The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Bob NesteJ] Looks Like Tunucy, Fighls Like , Dcmpscy, -Clitics Say 'BY.'HARRY OUAVKON Sporls Kdilor, • KKA Servlee. HOLLYWOOD, rVb 13.-nol)Cit Pdw.ird Nest«ll Is a piodiict of Nonfood. HO Is nol jet a ptc- tme ghtei, but Uu> .stoiy of his >.ip)d ike irads lie a movie script Here is an nll-ionnd alhlelc' who looks like Gene 'j-miney ami 1 figliLs like Jack Demixscy. A tight-hand .puncher who-drops Ihem lint on thcii faces he has In n year knocked oul 10 consecutive, pro- termini opjioncnU They wcie (ho picks of mntihmnkeis, loo. .tlie lost of Ilifm Ijcijie Kluif - Coast Heavy Sensation BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Gus Wilson, who 'e-iiched for a young heavyweight like 13ob Ne.s- Ull until he was cinry, found hiir ^Iii Jim Jcffiies' Dinbaiik burn The amlBblc Alsntmn who came lo this coiintiy with Georges Ca.pcntier nnd icnmlncd to be associated with Dcmpscy in the sere mid yellow ot the Man Mauler'.< spcctacuiai cnicei pinches himself to make ceilnin Hint he is nol on n .sci ecu scl nnd llmt Ncstell is something moie than Just a chnmctci In the land of innke- belleve. Neslcll niii be 22 yenrs of age on Miiy 1G His mother, onc- •cishth rndlnn, died when he wns Westell's 205-pound father, .mining cnelneci of Picnchu<- scent, wanted lilm to be what lie Is He Hist put on the glove's nt the nge of 6 Tliiouglioul. his youth, Battling Dob's dad kept Jiim busy with the mitts, pointed rasy pictmci, of ring tilinnphs.- Tlie Ncstelh moved fiom Democratic Hot SIM Ings. Calif, where Bob wns bom, to North Hollywood, \\heie lie attended high school He \\its fast omigh to star nl end on the football team. He ' was a member or lhc swimming .squad and caddiM week-ends nt the noil by Lakeside Golf Club. Soon after graduation Nestell . mnde his appearance on one of Jeffries' amaleiu cards He losl Ills fust start, but II wasn't long before Wilson spotted him. Wilson took him over on Oct. 23, 1035 Ous says that he never will forget the dnte. lie is Hint positive that it will Imn out lo.hnvc (been an extremely lucky one. Knocks :0ul Ten in Bow Wilson pointed Nestell for ,thc / Pacific Const Golden Gloves diampioasiilp scheduled for mid- Decemboi ofi'tlmt 5Ciu,< and Bob won it JHc p. entiled in 38 .slr.-ilj-ln amateur-, bouts befotc .unking-lits . piofcssionnl bow nt tlie IiVinon; Ilollywood Ameiicau Legin . Stnd- lum,-where he bagge<l hivnnm- tem title ' Hugged and good-looking, the 192-pound; C-fooi-1'.i-jiicl! Ncst.cil lives with his wife of a yotiv and infant daughter. Neitcll is extremely modest, almost shy He would rather draw plctifics of friends tliiui sit around and chin .with mcmbeis or ills profession He diaws ^ciy well, .shoots In the Ion 90s, and is a crack shot with a nflc He nlso can do tricks nlth a io|ic which has led to pictures In a cowboy's outfit. He likes to be in the woods hunting and fishing. He introduces foraetbing neiv lo Hie lienk-btist- ing business—long bicjcle rides In addition to'road work. During higs school vacations lie worked as n lumbeijnck m Oregon, and there is a laic of his bowling o\cr the toughest bloke In camp with his bare fisls when he was kidded a bit too much foi liking dainty salads, \\hich he prefers -te juicy steaks He's n small eater. In his Inaugural ns a moncy- ECtler, Nestell took a six-round decision from Jack Darcy, who fought Lee Kamagc. No one hns gone the limit with him since. Frankie Hammer nnd Levlnsky, went out in the closing seconds of 10-roimd engagements Hammer twice topped Charley Contes. Peppy del Rio, the Mexican champion wlio went 10 heats with Phil Brubaker, succumbed In the second. Neslell got off lhe floor -to flatten Butch Rogers Nestell has plenty to learn. He must' deveop his eft hand and acquite'the habit or holding his Imiids higher. There is sufficient power in his left hook to hurl anybody nnd he is n sharpshooter •with lih nght He uppercuts with this weapon as well as shooting it as slroieht as a string. He Is nt the right-hand-crazy singe, bul is vicious and knows what to do v.hen the other fellow is m trouble. He has all the phjsical equipment, is tremendously strong retains his punch, and does not tire Has Taimej's Ideas One trained observer who has By < ITany Grayson Tills, must have been ralher embarrassing u> llr. EdOlc Anderson. The; good doctor, you