The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 23, 1980 · 30
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 30

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 23, 1980
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COLOR - -i hA NU-OU 1714 17-21 i z'j&ziu i Nebraska's Jar1s Redwtae is off and running for an 89 - ter touchdown. Redwine gained 152 yards in 21 carries Scoring Story How scored Time Left FIRST QUARTER 7-0 Redwine 89 run Drive: 90 yards in eight plays. Conversion: Seibel kick. 10-0 Seibel 47 field goal Drive: 78 yards In nine plays. Highlighted by Red-wine 13-yard fake reverse and 12-yard run and Franklin 17-yard fun. 8:43 :43 SECOND QUARTER 10-7 Watts 3 run Drive: 68 yards in 10 plays. Highlighted by Watts pass to Rhodes for 13 yards and Wilson 20-yard run. Conversion: Keeling kick. 10-14 Winters 3 run Drive: 55 yards in three plays. Highlighted by Watts pitch to Rhymes for 31 yards and Nebraska 15-yard penalty. Conversion: Keeling kick. 4:17 1:41 FOURTH QUARTER Quinn 1 run Drive: 17 yards in four ploys. Set up by 14-yard Oklahoma punt. Highlighted by Redwine 10-yard run. Conversion: Seibel kick. Rhymes 1 run 3:16 :56 Drive: 80 yards in eight plays. Highlighted by Watts pitch to Rhymes for 43 yards and Grayson 13-yard pass from Watts. Conversion: Keeling kick. Oklahoma 0 14 0 Nebraska 10 0 0 Attendance -76,322 21 17 Individual Statistics Nebraska Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Redwine 21 152 7.2 Franklin 20 122 6.1 Quinn 11 25 2.3 McCrady 2 7 3.5 Johnson 1 3 3.0 Craig 3 5 1.7 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Quinn 13 7 76 1 Pass Receiving No. Yds. McCrady 1 7 Finn 1 13 Noonan 1 12 Steels 3 40 Johnson 1 4 Punting No. Yds. Ave. Gemar 7 194 27.7 Punt Returns No. Yds. Liegl 1 7 Oklahoma Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Watts 25 73 2.9 Winters 8 0 0.0 Wilson 19 91 4.8 Rhymes 10 85 8.5 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Watts 7 2 26 0 Pass receiving No. Yds. Grayson 1 13 Rhodes 1 13 Punting No. Yds. Ave. Keeling 8 342 42.8 Interception returns No. Yds. Songy 1 9 Defense Linemen UT AT TT Gary 6 5 11 Lewis 9 3 12 Turner 4 2 6 Flanagan 6 4 10 Whaley 3 3 6 Linebackers Reiley 9 8 17 Coast 5 6 11 Sanders 10 1' Shipp 2 0 2 Walker 1 0 1 Backs Jimerson 2 1 3 Banks 3 1 4 Lowell 1 3 4 Sitton 1 0 1 Haworth 2 0 2 Songy 1 2 3 Delozier 1 0 1 Defense Linemen UT AT TT J.Williams 10 3 13 Clark 4 5 9 Hineline 2 1 3 Merrell 0 2 2 Waechter 3 4 7 T.Williams 6 2 8 Nelson 8 7 15 Hurley 1 0 1 Linebacker Damkroger 8 9 17 Baker 0 2 2 B.Williams 1 3 4 Backs Sims 2 0 2 Gary 8 0 8 Means 1 0 1 Lewis 2 1 3 Our technical school won't cost you a cent For free job training plus pay and benefits while you learn. join today's Ariny. You'll train on the most modern equipment. You'll benefit from on-the-job experience. You'll discover your Army job also may have civilian applications. Following are just some of the jobs (for both men and women) for which you may qualify. All our jobs give you a chance to serve your country as you serve yourself. Administrative assistant Air traffic controller Communications specialist Lightheavy vehicle mechanic Linguist Multi-channel radio operator Truck driver For more information, contact your Army representative (listed in the Yellow Pages under "US. Army Recruiting''), or call the number below: 483-2221 or 475-8561 TTita ( ''Wat 1 P yard first quar- the 1000-yard for the season. for NU to pass gained 1119 yards. cornhusker quotes- By Wayne Gonyea Senior light end Jeff Finn About the disappointing loss: "Nothing. I don't know . I don't have a whole lot to say I guess . nothing Fullback Andra Franklin "This one hurts the most, because it's the last one. I really thought we were in there when we got that last score. I was just hoping for the defense to get us the ball back so we could play out that time left on the clock I never felt we would lose I knew we were in it until the last second. I thought we had got it (the game) back, but it just