The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota on September 14, 1952 · Page 8
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The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota · Page 8

Huron, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 14, 1952
Page 8
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. Richard Kosse Sorority's Choice For International Contest . _ _ *. . · ^ . . · . . . . , .. By BETTY VAN BUREN A 21-year-old Huron wife and' mother has been chosen "Golden Girl of 1952" by .Alpha Iota Chapter No. 935 of Huron. She is Mrs. Richard Kosse: .. .. This is the second- year the Sorority has chosen'a golden girl. Selection 'of a golden girl is on the following three basic points: Beauty, a c c o m plishments, personality. Mrs. Kosse, the former Jane Dormady, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Dormady, was chosen by unanimous, vote of mem-, .. bers of Alpha Iota Chapter. Her year old. ron High School with; the class of 1949-she was elected-one of'the 10 most representative- seniors. She also reigned as Tiger .Queen for homecoming day festivities--' that year and was chosen^' Huron's "Teen Queen," .to represent-- the city in competition in.Minneapo- lis, Minn. · During her high school days she also served as ^cheerleader. She was married August.'1, 1949 to Richard Kosse and is now. the mother of two children: Christine,, two 'and Richard, jr., one | Huron's 1952 Golden Girl r,tvmvr"-n-'^ -T,. Vl j X ...,y T , *£" picture, along with qualifying information, is sent to the interna- Her hobby is oil painting. A number of years ago Sister. M. magazine to com- Maureen of St. Teresa's School in from other-Epsnon'si^a 1 ^ona!?"TM 11 Crst , be S an STM8 ^ art ! -i. ^i-.i wnit-i o-iiJSiiuil oiurria, -rVluna lsc-onc; anri fnnnrl VI^T- f il -^-nt^r] chapters throughout the Unitedj-fe^u find*So^ hSuli iof many attractive pictures, the used on the cover of .the S.qroritv magazine, The Jonquil, and' 'rrib'sr of the contents of the* November issue of the magazine ,are dedicated to the chosen "Golden Girl/'"". la B memoe .Last year the former Joan Er- lie Church ling, now Mrs. Bob Klar. was Hu-' ron's choice for "Golden Girl." Mrs. Kosse is black haired, brown eyed and 'stands five feet. jority pf these, are prize, winners. Se"_is also an excellent ' partner m golfing,' swimming or -a 'quick :gme of -basketball.. , Mrs, Kosse is a member of St. Mai-tin's Catho- five and one-half inches tall. She weighs Impounds, has a 36 inch bust, 24 inch waist and 35 inch hips. She was born July 25, 193-1.- , When she-graduated £rom,,Hu ALPENA SCHOOL ALPENA--- The Alpena Public! .School opened September--1 with! ran increased enrollment in the high school. There are now 54 students-:'in the-high : school a n d j -§8 s£udents:in.the grades.... - + flattening as precious 30 denier DidiMncJ Hy'ons pair 1 5 'denier A subfle, new mlsfy taupe beJge fo pair with the luxury of diamonds . . . dressy black, the new blues, pink reds and purples. So flattering to skin tones, in Holeproof s filmy sheer nylons that' wear and wear -- thanks TO their ramous shag-resistant Beaufy Lock Finish. Siies 8'/2-I I, proportioned lengths and widths. P o t t e r ' s ^footwear an Honor Mr. And Mrs. S. Morse +,» ^i n ° pen ^S" se for relat ives was held August 29'in "honor of ^h* * llyer TM e £ dm g anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.' Stephen Morse mothpV r M, a c Hu1l :° n -Th e re^were-25 Quests present including hfs mother, Mrs Belle Morse; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. DeJong Sheldon, la.; Mr. and Mrs. John H.