The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1955 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1955
Page 11
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WTOMKSDAT, OCTOBER tl, l»m BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEW* PAGE ELETEN OUR BOARDIN« HOUSi — wMh M«jw fc>£NTL6V\EU, DO I " HEAR MURWRM&? MYV&RD/VMYOOM'T YOU FOLLOW MY fiXAMPLt AfJO SCEET THIS P£R- . FCCT AUTUMN) DAY J '"ITU A LILTlNS LYRIC ? CLSARS ? 30ST COMPL&TSD Tl-le , TOSEADDR'S OUT OUR WAT By J. R. Williams CERTAMUf ri'S PDI9ON IVY--W BROTHER. SOT fT ALL OVER OUR WHOLE FAMILY ONCE.' DOM'T YOU 0^?.Wlt.UAM& ITTOCX TOU AM AWFULLY LOM6 T'Mf TO SAY 'NO'TO THAT" WHFM I WAITED To 6ET RIP OF A PERSISTENT GIRL WHOM j. WASN'T PARTICULARLY FOND OF I'D ALWAYS 1NVCMT AN IMAGINARY PER^OM NAMED MILLIE EDGAR.' So TWATS THE- SIRL.YOU WERE ALWAYS TAtKtN6 ABOUf BEFORE i MARRIED YOU / Ttfcvition — Tonight Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 Wednesday Night, Oct. 1« 6.00 Superman 8:30 Cisco Kid 7:00 Television Theatre 8:00 This la Your Life 8:30 Mr. District Attorney 9.00 Eddie Cantor 9:30 News Reporter 0:45 Screen Directors' Playhouse 10:15 Weather 10:20 Tonight 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11:30 Sign Off Thursday,/Oct. 12 6:50 Meditation 7.00 Today 7:25 News—Memphis Area 7:30 Today 7:55 Weather—Memphis area 8:00 Ding Dong School 8:30 Storyland 9.00 Home Show 10:00 Tennessee Ernie Ford 10:30 Feather Your Nest 11:00 Shopping at Home 11:15 Homemakers Program 11:45 Charm with Cathy 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 TV Movte Matinee 1:30 It Pays to be Married 2;00 Way of the World 2:15 First Love 2:30 World Of Mr. Sweeney 2.:45 Modern Romances 3:00 Pinky Lee 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Movie Time 5:00 Cartoon Carnival 5:15 Interesting Person 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Dinah Shore 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 You Bet Your Life 6:30 Oangbusters 7:00 Dragnet 7:30 Theatre 8:00 Video Theatre 9:00 Playhouse of Stare 9:30 Nnws Reporter 9:45 It's A Greai Lit9 10:15 Weather 10:20 Tonight 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11:30 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Wednesday Night, Oct. 12 6:00 Dinner Theatre. 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Disneyland 7:30 Waterfront 8:00 Wednesday Night Fights 8:45 Sports Picture 9:00 Masquerade Party B:30 Penny To A Million 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Les Paul and Mary Ford 10:20 Late Show 11:50 Weather Thursday, Oct. 13 8:45 News A; Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 This Is Hollywood 11:30 Trouble With Father 12:00 News 12:05 Lunchilme Theatre 12:45 Early Show 2:15 Miss America Matinee 3:00 Foreign Intrigue 3:30 I3ozo and His Friends 4;00 Gene Autry-Roy Rogers 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 Dinner Theatre 6:2.i Do You Know Why 6:30 Stop the Music 7:00 Star Tonight 7:30 The Lone Ranger 8:00 Johnny Carson Show 8:30 Damon Runyon Theatre 9'00 Crossroads 9-30 Ozzle & Harriet to:oo riews 10:10 Weather 10:15 Pattl Page 10:30 Late Show 12:00 Weather EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware moit z-z»i5 V<^ W-tt T. M. Off. V. S, P»I Off. Copr. 19S5 by tJEA S.r.lce. Inc. "Relax and have loads of fun, Mrs. Hyde—I know how your husband keeps you penned up in the house!" "Just because you have a new doll is no reason to caJt me grandfather!" rough Wheelbarrow JACKSONVILLE. Fin. <VPi—Ancll a wheelbarrow exploded and threw the wheel into his face. If it's A Used Combine You Want We Have It! , I Allls-Chalmers Pull-type W/Grain Bin 5350 and up 3 Case Pull-Type W/Graln Bin einly $300 and up 1 Massey-Harrls Clipper W/Motor and Grain Bin $750.00 Also we have International, Case and Massey-Harris Sclf-Propcllcd Combines from S15M. SEE US BEFORE- YOU BUY 61 IMPLEMENT COMPANY "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" N. Hiway 61 Ph. 2-2142 J^.