The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 20, 1950 · 11
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 11

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1950
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Saturday, May 20, 1950 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS Page II Methodists to Consider New State Executive 5 i inaiana Metnodists, in a series : of three meetings beginning Wednesday, will consider a con-; troversial suggestion to add an other executive to the Indiana I . area ofice. j The first meeting will be the rorth Indiana Conference at , Marion, Wednesday through Sun day; second will be the North' . west Indiana Conference at La-j fayette, May 31 through June 4, ; and last will be the Indiana Con- fercnce at Bloomington, June 21 j through 25. Some Methodists contend that Bishop Richard C, Raines is m I such demand as a speaker and his duties call him away from his Indianapolis office so often ( ' tht another officer is needed to J carry on the bishop's work in his I ' . absence. The plan that likely will be in- j troduced at the three meetings ' will provide for a statewide pro-f gram enabling Bishop Raines to i ' go outside . the Indiana area F " when he is invited. ' The new man would possibly have the title of area secretary. Drawing up a budget for each of the conferences and the ap-4 pointment of ministers will occu- py much of the remaining atten-, tion of the delegates, half minis ters and half laymen. Speakers at the North Indiana , Conference will include Bishop Hazen Werner, Ohio area; Dr. Harold Case, Methodist minister " from Pasadena, Cal., and the Rev. P. Gordon Gould, secretary in charge of Alaskan work of the board of missions and church ex- tension. Those at the Northwest Indi- ; ana Conference will include Dr. Eugene L. Smith, executive secretary of the board of missions; the Rev. Tracy K. Jones, Syracuse, MY.; Dr. Roy L. Smith, Methodist publishing agent, and Dr. Case. Speakers at the Indiana Conference will include Dr. Went-worth Hewitt, Northfield, Vt, known as an outstanding Methodist rural minister; the Rev. George M. Humbert, Youngs-town, 0.; Dr. Smith, and Dr. Hiel E. Bollinger, formerly of Lafayette, head of all Methodist student work. PREPARING FOR FESTIVAL N 'it . -, . 1. - ' ' ' ' ' 7 Vf ' 1 Mrs. Gerald Miller, left, and Mrs. Edward Farell, president, prepare for the Ladies of Charity booth at St. Rita's annual festival May 29 on the CtO grounds opposite Victory Field. The show will include children's rides, bazaars and Hollywood personalities. The News Photo, George Tilford. CHRISTIAN CHURCH HEADS DENY SPLIT North American, International Conventions Differ Over Method of Organization Hoosiers to Hear Stassen Address Baptist Convention t Northern Baptists of Indian-, apolis and the state will attend "opening sessions Monday of the denomination's national convention in Boston. They will hear Harold E. Stassen, president of the University of Pennsylvania, give the keynote address Tuesday evening. While Governor of Minnesota In 1941, Stassen was elected vice-president of the Northern Baptist Convention. The convention represents 33 state areas and 7,000 churches. It will close next Friday. Each church in the state is entitled to one delegate. Among those attending from Indianapolis are Dr. J. M. Horton, executive secretary, Indiana Baptist Convention; the Rev. Oliver Carlson, director of Christian education, IBC, and Dr. G. H. O'Donnell, pastor of Central Baptist Church and editor of the Baptist Observer. Clermont Minister to Be Ben Davis Speaker The Rev. James Earl Ladd, pastor of the Clermont Christian Church, will speak at baccalaureate services tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the Ben Davis High School gymnasium. The Ben Davis Band and the Senior Chorus will provide music for the services and the Rev. Jesse Johnson, pastor of Fleming Garden Christian Church, will pronounce the invocation. Commencement will be held Friday at the gymnasium. "CAVALCADE OF STARS" . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. .TY Channel 6 1 By JAMES WOODARD Leaders of two factions of the Christian Church today discounted reports that the North American Christian Convention and the International Convention of Disciples of Christ are about to split into two denominations. Such reports have circulated since action at a recent meeting of the North American group formed a more closely knit organization. The International Convention is the national organization of the denomination. The North American Convention is a separate group which holds strictly to independence of each congregation although of identical theological beliefs. In referring to the rumor, the Rev. Harry Poll, pastor of En-glewood Christian Church, largest church in Indianapolis affiliated with the North American Convention, said: "I would say the statement is erroneous in that it jumps to conclusions which are not warranted at all. "I do not believe the present differences are greater than they have been in the last five years." The Rev. Gaines Cook, execu tive secretary of the International Convention, substantiated this. "I do not believe that a separate Disciples group is likely. If it should occur, this is not the means that would bring it about," he said. The North American Convention first met here in 1927. It was composed of members of the Disciples of Christ who disapproved of the governmental setup of the International Convention, Disciples of Christ. It was, and still is, a preaching convention, with a minimum of business conducted. Many Disciples are affiliated with both conventions. Meeting in Cadle Tabernacle last month, the North American Convention gave a more formal standing to itself by providing for annual meetings and changing the organization of its continuation committee. Previously the North American Convention had ' met roughly every two years, whenever it was called by the continuation committee. Also, formerly the continuation committee, the only governing body of the convention, was chosen by picking an indefinite number of men nominated from the convention floor. Now, half of the committee is to be chosen by the committee itself and the other half is to be elected by the convention. Feast of Weeks Observance by Jews Tomorrow Tomorrow begins one of the most beautiful and spiritual festivals in the Jewish religious calendar. It is the Shovuous, or the Feast of Weeks. The holy day begins at sundown and, in the Reform Jewish Church, concludes at sundown Monday. Orthodox and Conservative Jews observe two days, concluding at sundown, Tuesday. The observance commemorates the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai and the establishment of the covenant between God and Israel. It is called Feast of Weeks be cause the day completes seven weeks from the day when the new barley was taken to the ancient temple in Jerusalem. . Reform and Conservative temples have confirmation serv ices for children who have completed their formal religious school education. The young people plofige them selves to a life of service to God and humanity in flower-decorated temples. YMCA Council Debates Having Women Leaders BUFFALO, N. Y.. May 20 (AP) Should women be ad mitted to the governing body of the Young Men's Christian As: sociation? The question was a big issue today among delegates to the annual conference of the YMCA's national council. The council's committee on constitution and by-laws has proposed an amendment to delete the word "male" from the rule on council membershin. South Bend Pastor to Address YC Meeting Dr. Roscoe F. Wilson, pastor of the People's Church, South Bend, will speak tonight at the 7:30 Youth for Christ Club meeting. The People's Church is independent, nonsectarian and interdenominational. West Indies Missioner to Speak Here Two missionary speakers will be featured at the 79th annual praise meeting of the Woman's Association of the Second Presbyterian Church Wednesday. Dr. Barney