The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1948
Page 6
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FA*I (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS | CLASSIFIED ' ADVERTISING INFORMATION IK! 1*0 par line" par day PC par tin* p«r d»r '« par Un« par day ...... tt Moattb par Un* .v : Me 1. daunt rfV« a>ara«* word* to th« line .1 A* ordtrad for tbraa oc all llmx ami \: atjoajpad Wfora acplratlou will ba cbarg- [i •ri.for aha aumb«r of Uma* tha ad ap- !! » atria ana adjtutmenl of Mil made. i* All clAMl'Led AdT«rtl»lDi copy' aub- '-. MltMd b» Mraon* raaidlns ouulda 01 OM city mu»t b« Accompanied by ca*h Bttaf may ba Wair/ computed Iron the AdTertUlnc ordar (or Irregular Uuar- MOM aftka* tb* one Uma raw. •• raapcatlbUlty will to take:, tor mar* than one Incorrect UuertlMl of any aaiaalrlad ad. All ad. are reatrlctad t« thetr proper alaaaiflcatloa, atjrla and type. The Courier reaerraa the rtabl to edit or njert tmt ad Ourtkla* lnundmd md Moved from 314 B. Franklin to 100 n«ry. ' )j3D-pk-«|30 Apartment For Kent Apartment *or rent. Phone 3129. 3,2«-pk-4[2 Two bl« unfurnished*rooms. 1\p W. •AM »«. . 3,30-pk-4;j >partm«ntf Wonted Thr*« or foxir roomi unfurnUhed Business Service Directory 1 Auto Supplies ; and Services CWAFVAH BBHVIO* STATION Main A [Mvulon . Phona 7 Don't endanger your fa My with faulty tlrn—BUT L1SE TIR»S ia!»-cit-t Je«p part* now available a POOLE MOTOR CO. Wa oan fill kll Tour n««fa Q«t imulD* p«rta from our oom »!et« llnw. fc.I.IS POOL*. OWNER * OPERATOR South HlRhwn? SI at Stcele. Mo Phona BI«.!B V lllll-ok-l Awning I 1 NOT the But the BEST! W« have been making an HiittaUing quality canvas awn ing for 22 years. Carney Awning Company m *. nnsT ST. PHONK »7 Laundry InturaiK* Protection «(1 INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance OI,»NCO« HOTBL 1LDO. 114 W ASK BT Lomni Money To Loan On farm land or city prop- rty. \V« also bu.v notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Gloncoe Hotel Builtliiift 3jl9-ck-wt Estate Loans F.H.A. Loans G% Home l.onns Fnrm Loans Commercial Loans TEKRY ABSTRACT ANU REALTY COMPANY 2IJ W. WALNUT PHONE J381 PBRSONAl. LOANS AlllOmoblK-alg- ni\tiirc--conml(L-r-fllrnltnre. Cjitlck, prl- TMB Bertlce. I'crsonnhzcd allirnlloii Coma In or telephone. 2D3B. C1KNERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 12J W A»h Bt. BlrtncTlll* Ark. Money to Loan Do you need K lot\n to repair or remodel? No down payment, no nor- tuge. no red tape rHA APPROVED RATI »% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 2034 Lynch Bulldlni BlTtharllle. Ark. • -U-ck-tf Mattreifot Books ; BOOKS fiction, Juveniles, Bibles, Religion* Books, Reference Books, Dictionaries, Text Books, new and used. Trt-States School Supply l«t I. HR5T ST. PHONK TJS3 INVEST IN REST Why ruin your health br ilernlni; on nn old knotty maUres*? The SMITH MATI'liESS CO. of Hljllli-Tllk. now oncrfi to ninko your old lelt inntureKs o new RI the low cose of only 18.50 If yon prefer an Innersprlng made t cl your oM uir.ureM. we will do l the low price of »«.M. Nothing the of nmterlHlx U used In vntlnK of your old mattrcMes with e IntteKt rnnchlnery. All work Hiiar- teed. PHONK 4319 OR DROP A AHD TO SMITH MATTRESS COM\NL. GRNBRAI. DELIVERY FBKE CKUP AND DELIVERY WITHIN 50 '"ONE DAY SERVICE" Building Material \ Bargain Prices