<^ AR ™W Always a W)oaq00 \y .Vi.W.V.ViV ^Wbifedb; NU'Stmt, l« Cowrie !«S br M.» W Vandcrcogk XXXVI LYNCH eyed Lund reflectively. "Would it make a great deal of difference to you who Manfred Braun was, Doctor?" "You have proof?" Lund asked. "I have in my pocket," said Lynch, "what I am reasonably certain is one of three valid copies of Adolf Hitler's will. We found it in Braun's cabin. It was written in the bunker beneath the Reichschancellery in : th« last days of April 1945. It 'appoints 'my most faithful Party 'comrade, Martin Bormann' executor and elects him Party Chan- icellor. The same Martin Bormann witnessed Hitler's wedding to Eva Braun, whose name I ithink h« borrowed. The same iBormann, who has always (avoided discovery or capture. |Proof may not be easy. Photo- igraphs of Bormann are rare, and jwe can't photograph him now." I When he reached his room ILund threw himself down wear- 'ily in th« Velvet covered armchair. "Is there anything else you want to ask me?" he asked. "The sailor Brunkc?" Lund tiredly nodded. "He saw me in Braun's cabin from the 'deck outside. Through the win- ; dow. He came around to the door to demand what 1 was do- >nR. I engaged him in talk and walked out onto the deck with h;m again." Lund's mouth twisted and his eyes blcamed oddly. "There is a useful instrument in every surgeon's kit. A short- hiimllcd hammer used In bone work. You came close to Identifying it, Mr. Lynch, when you examined Heitzig. 1 struck Brunke with it As he tell 1 caught him by the knees and II'M him. We were close to the railing, ft wai * regrettable necessity. "You gave Heitzig, however," Lund stated, "the best of care." Lund's smile had grown subtly arrogant. "Of course! I Could not afford suspicion with my mission hardly begun." Lynch nodded. "We know the rest, 1 think. You injected a heavy dose,of morphia in Meer last night with the assurance it would make him sleep. You repeated, it this morning. May I inquire why you returned the key to Meer's cabin?" "Because, sir, I had no objection to the gold chests being discovered if they did not tall into improper hands. But what gave me away?" Lynch smiled. "When you came on the watchman Heitzig in Sand's office he was, I assume, still unconscious. Deane here had struck him with what citizens of the London underworld call"» 'cosh'. The blow, though not serious, had left a perceptible swelling. But you, a physician, did not mention it. By that singular omission, you invited suspicion. "Follow? The shot you fired at Meer at the fortress 1 then regarded as conclusive that r.o one else would be willing to risk by Meer's death the likely chance the knowledge of the whereabouts of the chests might die with him. That shot convinced me gain wjs not the motive. Only Dcane, Sand and 1 knew Braun had Meer's chart." 'A word, gentlemen," Lund said quietly. "During the Nazi occupation of my country my wife died of hunRcr and neglect. My son was killed in the resistance. I myself spent three years in Buchenwald. A story, a suspicious, though a garbled story, reached me. ... It chanced I was an acquaintance of my on thit yacht. 