The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1932
Page 3
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MONDAY. OCTOBER 24, 1032 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED PAGE fIVB Advertising Hates : : j,iu Minimum chnrt'c 60 ° LJuiKst 5 Average Words to a Line .MuKli rate per line, per month • 60c Six times, per line per duy . tow Three times per line per duy OCC One time per line * All Ads run irregularly take ;l:e one lime,rate. KllirUKUALL'S fiome ul t/ji'ii DHCKCT011Y Store. 5-lU-25c a. save a 281'- 1C Oct ZB COAL, at low cash prices, flume l'iu.-ti|jc Delivery. BLV n CUAL (JO., Waimil ii iUUruua 'flVants KINDLING and WOOL) tor heating and cooking. We deliver, w. M. Smuu, I'liuiic DSO or Uiuowuy btme. '.ilp-k 11-21 UAD10 SKKVICK RADIOS REPAIRED. Work tu.u- amc-.-u, estimates free, h. L. OKIJMA.N, Waipoic Electric snop, Hp-Ml-H 1'ilOlliJ 'ii-i. QUICK SERVICE on nil types ul rauiis. Waieli lor our udvi-rluiiijj -ar. Kirkliurit Co. I'liune 57. Itfp-kll-ls TAXi WANTED—To 'overhaul your clix- tric sweeper. \VorK uunrunU'Cd. Hellncr Electric Service, \'i union's I-iirn. Co. 1'iionc GSO. 2SU-K. del 23 EXPERT Typewriter and adding nuichiui L'eiKiiriug. U. a. Blank- ciiship, 110 E. Hose. I'lionc ItiSW. 1C-K 11-1 RESTAUKANTJT BEST EATS in town. Open day and night. Grccu Beetle Calc. Mrs. J. W. Wright, i'rop. 23p-k Oct 2'i UAKAGUS FLOYD JJAIiGETT'S GARAGE CliKYSLliK SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALL, 8p-K 11-3 BEAUTY I'AKLOUS WE SPECIALIZE IN 'HAIR TINTING & DYEING NELI/S BEAUTY SHOP, PllOne 92 200 K 11-29 HOMKCKAFT IN A 11UHHY? CALL STRINGER. TAXI 1'IIONE 279 18P-K 11-18 UOOM & HOARD MRS. T. H. WATSON—55.00 weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone C02. 1P-K 11-1 TKKKS, SHKUUS SHRUBS-all prices. We set (hem out. Hester's Fruit and I'rtxiuli:, 123 East Main isp-fcina RABV CHICKS, all varieties. Custom hutching solicited, Mnnlyn Hatchery, Blylhcville. 4cklf LLTS SWA"' WILL TRADE for set. of children's Luoks or sell, cheap, a complete set of Alexander Hamilton's bust- ness hooks. "Address "H". Courier News. 2BX-K-TF WHAT HAVE you (o swap? CJcl iTSiills—It costs only ;i lev: rents n duy. KOK «BNT FURNISHED Apartment—1 rooms and bath. Phono 8S5-W. aic-k2B TOR RENT—One small furnlshi .iparlmcnt; livo ,'i-rooni :ind one 5-rcom apartment, unfurnished. Rent reasonable to .sallslactory U*n- ants. Frank C. Oaiisjlas, Phones 33'J Born Week Alter Niece or '134. Mc-klf ! WEEKLY. Also Housekeeping ' > rooms. Prog Pond Cafe. I3e-lf| Y ?H.. CAN , T .." ELY DKHSSMAKING SEWING, alterations, mending. Cheap. Mis. E. A. Hsher, 103 W. Kentucky. 15C-K 11-la DRESSMAKING—Coats reliiiccl, alterations a specially. Thompson, Goir Hotel. R n t h 200-1:11-20 FOR SALE PILLING STATION, dwelling house, 'i storage tunks, all combined t Good business. Will sell dieap. Address "HA", Courier. 1C-K 11-7 FKEE dcinonstraiicn on latest .sew- in;.; art. SINGERCRAFT rugs, toys and gifts. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 24p-k 11-24 CLEANERS, TAILORS HATS CLEANED re-shaped, 75e.. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 12C-K11-I2 53. AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE AlUvMO LUMBER YARDS 23C-K Oct W Signs" but ynn c:m rely on Courier News Want-Alls to rent lionsti or room. WANTKI) TO 1UJY WE PAY CASH lor o'.d coo): stoves and iiscd furniture. Don't throw them nwtiy. Doilfon Furniture Co., 301 E. Mnlu. Phone X5&. ',' 40-K 11-4 CORN WANTED—Maiil-.n Halcl'.- \ cry, Blythevlllo. ' \21c-klt HE.Ll' \YANT15D WANTED woman, — Mi- ____ uncneuniberetl, settled to do general house- work. Apply to Mrs. ATrENTTON HUNTERS. For Sale Out-board motors, good as new, 3 sizes. Beone Hall. lup-k 11-10 FOR SALE REASONABLE—Slightly used portable typewriter. Call 8KI-W. 12x-kU SUPERIOR DYE WORK. \ ATTENTION — Men's overcoats i cleaned und imts blocked. Ladies FARM LANDS lur trimmed coats our specialty. Call Unique Cleaners for prompt Service. Phone 171. 6p-K 11-G DOK'T THROW THEM AWAY. We re-line, re-model and repair coats and suits for men and women. Experienced tailur and experienced, dressmaker. Hudson Tailor Shoa.' 12C-K 11-1^ DAIRIES FUESH—A Grade .Milk delivered night and morning'. Phone fm. O. W. Lewis, 10P-K 11-10 ELECTRICAL Dust-proof hags, Brushes and rubber-covered cord for your electric • sweeper. Ilcffncr Electric '••Service, ft Gillen Furniture, Call C80. 13c-kU13 FOIi SALE—5S acres in cultivation. of houses, bis barn, in 0 Blythevillc. 1 mile of miles good school. S25.00 per acre, terms. Phone 887 or W. T. Barnctt. BC-K-TF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, fixtures :nd 'wiring. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 314 14p-kll-H CALL WIGGINS Electric Shop lor repairs anil estimates. Phone 442. 10P-K 11-10 I'LUMBING REDUCED RATES on plumbing work (lone before cold weather. A. G. Aitken. Call 831W. !4c-kll-14 COAL AND WOOJ) Traiitlinnt Coal & Tmnsier Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R. K. St., Phone OIH. 4C-K 11-i PHONE 107 BUCHANAN. "Our coal is black but \vc treat you white." 2lc-kll21 FOR SALE—Good dry wood, Phone 712. Cookc and Gilliam. 12C-K 11-12 GKt'KiV 1.KAF CAFK * FRIJJT STAND Regular Meai s a Specialty. All yon can cat 25c, with drink. Complete line of Fruils & Vegetables. Sec me for wholesale prices on apples. BUCK MEIIAKG, Proprietor We nelivcr 312 E. Main OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs Wiec&tJi' Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-177 SECON'D HAND FURNITURE See Ua First R. J. Dodson 301-30} r,. r,lal» MK Bargain Hunter Now is the golden opportunity 10 buy a 40 or 80 or larger farm. Improved lands can be bought at prices ranging from $15 to $40 per acre, cash or terms. If you buy a home this fall it will increase in value, pay a good divi- ticnl and help make a living. We can locate you, write or phone. G. G. CAUDILL Box 1SH I'll one 7D7 15C-K 11-15 LIVE STOCK FOR SALE—Jersey .Milch Cows with youny calves. Ucck at Harris' Barn. Scc s R. M. IDp-kll-lD MILCH COWS lor sale or trade. Hester's Fruit & Produce. FOR SALE— Car loid of Jersey Milch Cows at barn South ot Canning Factory. Blythevillc, Oct. 22. Sec O. F. Wear, Wautalinga Hotel. 