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'JTT T7 fTTTT1TT 1 7 i 6D Oct. 23, 1983 Lincoln, Sunday Journal and Star Hiiskers- From page 1D -cornhusker quotes Colorado completed 14 of 23 passes in the first half. "We had to come up with enmn thin (re at hQtffimo tn ning back, two tight ends and two flankers. It took us completely out of the defenses we had worked on, We had to try "Colorado has always been primarily an I-formation, split-back football team," Osborne explained. "Instead, they came out with one run to adjust from the sidelines." get some pressure on meir Scoring passer, Osborne said.

Obviously, they, did. And it 'worked. Colorado got on the scoreboard first with a field eoal Time left How (cored NU-CU 7:31 0-3 FIRST QUARTER 1 Field 37 field goal Drive: 20 yards In 6 plays. Set up when Carroll recovered NU fumble on punt attempt. Highlighted by Johnson 8 and 7 By Wayne Gonyea and Buster Gritting Wingback Irving Fryar On his 34-yard touchdown reception with 9:40 left In the third quarter: "It was an Iso-fake, but the safety really didn't go for the fake.

Rut I got behind him anyway and Turner (Gill) put the ball right on the money. It was as simple as that. All I had to do was catch it." On Colorado's decision to fake a punt on fourth down at their own 23-yard line on their first possession or the second half: "I think that was a bad call by their coach. We weren't ready for it, nobody expected it. I was back there looking for the punt.

But it didn't work and that really put them in a hole. I think it was definitely the turning point. That gave us two quick scores in a row. That's the decision you make if you think you can get away with it but it hurt them bad." Dcf. tackle Rob Stuckey On Nebraska's defensive problems the first half: "We've had a slow start the past three weeks.

I don't know why, but we have to stop it. I guess the best way to stop that is for our offense to take the first series and score. That always takes a little air out of the other guy right away." pened fast, The defense got in there and got the turnovers, and I guess the reverse (Irving Fryar's 54-yard, touchdown run) got everybody ex- cited. Everything Just went our way and we took It in every time. "We weren't looking for big plays, it just turned out that way.

A lot depended on the turf, the field wasn't too bad, so we were able to be a little fancy." Why Fryar's run worked: "They'd been flowing and keying on Mike (ljtozier) and everybody went with him. I was supposed to get the defensive end on the back side; I took his feet out; it's nothing really new for me, I have to do it in practice all the time." On the first half: "They showed a bunch of different looks that we didn't expect, a 6-1 and other different type defenses. After the first series, we made adjustments, but we always have to do that." On Texas' claims to be No. 1: "I don't care about the ratings now. We have to play the best we can that's how we can control it by winning," Would he like to pass more: "Personally, yes.

But I'll do whatever it takes to win. I've always brought it up, but even more lately because it seems like everybody is playing us man-to-man with eight-man lines. But as long as we go out and get six or seven yards every-time we run the ball you don't want to change." Guard Dean Stelnkuhler "Our biggest problem the first half was our offense didn't have the ball We only touched it four times the first half. You have to give Colorado credit, they kept it away from us. Our defense played a little better that second half, and most important, they got some turnovers for us." On Colorado's decision to fake a punt deep In their territory early In the third quarter: "That definitely did something to them, I don't know if it was the turning point, but we were able to score easily after that.

That was the beginning of many scores. We felt they had some momentum at the half, but after that the momentum swung to us." Quarterback Turner Gill On the third quarter: "It all hap- after Livingston bobbled a low snap while in punt forma- tion. Nebraska, which usually has. seven or eight possessions per half, only had the ball two more times tn the. first half.

Conversion failed And they scored on both 1 chances on Rozier runs of 11 yards and 4 yards. In between, Colorado got a second field goal and after trailing, 14-6, a touchdown with just left before halftime. The Buffs failed on a two-point conversion try to tie trie score. Then came Nebraska's third-quarter explosion. After the Fryar and Rozier touch- downs ignited things, three of Nebraska's five other TDs in the third frame came with 'the aid of two fumbled kick-offs by Colorado recovered by NU's Strasburger and Gary Schneider and the interception of a CU screen pass by defensive tackle Rob Stuckey.

