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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 25
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 25

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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II The Lincoln Star 25 Thursday, October 1, 1970 Week (Buff's rvis Lineman Carfferg imm urns ifir tV By Randy Eickhoff Star Sporti Writer DEFENSIVE END FOUND NEAR BERLIN WALL IN SERVICE BY CROWDER lending HO Runners Orvis carries a average in Colorado's school of business. He's also married and has a son named Gabriel. "I vowed my kid would have better breaks than I did," he says. "We thought he would be an angel. I guess that's where Gabriel came from." In winning Lineman of the Week honors, Orvis beat out split and Tom Gatewood and offensive guard Larry DiNardo of Notre Dame, defensive tackle Charlie Fisher of West Virginia, linebacker Crowell Armstrong of Mississippi and centers John Bomer of Memphis State and Kirk Liddell of Princeton. year, worked briefly in an automobile plant and then was drafted into the Army, where he completed high school. guess I ran with the blackleather jacket gang in high school," Orvis recalls. "We were always in trouble and just hanging around. "I learned a lot of things in the service and it was good for me. I wouldn't recommend it as a cure-all for most guys, but I grew up a little. Service football got me some bad habits that I'm still trying to shake, like a bad tamper. But I think now that I can channel that energy into more productive areas." tackles were behind the line of scrimmage for losses totaling 15 yards. In the second half, when Penn State had a first down on the Colorado six, Orvis was in on two key stops and later, from the 12, he harassed quarterback Mike Cooper into two incomplete passes. For that performance, Orvis was named National College Lineman of the Week by The Associated Press. Football coaches have been known to recruit in some strange places. Colorado's roster, for instance, lists players from Moose Jaw, Hudson, and Honolulu but Crowder ran into Orvis three years ago while in Berlin on a government-s ponsored coaching clinic for servicemen in Europe. Orvis was a standout player for the European champion Berlin Bears. A year later he enrolled at Colorado and last season was named sophomore lineman of the year in the Big Eight. Life hasn't always been this enjoyable for Orvis. His parents drowned in a boating accident when he was 3 and he was raised by a grandmother. He dropped out of Beecher High School in Flint, after his junior By Associated Press Since coach Eddie Crowder found Her. Jrvis not far from the Eerlin Wall, it's only right that the big defensive end should be part of the University of Colorado's wall. And as far as Penn State is concerned, the 6-foot-5, 230-pound junior from Petoskey, could just as well have made the Army a career. Although Penn State ran most of its plays away from Orvis' defensive right end position, he still managed to make 12 tackles, four of them unassisted, as Colorado drubbed the fourth-ranked Nittany Lions, 41-13. Three of the Too Much Gun Several hunters are guilty of using too much gun while hunting and, consequently, 'over-kill' their game. The only thing worse than completely missing your target is to render tne meat useless for the dinner table. If the meat Is ruined, you might as well have stayed home. This fault is not uncommon everyone does it every year. Even those who should know better are guilty of 'overkilling sometime during their life and sometimes it just can't be helped. Even this writer pulled a goof last year when he absent-mindely slipped a duck load into the pump while hunting for quail. Consequently, when the shot connected with the quail, I was left with a little ball of fluff and some severely mangled meat for the table. But the adage of 'too much gun' can apply to other sports as well. A case in the Nebraska Sectional PGA Championship proved the point as one of the professional golfers used "too much gun" on one of his golf