The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 2
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PASS TWO """' (ARK.)" COTTRICT THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1955 Bumper Harvest Is Good News To Public, Worry to Politicans By SAM DAH'SOK NFW YORK (API — Perfect weather is bringing an embarrassment of riches. The nation's second largest harvest is good news for the eating public - but a wor to the politicians. .. . worry And today the economists are beginning to wonder out loud how high the surpluses can be piled before they get so top-heavy as to threaten a toppling of good times in general. The Agriculture Department reports that ideal weather in Septem- Arthur Hammerstein Dies LANTAN, Pla. t!Pi- -Arthur Ham- business. , . merslein. a member of one of the world's leading theatrical families. died yesterday, apparently of a Governor's Plane Limps In Safely POrtS ulHt luem wertuici 111 utp"-... uic'u VC.IK^I no.. . ufi""~ ber increased the prospects of the heart attack. He was 82. cotton crop by 8 per cent. Thei He was tne pro ducer of famous farmers are now expected to pickj : "N au ghty Marietta" and 29 other a crop 2 i>er cent higher than in| mus j,, a ] s 'j n about 40 years in show 1954—in spite of government con- _ trols that cut cotton acreage by 14 per cent. Corn Prospects Hiclier September's perfect days sent the prospects of corn higher—and the crop will be well above last year's. Farmers can translate that into more meat for American tables. But livestock; production is already high, and meat prices are weak in the wholesale markets. Other crops that September smiled upon are rice, peanuts, tobacco and grain sorghums. Although the wheat harvest is smaller than last year's, it's higher than the goal set by the government. Total farm income this year is running behind last year and is about one-sixth below the record set in 1951. Farmers have been putting new machines and methods into use OKLAHOMA CITY iff) — Oov. Raymond Gary and a delegation ot slate officials Umped inlo Oklahoma a crippled airplane alter one engine burst into flames about 25 miles south' of here. The governor's party was returning from the world premiers of the film "Oklahoma!" in New Yori City. Their twin-engine 047 came in on an engine that had coughed and sputtered less than an hour before when the group stopped at Durant machines and memods ,mo use. in southern OWahoma to deposit the They get more production om of governor's brother Joe Gary, an acre ot land. | The governor paced the plane More Output from Worker | nervously when the right engine And they get more output out went out. He glanced repeatedly at . _, iv. T---1I tH-n^-mnmmnntfll" OnCTinP of a farm worker. So there are fewer employed on farms now, and more rural workers seeking factory jobs. There are five million fewer workers on farms now than in 1920, although the harvests are much larger. The Federal Reserve Board reports that "the genera] financial position of farmers remains relatively strong." It notes a rise in farm debts to finance production and to buy more land, but it says this debt is "still fairly low in relation to current levels of farm income, the large volume of liquid assets hed by farmers, and the value of farm real estate." But with the weather boosting surplus crops — and an election coming- up—the political question of what to do about over-production and weakening prices seems bound to hit new heights of sound and fury in the months ahead. he other "temperamental" engine. "If this one starts missing. I'm going to start shaking hands." he old the 12 members of his party. Northermost post office in the United States is Penasse, Minn., on American Point, a 50-acre island in Lake of the Woods. Jimmie OIMKR Jimmie Edwards Furniture Co. 301 E. Alain Ph. 2-2489 Oscar Hammerstein II. a famous playwright, lyricist and producer, is his nephew. His rather Oscar Hammerstein I was a producer in both this country and Europe. Hammerstein retired from show business about 26 years ago and was a winter resident here many years. Other famous musicals he produced include "Rose Marie," "Wildflower," and "Kantinka." His widow, the former Dorothy Dalton. a star in silent motion pictures, was with him in the hospital at the time of his death. A daughter, Mrs. John J- Schneider ot Scarsdale, N.Y., also survives. Now She Shops., "Cash and Carry Without Painful Backache NaEKintc backache, headache, or muscular achca and pains may come on with over-exer- tiori.emotional upsetsorday 10 day dir^s and otrain. And folks who eat and drink unwisely sometimes .iiff«r miM Madder irritation . .wiih that restless, uncomfortable (eelinK. Jf you ar* miserable and worn out. because of th«e discomforts, Doan's Pills often he!p by their pain relieving action, by their sooth- Jnf Ptfect to ease bidder irritation, and by their mild diuretic action throiiuh the kidneys — temiinR to increase the output of the 16 miles of kidney tubes- So if nnBKinft backache makes you ft>e! drftKjced-out, miKernble-.-with restless, sleepless nifthts... don't wait...try Conn's PHI.