The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1937
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VOL. XXXIII—JS'O. 289 __, __^ Tt!E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTIIKASrr A^MC,,* .„„ ^'T.:™*-*' ^ " ** O lilylhevllle Courier BJythevllle vw aiythevUle Herald Mtetolppi valey Leder ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AT[^^I^J\U^\NSAS, SATURDAY, FRnUDAHY ^Hm" J.Wins Date Edict, But Dad's'Angry SINGLE COPIES P1VD CEN1$ Senate Proposal Calls for, Complete Embargo on , ( . Munitions' WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 (UP) — The senate foreign relations committee today approved a bill creating a permanent neutrality policy for tli« United Stales. It embodies a virtually mandatory '-cash and carry" policy for trade with belligerent natimvi, the only dissenting , vote on re- Porting the bill came from Senator Hiram w. Johnson (Rep., Cal > who declared the bill was a "shot- Sun measure to keep us out of war and It doesn't do nnylhln» of the kind." , .Makes Embargo Mandatory ' M, 0 , c , r ,, ,, , „ The measure provides that the ^"elles. So • she withdrew president shall Issue embargo proc- j <* ar g es against her father, who Inmations whenever he finds any i n' S 2 P f/ OVetl °'- h " doings. Now nation is engaged in war or In civil Hll «, Untya ?. W he ' s going to *'" r - -'-'-«- ••- • v v " take the matter up with Mayor j Hold-up Murder Case Defendant Is Acquitted - LITTLE HOCK, Feb. 20 (\Jpj_ A circuit court jury here loday acquitted George Fred Schneider 19 accused of the lioldlup.niurder O j M. C. Malkln grocery store manager, last November-• 7. •the 'jizry/deJIbcrated '18 hours after receiving-tho case at 4-30 „„, yesterday. ; ' Judge McGhee, presidium over Hie case, had Instructed tlie jury to return a verdict of murder in the' first degree or acquittal. I Testimony began early this week I Eight witnesses identified Schnei- I Where 6 Died I,, Biam on IJ.'S. Battleship of Preventing-Fin- ti! Action .on' Vesey Prohibition' Bill e cnei _ cler a., the youth who altcniptecl to LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-with only r ° C Br ° CCry storc nml " b ° llt 15 days remain ng Several wltnesSs stated t'hcv had been withSchneider In North Little Rock at the time of the shooting. , -••0-Q-" t" VtUl UI- 1U C1V1 •strife which threatens internntiona neace. On issuance of such proclnmnli-mi H immediately becomes unlawful to export to such nations any arms munitions or implements of war Iii addition the president fe also "ranted power to add any other commodities to thc embargoed list wlilch he may find necessary to the war. .The measure represents a compromise between original adminis- ,- ration plans for giving the uresl- ; ; dent discretion to put a "cash and • . cany trade policy into effect and < r tfemnnds: of ,the congressional lib- -,V.«als, »nder f the. leadership of'the -!«w!«-munlll6ns'- committee,- that ii * i carry" be made fibso- iiitely mandatory. "Cash and Carry 1 ' Provisions Under the provision concerning S, e e,, W -! h ,, bc '' iSerents ' ""°* yiiicn, it will become unlawful for any goods lo be exported from this Wle to y ihe ^f h f renl ' """'"" or corporation. In addition the bill outlaws trav- or'' 1 Lm™ me , riCa " dtizcns on S WPS LaGuardia. 0 ---~.j oiuit- mm -.""u^ u >\uiMiig tinys i whfn i«. nfr'o 1 S , ma " a * cl '- Io death 1 ™«1 the genera) assembly lUien he offeredI resistance, i Journ, the wet forces In the-house ! lelt more optimistic over thc ultimate success uf their parliamentary maneuvers to prevent passage of the vesey liquor act repeal bill wheli the body .adjourned yestef- <lny afternoon until 10 a.m. Manday., •;- . There, wns no discussion of llis measure- yesterday. The wots re- soricd to oilier menus of picve'ntiiiij n vote on a motion lo place tlia emergency clause back on second' reading for ninciuliticnt. The nid- lion wns made by Nyberg of Phillips Wednesday after Campbell of Garland obtained unanimous consent to reconsider'the vote by which ths emergency fulled of adoption, i The house adjourned in an uproar i Wednesday with Nyber g on the floor, and the motion went over as I ..... ...... . Local Vote Will Be Counton ed in National Poll President's Plan Fourteen more ballots w celved- today in the Co , „,.