shots during the first day activities. Nebraska cross-c coach Frank Sevigne he'll find out quickly what sort of a team he'll have this fall when the Cornhuskers open their season at Pioneers Park Saturday against Kansas State. "They have Jerome Howe, who won the Big Eight championship last year, and an outstanding newcomer in Rich Hitchcocjt, the California junior college champ from Bakersficld JC," says Sevigne. "And they've had a couple of weeks more work than us so it will be tough to beat them," he adds. Sevigne is cautious about predicting the Cornhuskers can match last year's runnerup inish in the Big Eight because Leon Pounders, playing for the Deer area in Valentine, used a three-iron when Park Recreation his partner used i he's going with a youth move an eight and shot well over the green. ment this season. There is unquestioned quality In Pounders case, he just misjudged the distance (estimated at 154-yards) and shot a three-iron that in his words "must still be traveling." in veterans ureg tariDerg, running better now wan ever Top Of Four Wig Sight Categories UPSTART CYCLONES PACE OTHER FOUR before, and Jim Lang, wno finished eighth in the con- erence meet in 1969. "Pete Brane was our leader last year and Greg is ahead of Pete's pace at this time," says Sevigne. Cariberg, wno ap Amundson and Dean Carlson, the league's second pair of proached the 4:00 mark as a 305.0 230.0 Avg. 34.5 miler last spring, worKea ex The other professional playing with Pounders picked up his eight-iron and placed it on the green. "I thought the distance looked a little more than 154-yards and so I played it to be," Pounders laughed. "When Merle (Backlund) pulled out his 8-iron and placed jt on the green I knew I was wrong. I knew I was wrong when the ball went sailing over the green." It didn't affect Pounders' playing too much, though, as he still finished in a three-way tie for second place with Backlund and Bud Williamson, Sr. Fishing's Picking Up After the mid-summer slump all anglers see in the middle of the hot weather fishing season, the better anglers are bringing home fair-sized catches of bullheads, bass and trout. "starting" quarterbacks, give Oklahoma Slate .3 219 9' 5 Kansas State 3 214 690 SCORING OFFENSE Pts. Iowa State 2 69 Missouri 3 86 Colorado 2 57 Nebraska 3 85 Kansas 3 79 Oklahoma 3 63 Kansas Stale 3 S3 tensively on distance running the Iowa Staters the runner-up 28 7 28.5 28.3 spot in total offense (398 a this summer and reponea in great shape when the 26.3 game) and the scoring lead. 21 0 Cornhuskers opened workouts 17.7 John Major's rejuvenated outfit Oklahoma State 3 46 some 15 days ago. RUSHING DEFENSE has a 34.5 point-production Att. Yds. Lang, who missed tne lata 15.3 Avg. 92.3 128.0 131.0 mark. Defensively, the regrouped outdoor track season because of a leg injury, is healthy again. Nebraska 3 Oklahoma 3 Kansas State 3 Missouri 3 Colorado 2 Oklahoma State 3 Iowa State 2 138 125 169 140 100 128 103 277 384 393 409 308 518 359 136.3 154.0 172.7 179.5 262.3 secondary, headed by Tony Washington and Jeff Allen, which has been getting all kinds is providing good action Stagecoach Lake near Hickman to anglers in bluegills and bass. Kansas 3 163 Behind the veterans are uve, Dromisine. but untested, 787 PASSING DEFENSE Kansas City, Mo. It's not unusual to look over the team statistical categories in the Bit; Eight Conference and find Nebraska at the top of more than its share. Such is the case again this year as the potent Huskers top the league in four divisions. However, don't look now, but Iowa State, that band of upstarts picked for last in the Big Eight this fall, also leads the Conference in four team categories, including all-irrportant scoring-offense and scoring-defense divisions. Surprise unit of the fall, the Cyclones, backed by strong running from a trio of league-ranked backs, Jock Johnson, George Amundson, and Mike Palmer, have put together the best rushing offense, with a 254.5 game average. This, plus clutch passing from of help from a strong rush, pace comp. Att. Int. Pet. Yds. Avg. newcomers. All