 30 ijm W M U . Fust Baptist church, meeting it chi|rc)ii 2 JO p m Y W A rust Baptist church )i)°8>m» 7 30 pm TUESDAY'S EVENTS Eunbeims meeting: rust Biptlsl church 3 30 p m Junior <p A meeting First Baptist church 4 i>m Intermediate O; A. ineeUnsr plrsl Biptlsl church, 4 p in Mis IJojd StlcUnon hailng th: Young Matrons Bridge club: Tuesday Bridge club meeting .will Mrs. .W. Led n : Smith, .WEDNESDAY'S': EVENTS Mrs W r J wuntferlich Jmliv Wednesday Budge dub Ch-ipler 'D, P, K O haum lei foi gltl graduates cltj lilgn ichool 1 pjn, ,t£ how. of Mis B A Lynch Ihureduy launch on clib meeting »lth Mrs R -f Khshner Mis C F Tucker hnilng Towi and Gauntiy duo Mrs J T PMtipb having Tmuv di> Contract club FRIDAY'S' EVENTS Executive board, Woman's club having luncheoi meeting 1 pm, u club house. "Methodist^ Bi| mess Mcmen Jliif iVIcelliHj A nuinbef.\0f. the business and 1 rofe c sionpl women of th rhsE. MethoJisf church iiaie formed n circle, lo be -iftn'af-ci \\ith thc Wo men? Mlssionnrj SoclUj I ins group hid its scmnrt nuctliig Ihmsday night tit th« Miss Mars Cununings had al ready b°en elected president ino Ml«s Ann Fisher, s"cictarj In tat second meeting Mlv, Mnr\ draci Hill was mined Uce-prcstrtent and Mi's Lauri Flalt, trcasurci It ^vas \otect to contribute $85 for thc sears pledgt Olhu business conccrne 1 ths naming of com- mlltees and M' e s cnnimlnos an nounccd immbeis ot th« in mb°r ship, Cflrlsilan social lelations spnitual Me ami mcssT'c, nnd sup pll"s committees Tor the program thc 22 picSenl heard Mis H Ljnu Wad- c'wtr mm gi,o tlie dcio'lor^ and Mi's Dorothea fiogers ))rcs nt the j)ro gram. MisV. Rogers and Miss Fish ei told of the work of tlnee Chi ncse women »l-o ara niis^ionaues ind who founde-1 a chine-L college which the\ nov, head Miss Maij Hubler and Miss Cum- inings served refreshments diirint the soml hour * * * Enlcrlaius Chili. Airs o W McCufihen 1 -H til Tlmrsdij Contract club this we 1 wn»n Mrs r B Jojn-i won the prize n Uieiter b"ok The membeis and one g\i«si M>s W i^tm smith \ore v \ert a plutc lunch after th« game Business Women to Sludy lrtcrmtjon.ii Rchlioiis Members of the Bn«inci, .inc. Professional Women s club will stii- dj international rehclons in a sp" ciil meeting Momliv night 7 30 o clock, m tlia Ro e room of the Hotel Ncble Features ot the program will b* a tplk bj Frini, c Douglas attorney,; and a motion picture. "There Gc-s an American to be shown bj the Arkansas-Misaouri Power com- panv. * • * Jfiinlc Gro\e Association Phrs Summers Work. Tne MapL Gro\» cemetery wil be kent bsautuled throitsthoiit the spring ani summei months by » program started this week by members of the orsr/xnlzation which caies f-^r tms burial ground. A sexton has been hired who will keep the lawn cut .ml Improve tlic general condition of the cemetery. Plans for this project were made in a meeting Tuesday afternoon at the hem; of Mrj W:--M. Burns Plans vsre made for a free will offering dinner to be held March 6 at the Woman's club. A dessert course was served the wo-d 3rd °"" EUMt> Mrs ' Chas ' Bits of News Mostly Personal MJSS Mildred Weaver of St. Louis. 