„., (poll on President Roosevelt's pro' vere rein ier News IT1ILLS SII Ore Train Is Reported'to Have /Collided With ,'Powder Train' '.';.,v-(;.>; '..QUI^'CY, Ca)., .Feb.. 20 (UP)— At-least six men were killed in a ii ex-plosion nt the Walker miiie near Spring Garden, the PlumaP county coroner's office'Tnid "to- daj', -' , ' Coroner John ; P. Moody . :W as called to the mine shortly, after midnight. .A call from the' mine nil Annrniifln pn>m n » *„** 1 WHFflE 'BLAST OCCURRED The after,gun on .ll, c main dock, starboard side, which unlinlshed business. To "kill" the morning hour terday. the Darnell-Anthony resd- hUlon endorsing President Roose- tlniled States • supreme" ; 'court Nine new votes were cast n n5 B fl've bf oppositton^'fh ?'""'' """' "** ^»«T^ ^d"Aphony' n» the nnaMoUls to? ' *' ""* W ' rt Ot Ue sookc llllU1 ut » For the president's plan 39 gainst the president's 'plan', 75 These figures' have been tele-' sraphed to NBA. Service, sponsor nn TH U:lti ° n ~- Vi ' !fi newspaper poll on the subject. The Courier News will continue to print, returns Horn the nation-wide'poll'as' they •ne available. ' _ By WILLIS/THORNTON iNhA Service Stall (Jorrc S |) 0m lonl - Ho ding a remarkable consistency at,-close -to,:two. to one -.a»ainst President /Roosevelt's.-' Anaconda said ° ts antl - provi(jcs American no wnv i e ex " ortet ° the government i s ^ponsible for any Half-Holiday Monday for Postal Workers The Blyth e vw c ~p (?stof/i( , e wl , observe George Washington's birthday Monday fay allowing Its employes a half holiday instead of suspending business entirely The postofficc will be open from D until 11 o'clock, theie will be one city delivery of mail and one delivery of parcel post. There will . be no rural deliveries on the holi- I'U T€L BY BOB , BURNS __ ,1 f , °. ! ""' rs "8°. »y the cocH, I sat- down here with pen- hnJl-r,? l ° W ' Ue nn •"•tide on A?,H ., VV S f ° r Pcoplc to worry. And It just struck me that I've been sittin" here ever since wor? ryln my head off about how to start this article. if you've got your mind made lip that you have to worry about somethln', it's a good Idea to pick out somethln' close at hand be cause if you pick out somcinin' too far ahead to worry abut thc chances are you'll never get to It About nlnety-pcr tent of the things you worry about never happen anyhow. It's like thc time they W1)s hangin' two horse thieves down home and they picked out a tree that hung out over the river Well sir,, the first guy they ln mg swun - oi. and the rope broke and he . fell In the river and finally 5wam I out and made his escape! When they started lo hang the second fella, he says "Boys, be sure to pick out a good strong rope for ' company i or six moil I jured." Moody went to Spring Garden 12 miles from Quincy, (o board a small tram railroad- which is the only means of access to the mine ?ne of thc largest copperproducers m California. , Snowdrifts blocked the highway into the mine. Reports received here said tlie ^plosion followed a collision between an.ore train and a powder only • nfl bervice r Coiirler News uncoil ri. poll has already piled -., ..early 130,000 ballots from 155 cities In 31 states. nhn 0 *^" 115 are: 44 ' 322 f °r th« IJlan; 84,590 against it. and 66 per cent agninsriinTvar'ied "y fcss inEIn. '2 per cent in f h/> i i for thc court proposal rose ly during the last tbree days not enough to show n real id. Tho vote Is still almost two of , nnd Ward 'of Lee spoke until tlie morning hour expired. ' ; Thus the status of tho liquor repeal bill remains .Just- where 'the wets want It— unfinished business. Asks noiimlary Suit ' Fund ' Among the 13 bills introduced yesterday was one by' Crawford ot Mississippi county to. provide for ir 55.000 appropriation to defray, ex- p^nscs of -'-a suit pending in the sujiremp^cqurt.or.the United Slates to determine the. boundary line between Arkansas and Tennessee.' More thiin 12.010 acres arc involved., it was said. ...... ,, f "Civij and criminal jurisdiction is in controversy and thc right of sovereign control, such as the assessment and collection of taxes is in