have impressive Iowa State .24 119.5 the Big Eight in passing defense .393 .449 Okla. 31 with a 119.5 mark. Colorado 28 123.0 132.0 145.3 239 369 264 436 449 457 488 511 Tied altogether defensively K-State 38 Kansas 36 Nebraska ....39 .509 .481 .590 .574 .484 again this year, the Cyclones 149.7 152.3 162.7 170.3 Oklahoma 45 Missouri 29 have now allowed but nine .358 TOTAL DEFENSE points on the season. This 4.5 Att. Yds. Avg, Anglers seem to be having the best luck at Stagecoach by fishing on the bottom in the reeds and rocks with worms. Farther out in the lake, anglers are getting good catches with minnows posted about half way down. Bullheads are biting on minnows rolled in 'fragrant' cheese and puffballs at Pawnee Lake while trout are being brought out of every stream in the western part of the state and Merritt Reservoir. Anglers are also having luck in several small farm ponds with bullheads in the southwestern part of the state. 244.7 276.3 average compares with the second of 11 surrendered by 286.0 290.7 Nebraska 3 Kansas State 3 Colorado 2 Oklahoma 3 Oklahoma State 3 Iowa State 2 Missouri 3 206 248 155 218 197 164 221 734 829 572 82 887 598 920 Jill It Asiw9rWmwW both Colorado and Nebraska. prep credentials. Sophomore Jim Hawkins, who missed his rookie season because of minor surgery, was the Nebraska prep cross-country champion in 1968 after finishing second as a junior in 1967. The rookie crop includes North Platte's Dan Speck, who broke Hawkins' state record last year; Grand Island's Lynn Hall, state mile champ last, spring; Lincoln Southeast's Bob linger, the state two-mile king, and Mike Fertig, the Maryland1 295.7 299.0 The Huskers, with the Jerry 306.7 Kansas 3 224 1236 412.0 Tagge-Van Brownson SCORING DEFENSE quarterback duo ready to Avg 4.5 operate at full strength again, 11.0 Pts. Iowa State 2 9 Colorado 9 22 Nebraska 3 33 Oklahoma 3 41 Missouri 3 49 Kansas State 3 51 leads the league's passing parade with a 187 average. 11.0 tt.7 16.3 17.0 18.0 22.7 Their completion percentage of Oklahoma State 3 54 Kansas 3 68 .696 ranks well above the cur rent Big Eight seasonal mark of PARKER'S AVERAGE IMPROVES- Southeast Gets Favorite Role Over Fremont Eleven FEATURE RACES 559 hung up by Oklahoma in 1966. With the passing boost, Nebraska leads in total offense, At Hawthorne Toter Back 7.20 Filthy Rich 4.20 7.40 3.40 4.60 2.80 sporting a 399.3 average. idle Minds At Belmont Park On the other side of the ledger, Nebraska's "Black balanced attack. Versatility 4.80 7.80 cross-country champ a year ago. "I'm not saying these kids will set the world on fire this year, but before they're finished they can be as good as we've had," says Sevigne. The Nebraska schedule: Oct. 3 Kansas State at Nebraska. Oct. 10 Colorado State, Missouri at Nebraska. Oct. 17 Nebraska, Air Force at Iowa State. Oct. 31 Nebraska at Colorado. Nov. 7 Big Eight at Oklahoma State. Nov. 23 NCAA at William Mary. Burd Alane (.20 Buzkashi Captain Nash 36.0 5.40 6.60 Shirts" moved to the top in gives the Knights the edge. 11-Man rushing defense Army got Ainsworth at O'Neill. Nellah st Albion, 2.60 3.60 3.00 SAMPLE MAKES CHARGES Former New York Jet Johnny Sample above, has charged pro football's hierarchy with imposing a secret freeze on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Kapp. Kapp and the Vikings are unable to agree on a new salary and Kapp has been unable to sign with any other club. only 18 net rushing last weekend with a 92.3 record. The Huskers also rank at the top in Crofton at Allan, Alliance at Gering, At Tropical Park Bold Point 4.20 3.20 Gourd 4.20 Love Bandit At Atlantic City Flllypasser 11.40 7.40 Velvet Ribbon 26.60 Ain't She Sweet Mullen at Alliance St. Agnes, Nelson at Alma, Pleasanton at Amherst, Ansley at Anselmo-Merna, Franklin at Arapahoe, Spalding at Arcadia, Pender total defense, jumping from 20 00 their seventh spot of last week, at Arlington, Arnold at Sargent. 