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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 1
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 1

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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THE LINCOLN STAR No. 91 LINCOLN, NEBM FRIDAY JANUAHV 1m 7 1 Pm 10 CENTS T11 YEAR Youth Urged To Work Together mm amls WITH OLDER GENERATIONS Iff rife Wp- ri jt ft (if time to building a better nation. "As we free young Americans from the requirements of forced service," he said, "Let us open the door to voluntary service." To the newly franchised in the audience, Nixon said: "You, each of you 18 or older, have a voice in the future of America." "So much is in your hands now," he said. I Say Try It' "To those who have believed the system would not be moved, I say try it. To those who have thought the system was im-penetrable, I say there is no longer a need to penetrate the door is open." In conciliatory tones, the President, who has conceded his relationship with the nation's youth has been sometimes strained, pledged to help link the generations.

"There has been too much emphasis on the difference between the generations," Nixon said. 'Generation Blamed' PRESIDENT NIXON presents No. 7 plaque to Devaney, Schneiss and Murtaugh. Nkon Makes NU Officially No. 1 PC- "3 "This is the greatest honor any University of Nebraska athletic team has ever received and I thank the President for taking time to come to Lincoln to make the presentation," Devaney responded.

Noting the tremendous applause Devaney received from the coliseum crowd of students, faculty and staff members of the University, Nebraska Wesleyan and Union College, the President remarked to the Husker coach, "You ought to run for something here." Asked about that later, Devaney smiled and said, "I have no aspirations to run for any office." The Husker coach received the largest ovation of anyone introduced at the afternoon session and that included the President. "It's great to be back in Nebraska," Devaney responded and admitted later that such an ovation makes the adrenalin flow even in a veteran of such ovations. "And it's certainly better than being booed," he added with a chuckle. The Nebraska team also received a standing ovation when they were introduced as a group. By HAL BROWN Star Sports Editor Now it's official.

President Nixon Thursday made Nebraska the No. 1 team in the nation at ceremonies at the NU Coliseum and explained that it was Husker fan enthusiasm that prevented him from calling the Huskers in their dressing room after their Orange Bowl victory over LSU New Year's Night. "I would have called," he said referring to a statement this week by Husker co-captain Jerry Murtaugh that he was disappointed the President did not call his congratulations on New Year's Night. "In act, I asked our White House operator to put me through to the dressing room. "Usually the President of the United States can get through by telephone when he wants to, but she told me all the circuits were busy.

Everybody in Nebraska was calling and I couldn't get through." The plaque President Nixon presented to head coach Bob Devaney and co-captains Murtaugh and Dan Schneiss noted that the Huskers were Big Eight champs, Orange Bowl champs and No. 1 in The Associated Press poll. By MILAN WALL Star Staff Writer President Richard Nixon came to Lincoln Thursday and appealed to the nation's young people to "forge an alliance of the generations" to work for a better America. "Let us work together to seek out those ways by which the commitment and compassion of one generation can be linked to the will and the experience of another," the President suggested. 'Door Is Open' "The door is open" to new young voters to work within the system, Nixon said, in a reference to the recently approved 18-year-old federal vote.

The President, on a stopover visit to honor the University of Nebraska's champion football team, received a generous welcome from some 8.500 students and faculty members in the NU coliseum. He was also greeted by a few dozen clinched fists and two-" fingered peace salutes, but there were no disruptions after a brief chant of "Peace Now" was booed down. Repeats Peace Goal Speaking with deliberation, the President repeated his oft-stated goal of ending the Vietnam war "in a way that will bring a lasting peace." "Every generation in this country known war," he said. "I want yours to be the first in the century to enjoy a full generation of peace," he added, sparking the only applause that interrupted his 20-minute address. The President told the collegiate audience he believes the challenges of peace are as great as those of war, and he said: "There needs to be something more than the mere absence of war." Join Hands He suggested the generations should join hands to launch an attack on America's greatest domestic problems the environment, the cities, rural America, poverty and overpopulation were among those he mentioned.