on Quality 1 WALLPAPER E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly. Building Service" SPECIAL Do your own work and save 1 Rent a concrete mixer, 1 wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools you may Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phon« 4489 Box G59 Blythevills, Ark. 3-3-ct-tl KU?" rar B " 1e - Two » nrt '>* of Gosncll. G. G. Flowers Business Property For Rent : A new bulldlnj 24x60. concrete tloor ,i»S cilice and coal yard. All nt 300 S ' •econd, AcrOJA rrom Armory Hall C ^"» ftt . C«U KM. 3!39-pk^4 : 2 «/" ^~** * pr " '• 19 ^ 8 - A rk-Mo St^t, SSI' »?""«• n»«OB with llTlng qyinr -i. II Intermed. call 921. 3 ; 29-pK-4. Foods '.. Reach for Hart's Bread. 3;i-cfc-i At. SULLIVAN'S RESTAURANT ~ Dellclona Home-Made Pies A.crow from Clt) Hall Phone 246 3.23-ck-4,2 Florists Howtehold Goods .. jHow much time do yo ppend in your kitchen? iiod ~^'>ie now with easily instal' American Cabinets sii Hnki. IUBBARD HARDWAKR CO 2015 213 W. Ma 3-27-ck-.l R«ad *l Paint stoi • «9». • 14-»Us for Venetian Blind Immediate Delivery From Our Stock C. Robinson'Lumber Go Building Service Phone 5 »,30-ck-4; Laundry *»« Willie Belle Oreeii n * BKthwuy and Fifth str »wb*. Phone 42O »iM-pk-4 Notice Ab SULLIVAN'S RESTAURANT All VeKetnhles Well Seasoned cross Irom City H»ll Phone 2482 3i23-ck-4j22 FREE! THIS NEW BONUS-BUILT FORD PICKUP TRUCK The American Legion is (jiving away (his new Ford Pickup T-uck on May 2nd. You'll want (o know how you can win l(, you'll also want to help the cause It xtipportR. See any American Legion Member for further details. Help spell (he end ID *.!]> in Blyfheville! *,Iuv«nil« Delinquency SEE THIS PICKUP NOW ON DISPLAY IN OUR SHOWROOM—HELP THE LEGION HELP THE YOUTH OF BLYTHEVILLE! 5th at Walnut Fhont 4453 afon. »• prfpkrfd In r«aa of fire anrt ihrft. All ,1,.,,. D A p BnrBaln . Klor.. 110 K. Main II. Phone MJ3. 3|30-pk-4|30 for Sol*. Mitc»llan*ou* Thlrly gallon keroMda wat«r hp»l»r. Alio ona Mlteh«a alnk. Call 2728 J.3I-CK-4.1 AL SULLIVAN 1 * RR8TAUIIANT Krt«h Sea Kooda rjallv AoroM /rom Oily Ball phon« M«2 Burrough's CASH RKGIS- i'KR. Practically new, call 801. 2-27-ck.-U For Sale OM) NEWSPAPERS COURIER MEWS OmCI Help Wanted, • male —. _ I Wanted Tou«(f Man, age l$-lf\ for • pmltlon with local plant of ». NB- lloiial Corporation, as bookkeeper Op- poriunliy for ndvAUccrnent Renli' In own hundwrltltiK. Courier News, Uox WEI.I. PAID? Army men Xnow the security of » flnnnclallr «nr« future Hee your Army nntl Air Force Recruit-^ Ing Offlco. Clly Hall. Blythfvllle. 3|25-ck-4]l Private Rooms Nice lartj« sleeping room with b*lh, mpn or workltiR couple. Three blocks off Mftln. call 43M. 3;jl-pk-4;7 Hfidroom, 314 N, Ninth. Phone 233R Uedroxini. close to town. Men only 310 Walnut. _ 3!24-tiV-4 ; 24 front Bedroom, close In. Constant hot water. Phone 2062, 320-pk-4[l With kitchen privileges, 817 Cl.Scka- COTTON PLANTING SEED D. F. L.-I4 State Certified. Blue Tag, Delinted and Treated. 100 Ib. new bag-» BRYAN FARMS 06CKOLA. ARK. 700 3 ; n-ck-«|13 Typist TTPINO. Phon 42J3 or 2S7fl. 3|15-plt-<|13 Dogs, Cats, and Pett One W*ck .thoroiiRhbred -mali chow puppy., Mrs, o. R,-> RolllBbn, pkione 9. - - •, -3j21-ck-lf.. Why Bppnd moiiej- 5wdp with u« bert KuCfman's 8wi.p Shop. 40« C Rln. Phone R59 ' io!22 ck U ror sale: Black thoroushbrMl stx- weeks-olrt Cocker s\>nnl?l pnpsilcs. 