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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 25
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 25

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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The Lincoln Star Wednesday, 5279 Pope 25 Prsp Golf Hastings signs pair American Assn. Graded Entries East yy Pet. Ol Springfield 11 3 .794 Evonsvllle 7 .533 3'i lowo I 7 .533 Inoionopolis 3 12 .200 t'1 West Omaha 10 7 -r Denver 7 4 .538 1 Wichita 8 8 .500 IV: Oklahoma City 5 10 .333 4 Tuesday's Games Wize Buys rally nets two wins Mr. Wize Buys Carpets was a double winner in Al Hawthorne AAA Slow Pitch League play al Elks Field Tuesday night, while Ace TV won its only game of the night. Ace pulled away from a 10-10 fourth inning tie to down Miller High Life, 15-13, in the opening game. In the second game Miller's led Wize Buys 84 with two out in the bottom of the seventh inning when Wize Buys exploded for five runs to win the game. The winners were aided by two Miller's infield errors. Wize Buys took the nightcap, 14-7, over new league member OK Electric. Rangers, Bruins get NHL wins United Press International Brad Park rifled a 30-foot wrist shot past Ted Dryden after a rink-long rush with 3:12 to play Tuesday night to give the Boston Bruins a 2-1 victory over the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup semifinals at Montreal. At New York, Phil Esposito broke a 1-1 tie with a goal late in the third period and Steve Vickers added an insurance goal late in the third period Tuesday night, giving the New York Rangers a 3-1 victory over the New York Islanders. Sweep, Falstaff win openers Defending city champion Sweep Left and Falstaff both won their first game of the season in AAA Fast Pitch League play at Ballard Field Tuesday night. Sweep Left squeaked past new league member Maranatha, 1-0, and Falstaff downed Lincoln Office Equipment, 6-3. Bruce Waters scored Sweep Left's only run in the top of the seventh inning by singling, advancing to second on a sacrifice and coming home on Scott Roby's single. Scott Votava, the winning pitcher, gave up five hits and struck out six, while loser Tom Rutz of Maranatha allowed six safeties and fanned four. Falstaff overcame a single I. OF, run in the top of the first inning with two in the bottom half and then pushed across four unearned runs in the fourth to ice the win. Trl-Countv Invitational Class Team scorlm Woverly 321, Platts-mouth 333, Folrbury 341, Syracuse 344. Individual scoring 1. Klrbv Nelson, Woverv, 75; 7. Milt Vandenhoogh, Auburn, 76; 3. Doug DeWItt, Plattsmouth, 7S; 4. Tim Eliev. Norrls, 5. Rick Rev-noldson, Waverly, 80. Class Team scaring Friend 33, Trl-County 3S2, Geneva 3SS, Wvmore Southern 359. Individual scoring 1. Allan Olmstead, Friend, 74; 2. Gary Saothoff, Trl-County, 80; 3. Tobln Posplsll, Friend, 4. Kurt Ebersbacher, Friend, SS; S. Cory Dand-llnger, Geneva, 67. Transactions Football Washington Signed defensive end Paul Smith asofree agent. Soccer Cleveland (ASLI Signed midfielder Carlos Mendei and defender Oscar Pisa-no. College Sam Houston State Named Bob Der-ryberry head basketball coach. Automotive values. Aramid-belted radial white walls. 