20c-k27 FARMERS having livestock to sell or if they desire to buy they will find it convenient and economical to use Courier News Want- Ads. AUTOMOTIVE FOR SALE—New and Used Auto Parts. Jackson Auto Parts Co 2020 W. Main, Phone CC. 3t:-K Nov 3 FOR SALE—Mcdel "A" Hi Ton Ford Truck. Perfect condition Very reasonable. John C. llcllancy Jr., "The Monument Man". 23c-k-TF Better Used Car Values 1D30 Graham Coupe S205.CO WO Ma:-(|iictc Sedan 5325.00 1920 Chevrolet Coach 5145.00 IS20 Chevrolet Truck SIC5.00 ID31 Chevrolet Truck S'iSO.OO Open at night until 9 P M. Shouse-Ltttle Chevrolet Co. 24C-K31 A Driver, Ark. Osccola Inn, Osccola, 1DP-1WJ SALESMEN WANTED MEN WANTED to conduct world renowned Riuvlcigh Ho:ne Ser- icc bus'itiess in or near cities ol Leachville, Osccola, Joncskoru and I'rumann. Reliable hustler can start earning S35 weekly and increase rapidly. Write immediately, Rawlciyh Co., Dept. AK-l-S, Mcm)his. Tenn. 24P-K25 SITUATIONS WANTED YOUNG LADY COLLEGE GRADUATE, desires position. Experienced In general office work, as casr.ier, restaurant hostess and in caring for children. Willing to work cheap or for room anil board and small salary. Address "S" Courier News. (.'Ijiiii to Card* The SI. Louis Cardinals are glv- n« Jimmy Olynn, ol l-'rankllu, N. ., n rluinco next year. Jimmy luis a contract and hoix's to do bit of first baslnij for thu Hints in 1D33. Ital Orange Tliil for Nljjht An oruinje-eolou'd (ootball Is best "or main games, the Oklnhoma AU.'i liavc found, l.yns Waldorf, coach, explains that this color clues uway wijiii ihe glare of the while tVrxvcr&ucc 11KUK1IKV, (UP)— Ve'rdlc , . lickhiit, is, (ricd fill summer to laiul u crafty llsn In'im Irrljullon dllch neiu- Ma hoinj. Just bel-jn schcol opened lie licokcd the nsh —a torn- iiound rainbow li-out. fllaybu Vou'n- .Mel Him »'Nl-;iUj, Ncl). tUP)— Halph Mejlur, of O'Neill, doesn't have u r.uiv.-.sii:;a in iiij hip [wokct, 'jut h.! 1 .-; bi-en In 333 auioinublb uci-l- denh uiiil still lives. He ki?;j« :i record of nil his "close shavjs." Faunlly UL AIR, Neb. tup> . KhoadcJ, rural schcol teacher,-Is a. member ot-'a school-teaching Jam- • lly. Her /ntlicr, mother, brother and sister all have taught school In Washington county. Second 1'each Crop Reported K1NSTON, N. C. (UP)~A second crop of Caches, following the first crop harvested bifore the .summer drought, was reported by FurnlfolJ Smith, a farmer. UOUbi, ANt> TAIS IS A WORKING MODEL OF THE -PIPE I HAV& INVENTED THAT WILL, NQY TSEQurRE MATCHES ? ••<—. -^-UMP-FUMF—OBSERVE THE &MAU. MASNlTY^cS, ei-K'Efi U ^EMAINISUb ATTATCHED TO TUE BOWL TC(tv\ ^ TACKS THAT — IT WORKS ON A l-UN^t AN"D ^ HEUD W<3 TORNtD TJOWN T-LAT, JUCTT^E TONY VoU THINK THM TCECEHT BUMP ON HIS N V\EKD LOOSENED it UP TH' FEW When Mrs, Thecdore Chatlos. of Euicnlicim, Pn. (top photo), and her mother, Mrs. Chnrles K. Rmlcltffc, of Ulymouth Meetlna. I'a. tlowcr pl'.clo), were blessed with |;lrl bullies within a week's time at Chestnut Hill hoapll; their liends. But tlie relationship Is simple after all. the lust bcrn (above: the hlece of Grandmother nadcilflc's little snoozing below. "P12OPET2 "DISTANCE PVEOM TU& 3, 60 THW Ti-it INTEHSIVIETi' 5 -^^ SUN "RAYS I6NITE ^fr\ THE ~ -v'irT) / ' u -/-< 3 *s£ '"i... 4 i^*— br"/V»? ' iTS BEST TO \AUMOR. WE'LL TO KEEP OFF OF AN 1 HIGH o -PLACES.' TO TT10SR seeking Courier News Want-Ads after result producing service at low cost, phone 306. WATERPROOF Covers for trucks and wagons. Carney Awnin;' Co 113 S. First St., Phone W.