The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1931 fllYTHIiVjLLK. (ARK.) COUlUHIt NEWS Runs for Mayor 'Continued from Page 1) tv; Ha/eii Hall, b'.uvlai-y. guilty;, Merlin Ita . assault \vitli intern (oj kill and jilylit rldin?, not guilty; j linn Akers. assault with Intent loj Kl ind i)!!'ii'. rlUin'/. i'0t willly; ! fi:e Corc'cn. :i"'!ro, lirantl larceny.! liiiikv; Tom Knh'.ht. ncuro. re-, efiiin? stolen pronerty. puiltv. Russ-ll Grav and f.'rcil IMyncs' wfre. indicted on grand larceny nn:l burelary cluirnes bin had not or-. ralsned In court early tliis afternoon. ' I No disclosures as to th'i result ft' the uraii'l juvv's inve.sti'-Tilicn cr • the 'Irath of I'r,?o Hovel, votm-z (.'tiartlsivipn. lor ^ h'oh Dcv'e \V : 'i!: f -L ' was held ic tlie jury, were made , tcxlay. • WilHnm Jackscm. indicted in 1325 for forgcrv. ivsis arraigned before Jud°e N'ill Kitloinh Wednesday nn:! entered a i;!r-n of giiiltv. He v;as sentenced to one year in the s-tate jiris™. Jackson, a fonii';r Mistttiri convict. \vas nrr'slpcl and tc-stej h:r ; Ing a pistol by a .liiry T.wsdsy at- [ jtcrnooii. A charge of transporting j liquor, which \v».s reduced to IlIcCTl: pefyc.sjlon !;i a lower con; I result — lilt! In r, leeiink'til complication, iva:: cl'rinlswd. | Miles '.Val!;iee. r.e?::;, \v.-s Ijrou^hl' here fro:n the OTCO:.I :1 : . itrn-l 'Wednesday and entered a plin cf limit. 1 to fH'iOM, utter '.vaivia;,' iiiiLs::;,'!^.!: • He was sentenced l-.i tci ;. i'.-.i.-. !•• e prison. County Farm Census Comparison l-'AKJl ACIirARi: AND VAI.l'KS Ntnnber of farms Acreage 01 ill! lund In fnrms AvciLij:r; aeies per farm Value of land and buildings Land alune I in 11 slion::!y alknllue- solution j anvp siwiwe. m!ik, tea. j within an hour. KSIJOEUV? lo ulr | HINNER—Baked white, seal 10.S3J 31.7 SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN D'A cKtiits Lilcne Va'.ue cf implements and machinery '• Avtiw \.:li:e u( lun:l and h;n!dn.!'.-> i i'er lar;u ! I'er acre i TKMJIti: 01' I-'AHMS . Number operated by Owncvi 1!V SISTEit MAltV NKA Sorvici \Vril' r A number o! invisl:i;.unrs nutrition hi'.ve stnciied the cl- iect of cooking on ve3C-i.\l:l:s ci'.ul have niads valualj!? reports on just what happens to the irilreral and Chickens 'vitamin content of various com-' CLASSICS Ol- 1 FAH.M [.AMI muii vti;et.ibles. ' <j|- 0 ; : im;d. total 'U'n.uils i M.'MlSKlt OF ' Horses Mules Cuttle i'ik cows Ilcgs l,IVi:S10f!< 3,003.4 10 U7.U8 DGIi Q..VJ1 4.013 IMS 0.01(1 217.182 •10.2 g'.><j.<ilG.3lttl J2.-151,200 4,105,180 1.1UO.G70 :i.840 95.:« (! .- )U <hr cimatle.n nf the |,n a ti,, ( . lop;<l sweet polatoCB. meld of tpln-' . . , . ,. , .. ! ml'.li mushroom .vjuce, endive .:i|. m, inaihed efled. on. (he, , , ( ,, ,, k ' (f iwrllnn nf vitamin C. Heal | [_ ''. ;\t-:\ .\\ a inpii triniipralnre. i Ancient Skull Found v. C. Ill loads. I J io- • is Hi" cans-i o[ nn- • ".' all l'''rec' vita- j :i, 1) r.iul :i !ii ' h; i.jjinnvy coukim .n :i:> b l:n:wn. CHEHAIJS, Wash!ns;toil, \UP) _A skull of a human being, v.iilch j lived nn\ where from 2C',CCO to ill,- j:;:r's iiso, «.is found In lha; Iiutto:n district by lleit Pur- ju:.i i,f nandlc. Wa'.h. The top o: !im;r.M>[l i'.s ll;e bosl|!i,e skull was eavcd In, as if struck i.i.i^ne nil minerals.: by a blow. The skull shows tbo :-i:-:;m!ns or piwsLirf; iiian Inid n very short ne^i:. lar^e, i" niiihnil \vhMi taSrs i in'itnulinj .Huvbones, small eyca, i'i- i '.:!: Is Hi.