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Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1970 Tho Lincoln Star 20 Tagge Gains Back Of The Week Honors HUSKERS' STAR RELIEVER EARNS UNANIMOUS VOTE SPORT SIGIM1S By Hal Brown Sports Editor, The Star ecution was good." Tagge has the second best completion percentage in the Big Eight with better than Only Brownson has a better mark. Also nominated were Tilling back John Riggins of Kansas, offensive halfback dreg Pruitt of Oklahoma and Colorado's tandem tailbacks, John Keyworth and John Tarver. hack of the week Tuesday a panel of sjmtI writers. The ole was unanimous cwn though Iowa State's Otto Stowc and Kansas State's Bill Butler came in lor careful consideration.

"Jerry called a very fine football game." said Devaney. "Iowa State's defense was jumping around out there, and Tagge kept his purse. His ex ably the best performance of his career in the Iowa State game. Tagge completed 18 of 27 passes for 223 yards and two touchdowns and had no interceptions. He hit on key passes on every Nebraska drive.

The performance was so spectacular that Tagge was named Big Eight Conference after coach Bob Devaney found that Van Brownson's arm was a little stiff before the game and that Nebraska regular quarterback in recent games also "wasn't throwing good enough." Tagge, who was the No. I quarterback for Nebraska's first four or five games while Brownson occupied the reliever role, turned in prob Kansas City Jerry Tagge has fallen into the role of star reliever on unbeaten Nebraska's football pitching staff. He was summoned from the bullpen last Saturday to start against Iowa State and directed the Cornhuskers to their 54-29 victory over the Cyclones. The call for Tagge came i rprj 7S MVP POWELL First Baseman Named Top AL Player Coaches Telling Jokes Three months ago when Big Eight football coaches gathered in Kansas City lor the annual Football Kickoff Luncheon, the sports writers, who followed them there, noticed a large drop in jokes told by the coaches in comparison witli former years. But now it appears the coaches were telling plenty of jokes.

The only problem is that the writers didn't recognize them as jokes. All eight coaches expounded on the toughness of football in the Big Eight, claiming it to be the toughest football league in the country. The audience, which paid an exorbitant price for a terrible meal, along with the writers, who got that Same meal for nothing, should have been laughing loudly at the words of the coaches. We still believe the Big Eight to be the toughest football league in the country and a number of our fellow writers also do. But apparently the coaches don't.

With five Big Eight coaches on the CPI football poll board, it's not nearly as silly that Nebraska can get only two first place votes as it is that no other Big Eight team can crack the lop 21). And next when a Big Eight coach gets on his feet and starts expounding on the toughness of the Big Eight, you can bet that this writer will be the first to laugh in his face and point out the aboe fact to him. Writers Treat 'Em Better While Nebraska got only two first place votes in the UPI poll with live Big Eight coaches voting, the lluskers got three first place votes this week in the Associated Press balloting from a board that has only three Big Eight-oriented writers or broadcasters. One of those Nebraska votes comes from the deep South where Furman Bisher of the Atlanta Journal is a Big Red booster. And the Buskers would have another from the West Coast if Los Angeles Times writer Hall had a vote.

Here's a portion of Hall's column of Oct. 30 as supplied by more than one Nebraska fan to our desk: "Each week, Nebraska keeps getting only one first-place vote in the Associated Press football rankings based, as you must know, on the ballots of sports editors and sportscasters across the countrv. able player for the 1970 baseball season Tuesday. Powell, runner-up to Mil nesota's Harmon Killebrew in the 19K9 MVP balloting by the Baseball Writers Association of America, won handily this time New York iD BigBoog Powell, the slugging first baseman who led Baltimore to its third league championship and second World Series title in live years, was named the American League's Most Valu league playoffs, with only regular season performances taken into account. "I didn't think I'd be this excited," Powell exclaimed when I told of the conquest at Ins South Miami.

Fla winter home. "I'm 1 certainly happy. It's by far the biggest thing that's happened to me. As they say, this is where I it's at." over the Twins' Tony Oliva to' give the Orioles their first individual award of the year. Ralph Houk of the New York Yankees beat out the Orioles' Earl Weaver for the AL Manager of the Year prize and Minnesota right-hander Jim Perry topped Baltimore's three 20 game winner in the Cy Young Award voting.