1 n- moved him. With arsenic. A carefully measured dose, I assure you." • • • WE went out on the after deck. "Was it accident or design," I asked, "that the air conditioning conke<i out?" Lynch chuckled. "Design. I left instructions with the engineer. But I'd no idea, of course, the result would be so happy. I meant merely to make 'em more uncomfortable." A dim figure at the stern rail turned out to be Lily. "Nice going, lads," she greeted us almost respectfully. "J rather liked the little man. He seemed so meek." A white garbed sailor crossed the deck to us and saluted. "I've been looking for you, sir," he said to Lynch. "Mr. Dibble asked me to give you this." He held out an envelope. What he heard was the sharp starting explosion of a powerful motor, which in an instant lapsed into a low humming. It was not far oft. Someone had started up the sleek speedboat. * * * THE note the sailor had brought Lynch was scrawled in a handsome hand. It was brief. "Dear Old Boy—I was so hurt when you said 1 narcd for 1 mon^y, I have decided to run away. My love to ViSEO.—II, D. v> I am afraid all of us were smiling. '"The chest we lugged down yesterday!" said Lily. "One hundred thirty-five thousand, four hundred and seventy- five dollars." I had done my homework. "I shall now," Lynch said, "leave you two alone. Good night!" We looked mutely after him. Lily took my arm in both of hers and. snuggled close to me. "You're quite sure,' Bobby, you haven't any money? Nor any way of gelling any?" My imagination, I found, wns dwelling on those 19 chests at the bottom of the sea. "1 could practice diving?" "Do!" snirl Lily. T11E END The Suit That's Popular from Cost to Coast From) $65 ialinced Ttiiloring mok«s TlMELYdCLOTHES look better... linger Exclusively In BlytheviHe at R. D.HUGHES Company Home owned and operated Mason Day — Walter Day BUFFORD SHOE SHOP REPAIRING - CLEANING DYEING 112 S. Broadway Best Grade Illinois Coal and Kindling Nut Coal 2 or more tons $10 per ton plus tax B&CCoalCo. S. Hiway 61 Phone 3-8612 Give Your Child Something Educational and Entertaining for Xmas, a set of Child World Books. Call 3-4152 for Demonstration. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WOUK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS *=LL, PAT; JUST BECAUSE ; TH= WIND CABBIES MV •*— CIGAErr WTO THE OLD MAWS HACK AND BURNS THE UPHOLSTEW WT HE'S SONS OUT OF TOW AMD MOM'S GOING TO SEIDSE'CLUB.SO WHO'S TO STQg. ME FROM BUMBUN' ^jrV^T /OH, FLASH, COULD LATER WIWD FI SAY A FEW WOeOS ABOUT THAT OKESS.SIS? IT'S WNE^ PUT IT SACK; U I SEE THE DOG.V-J-, DO YOU SEE THE DOGT TME DOS SAYS, wow. r — I DOG V NOT "3ANC "BOW WOW, 7 PAPA... J DOS- <5AV, GROWtf ROWF! 1 THINK HE'S READY) FOR SOMETHING- -fc MORE ADVANCED! NUMZIO 5 IN HIS PRES5IM& ROOAV \ OH, HASN'T EVEN SFOKEW TO MS 9MCE HIS AR2IVAL/ NUNZIO, WILL VOU AW HOUR gy AIR FROU OJIklftGA CO^e. IT'S 400 MILES FUKTHER. Zi PiRf ROAD; AMP WE WEREMT SPOTTEP IM THIS AREA ^ j^T^", I PAIP YOU PLENTY, LEFTV: IT'$ UICK.Y FOR.U5 BOTH YOU ESCAPED TO MEXICO, WHEN TH&y BROKE UP OUR GANG AUP PUT A PRICE ON YOUR HEAP / ' SLAD TO PO IT FOR. AN 010 PAL, BUT I THINK YOUR P.AV Ife CHEAP! IT MEWOS A LOT TO VOU TO SET BACK IN TH'STATES THIS OVERLOOKS TH TKWL WK6UE WE AWSUSrl ROYC6 AMD HI5 5IST6K TOMORROW. FRANKS WILL MEET U5 HERE FIHW Wffl TH' DETAILS OF THEIR FIWAL PLANS! fHAl S FOP/' WWN TO\ OH OH 1 ''!/ I CANT UNDER- \ SUPE / BATTLE BOTH 5«8 Cl. Lake JVve. Pho. J-6%1 Ifl CANT UNDi STAND WHY fiUZ WOULDN'-T COME OUTA THAT LI'L . OL' POND. ^\y HE VM r HURT | '"*, ,o n \r- f n<~- HE MUTA ) A MAN AN A IWI|W V "\ TlbEP WAS M* "V VX N1UCH BY GOLLY, OSCAR, YOU'D ] ONE SECOND MORE BETTER HUKKVOR THERE / DOC, AND HIS BRIEF WONT BE ANY WABEA. / HOUR ON THE LEFT TO sEND BACK f MCOV1AN STAGE TO THE ICE AGE.' A WILL BE ENDER HEfE COA1ES THAT WABBIT PEST TO SELL WE 5OMETH1N6 ASAIN! I'LL /fff/0f£ THE DDOeBELL! &C "iP" 1 —~-r—-vr.—-•-£;."*•»« I fc-agt^;

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