The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 25, 1932
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Served b» the. United Press THE DOMINANT NKWSPAPER OF NORTHS gf ARKANSAS^AND SOUTH EAST MWSoSl ' *~^*^- ' * ^7 —'i VOL. XX1X-NO.' 188 Blyllicvllle Dally'News. "Hlythevlllc Hi-raid. ^ IMlL'l'.X'Hi 1 ' 1 ' d!i K/ ^^s, TUKSDAY, ocToiWu 2fi, in:$2 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS H TflQllF IN1UT Names of Local Officers in Manv Townships Musi Be Written In. With lo:nl tickets completely] missing in six townships and only' six others of (he 21 township:; in Mississippi county ciualtfying candidates for all township offices, a county wide movement to "write in" local candidates at the general election on November 8. was ferescen here today. Thc county election board meeting here this morning found lhat Democratic nominees tor all local olflces in seven townships had failed to qualify ami in one (ou'iislii); only an independent candidate for magistrate had filed. W. R. Dyess of Osocola, clia-r- man, and Marcus Evrard, clerK of Ihe board, agreed to wait until adjournment this afternoon before cltsing thc ballot but it appeared that no more candidates would properly qualify before tlie meelliif is over. Joe Chapin of ManlUi,. the third member of- the beard. Tickets to Ritz Await Twins of Community All twins residii)!', in this ;:r- rltary ivlio ivi.sli to fltt«>;l tin- maiinee at the RitK iV.j.v.f" Tinn-iday when the woi'U'i I;: a kii-wu KiiniiKc twins will to I.;-:. 1 . i:uy be nucs:.-, ^f <to' Ccuiier Now.s and tir. 1 Hits th:'a(K>. '(.:? twins must call al '.h: Coiuiei NVA:-- 0 (iic2 any Urn.' belt)!:' t!:e Thursday iniilinee 10 ottniu th3ir tickets. Uoth ui thj twin-, niji=; co.'iie fur ideiitiHca- lb:i. Siiniilitia :md Luc:o. llic Sia- »iesi' twins, and t::eir wives will 1)3 Bind to ine-.'t other twins in Hie lobby of the theatre just tiKfcrc i ho sliow. 50,000 Hear Roosevelt, in Indianapolis ~- Will Sweep tlic Country, Candidate Telis North Carolina Audience. RALEIOH, N. O.. Oct. 55. (UP) —Assured Hint North Carolina ., was detained at home because of! w °u!d be back in tlie Dsmoer.itlc serious illness o( his wife. j column this year. Gov. Franklin D. The new board, recently ap- Roosevelt promised today nn at- poin(ed, made announcement some ten 'Pt- to restore prosperity in cv- \\m\\\m\. lime ago. which has been circulat- cd through (lie press of the county " Wc arc ory part ot the nation. to make a. £>vcep Hoosevelt spoke from tlie rear platform of his .special train. The North Carolina state college band North -'Carolina about 5:30 this morning. I thought it must be quail shootirtg and that I heard a'shot gun gp oil under my berth, but it was only a canon cracker," h? .-said Roosevelt described North Caro- ina as one of thc "forward ]33k- ing states." lie brought a cheer when J ho paid tribute lo "my old chief, Josephus Daniels." ''When history is written it will lir efficiency ttan under my old chief,' 1 the former assistant secretary the navy said. of and by other methods, that pay^| of 'he United Si!Ue.s that will be nicnt of filing fee to the county I w °rd for all that the voters ct tin treasurer would be necessary be-1 country want progressive, liberal fore names of candidates could government." he said, be printed on the ballot for the general election. The board, declaring that the law must be followed. Invoked a regulation wliicli was -Paying as the train arrival, had apparently been overlooked by I Roosevelt said he would have cn- thc old board and not enforced'' cvo ^ thirty-six stales in all by Ins for a period of years, accounting j " nic ''e reached New York, lo'some extent for Use lack of "I .got a grand welcome from qualification by a large number of candidates. Jills-year. To yet Jiieir names on the ballot candidates for county and township offices were notified to comply with sla'.e stalules requiring payment of filing fee to the county treasurer and presentation of certification of nomination or petition (in case of independent candidates), accompanied by treasurer's receipt .