JERRY TAGGE had the MVP award sewed up. "But there's just one thing," he added. "1 heard the same thing last year." As in the recent Cy Young balloting, the vote was widely split. No fewer than eight players were given first place votes. And none of the 29 players who received votes got one from every committeeman.

Poweil was omitted from one ballot. Powell, a nine-year veteran with Baltimore, is the third Oriole to win the MVP award in the last seven years. Brooks Robinson, the 1964 winner, finished seventh this time and Frank Robinson, who won in 1066. was 10th. The Twins, champions of the Powell said he hud heard all during the World Series that he Notre Dame Holds Key To New Year's Day Lineups The 29-year-old Powell, who! packs 260 pounds on his 6-foot-l frame, provided a major share of the punch in the Orioles' Eastern Division runaway, bat- New York (J1' pickin' again Will Notre Dame go or will the Fighting this New Year's Day ting .297, with 35 homers and HI runs batted in.

i Irish prefer to spend lie is the first lull-time lirst baseman to win American League MVP honors since 1938, when Jimmy boxx of Boston fey ff took the award. Killebrew won last year after splitting the Nebraska's lone first-or maybe Omaha or season between tirst Dase anu Western Division, also had three players among the top 10. Perry, the Cy Young winner, was ninth. He was the only pitcher to finish in the first 10 in the balloting. Players from 11 of the 12 AL clubs received mention in the balloting.

The Detroit Tigers were shut out. "One would naturally assume that place vote was coming from Lincoln maybe even North Platte. third. Killc jrcvv finished third in the balloting this year, followed by Boston's Carl Yastrzemski, the BOOG POWELL 1967 MVP, and Washington's Frank Howard. Powell drew 11 of the first place votes cast by a 24-nian BBWAA committee and totaled 234 points on a basis of 14 for DICKEY THE TARGET Good Pass Rush Is NU Goal Saturday Miss are unbeaten in league play.

Before the bids go out. Auburn must face Georgia, LSU has Mississippi State and Notre Dame, Ole Miss meets UT-Chattanooga and Tennessee plays Kentucky. On paper, LSU is the only one in extreme danger of losing. Try Nebraska-Auburn in Miami as opponents in the Orange Bowl. Last year, the Sugar Bowl took the Texas-Arkansas loser.

Such will not be the case this time unless it's Texas. Of course, there's always the possibility that Texas would decline a bowl bid if it loses to Arkansas. The Sugar Bowl may decide to go for an SEC match between the LSU-Mississippi winner and Tennessee or possibly invite once-beaten Air Force, if the Falcons beat Stanford this weekend. The Gator Bowl conceivably could have a rematch of last year's Sugar Bowl between Arkansas and Mississippi if those two teams lose their big finales. Arizona State, likely to finish unbeaten, is a possibility here.

Where does all this leave the Astro-Rlubonnct, Liberty, Peach and Sun Bowls? With plenty of teams to choose from, is where. Still untapped at this guess will be Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Boston College, Florida, Houston, North Carolina, Penn State, Texas Tech, Tulane and West Virginia. The Rose Bowl, of course, will have Stanford against Ohio State, even if the Buckeyes lose to Michigan, unless Northwestern somehow sneaks into second place in the Big Ten. Summing up, which is guesswork at best, try these on for size: Cotton Bowl, Notre Dame-Texas; Orange, Nebraska Auburn; Sugar, Tennessee vs. LSU Ole Miss winner; Gator, Arkansas vs.

LSU-Ole Miss loser Astro-Bluebonnet, Houston or Texas Tech vs. Air Force or Arizona State; vs. Air Force or Arizona State: Peach ami Sun, your guess is as good as anyones else's. first place vote, 9 for a second, 8 for a third, etc. Oliva had 157 points and five first place votes, and Killebrew had 152 with one first.

The votes were cast before the in sunny Florida? That's the question the Cotton and Orange Bowl selection committees are asking themselves and the answer should be forthcoming when the bids go out the evening of Nov. 21. If. at that time. Notre Dame is ranked first and Texas second or vice a a the Irish undoubtedly will choose a return trip to Dallas, where they lost a 21-17 decision to national champion Texas last Jan.

1. Then, all they can do is sit back and hope they don't get knocked off by Southern California on Nov. 28 and that Texas gets safely past Texas AM on Nov. 26 and wins the big one with Arkansas on Dec. 5.