-DeJong 'and family, Slayton | -iVLinri., ^and Miss Linda Glanville,-Sioux City la. Gifts -J ~ ~'^--' | collection were presented the- honored 'c PIERRE CAPITAL SOCIETY By FLORENCE WHITNEY PIERRE. -- Mr. and Mrs. John Berg celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Wednesday. -Many of their friends called on them during the afternoon and evening. Cake and coffee were served. The Bergs were married in Carthage, S. D., in 1902, and came to Pierre in 1919 . . . . . Mr. and Mrs'. John Berg. jr.. with and Mrs. Emil Jahrl of Chicago are their son. John, H, from Santa Monica. Calif., were here and their returning Sunday to the School for the Deaf at Sioux Falls. . . . Mrs Ethel Barrett of Burbank, Calif., is visiting at the home of her son, Mr and Mrs. Willard Barrett Mrs. W. O..Binkley has been visiting her mother at Correctionville, la., for the past week and has "just returned to her home. Mi- _,j.wiii^c4, ^cLin., wcie ueit: cum ineir A l i t j ^^ son" Louis called from Los Angeles| Piei ~re. visiting in Pierre for a shorAime. The Jahrls are former residents of Miss Betty Bang- to offer his congratulations. . . .jhart. daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Al- ernoon, Sept. 7, at the Methodistjphia, and also visit Capt. and Mrs Church when M 1SS Dawn Young, | John sternburg in Syr a cuse N Y ' daughter of Mrs. Minnie Young, be-|she -will also visit her brother and came the bride of John Hippie, son!sister, Miss Delia Westover and of Mr. and .Mrs. R. B, Hippie, iniDr. and Mrs. Ed Westover, in'Mad- a single ring ceremony read by the ison, Wis. . . . Mrs. Ed MuUally Rev. Earl Butz. Miss Young wore and her mother, Mrs. Bess Robina floor length, white satin dress son, were both admitted to the hos- with yoke and long sleeves of lace, pital Sunday. They were both suf- Her nylon net veil was caught uplfering from a virus disease but are into a Sweethenrt ran nf 1ar Tlar* rpnrirt-^rl tn "KA iT-n^^^,.;«^ into a sweetheart cap of lace. Her only jewelry was a string of pearls, gift of the groom. Her sister, Mrs. Tom Schultz, was her attendant and wore a floor length gown of blue nylon net over taffeta. The bridesmaids were both Sioux Falls girls, Miss Melba Larson and Miss Dorothy Sundall, and each wore a yellow taffeta gown with net stole. ton. where she will remain with her! mother while McNeil is on tour of I duty. He will fly to San Francisco! ,.« wA^i , 110 5 iai.LLiai.iLui». . . . p . ^ i L , uciufci.L,;! VL ivn. ctuu ivirs. AJ- i u w lanem. gown \vun net stole Sunday to join his ship the USS Mr. and Mrs. George Clark have| fre d L. Banghart, was married Linda Young,' niece of the bride, Floyd B Parks which' is a de- been having a family reunion. Their Wednesday evening at the Lutheran [from Mt. Vernon, was flower girllstroyer. . . . Pvt Bill Mahpr is daughter, Gertrude (Mrs. Carmine Memorial Church to Irving Chris-! an .d wore a white taffeta gown. |spending'a few days at the tianson. son of Mr. nnri -MY* j. jJMiss Georgia Morse was organist, of his parents, Mr. and M-- reported to be improving. Lt. Richard McNeil came by plane Tuesday to help his mother "celebrate her birthday. McNeil had ac- Wolsey Couple Honored house, August 31, honored Mr. and Mrs George -IT- home near Wolsey on their 25th wedding anniver- house was planned by Mrs. Wagner's sisters: Mrs. of Norfolk Neb., and Mrs. Ed Wagner of Carroll, martp'h"^^-^ered wedding cake served at the dinner was TM?L b ^^ e !