13 the guest of Mr and Mrs. S. K Gurrctt for the .weekend. T W Wagner of Jonesboro, supervisor of tne division of employment of WPA, attended to business 'here jesterJay and today. Mirs Laura Flatt was called to her home in Jonesboro today because oi the scrioujs illness of iier mother. Vcrnon Iglehart, of Dell, is a patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital CKcar Hardaway, who has been in Msmphis this v,eck, is home. Mrs Robert E Lee King and 1 HAVE AT! RE By Helen Welsliinicr I HAVE a fire*, my song^ and books * 'The'widd wind mid tlie sun, And pcitccjiasconu; to mt ;it last \M)0 thfiijjflit that iieace K"tsdoiic I HAVE the sturdy dills t 1 A licking flock, a brook; And dogwood's white alons tlic pitlis T~M|E hi'mor of briglit words,jji> friends * .That were my shield so long Against Dm dusk you dido'l sliaie re absent, . , I ;\m strong. T HUS quietly I've come to foci That few hearts break in wo But what if I slioutil sec you smile And find it isn't truel -* ,; Tuesday' evc- niiif, In the home of Mrs. H. T. Simpson, with; Mr£ Joliii Pettet Ing t it'e if 1 nfcrialiicd - '. ; • '-• .Circle No. r 3,;of the Presbyterian uxlllftij met-.Wednesday evening I thc home".of. Misses Cynthln and Dollyc Robinson. The. meeting \ is in charge 'of the chnirmnn, Mrs. Paul Mehrlc, .-•;-. V^ M -> lliis Mission Sduly.', The Woniaris. Missionary Society of the rust Haptlst Churcli nicl it the Church Wednesday .after-. loin for n. mission stiidy i'neet-. "K : . - • '. '•:''.'; •• •'. •'.-•.•• : -. ' ihe devotional was >> the president,--. Mrs. Khlght, followed?- by the st'iidy brought to .the Indies by thc.'iias- tor,; Rev. D. K. Foster. • •'' ' -*'.">' * - t • /'' '- ^..: ' ." Mis. Uldelcy Entertains Club '' Mrs. Hnrry RIdgley ci)terl!iiifci her bridge club 'on Tuesday" nft^ crncon, with 'Mrs.'"j'. W. Tip'tbn, Mrs. L. H. Sclnilt and Mrs. Charles nidglcy gtiesls- for . the aftevnoon. ' - •- • Mrs. J. w. Tlptoii held high' Scluilt ) cut for Opening Lead From .Right Side Oflen Vital to -Contract IIY WSI. E, • IMcKICNNUY The American Bridge League, In conjunction with the .Chit-ago Contract Bridge Association, has Mablished n toijnament at which 3la\ers mm compile for muster loint awards second only to, those h.'ji^at iiitlonil tournaments. 4 K Q 10 VAQJ109 .« J 5 4 fi, 32', fi 185 1 A 10 fl N W E S Dealer A702 V52 « 108 «?. Q J 0 6 75 South I » 30 U 8N. T AAJ3 V K » A K Q 0 0 7 3 .?. K 4 Duplicate— N. & s. ml. U'est Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass N'orlh Pass Opening lead—A 4. Hast PilSS Pnss Pass Pass Pass 20 will bf held in Chicago from Today's Contrnct Problem- South is playing tho con- (raet at three no trump. It West opens a diamond, should South try to dcyclop his niiith (rick by fincssina his hearts or spades? ' •-.•: •' .-.. • v- 4 AK9 • (Blind) (Blind) None vul. Openci' — f 5, Solution in next issue. 20 A J 10 VQ10C4 * J 'M polling his ciub bid, wns 'to sec that the small slam contract, \vas plnycd in the proper liiind. That, his own, In In this Instance, the South. hi • b 19 to 22, nnd annually there-I The four spade bid. of ^Kidgcwas Bishop, prominent j Hail NorUi "hclet the'ace'< will be j he would have '•]"'" course at ace f clubs . attested by the I contracted for seven. But whe en. in winch he dlvecte.1 to- Instead, North bid llvu -ays contract Into thc hand that ould make a slam. Bishop's problem, which he real- pc-ralious for clett ijalales, arc t the Methodist hospital. They re to undergo operations today. Mrs. James H. Belt and (laugher, Betsy, returned last night from Jlarksvilte, Tcnn.. where they spmt 12 days vvilh Mrs. Bell's sister, Mrs. JoElah H. Fort, and family! Mrs. M. O. Usrcy returned last iglil from Memphis, where sh= has Seen with Dr. Usrcy wno is iinjlor- 3CTng treatment at (he Methodist •lospital, His condilion is very j'co;l ind h; will probably b = able la OIM by the middle of (he .' .reck. Jnrk ar;l Don ChamWin. son, of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Chninblin. •lave recovered from illnesses with mumps. -Mr. and Mrs. Jo= Gbz:n, of Tn- lianapslis, Ind.. arrived Shis utter- noon to spend several days with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Borum anil Mrs. Elizabeth Greene. Mrs. Estellc Cooke Vollmcr nnd naughtsr. Ann. of Memphis, arriv.