First, however, Notre Dame must beat Georgia Tech and louisiana State while Texas faces Texas Christian. "Personally, I attach more importance to the ranking than (o the money." Ed Kiause, Notre Dame's athletic director, said eariier this week, noting that Orange Bowl receipts would pay about $50,000 more than the Cotton Bowl. Assuming Notre Dame chooses the Cotton Bowl, that would leave a spot open in the Orange Bowl for a Southeastern Conference team probably Auburn or Louisiana State to oppose Nebraska, the likely Big Eight champs. Kansas State and Oklahoma stand between the Cornhuskers and a Big Eight crown and an unbeaten, once-tied season. But both games are in Lincoln, where Nebraska has won its last nine starts.

The Orange Bowl traditionally goes after the highest ranking teams available. Auburn and LSU currently rank 8-9 in the Associated Press poll, although LSU beat Auburn, with two other SEC teams Tennessee and Mississippi rated 10th and 12th. All four teams have lost once, but LSU and Ole "That's what happened to us against Iowa State when Jock Johnson was open for them over the middle and we did the same thing to Iowa State when Jerry Tagge dumped the ball to Dan i for the one touchdown." The Husker also noted that his But one would be assuming wrong. The other day in Atlanta, Furman Bisher. sports editor of the Atlanta Journal and one of college football's foremost experts, openly confessed lie's the man who's been regularly tabbing Nebraska No.

1. "Bisher obviously is a southern gentleman all the way, and, more to the point than that, he's a gentleman who knows what he's talking about. "Nebraska's C-0-1 mark, blemished only by the 21-21 tie with USC in a Coliseum clash the Huskcrs probably really should have won. has been recorded against sterner stutf than has faced one-two Texas and Ohio Stale, the celebrated big bullies who have been beating up all the neighborhood weaklings. "In short, I'm with Furman.

My top 10 after seven weeks: 1 Nebraska. 2 Notre Dame. 3 Ohio Stat e. 1. -Stanford.

5 Air Force. 6 Tennessee. 7 San Diego State. 8 Michigan. 9 Texas.

10 Oregon. Sorry, Austin, Sorry, Tempo." Texas Foes Best, Irish Worst According to records of the opponents played by the top four teams in the national football ratings. Texas plays the toughest schedule of the quartet and Notre Dame, as usual, plays the weakest. Texas' opponents have a combined record of 29-28 for a winning percentage of 50.9f while Notre Dame's Iocs are only 22-37 for 37.3' Opponents thus far on the Nebraska schedule have a record of 32-43-2 for 42.9' to rank the Huskcrs second to Texas in schedule severity among the top four while Ohio State edges out Notre Dame with its foes owning a 22-34-2 record for 39 7' By HAL BROWN i Star Sports Editor Pointing out that he'd like to see Kansas State quarterback Lynn Dickey spending much of his time Saturday afternoon on his back, Nebraska football coach Bob Devaney also admitted Tuesday that accomplishing that task will be a tough one for his defensive Black Shirts. "On a pass rush, it's largely a matter of individuals beating individuals these days." Devaney explained.

you start to send more men in on the rush, teams that pass a lot are Black Shirts had beaten some teams this season man-on-man on the pass rush. "And last year, we got a good rush on Dickey, something other teams hadn't been able to do." he added. "But to do that, we got some some good individual efforts and well enough versed that they'll we'll have to get that same kind start dumping the ball to outlet individual effort again Satur men. dav. VINCE GIBSON -GIBSON BRINGS PURPLE POWER, PURPLE PRIDE, EVEN PURPLE BEER TO K-STATE HOME- Everything's Coming Up Purple In Manhattan including super star Dickey, else only what Big Eight Gibson stresses no player, gets any more than anyone Conference rules allow.

Devaney also pointed to another problem in putting on a good pass rush against a team that uses the pass as its major attacking weapon. "Teams that pass a 1 go from on upright stance," he explained. "They then shift down which slows your pass rush because you can't go on the first movement since they may just be shifting down with that movement." While Kansas State i primarily known as a passing team, Devaney pointed out that the Wildcats' running game has been showing improvement. In last week's win over Oklahoma State, the Wildcats passed for 249 yards and ran for Players Follow Coach's Orders: No Clothes Cleveland Wi Cleveland Holy Name High School's football players believe in following their coach's instructions. With the advent of bad woa! tier, Pete Pucher told his boys to wear hats and tennis shoes for an indoor drill at the next practice.