20.00 allowing 244.7 a game. Ashland at Waverly, Falls City at Auburn, Ord at Aurora, Axtell at Wilcox, RUSHING OFFENSE Beemer at Bancroft, Basset! at spring Att. view. Battle Creek at Elkhorn Iowa State 2 Valley, Bayard at Ciiappell, Beatrice at Falrbury, Cambridge at Beaver City, Colorado 2 NU (Give Sail Away Boys Town at Bellevut, Wauneta at Missouri 3 Nebraska 3 Yds. 509 485 672 637 632 611 440 171 Benkleman. 110 104 151 148 146 156 152 110 Kansas 3 Avg. 254.5 242.5 220 218.5 210.7 203.7 146.7 57.0 Avg. Bennington at Palmyra, Bertrand at Oklahoma 3 Orleans, Blair at Mo. Valley, Bloomfield Oklahoma State ...3 at Pierce, sandy creek at Blue Hill, Kansas State 3 eight-man games, however, with 32 of 40 chosen with accuracy for an even .800. Made the overall percentage .725 (124 of 171), which is also an improvement on the previous weeks. Three games at Seacrest Field in Lincoln this week. Northeast v. Pius Seacrest Field, tonight The Rockets, like the Lincoln High, depend on a strong running game. The 'Bolts stopped the Links. Will be close, but Northeast has more depth and is also keyed up after a victory over East. Lincoln High v. East, Seacrest Field, Friday night Both will be trying to bounce back after a disappointing performance. Passing versus running. We'll take the passing. Fremont at Southeast, Seacrest Field, Saturday night The game of the week in the state. Southeast will have to stop Ritch Bahe. He scored four touchdowns, two extra points and a field goal last week. But Tigers will have to stop a more By VIRGIL PARKER i Prep Sports Writer Everyone hates a braggart. So this prep prognosticator got what was coming to him. Two seasons ago I couldn't pick the winner of a game involving a Capital City team to save myself. It got so bad I was getting threatening phone calls warning me not to pick their team. A Parker Pick was the kiss of death. Then came this year. After an opening week of three-for-five involving the locals, all of them were forecast correctly the second time around. Couldn't resist bragging a little about the change. So what happens? Pius over Lincoln High. Northeast over East. Here we go again. Things didn't go quite so badly across the state. Picked 92 of 131 eleven-man games correctly for a .702 mark, as against .708 the week before. Hit a season high for the Bridgeport at Oshkosh, Ogallala at Broken Bow, Dorchester at Bruning, PASSING OFFENSE Comp Att. Int. Pet. Yds. Burwell at North Loup-Scotia, Callaway Nebraska 187.0 39 56 3 .696 561 at Sutherland, centennial at wanoo. 214 690 Kansas Stale Central at Valley, Central City at Okla. 41 Hebron, Kenesaw at Central City ChriS' Kansas 30 tian. Loup City at Centura, Chadron 3 .612 475 5 .429 434 2 .47 287 6 .352 425 2 .510 283 Iowa State 71 at Kimball, Shickley at Chester, Polk isn't fretting about having to play on the road. "A lot of coaches think that when they go on the road, they're going to get the short end of the stick. They think everything's going to go against them," Devaney said. "But I've never felt that way. I don't see any difference between playing on the road or playing at home. The field is the same size. The rules are the same and you still use 11 players. "I think our record shows that we've played as well on the road as we have at home." Since Devaney came to Nebraska in 1962, his teams Missouri 31 230.0 158.3 144.7 143.5 141.7 141.5 131.7 Avg. at Clarks, Clarkson at Elgin Pope John! By HAL BROWN Star Sports Editor Nebraska football coach Bob Devaney pointed out Tuesday that he thinks Minnesota might be the second best team in the Big Ten and reiterated that, statement Wednesday, but added, "We're going up there to 'beat them and I think we can beat them. "Minnesota has a good football team. They proved that in their game with Missouri and we can't be giving the ball away, but we're planning on winning." And the Husker coach, who sends his team after its third win of the season with one tie Saturday at Minneapolis, Colorado 25 Harvard at Clay Center, Hartington at Oklahoma ...31 6 .564 395 coieriago, coiumous at orano isiana TOTAL OFFENSE Coiumbut Scotus at Fremont Beraan Att. Yds. Coiad at Grand Island Central Catholic, Nebraska 3 204 1198 399.3 Rushville at