CilL on a 17-yard keeper; Fryar on a 34-yard pass from Gill; Rozier on a 30-yard run; Jeff Smith on a 12-yard run; and Shane Swanson on a 1-yard pass from Nate Mason tallied the TDs. Nebraska added a single touchdown in the final frame they didn't come to play close. I think Bill saw it slipping away and decided to gamble. He realized the momentum had switched. I'm sure he (elt he needed to score, on that possession to get back In the game.

Sometimes when you gamble it backfires. But I respect him for trying the play.1" Before the third quarter was over, Nebraska had scored seven touchdowns. If Scott Livingston hadn't missed one of the extra point kicks, 49 points would have tied the NCAA record for -most points in a quarter. Record Uiird quarter Instead, the Iluskers had to settle for a new Big Eight mark of 48. The old record was 35, by Nebraska In the 'second quarter against Kansas in 1978.

Before the game was over, the Iluskers rewrote three other records. The 55 second-half points was the most-ever for a half in the Big Eight, topping the 48 by Oklahoma in 1980 also In the second half of a game against the Buffaloes. The total of 69 points was the most ever scored in Me-' mortal Stadium the previous high was 68, against New Mexico State last year and also the most ever against a Big Eight opponent (65 -against Oklahoma Slate in 1970). "I was amazed the way the game broke open," Osborne admitted. "As a result, I suppose we'll have to deal with the 'running up the score' charge again.

"Bill is one of my best friends in coaching," Osborne added. "I was actually hoping they'd stop us on that fourth-quarter drive. But (when the third- and fourth-string players are In the game) I don't believe in telling the kids not to try. The last time we had the ball, because the clock was running down, we were able to sit on it to keep from scoring again." Colorado offense new Nebraska didn't have that problem in the first half. Colorado came out in a totally unexpected one-back offense that caught the Ilusker defense off guard.

3:39 12:19 7:54 1:30 14:25 13:07 12:36 9:40 5:58 5:15 2:47 8:42 runs. Time elapsed 3:04. 7-3 Rozier 11 run Drive: 69 yards In 10 plays. Highlighted by Rozier 10 run, Gill 16 run, Schellen 11 run. Time elapsed 3:46.

Conversion: Livingston kick. SECOND QUARTER 7-6 Field 20 field goal Drive: 77 yards In 16 plays. Highlighted by six Vogel passes for 74 yards, Including 23 and 21 yarders to Embree and 11 to Hestera. Time elapsed 3:07. 14-6 Rozier 4 run Drive: 77 yards In 11 plays.

Highlighted by Rozier 16 and 11 runs, Schellen 17 run. Time elapsed 4: 18. Conversion: Livingston kick. 14-12 Hestera 5 pass from Vogel Drive: 83 yards In 17 plays. Highlighted by Johnson 16 run, 11 pass from Vogel.

Time elapsed 6:20. Conversion: pass failed. THIRDQUARTER 21-12 Fryar 54 run Drive: 67 yards In 2 plavs. Set up when Rozier returned second-half klckoff 29 yards and ran for 13 on first play. Time elapsed :30.

Conversion: Livingston kick. 28-12 Rozier 13 run Drive: 24 yards In 3 plays. Set up when Colorado faked a punt, ran and fell short of the first down. Rozier ran twice for 11 yards before the TD. Time elapsed :22.

Conversion: Livingston kick. 3S-12 Gill 17 run Drive: 28 yards In 2 plavs. Set up when Strasburger recovered Colorado fumble on klckoff. Time elapsed :27. Conversion: Livingston kick.

42-12 Fryar 34 pass from Gill Drive: 34 yards In 1 play. Time elapsed Conversion: Livingston kick. 48-12 Rozier 18 run Drive: 43 yards In 3 plavs. Set up when NU took over on downs. Highlighted by Rozier 26 shovel pass from Gill.

Time elapsed :54. Conversion: kick failed. 55-12 Smith 12 run Drive: 14 yards In 2 plays. Set up when G. Schneider recovered Colorado fumble on klckoff.

Time elapsed :37. Conversion: D. Schneider kick. 62-12 Swanson 1 pass from Mason Drive: 48 yards in 5 plays. Highlighted by Mason 16 run, Smith 2 runs1 for 25 yards.

Time elapsed 1:19. Conversion: D. Schneider kick. 62-19 McLemore 2 run Drive: 80 yards in 6 plays. Highlighted by Johnson 63 pass from Marshall.