N. Morgan, secretary for the West Indies with the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church, will speak at the morning session in Second Church. Virginia M. Mackenzie, principal of the Presbyterian Girls' School, Sturges Seminary, Shi-monoseki, Japan, will address the group in the afternoon. Dr. Morgan went directly to San German, Puerto Rico, after being graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary. There he became the dean of the Polytechnic Institute. Four years later he became superintendent of the joint Presbyterian, Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren missionary work in the Dominican Republic. He held this post from 1929 to 1949. Miss Mackenzie went to Japan as a missionary in 1919, where she has taught in five mission schools. She became principal of Sturges Seminary in 1948. At the outbreak of World War II she returned to the States and became secretary of the board of foreign missions of the central area of the Presbyterian Church. She returned to Japan in 1948. SATURDAY RADIO PROGRAMS Church to Report Building Fund Broad Ripple Methodist Church tomorrow will close a series of six special Sundays aimed at increasing attendance and assuring early completion of its building program. The theme tomorrow, called "history-making Sunday" in the Broad Ripple Church, will be "Christ and Our Building Program." Tomorrow night a report of progress will be made concerning the building fund canvass. The church hopes to obtain cash on hand and pledges of $75,000 then or within the following week. " p ii WIRE-1430 WISH-1310 WFBM-1260 WIBC-1070 WXLW-1590 -Lll? NBO ABO CBS MBS J 4'... Jordan Music Tea & Crumpets Make It Music Easy Does It News Music -:i? DePauw U. Tea & Crumpets Make It Music Easy Does It Club ;V: Constant Invader Tea fe Crumpets Make It Music Easy Does It 1590 Club fnA- Close Ups Tea & Crumpets Make It Muslc Easy Does It 1590 Club t 5 '.IS Music Billboard Ebony Etchings Make It Music Armed Forces News Music Sen.Capchart Ebony Etchings Make It Music Armed Forces 1390 Club ;J? Music by Jagger Harlin Brothers Make It Music Armed Forces Sports Reel News Sports Harlin Brothers Winpicker Club i Armed Forces Babe Ruth Story 6V? Saturday Music Luke Walton News Speedway Gossip News-Guest Stae ? Music-News News- Modern Music News Rhythm Ranch ;J" Music Box Andrew Jacobs Vaughn Monro Errors Comedy Seven Stars I News child Lahoi; Vaughn Monroe. Errors Comedy Seven Stars t 7!., Dimension X This Is Story Gene Autry 20 Questions News Music Dimension X Jack Smith Gene Autry 20 Questions 1590 Ballroom "J" Or Consequence America's Playing The Goldbergs Limerick Show Harry James Or Consequence Personality The Goldbergs Limerick Show Sign Off 'm 8;52 Hit Parada Bands on Stands Gangbusters Hooster Hits WFRM TV '. ;J Hitparade Rayburm-Finch Gangbusters Hoosier Hits o.i ;30 Dennis Pay Rayburm-Finch Godfrey Digest Lombardoland , M - Dennis Day Rayburm-Finch Godfrey Digest Lombardoland i-Vs-rro,. it : tl nnva R " lRU llliWCSt Country HitS 4:0,., Trfali Judy Canova Baseball Chatter Midwest Hayride Country Hits a;no-s!Iu aii.. , y .30 Grand O e Opry Baseball Game Midwest Hayride Favorite Songs VZ'Sl'SLui lit Grand Ole Opry Baseball Game Midwest Hayride i" Brown SioSKi? Ai :00 News Baseball Game Newg ' TfYH Havmes Baseball Game Umbo Malln Meet the Press :. RS5B;"J BH'jme IftSnt Melt IK Press " L Dancing Party Baseball Game Qscar pUmont Bonds-K. Cole .i:00-.u.a. . , . .iS? News-Sportsman Variety Hour Million $ Party Record Party ;o-wriiinf ' 1 1 "U? now"ey Variety Hour Million S Party Record Party !!:,rrrnNr-?,,'0 ' '.li c Orchestra Variety Hour Million $ Party Record Party iolor,,nm rr. NBC Orchestra Variety Hour Million $ Party Record Party SUNDAY RADIO PROGRAMS A.M. 7: 00 :15 30 45 :00 8S il5 :00 9:15 :30 :45 10! oo 15 30 :45 11 :00 :15 :30 :45 PROCESSION OF 4,000 Berean Temple to Mark 17th Year of Tract Ministry The Berean Gospel Temple, 13th Street and Carrollton Ave nue, will celebrate the 17th