- cue nf ' Hat i.u'e aiul wide, hrRO lips. Dr. ••- -u.;dl un atiioisnl Dt ' I'. M. l.aurnan iilf.ns to s-.iul tin to the ijnilthsciilaii ;n r ,tUu- Read Cour-'cr NeAss v:nnt ['.as. Wonderful New Fac.e Powder :K the water ct- ri!nni;h ii Mt iiu'rnl cailvnt i M-v:l:il)lts liuby Kcbdsiy, above, h;;'.. s'.:;-'i- a lav.'yer, and held for local officers upon "Shi into rjreuy ;p:iin Ilia race for nr.vcr c j terms. lea=e from the Missouri prison scv-i Wetumka, Okla. She is running ar crnl months a°.o. '. ~ n inde)>endenl- against Ben Harri- Oslx-m Heis T«-.i Veirs :iO". ••*<> I'M been mayor (or tv.- Albert Oshr>rn. former y^e'ivi!!" barber, wns found pnllty of crane! larceny bv a jury late vpslerdav af- 'sentence. ternoon. A sent"nc.p af Ivvo years, ir- I Willie \Vi!liams nnd Cnjie Sjiace. recommended bv the iurv. >va'i ucgiccs. pleaded p,i:i!ty to charje? m^lecl out by -lu^nn Killou"h. 'of grar.d larceny. On the re^c:n-j Tin- trill of Osn=;n ccnsuir.s' i n:ei'.tIaliRn ni the -•-— : ~- •"•-• prorticnlly the entire 5^^'riu ff Jurl^e Killcu^ii su>;):irjed ^n. ye court Wednns/Jav an-J v.-a? t'i; on'v H-ntences for i-ac:i <\-gr;i. The ;.. . 1 to reach a .iury during til 1 : div ' had 1 perionvj?d the dut;3s cf :rus i Ex]jcr!!i:eiif: have fli&wii thai the incllio:) of cooking, '.!'.e man-. Kir i-.i which v.-Rctubles are en'., fcr cocklnv. the extent of .surface. expcse* 1 .' during ccokim;, the of \vater u.sed and tlie, care obsc.-ved in cooking and s:-rv-: in^ ha'.v much to do with the loss of flavor, minerals and food value I cf rooked vegetables. i The mineral lo c _s for 307,012 Harvoiicd Crop faijnie Idle MuiI- land, lo £.;,.,. cnmplcxlor.s and o!cl Ian!:; , ., kins ,.„.•.. 1)ro trctlcn. Pi rsprv? O , ;r ,.j ; | n w [.|, thr, new v.-C!idErful .,,.,, i: bv .i|, v Mj;Ll,O-C:i.O u:;:d l)y n n'.anv bMullfu! women. Its ."ji--'- yoiilli- — ' * - | classed ;i.niong "roots nnd tubers' s less ilian for those kno\v!i 1:3 stalks and leaves." Cabbage, ccl- ry, beet-greens and onions are I Other pasture land • V/ccdland, r.o f . pasture ! All othrr lat'.d in farms • t OK>; AND HAY ACKIvUIK , Corn harvested fcr grain 1 Hay; COKN AM) HAY I'!IO1»UCTIOS tbu.) lores rone of Us calcium, it dovs. ].- ay , !ons ) lose it:uch of its iron content un- i less pioperly cooked. Piactically! .. the minerals lost from yegela- , ... . , ,, i,iM,! heat than an animal and heaviest loreri of 10,'28'j 3. Din &.U43 5)b VJJ3 5B.1U3 1U,05U 25,261 9.K55 •LOSS »,M! 1.8W 5.7111 DIG 21.CIO 11,1111 1921 53.SS5 8.07!) 1.142.150 10,592 •ctab'.is mi!-.'. 1:,-' n:t, cu'tin.; tli:i:i ;„! Mi-JLLO-OLO slays on longer. j l:n;-tlift!-e i.uher cro-^vl!,o j j.,^.,,,,,.; [.„.,,.. poics.'null spread"; .ran airs iln- ]i«-.:-,, t - a b} n OO (i,i v purest powder nut!; I Aflci vi .:.'!:iblcs lire jnvi.nre;! ;lll ,i ( i.o;s not Irritate . tor c;i.,!:[::,< ih,.y should not be li'H Kirby Drnj Co. -standing in \v:!ler lor any lon^lh of ~ I :i:in . !c.r l;; ilavur and niinirals '(n\ i extracted. • 'Ilie cu-suin i:f adding su-:!n lo ^teSMi' 1 Hie color of ve'teUiblo Is Sill . no; v;l:.u'. 11:. pie\ciice. li-.v; a de- 57.0l.'j s'.riutivi 1 eircr'i un the vlltiinlns '• ar.d it iritis to break (lie ci-lls ol vcfelabics. inakiiiL; them mushy and caiibii! 1 ; less ol fuel value. ycur skin. —Adv. l;; 11,215 1,342.081 19,351. Osborn was csnvicteil rf remcvi:! 1 - il»s at t!i2 county jai! Uiirin • :':i ,. ... , ,. , • Btods from the slc-re of E. H. Tilnr. nnr mcr.ths period of t'leir inca;- j b ,' es rcmaln m thc , V ' MT '» whlch ': ,„,,. n-'th of Lcachvlllc. in D-m^r ccratlon. lhe >' werj cookcd - . I \^:. 