Time elapsed 1 :55. Conversion: Field kick. FOURTH QUARTER 69-19 Brungardt 1 run Drive: 80 yards In 16 plays. Highlighted bv Smith 10 run, Rathman 13 run. Time elapsed 7:10.

Conversion: Hagerman kick. Colorado 3 9 7 Nebraska 7 7 48 Big Eight record. Statistics McCashland 4. 0 4 Casterline 2 1 3 Clark 3 1 4 G. Schneider 2 0 2 Kickoff returns No.

Yds. Nash 6 87 Wllcots 2 24 Egging 1 6 Embree 1 17 Defense Linemen UT AT TT Rafferty 2 1 3 Hogbin 2 0 2 Muncie 6 3 9 Hill 3 2 5 Smith 1 1 2 Mikel 2 0 2 Underbill 1 0 1 Nery 0 1 1 Linebackers Armstrong 5 1 6 Fairbanks 4 4 8 Cone 3 1 4 Irvin 4 4 8 Carroll 4 0 4 Backs Riggins 3 2 Wilcots 2 0 2 Scott 12 2 14 Rubalcabo 3 0 3 Donaldson 8 0 8 Davis 3 0 3 Nebraska Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Gill 7 52 7.4 Roller 19 155 8.2 Schellen 7 51 7.3 Fryar 1 54 54.0 Mason 2 22 11.0 Rathman 3 22 7.3 Smith 10 71 7.1 Sundbero 2 11 5.5 Miles 4 24 6.0 6 20 3.3 Turner 2 17 8.5 Porter 2 6 3.0 Borer 2 15 7.5 Dlvis 2 17 8.5 Napier 1 4 4.0 Kingston 1 0 0.0 Team 1 -15 Passing No.

Co. Yds PI Gill 7 5 78 0 Mason 1 1 1 0 14 0 Pass receiving No. Yds. Fryar 4 52 Rozier 1 26 Swanson 1 1 Thompson 1 4 Punt returns No. Yds.

Smith 1 6 Klckoff returns No. Yds. Rozier 4 90 Interception returns No. Yds. Stuckey 1 3 Defense Linemen UT AT TT Weber 3 2 5 Rldder 2 1 3 Herrmann 2 1 3 Tranmer 3 0 3 Graeber 1 2 3 Stuckey 2 0 2 Strasburger 5 1 6 Linebackers Daum 6 0 6 Knox 5 1 6 Proffitt 2 0 2 Backs Harris 3 2 5 Greene 1 0 1 Burke 1 1 2 Colorado Offense Rushing No.

Yds. Ave. Vogel 3 -1 Egging 4 7 1.7 21 2.3 D. 14 81 5.8 Riggins 1 1 1.0 Marshall 1 3 3.0 Passing No. Co.

Yds PI Vogel 34 18 170 1 8 5 116 0 Pass receiving No. Yds. Hestera 7 66 D. Johnson 5 80 McLemore 6 34 Embree 3 95 Brown 2 11 Punting No. Yds.

Ave. Braun 2 68 34.0 on. a 1-yard plunge by fullback Tim Brungardt Osborne used a total of 90 players, including a sixth-string tight end and fullback and fifth-unit players at, several other positions. Against the reserves, Colorado scored a third-quarter touchdown with the aid of a 63-yard pass-run play and threatened one other time. "My biggest thrill," NU Defensive Coordinator Charlie McBride said, "came when our scout squad was in there and stopped them at the goal line." 19 69 1 r- i I 1 JUL TIRE Jl HiL, A TOIMI SAiLE ffe IfeLlfe I 4t Got needy For Olo f.lan Winter cdial 8noij Tire Bale Ja 4" AH Weather Steel Haclialo F-32 All Winter Sale ends November 6 S1 (q00 "BIG RED CAPS" Size Description Sale Price P1S58CR13 F32 White's $48.00 P16S80R13 F32 White's $51.00 P18580R13 F32 White's $57.00 P18575R14 F32 White's $60.00 P19575R14 F32 White's $66.00 P20575R14 F32 White's $67.00 P2057SR1S F32 White's $69.00 P21575R15 F32 White's $71.00 P22575R15 F32 White's $74.00 P23575R15 F32 White's $78.00 SlzeP1S580R13 1 whltewall, plus S1.73FET.

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