Crawford, Creighton at Wausa, Crete at Nebraska City, Gurley Iowa State 2 155 796 398.0 Colorado 2 153 761 384.0 at Daiton, Davenport at Lawrence, Missouri 3 239 1 097 365.7 Schuyler at David City, Omaha Holy Name at David City Aquinas, Homer Kansas 3 216 1056 352.0 Oklahoma 3 211 1006 335.3 nave yet 10 lose a non-conierence roaa game ana he at Decatur. Red Cloud at Deshler, Dix at Lyman, defeated against Big Ten opposition. Humphrey St. Francis at Dodge. Elba at Greeley, weeping water at Elkhorn, Hildreth at Elm Creek, Elmwood at Louisville, Elwood at Oxford, Emerson Hubbard at Norfolk Catholic, Meridian at Exeter, Johnson-Brock at Falls City sacred Heart, Fremont at Lincoln southeast. Pocane's Mike Sallier Leads Pushing Charts Milford at Friend. Fullerton at Genoa, Hastings St. Cecilia at Geneva, Wood River at Gibbon, Hay Springs at Gordon, Gothenburg at Minden, Grand Island Northwest at St. Paul, Imperial at r.rnt, lakeview at Gretna, Sidney St, THREE GAMES SET Big Week At Seacrest Pat's at Harrisburg, LeMars, la. at Hartington Cedar Catholic. North Platte at Hastings, Mlnalare at Hemlngford, Stromsburg at derson, Lexington St. Ann at Hershey Kearney at Holdrege. Howells at Leigh, enabled Pius to top Lincoln is allowing 29 yards per game rushing and 62 yards passing for a total defense mark of 91 yards per contest. The team statistics: Nebraska City Lourdes at Humboldt, High, according to Thunderbolt SCORING DEFENSE v9- Hastings 2 13 6.5 Wesleyan 3 14 47 Concordia 2 24 12.0 Pane 3 42 14.0 D.a"f 2 48 24.0 Midland 3 59 19,7 RUSHING ATT Net Play Game Overton at Kearney Catholic, Plalnvlew at Laurel, McCook at Lexington, Lincoln Eight players ifrom four member schools lead the individual statistics categories this week in the Nebraska Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Some of the second place coach Vince Aldnch. High at Lincoln East. "We worked hard every day Lincoln Northeast at Pius Halsey-Dunning at Litchfield, Lyons at Logan View, Loomls at Sumner, Lynch at West Holt, Newman Grove at Madison, 93.3 By VIRGIL PARKER Prep Sports Writer High school football fans in the Capital City get a triple-treat this weekend with a pair of intra-city games and the state's top Class A clash all on lay at uvawioir iv. Pius and Northeast, both coming off outstanding victories over crosstown rivals, Medicine Valley at North Platte St RUSHING OFFENSE Att. Yds. Midland 3 130 396 Doane 3 120 344 Wesleyan 3 133 324 Hastings 2 71 269 prior to the Lincoln High game planning our defense against their running plays," Aldrich says. "I wish we had longer to Pat's, Potter at Melbeta, Millard at Avg. 132.0 114.7 108.0 134.5 iiS.O 97.0 3.4 4.4 3.5 5.9 3.5 4.1 dainci wane Hi Abele, Concordia 57 248 Tapp, Wesleyan 57 190 James, Midland 32 190 Kemling, Wesleyan 44 147 Hnpi, Hastings 30 124 Omaha Cathedral, Mitchell at Morrill 124.0 63.3 63.3 49.0 62.0 recordings are there only because the men have been in Nehawka at Nsmsfta Valley, Newcastle prepare our defense for PASSING Comp Pet Int Gain Avg TD Awn one less game than their rivals. Avg. while the field is the same size, it will be a bit different for the Huskers at Minnesota Saturday. The Gophers stadium has Tartan as its artificial turf while the Huskers' Memorial Stadium is covered with Astroturf which is a bit more coarse than Tartan. "We're going to take about three kinds of shoes," Devaney pointed out, "Because we don't know what kind we'll want to wear until we work out on it. "If it rains, water doesn't run off a field like theirs as easily as it does on ours." The Husker coach figures both his quarterbacks, Jerry Tagge and Van Brownson, are nearing 100 health-wise for the first time this season. "Van is throwing the ball long," he pointed out. "It may hurt him to do it, but he's doing it. And Jerry is running well." Tagge had been bothered by a leg injury and Brownson by a sore elbow since midway in fall drills. But offensive guard Donnie McGhee remained a question-mark. "He's been showing some improvement in his running each day," Devaney said. "But the thing we've got to