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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington • Page 4

The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington • Page 4

Centralia, Washington
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The Daily Chronicle, 98531. Monday. September 19,1977 U.S. Monopoly chomp dethroned; America's hopes rest on Terman String of misfortunes By PHILIP PULLELLA NEW YORK (UPIJ Go to jail. Co directly io jail. Do not pass Do not collect KOO. Nearly everyone living in the United States since the Creat Depression knows the source of those four imperatives is Monopoly one of the country's mostpopulartiblegames. On Saturday at the Four Seasons Restaurant, the five best Monopoly players in the cation gathered around a table strewn with red hotels, green houses, Chance and Community Chest cards, and thousands of dollars la sweaty money. They met to determine who would represent the United States at the World Monopoly Championship in October at that bastion of baccarat and other expensive games of chance -Monte Carlo. A 20-by-2fl foot playing board with 15- inch thimbles, hats, sports cars and other tokens was erected for a morning celebrity game. But in the afternoon. those playing for big stakes preferred to huddle around the familiar four- legged card table and use dice that Till 1 nut 01 Til Illll tilt ADVANCE TOKEN TO BOARD WALK CHANCE CARD Spelled opponenf'i doom disappeared in jpslm. Four players representing four regions of the country challenged the defending champ, Gus Gostomelsky, Gpstomelsky was the first to drop out. lasting just 35 minutes. In the next 25 minutes. Steve Cunn, 21. the Midwest champ, and Lee Bayrd, 43. the West Coast chzrnp, both were eliminated. For the last ten minutes of the 73- minirte contest, Dana Terman, 21, the East champ, and John. Buffa, 23, the South champ, battled for hotels and houses. Buffa bunt hotels oa all the orange properties. Terraan owned one vacant yellow lot and built four bouses each on those prime dark blue corner lots-Boardwalk and Park Place. Terman was lucky enough to not land on any of Buffa's orange properties for about four consecutive tours of the board. He got his J200 each time be passed "Go" and rebought some of his mortgaged property. The end came when Buffa picked a Chance card which read. "Advance token to Boardwalk." That broke Buffa's bank, and on. Terman. who makes bis legal money as an assistant manager of a fast food store in Washington D.C., said his main strategy was to stay flexible. "I buy everythng I land on," he said, "and then 1 look to trade." Laura Calhoun, vice president of Chase Manhattan Bank, worked a sixth day and acted as banker. In October, Herman will represent the United States at the World Monopoly Championship in Monte Carlo, competing against the national champions of IS other countries, including the defending world champ from Ireland. Numerous fire codes violated at scene of tragic May blaze ITf LI T7 I FT. MITCHELL. Ky. (UP!) The Beverly Hills Supper Club was jammed to twice its capacity and was replete with fire safety code violations the night a killed 164 persons, Kentucky fire investigators have found. State Police officials, in a comprehensive report released late Sunday, blamed the nightclub's owners, the state fire marshal and local authorities for actions which directly contributed to May 28 fire disaster. It covered an investigation of three and one half months. When the report was released Kentucky Gov. Julian Carrol! suspended Firs MarshaUVsrren Southworth for "ineffective enforcement" of firelaws. The report said investigators also pointed an accusing finger at owner Richard Schilling for allowing, at times knowingly, deviations from fire safety- codes which "were manifold and extreme." The report listed the major violations as: "Locks on doors, absence of sprinklers and proper firewalls. hazardous wiring, overcrowding, inadequate exits and improper construction." "The evidence of these violations was report concluded. The probers also said Southworth's office and similarly empowered Southgate, fire inspection authorities failed to properly examine the huge nightclub. "The picture thjt emerges is that the fire marshal's office knew of fire hazard problems at Beverly Hills," they determined. "Inspections were not complete or thorough. The most frequent suggestion in the statements that it was someone else's task to remedy the situation does not reduce the overall obligation of the fire marshal's office." The proper "occupant load" of the Cabaret Room, the club's main entertainment area, was 536, investigators figured, but about 1,360 persons were jammed into the room the night of the blaze. The report noted at least 160 of the victims