„ ,,.... t ., to the election commission by to- s ^y the navy never rsacli?d (toy. All Democratic nominees for ~ county offices are lisled on HIP ballol. Selec(ion of officials to conduct Ihe general election was underway this afternoon. Proposed lists of judges and clerks were submitted by contesting candidates in only one township, Big Lake. Representatives of R. T. "Kid" Wright. Democratic nominee lor constable, and J. li. David, independent candidate, submitted, lists from which the board made selections. Ind? pendents File In addition to Wrigiii. two other candidates for constable have Independent opposition. N. J. Hipp is opposing W. G. Haney, the Democratic nominee for Neal township constable, and Ivin Butler is an independent candidate rtgalnst Lane N'orwell, Democratic nominee for constable of Canadian township. Butler is seeking rc-cicc- iicn but as an independent. In McGnvoek lownship Carl Adams, an : independent candidate for constable, has no opposition unless friends of J. W. Slayton, Dcmocralic nominee, write in his name. Slayton failed to pay his filing fee. W. P. St. Ferguson, an independent candidate for magistrate ol Carson township, was the only England's Jobless Plan Demons! ration Against Cut in Dole. i LONDON. Oct. 23. CUl'l-Thou- snnds of hunger marchers battled their way toward I - -/mdon tcday to the music of fife and drum corps nnd thc strains of "Keep tr.c HDrne Hir?s Burning." Plodding over ifiuddy roais thru a co!d. drenching rain, groups already on the road totaled more than 3,000. Many others were pren.iring to slart the (rck. Pipers, bands, nnd drummers cheered ths marchers on their way here to protest dole reduction in an immense demonstration planned for Thursday. ----- - „, „„ „,„ „..., Although roads were submerged candidate for the office to qiul- ln mllll y P* n ces and the marchers ify. The two Democratic nominees for the two magistrates offices in the township failed to pay (heir filing fees. They are: N W. Lcc and p. w. Holt. Word was brought from west of Big I.nke by persons who had talked to nominees for magistrates that thc "office was nol worth" the dollar filing fee. It is believed that the Democratic nominees plan, however, to have their friends "write In" their names, thus getting around payment of the dollar filing fee, which the new election commission declares Is required under Matutss covering general elections. Printing of ballots for this county will be held up until arrival of a certified list of candidates '°r slate offices which is overdue from the slate election commission. However no names of candidates Khofisve not properly paid their mt n? f^,, or qualified by were drenched by cold rains that have swept the country for a week, they maintained their march on schedule with a minimum of grcus- in "We will sl«?p at Buckingham palace or at Cb.ridgs's hotel xvhen we get to London." some of the marchers They have been sleeping in dance halls, school houses, and community centers during the march. Checker Club in Training LANCASTER, WIs. (UP) - The Lancaster checker club is in rigid training for what' club members predict will be the "toughest fea- son ever." The club, founded five years ago in a garnge here, has scheduled a dozen matches for the winter months. more than 50,000. that volt in Indianapolis, 'i'liy scene is the Indiana t.ipitot's famed heard the Democratic cantlidatc assail his opponents for "ckinull-hour desperation lhat dangles panic before us." Olhor thousands lined u two-mile parade route to cheer lioosevell heard Governor Franklin n. ROO.