watch is his sore shoulder and if we do decide he can play, we can't let him stay in there too long if the shoulder begins to bother him." Rodgers Ranks 10th Nebraska sophomore Johnny Rodgers ranks 10th nationally this week in total yardage gained by rushing pass receiving and punt and kickoff returns. Rodgers has rushed for 80 yards, a i 210 yards on pass receptions and returned kicks 215 yards for a total of 506 yards, an average of 160.7 yards per contest. Huskers Favored Nebraska has been picked by both Associated Press football forecasters to keep its unbeaten string intact this weekend at Minnesota-Will Grimsley has tabbed the Huskers for a 23-14 triumph over the Gophers and Herschell Nissenson in picking Nebraska to win adds, "The Cornhuskers start their Big Eight campaign a week from Saturday against Missouri. The Gophers should be tough, as Minnesota teams usually are, but not tough enough." 5 4 This is true in the case of the open the action when they 2 loop's top rusher and passer McKelvey, Wesly'n 28-60 .467 3 389 129 Bendinger, Hast. 18-44 409 3 316 158 Gieselman, Con. 21-64 .328 4 300 150 King, Doane 18-59 .305 5 294 98 McLaughlin, Dana 11-40 .275 4 149 75 Holems, Midland i3-4l .317 126 42 PASS RECEIVING tangle tonight at 7:30 p.m. 1 1 Northeast, but the boys will be ready after the lift they got from the Lincoln High win." Els observes that much of the credit for the Pius win goes to a lack of errors by the 'Bolts. "They didn't make any mistakes that I remember." he Mike Sallier of Doane has 281 161.0 158.0 102.3 150.0 82.0 47.7 Avr Concordia 2 2 Dana 2 91 194 PASSING OFFENSE Comp. Att. Int. Pet. Yds. Wesleyan 34 71 3 .467 483 Hastings 26 62 3 .462 316 Doane 19 60 5 .317 307 Concordia 21 6S 4 .309 300 Dana 12 45 4 .267 164 Midland 15 47 6 .319 128 TOTAL OFFENSE Arty. Yds. Wesleyan 3 204 807 Hastings 2 144 733 Doane 3 180 651 Concordia 2 146 536 Midland 3 177 524 Dana 2 142 351 0 Northeast, after absorbing at Winnebago, Niobrara at Orchard, Ralston at Norfolk, Norris at Seward Concordia, Scribner at North Bend, Oakland at West Point, Omaha Benson at Omaha Burke, Omaha North at Omaha Central, Omaha Ryan at Creighton Prep. Neola, la. at Omaha Gross, West Point Central Catholic at Omaha Paul VI, Omaha Rummel at Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson, Council Bluffs Abe Lincoln at Omaha South, Omaha Wwtside at Omaha Tech, O'Neill St. Mary at Spencer, Osceola at St. Edward, Osmond at Verdigre. Silver Creek at Palmer, Syracuse at Paplllion, Pawnee City at Wilber, Wahoo Neumann at Platteview, Avoca, la. at Plattsmouth, Ponca at Wakefield, Randolph at Wynot, Shelton at Ravenna, Scottsbluff at Sidney, Seward at York, ground yards to edge Carl Abele Caught Yds. TD of Concordua, who has 248 3 warvw. Hawing 9 jni Green, Doane 10 195 However Abele per game 1 Naber, Concordia 8 159 average is 124 to 93.3 tor says, "and they stopped Lin 2 2 2 McLaughlin, Wesleyan 6 no Boals, Wesleyan 6 98 Gilbert, Midland 8 96 Sallier. 269.0 366.5 217.0 268.0 174.7 179.0 Ava. 1 coln High's most serious drive and scored both of their Nebraska Wesleyan's Steve defeats at the hands of state! rated Fremont and bounced back with a 12-7 triumph over East, while Pius stunned third-ranked Lincoln High, 13-P, last weekend. The two conquered elevens, East and Lincoln High, Will each try to bounce back when they do battle Friday night-Then the weekend is capped as Avg. PUNTING No. Mollring, Doane 21 Naber, Concordia 11 touchdowns by taking ad McKelvey has the airway lead South Sioux City at Canton, S.D., Starl with 383 yards with 28 comple ing at Southeast Consolidated, Tecum at Southern, Wolbach at Spalding Grell, Wesleyan 13 38.4 37.0 32.5 29.8 29.7 28.9 tions in 60 tries for five SCORING OFFENSE Pit, Wesleyan 3 79 Hastings 2 68 Concordia 2 38 Doane 3 34 Midland 3 21 Dana 2 1 academy, sianion at wayne, superior at Sutton, Tekamah at Wisner, Winner, 26.3 34.0 19.0 11.3 7.0 1.0 touchdowns and a 129 average. ucntman, uana 14 Brumshagen, Midland 22 Watson, Hastings 10 PUNT RETURNING No. Yds. R. Ellis, Wesleyan 4 72 s.d. at