Pledging to give "substance to this alliance between the generations," Nixon said he will propose that the 92nd Congress combine the Peace Corps, VISTA and similar federal efforts into a new "voluntary service corps." He said the new agency, under the "dynamic leadership' of Peace Corps Director Joe Blatchford, would give young Americans "a chance to transfer between service abroad and service at home." All Ages Can Help And the "new Center for Voluntary Action," he said, will also allow Americans of all ages to devote less than their full WWII STAR PHOTOS 'ALLIANCE' called for by President. LHIutto Acquitted Jn Lai Aftfair "There has been too much of a tendency of many of my gen- More On Nixon See Pages 3, 6, 15 eration to blame all of your generation for the excesses of the violent few." "I believe one of America's most priceless assets is the idealism which motivates the young people of America," he added. "I pledge to you that as you have faith in our intentions, we will do our best to keep faith with your hopes." Cautioned Voters But he cautioned new voters that a setback at the polls is not a reason "to blame the system but to look within ourselves: to see how we can strengthen our resolve, and intensify our effort or, perhaps, to see whether the other fellow may have been right all the time." "Defeat," he said, "can be an occasion for learning." Asking young listeners to "accept the challenge," he said: "You have the opportunity and the obligation to mold the world you live in, and you can not escape this obligation." Though the President was accorded a warm reception, a few black peace armbands were seen in the crowd and on the arms of two student leaders who shared the platform with him and university and government officials. The president was accompanied to Lincoln by his wife and daughter Tricia who won loud cheers from the audience plus Sen. Roman Hruska and aides, including foreign policy adviser Henry Kissinger.

Howard said that a soldier's obedience to orders from a superior officer seemed to be the central issue In the Hutto trial. He told the jury that the laws of warfare, a set of international statutes under which nations wage war, were specific on the issue. He said that if the soldier obeys an order that is manifestly illegal, "then he must be held responsible for his actions." Howard said that if the order under which Hutto went to the village of My Lai with other Charlie Company troops was not clearly illegal to him, then the jury mast consider his said. "That is all I've got to say about that." The soldier, who has been held in the Army a year past his scheduled separation date, said he planned to be out of the Army in less than a week. The wavy-baired soldier, who said he joined the Army because he was the adventurous type, said he had spent many sleepless nights as charges were brought against him.

He said that for the foreseeable future he would remain in the Atlanta area working as the manager of an ice cream shop and attending school. He is an eighth grade dropout. His wife said that she had been "praying quite a bit about it." "I figured it would be all right," she said. Mitchell Was Acquitted The other soldier acquitted in the assault on My Lai a S. Sgt.

David Mitchell, who also was charged with assault with intent to murder. Hutto could have received up to 20 years in prison if he a been convicted. Col. Kenneth Howard, the military judge, spent more than an hour giving the panel its instructions before the officers began their deliberation in the red brick court facility at 3rd Army headquarters. New Applications For '235' Help On Existing Houses Are Halted Ft.

McPherson, Ga. UP) Sgt. Charles Hutto, 22, of Tallulah, who was at My Lai as a machinegunner when U.S. troops swept through the village in 1968, was acquitted Thursday of assault with intent to murder at least six civilians during the action. The verdict was returned by a six-member court-martial board at Third Army headquarters.

Hutto, the second soldier to be acquitted in the a 1 1 massacre, stood at attention with his lawyers as the verdict was read. The jury returned its verdict after little more than two hours. Hutto Blinks After the reading of tne verdict, Hutto stood deadpanncd and blinking for a moment. He then turned and embraced his lawyers. His pretty, blonde wife, Breh-da, broke into sobs at the verdict.

Her shoulders shook and she lowered her face to her hands. "I knew it," she said softly as Hutto walked toward her around a partition dividing the courtroom. Hutto's eyes were moist as he left the courtroom with his wife. Outside, in a misting rain, Hutto and his wife talked briefly with newsmen. He was asked whether testimony in the trial had presented an accurate picture of what happened at My Lai.

He Won't Answer "I am not going to answer any questions about My Lai," he Exon Designates CHAMBERS MAY SEEK DAY FOR MALCOLM By DON WALTON Star Staff Writer Friday was designated as Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Nebraska by proclamation of Gov. J. James Exon. Sen.

Ernest Chambers of Omaha may ask. the Legislature to proclaim by resolution a similar day honoring the late Malcolm X. "When Malcolm X's birthday comes (May 19), I may introduce a similar resolution," Chambers said Thursday when informed of the governor's proclamation. Urged To Reflect Exon urged all Nebraskans "to reflect upon the ideals of Dr. King during the day, and further urge appropriate observances on the local level." Dr.

King, his proclamation stated, was "a prophetic voice in America for the ideals of nonviolence and justice." Chambers said Dr. King's "early efforts served to bring dramatically to the attention of Americans the plight of black and poor people. 'I Respect Him' "Although I disagree strongly with his views on nonviolence, I respect him for adhering rigidly to the principles he espoused." The life of Malcolm Chambers said, "depicts graphically the fall of the human being to the lowest depths of degradation and his rise to moral worth, intellectual incisiveness and social awareness through a strong will and self-determination. "Regardless of whether others viewed his views on life with the same approval I do, they must respect and admire the self-generated redemption which his life exemplified." Both Assassinated Both Dr. King and Malcolm were assassinated, Chambers noted.