anniversary of its tract ministry tomorrow with an all-day service. Principal speaker will be Dr. ErnestI. Reveal, superintendent of the Evansville Rescue Mission. In May, 1933, the Rev. Ford Porter, pastor of the Berean Temple, wrote the first tract, "God's Simple Plan of Salvation." ! There were 2,000 copies of this printed and inclosed in letters. Requests for more copies forced reprintings. j The Berean tract ministry grew until it required the for- i mation of a nonprofit -corpora tion, the Berean Gospel Distributors, Inc. Today the tract has been translated into more than 30 languages, of which 24 are printed here. There are distributors for the tract in more than 100 countries provinces and islands. The Gospel Temple has printed 20 million copies of the tract and is working on another million for Japan now. In addition it has printed eight other tracts. Methodists to Hold Meeting The Rev. Tracey K. Jones, Jr., China missionary, will he principal speaker at the Methodist Indianapolis district conference Tuesday. The conference opens at 9:30 a.m. in Old Bethel Church. The Rev. Mr. Jones has been engaged in evangelistic work in mnking, former Nationalist capital of China. He, his wife and two children now are in the United States on furlough. Two major problems before the conference will be the licensing of three candidates for the ministry and the continuance of the church extension program. Of the latter, the Methodist Church has 52,400,000 in renovation and building programs underway in Marion County. A proposal to get 1,000 men to contribute a minimum of 25c a week in a new campaign will be presented to the conference. Funds obtained from this campaign will be used to build churches in Marion County where congregations cannot afford to build their own. Holy Name Societies Sponsor Huge Rally Former Minister Here Named as Bishop The Rev. A. W. Womack, former pastor of Phillips Temple here, has been elected bishop of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. The Rev. Mr. Womack is now a minister in Dayton, O. He was elected to his new post at a general convention in Kansas City, Mo. PERMA-CRETE drives"" Ar Gmrantet DwraM. ana Dntfn. at LOW COST EASY TERMS NO DOWN PAYMENT rmn estimates fbomft evici TRI-STATE CONSTRUCTION CO. el Prortceri f mMA-CRETE S10O S. C4th. Bft.54ftft MtGUaX? Hoosier Maccabees to Hold Convention The quadrennial convention of the Maccabees of Indiana will be held Monday in the Hotel Antlers. Frank J. Leibold, state manager, will be presiding officer. State officers will be elected, as well as delegates to the national convention August 28 at Detroit. Speakers wilil be ' Judson L. Stark, Indianapolis, and Peter Wiggle, supreme representative and national secretary-treasurer of the Maccabees, Detroit. Liebold will address the luncheon meeting. A preconven-p.m. Sunday in the Indiana Mac-tion reception will be held at 8 cabee Building, 1235 N. New Jersey St. The largest public religious at traction this week end will be the rally sponsored by the Holy Name Societies of Catholic parishes. Approximately 4,000 Holy Name members will march in a procession into Victory Field tomorrow afternoon. Catholic authorities are expecting 25,000 in the audience. Archbishop Paul C. Schulle will be celebrant of the solemn Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, which will be given at an altar to be erected on the playing field. Holy Name men from Indianapolis parishes will serve as acolytes. One of the features of the program wlil be a living rosary formed by 10 Boy Scout troops. Judge Paul W. Alexander, of the Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court, Toledo, O., will be in Indianapolis Monday. As chairman of the American Bar Association's special committee Members to Break Ground Tomorrow Ground - breaking ceremonies for the Fairview Presbyterian Church, Capitol Avenue and 46th Street, will be tomorrow. A procession will form after morning services and the congregation will march across the