valentine, waitnm at winstoe, 8-Man Gary Bendinger of Hastings and Avg 18.0 nod Giesetaan of Concordia Diller at Adams, Big Springs at Southeast, rated No. 2 in the Thompson, Dana 2 21 10.5 RUSHING DEFENSE Att. Yds. Avg. Arthur, Barney at Republican Valley, both top Steve per game Freiling, Concordia 5 Koch. Hastings 4 19 11 3.8 2.7 Hastings 2 tO 58 29.0 Bartlett at Stuart, Stamford at Beaver Valley, Shelby at Benedict, Campbell state, hosts third-ranked Fremont in a Saturday night clash average, but have been out only INTERCEPTIONS ar oiaoen, sraasnaw at Rising city, No. Yds. Avg. twice each. Brady at Stapleton, Byron at Republican of unbeatens. 13.7 51.3 93.5 96.0 147.6 250.0 Wesleyan 3 105 154 Dana 2 87 187 Midland 3 115 288 Doane 3 133 443 Concordia 2 98 SOO Beranek, Doane 3 Reed Stephenson, NWU ....3 buy, muroocK at teoar mutts. Northeast coach Bob Els Hastings College, one of only 41 21 45 30 Cedar Rapids at Petersburg. Chadron 7.0 22.5 15.0 Stlneman, Hastings 2 two unbeaten teams in the points to an improved ground Metz, Hastings Smith. Dana 2 Sirek, Concordia 2 0 0 vantage of mistakes by the Links (two fumbles and a pass interception)," he added. "I think i will be a terrific game," Els said of the Pius contest. "I'd guess that it will come down to those mistakes I've talked about The team that makes the fewest will probably win." Tate Quits Miami Miami, Fla. UP) Downtrodden Charlie Tate quit Wednes-day as head football coach at the University of Miami after two games of the season and was replaced on an interim basis by Walt Kichefski, a 27-year veteran of the Hurricane grid staff. PASSING DEFENSE Comp. Atty. Int. Pet. Yds. Avg, new Nebraska Intercollegiate Assumption at Oelrlchs, S.D., Chambers at Elgin, Ewlng at Clearwater, Cody at Harrison, Culbertson at Haigler, Dawson-Verdon at Odell, Trumbull at Doniphan, Yutan at East Butler, Elk attack as setting the most KICKOFF RETURNS No. Yds, credit for the Rockets victory Avg Hastings 13 tree ai lcwisioii. 146 Kahlman, Concordia I 19.2 Athletic Conference, is the team leader in every defensive category league statistics 25 over East Wesleyan Oconto at Eustis, Fairmont at Thompson, Dana' 3 Barneston, Holbrook at Farnam. Tabla .333 J57 .410 .449 .417 .406 124 316 233 235 301 349 62.0 105.3 116.5 117.5 100.3 116.3 "We -made one sustained Concordia Dana Doane Midland kock at Fiuey, Port Calhoun at Mead, 51 17 11 10 17.0 17.0 11.0 10.0 9.0 ...16 22 35 2 TOTAL released Wednesday showed. Roseiand at einner, Gresham at Mar drive of 96 yards," he remembers. "In our previous Nannen, wesleyan 1 Tapp, Wesleyan 1 Petito, Hastings .1 Kemling, Wesleyan 1 SCORING TD'S Conv quette, Hardy at Guide Rock. Hordvllle at Hamption, Stratum at Hayes Center, Hyannis at Venango, Lewellen at Field Total games we would stop ourselves Lou Novikoff Dies South Gate, Calif, tf) Lou Novikoff, former outfielder for the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies, died Wednesday en route io a hospital. He was 54. Boyer Joins Staff St. Louis (tf) Ken Boyer former standout third baseman, has been added to the St, Louis Cardinals' coaching staff, to replace Dick Sisler, the club The Broncos, 2-0 on the season, have yet to be thoroughly tested and a battle Saturday against Concordia wsnace. Goali Points Avg. 1.0 156.6 Prague at Malcolm, Maxwell at Trvon, DEFENSE Atty. Yds. 2 182 3 175 470 1 142 422 3 184 637 i 137 733 1 168 744 Bendinger, Hastings. .3 8-10 0-1 26 Boals, Wesleyan 2 10-11 1-3 25 Kemlino. Weslevan 3 04 0-0 18 with a mistake or a penauy, That's the difference." It was the ability to halt Lin- 211.0 Trenton at Maywood, Monroe at McCool Junction. Holy Rosary, S.D. at Mitchell Sunflower, Omaha Brownll.Tihni at Hasting Weslevan Dana Midland Concordil fioanax 212.3 Hunt, Doane 1 4-7 2-3 16 could alter these figures somewhat. Jim Frazier's crew Waterloo, Palisade at Wheatland, Ruskia NOTE: Five Placers Tied with 12 points 366.6 248.0 coin High's ground gam that eacn. at Kepuoiic,, TMdford at Tayr, i ii- inSni-'iifii-iiiiinAiiiiiii i-

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