know, Is one of Kmile Hockne's earliest pupils, having played under lhc old Master In 1916-1(1-20-21, and ho h now head coach or football at Holy fi'ross College In Worcester. Mass. Ami. of course, he employs Hie Notre Dume system there. Well, the oilier nglil four of the Kocxl doctor'!; football players got up nnd debated the • mci'lls of tin: Wnnii-i- and Notre Dame system,* before 100 students . wlio decided ttiii winner. And which do yon .lilnk won? Tlie Notre Dame syi;- <>m, pride of Holy Cross? Ah, no. the tt'lnnnh was UK: team that :n<1 lor the Warner syslw. Is this, when they cnn't even get the (mil carrier nwny?" „ '•', Dolaney, however, nrmicd that lhc Warner ball carriers get past lhe llm; of scrimmage, but. no farther because of lhc concentration of Weekly mwei. Mnney nlsa argued the benefits of tlie Notre Dame shift ns oircrlnjt better offensive possibilities, lint Zinitl eamc right back and sliced n few yards off tackle wlieii lu> pointed out thul tin- Wnrncr puss nttack to lie better bemuse the duublo wlngliack set-up gives a ienm virtually four ends. Anil so on and on they argiicd. teammates did.-The Warner sy.stan won (lie debate but O f course,,., the debate • didn't prove il.'.-U one or Die oilier system Is liHC'iv However, it did prove thnt FRIDAY, PRBnUARY 19,. 193? then- must be somethin U-ins in football if the .niif disadvantages 01 each. to sys- players Carutliersville Mat Cards Begin Thursday Wnrnar system .side, while Hill Osmnnski. powerful fullback ami r of last fall's victory over Darl- iioutli, and Tackle Jos Delancy »)'sued for Noire D.'imo. Their urgumciius were tnleresi- B, especially lo l!msc'rool.tall fans who scolV at .systems and sn v u Mail-lies' had been nakes no diirerenai which oils'yni] | dui'in« the flood. , 'MO.—Mike Merotiey, local wrestling promoter I today fliinounccd that wrestling''' matches;.would be resinned here beginning., jiexl Tlnir.s<l,'iy, Feb. 25.' ' ' discontinued I More 1 l.i>Ht;i'(iiilns ; Aliovo Is Hob Nestell. young heavyweight hojiefiil wlio is! the customers and Ids opponcnls dead out on the coast, i'lic bears to Gene •nnuicy and fights 11 ku Jack Nestell Is shown chnllilnn up hls-lnsl an astonishing resemblance Dempsey, his admirers say. kayo vlelory 10-ioiind kiiockoul of KliiBflsli wnlched Westell closely says that lie has Timney's ideas, lie' means Mint the lad doesn't like the business any too well, that he would rather have a good Job than man- jlc muss. But I wouldn't discount Westell's chances on that account. ?'lie. Brent majority of lighters vould choose some oilier nvocu- iOn If they cmit ,| ,,„ nnyu,!,,,, about It; and If -'i-unncys detcr- mlnalion . lo , make something of Himself wns n pecidinr notion it is jiitl as well If NcslcU's head is stuffed full of it. Four" Jacks have, led the procc.s- .slon-John .L."Siilllv«n, Johnson' Uemnsey, and Shiirkey-and as many Jims — Corbett, Jcffrie.s James Joseph Timncy, and Dnul- dcck. There Fitelmmons. was but uilterly difappolnlcd If Bob - doesn't settle the P'enk—his' liob Neslcll. only one nob will be another ptieillsdc Ncstell hns brought' boxlnir tack " I ; os Ansclcs.. A- packed Olymplo •'""-urn saw him poie-ax Lev-' AwlHoriu Wilson Is Chosen To Head^lub The Chickasaw Alhlcllc club ii:; orgnnlxrd ill n meeting nt the city hall last nlglit;, ntlendcd by probably a half hundred Chicka- snpporcrs, he piirpnsc of the Chickasaw A, C. will be to proiuole'Hlylhc- ville high school's alhlelic pro- ernm, football In particular Clarence H. Wilson, who was out or (own mm nol present at last night's meeting, was unanimously elected president of the organization. Hush Harbert wns elected vice-president. ,). f> Friend srcrelnry, and w treasurer. Cnnithersvillc coror In HIE* r . *• vl1 ^" i*njj'' b'^iit. 1 . H points, while Anna Oliver hcrsville lonvnrd, with in »ints,. led both gir] s - teams in Econng lionors. Tonight the Holland ore for the final at-ii f the season for Hie ville Icnuis, W A N T E D Government Loan Cotton Phone 107 , APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON co. \Bcrtlf Kit. Bljthfrt*, Art, Mackerel four nines in a ;cvnj) for large piles. It Ms' become ov i MHghl heavyweight speedy on but ro J. rollnrd, A committee wns nnmcd to work out details'' or the club's ovBiuilzn- loti nnd n mejnbcr.shl)) clrli-c will te stiiiicd In Ihc.nciir future \V. D, McOlurkin. supcrintenrl- ciU of schools, Joe CrnlB.Vw. Leon Sinilli,- Frank, Whttwdrlh w ) Wimderllch, who wns; temporary' chairman. Oscnr Fendlcr nnd oth' er.s Inlkci! infoniinlly. , plnns for n scori -; big fellow to' come alone ami Nestell'has done nothing to laic to 'Indicate Hint Sailor Joe Waterman, (he veteran [; w An- n "'."' Seles inntciiinnkcr^mny be wiC O'f«n«-J>U6n detail."