wasn't ours. On his fourth-quarter fumble recovered by Oklahoma on its one yard line: "Some guy slapped the ball from me. He really didn't go for me, he went tor the ball and it just came out." VYingback Anthony Steels "It just seems like there is no way they should have won the game Seems like sometimes there was a lack of concentration out there There is no question we were the better of the two teams. "After seeing them take it away from us today, I think there must be some type of jinx. It just always seems to go in their favor. Things just don't bounce our way. "All I can think about now is rebuild for the Sun Bowl. Just go home and think about this game, then get it out of our minds and play a good game in the Sun Bowl. We'll just have to try and beat them next year." Offensive guard Joe Adams On Nebraska's inability to move the ball in the second quarter after two first-quarter scores: "I think their objective was to stop our pitch play. The early part of the game is just kind of a feeling-out period. They try to figure out what we were running and adjust to what we do. As soon as they realize what's going to work best for them that's what they stay with the rest of the game. "We wanted to run inside that second quarter. We wanted to try and run up the middle on them and open up the outside. But we hurt ourselves more than their defense did Our mistakes took us out of the game plan that we wanted to run." About the apparent breakdown in communication between quarterback Quinn and his running backs: "There were a couple of plays where we had a mixup. We have a few numbering systems in our plays that are similar. It's just a matter of one word or so that's different. There was a couple of times where they (the backs) didn't hear the exact play I think. I think they weren't expecting what they were supposed to. "Oklahoma was also playing good defense at that time, and we gave them momentum with our mistakes and penalties. I would say they were probably the best defense we've faced Their defensive line and ends are big, strong guys." Was he satisfied with the play of Nebraska's offensive line? "No, of course not. We should have definitely controlled the line of scrimmage better than we did. I know I felt We've Moved. . . Stop by and see our new facilities! WERNER-SAYER Electric MOTOR SERVICE 1820 Cornhusker Hwy. Lincoln, NE 68521 474-1112 ncin i ! GENUINE WEPUCfMEWT PAHTS STAFPCOLORPHOTO BY HARALO DREIMANIS The Inglewood, Calif., senior now has I didn't do as good a job as I should have. I think overall all of us felt we should have done better. "Now we have to get over this loss. It's going to be difficult for sure. I tried not to get my hopes up too high for Miami, just in case something like this happened. I tried to be realistic, I guess. We have a couple of weeks off now. We just have to regroup and come back and play the best we can in the Sun Bowl." Center Dave Rimington "I don't know . it's really a hard loss to take. We thought we had the better team. I hate losing, oh, how I hate it. Now we just have to set our minds for Mississippi State in the Sun Bowl and prepare well, like it was a national championship game. "Right now we are probably feeling the worst we are going to feel. It's hard to get excited right now. But the Sun Bowl is a fine bowl To me, a bowl game is a reward for a fine season, and we did have a fine season. Sometimes things don't go like you plan them, but you can't let it get you down. I better shut up. I'm starting to sound like a philosopher." Cornerback Andy Means On OU quarterback J. C. Watt's 13-yard pass on third-and-10 to the Nebraska one-yardline to Bobby Grayson setting up Oil's game-winning touchdown: "I had him man-to-man. He just ran outside it. It was just a great throw. If it had been underthrown I might have had a chance to intercept it. It was just a great throw and a great catch. Maybe I should have been a little tighter on the receiver. "In earlier games, Oklahoma was living on the bombs and deep post