The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX .^^ —T~ .-.-s, - ..,-- i •... - •--• Chickasaw Special To ST 8:30 B' Severn! Mtiiiclrecl Fans Make Trip To Big Game At Walnul Rklgc lly J. l>. PHlIiN'l) The "Football Special" train to Walnut Ridge Friday for the Northeast Arkansas championship gume 'between the Ulythcvlllc Chlcka- and the Walnut nidge man school Uobcals, yesterday was a°s- Biired when E<ldle H. Dnvid, local Sports enthusiast, received conflr- matlon of his terms from the Ms- ec iiuthoiillps In St. Louis. According Vo Ihe Icons of the agreement, the round trip rate will be $1.00 with u minimum of 350 passengers. The regular fare one Hay Is $108.. Tickets already have been placed on sale al all Ihe drug stores and leading stores in the city. A special soliciting committee composed of iUr. DavM, Arch Llndscy, and Fred S. (Rock) Sallba, Is making n canvas of the town. Superintendent W D. McClurkin will direct tile sate of diicnts for the c |tj- schools Backers aic Urging that all who irasslbly ctm please Inks ad have felt Die sting of tholr tommy - liawk. Walnut Ridge lias listed Jouraboro, Hoxlc, Harrison, Newport, Plggott, Kosclusko (Miss,) state champions of Mississippi three consecutive years, Augusta, and 1m- boclcn as victims. Seincy, an outsider, won (roin them, 20-7. WilJi i>iil four dfjj-s rrninlnln;, Coaches Carney i M Ht W d j am e s "Ace'' Pnckeli sent Die Chicks [Jim Jackets gnltied more yardage thru tile Bulldogs. Hcrslic) Moslcy sliow- etl the fans tlie nrl. of stile-stepping, stiir-armliig and spinning In n manner Hint llicy will nol sec aguin for a IOIIK time. This boy did not s(#>p lit bull carrying but Ills stellar performance lu kicking and passing departments was nothing short, of jwifecl. . . . Basil Ixicke, ruunlne male of Moslev. showed the another stiff drill yesterday' 7 wltl gratifying .results. The leom ris n whole is in good fondltipn, and al arc bearing down In the iially work' - ' outs. . Snlllra Improvhif; Ilojies that Kildie sallta, varsity futllwck, would bo nljle (o play were brightened when the youngster rciwrlcd for duty. The coaches did not let htm gc (. j tl to n i s ( O g.s yesterday but he is exiicclcd to Join the crew In a workout this afternoon. If he is ready, jrea ( | Coach Lnslk Intliiintnl he would use litm at defensive luilfhack and let il Craig assist Pmtle In back- Ing the line. Craig handled the Job for the first thne this season against Paragonld and did such n good Job of It he Is likely to be assignment pcriminpiilly. the i»i . r " '' puny the Chicks on Die twin rather than In cars. Id-turns nt 7 )'. M. Tlie. train will leave Hlythevillo from the rrlsco tlcijot 'at 8:30 tun,, going via Joncsboro... 'and will return from the Lawrence county metropolis at 7 p.m. Local bands as well as the Ixjach- se " ' lo xj- vllle htgli school organization and an possibly others, will go and provld -- .—. v..w i> t t t. be properly deco train with the K-cll school's colors us well (is hnnners and Mgns. A .whooping f! bO(| time is in stoic. , Neither the Uobcats nor the Chicks have been defeated by n district team. The'tribe has come iocni i, through eight games without n sin- oifciisc gle loss or a -tie On Hie Outside -. Looking In By "DUKE" ' . *.• - I'ralse From 1'aragoulil Hugh Kclchiini of the Paragould Daily Press has nice things c Dlythevlllc Chlck- ; 7V "'","* *<nj ^-"j LIIK viiic UIIICK~ osawi following ihe defeat suiiercd by lhe"P'nragould Bulldogs al llie lianils of the Chloks Jiust Prldav 25 to 0. ' He. writes, In part: "The Qlylhcvlllc Chickasaws 1 smooth working offensive machine came to PnraBould last Friday unil spoll:<i ihe Bulldogs'' Ilr,st Home- comlng game. The chicks, led by the specific u I ar. He rsh el Mosley, dis- any high school has ever shown on a local gridiron. "Thc majority of the fans' were ell paid iu seeing lust, 'Friday's game. They snw the best football machine that has appeared on u local ijrldlron this year. The Chick "" looked betler than the , ~.. t .