died in the Cabaret Room, where singer John Davidson was to perform that night. In addition, the nightclub in general was overcrow ded, they declared. Based on the number of exits provided, the capacity of the entire have been limited to people, bat em- ployes indicated there were between 3.0CO and 3.400 patrons thataight. With tables and chairs jamming routes of escape, chaos and panic prevailed in the Cabaret Room. "Statements from patrons indicated that some did not take the warning seriously. Some climbed over railings to get to exits, others were pushed or fell over tables and chairs, which were in the aisles. "Smoke soon began coming from electrical fixtures and ducts. While in line, many people were knocked down and aalked on. Dense smoke and hot gases then entered the room with high velocity. Those patrons to the rear of the line were overcome by smole and fell upon those persons already on the floor and others being knocked down," the probers confirmed through interviews. WHEN IT COMES TO SAVINGS, THE BIGGER THE BETTER A VERY LITTLE PRICE FOR THJS'Bi' PERFORMER OUR FASHION MATE 1 MACHINE. All the basics you'll eve including front drop-in bobbin and bin heirisVch Cabiiitor carrying case extra Mode! 362. A BIG 550 SAVING ON THIS BEAUTIFUL STYLIST' MACHINE a bobbin tha: arcps right in arid our or carrying case extra Model 533 THEWORLD'S BIGGEST MACHINE SINGER Downtown I3t2 woman has no home PORTLAND. Ore. (VPl) September has been a bad news month for Goldie Anderson. Mrs. Anderson, is 4 feet 6 and confined to a wheelchair from a car accident 16 years ago. said her (wo sons, who also are handicapped, found group of 15 to IS teen-agers breaking into the family home Sept. 4. The sons, who had just wheeled their mother to the Sunshine Chapel church less than a block ivay, for help but by the time they returned home they found food, furniture and clothing had been carried off by the teen-agers. "And what they didn't carry off, they mined," she said. Her church then found a rental home for her which she could afford on her Social Security and the money her son Eric, who is border-lite relarded and epileptic, receives under Supplemental Security Income. The other son, Bryan, H. has cystic fibrosis. But tragedy again struck when her minister, Pastor he DeHart, was involved ia traffic accider.1 as he was Astronomer chosen PASADENA, calif. UPIJ Astronomer Martin Schmidt, renowned for his studies of quasars, has been named director of the Hale Observatories in California. Dr. Schmidt, 47, succeeds H.W. Babcock, who is to retire next June. Quasars were first discovered in 1960 by radio astronomers and then detected by optical observers using powerful telescopes. driving her to a police charity facility to get replacements for the items that were stolen at her old house. Her already bad leg was injured along with her eye aad she facjs surgery Tuesday. She got ore ad news in the hospital from a church member who told her Mrs. Anderson's stove had been stolen from her old house before it could be moved to the nev one. The thieves tcld neighbors they were moving the stove for Mrs. Anderson. She particularly will miss the stove, Mrs. Anderson said, because it was made for easy use by the handicapped and had a coa chopping block. "I expect to be discharged from the hospital next week, and I just don't know a I am going home to," she said. cai tfceik tto IttGonj for Peito, one of tVe greet eontriWtiom to At Awrf- CM MBU. YM Mt in one fora or uotber, mote often than you Mf ikU cm 150 types. Moit coanoa ii ipogketti tut MUTMJ. full It Iron flow mater for aoodlei, tjgi. it olwtji itnri wirl type of At HKI generally itltta'ott rte of FWtt. fits alokobt toop is atlt from Ptita. Yoj'H find bojicoHy four kindt ywr jrocer'j (opt or itriBf,, eiuefope rilbos 10 Ml 1 Of 3 of Ike boitc MUCH for Paita. Too'U tint it an oJieoture in coolisj, foot 1 Mting Mrf economical toe. KIT GIBSON RESTAURANT Alice ZfliVowikf. Propi. 13th Street Exit Cheholli Dial 748 7225 iQCALL CENTER Acroii from Country Kitchen On National Avenue Chehalli 748-3337 Prices effective thru 9 p.m. Wednesday, September 21 Men's FLANNEL WOOL FLANNEL We reserve tie rigki 1o limit quanthiti. Prices subject to I loci on bond. SHIRTS Assorted colon, long shirttails. Sizes S-M-L-XL Cotton UK PoFyeiler Men's JEANS MORE THAN OFF Several itylei to choose from. Sizes 19-34 CLOSEOUT SHOES LESS THAN PRICE SALMON LEADER ReB-25'ea. with coupon 1 I VACUUM THERMOS Fyntex FACIAL TISSUES One liter ilze (one lp more than a quart) li.1 COOKIES Oatmeal. Marthmaltow, Iced Sptce, Many More. List 69' Our Reg. WlthCoupon 40-Piece 30GAUONPIASTJC GARBAGE CANS SOCKET WRENCH SET Dynatron CAR STEREO SPEAKERS NEW STORE HOURS

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