"I went in the locker room and there they were, all in their hats and tennis shoes," the coach said, "and nothing else on." aware of what was going on, months before the probation action. "On the other three or four, we just made mistakes. The Big Eight Conference has many pages of rules, and it's mighty difficult to know each and every one of them." Gibson says the six players who joined the pros and didn't graduate from Kansas State were junior college transfers and lost some of their credits with their transfer and had insufficient hours for a degree. "One of those 1969 players is presently enrolled at Kansas State and plans to get his degree in December," Gibson says. "The others plan to obtain their degrees after this football season.

"During the 1969-1970 school year, our football players on the average completed 29 hours of college credit when only 24 were required, and they maintained an average grade point of 2.395 on a four-point system. Our football players are obtaining a quality education and obtaining their degrees. Our players are well dressed, well mannered and have respect for the student body." "I can sleep at night." Gibson says. "Our administration wouldn't back our program if it wasn't honest. We're not feeling sorry for ourselves.

Our program is not going to pot." Gibson doesn't think the probation will affect his recruiting, saying, "Our players believe in our program. Our players are happy. The players have to do the selling job." Gibson says soon after his arrival at Kansas State he had been told "to improve its football team or get out of the Big Eight. We've been aggressive trying to reach that end." The former defensive coach at Tennessee searched for a gimmick. He came up with purple pride.

His purple idea swept the community and the state of Kansas like a prairie fire and mushroomed into all parts of the country. Men donned purple suits. Women turned up with purple hair. Purple Pride mine ana Dreaa and eggs appeared on market shelves. Mini-skirted girls wore purple hose.

Beer in Manhattan turned purple. Restaurants have purple menus and napkins. Ball point pens, blankets, pillows, long handled underwear, skirts, shirts, blouses, panties and bras they're all purple. Gibson has enough purple clothes to last a lifetime. The city painted the parking meters purple.

University nameplates are purple. An 8-year-old kid scrawled a letter to Gibson: NFL Clubs Subpoened Without Reason Given summons called for a Dec. 7 Manhattan, Kan. I.T) Piles of telegrams and letters and a sign and a purple bedpan these things caught your eye in Vmce Gibson's office at Kansas State University a month ago after Kansas State had been put on probation by the Big Eight for recruiting violations. The telegram on top reflected the feeling in all of them.

It read: "We're behind you more than ever, all 200 of us." The lone word on the sign is very simple: "Pride!" The purple bedpan, a gift from hospital nuns, is symbolic of Gibson's 3'i-year-old dream. While some people paint a town red, Gibson has painted this community purple while he goes about his task of rekindling Kansas State's football fortunes. He is the head coach. Gibson took over "the losingest football team in America" late in 1966. K-State hadn't had a winning season since 1954.

In 12 years had won only 23 and lost 94. The Wildcats hadn't won in 21 straight games. Gibson set a target of 1970 for a great team. This was to be the year a Big Eight Conference championship and a bowl bid. Then disaster struck, not once but twice.

Lynn Dickey, the quarterback who had broken most Big Eight passing records, suffered bruised ribs that crippled his effectiveness in the first two games and kept him out of the third. Dickey returned and the Wildcats knocked off Colorado, the team which had blasted Penn State's string of 23 games without defeat. The Colorado game brought Kansas State's record to 2-2 and Gibson believed the team was on its way. Then the Big Eight Conference placed Kansas State football on probation for three years for recruiting violations. And they can't play postseason games or appear on television through 1972.

The team was shocked and three days later lost to Kansas. As the 1970 season began, there were rumblings that Gibson was operating a football factory. A national magazine pointed an accusing finger, saying six of Kansas State's 1969 players had turned pro but had not been graduated. Many coaches might have crumbled under the impact of so much in so short a time. Not Gibson.

Gibson says he plans to go right on painting everything in sight purple and preaching purple pride and purple power and that Kansas State will rise as a football power. He doesn't deny there were recruiting violations. He does deny that he's operating anything that resembles a football factory. "There were some violations," Gibson says. "I donjt say we don't deserve to be penalized.