~,^ iuu^vu uvuur man the „- .-_ ,. ..^.^. Osccola, Earle, Memphis Tech ollcnso frnn> i,« ?=«« ssir-s,™ ~=£- funs that the Chicks Had another back that was a constant threat." fin OM Story ' The old .story of the meeting of the immovable ,-uid n, e irresistible is likely to be unfolded again Prl- dny. HCJXJH.S have II Hint the Senrcy Lions, only team lo beat Wnlimi Ridge t)ils scasoo, were able ,o make mil nve first downs against .lie nobcals. Flrsl downs <lon't tell Hie score by f|iill e a bit, as funs who witnessed lilythevl.Vs victory over I-'orresl City will retail, but they lo show to considerable exlciu decisive strength, especially or»lhc inc. H Scarcy could yntlier bill five irst downs In taking the Uliigers M to 7 the chicks are going,to be n for a hard time of it In crack- iig that nobcflt line. Don't be siir- irlsed to sec Carney i^asllc-'s boys fllHng the air with nurses at Wal»it Itldgc. Unless the writer miss- s )i)s. guess Ijn'.vreijcc county fans ore going to see more football In one game Friday than they've wlt- "tttf "'' r " >V Pal '' o( ^" les l!lls HUcy' nr No Huey Prcsi nimbly nil Wnlnut llldgc niul countryside i s planning on tiiriihi" out to watch the "sl'aufhlc'r"; of the Chicks;. Maybe sonic of 'the boys' nlona he ridge will 'think thai » my U>nu Ims arrived when Hie Dlylhc- yllle special pulls Into town, off hand It's ralher hard to nominate any. eiUMislnxlic backer of the: phtcks n's a "Itucy" unless it could be nock .Sallba o r Arch Llndscy Bin \! the chicks breeze through the liobctits like Hucy's L s U Tigers .marched through Vnnclcrblll's Commodores to climax the 'famous ECimtor's invasion of'-Tennessee. Blytlievllle will be sallsflcil Ilnev or no Huey. Zebras All But "In" Pine Bluff is already counting o K'J4 s^tnte chnmpionship, i[ there grasp. Hint scene nt Fort Smith early n the season, (lie net result of which wus n u-C tic which still' has' the Mute's grid populace wondering." such an anlmm, Ileres the latest on the tic ^ Pine Bluff Commercial? "Pine Bluff Zebras were nninK high, wide ami hniitlsome In the Mknrnns high .school conference Kxiny-llicy boat Little Rock ' Saturday In a manner most convincing even to UUc-liiinery Hot Springs fans, and only the Black arid Gold Trojan squad from the Spa City now remains between them and another state charhjjloii- "The team which uttle nock observers had rated on a par with the red and white.'slvlpou Zebra edition of Conches Dunaway nnd Maiming fell by the wayside 18 lo t, Salnrdny, definitely! cltmlnalccl from Hie pennant chaw. Hot Springs won loo bul keen students ol the game who have wntchid both /.corns and Trojans joust ivllli opposing elevens this season pick Pine Bluffs to dominate 'me scene Thanksgiving Day if ii, cv still ride Ihe title crest which was reached in the Little Heck Saturday. ••11 was a vastly different drama which the red mid white • boys eiiiiotcd the past week-end from B umi- Bead FLUKES THE PURS Oil II- S. U., Tuiane, Two Each; Duke, Vandy, N. C. and Tennessee,One MKIIUE'S AU.-SOU'l'JJ TEAM FIRST TEAM Went*, l>uku rkii*. I* S. U '.' Hromi, Vamlerbllt ItoMn-iun, Tuiane llaruliiy, North Carolina', Alabama .' llutstm, Alabama JK'UJI, Tennessee . lluwi-ll, Alabama ions, Tuiane .. Eiii) . Tackle fiuaril .Center . Ouard Tackle ... Kml Quarter Half Hair •••Todays Almanac: ^November ti# in favorof the empire ^=Edisoiian invention cf a . of a naQ torcft sang* *- a * S- U Full .... End . Tackle . Guard . Center . Guard . Tackle .... End Quarter ... Half ... Half ... Full I'lasman, Vmiderbllt I'cssJer, Tuiane '.'.' nuth, Tennessee j Welch, Auburn ["" jlliilley, Tennessee".''','" Kupcrl, Kentucky lloberts, Georgia Tech JKxon, VanderbllC Cornelius, Duke ...."... -aiiovich, Alabuiu . BY HAJiHY iUKIIKK Head Coach, University of Georgia ATHENS, Ga.