doubt," the. bill says;' "The Interests of Arkansas arc in jeopardy ind the slate cannot be adequately represented unless tlie funds nre provided. The lands involved arc several Islands In the Mississippi river, Crawford said. Changing of the Mississippi's course during thc past 100 years led lo the dispute. There wns considerable argument over a bill by. Senator pealherslon of Pike which provided for n divi . — •-•- i- "mi inmost two wc prove for n divi- to one against the proposal. | rtm of the threc-nUll road tax col- nt«. •„ ? - oklal!on 'a, amonjjlwted in cities and towns, one- y " <x>VBre ' f our th of the amount to be used for - , y " <x>VBred b >' lh Fire Fighters jsUtc Killed at Nashville f ach > NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb 20 (UP)—Three firemen were killed '.oday in a S313.0DO fire which swept a section of Nashville's public square. Tlie victims were identified as Lieutenant Joe Kcef, Charles T Benchain and Tom Jfadden. They were buried beneath tons of de--i c-ris when they were trapped in a'' building that partially collapsed Four other firemen, who were caught when a ceiling from a first floor fell and buried them . l ™ Cndous had piled „,, - -,^v,.,,,, s vutc, largeiv hi Boston, came down to approximately two to one when Lynn returned a vote of almost four to one tor the president's plan. New York state continued almost four t onV. against it. Several cities stood out in thelr opposition to thc general trend. improvements and maintenance of streets, cities and towns operating under a specie! act would not be affected. The bill passed, 53 'to n. ,Suit Is Discussed LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 20. — e Arkansas-Tennessee boundary suit, now pending In the supreme com- of the United States, was ed at a conference at the sulc ,,,- ir's office yesterday, following introduction of n bill In the Senate to appropriate funds to pay cost if the litigation. FJUIS TO STOLE J STRIKE Call for Troops May Be Next Move by: Waiike, gan Company . WAUKEGAN, 111.. Feb. 20. IU!>) -Slate .i.ibor Commissioner Martin P. Durkln recessed pence con- fcrences in the Pnnstecl Metallurgical corporation sit-down strike 'niter three hours today and announced he had failed to bring the union and company together "on a basis /or'settlement. '•.•("--.'. •. -J -;"r have- been •imtible-'to 1 bilin/ them together," Dlirkijy snM nfter separate conferences wllhilhe rival representatives. "The company won't even guTiriiiitee to 'give the slt-downcrs their jobs back They won't say they will or they won't, 1 ' As Durkln left his last meeting with the company officials lie fliin- back over his shoulder: ° nil right, talk to htm if Im" wns Oov. you want to." He indicated thc "hi Henry Horncr. Company Attorney Max Swiren said: .'-.... "It is'quite impossible. We will call Governor Horncr this afternoon and ask for troops.-" The strikers have held two company buildings at nearby North Chicago since yesterday in defiance of two court orders and yesterday withstood nn assault by Sheriff. A L. Doollltle and 140 men, armed with clubs and tear gas bombs, Owen D. Young Will Be Married This Afternoon ST. AUGUSTINE, Fin., Feb. 20 (Upj-Owen D.. Young, 02, fumous American statesman and Industrialist, will mnrry Mrs. Louise Clurk, 50, of New York nnd St. Augustine, In n milet wedding ul thc home of the bride's mother it 5 o'clock this afternoon. The I?cv. II. H; Eylcr Of the Trinity parish Episcopal church .vill pcrfonn tlie ceremony. SMSIT- -JT Police Act''Wlien Youtnful - Demonstrators B l'o"C-k 'traffic : WWtc House. The sudden against the plan, out 10 '- -••« "-. IA,UISJ Governor Bailey, who initiated while 1344 were vot-1'he suit a year ago as attorney ° lher ..uv nwi im unu ouriea them 1 with T n "**«.i <ULH.- managed to extricate themselves!(plan 412Tor and*4«, <lg *'" 5 i r " 1C They suffered from smoke nnri vl. L'°!;J"*.