2 aramid cord belts resist puncture and impact damage Tread design channels water away for excellent traction Rain Grappler Radial Denver 6, Indianapolis 3 Iowa 4, Oklahoma City 2 Springfield 8, Omaha 2 Wichita 2, Evonsvllle 0 Wednesday's Gomes Indianapolis at Denver Oklohomo City of Iowa Omaha at Springfield Wichita at Evonsvllle Feature race At Churchill Downs Dreomy Prospect 4.40 2.60 2.20 Zuppardos Prince 2.80 2.40 Great Redeemer J-80 regular prices. in July and we assortment built for 29. H78-14 H78-15 W40 G78-14 G78-15 Ak-Sar-Ben, Omano Wednesday POSTTIMf :4P.M. PP HofW Jockey Wt Oddl Flnl ran, wru 14,700, 4-yeor-oldi, Nebratko-bredt, claiming 4,000, (furlongs. 7Mr.WoterootBrovm)H7 5-S Thousand SmllM Patterson) 117 J-l I Boby Gan (P.ttlnwr) 117 7-2 3 Tsrry's Lov. (Lively) 1IJ 4-1 II Can't Mill (M. Meier) 130 5-1 4 Crafty Barzon Ecoffey) 117 0-1 10 He's A Doodle (Jorm) 117 6-1 5 Echo Bay Km (Brown) 117 10-1 JChopoauldlc Road (Greer) 8 Golden jul(No Boy) 112 1M Joey Blond (Romero) 112 15-1 Also eligible Doc Bab (Werre) 120; Little Tvt (Anderson) 17; Roarln Rhonda (Lively) 112; Ruboly (R. Meier) MR. WATERGATE can handle (Ms group; THOUSAND SMILES might be factor; BOBY GAN rider, roll Improve chances. Seeone race, purse S-vear-aM colts and geldings, maidens, e-furlonsi. 3 Rebel Rose Lively) 120 5-2 Lucky Mlssle (Melancon) ISO 3-1 12 Fire Man Fire R. Meier) 120 4-1 1 Flokesowoy (Perez) 120 5-1 10 Innkeeper (No Boy) 120 6-1 6 Fortuno (Pettinger) 120 7 What A Pic Ecoffey) 120 10-1 11 Gone Roman (Jones) 120 12-1 SPrlnceVale (Compton) 120 15-1 4 Brians Pal (Brown) 120 15-1 2 Tom's So Klna) 120 15-1 8 Bold Move (Pettlnger) 120 15-1 Also eligible Vaguely Valiant (Maple) 120; Petro D.J. (Greer) 120; Pass Commander (Jsomes) 115; Pass And Turn (Patterson) 120. REBEL RAGE rider will make Ihe difference; LUCKY MISSILE figures close here; FIRE MAN FIRE outside post hurts chances. Third race, purse $7,500, 1-year-olds, Nebraska-bred colts and geldings, maidens, 4'4-furlongs. 1) Jlminy Crockett) Rettele) lit 5-2 2PrlnceZlp (Pettinger) 118 3-1 3Scott'sPoss (Pettinger) 118 7-2 12ToyFleet(NoBov)118 41 8 Delta Zip (Williams) 118 5-1 9 Prom Nile (Schwankhort) 118 -l 1 Spring Wheels (No Bay) 118 8-1 7Cimmarron Sand (Baxter) 118 10-1 3 Monty's Heathen (Compton) 118 12-1 4GrevBoy(No Boy) 118 15-1 lOChalcoRoad (R. Meier) 118 15-1 5 Polka Dot (No Boy) 118 15-1 Also eligible El Dude (Ecoffey) 118; Big Cigar (Doocv) 118; Smart Doc (King) 118; Amodtkos (Doocy) 118. jiminy CROCKETT like chances here; PRINCE ZIP could be the contender; SCOTT'S PASS may be closer. Fourth race, purse M.000, 4-year-olds A up, claiming (6,500. t-furlongs. 8 Prairie Music (R.Meier) 116 5-2 4 Rich Young Ruler (Greer) 122 3-1 2 Hill Country Boy (Pettinger) 116 7-2 6Clan Royal (Pettinger) 122 4-1 lWeckels (Williams) 117 5-1 9 Fearless Pride (Swltier) 122 6-1 7SirBIIIBen(Jones)U6 8-1 10 Nelson Crowe (No Boy) 116 10-1 12Gretchens Pal (Harris) 116 12-1 SEIbaDelLammersllll 15-1 3 Cash On Account (Steinberg) 111.... 