—Southern foot- Iball, enjoying ils iiest season in years, has produced so many brilliant backs and hard-working linemen that Ihe lask of selecting an All-South team Is extremely hazardous, However, risking the possible ire df several aroused southern ttiulent bodies, here's the ail-star ten in from Dixie as I see it: Kuds, Earle Wenlz. Duke, and Ltou HiiUon, Alabama; tackles, Dill Lee, Alabama, and Justin fluckas, L. S. U.; guards, George Barclay, North Carolina, and Sam Brown VaiidcrblU; center, Homer fiobhi- son, Tuiane; quarterbnck, Charley Vaushaii, Tennessee; halfbacks Millard Howcll, Alabama, and Monk Simons. Tnlane; fullback, Abe Mickal, L. S. u. Now for Ihe qualifications: The standout of the forward wall Is George Barclay, University of North Carolina's superlative guard J don't think lie has an equal hi (he nation, what with his 5 |g lm i calling, speed at pulling out of the line to run interference, and grand blocking. . His buddy al the other guard post, Sam Brown, of Vanderbilt has played at tackle this year But. he was loo good 10 leave off ihe tcsm in favor of the two tackles selected, so lie was shlflcd to citard post. m Is one of those glanl linc- men-he weighs 230—who are surprisingly active lot their size I'ackles Stand Out 1 don't believe much linprove- nonl could be made at the tackle posts. Captain Bill Lee, of Alu- mina, find Justin Huckas, of L, s U., are standouts. l«c was an inspirational leader ill year, and his 230 pounds made lim almost immovable In the line, luckas is one of tlie main reasons he colorful Louisiana state senator, Abs Mickal, caught the eye of fluey Long, No coach would have cause to grumble if he had a couple of slur-. ily ends like Wcnln nncl Hulson. i Bnrie iras one. of those aggres-' slve battlers. He shone especially in the Tennessee game, when he broke through and blocked the punt that resulted in the Blue Devils touchdown. He is a sure pass catcher and a mighty smart defensive player. Hutson, in addition to playing a brilliant game at the flank, ts the Tide's ace runner on that noted end-around play that outsmarted mosi of the Tide's foes this season. Vaughan Best I'asser The backfield—not because it Is my selection—is a honey. Hoivell niul Mfckal need no more elaboration, as they arc known the country over for their kicking, running, nnd passing. But Vaughan and Simons arc less known—but little less formidable. The Tennessee back is H, e best 'asser of them all, but doesn't have imch to offer in the way of pmit- ng. He is Tennessee's leading run- in; nhcl lias been the spearhead I of ,nc attack most of the season. Simons, chunky Green Wave star, is a fine punter and makes a specialty of long runs, havin° spun off at least one in practically every game Tuiane played. The «CO"JK! team is only a bit brilllance-and for that matter the "honorable mpullon" players who folio* are not so far behind either: ' ; Ends-Gaudy, Alabama; Wagnon, Georgia; Pounders, tennes'-ee' Geny, Vandy; Gibson, Georgia Tech; Rogers, Florida; Walters Mississippi Stale; and Penlon, Auburn. Tackles-Wagner, Kentucky- Patterson, Auburn; Starbuck. Florida' and Jack Dimltip, biike Oiiimls-E. B. Dimlap, Duke- Stone, Jlftelsslppl state- Outfcc Vai^y; and Hatley, Tennessee • Comers-Francis.. Alabama; 'sto- vall. L. S. U.; rind Satjol, North Carolina Stale. ., Backs-Johnson, Kentucky Dickens, Tennessee; Johnson Georgia; Mackorell, Davidson- sicvens Pin-man; Jackson, North'Carolina' Alexander, Duke; Angellch Alabama; Unison, Mississippi- Sca^o S. U.; Mitchell, Auburn; am Beck, Vanderbllt are bringing a special (rain bti w'ng plenty of substitutes as ilin, bone crushers of oars are he 0 opppsillon. ' • , • " ° We are closing up the town fo the game, leaving Ilolh ln g runnln mi, the water and electric current The hospital and start will be read 8M ' emer « elic y «rvlce or,^ ih You can do anything .over h M J<™ like, except beat our Bobcat Jou can parade, ioot, buy hot do= nntl t \lricn H, ^. i i.i T"-' . ""^o' being-detailed only on the..sidelines to ke pectators on the field, ••'.: : J. U BLAND, Publishe Is Fondly Awaiting • "Chick. _Shuighter'' By