lawn to where its new church building will be erected. The new church will be built along Capitol Avenue with the main entrance on 46th Street. The present sanctuary will join the new structure and will be used for expansion of the Sunday School facilities and youth activities. The Rev. Virgil D. Ragan, pastor of the Fairview Church, will officiate at the ceremonies. Construction will start immediately. on divorce and marriage laws and family courts, he is recognized as a leading authority in the field of family relations and juvenile problems. Sponsored by the Church Federation, he will address a luncheon meeting of the Social Workers Club in the Lincoln Hotel, a meeting of the Joint Citizens Committee of Indiana on Health and Welfare Legislation, a dinner meeting at the YMCA to which judges, church and civic leaders have been invited and a public meet ing at 8 p. m. in the First Baptist Church, Vermont and Meridian Streets. Mrs. Margaret BWhop, displaced person from Poland fiow living at Frankfort, will speak tomorrow evening at the 7:30 service of Memorial Baptist Church, 901 Belleview Place. She spent two years In a DP camp in the hands of Russian soldiers before she married on American soldier and came to America. For those with an ear for organ music, Memorial Baptist Church will present the Rev. Curt Davis and his portable organ, tomorrow through the following Sunday. For many years he was with Howard Cadle in Cadle Tabernacle. The choirs of Fairview Presbyterian Church, 4603 Kenwood Ave., will combine for a program in the church auditorium Friday at 7:45 p.m. The jf roups will be the Junior boys, junior girls, Intermediate girls solo choir, the Westminster fellowship choir and the altar choir. A group of 22 boy sopranos from the junior department of the YMCA will give their 24th sacred music program at the First Bible Presbyterian Church, 617 E. 38th St., at 6:45 p.m. . tomorrow. St. Paul's Guild of Holy Cross Catholic Church will hold a square dance at 8 p.m. Friday In Holy Cross Hall, 123 X. Oriental St. 12 :00 15 :30 :45 :00 i:15 1:30 ':45 :00 :15 ':45 3 :00 :15 :30 :45 :00 ,:15 1:30 r:45 WIRE-1430 NBO String Quartet String Quartet World News Wally's Funnies Wallv's Funnies Wally's Funnies Catholic Hour Catholic Hour Eternal Light Eternal Light Starch Time Indiana U. Sunday Sunshine Sundav Sunshine Sunday Sunshine Sunday Sunshine Church Services Church Services DePauw U. Boh Eberly Chicago Forum Chieaeo Forum NBC Theater NRC Theater NBC Theater NBC Theater 1 Man's Family 1 Man's Family Ouiz Kids Otiiz Kids :00 :15 ):30 ':45 :00 :15 Am W:45 :00 7:15 :30 MS :00 81 :00 r:30 :45 10 :00 15 30 45 11 :00 :15 :30 :45 Cloak & Dagger Cloak & Dagger New.v-Music Symphony Echoes The Big Guv The Big Guy Harvest of Stars Harvest of Stars Lyn Murray Lyn Murray Henry Morgan Henry Morgan The Falcon The Falcon Harris-Faye H arris-Fa ve Sam Spade Sam Spade ' Theater Guild Theater Guild Theater Guild Theater Guild American Album American Album Eddie Cantor Eddie Cantor Bob Crosby Bob Crosby News C. Cavallero Memory Music Memory Music News Owen Bradley NBC Orchestra NBC Orchestra WISH-1310 WFBM-1260 WIBC-1070 WXLW-1590 ABO CBS MBS - Zion AME World New s Folk Songs-News Sacred Pour Chariot Wheels Folk Songs-News Gospel Hour Christian Hour Sunday School Gospel Hour Carolina Calls Sunday School Calvary Temple Revival Time Revival Hour Eible in News Calvary Temple Revival Time Revival Hour ot Blessing Church of Christ E. Power Biggs Revival Hour Hymns You Love Church of Christ Wheeler Mission Revival Hour Hymns You Love Church of God Bible Speaks G Science News Church of God Dr. Backus Sweet Music E"nn M Words of Life Christian Men Fverson Class Funnies Words of Life Christian Men Everson Class Funnies m 101 Bible Class Christian Men Baltimore Tah. TsMuie 101 Bible Class Christian Men Baltimore Tn Plka Patterns Deluxe Four Sunday Serenade Baltimore Tb. fPa Capenart S Harmoni?ers Sunday Serenade Baltimore Tah Memories m Foreign Report Invite to Learn Ave