-.O- Mouumcnl Circle. The vast, crowd Blythcville Continues to Lead iArkansas Compresses by Wide Margin •A' new high- mark -in wctkly-cui. (on receipts for this season, and for several years back iis well, was set by the Federal Comprcs? and Warehouse company here last week with the receipt of 11,933 bale.5 In the seven day period ending last Friday. ' The : Blylheville warehouse continues to lead the state, both in total receipts for the scnsou and in stock on i:and. Last w-jokV receipts brought the total for tliG local plants to 89,134 bale.i since August I. Slock on hand in tlu two local plants last Friday was 79.0-11 bales, which is within about 20,000 bales ol the total capacity. Total compress receipts for the state last week, as reported by (:.c. I Arkansas Cotton Trade association, i were 105.411 bales, compared to i 108.310 the same week last year. Receipts for th; seas-m in Arkansas compresses were 548,9-12. ccm- pared to 463.5C9 bales to the same I date last year. Mrs. Rudy I? Happy Again Calls for Rccoinmeiula- lions lo Balance Depressed Foreign Money. WASHINGTON, Oct. 'K>. lUI'l-- t'rcsldcm llcnvcr has calk.';! on ll»' (arlll TOiiimisslun lo InvesligiUe lui- mcdluU'ly Hie advisability of lu- ITC.I.SL'.S In cs'rliiln tnrllT rutos us a mean ol preventing furlhei 1 uii'.-m- ployment which ho .sal-j wuuld iv- Mill If chances are nut iniuio. The president's action follows IX'niOcrntli: uimpalun ullacks on Uiu Smool-lliiwlcy tnrllf iiinl recent dispatch to Ihc White Home u'. a ixmimn signed by several hundred economists who declared the li(i;h rules ol Ihu lnvllf had sllte! triul;, In a letter to Chairman Robert O'llrlcn (he president asked that the commission recommend to him "nl Ihe curliest possible moment" wluither changes arc necessary on 111 groups of dutiable nrllcle.'i lo jrlnn ruliw to Ihc level before currency depreciations occurred In various exporting foreign countries. Articles covered In the Investigation request were rugs, brushes. 3lectrle light bulbs, cutlery, pottery, lubber boots and shoes, leather sieves, silverware, Jewelry, caun:d vegetables, dried beans, Iron and ilcel products, metal goods, can- i«l fish, lumber products, and :liemlcnl producls. Here's more evidence of the recent reconciliation between Rudy Val- for the i i f . .. lee, ot crooning lame, and his pretlv vounc wile Fav Webb ro 1 - »CLh nnu 1^1 U,e SJ.lSUIl III leading! ~ J J u » Jli b ""*., iHy >VLUt>. I u. Arkansas compress points: j shown sealed nilh Fay on thc opening of a night club In New Last ror the- i rork is Jlld 8C Hyman Bushel, Rmly's attorney, who is credited with r • . . - . - . - Blylhcviile W-?st Memphis Week 17.933 IO.C20 Uttle Rork fl.012 Pine Blull 8,603 Walnut Ridge 7.604 Helena 0,780 Newport 4.90C Marlanna 3,579 Uop» 3.410 Forrest City 3,123 Texarkana '2.940 Port Smith 2.737 Earic Joncsboro Lcachvills Marked Tree Rector Tnimniin 1.845 1,537 1.516 1.838' 059 2,034 M.13-1 G1.334 38.7fi3 52.232 30.794 21.963 20.551 1G.34S I 31.6IGI 14.283! 25.371 j 22.919 3,143 5.159 7,8-18 9.307 2.Q15 4,831 having patched up matters after fay had let It be known she was contemplating divorce. Fay loots cheerful again, doesn't she? Oklahoma Socialists Lose Ballot Contest Paiagould Votes Down Muny Plant - OKLAHOMA CITY, Oct. 25 Urges Attendance at Wynne Tax Address ' C. A. Cunningham, chairman o] the "Committee of 33" appointee some tlmn ago (o study lax and expense problems of this comity, urg- <M ail members of his committee lo PARAQOULD. Ark. (Special)— KO to Wynne Thursday for nn nd- A proposed $100.000 bond issue fortress by Dean Gray, cf the Unl- construction of a municipal light : venlty of Arkansas plant was voted down by about; Dean Grav, dean of the schoo 8 votes at a special elccUon lie!d, of ogr(cl ,i,, ;rc an[1 dlrcctor of ,,,, here yesterday. About 1,000 voles Agricultural- extension bureau will were cast in the election. ' spcak „„ .. Taxiti0ll na Exlst | ng Rumors were current here today .Tax Problems." He is to be accom- that a definite move for re-sub-, pnnlcd hv Dr . Brarmc n, .jcononilsl mission ol the proposal lo Para- O f the st'ate university. The mcet- . gould voters in the near future i ng is cnUc(i ror 10:30 „ m itjp) has already been slnrlcd. Re— The Oklahoma supreme court to- Ports had It that the city council day denied the plea of Ihe Social- will again pass an ordinance cal- PriPPrc HnrneKu 1st party to place candidates on! ling an election on the proposal. . ' £ , nur " SD y thc ballot in Oklahoma, at the general election November 8. The party, which was ruled off thc ballot when it fulled (o register a constitutional number of voters at the last election, hat' sought a «Ti' of mandamus. a single local candidate will have his name en Hie ballot: S —- - «.. --.