*™ opposing They suffered from minor injuries. Three other firemen were slightly hurt while battling the blnze. Three buildings occupied by wholesnle firms were swept by the fire. „ • ""'^ UlljJU.MIl:T. Very few cities taking ,, ar t In 'the poll have a s yet reported their totals as complete, and the likelihood ol an enormous vote grew daily. Slate returns where the vote was especially ,,-lrtcly distributed were as follows: • icncral: Fred Taylor sr., and Fred Taylor jr. of Osceola. who are delnils of the suit for Roosevelt Discusses Judiciary Proposal Wilh Small Groups Today WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 (UP)— Six hundred youthful pnrndcrs'pt -he American Youth conference started a "sit-down" (lemonstin- today in the street before thc - "slUlown" In the broad driveway in front of the White House .brought, immediate action from government police assigned to the White House grounds. They arrested Wlllam Kltiklcy. president of the youth group, n ,,d Abbott Simon, the' legislature director of the movement. Hlnktey and Simon, both of New York gave the order for the sit-down' police said ' Tlle pn(rw(ers , m(U . CIll|]g to ^ White House to present a petition in behalf of the Lundcen youth bill, which would provide an Initial $500,000,000 appropriation for youth aid, completely halted traf- flc when they squatted on pavement. the inndling details of tlie suit for' •.he state, nnd Attorney Genera! D WASHI NC,TON. Feb. 20. (UP)— Jack Holt attended the confer- f resl(1c nt Roosevelt today called ence. |*° groups of prominent senators It was said thnt a motion will be illed, following with thc attorney n conference to the white House to consider J" ffnns ° f speeding consideration of State New York 3175 Massachusetts . California North Carolina Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 20 (rjpj —Cotton moved up one to five „...„.. points today. Buying of March i Pennsylvania ... contracts featured the tradlnglOhto ;.... Heavy tenders were expected Wisconsin Tuesday which Is the next tmdln» I Oklahoma day and first notice day forjTcxas Mflr• For Against - 4.307 1.773 453 1.294 1.313 4,925 3.3 58 --—--^J b^lltli^I Ui . lennessce at an early dntc, nsk-| ing the supreme court to appoint 1 a special master to hear the case. The pctilion contends that between 8,000 nnd' 10,000 acres on , , cres n resen Necdham's Island, considered a n the privacy of the white House 18.160 8,050 5D2 Pi>rt; Ot Tennessee, ncttially Is 6 01G' (lart of Ark(ln5!ls because Ihe Mis-' s:o2 6 ?!?IPP!.. r , ivc L^ ha »^ ^ cou rso ; 7.733 Tlie, White House did not announce thc names of the senators Included in either ol thc two groups ""'-' to meet with the president March. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open high low close . 1246 1246 I2« 1246 . 1237 1237 1235 1236 . 1229 1229 1224 1224 . 1182 1182 1119 HBO . 1186 1187 1186 1186 1186 1186 - 4,063 It was revealed, however that s course "e group would be senate leaders srddcnly In 1821 cutting the Island a "d the other the progressive 'bloc Irom what Ihen territory. was Spots closed steady nt 1282, up 3 Chicago Wheat open high l o «- osf May 1343-4 135 1-8 1325-8 1325 8 •><"' •><">' 118 1,5 1-4 Chicago Corn May because , can't swim a ,,ck, 5$ ' close 1-2 108 1-2 3-8 102 1-2 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Fcb. 20. (UP)-Cot ton closed steady. w " open high low close Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. -• !SI IS? J?55 ixl c ^"^ aV hc» .... 1231 \->*i Io^ i^!. ! close un proiwr 1231 1231 1226 1226 '183 1184 U81 ?83 1179 1180 1175 |j^ 1178 1179 ing n^g aving and Curbing Districts File Suits The commissioners of paving and curbing districts No. 1 of Bly- thcvillc have filed suits in chan- to Arkansas' It- was assumed that Senator Jo«Ph T. Robinson of Arkansas, majority leader, would be among the | senate leaders. Hold Services Sunday for Jim Garner Funeral services for Jim Garner, .-...- ... u 1.,;, Jim II7Q Spols closed steady nt 1295, off l. Closing Stock Prices u ,i property In the districts 2 ' wn ° <"«'at 1 o'clock this nftcr- on which assessed benefits have. noon at his home just cast o! town, been unpaid for thc years of 1930'"'" bc hc 'd from thc residence at to I93G inclusive. j 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. It is understood Hint no further; Mr. Garner, a farmer, is survived benefits will be levied by thc dls-| b y his -widow, Mrs. Kalie Garner trict.s which will complete pay- f nilT * f*"- t-••*.. m__.