1030. I Trial of Tom Hill, of i:?ar Ma- ! Tilc destruction of vitamins is Four whit" men and three n-1 nila. indicted by the grand i.ii-y j rallsc u >>y exposure lo air lo r. proes indicted by the grand ,h:iv cf j last, fall on a charge of murder.' Ih'r l?rm aud held in jail were sir-' which was scheduled for this the source is. ln ; cd. Vitamin 13 remains unchanged ' As cr little loss-by heal as loiif- as the natural I vit of vitamin A when properly cook-; acidity ol a food Is maintained.'destruction acid Is nratrallxcd. Mils Is rapidly des'.royed and mr.y become com]ilclo Dully Menu BREAKFAST — Apples, cereal cnck r d w;:h fhis, cream. I'rimcli omelet, toasl. milk, collet. t.UNCIlilOr; •- fish fritters, ciTL.tmd ii'leiy. rye iKC-atl. or- Typewriters - - - Arid ing Machines Repairing — Rebuilding — Kent als—IU III ion s—Carbon Muchinc Holls ^':Priuling Co. ;c 10 rni^nrd in ce.urt late 1 enter their 'jleas. has b?rn po.-rpDnp: 1 . until :!•?:<:'. Ihui'sJay by ordsr of Oie fcnvt. Th-1 columned bcc^n:-e cl tli: ! All th^ \vhitv men v.ith thn r^-i care rcution c' one voulh pntm-^d nlp'i~! Ltiiciis ilhiL'Ss cf I'nc v.-jfc cf c!c ol net puilly to t^n chir^^ n^iiir 1 i fcnse connEel. Jitd^e Zai 3 Haai- U>cm. They nrc R. J. Ptl'av. b'tr- ! son. friary an3 rrnr^ larr^ny: Itoniovj \V", R. Overtoil \v^s ncquitt?^ by Brntton, htiralary and urand Hr-1 a jury earlier in the week on a ccny, am\ Louis Koo'in?. Ijiii^hi"*'' c^aiye of assault ais.1 bntteiy. Tir: and grand larcrnv. O-,v^n O!ln"» j case was appealed from a !OML-V ynnth. p!«nrtpd guilty t rt hur^bv j court, .and the court p?scpc:;r:I mssin" | Joe HoH v:ns fined 550 Tcr ccivry- renter decree than by heating,'! but r.ot all the vitamins are sus-' ceptible to these factors. A plant) source 01 vitamin A is less liable; lo injury by exposure to air and j CHICK KN DINNKR 40c ficrvDd Siiturdiiy in hnild- inp; next to Hcult'ry l>y ivomen of Luke Slruel ME. Church. refreshing colors and gay prints on light and dark grounds » * r~--^_&£j rv/ ; 4 4/i^A Tiicse drewcs F.rc of the color, die gaiety dial is in .ill fashions this Spring ... and die assortment so varied that you will find almost any type of dress you need. Suits, jacket dresses and tvo-piccc effects, luscious new solid colors, flowered chiffons and Sunday niglit dresses with adorable jackets. The price, as usual, is low! Watteaus by "Betty Co-Ed" Youthful anil hccotiriu: . . of rough straw in dclics pastel cobr» and new bnsl A churrainR. cor.:r ir-n . . . up •>" 0:1? *•••••• •"'•• '•• '•" • >n the other. In flrsn or s:r.r.v .raid n::>I a nc>i luii;'..! -/a !c. Thrifiily ? A R V M E H W Main St. • Snc. STORE HlylhcviHc, Ark. Ive flown with tke Pa — says Chester field Ol*>3l. Licf.cnrA: MYts.4 Toiwcco Co. meet me in the city's crowded canyons Along the invisible lanes of the air, or among jostling thousands in the city's stteets . . . it's all the same to Chesterfield. For here's a cigarette that goes everywhere, and that tiislfs right anywhere. Milder and better tobaccos — nothing else —that's what you liiste in Chesterfield. And, thanks to the "cross-blend," all of that mild, good tiiste and ;imnui is retained! 1'OR NINTTEEN yc^rs, nur Research ncpirtmcnt has iiCjil i:ui:;i.ue touch « iili tvciy nc\v developmentuf Science [let Ciiul.l l-c applied to the inarv.ificturc of ci^ircucs. !>jrii>!. il is | <ri. ,'. there lus been no ilcvclopracnt nf tcsteil \ihii' ..r iiiirn:n:i.-e to ihc smukcr which we luvc not !R£ur.-ur.ixJ i;ito die mining i:t" Chcstctf:clJ cigarcltcs. Ligg.'tt & i\\)(rs Tf!iMco Co. 'atisfy, -that's W/o>/

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