"This indicates that America, whether a black man is on the ultraviolet end of nonviolence or, like Malcolm on the infrared end of indignation and anger, it is all the same," Chambers said. Hayes Is Elected New York W) The American Ma nagement Association announced that James L. Hayes, former dean of the Duquesne University business school in Pittsburgh, has been elected president and chief executive officer of the association. Wig Clearance 30 off on all quality merchandise hairpieces. At all Lucile Duerr Wig and Beauty Salons.

-Adv. shut down until reforms can be made. Payments To Continue Some 50,000 of the 130,000 housing units receiving subsidies under the program are existing homes. Payments will continue for families already in the program. The shutdown, imposed after Romney met with key personnel of the Federal Housing Administration directing the subsidy program in the eastern United States, will apply na-tionwide.

The House Banking Committee staff study of 10 cities, released last week, reported instances where poor families in the program have been vie- Washington Uti The Nixon administration reversed an earlier stand that critics of its $140-million subsidized housing program were irresponsible and halted Thursday new applications in part of the program. Housing Secretary George Romney, who last week termed a critical report on the program by the House Banking and Currency Committee "misleading, irresponsible and incomplete," said the program has been found riddled with abuse. Romney said a portion of the so-called FHA 235 Program for low and moderate income families dealing with the purchase of existing homes, rather than new ones, will be World News Page 2 Two Smut Laws Ruled Out State News Page 3 4-Day Work Week Applauded Women's News Pages 6-8 Fashionable First Lady Sports News Pages 15, 16 Huskers Respond To President On Inside Pages 3 I Deaths 20 TV, Radio 20 Want Ads 22 Editorials 4 Astrology 21 Entertainment ....19 Markets 21 timized by real estate speculators and by sellers of new homes with shoddy construction. It said lax inspection by the FHA allowed the abuses. More Than Thought Romney said after the meeting Thursday- that information from field personnel indicates that abuses in the program "are more prevalent and widespread than had previously been in evidence." "This is not a national scandal," Romney said, "but there Is a national problem." Romney said the abuses came from a combination of poorly repaired houses sold to low income families and subsequent maintenance problems that the poor families could not afford to meet.

Some families, Romney said, particularly those on welfare, were not adequately prepared for the responsibilities and demands of home ownership. 2 Or 3 Suspended Critics of the program have said FHA inspectors have allowed speculators exorbitant profits in the sale of existing houses and overlooked serious defects in new ones covered by the subsidies. Romney has reported "two or three" inspectors have been suspended. He said the program "is an area where quick buck artists and horsetraders have tended to move in." 50 off Christmas Decorations. Tyrrell's Flowers, 1133 No.

Cotner Reds Refuse To Look At New List The Weather LINCOLN: Fair to partly cloudy with little temperature change Friday. Highs from 15 to 20. Increasing cloudiness and not quite so cold Friday night with lows around 5 above. EAST AND CENTRAL NEBRASKA: Clear to partly cloudy Friday and not as cold in the east. Highs in the teens in the extreme northeast to the 30s southwest.

Increasing cloudiness Friday night with a warming trend with lows from zero to 5 above in the northeast to the teens in the extreme southwest Friday night. More Weather, Page 3 all of its forces from South Vietnam by June 30. Then discussions "can begin immediately on the freeing of American military men held captive." Bruce announced that he wanted to give the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong a newly revised list of what Washington believes are all of the U.S. servicemen missing or held prisoner in North and South Vietnam and Laos. Brace's updated list contained 1,534 names and was corrected as of Dec.

31. He said it included 150 names which were not on a previous list given the Communists Dec. 30, 1969. The Communists had accepted the Washington is shedding "crcocidile tears" over the prisoner question, while it continues to send "thousands of Americans onto the battlefield to die uselessly." U.S. Ambassador David K.

E. Bruce accused the Communists of extending "the agony of doubt" for thousands of American families by not coming up with more information aibout the prisoners and missing. The Communist side repeaited its previous answer to the prisoner the United States must agree to withdraw Ladies Lined Boots Now 20 to 50 off at Ben Simon's Downtown Gateway-Ad. Paris UP) The United States pressed the prisoner of war issue at the Paris peace talks Thursday by presenting a new list of American military personnel believed missing in Indochina. The Communists refused to look at it.

The American delegation termed the Communist attitude "shocking and cynical." North Vietnam and the Viet Cong charged the United States, in pushing the prisoner question, was engaging in "hyprocrisy and maneuvers to camouflage its war crimes." The Viet Cong added that Klein's One Stop Grocery, meats, baked goods, beverages. 11th G. Adv. Paper Route Opening Get lined up now for next route opening near home. Apply at Circulation Dept.

Ph. 473-7341. Adv. Today's Chuckle The taxpayer may be the first of America's natural resources to be exhausted. Copyright 171, Otn, Fta.

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