'none 43S«. 3;^0-pX-4j2 eslRtered Tret «nd white rocker pup- Ten rlmrnjilons In |)pdlpree Mi* N. «. Jerojne. phone 3101. 3;30-pX-t,6 Persona/ Al. SULLIVAN'S RESTAURANT Choice of KO Steaks and Cliopi cross from city Hall Phone 2W2 •ELL WHAT YOU DON'T \VANT fND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Courier News Classifieds. HIGH SCHOOIj GRADUA~T>r~p7clc~the rnool you want, the Army will clve o» the very Il, ln6 t tralnln,!. The sklll- a man advitnccs to leadership nuickly ee your Army a,, ( l M, Force liecrnll- nr; Olflce. City Hall. Blythevllle. If you hare soinntnmp you rton't ecd and can't sot rid of. try ril'jcrt uffnmna Swap Shop, phons 859 40n : "»"'- l|8-ck-rf Plumber 11 you need » licensrn plumber, or xpe-l mote repair work done, cull '•ry Meyer. »i ntibbard Hardware 1130-ck-tf Services HOUSE MOVING. ThirleDii 'ears experience. Plenty of equipment. References. T.evel- »ir. foundation repairing Virgil Koley, phone 21 OS. Sporting Goods BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS afe""^*"* " n " orl " s '" s '°c* Whole fn" o n r fl w1f^ nld ^ c S.^; ii - T C»'jP;«' >ri"nUnT e corn".n' SC ph" d ^ " l ^° r " IT'S WH.SON TODAY IN SPOUTS KQUIPMKNT JU-ck-4 1J Al. SULLIVAN S RKSTAURANT ~ Best Coiree In Tou-n Acroe, Iron, city Hall Phone J<« 3 «-cfc-( 22 Farmer's Column Por sale: Four tons hr\y, B Tt HodKC •hone 4881. 3[3l-pK-4i3 "BABY CHICKS" U. S. approved, pullonim controlled. ?13.50 RLAYLOCK HATCHERY N. Highway 61 Phone ;U72 3-31-ck-tC Mo<lel B John Deere tractor, powsr FERTILIZER 3-9-18 & 6-8-12 Miss D P & L M Certified Cotton Seed. PLANTKRS COOP. Phone 720 3-22-ck-4-15 Farmers Column 941 Pontlac. n«w motor, rndlo nnd neuter. Cull H73. 3]:(0-pk-4[fi IH40 Packard [onr door sedan. All new accessories Including motor. New paint Job. Price *640. Cull 3231 or 3782 after ft p.m. 3;30-ck-tl FOR HALI1 -V On« A-rriadel Ford. In perfect* ah»p«. Call 703 attsr^ 4:00 I P.m. | Light housekeeping room. Phone UerJrooin convenient to bath, steam heat. Phone 3325. 611 w. Main. Has Close Cai! 1347 Chevrolet plcxup. Phone 97.1 3.H-CIC-4-HI Bale or Trade: 104(1 Chevrolet trucX. two speed axle and IP*6 N«borR trailer In Rood condition. Ixw mileage, also pood tarpaulin. Priced for quick sale See or call Tom Crawford. 3849 <5os- ncll. 3j25-pk-4i3 For Sale, Farm 240 ACRES good land. Four houses, three barns on good gravel road. Five miles from Blytheville. Price $210 acre. Johnny Mavr Real Estate 112 S. Second Phone 4111 3i8-=k-4!8 Urocery store ana men* market with | WTONESDAY, MARCH 81, 194* Edward Kackett, 15, holds wallet wliich prob:ibly saved his life when a berserk gunman opened fire on a group or high school students in New York City. One \vas killed and six were wounded. The bullet, Tired at. ctcse range by the gmimai], went through the wallet and grazed the boy'.s abdomen. (NEA TclephotoJ hotisa and lot. J. W. Golorth. Dell. 3;4-pk-4|4 1-or .Saie: Mortel B John Deere trnctor. ' power control, complete with cultivator. rim hotlom breaker illsk. mowing machine and two row horse-drawn planter, brand new. never been used. Price JJ.7MI. J. o. Pool. El Paso. ArX. 3 J5-pk-4;l The Keallhiest chicks on llie market: AAAA Grade Pullonum-Testcd. BABY CHICKS ?H.n5 por 100 at Jim Brown Store—Phone 5S'l 3-18-ck-lf Sewing - 'ooa Cherry. Phone 3IM