-:! today to spend the weekend niti: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wuidf-'ich and family. n diamonds' Bishop properly Diet six no t ,,, «,,„„„«,, Ml , aml , Seven was made, for a top on the Beckham, Mrs. Ivan from Little Rock, w'r.eie he attended lo business. Miss Dorothy Jean Worthy, of Springfield. Mo., is the guest of her grandfather, B. T. Worthy! James B. Clark, who Ims • bsi quite ill, Is now much improved. en A ixilliidipme Is n word; or r-cn- Icnce. which reads the same cither backward or fonvarel. Mrs. B A Busg are visiting in time" and Marlon for a slwrt ive this afternoon from st Lo-ils .-> visit Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lyncli until Monday atternoon. 'MJSS Lynch is now attending WashMi*- t=n Universiiy and both the school 3Hd flic bank, in which Mr Lynch is employed, have a holiday .MJ n , Mrs. C. M. Buck is quite tl!3 family home on West A Belly Black, daughter of M Cariithcrsville Society-—Personal ' ?| IHIIc II. Bennclts Meet ' I'oin teen members and two - visitors weie present. al' thc':re«iilar mcetlilg of the Belle H. Bennett ind .Miss EdiUr.TliJrinii.fl5-a6sl.St- WEDNESDAY EVENING: 1:00 p.m., Officers' and Teachers' meeting. 7:30 p.m., Prayer meethi!;. 8:30 p.m., Choir rehearsal—"Be resent For Practice/' 1'IKST CHRISTIAN CHURCH ',.'-' Carroll Cluyd, i'aslur Bible Bchcol, 9:45. W. O. Oiicrin] iipt. We should have an increase In attendance every Sunday until Easter, • -;. ' . Morning Worship, 10:50. Sermon "As a Man Thinkelh." Evening 'Worship, 7:30. Sermon "God's Name." - ' V Yomig people have tlieir program at C:30. . , Mlcl-week servics Wednesday evening at 1:30. ' ' .-.".. ' Council meeting Monday afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs. C. A. Tant pn Dpugan street. Miss Phel|« home economics teacher, will be the guest speaker. . . score - and Mrs. consolation. ., Mr. nnd Mrs. H..-.W. ! : OreciiJvjsi. Hed '.over the iveek end In 'NCW Albany, Miss,, with relatives of Mr. Green. They were .nccompan-' ied home by Mrs. Joe. S. Green of Jndmnola, Miss.,, who is spend-- IIIB this week here. . • . •Mr. and Mis. Joe K. Milled'of Rldglcy, Tenn,, spent the past week end here with Mrs. Miller's sister, Mrs. Rohin>icrcc. 'They were accompanied.)home 'by-ili-ir Miller's brother, T. C. Boswell, who had been visiting In :. -the home. of. Mi-., am), Mrs. Pierce.' G. I,. Pici-ce, \v!)p has 'been Here visiting lns.. : wife. who. is'.;ill - . ,"" i""- "unn;T/yi daughter, Mrs. Francis .Hiiel- spetli, has, returned to his home n Bogota, .Tcnn.. . c :..,,| Mr7 and. Mrs. John winppte >T>Oii,have, been residing | n - an apartment a'l" the'.home- of "airs' J. Li.Sherihni-d/have moved to'aii , Steele-Cooter Society — ' A son born February 11 to Mr nnrt Mrs. Ollie Story of Stoele has been 100 leehnn story. 'Iy Miss Alma friends and attended the •«fc y ..• v^'» ,HBS I'lltST HAI'TIST CIIUIICII Walnut & Kiglitli Alfred Carpenter, pastor 9:30 a.m., Bible School. 10:35 a.m., Worship Service. Sermon Topic; "Jlltch-IJiklng For Heaven." 6:30'a.m., Baptist Training Onion. 7:30 p.m., Worship Service, Scr- moii Topic: "The Eleventh Commandment." The'ChoIr will sing an Anthem for both morning and evening services. TUESDAY EVENING; fi:30 p.m. meeting. 7:00 p.m Extension department Couiicll meeting. I,AKK STUEET METHODIST CIIUI1CH M. N. Johnston, Pastor Church school, 9-A5. We are glad to ses our school increasing in attendance since the passing of thc floods. Come, you arc needed '. Preaching.