•Nestell looks like a u-liile Joe! " e " lbcrshl l ) (ll ''Ve, nil Louis," cracked' someone I ' crs ,, w11 ' iwoliably be presented at "Sny-n year from now you'll be """ ,'i " lcdi "t' ° r the JU " 1I)C -c called \vitl|!n i ' weeks. Rejirr.sfiilniive.s of the club will "i. inntcd lo meet wllh school "otiKl . representative,-! ns .in nd vi-sory coiumiitec and' It was in- t, . .'«i.i uuw junii ue Hint Louis Is n black Nes, replied Waiefimni, wlio has upniiaiicnt vesiii rush rrom ,! III M Iei>t11c> ' ' p " sliers !mm em, 'Mass.; to. Singapore. club to or three Cariithersville Teams Win Over Braggadocio . ulhcrsvlllc . Hlo -Cur Il00 p (earns .iefoMed teams in a „ bl e • e Tneslny ni R ht n.., Onnilhcrsvllle. l )0ys having ' ,te trpuWe doubling he- .core, win,, g 9-H, while the CHS lassies were ' captain, Rimes (licnlecl Hint the club, as n group. • oulil be invited tq veeoiumeiKl Is choice for head coach; subject o » scholastic (iiialiricft- $1011,000 in |., lrsl , s l n -,' F '"--«o»'c $100,000 and nurses will be dis- nbuted nt the rtngim r , CI , , " ? "8 nt SBrtlojD. S5o«lln"i 0 ncn ". Dun. president or Ihe s ™to»"' teod lUloll who is vi S iti,, 8 ,,K, eai —MncHi^MMM Strange BufTrue Fransform the Attic nil iiilo livable rooms... we have llic malcrial you iiced anil prices loner than you would e\- pcct (o pay. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Under Huckiie I'lan IjiTiin/l nnd /jnlli nrsiie<| (|,.-it nomine was lhe Notre Dame system. It wns successful only bocnirw of his psychology, when he died nis system died with .him. • . •' Oi-inanskl and Dclnucy nrgitcil Hint Notre Dame'.s olfcnsivc. wns far superior 'lo IhS Wa'riiei- nitnck oecnus-.' under th? Rockne .syste'iii <.'very piny i s fasliioned as in scoring piny, providing the men cany out llieir assignments nroii- crl)'. v/liife the Warner plays ni'r i!«od for only n fe w yards The Noire Dame supporters also pom ed to the fnct that six of the (.'islit teams competing in ih e various bowl games this year were Notre Dniiic-conched. Tlie boys were' n little'nt oilds over which system made lhe piny- ers think- more, o.sumtiski said thai, tlie Notre Dame system with it slinl nrity of plays helps to develop •liilck llnnking." Dclnney followed "P by saying, "the huddle, as employed in Hie Warner system, does ol allow n player (o f],i,, k , fol . it does not give him enough time" Hut. on the other hand UiTnn/i ai'KiiIng for the Warner system .declared that "the Warner system dp- •»amls q ,,i ck thinking, . . . i,,' §<• ".inier system there i s more imitv nnd more Learn play." Noire Dnnie Attack Causes Mnrc Injurlw Zinlti, npoloKclIcnliy opsnin,- l,Ls nrgmncnt |,y saying tlml "it j s ] mn l lo comlemu n system thnt k ]» vogue her? nt, the college," cbmged Hint the Noire uime'system' (ays n open to more injnrv lit-n does the Wnriicr sj-stcm. -, "Tltc men In the Notre Dninc nunek, 1 snid aitilti "ar e left on •eir own-the system denln din" •lmliv.di.Bl blocking, ™ s dpmnllrt ° "ore of a strain. The Warner sys- em however, puts two men on a Biodtng assignment., thus canalizing lii'u ; ' 0 "' nlU1 ll-KSOI ' ins tla »ser of ^ Jlfi Floly Cross E Lin I'd SPnlTod nl llle Notre Diiht.c "cvcry-iihv-1- loiiclulown-play tlicory !*!^^^ Play Bifliard^T Whnlesome liccrcatlon MoiJeratrly Priced Blytiieville Recreation Center S'G W. Main - Former Home ur Bell's Pharmacy CiAKNKit Ai'pij-rroN MARVIN CHAFrELL . ' 'llama's lliley in, Coach •rusCAtxDOSA. Ala.—jpe ev Ilasliy little halfback of'Alabamu football varsities of-tin- last three falls, has signed as assistant conch at Sidney uinier high school or Montgomery. iVarthU'lf.lem hosts Mve EVANSTON. 111.—Pivc of North- veslcrn university's eight firsl- llring wrestlers have been thrown by 'Inal bugaboo, scholastic illegibility, and can't compete the rest of this campaign. The enrlh and Venus arc almost identical in size, the latter being only 327 miles smaller in diameter. 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