MariHour News-Music Franit Frnest Invite to Iarn Ave Mnri Hour Heres Haymes Vets Show Reserve Salute Hoosie- Pulpit ga u,e ow News Reserve Salute Sen Serenade Salute Show Capitol Capers News News News--Music Capitol Capers Sammv Kave Pixie Four Lombardo Capitol Capers Lutheran Hour Three Suns rYntiq,J? R1ff'0J, Can! tot Capers Lutheran Hour Romance Ring Crosby Top of Week Choraliers Movie Menu New? raraa. . Top of Week Choraliers Show Tunes Sports Parade , Mr. President Students Music Show Tunes gPr,,s araje Mr. President Edwin Blltcliffe Memora hie Music Snorts Parade Damon Runvon LP Parade Stardom Stair New?- a4f ' , Damon Runyon LP Parade Stardom Stair SIfkffv Piano Plavhouse Date With Music Michael Shayne gPr, t8" ; Piano Plavhonse Pate With Music Michael Shayne. Sports Parade Harold Hartley Date With Music Hopalong C cSZTtI?? Hits. Runs, Airs Date With Music Hopaloni? C. gl! p!h2v Hits. Runs, Airs Symphonette Private Fye ? " JZ?Ja '. Hits. Runs. Airs Sronette Private Eve Scoreboard . Milton Cross L. P. Parade The Shadow 9k!'5v!! Milton Cross L. P. Parade The Shadow Uihs-Hraves Think Fast Earn Vacation True Detective oUP8"5 f! " Think Fast Earn Vacation Tnie netective H'bs.:B'aes Drew Pearson Fav. Husband Rov Ropers hfnvE! Monday News Fav. Husband Roy Rogers r"Sr. Girls Corps Our Miss Brooks Nick Carter cEX Girls Corps Onr Miss Brooks Nick Carter Scoreboard Baseball Revue Jack Renny Peter Salem SnL. Baseball Revue Jack Benny Peter Salem aJ-SS Mr. Malone Amos V Andy Reservists Salute 1,1 422 Mr. Malone Amos V Andv Reservists Salute M$ .AI55L, Stop the Music Edgar Bergen Campfire Songs rt"s, Stop the Music Edear Bergen Campfire Songs H"" i, Stop the Music Red Skelton Enchanted Hour cf3?f - Stop the Music Red Skelton Enchanted Hour -"..V'.L Walter Winchell Corliss Archer Opera Concert " WFBM TV Louella Parsons Corliss Archer Opera Concert Lifetime Chance Horace Fleidt Family Theater r.M, icwk Lifetime Chance Horace H"ldf Family Theater t:S0-Vieirrr- ; Jimmie Fidler Contented Hour Europe 2. thi Prophecy Voice Contented Hour Europe 2itMPni"Jb. Prophecy Voice Dr. Kildare Monte Cristo c Errand of Mercy Dr. Kildare Monte Cristo . :15"rSr"i"Je Th St. Francis Hour News News srsn-MMir-rr Thmcr Fmber U.N. in Action Guest Star fh 1 Essie Haydcn Bob Byrne Youth for Christ 2"-p'"1 Whll' Essie Hayden Boh Byrne Youth for Christ 7l3a-'i " All Denomination News- Band To Veterans S-ntwi"? Ail Denomination Oscar Dumont National Guard B:3o-wh.Cf mtUm 25th St Baptist Hugo Malin Dance Orchestra ,0:n,v-J;r 25th St. Bantisf Hugo Malin Dance Orchestra io:so-sirn on MONDAY RADIO PROGRAMS A. M. :00 :15 1:30 :45 :00 r:15 :30 :45 8! :00 15 0 45 Too" :15 V:30 ' :45 10 :00 :15 :30 :45 :00 11a ' :45 12 NEW FAIRVIEW PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH :00 :15 :30 :45 :00 1 :15 1:30 ':45 :00 2:15 :30 :45 :00 :15 :3rt 45 WIRE-1430 WISH-1310 WFBM-1260 WIBC-1070 WXLW-1590 NBO ABO CBS MBS Rural Rhythm Devotions Early Birds News-Neighbors Timber Time Indiana Farmer Devotions Oscar Cooley Markets Patrol Bill Faulkner Back to Bible Cousin Chickie Sun Dial Dawn Patrol Bill Faulkner Rack tn Bihle Cousin Chickie Sun Dial World News Sports Munic World News News Tunes News Music Musical Clock Bill aulkner Headlines Tunes News Sun Dial Musical Clock News Music Ring Sings . Time and Tunes Scores Music News Bill Faulkner Nown Time and Tunes Sun Dial 2 1430 Club Breakfast Ciub News of America News News Music " 1430 Club Breakfast Club Weather Man Wife Savers Sun Dial 1430 Club Breakfast nub Circle Ranch Wife Savers Scores Music Dorothy Burton Breakfast Cluh Circle Ranch Wife Savers Sun Dial W'lc'me Trav'ler Mv True Story Mrs. Farrell Easy Listening News Music ' W'lc'me Trav'ler Mv True Story Arthur C-odtrey Easy Listening Music Tune-O Double-Nothing Betty Crocker Arthur Godfrey Easy Listening Music Tune-O I Double-Nothing Victor Lindlahr Arthur r.ndfrev Fasv Listening Music Tune-O Ijjve and Learn Romances Arthur Godfrey News News Music Dave Garroway Romances Arthur