Spotted Poland China Boars Sh-ed by Delta Challenger outstanding son of Wilson's Challenger. Boars are subject to registration and priced right, J). Ben Holly, Cooler, Mo. 3-30-i>k-4-16 Tor Sale: '70 Oliver iractor ftnd cultivator, with complete overhrml Job Thru botton <ll»k breaker, nntl new tll»fc. Price, 12.000. Will sell disk separate. J. w. Blartwell. Steclr, Mo Phone IOF-H, 326-p*-42 For Sale, Cars & Trucks New three room house on North I'enth Street. North ot RRllronrl. .llnl - YOUR DREAM HOME A modern Turin home or 811 acres. Seven room frnme dwelling, good barn. plenty or oul-bnllnlnss. Fenced and cross-fencer]. Ten ncre fruit orchard 11K> pecan trees. Jmt outside city limits of Mnnll.-x. On Rood highway Klec- trlclly and v.-ivter, priced to sell See CHAPIN or TIPTON Mftnlln, Arfc. 3:30-pK-4;5 for Sale, City Property for quick sale: it Rrocerr buitlncju". ive llvltip rooms on Highway. JIROO 'hone. 2.194. 331-pk-4it4 You Can Find The Best Used Cars And Trucks In Town At Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. '41 DeSOTO 4-DOOR SEDAN Jk'atitil'ul R!u* finish. Radio, healer, new seat covers. Tires fjo<>d as new. Special $795 '38 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR SEDAN New blue finish. A renl t;o<>d used car. Many miles of IransporliUion. Bargain $495 '42 FORD ll/j TON TRUCK Long wheel base, motor perfeof, new 12-Ft. slak* body. A real farm truck . . . a value at $1295 '41 CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN Two-ton* blue eolor. Molor (food, real jfood tir*«. YOM c«n own thi* on* for imljr $795 '39 FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN Deluxe 85 HP model. Motor completely overhauled. Low mileage, one owner. Priced to sell quickly $495 '40 FORD '/2-TON PICKUP TRUCK Heater, radio, all steel body, maroon color. A real buy a( this pric« . $795 Many Others to Choose From SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY W« Never Clost^ 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 578 Sales Depr. Open til 8 p.m. for Rent Two room furnished. ho\ia«, W«wly decorated, RiitomnUc hot water heater. Frlgldalre. etectrlc store. »4S H. month, couple only. Phone 3123. 3i31-pk-4il On Hotly Street- A rrM desirable four room horn* Hardwood Moors, sheet rorx finish nrwly dcroratptl on lol TSxl.SO I'rlrcrl to ,w» quick. A SEW SIX room diiotcj rcnllnit for JSO. pried J3.700. In Wpst Knct. NORTH Sin?: nMr new hlch »<-nool ..Itr; one new sis room home. J4.ROO; onr flTff room house $3 ISO- one fotir room hoyijie >l,nw. If von buy <" «»ll. phone Fmi,C. »nt to New r locution , dolnfc sootl hnslneja. Be5t Manila. S-tr. Jnmes Co»u Chapel School Student Wins Spelling Contest CARUTHEKSVILLE, Mo., Mnr ai —Dorothy Coiiway. 13. Seventh Grade student of Chnpcl School West of Ci.rulhersvillp. will represent Pnmiscot County In the finals of the Spelling Bee al Memphis. April 10. having won this honor lu the Pcmtscot Cmmly climi- nnlions last week end at the high school auditorium here, with 21 competing. She is the daughter o( Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Couway, and her teacher Is Mrs. Minnie Specr Boone.She received a check for S50 from the ~!hamher of Commerce, for winn- ng first, and checks for S2S atiri IS went to the second and third jlnce winners. Second place wns \vcm by Jo Ann Ucxamlcr. 