15-1 11 Clen Em Ud (Croaker) 122 15-1 Also eligible Sturdy Streak (Schwankhort) 119; Senor Misty (No Boy) 116; Woo Spurn (Patterson) 116; Greg Ness (No Boy) 116. PRAIRIE MUSIC like chances here; RICH YOUNG RULER could be 0 threat; HILL COUNTRY BOY chance off best. Fifth race, purse $10,000, 3-year-olds, claiming 6-furlongs. I Fender Wrecker (Mills) 114 21 3 Big Shot Som (Lively) 115 5-2 6PocketWind (Jones) 115 3-1 7DoubleQuote (Hill) 115 4-1 SHoneful Pot (Jones) 112 5-1 9 Nats Delight (Powell) 119 6-1 10 Secret Policy (Harris) 115 8-1 11 Cobell County (Rettele)ll5 10-1 2GoldenHurricane(NoBoy)ll1 121 8 Tim Mark Five (Greer) 115 15-1 4ShvPoke(Clark)U5 15-1 12Loromie Bound (Powell) 112 15-1 Also eligible Hear My Story (Doocv) 119; Solit The Risk (R. Meier) 1)2; Lave A Fella (R. Meier) 115; Ragener (Lively) 115. FENDER WRECKER fine runs at OP; BIO SHOT SAM woke up in OP chase; POCKET WIND may be a threat. Sixth race, purse 59,000, 3-year-olds, allowance, 6-furlones. I Wheal Kernel (Jones) 117 5-2 2Hopeful Conn (Jones) 117 3-1 3Vucon(Mapie)114 7-2 6 Full Blade (HIID120 4-1 7 vented Air Mople 120 5-1 8 Frills Camp (Melancon) 120 6-1 12 Best Blade (Ladd) 120 8-1 II NiDpinawasee (Horns) 114 10-1 lOBobNChuck (Doocy) 120 121 4wahoo Cruet (Greer) 114 15-1 9 Musical Melissa No Boy) 1 12 15-1 5Noholma Port (Fleming) 120 15-1 Also eligible Saint Prospect (R. Meier) 117, Poppa J. (Rettele) 120; Vala-lon (Pettinger) 109; Turns Pride (Hill) 109. WHEAT KERNEL could lead throughout; HOPEFUL CONN maybe athreat; YUCAN chance for part. Seventh race, purse $14,000, 4-year-olds 8 up, fillies and mares, allowances, 6-furlongs. 7 Might Sail (NoBov) 114 5-2 5Foshion News (Brown) 114 3-1 lPorfidio (Jones) 114 4-1 II P.K. Delay (Jsames) 109 5-1 4 Royal Lorrlum (Ladd) 114 6-1 2MidoDoll (Melancon) 114 8-1 6MissLauette (NoBov) 114 10-1 12GreenPark (No Boy) 114 12-1 3 Jackie B. Gaughan (Perez) 114 15-1 9MissMido (Williams) 114 IS 1 lOOur Mickey (Powell) 114 15-1 SBionlcBabe (Lively) 114 15-1 HASTINGS The Sunday duurnai ami ouirs iuiss aim race Plavarc nf tha Voir XSutkJW HtfVia Wl 1V VUs have accepted basketball scholarships and will enroll at Hastings Collece this fall. uJ? uj Hastings head Coach and Athletic Director I.vnn Farrell mmeiu. uireuur rdrreu announced Tuesday the sign- tags of Fairbury's Tom Oswald, hp flaw Plavpr nf thp Vpar we uass riayer oi uie iear, and Lyons' Jeff Hayes, the Class Player of the Year. Oswald, a 5-11 guard and twice first team all-state selec- tion, averaged 20 points a game iAd cpacnn while chnntinp 59 Msl Season Wnue SnOOUng Si percent from the field. He collected 492 assists, be- jjevej t0 be a Class record, during WS Career. Oswald, also a standout quarterback in football, has been selected to play for the 4 i iii South team in the Nebraska rnarhps Ansnriatinn all-star OdCneS ASSOCiaUOn aU-Siar basketball games this summer. Hayes, a 6-7 center-forward nnfi onnthpr twirp firt-tpam ana OimT IWlCe IlTSl team all-state selection, averaged 27 and pef 8ame t0 lead LVOnS t0 3 Cl3SS runner-up finish in 1978 and the state championship last lvldrcn. ThiS, PaSt he Shf0t 3 remarkable 63 percent from the field for the unbeaten Lions 1 Hayes, Who ranks first aca- demicaUy in his senior class, W'U for tne Nortn team in the Nebraska Coaches Association all-star basketbaU iiiimps 6 1 IIIO senior event Dale Hansen of Lincoln over- came a triple-bogey seven on the 388'Vard hole at Holmes Park Monday and fin- Shed With 3 fOUr-OVer-par 76 tO capture the Nebraska Seniors Golf Association's first event of ihovaur "'cyedT. Hansen had nine-hole scored of 40-36 while better the second P'ace ore of Lincoln's Buck Duer by a Single Shot. LaiTV Rowan was two shots back at 78, Ed Smith at 79 and