Godfrey Easy Listening Melody Mart Jack Bereh Quick as a Flash Grand Slam Easy Listening Melody Mart David Ha rum Quick as a Flash Bosemnrv Easy Listening Guy Lombardo News Dentist Ladies Seated VVendv Warren Ladies Fair News Music Your Dentist Ladies Seated Aunt .lennv Ladies Fair Crosby Croons Best on Wax Orl Baker Helen Trent Farm Carnival You Ask For It ' News Music by Martin Our Gai Sunday Farm Carnival You Ask For It Market Report News News News News Music The Low Down Jackpot Quiz Ma Perkins Pick a Pocket You Ask For It The Low Down Kav Reporter Farm Circle Dixie Four You Ask For It The Low Down Dr. Geo. Crane Farm Circle News (Foster) You Ask For It The Low Down C Daniels 2d Mrs. Burton Big Sister iNews Parade The Low Down C. Daniels Perry Mason Dr. Malone Sports Parade The Low Down Hannibal Cobb Nora Drake Guiding Light Sports Parade t The Low Down Hannibal Cohb Brighter Day tnrlv nrd -lane Sports Parade Life's Beautiful Bride and Groom From Nowhere Queen for a Day Sports Parade , Road of Life Bride and Groom Hilltop House Queen for a Day Sports Parade 1 Pepper Young Pick a Date Linda's Love Double-Nothing Sports Parade Happiness Right Pick a Date Editor's Daughter Double-Nothing Sports Parade : Backstage Wife Laugh Ladies Strike It Rich Easy Does It Sports Parade", Stella Dallas Laugh Ladies Strike It Rich Easy Does It Sports Parade Lorenzo Jones Request Time House Party Easy Does It Sports Parade Widder Brown Request Time House Party Easv Does It Sports Parade - - it's I MR Side INDIANAPOLIS ON THE AIR WIBC to End 24-Hour Operations Tonight An architect's drawing gives a preview of the new Fairview Presbyterian Church to be built at Capitol Avenue and 46th Street. The $225,000 building will seat 425 in the sanctuary. It also has a chapel, church and minister's offices and choir room. The basement has kitchen, dining room and recreation facilities. The building to the right is the old structure, which will be used for Sunday school expansion. Effective tonight WIBC will discontinue its 24-hour operation. Henceforth the signoff time on weekdays will be 1 a.m., Sundays at 12:15 a.m. The round-the-clock operation failed to live up to expectations and so is being dropped, although while it lasted it was a boon to some persons who just have to have the radio going at 3 o'clock in the morning. James Melton will salute Hawaii on his Harvest of Stars broadcast Sunday at 4:30 p.m. from WIRE-NBC. He'll sing "Sweet Leilani" and "Aloha Oe." Frank Black will conduct the orchestra in "Hawaiian War Chant," The show Melton will do in Indianapolis the following Sunday will not be open to International Harvester employees, it turns out. The broadcast will originate in a WIRE studio, but will have the orchestra in New York. With the Sunday cowboys . . . Out West where riding a horse is as natural as driving a car, it is unusual when a perfectly docile horse rears and throws its rider to death. And when 't develops that the victim has bacn robbed, Roy Rogers has a mystery to solve on its program at 5 p.m. on WIBC-MBS. A pianist's off-key note during a concert recital provides the payoff clue to the solution of murder, rob-, bery and sabotage by Hopalong" Cassidy on his broadcast at 3 p.m. on WIBC-MBS. -Good music roundup . , . Musis' by contemporary American com' posers will be featured on a spe" cial concert Sunday at 2 p.m. on WFBM-CBS; works are Henry; Cowell's Symphony No. 5, Wil liam Bergsma's Symphony No. 1 and Elliott Carter's "Holiday Overture." ... Sir Thomas' Beecham will conduct the Co-' lumbia Symphony Orchestra in; Bizet's "Carmen" Suite on the shortened Your Invitation to' Music program Sunday at 3 p.m. over WFBM-CBS. . . . Andre' Kostelanctz, Eleanor Steber,a Bidu Sayao and Efrem Kurt; will be featured on the LP Rec' ord Parade show at 4 p.m. on ,' WFBM-CBS. i Bhiiih STAR-NEWS Qalek-AeMoa WANT ADS r-t rnultt rutit ty, the actual coi t your A is !-. Fhor your a4 to AT laotlo 3411. Adv.

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