- ^-n -.... ' mcnt of their bonds wllh collec- . NEW YORK, Feb. Metal stocks advanced - tion of benefits assessed through - wow, rs. ae Garner complete pay- r °ur sons, Louis. Troy Dell Harvey d - ""d 20 n. Thc will tutted narrowly „ turn- C. M. . districts. in . , r, 'a;- -•- James TYcderick, and two daughters, Mildred and Mary Alice, frcd Carpenter, past Baptist church, will h -...*.*.,«: ut. une funeral, which will r,,, rr ,= n , f ^ r „ ,.° in fharsf or the Cobb Funeral attorney for the Home. Burial will be at Sawyers cemetery. From their sitting position they shouted demands that congress pass the bill. Thc youths, gathered from all over the counlry, shouted: "rass thc national youth act. We ivnnt jobs. Give us scholar- hips, not battleships." Police declared the youth group liatl violated Its parade permit "by singing a sit-down In tho middle of the street after marchers had agreed to dis|>ersc peacefully." Rumania Sends Italian and German Envoys Home BUCHAREST, Rumania, Feb. 20 (UP) — Tlie government i,as decided to demand the rccal of tho Italian and German ministers to Rumania. It was understood today. Red Cross Now Handlirjg Both Districts of CourC ly From One Office' All 'nood- ; cmergency activities of thc national Red Cross In Mississippi county are now being directed out of a central office here, Ihe Osccoln office having been closed. Tho Blythcvllle office lias been moved from ahe:-, 1 Farmers Dank anil.'Trust, company biilld- liiK o. the .Gunrd Jewelry v store Tjlllldlng, 20!) West MnVn streeL"^ • E 1 . 1C. Belts, who formerly lind charge of the O.sceoln district of- 'r director of \thc con- Action 'fs Taken as Loyal-, ists Claim Gains on- Madrid Fiont LONDON, Fcb 20 (UP)—Ocr- iniiiiy, Italy nnd Portugal enacted ]lnws, today to foibld votuntccts'' onlcrlng the Stinnlsli civil' w.n ami all «oi rendy foi u B encml' win, effective nt midnight lo- I "Ight. , j French mobile guardi nnd others' units nlrendy wc|c at thch ala-j Ions along (he Spanish fioiitlei to stop the now tliwe, |»lnclimlly to the loyalists. The Ocrinnn, Itnllnn and roiln- sncsu bnns include enlistment, dc- lini-lmo 01 transit of voluntocis 'or tho WBI, mulci heavy pcnnlty ' Kecalh Cltlicns In addition Portugal dccreori ' inl all iLs cHI/cns who have enlisted In the Spanhh nnnles muSt return home within a month Et- fcc Ivo ul once, oven betoie tho mWnlght offlclnl ban, enlistment la forbkidon tiiulci pain of luss ol , civil iljiite, and DioiinginKlbti for the. combatants aic to be penal- I 1ml similarly. ' j ouler to Its , -.-a.-. . U ..,L, iu 1W j >oiun- were to return' i, omi! tttts C01lskl . eral-lmpoitaiit because both Cici- ' many and Urtly-viho like Portu- 1 fial have suppoUcd tho national- I Isls-wunt to E ee the retuin of voltinteeij, of all nations so that the--nationalists nnd loyalists cnn right the wni out between them Will Permit "ObscrxerV _As It acted to ban volunteering, Portugal, In n ,i 0tc to tll(! in , b j nntlonal non-intervcntloi. committee here, asserted thnt It-novel- would, peunlt International control of iu riontlei , utll Sl)aln( , nl bnn^ .... Lv .«, jf the con r'?"" 1 * 1 lltlt OI any sort to flic ' solidalcd 'offices here while Miss' " mb " la " li . to become effccthe ' Henrietta Wllklns. ivlio formerly l".!"! 1 , ?. ..'! 0 . rt . u « nl ™ f '' "mt such re out directed- chlcknsnwba district activities, Is in clmrge of nil ; work Inahe.cpjmty. Bolh n of the'- si: Louis office of tl tionn_l orennizatibii. At'-.present' litno representatives of-: the' the' nntioiml orgnnlzntlon nre attached .to, (he Mississippi county Hood disaster or emergency office. Six,-'Including Mr Beits nnd Miss .Wllklns, nre assigned here while three nre on duty In thc Osceola district, working out of this office. Approximately seven or eight persons are employed here In addition to thc executive personnel. Volunteers arc also used from time to lime. Approximately 300 families nre located in refugee camps nt Bly- thevlllc nnd Dell in the northern district of -the' county and there nre about 200 families nt Osceoln and some 50 at Luxorn in ui c southern district. Practically al| of those at Osccoln nre 'families whose homes nre west of Koch- tltzky ditch while those