Virg west at 80. The top five finish- ers in the scratch event were all from Lincoln 4 Low net honors went to Ray IIale 0maha and Woolsey Davis of Nebraska City as both Ce Shot net SCOreS Of 66. Claude Davis nf I inrnln wa third at udvli 01 "ICOUl WdS iniTQ dl 67, while Phil Kendall of Omaha, Logan Woolley of nmaha anrl Dnn Dammast nf umand na uon Udmmdsx or Nebraska City tied at 68s. The group's next event is schedule next month in Bea- trice. Csncer benefit tOUmeV SlStSCl Details have been completed for the fourth annual Swing Against Cancer Golf Touma- ment set for May 25 at Hill- crest Country Club. Meet director BOD baffer IS hopeful of raising $8,000 to con- tribute to the cancer research unit at Bryan Memorial Hospi- tal A field of 105 will have an af ternoon shotgun start for the 18-hole competition. The $100 entry fee includes the cancer contribution, lunch and dinner for player and wife, golf and cart, prizes and a dance. Entry forms are available at all local golf courses. II KH.KSS KKI.I f.AH -TT WIIITFWAl.l. ALSO I'HK PKH'K KK.T. SIZE IJTS KA( tlM KM BR78-13! $62 $4 1.96 DR78-14 175R-14 $71 $30 2.15 ER78-14 18511-14 $75 $53 2.27 GR78-14 205R-14 $S6 $60 2.57 HR78-14 215R-14 $92 $65 2.75 FR78-15 195R-15 $82 $60 2.39 GR78-15 205R-15 $89 $66 2.66 JR78-15 225R-15 $99 $73 3.01 LR78-15 235R-15 $103 I $76 I 3.13 Sale ends May 29. NU Spring Game Red-White rosters White team Centers: Johnson. Guards: Adams, Keuten, Mondelko, Lynch. Tackles: Goadspeed, Hurley, Rice, Ball, Carlstrom. Split ends: Woo-dord. Brown, Wehrle. Tight ends: Raoas, Davies, Hill. Quarterbacks: Mathlson, Mauer, Gebert, Knoll.Wlngbacks: Steels, Vergith, Barnett. Fullbacks: Hunt, Moro-vec, Bates, l-backs: Johnson, Keith, Voir. Kickers: Berokamp, Kirk, Cemar, Kreid, Eberspacher. Defense Middle guards: Minor, Llndstrom, White, Scullev. Tackles: Clark, Penslck, Waechter, Gdowskl, Stromath. Ends: Williams, Lindstrom, Thiessen, Miles, Holmes, Bess. Linebackers: Damkroger, McWhorter, Rudd, Poppe, Conneally. Cornerbocks: Llndauist, Lewis, Fischer, Trent, Larsen, Gerlach. Monsters: Sims, Searcey, Pickett. Safeties: Van Norman, Slabodnic, Kreicl, Valasek. Coaches: McBrlde, Melton, Tenoplr, Solicit, Cabell, P. Fischer, Dufresne, Samuels. Red team Offense Centers: Soafeld, Bloom, Miller, McEI-rov. Guards: Havekost, Schleusener, Potadle, Brondl, Glathar, Hindi, O'-Rourke. Tackles: Sterner, Bruce, England, Thiess, Kwopick, Llngenfelter, Hendricks. Split ends: Smith, Bush, Noo-non. Tight ends: Miller, Finn, Williams, Krenk. Quarterbacks: Ouinn, Hager, Mi. chaelson. Hanev. Wlngbacks: Brown, McCradv, Hubert, Gibson. Fullbacks: Franklin, Kotera, Zobel. l-backs: Red-wine, Landwehr, Wallace. Kickers: Sukup, Schoenlng, LeClalr. Defense Middle guards: Weinmaster, Lee, Wees. Engler. Tackles: Horn, Barnett, Williams, VanLent, Lonowskl, Reiners. Ends: Nelson, Cole. Peterson, Sherry. Linebackers: Vering, Williams, Baker, Santin, Zutavern, Moravec. Corner-backs: Letcner, Means, loaence, Hoes-ing. Holbrook, Witlow. Monsters: Lerov, Roork, Beach. Safeties: Gary, Nyden, Poppe. Coaches: Van Zandt, Corgan, C. Fischer. Darlington, Huey, Pierce, Fultz, Carpenter. Sports Calendar Wednesday College baseball Peru State at Nebraska Weslevan, (2) 2 p.m., Sherman Field. Horse racing Ak-Sar-Ben, Omaha, post time 4 p.m. 79 Pinto Wgn. Squire 