- 10 -to Cin a Man Love His-.Neighbor • HS Himself? 1 Yes and no. Hem the pistors m terpretatioh.; Young people meeting at (i-30 Preaching at 7 30 Miny me n rmc many w-ays of b-ttermrr the world >Vhat a pity tint so many of Ihem leave out the Clnist tOSltl CHUKCII Lilly anil Vine S(s ~ W. o. Smglctcrr) pastor Sunday school 9 -Jo N W Tran them, Sup't. Morning service 11 a m P. Y. P. A no p m Evening sen ice 730 p m P\s S°v' e .- S - UbJ " t Docs Go<Kl w °* : ST. STHHINS CHURCH Corner iWalnut lm i SHU, Sired • The..Key, c C Burke of afirl anna .will conduct services.- Holy communion 11 i m FIRST ciiuitcii OF THE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY ffLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia I *~_ —0n» MI. SERVICE, INC. r. H, KK. u.s. P*T. err. | \ A /\ /\ A A A /\ "Oh, baby, anil that is your Sunday coat!" ."Well, I can't always nick the right (lay to fall down." J-i« Negroes Express Thanks for Aid Given Refugees Appreciation for the aid . given negro flood refugees here recently by II. S. Barbour and members of the Southern Liberator of Augusta,-Ark., was expressed today by a group of local negroes in "the following statement: "We the colored people of Biy- thcville and surrounding com- muiiKfcs wish (o thank H. s. Barbour and members of The Southern Liberator of Augusta, Ark., for their hearty cooperation In coping with the clothes predicament produced by flood water conditions. "Learning of the conditions of tne colored refugees, they brought two carloads of clothing, shoes, r^ e> , , Uj aml W'ts to be distributed among the. 1 unfortunates, which was a-.great blessing as the majority of t i,e refugees were in tllrc need, such wonderful geher- w! n ?? i*'^ t<iispla >' e <l stimulates his field in this area for a greater program i,, | lis organization" V or welfare work. We' heartily wish him and his organization success in all their undertakings and promise our cooperation In what; 1 ever way we can help." \ mon theme: "The Everlasting Mcr- ces of God." The Lutheran Hour over 30 stations. . Try WLW at 12 noon or KLCN.'or WSM at 3:30 p.m. Lenten Meditations over KLCN Wednesday, 3:30 p.m. -Midweek Lenten services Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Sunday school teachers' meeting Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. Pilgrim 'Guild meets Thursday, 2:30 at. the school. A coixlial welcome awaits all. PIIiST I'KES'BVTEKIAiV CllUItCII S. II. Salmon, I'astor 'When Grid Plosvs the Soul" is the subject for the pastor's sermon In th« Morning' Worship hour beginning at H o'clock. The choir Kill suit Lift Up Your Heads" by Nolle In th" Fvening Worship service, beginning at 7:30 o'clock, the pastor will preach on the text, "Behold .1 Make All Things New." Our SLndij church School, open- Ing at 9 48 I.IH. promptly, has n class foi every age, each with a trained and efficient teacher, and Is thoroughlj up-to-date and np T to 'tanclard m every other way. Ev- enbody cordhlly invited. •• car? They have not mentioned the question of expense.. (a) Wait until the end of the trip and ask to pay yoiii share? (b) Make a definite arrangerhent before you start about the sharing of expenses? (c) Wait for the owner of thc cai to suggest an arrangement? Answers • . • • ! 1. No. i : ; 2. No. a good traveler does not make a fuss over inconvenlenceo. 3. No, not If she intends to walk on city streets or eat in public rcs- laurants. •!. Yes, this is one of the few times w'hen a woman writes "Miss before lier name. .. 5. Yes, but not if she has only one room. . Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(b). Be sure to decide whether you are to share the expense of possible repairs as'well'as running expenses. Eupha I). Ucaslcy, pastor Sunday Mhool 0:45 am EL Evans, Sup't. ' ' Morning worship n «. „, Sel . th N - Y. P. s. C:45 p. ni. Evening evangelistic service' 1-3 Sermon subject "Soul Winnlii"". METHODIST II. Lynn Wade, Tailor Sunday .jchool at • 9:45. S. K Buck ™ Joe Russell, Mr. and Mrs Burns. Mr. and Mrs T E Srigsance, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mr. and Mrs. A. R ;--, —-. ..,,,, . Ennis Mrs. Lloyd Booth, Mrs. Ed Crice ji- Gren White, Mrs. Ida Burns! M Choir will sing "Cast Thy Binand dens u pon u , c LorA ,, nn j - £ Norman Guicc will ,\ n * a . Lewis, W. C. Reid. Buddy Wright. M S. Eii^eth Hue"T and Mrs. Hugh Mlehie jr Mr' and Mrs. Homer Waters and 'wrs Veliiier Cmnpbcll. Palibcaim n't tlie funeral were Hugh Michi'e jr Buddy Wright, Joe Ruaell w c Reid, Homer Watere, and Clarence Ifrs. Ed Crice r , C Eunice Elizabeth Brig- . Farnsworth Black, who h, s cacn 111. several days, is u aw )m ich better. Richard Jicdel has 'returned from ft buying trip to St. IJouis. Mrs. o. E. Keck spent j-cs'er- day in Memphis. Just think of * pieced quilt block for each state!'Pictured is the very popular Indiana Monkey Wrench In No. C505 you get this pattern ami 47 other designs: Kansas Troubles. Illinois Sur, Pennsylvania Pineapple, Texas stay, virginb Reel, Key West Bcauly tor Florida Oregon Trail, etc, Everyone a choice gem, you may nvjk--' a <miu dj using each block or 4>1 different ... Gallic >.<.„ Httoy, Fayc \yiiilc. Edith Beatrice Waters, riufh Michio and Vclma j anc c»mp- Mrs. aim Hamra mid children have returned from an cxtcnd'2 "sit with relatives in Fulton Kv The condition . of Miss N in V Brooks, who is very sick ,-,i „„ Home in Cooler. Is .unimprovtd "rs. Bud I?olly,of Dccilns'i, ; siting „, (he home of Mr \M «^ w. N . HO ), } . of Cootcr ;,,< s ' 'E..friends in Stecle. jnu'o M r- U w " Turmr a » rt ... . in ! lc ' who moved to Marion I"., during the high water. m o vc d oack yesterday. " lu >e<t Mrs. Basil' McClurc and ' Jnnmlc, Mrs. Abncr Ashcrafi, '•"• •J'i'f, tl SUJU. • ioimg people's, juniors and in termedmtc's leagues .will "meet a At the evening-hour special mil sic will be given by'a girl's quar le e from Armorel. The pasto will bring ail evangelistic mcfsage Now people are coining to service, every Sunday, nil pc' welcome. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICE! 10S IV. Main SI. "Mind" is the subject of thc Lcs son-Sermon which will be read ii a» Churches of Christ, Scientist on Sunday, February 21st fThc Golden Text is "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not. unto thine own undorslandine ' Proverbs 3:5. prise.the Lesson-sermon is the fol- from the Bible: "Great Id, and of great power- hh aiding is infinite." Psalms f Swraon also includes following plages from the Christian Science textbook "sci- |"Jf n . ntlcJ .,"?»»" ^"h Key 'to the Scriptures' by : Mary Baker Eddy: rovcals oni OI "> M hi ri °™ hi and governing, the .universe, Room i5 n every . ny. and Lois Mauree Mnytl Mrs. P.-. E. Waters Homer Waters and have returned from son. Bobbie „ visit , v lm Mrs. Rucl Aslicr Ls confined to », S!i: . In addition to these pat- icrns you also receive our national cmWem of the spread cag'e as a quilting pattern. To order, ask for No. C905 or tear out Illustration and sc n /i vv <th 15 CS " U stamps Dr coin ^'™ her home fn Cootcr with a cold. Rtad Goimjn News \Vant Ads ••IU:U\AT'' KNITTI.VG VAR.VS PRE^ INSTRUCTIONS KCW .sprfn?.