patterns. But they only ran that a couple of times today. My main philosophy was not to give them the deep pass, and we didn't. But we also didn't want to give them the long run, but we did." On the effectiveness of J. C. Watts against the Nl defense in the first half: "We had to make some adjustments at half-time. We were letting J.C. run the ball way too much. If you let anybody with his ability run the ball like he did, it hurts. They were walling off inside and hooking our ends with the low blocker, which is the first halfback. They would wall us off and Watts would be free. When they do that, Watts can do what he wants to with it. We made the adjustment, and I think it showed, but it was too little, too late. "I really felt we had the better team coming in. I thought we were going to win. Not only win, but I thought we were going to win comfortably. We had the experience and talent. I don't know what it is, but they have something over us. We have to break it pretty soon though. These sophomores and juniors are good, and they'll break it. "Oklahoma is a good football team. I don't see how they got beat twice. I wish they would play this way every week. They beat us. No doubt about it, they beat us. Give them the credit, they deserve it." Huskers stances, a Miami native kept the Huskers, from going lo a bowl game In his home town. "Naturally I'm tremendously disappointed,'' a downcast Tom Osborne said, "Not (or me so much as for our players, who worked so hard and who wanted to win as much or more than any learn I've ever coached. But Oklahoma deserves credit They have a tendancy to pull off the big plays in the big games. There were a lot of tilings late in the game that could have given the win to us if the ball had bounced right, but It didn't." Nebraska Athletic Director Bob Devaney agreed. "The ball bounces funny In football," he said. "But when we play Oklahoma, it seems to only bounce one way." In the fourth quarter, I-back Jarvts Redwine was stopped on a fourth and two try at the Oklahoma seven. The next time the Huskers had the ball, they drove to the Sooner 13. But fullback Andra Franklin fumbled. The ball squirted all the way down to the one-foot line where Oklahoma's Darrell Songy recovered not one of two Nebraska players who were nearby. After Nebraska had grabbed a 17-14 lead (doesn't that score sound familar - OU won by that count last year, Nebraska by the identical score the season before), Oklahoma started its last-ditch drive. On the very first play, Nebraska was charged with a spearing tackle and a 15-yard penalty. On the next play, OU fullback Stanley Wilson fumbled. The ball bounced around free, but eventually Into the arms of Sooner ail-American tackle Louis Oubre. Rhymes' long run, a l-in-100 diving catch of a Watts pass by split end Bobby Grayson at the one, and the deciding touchdown quickly followed. Penalty hurt "The dad-gum penalty really hurt," Osborne observed. "Rhymes had been stopped with a short gain. It's going to be second and eight Instead, they have a first down out at the 37. There were three or four plays in the fourth quarter that could have changed the outcome." Memorial Stadium's 112th consecutive sellout a partisan crowd of 76,322 loved the way things began. Nebraska won the coin toss, but chose a 25-30 mph wind rather than the ball. Nebraska's Black Shirt defense held and force a punt. The strategy seemed great until OU punter Michael Keeling had his kick downed at the Nebraska one. The Huskers worked it out to the 11 for one first down and then Redwine set sail on an 89-yard touchdown jaunt to give Nebraska a 7-0 lead after Kevin Seibel's extra point boot. It was the second-longest run for a Nebraska back in the last 13 years topped only by Craig Johnson's 94-yarder against Kansas a year ago. Redwine, who finished the day with 152 yards rushing, the best for either team, was named the ABC-TV most valuable player for Nebraska, while Watts was accorded the honor for Oklahoma. But Redwine was penalized 15 yards for