J. f FRIEND That Walnul "Hidge has gorie oolbnli "ga-ga" over the Bobcats whom the. Blytheville high school Chlckasaws meet at Sexton Field triday afternoon for n, e championship of Northeast • Arkansas is Indicated by a letter received re- C JM y f ' 01 " J ' L - Blanti . owner and nil if the Wal »"t Ridge Times Dispatch. II is in part us follows: Walnut Ridge. Ark. Sunday Morning Mr. j.. p. Friend, Blytheville, Ark. near Sir: - : Arising late ihis morning, i flu- ty made my'way downtown—after 'tapping over the remains and rem- lants left here by .such football ««ms : as Jonesboro, Harrison joxie, Newport, Augusta, Piggott etc., and wadins; through a lot of _shyj)f the first team's all-round _ 1 ^^ : - 1J;::: _^nj^,^.- Here's the latest on the state ti- ' " ~^ ^ fr the qualincations: °" T ; e 7 e ^= "£™- r^ ' —~"— —.--. —^rrrm_____-'' ^ ^j^^_^ to ^^^^j^^'^ Built to one high standard of • " _ '•.•., • . '• .".'•' ' • :: '*/'.:/'. FARMERS BANK &TRJJSTCO. INS USANCE DKPT, last Time Today Mat. 2:30, lf)-25c Nile 6.M i vlle,'- and "Crusi , the -hicks," etc.-to flml your letter nd knowing h,>w enthusiastic arid mxious footbaii fans are, will arise that the slaughter of the Jncks will start here next Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The rout cr com l )lele '-l ««>ie two hours Weare glad to know that you KATHERINE in < Paramount News Musical—"Ladies- Thai P] ay " with .Phil. Spitalhy and His Musical (jueens !>Iusical—"Mirrors" with Freddie Rich and ; 0rchestra Thursday & Friday! LANKY ROSS JACK QAKlE, JOE PENNER, I;YBA ROBERTI in , RHYTHM' A Rollicking, Music-Tinged Acfion C»n»ed.v Rrama. Comedy - - Cartoon TH* STANDARD CHEVROLET ,„...„„ T,.,,,.,,.,,., THE MASTER „„„„.„„ „ '465 AND SPORT ROADSTER $465 COACH. 495 COUPE '" 485 STANDARD SEDAN' 540 STANDARD SEDAN DELIVERY (to tw announced soon) Above are list prices of pas - ttf^er.can at Flint, Mich. .. With bumpers, spare tire end tire lock, the fist price of Stamford Modfl, i, J/g a<fa! . tronal. Lilt prices of commercial cars quoted are /. o. 6. flint, Mich, Sped*! equip. men* *i«ra. Price* «u6/ecr to chtn(« without notice. the Stan(lar(1 Clievroiet is gaining new friends. The reasons arc plain... . n llih ,„ t)le ono Wg ^ ^^^ rf ^^ .quality; combining notnWe 5 , y l c , performance «d 8 1a,nina-tl,e St.n«!.«l Chevrolet is nevertheless ihe , (W M', lo^-pri^l Sit' Mo«owr, this c,r makes sr*c W appeal to .„ w)lo (lemand ^^^ ' aung «ono«y. . . . The roomy mode , 4 , lave lhe ' iavint c of * t uUcr 3nJ Fislier No Draft Vemila.ion... .Tlie engine is ,h c Chevrolet valve-in-head;,he ,,rak M ' a .« weatherproof, c.LWontrolloJ. Your Ui^rptet dealer ,nvitc, yon to ,lriv c .,|» Chevrolet-no,,, CHEVROLET MOTOR COM PAN Y. DETROIT, MICHIGAN. ONE RlDti is WORTH CO 1,.\!JGE an.1 so luxurious that it is regarded evwywhert M the masterpiece of ihe low-price (Hi, the Master Chevrolet is .t the UIUB "me loyally irue to the fine Chevrolet tradition of economy. . . . You ' Mil llirill to the smooth, 8 piri le(1 performance' of its 80-horsepower, valvc-in-licad engine.., you will a( ] m i re t(le ric! , fin i^ ani jgofid comfort ofits 1'isher liodics .. . you will welcome the extra safety of hi weather- I'roof, calile-controlled lirake.s. . . !„„ raosl of all; yoll ^ U Kon by ;,. remarkable Kncc-Aclion ride. Your Chevrokl dealer will gladly place a far at yo ,, r disposal for your persona! driving test. Visit him-today! "v C.Af.X.C. tfrmj. 7CHIVROLET THOUSAND WORDS SHQUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO 540 AND UP SPORT ROADSTER.$540 COACH 580 TOWN SEDAN 615 SEDAN 640 COUPE..; 560 SPORT COUPE 600 CABRIOLET........ 665 SPORT SEDAN 675 Above are lilt prices of p«- eenjer cars *t Flint, Mich. With bumpers, spurt tin and tire lock, tht 'list price of Mister Mod?/? /* HO ac/J,'. lion al. Prices subject to clttnfe without notice. ROXY Wed. and Thursday MAT. & KITE—lOc - 25c .Graft ~wa* FOX NEWS COMEDY.

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