nt Luxora nre from Cnrms on the river side of the Mississippi levcc. Probably 1.000 families, staying with relatives or friends in the chlcka- snwba district of tlie county, are being provided with food nnd m sucl control would be a dangeioiw nic- cedcnt as regaiUcrt the llbcily of n small nation Poitugal nffhmcd its to let reprcsenlatlies of thc British embassy act M observers to see that It confouncd , lo the cont.ol plan The note em-' phaslzccl that these obsencis nct- "any. ' £T , HI I ' ' ' Break Iii»urgehl l 'j:i n i • '' • * MADRID, Feb 20 <UP)i--ynuT 1 loyn 1st anny on the south Madrid , front broke through the national- 1st lines at La Maranoia today",! cnplurcd the town and foiced tliel insm-gcnts to ictrcat ton fm Great or old all>-alonc, aim not'toi International orgnnfem Clempo Zuclos .The government tioops foiigh't their «ny Into La Maranosa, nB'- miles south of Madild on tile ^ Aranjucz hlghwaj. ,n a countei-* nltack following an almost 24-hour nationalist artillery bauak'e"' Ln Maranosa Is the sile or n"" recently erected nationalist chcm- - lc«l gns factory and v,a<s reported strongly foitiHcd, especially with." heavy aitlllery \ Madrid Isolated necessities by"tl,e" Red Cross """•' " ^ N D A Y !S, Franco-Spanish; The first group 0 I refugees to !™ U !^'.^1 ) » <V» - Madrid The first group of refugees to = returned from the larger concentration camps In other states arrived back at Osccoln yesterday Refugees sent from Osccoln Bly- sent to large concentration cmnps in Tennessee,' Alabama nn d Ml.ssisslppi. •Arkansas' refugees In these camps will be the first to be sent home nnd thc camps will be clos- CT. out one at a time. A total of 975 families were registered at the Osceola office during the flood ernei-Kcncy registration and Red of Truck Lines Fined The Bryant Truck Lines „, Charleston, Mo. was fined $15 In municipal court yesterday on n charge of gas tax evasion. Another fine of $10 ngamst llic same company on a similar charge svas suspended. Admits Check Charge Bmmett Murray 1ms admitted cashing t) lrC e forged checks on Charlie Abbott, his employer, Police Chief E. A. Rice announced Mils morning. Murray has been working tor Abbott In clearing woodsland in lower Uunklln county, It is understood. TWO checks were forged and cashed by Murray for $7.50 and mother for $9.00. They were passed at local stores. many more rushed away to concentration camps without being •registered locally because of thc overwhelming number of refugees that swarmed into Osceola during the early days of the emergency. The national Red Cross office In Mississippi county will bo maintained for about two months here, Mr. Belts said this morning At the end of that time the 'national, organization believes most of Its rehabilitation work will be completed. was reported almost isolated to- , M !! lmcensorc(l '^patches thaul •"•''' the nationalist air bombard-* s had Interrupted comnmnf."/' cation, with the east coast by the The load, which winds through' Alcala de Hcnarcs scene of most J of the. air bombings, and Guadalajara to the coast by an Indiiect route, was reported Jammed with trucks trying, to deliver food nmt war supplies to Madrid i . (Dispatches from Madrid said the nationalists were shelling sec- Si :?J! S ° f '.''.V""' <!"-cct Ma<l- -••«.• RHH.J lustration ana Red *IA ir : " ™ '""' "'reel i\ia«- Cro.w officials estimate that at na 7» Ic '«'a highway, which goes c " st »y way of Tarancon, the only- oth n, e other exit from Ihe capital.) Sues for Divorce suit lii c secoj has filed csry court here against re agans Byars H Secoy, asking a divorc- on the ground of Indignities Bradley am) Sudbury nre attorneys for Mrs. Secoy. WEATHER' ChanceUor Will Hold Session Here Monday , » The tern of Arkansas—Occ^ional rains and J colder,- freeEing In northwest portion tonight Sunday parllv cloudy and colder. Memphis nnd vicinity — O'cas- '"""' tonight, 34 to hinrt, autni!y ° f Jonosb01 ' 0 °» the Ralnf!> » '»"« yesterday totaled ,;"•:; • '"'•• -M °( «\\ inch, nccordlng to Sain-' AS .usual divoice cases predom- ucl p. NorrLs, official weather oti- a ' »eamer on . Inate on the trial docket. server

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