\. 17P-K11-17 See Weisburd Ant) See Ucller EYKS TESTED FKKK And Glasses Fitted j Sinclair Gas & Oil. Oreasim;, wash- 'ng, u. s. Tires. Day au'tt Night I [Service. Phone 555. 24p-|;0ct. 24 I NEW TORD BATTERIEsTlRcntal batteries, rccharying nnd repair- Ins. 777 Tire & Battery Station 18C-K 11-13 I WASHING Ty, - 1 ' GRKASINGlfc DAY h NIGHT SERVICE PHONE 555 I 2JP K 11-2-1 i Puts Himself "On the Spot you can hnauine the embarrassment of P. L. Lepur of Plicenix, Ariz., from this picture. As a heavy wind nnd rain storm came up building ami there sat VOO DO "TOKlk OF "VW" he drove his car to the Ice side of a bric and smim. But— with the storm at Us height, the building crashed dov;ii on him. And thai was the only deviltry done by the storm in all Plicenix. Lc-pur was unlmrt except for his feelings. .' Fruitful Talcs NEBRASKA CITY, Neb. (UP) — Garden enthusiasts tell thae here: A. 13. Wi! : im ya-.v a wa'.'jr- mc-lon that weighed 75 paundii. Henry Jansscn had a tree that iNnbleman fnjurcs Own Nierc KNl'lTliLFiiLl), Austria. tUI')— Count Thiin-IUhensteln, Austrian land-owni-r, leaped from Ills aii'.o to asbh.t a young ^irl \vijOni his t'haiillour ::.i[l slrtiek. As he Hog Out-Fasts Gamlhi O'NEILL, Neb. (.UP) — A. T. Crumley unwittingly a iiuar as larje as a yrapciruit. I the lacerated child he noted lint J. P. Tcxld dn^ a s;vea palato In | she was his own niece. I:Is garden that was M inches .'on and weighed six ixmnds. Courier News Want Ads. WASH TUHJJS KASV GOES DOWX! ROR U STANDS IN TURNS TME MhCHIME (SUN ON THfc W-!0 MOST LOVftL FfJ.tHP HE 0!£R HRP. KHKCKLKS AND HIS FIOW IT'S DON K! | Yo) SEE,YOU I ~Mf EI^LL )M YOUR YOU TAkfE FR£CkLES To SURE... IT \WOULD BS A 6RFAT SURPRISE fb IF VJE COULD. SPRIKJS HIM AS A TRIPLE T^UEAT.,.THAT IS. |P CAN' PASS At-JD RECEIVE LIKE HE BOOTS ' . FPECK! AMD TWEW PULL FULL L6MSTVI AMP LKT HER SAIL LOW! PASSER SEASON A FEV; TrllK'SS ABOUT PASSHS....1F HS CAM PASS LUiE HE KlCl^S, IT.U TN'/O 600V PASSERS INSTEAD OF TWIS...FINSERS woe THE T14UMB (SET THE IDEA? OKUKK Tile rtefeiidiiut, noberl B. Puii'is is warned to appear within thirty i days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Christine Purvis, the Chancery Court of the Chiuk'asawba District, Mississippi •ounty, Arkansas. Witness, my hand as cl:rk of said Court and seal thereof this 24tn clay of Oct., 1932. R. L. OAINES, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blyllie, D. <;. G. W. Barham, Atty. Ad Litein. 24-31-7-M l:o!} benoalli a bur i at nl.? farm with a stack of Iniy. The lies lived beneath the barn 21 days without food oi'. drirk. and re'casivl. rccc-n-- ered.

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