*... set the same happy relief million? have en- joyedforoverSOyears.GetDoan'HFillstodayl Sailor Fails In Explanation NEW YORK tfl — Sailor Richard Gaughan, on leave from his ship, reached his home in Queens yesterday only to be robbed of his watch and 34 by two stickup men. The robber? fled and Gaughan ran dov-'n the street to a (ire alarm box. Presently he was surrounded by trucks and hordes of firemen. The firemen, however, didn't lake kindly to Qaughans* explanation and a cop hauled him off to [he Just then, in came another cop with two men in tow. "Hey." cried the 25-year-old sailor, "those are the guys who held me up." The pair were promptly charged with assault and robbery. As for Gaughan. he was booked also, on a charge of malicious mischief. The cops said they sympathized with him. but he'd still have to (ell his story to a magistrate. He ended up in a eel! alongside one occupied by the two accused of ! robbing him. Miranda's Last TV Film to Be Shown Saturday HOLLYWOOD i;p) — Television viewers will see the last performance ot Carmen Miranda, filmed tne niRlii. before she died, on the NBC Jimmy Duranie Show next Saturday night. A preview of the show yesterday indicated that the fiery Brazilian eiuoi' was as vivacious as ever excep: lhac during one sirenuous dance number she fell to her knees, then inkinttly complained that she had los! her breath. But she finished the number. She finished the show about 10 o'clock the night of Aug. 4. went STOPsiMPLI DIARRHEA Gel Foil, Soothing H«/i«f wild PERCY MIDICINI Hot Barfecwt WACO. Tex. W)—The barbecue at Henry Pittle's place wa* renlly hot 1 the other day. Fire got out of hand and burned it up. home to a party for friends and was found dead ot a heart attack the next morning. Producer William Harman said Durante hud planned to abandon the show but changed his mind on request of Miss Miranda's family and fans. Automatic Adams Appliance Co. Inc. Only FRIGIDAIRE has this kind of quality in a FOOD FREEZER Up to 3 limti mar* insulation than iom» mak«« in lh« lid alone! Slanled-lhroat cabintt itais light . . . *v«n lop foods ilay colder. Vapor seal«d lo keep moisture out of insulation. Separalt Quick-FrMling SKelf. Pow«f«d by famoui Meler-Miier. S«« th« complete line of Chest- type and Upright models. — We Give Quality Stamps — Adams Appliance Co., Inc. "We Service What We Sell" 206 - 208 W. Main Phone 2-2071 "SEE JIMMIE FIRST" HIGH TRADE-IN On This Big New ...for just on* dollar Tussy All Purpose Crenm formula softens, lubricates, rlcaiirtfiS.Tlie momciil ihin rt-markuhlc, rirh golden ••ream touches your skin, it reltriiM-H nature** own IttMiuty-lniild- ing proci!6fi, fio oft«n r.hoked by dirt ninl lark of moisture. Tussy All Purpose Cream <'l«tin*es deeper, better than any soap or single purpose rri'.-mi. Cluimmr-sofltMis your tlin with rich lubricating oils. Il r s a ilniiiiny iiiiikfiiip base! Miik^pnwilfir go on smoother, cling lunger. It's I h P v r P ft m 1 \i a 1 i\ i> c • Rvrrylliinp! Only 5J pint tax /or a big 64 01. jur. TUSSY all purpose cream Woods Drug Store 221 W. Main P"°"« 3 - 4507 6-PIECE GROUP Ttlcvision — Tonight Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 rsday Night, Oct. 13 You Bet Your Life Thu 6:0.) 6.30 7.00 7;30 8:00 9;00 9;30 fi:45 10:13 10:20 11:00 11:30 Dragnet Theatre Video Theatre Playhouse of Stars News Reporter It'« A Great Life Weather Tonitfht Myiiery Thedlr* Sign Cm Friday, Ocl< 14 fi:',0 McdJuilon 7:00 Todhy 7:25 JJew&— MfimphU urea 7 :30 TocUy 7:35 Weather— Mfmphlt art* 8:00 Ding DfinR School 8:30 BtoryUnd 9:00 Home Bhov 10:00 Tfinnewec Emit Ford 10 :» r**ch*r Tour M«it 11 :00 Shopping at Home ir.15 Homemakcrs Program 11:45 Charm with Cathy 12:00 N«W8 12:15 Farm NOWB 12:.'IO TV Movie Matinee J:30 It Pnyn to he Married 2:00 Way 'ot the World 2:15 First Lov« 2:30 World of Mr, Sweeney 2:45 Modern Romanc«a 3:00 Plnfcy Ur 3:30 Howdy Doody 4 00 Movie Time 5:00 Cnrtoon Cnrnlvnl 5:15 TnUrcHtlriH ferson 5:25 WeHthrrman 5:30 Ktldle Plahr.r 5:45 Newn Cftrnvftn fi.OO Wild, Bill HlCkok «:M t,lf« o( Rllcy T :00 Blft Story 7:M Stories of th* Century fi;00 CftTnlcnde of SporM Football B:00 Touchdown a Nt'\v« Reporter 8:45 Sports Review 10.00 Wrntlittr 10.05 TonlRht 11 00 My.stcry Theiitre 11,30 SlKM Off WHflQ Channel 1? Th irstlay Nljtht, (tft. 13 6 <>i) Dinner Thcntrt 8:25 Do You Know Why fi:.10 Slop the Mimic 7:00 Star Tonight 7:30 The Ixine RnnRer a.00 .Johnny Canton Show 8:30 Dnmon Rimyon TluiKlre I IX) Cronnroad* fl'.IO O?,7.l« to, Harriot 10:00 N«W» 10 10 Weather 10:15 t'Httl PR|« 10;,10 hate 8how 12;00 W«r\thor Krlday, Oct. 14 (t:45 Nnwfl ft, Wenthor 9:00 Romper Room 10.00 Thli li Hollywood 11:30 Trouble With Father 12:00 News 12:05 umchtime Thefltre 12.45 Early Show 2:10 Amy Vnnderbllt 2:15 Miss America Matinee 3:00 I-'ornlKn Intrigue 3:30 Bozo nnd His Frlrndii 4:00 OPIIP Autry-Roy Rogers 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club (1.00 Dinner Theatre fi:lS Oo "You Know Why «:30 Sgt. PreBton or th« Yiikon 7:00 Dollar A Second 7:30 Mark Saber 8:00 Bthftl A: Albert (1:30 Camera "4" ift.(HI Big Town 9:30 Mayor of th« Town 10:00 NftwA' 10:10 Weather lOilft l,en r«ul and Mary Ford 10:20 T,ntr Ahow 11:90 WeftthH 6-PIECE GROUP COMPLETE • Your Choice Of Mahogany or Blond Finish • Assortment Of Cover Colors All For Only 149 95 ONLY $10 A MONTH After Down Payment FARMERS TERMS i Down Balance Next Fall JIMMIE EDWARDS FURN

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