# ers ', al f · The Rev. David Loesch spoke a few liver were received by the honored pair. * c-v , ' children: A son, Melvin Wagner «tation- at bheppard Air Base, Wichita Falls, Tex., and Doa'ne, Mar- '£? i ^ m ,f S ' £ i a - t h ?t me ' Relativ es and guests present'at the included: Melvm Wagner of Sheppard Air Base; Mr. and rPrt Wagner and Ronald of Denver, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs ^«i ,^ family, Randolph, Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer . Mr and Mrs. Oran OerUvich, Mrs. Alice , - TVT iTT/r""^' Mr ?- Ed Wagner and son, Merlin, Carroll, j., Mr. and Mrs Dave Wagner and Elton,.Mr. and Mrs. Isaac WnK^. d ,t°^v5 r ^^^rs. Clarence Wagner and family, Santa-Monica. Calif., are also here. Miss Wilma Fenley was Mrs. Frank Allen has hadi n e r attendant and wore a green . . . . ran en as a n an wore a green her family all home this last week: 'suit with white 'accessories. A fe- Mr. and Mrs. Max Allen. and chil- ception was held in the church par- 1 ~ " ~ '""" ' " "" ~' . dren of JVIiddlctown. Ohio, earns early iri August; Mr. and Mrs. lors following the wedding. The cou- ple'will make their home in Pierre TTS' \ , T-, unue, i u m a n a with their three children .,. and Donald Poe. A reception was j Walter has just returned from To- HP ntia m \\esiey Hall. The vountriu-vn «-hrn-n 1-10 i-,-,c- K~TM -- _.i..i.. . - Wyix ment following a trip to . . . . where he has been on duly L 0 ka Apart-|Thcy will leave the children \ v i t h j 'he: Hills, jMr. and Mrs. Stewart Warne and! o f ie B. McGrego re-j:\ii-. and Mrs. Ray Engby while tne'v!' ler d a u g h - j r e l u m to Nebraska, where Waller ! Mrs. J o h n j w i l l be separated from (he service and daughters, of I. . .}!,-. and Mrs. Hans Henrik Frank Allen and family of Rapid ^ * 1 _ 1 1 1 V i i . l l l _ l l C i l l l ^ l i L i l l J I I ^ V I_J1. I k , C l [ J I U ^ ^ * L L ·--* 11.^1 t . I I * l · i i l . V ^ l J l l ^ l L l c l f l City came Cor a day: Mr. and Mrs.!son is employed by the Chicago and ·HaroM Alien and family from Ycn-l-^oi'th Western Railway. . . . A the parents of a son. weight seven pounds, eight ounces, born at 8:05 p. m. Friday, Sept. 12. The Rev. Joseph W. Gray, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Huron, and the Rev. i Curtis P. Winkle of Huron College, Skarvil, son of Mr. and'attended a recent meeting at Mrs. John Skarvil of 1250 Dakota JCanado. Ariz., of the national'staff A v e -S. has returned for his'scnior'of the Presbyterian board of r.a- "urdue University, L a - j t i o n a l missions. :i.. where he i s ' a stu-: Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Keck left ; chemical engineering Saturday m o r n i n g for Xew York ';. ,, r,, , . : C l t ' V.-IKTO he will be on ;he pen- ^b?J^a G ^% La ^TecSu n rch^ rd ^ Con « r « ati - al · a l l tosreiher for a short time." . . JMrs. Woi'ley \vas presented m n n y 'Mrs. \Vill Smith (Hazel Pinckney) j Sifts. Miss- Arch w?j? assisted in of San rrancisco is here to visit her serving refreshments by her motiv i mother. Airs. G. H. Pinckney. She cr ' .Mrs. Charles Arch: '. . . Mis? I was accompanied by her daughter, (Marilyn Schimming was the eucs; jNacinc. who returned to San Fran-j°f- honor at a prenuptial shower held jicsco after a week's stay in Pierre.I f o r herr at the Norman Pu^h homo 'Pierre" Gir.Js To " . |at Ft. Pierre when Mrs. Pugh and - iJoanne. Mrs. Frank Hodoval and ; Airline Hostess .School : Eileen Fenley, Marilyn Foukas jand^Helen Robinson will leave Fri! clay' morning for Minneapolis"and jwill enroll in the Gail Airline Hostr } ess. School. They are all graduates t ~ TV TT- t 7-rT V r nerre from Pierre High School last June. Off To . ' . - . About ?.f) rhHrlror, o-a-V,o~rl »T ~. Mrs. Lloyd Young and Leila entertained. Miss Schimming will become the bride of George Dorr at a September 14 wedding^ Pierre Students he of Miss start at The Huronile and ' THE DAILY PLAINSMAM Sunday, September 14, 1352 *'/=L tj ih ?