We made mistakes but they were honest mistakes. We've been honest in our program. The severity of the probation makes us feel like we're getting kicked in the face. "All except three or four of the violations were committed by an assistant coach, who was fired as soon as we were Bookies Favor Frazier, Ali Las Vegas, Nev. IT) Heavyweight boxing champion Joe F'razier has been installed by Las Vegas oddsmakers as a 5-1 favorite over Bob Foster in their Nov.

18 title fight in Detroit. George Foreman is a 2'i-l choice over Boone Kirkman for their fight in New York on the same night. The books on the Las Vegas strip have Muhammad Ali at 5-1 over Oscar Bonavena in their heavyweight fight Dec. 7 in New York. Cleveland A number of teams in the National Football League reported Tuesday that they had been served subpoenas to appear before a Federal Grand Jury, but a mystery sur appearance.

The two New York clubs the Giants and Jets and San Diego Chargers were among 228 yards. "Dickey has run the option play when teams have least ex-1 pected it," Devaney noted. "And against Oklahoma State, he ran the bootleg play for a touchdown. "Their running game has been improving and they have a fine runner in Mike Montgomery, who is a fine all-around football player," he concluded. Highest Scoring Team This year's Nebraska team is the highest scoring outfit in Husker history with the 330 points surpassing the record of 323 set by the 1907 outfit.

Alaor Bowls Here All three of the major bowls have indicated they will be in Lincoln this weekend to watch the Huskcrs meet Kansas State. The Cotton. Orange and Sugar bowls all have requested space in the NU press box. The Huskers are eligible to accept bowl bids at 6 p.m. Saturday.

To Visit Vets Nebraska football coach Bob Devaney and five Husker grid- ders will visit patients at the Veterans Hospital tonight in observance of Veterans Day. Vistiing the hospital along with Devaney will be quarterback Jerry Tagge, fullback Dan i those who said they had not been served. rounded the reason behind the action. The National Football League headquarters in New York said it had not been informed of any court suit while the Justice Department declined comment on reports the subpoenas were the result of antitrust charges. The Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Harold Sauerbrei, general manager of the Browns, said' he and four others in the Browns' organization had been issued a summons to appear Nov.

17. "I've been tryfng to find out what it's all about," Sauerbrei said. "I understand that officials of some of the other National Football League clubs also have been subpoenaed." Vic Schwenk, general manager of the Saints, disclosed uear purple power leader Beat Kansas. From your purple pride lover." Purple store windows make you dizzy. Signs are everv-where "Purple Pride" and "Purple Power." "People may not know where Manhattan, is," Gibson says, "but they know where purple pride countrv is." During Gibson's regime, a stadium and athletic dormitory have been built, and a new synthetic turf installed.

Not one penny came from taxes. Gibson tried to get purple turl but it isn't manufactured. Attendance at five games averaged over 40.000. "I've got four kids," Gibson points out. "I don't want my kids to think their daddy's dishonest.

1 try to be an asset to the community. I wouldn't do anything that isn't on the up an up. "Everyone is proud of our program, and we'll have a winner at Kansas State. You can build a winner any place you want to with this philosophy: 'Be tough, be quick, be And add a dash of purple. With a 6-3 record and only two games remaining the Wildcats have clinched their first winning season since 1951 when they were 7-3.

And a victory Saturday over Nebraska would clinch at least a share of the Big Eight championship for Kansas State. The last title won by Kansas State was 1934 when they won the Big Six with a 5-0 record. Sports Menu that his office had been served a Wednesday Nothing scheduled. federal subpoena. He said also Saints, Chicago Bears and Baltimore Colts were among the teams that said they had received subpoenas.

The Browns said they were summoned to appear before a Cleveland Grand Jury Nov. 17. The Bears safd their summons he didn't know the reason. In New York, the Giants and the Jets both safd they had received no summons and knew Thursday Nothing acheduled. Friday FOOTBALL Big Eight: Kansas Stale Freshmen it Nebraska.

Memorial Stadium, 1:30 p.m.; Lincoln High Schools: Lincoln High vs. Lincoln Northeast, Sea-crest Field, 7:30 p.m. linebacker Jerry Murtaugh, offensive guard Don McGhee and I-back Jeff Kinnev. nothing of any anti-trust or court had a later date but refused to reveal it. The Vikings said their action..

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