2.3 Engine, WSW, power steering, luggage rock, air, dual mirrors, HD battery, thermo guard. $5509 79 LTD II 2 Door Sports tawing pkg bucket seats, AMFM stereo ond more, thermo guard, rust proof. s8484 79 Pinto 2 Door WSW, power steering-, air thermo guard. $4662 66 th and IN THE GATEWAY SHOPPING CENTER LINCOLN 464-066) US $19 $1Q i Rj Marl, fit I Gordon PPHHPHHBHBMHaBpKHaaaBBaBBg might sail won at op; fashion NEWS have this one to catch; PORFI- oio certainly a threat. Eighth net, purs 4-year-olds 3 Realty cooking (NoBov) 115 10A Mr. Plttv Pat (Patterson) 120 J-l 2Westernoram(Mopie)ii5 a Gypsy sovs (Lively) 115 4-j '3 51S i Ectvsion jr. (ecoffey) 115 i a- eSti mSmm REALLY COOKING will toke very best effort; DRAGSET-o former Corn- husker Handicap winner; FLYING- DmmriwMtuMt, 4-year-oids upoimira mile and 7 1 Sum Chipper (Powell) 110 5-2 2 Governors' Lod (McBrlde) 116 3-1 ii woshoe county (Lively) 122 7-2 YfmXX" 5 Ram circle (Green e-i lOVollont Noble (No Boy) 116 8-1 a stnsh Greater (Hams) 116 10-1 Sugar Dust (Croaker) 119 12-1 HCIInton Street (Ecoffey) 116 15-1 scoims (no Boy) 112 i5-i Hazy Flight (Pettinger) 116 15-1 sum chipper fine op efforts; GOVERNOR'S LAD could lead throughout; WASHOE COUNTY must be considered. denote. flvPoundoPPrentlceoHow. "o7HOT SPECl" -1 sugar dust (9) Tuetdoy't results First race, purse S5.IM0, claiming SJ.IOO, 4-yeor-olds up, mile 116, 14.40 .40 8.00 Foreign mteni MrBt'ipininge'r) 'IS Also ran: Toshera, The Boss' Bird, Au- tumn Memories, Plnaro, Armlger, Nlbat, Derby Bill, Kim's Knight, Starta Ridge. tMeMriSS: ETe'MvTlme (Lawrence) 9.oo 4.20 3.80 roeTsfeVn,) 3M jm Also ron: Jodi's Delight, Teaky Tin- kler. Countess Stot, Heavenly Eogle, Toodstool Tornado, Prancing Royoltv, Tlpical Journey, Mr. R.J.W., Jeremy's Boy. Dally double (8-2) Third race, purse $7,500, 2-vear-old colts A geldings, maidens, mile ft 70 (Jones) 4.60 3.40 2.40 Eanv aiiv iPaweii) 8.60 4.80 J'90 DHSDeod5Heat Also ran: Twenty K.W., Gray Line, claiming 4-year-oids up, furlongs, t- p'achuta (Williams) 7.60 5.oo 4.o Obvious Choice (Clork) 6.60 5.40 Quite A Show 4.80 aiso ran: Hold My cans, one way, noow50''6' u-Gloce year-old Nebraska-breds, 5-i furlongs, (Lively) 13.80 6.20 4.00 4 80 3 60 I Will Serenade (Meier) 6.40 tSnXJiS. Luvinheriseosv, Twilight Hiker, Chris The Gunner, Roman Streaker. Sixth race, purse 4-year-oids up, 6 furionas, t-i io. 9 60 4 (Ecoffey) 26.40 10.20 6.20 Also ran: Dakota Streaker, Chief Bronze, Statement, Daring Morn, Rarer- ulloh, Heamo Eagle, Stanton County, pop's Boy, someday pet. seventhKtVu'r'sejlsmoiiowonce, 3- year-olds, sv furlongs, 1:02. Pocket coin 3.40 2.40 2.60 Run The Flag 2.60 2.80 4.00 Eighth race, purse $12,000, allowance, 4- vear-olds A up, 6 furlongs, 1 :09. Braze And Bold km Lanvons View 'A'soTan-Wrsnua's Romeo, to, Tuffv Tucker, Eight Dominoes, Nowa- race, purse $6,500, claiming $6,500, 4-year-oids a up, mile ft ii6th, 6.60 5.80 4.60 SJbSJT. 3i.aoi3.oo 0n (Anderson) 8.80 Also ron: Solar Satan, Mick Doon, Rol- ifnJomb: Aladdln Pr'nce' Eocito Track-fost Porto added rounds of 88 and 96 for the Thunderbolts. York won the reserve match, 373-423. Mike Bell's 94 was the best score for Pius X. 477 8226 of Omaha IllllS. than our May 1977 This tire was discontinued were able to have a special this promotion. Through May BP MBMff $37-56 in May 77; iifK.lpei: w. VV w's. $4 more. Night mechanic on duty 5 to 9 p.m. Have your car repaired in the evening. Highway WMJfSBSSSSSSB J78- L78 reg. $64, $45; reg. $58, $50; 90.1 1 r.e.t. 7 off Pius edges York golfers TnTTiTss KH.ri i I sai i 1i i BV. i -t C7--1I: Ml S2 ITll ii i- s( llr. 