=°ra; e trade-mart Colgaro- vo-Peor Co. MAKES DISHES SHIN 16 OR WIPING! VEL SOAKS DISHES CLEAN |--SAVES YOU ALL THE HARD WORK!" KT/J Mrt. Ursula Bennett, mothtr of 3 -? 3 -JUST SOAK Dishes souk grease-free in seconds! No washing is needed. If food clings, a touch of the dishcloth gets it off. There's no greasy dishwater with Vel -- no ring around the pan! ^ DONTTWlPe "RINSE end, and Miss Betty Humphrey, who will meet them as she has been visiting there for the past week. Students leaving for the University at Vermillion are Marilyn Sleeker Marilyn Miller, Bob Anderson, Dick Hyde, John Murphy and John Dewell, who will continue their studies and Joy Merkle, Charles Clark and Kenneth Torbert, who will be new students. . . . Mr, and Mrs. Ward Green have as guests her mother Mrs. Irene Crumbaker of Helena, Mont., and Winifield Chaddock of Rochester, N. Y. Both Mrs. Crumbaker and Mr." Chaddock \vere early settlers of Sully County. Supreme Court Judge and ' Mrs.' Boyd'Leedom and their daughters, Linda and Mary, left Saturday for San Francisco, where Leedom will attend a conference of supreme court judges from all the states 'in the union. . . . T e d DeTrayenier is confined to his home with what j is called polio without any crippling effect. He has just returned from I Minneapolis after medical -exami- i nation . . . The two Hamilton boys [Tip and Tim. sons of Mr. and Mrs! 1C. P. Hamilton, have gone to Lincoln, Neb., to enroll in the University. Tip is a sophomore and Tim Yes! Just soak and rinse.-Dishes dry streak-free without wiping! Even heavy grease in pots and _ pans is so completely dissolved :'i no hard scouring is .needed! PROVf IT YOURSILF -THIS "HAND-HEAT TEST" SHOWS WHY Dip hondj ; n water. Then puf a tableipoonful of any leading det«rg.nt in one hand -- put a tablespoonful-of VEL m fh» other. FEEL THE HEAT ^·MM^^^^^^ - -- -. FKL N0 " WITH VEL from laundry detergents, indicating presence of irritating alkalis and laundry - chemicals that cause '."De- tergentBurn"! ; - because Vel contains no irritating alkalis or harsh laundry cheriiicali to cause '."Detergent Burn"! MARVELOUS FOR DISHES AND FINEST FABRICS 1 a freshman. The Ray Pool family of Blunt.held a family picnic Sunday at ihe Riverside'Park and also entertained the Blunt Gun and Rod Club at the same time as all the Pool men belong to that organization. About 125 attended Mr. and Mrs. Curtis. Mateer are expecting Mr. Mateer's sister, Mrs Henrietta Larson, former secretary' of state, from California, as a guest. - . . Miss Annamae Riff, former secretary of state, arrived'in Pierre from Olympia, Wash., and plans'to teach in Gettysburg -this year She was on her way to. that city, and was honored Friday' evening by a ?roup of friends by Mrs. Fred Gel- 1 lerman and Mrs. Ella Clauson at the Clauson apartment .in- the St Charles Hotel. ."··='··. Dawn Young Is Bride In Pierre Church ' A wedding occurred Sunday aft- SPECIAL DISCOUNT; SENIOR PORTRAltS LLOYD'S STUDIO Over Army Surplus Phono 2984 7f W^,'^ * * ", You're fashion's dream-girl in .Chansonette Everyone .Knows a moulded silhouette is the fashion ideal--and that'means a firm, young, rounded figure. Maidenfohn's dream bra, Chansonette," gives you exactly thzitf Circular stitching rounds those precious ' curves of'yours --a spoked center-cup design gives wonderful accentuation! If you've never worn Chansonette*, you've a wonderful thrill ahead! 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