13. eighth grade pupil if BrnRsadocio, daughter of Mr. am". Mrs. Rohert 'S. Alrxnuder. and llird place was won by Harriett Ann Hawkins. 13, eighth Rrnde, of Car- ithcrpville grade school, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hawkins. Political Announcements The Courier New* has berm .•ilithori?.ecl to announce the lollow- insj candidates, subject lo the general city election. April G: and the Democratic Primary, July 20th anrl August 3rd: FOR ALDERMAN (First Ward) Jesse M. Whits Harry Taylor L. C. (Bud) Posey Jr. (Second WurH) J. L. (Jodie) Nabcm FOR CITY CLERK Larry Kneas W. I. (Bill! Mali:: COUNTY TREASURER Prank Whilworlh COUNTY COURT CI.ERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONF.K ' K. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Sllippcil STATE REPRESENTATIVE Leslie N. "Dukie" Speck For County Judge Roland Green For Circuit Court Clerk Hnri'ey Morris Typewriter DON EDWARDS 15(7 Olrtsrunftllf 78. fvillj cnvU prrftct ronnuion. »22'X>. Phoni! 1940 Plymouth four door sedan. IMW ! rnstt. Clean BA n hound's tooth. Homo 1-unerM Home. Call 220«. 3.^l-pX-4.l4 . Jeep Owners Testify Its the Little Man's Car Klythevllle people say the \VIUys Overland Jeep ts the, veal "mile Mans Car." Right price r«n R e. utmost in comiort. nnd economy or operation are the winning factors with them bee your Jeep dealer tortav. PO/(.K MOTOR COMPANY KLUS POOI F OWNER AND OPERATOR. South Hlih" _ Good four room house. Immediate possession. Priced to sell at ?2,000. One five room house, large lot. $2250. Terms can be n.r- rruiKod on either house. See ov call Gates Wovtliington Co. ll-i S. Third St. Phone 2751. After 5 p.m call 28<t« Kll room house, with h«th. rranlrni IT new, Cftn hp flnnnced OSCAR AI.KXANDER Re?l Fslale anrt Insnrnnrp. Phone M Cooper HiilMlng. i« 3. Second si For Sale, Misc. New and used Mills Ice fream freei- frs nnd hardonlntr CAhLncl* Also Nel.<on fodn fountain. Write Biiford TriweAlt. Cftr\tthersvl]le, Mo. Phone 743 "^ M1J - 3,3l-pk-4 14 Good motor Kcontcr. pricc-i' for fiuick sain, ('all 4-1 «1 aftr- •1 p.m. 3-31-ck-t Food Lockers For Rent Cold Storage Meat Curing Expert T'roce.ssin 0 ; and Quick Freezing for Home Freezers Groceries - Meats - Fish BLAYLOCK Frozen Food 21sl & Main Phone 2(>02 SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get A New Car RIGHT AWAY! IN 8LYTHEVILLE IT'S "61" Motor Company (Home of "fit" Implement Company) North 6th Street Phon« 2142 COTTON FARMERS lly r1clln(«cl cotton w Hie \nin€ we*k. mor* rolton. terminal. t|ulrker, plant iM chopping exp«nK« UTATK CKRTIKIFI) VARIBTIM AVA1I.A»I.K D. * r. L. No. 14, per M Ifc. h«f Slnnevllfe 2-K, |>fr -S* In. h*f Kowdefl 41-R, per M rh. hat Olhar T»rltli»« H»lf * H»lf (lllhrfrl) ptr M 1*. V«« l*.!t* Slonerllle 2-C. per 54 Ik. ho 1 1*.N Cokfr. 1M Wilt Re«i<l»nl, ptr M IV. r»<r i r»nla. rrr S4) lli. h>|t m.YTHKYIM.F. SOYBKAN <TOIir. rtiana KM Bl>thevill«, Ark. rh» WE'VE GOT THE NEW LOW-PRESSURE TIRE * That you've heard about... * That car manufacturers demand... * That gives new and old cars aifce A NEW KIND OF RIDE! LARGER Air Chambof LOWER Ak Pr.t.ur. MORE Comfort EASIER St««ring LONGER Cor LiU Wo hav* yowr *i in stock today! Highest allowance for your old tires. ~..-.,__. _ 'WALNUT AT BROA.DWAV >«I"DIAL 555 FOR SEFWICI

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