'ij Co -medalists Tom Heidrick and Mike Higgins shot 81s to lead the Pius golf team to a 346-347 victory over York Tuesday in a dual meet at Holmes Park. Chris Berg and Mike size. finest "78" bias-ply. polyester cord body series tread design 15 15 Installed free. Our Get Away 42 A iU 6 I I I 1 1., any Our series Full 4-ply Wide "78" Nil IKAIIr. IN NKH'Kll II -I ll 11 I Sale ends May Sale Ends Sa turday r-STOP SMOKING-i Wl Am II 15. electronic l.i uaiaiinim Ilk Save In Five Days Only Five Days That's all it takes for the Allison Cemor therapists to make you a confirmed non-smoker. It must be one hour per day, Monday through Friday of the same week Our treatment is not a gimmick, it is a safe, sensible way to make you stop smoking, to make you even stop WANTING TO SMOKE! Proven Methods The Allison Center program- uses a technique which has worked successfully for thousands of people It is employed by many centers to cure smokers who have tried other systems without being able to stop smoking there is no hocus-pocus, ust simple straightforward correction of a problem SMOKING! Results Guaranteed If you don't stop smoking after five days, we give you your money back You quit smoking or it costs you nothing Besides, it's tax deductible. Free Interview The no-obligation interview will answer all your questions IN LINCOLN FOR ONE WEEK ONLY SO CALL NOW FOR APPOINTMENT Sizes to tit many US cars. Free cable inspection. is maintenance free. it exchange Reg. 46.95 Save 15.11 Hardtop car carrier protects your luggage. Fits most cars j-jM for all-weather SJx security. 15-Reg. cu.ft. capacity. 69.99 Designed to require no A 4 oo iA ,4 1 1 i 1 wr'itiir nnrlnt- MM I JSJ NOTICE OF LIQUIDATION BY PUBLIC AUCTION Ordered by attorney at law in the State of California shipment in transit of HANDMADE ORIENTAL RUGS To Mr A. Mitchman and due to attachment by California superior court case no. C263751 has been stopped and ordered sold at PUBLIC AUCTION on behalf of shippers, creditors, and litigators. The shipment of fine oriental rugs, removed from storage in California and parcelled into lots of 100 per auction, will be sold piece by piece to the highest bidder, a collection of 100 Persian and Oriental rugs. Ordered removed from UNITED VAN LINES TO BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION AT: HOLIDAY INN AIRPORT NORTHEAST 1101 BOND STREET ON I-80 AT AIRPORT EXIT LINCOLN ON: THURSDAY, MAY 3rd 8 PM AUCTION 7 PM PREVIEW Rugs in all sizes from 5x3 to palace size must be liquidated at auction as all sales must be a matter of public record. INFO: 213-986-0161 TERMS: CASH CHECK Installed. Wards quiet, sturdy Supreme muffler. 2 solid-locking seams for strength. Rust-resistant UOO body. Fits most US cars. Unirutalled reg. 19.99, 15.97 Reg. 26.99 PHONE: nurmnl ritnir rmnrlit inn Wards katterm start at 24.9S etch. Wheel alignment service for most US cars. Labor only. JIUsoti center Wards 'A OVA tires stay new longer, 1C88 45 For tha Control of Smoking Set o(4. 4

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