^ u «,w. C n 0 ,r aajoiirnment of th c board today I Golden Lake, Troy, Pecan, Swavnd "* nddcd to lne ballot ' and Whl «on. A " Democratic nominees for Jm' 1 ^ p ofrlccs in Chicknsawba (Blytruniiio) and Monroe (Osccola) No candidates for Justice of the peace will be listed on ballots in Lake, Half Moon, McGavoclc r. X.... . , ^_.. . ' IV °CK, townships. all<1 In the following townships not who has qualified for In Carson township by filing fee. . . , Tlle Arkansas Utilities company . Back to St. Louis Cards supplies electricity for Paragould ; Strike for Higher j ST. LOUfS, Oct. 25. (UP)-Rog- (Crs Hornsby. deposed as manager !of the Chicago Cubs August I has signed a one-year player conc at !nnp«linrn tr ' 1cl wlth lhc st s at JonesDoro Pr( , s , dI , nt m B JONESBORO, Ark. —Demanding higher wages and that no limit be placed on tlie amount of pro- Cardinals President Sam Breadon announced ted ay. The contract provides that at Ihc clo-c of Ihe 1933 season Uornsb; ..... ..... ..... ,- ..... „ ..... . „.„ ducticn, 44 women and girls cm- 1*' 11 ' bc 8 |TCn hls unconditional rc- pioyed by the Pierce Williams bas - l lease thereafter will be free Lindberghs Have Named Their Child Jon Morrow NEW YORK. Oct. 25 (UP) — Jon Morrow Lindbergh has keen selected as the name of (he second son of Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh, intimates of thc family said today. employes about 200 persons. ; Hornsby's salary was not an nf^r l! |.,M by nTh^ rn f.h i!C i m0 A nlhS ThOSO P ro «* lin <? for hi *» cr Bounced but was understood to be after Ihcir first baby, Charles Aug-; wages went to Manager Paul Smith nominal for the man who once iistiis, Jr.. was kidnaped nnd killed,;to present Ihelr demands nnd Him turned down a $50.000 n ycnr offer "- qull when he refused to ncce:Ic :from Breadon niter he had led the to (heir wishes. The walk-out jCnrdlnals to a world championship was nol nrcompanied by disorder, in 1920, kct factory went on strike May. ii?.f 11 Ws services to thc highest The factory, which has its head- ! ™ der sub J cct to the rules of thc quarters In South Haven, Mich.,; Nftllonal .been withheld. ,, e ' ictnils , aml Ws !mme havc Dr. Kenneth McCdrkle Takes /The Church' As .;' Tlicme of Eitst. Sermon. Dr. Kennelh McCorklc, of Dyersburg, Tetin., who Is cmnhioliiig an iigcllstlc meeting nl (he First Christian church, preached hid Initial sermon here last nlfiht. He used for his Ihcmc "The Church" In which he showed the place of ljuit Institution In the life of Ihe community iinrt the solemn responsibility renting upon Us membership for Us maintenance nnd perpetuation. Referring to r.talemcnls from various rjuajler.s that the church has failed, the shaker emphatically declared "The cliurcli lins nol failed. Rfc'ii and women l^flv/ failed the clinch over wide area' of society, but the church, despite rhc handicap of Indifference union? Us conslltulcncy nnd the oppost- lon of the Godless, has continue! In her (,'Iorlous ministry of leaching, healing and helping all arouni. Ihe world. The church can nol tall because It Is of Ood and God never quils." In closing, he challenged It!. 1 hearers to aggressive bailie against the. forces of evil and Indifference nnd against svlckcdness anci (o (he solemn duty lo cxemplifj Ihe principles of Jesus: Services will IK held each even- Ing at 7:45 o'clock nnd all an cordially invited to attend. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 25 (UP) — Cotton closed very steady. open hlcjh low closr Oct Dec Jan May- July G07 015 021 632 041 648 C14 CIS 624 G32 G42 651 COS COS 614 C22 032 G41 GOO DIG 623 629 039 'G4B Spots closed at 625, up 5, milet /Veil' Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 25 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close 605 007 593 593 614 020 006 G14 61G 023 Oil G18 62G 031 020 026 Oct Dec Jan March May July 635 CM G29 630 644 C50 G40 C47 Spots closed at G19. up 4, steady Closing Stock Price' A. T. and T 102 Anaconda Copper 83- Aubuin 40 1- Caterplllar Traclor 73- Chrysler 13 3- Clttcs Service 37- Contlncntal Baking .... 41- Qeneral Electric 15 General Motors 121- Montjomery Ward 11 New York Central 223- Packord 2 7- Hndlo Corp G 3- Simmons Beds 71- Stnndard of N. J 29 1- Texas Corp 13 U. S. Steel 34 5-! Monticello Lawyer Proves He's Hypnotist MON'UCKI.l.O, Ark., Ocl. 23. all 1 )—Hypnotism was claim^(1 Is;day t-j niive byiiii .•iiilKllllil.;:' sui'i-i'iKlnlly for nn mi8slh:iln- wli-'n mi iip^inllon was |i?i'lorni- I'.'l 'in lluivnrd lliiKeinun, fre-;h- nrisi kutball .star ol MoiUlccU lo A. inul M. t'ul''<|(e. 'l.-iiiiar Wllliainson, ntlornvy mill rlnilrinnn nf the ArViiusii:- Ui'incemllc 4'xi'cullve coiiutiltlw, wuii tlic hypnatlHl. ((. | s eluimwi Unit Wllliiiuison I'nd hypnull/.od lliisrman ln-furij ns' wiill a.s o'.i:i')' Mirli'iiu ut llic irollsuc. Dr. llnek Wilson pcrlonued an o]H'ralluii on Uiijiciiioii'i- <?nr. In- Juiuil during a g.imc. The loot- ball player suld he [clt no |>aln ilmliiK (Ii2 ofwrnllon nnd very little njk'rwurd. llflplK Figures Juggled in Defense of Administration Record, Texan Charges. . WASHINGTON, Oct. 25'. (UP)— H|>jnkur Clnrner struck back loday ill President, Hoover's defeme of government fliiimcc.i. charging tbat Ihe chief cxt!cullv2 "lacks honoaty, hus prncllced deception,', and cannot explain away his rccorj of fu- llllly on measures (o relieve the dsprcsslon." The Democratic vice-presidential candidate, taking figures In ttis Republican campaign to'xlbask/.ssiiu the Hoover administration hadliii- creascd the cost ot government $1,- 12l3,ioo,ooo in the l.ul two years, exclusive of public de'bl rcllroiriJnt mill interest. Oiiriivr sal<l total expenditures chargeable against ordinary receipts, excluding public debt retirement and Interest, were $2,781,000,000 In the fiscal year ending June 30, 1930, and $3,W4,700.000 for the llscal year ending June 30, 1932. NEWARK, N. J., Oct. 1!5. (Ul>)~ Says Figures Juried Alfred E. Smllh has launched his Hc-fcrrlug to the president's dls- campalKii to win (lie cnsl for mission of federal finances at De- l-'ranklln D. Uooscvelt with a fight- licit Saturday Garner sold "Mr. Ing s]K'cch lu which he announced Hoover whipped himself Into a self Unit liu personally wrote the Dem- righteous fury because the Demo- Danllc prohlblDan plank, cralo linvo promised n saving of a Smith's rival address on lialinlf billion dollars In governmental ex- or ihc nallonal llckel .was chiefly IKIIBM and In Ihe very brcalli' In n review of (he campaign of ID2B \vlilcr •-- •' " """ Devotes First<Talk for Roosevelt Chiefly to Prohibition Issue. Wlll'll i. •• *.. i.>k. i**..i,}..>»gii ui IUAU ^IIIVM iiv utility Lim pu^dl^lll'^y lie was the Democratic noin- lie says that lie' himself will save luce for president. He ascribed lh-3 Deinocnilii: defeat In thai election tc rcnmln In ofllce.' to the "blyolry, dccell and hypocrisy" of tlie nvpubllcoii purly. every HCOVCT figures Justify *•:>) ui uu: iicpuuncuji puny, ucmocrallc accusation,',' tho speak• Then In the closing moment! of cr declared. "No mailer how i the- his address ho declared lhat the figures of the past three years' i only svny to reslore prosperity wn.i tire juggled the record of. futility' lo "elect the Democratic ticket, and dtetplion, cannot,be changed. Robse'vrH and Gurnet." - '•--- -•.!' of-the matter. I*-, that'- Prohibition wus (ho keynote' of President Hoover and his nssocl- Smllli's address, tha same as It was ales have become so Involved, in of his address here four years ago. "would ha^.y "If," ahd "but" fie declared lliat IV.e'republican apologies for-a task-poorly done