taunting an OU player who was futilely chasing him the final few yards of the touchdown run. It didn't matter. Seibel boomed the ensuing kickoff Pryor holds boxing crown CINCINNATI (LTI) - Undefeated World Boxing Association junior welterweight champion Aaron Pryor swarmed over Canadian challenger Gaetan Hart for the first five rounds and then stung 0CIICI whiteZls WMM ) S QfTIRo 13-14-15" SIZES cXLli J limitedstocks VueouU' ALL AUTO L L endsNoLp SUPPLIES - yTpf WAXES wS FLOOR MATS SPARKPLUGS OIL FILTERS V IM&dl AIR FILTERS vA mgl OIL ADDITIVES Vj ALL SEASON FALCON wfjll POWER FALCON RADIAL ft RADIAL SNOW SNOW WHITEWALLS 1 piwru 51 00 ft 6so-13 2500 i400 I P205R14 5400 F78-14 3400 j P165R13 41 Jj p215R14 5400 y H78-14 3500 P185R13 4400 f! P225R14 6200 5 G5 35 BR78-15 5100 J H78-15 3500 Z , P225R14 50 P205R15 5400 L78-15 4000 ; P205R15 48 P215R15 5400 V munm km i wmwi eniv P21514 44y P235R15 62" "gjlKiSRU Brandata Tin Lincoln Center 477-2777 or 477-1211 Downtown 10 4 N .From Pose ID. Season's Nebraska O-J) Utah 55 Iowa 57-0 Penn Stole 21-7 Florida Stale 14-11 Konso 54-0 Oklahoma Stole..,. 487 Colorado 45-7 Missouri M-U Kansas SI 55-1 lowa St 354 Oklahoma 17-21 recordi Oklahoma (1-2) Kentucky Stontord Colorado Tun ... 791 , 14-31 ,.82-42 .13-30 Kansas St 35-21 lowa St 4J1 N. Carolina 41-7 Kansas 211 Missouri 17-7 Nebraska 21-17 NWOklo.St . 75 yards - and out of the end zone. Nebraska held again, and on Its next possession, moved to the Sooner 30 before the drive stalled. Enter Seibel, who nailed a 47-yard field goal for a 10-0 lead, Second quarter turnaround But the second quarter was a complete turnaround. While Oklahoma was scoring 14 points, Nebraska managed Just one first down on four possessions. Watts tallied from three yards out to make it , 10-7 before Rhymes' first long run and Chet Winter's three-yard blast gave the Sooners a 14-10--halftime edge. The third quarter was scoreless, although Ne'-" braska escaped once after punter Scott Gemaru muffed the snap from center and hurriedly ; popped one straight up Into the wind for a minus five yards. Three plays later, Rhymes fumbled a pitchout at the NU 13 and Toby Williams recovered. "I thought if we could keep them from blowing the game wide open when they had the wind (third quarter) that we could win It In the fourth when we had the wind at our backs," Osborne said. Late in the game (4:26 left), Nebraska got a break when Keeling shanked a 14-yard punt Into the wind and out of bounds at the OU 17. Redwine gained 10 to the seven, then Franklin, who had 122 yards, plowed ahead to the one Quinn sneaked over for a 17-14 lead with 3:16 remaining. "I called our offense together right away," Osborne said, "and told them they might have to score again. Everybody in the stands was jumping up and down and celebrating. I thought to myself, 'Hey, I've been here before.' " Mo time Osborne didn't like his prophetic thought, but ., it came about. The trouble was, there wasn't , enough time left after the Oklahoma touchdown "It doesn't mean much now," Osborne admit-'' ted, "but we did have the edge in the statistics. ' We had 390 yards in total offense to their 275. When the difference is that much, it usually means you're going to win." Two other stats which he didn't mention, but which played a big role, were penalties and punting. Nebraska was flagged for 70 yards (to 31 for OU) and despite Keeling's one bad punt, he averaged 42.8 yards per boot. Gemar could manage no better than a 27.7 average. "We'll give the players a couple of weeks off," Osborne said "Then we'll regroup. I just hope we have the character to go down to EI Paso and play well and represent our conference well in the Sun BowL" him in the sixth with a technical knockout Saturday to easily retain his title. The referee stopped the bout 51 seconds into the sixth round when Pryor cornered Hart and , thrashed him. and Servlca Canters Paul Sayer, OwnerManager (Formerly at 11th & Cornhusker Hwy.) m

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