-ancl summer yarns Latest Styles Classes;'Friday, 2:30 P M •- SiUS. LESLIE HOOI'EU' '109 Chickasaivba Phone 792 ay and 1-Yiday mm 2 to 5 k.m. at 107 W.. Main. PILGUiM MI^R AN cHUKCH -„, "; J ' K'«ni(«cns(, Pastor Sunday school, s a.m. . Alormng worship. 10 a. in Ser- Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 21 Hour Service Tires Repaired - Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phone' (533 MANNERS/ Test your knou-leilgfe of correct 1 social usages by . answering- the follDivi)l» questions, then checking against the authoritative an- sivers heloiv: • 1. May nn imnian'ied woman go on a trip \vith a' man' where there are over-night stops? . 2. DOES the seasoned traveler demand the conveniences .of home? 3. For traveling across country arc trousers suitable wear for women? 4. Is it correct to sign a -hotel register "Miss Mary Jones"? 5. If a woman staying alone in a hotel. has a suite with a private sitting room, may she with propriety entertain a man caller? What n-oiild you do if— You are making plans to take a motor trip with friends in their Relatives of Local Men Escape Wyoming Blast . Relatives of Blytheviile pcopH who.were on the boat:"Wyoming• Which figured in this wife's list o tragedies.' Vwere 'urilinnnisa^.'.-;-- C., Walter Stovall, bfo'tnei-' o W. H. and J. R. Stovali; and Berald Bishop of Memphis, a nephew of Jnek Bishop, were on the boa! at the time-of the disaster. Both nre in the navy, Stovall serving m the pharmacy department oj the medical branch. KEOEiUK, la. (UP) -Auctioned Off for $30, the 12-romiy brick residence in which John Hay, private secretary to Abraham Lincoln and former secretary of state, spent his boyhood days, ^ being re-modeled for occupancy. TflBLETS COLDS LiquM-TablcIs urir^.p,,,,, saivc-Nosc ntAUACHE; JJrops I'ricc, 25c We Invilc You lo Attend Our Tenlh Anniversary Dance on George Washington's Birthday Monday Evening, Feb. 22 Beginning nl 9 o'clock Jii The Blue Room Enjoy an evening of dancing and fun in celebration of our tenth birllidaj-. step to the lively melo- cltes of Billy Parker AND HIS'12-PIECE ORCHESTRA $1 Per Person HOTEL N€ELE New Refugee Baby Another refugee .baby was bom here this morning. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hcndon,--at .the. Blythevllle hos-' pital after Mrs. Hcndon had'been ' removed from the Red Cross emergency hospital yesterday. She has been ill since the family' was forced out of their home near thc Mississippi river at .Barfield Evcrythlhg: For Your. Entertainment anil Comfort " Saturday Only "Mummy's Boys Wilh Hc'rt Wheeler ; aiiei Robert Woolscy, A pair cf shrinking violcls in the valley of the Nile! Also Carloon and Serial— ".lunglc Jim" —Admission— . '\ \ Until 5 P.' M.—10 \t- 26c After 5 P. SI.—16 ft 3Ic .—Ccntinuous Showlh?-^ TUESDAY, FEB. 23$175.00 BANK NIGHT t ROXY Adm.—Always 10 * 25c—le Tax Show Every Night Matinrcs Friday, Saturday, Snnflay • Friday & Sunday i*fatinees-^-2;it Satnrday JIatincc — Continuous Showing — 1:00 Till 11:00 P. M Last Time Today . JJob Alien in "taw of the Hanger" Also Vaudeville Stage Show Also Cartoon and Serial- Tic Figh(i,,j Marines" Sunday - Monday Entertainment as exciting >$ this nc«- anil unusual star— Anna iiclla and Henry :Fonda .in "Wings of the Morning" , With Leslie Hanks * jMl in (hc'bcanliful natural Technicolor. Sunday - Monday -Merle Olieron and Urian Ahernc' in "Beloved Enemy" Wilh Henry Slenhensori, Jerome Cowan, David Niven- ;tnd Karen Jlorley. Also Paramount News, Technicolor Cartoon and Comedy —Admission— Sunday—All Day—16 & 3Gc Monday ,>I.itiiiec_lo & 2ffc Monday Night--jG & 36c —C'onliiiuous Shoivinj Sunday— ,

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