prohibition plank was evasive that they are no longer able ,to whereas the Democratic jilnnk was specific In cnlllnt; for rojwnl. Afler reading the Dcmoerallc •iliink Smith suld: "I irrolo lhat plank." Graduate Nurses Will Take State Examination Three nurses of the Blylhevlllc hospital, wlio have completed their llircc years (raining, Imvc gone lo Lllllc Hock today where they will' be examined by the slate board. II they pass the examinations they will bo registered nurse.?, Tlicy arc: Miss Martlm Bak:r. of Aberdeen. Miss., Miss Loin Hrynnt. of Lake Olty, Ark., and Miss Novelic Humphrey, of Patlucah, Ky. ThLs is Ihc second class Ihe local hospital has ever had lo graduate. There were four members In the other tjroup. Blythcvltic Institution ha? decided to continue Us tralnlnf school and five now linvf lusl been enrolled, making ton .slu- •^cnt nurses In IrMnhiK. The (hrce srariiialcs plan to nurse 'n this clly for Ihe present. Plan Guard for Wales On 'Visit to Ireland LONDON. Oct. 25 (UP)—Thr "•rlnce of Walre will be giver he .largest armed bodyguard ever 'ind when he visits Belfast nexl uontn. Ihe Daily Herald said to- lay. According to (ho Herald's Bel- "nst correspondent Belfast author- tics ordered all police leaves can- idled during Ihe prince's visit. They arc arranging the utmost precautions to insure the princes -nfety when he opens the new North Ireland parliament building. The Sinn Fein standing com- nltlm at Dublin already has pro- 'cst«d the prince's visit as thr 'atest "English act of defiance ^f the rights and liberties of the 'rlsh people In a further attempt 'o stabilize the partita of Ire- 'aud." Reconciliation of Carol and Helene 'Uncertain* BUCHAREST, Rumania. Oct. 25 'UP)—Chances for recr.nolllatlon of King Carol and . Princess Helene were . considered wry "uncertain" by friends of the royal couple today, the eleventh birthday of Oislr son. Crown Prlnc; Michael. It was understood on good authority that Carol and Helene had not met since Ihe princess arrived here lat« - he denies the n billion and a half It allowed present their- own contentions .log-, ically or honestly."- Says Hoover Expemivt LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 25. (UP)—• Senalor Huey Long-, Louisiana' KliisMi, In lils only addrca in Nebraska, charged President Hcovw- has cost this nation twenty billion* • ol dollars. He accused tlic administration of making huge Income lax refunds'to big business so tlie Republican campaign coffers might ta replenished. The fiery senator lauded rioose- vcll as the only man capable of leading the nation out of the depression. Accompanying his speech with cliariicterisllc facial .grimaces and sweeping gestures. Long declared he would tell how the treasury deficit came about. "Andy Mellon, under whom-three presidents have served," he shouted." expended $3,5«,n4.622 ol federal money, of which 83 per cent was collected by Woodron- Wilson while lie was president." 7,311,208 Bales Ginned Pribr to October 16 WASHINGTON, Oct. 25. (UP) — The census bureau today repsr(ed that cotton ginned from the 1932 growth prior to October 1G totaled 7,311,208 bales, compared with 9,- 49G.G65 bales over tbe same period lost year and 9,254.968 bales in 1930. Qinnlngs by stales were reported as follows: Alabama 617,037. Arizona 19.735 Arkansas 152.875 CaJtfoniln 33,521 'Florida 12,771 Georgia 600.430 Louisiana 489.684 Mississippi • 721.717 Missouri 139.987 New Mexico 14,991 North Carolina 391,228 Oklahoma 539,791 South. Carolina 457.101 Tennessee 157.975 Texas 2.344.667 Virginia -,.. 13,009 All others 4,689 WEATHER ARKANSAS— Cloudy, rain in east portion, colder tonl?ht. Wednesday partly cloudy, collar in extreme eastern portion. According to t'r.e official weather observer. Charles Phillips Jr., the minimum temperature here yesterday was 61 degrees and the maximum 82 degrees, cloudy. Today...a year ago thc minimum tempora- lurc was 68 degrees and Ihc maximum 86 degrees, cloudy.

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