The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1944
Page 5
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KK1DAY, AWJIL 28, 19.1 BIA'THEVILLE (AUK,) COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday In the I Intwrent of Farm Families of Thli|| Agricultural Section, NEWS-PEA! Get Vitamin C \\ Strawberries One Generous Serving Enough To Furnish Day's Requirements Mississippi county liomemakers may rightfully (jive strawberries a lilacc of Importance in the menu, nccorcllng |o Miss Cora Lee Colc- maii, county home demonstration asont. Not only clo they rank ;\s general fnvoritps because of their color aiul (Ir.vor, but they have another virtue to recommend them o l!ie family meal planner—rlcli- ni'ss In vitamin C. For best, health seme of this vitamin is needed every day. One generous serving of fresh •i|)c berries Is enough to furnisli the day's requirements of this vitamin, continues Miss Colernan. Ou tlie oilier hand, Ijenic.s that are canned or preserved, and those that are unripe or bruised have much less vitamin C to offer. in order to preserve vitamin c jerries should be washed before stemming.. Removing l!ic stems exposes inner tissues, and the vitamin from this (Issue can dissolve in the washing water. Soak- US berries in water for any length of time may also draw out some of tl-e vitamin. Fortunately for those who like strawberry shortcake, the usual method of .slicing the berries and allowing them to stand with or without sugar for a short time Jftforc serving- destroys little, if jf, of the vitamin. Crushing or noshing the berries causes a loss however, she explains. In contrast to the rich source of vitamin c in fresh berries there is rather a weak showing in fanned ones or those made into preserves, jam, or jelly. During the canning process, berries lose about 'alf their original C, and they continue to lose more gradually as they stand after canning After nine months of storage, they have last about 80 per cent. The banned H-oducts contribute sugar and flavor to the diet, but should not be counted on for vitamin c. The Mississippi County gardener who grows strawberries may be interested to know that berries which ripen in the sun contain more C than those ripened in shade. Practically no loss of vitamin c occurs in berries left standing at room temperature for n s long as two lays after they arc picked, and 'Ernes kept as long as five days ' Ihe hydrator of a home refrigerator I osc practically no vitamin -onlent, concludes Miss Cotonan _Read courier News Want Ads. THE FARM'S WAR EFFORT SHCCP win aorHi A SOLDItR IN WOOltNS IOR ON< V( A * ONI 300-VOUNO HOG.Will INOUOH t AT fOU 60 POUNDS-O/ tmoswis ONI «USHU or WHIAI win (HOUGH SYN1HIFIC RUBBER t O R 3 RAINCOATS SS88 ONI ..„.; VVlLL FURNl*-!! FOUR i[RVIC[ MtN WITH IHIIR t>AUV AUOIMtNl Qf »Ul1tR. CHttjt AND MIIK IL. OHt ACR( OF f>iANUIV YIIIDS INOUG1I Oil TO MAKt N1F80GlYC(RINt FOR 510 ANH-TANK SHIUS ON, uu ^Illl 01" r I A X 5110 Will TI[ID 1NOU01I Oil IO MAKt PAIN1 IOC S.i !|!PS { 50UICI: OHICC OF WA« INFOBMXTIOM nc«.».».».„ Club Captains Report At Yarbro 4-H Meeting A meeting of the Yarbro '4-H Club was held Friday, with "Bud" Abbott presiding. Twenty-nine club members and two leaders were present. The group opened the meeting by singing, led by Mildred Williams, song captain. The following captains gave reports: Merlin Oann, cotton cap- lain, reported eight In his club; Jerry Hollingsworth, pig captain, four; Georgia Lee, gardening and canning captain, 11; Barbara Yarbro clothing captain, nine; and Tommy Craig, poultry captain, 11. Miss Cora Lee Coleman. home demonstration ngent, gave a demonstration on keeping record books. Keith ,r. Bilbrey, farm agent, gave a demonstration on insects. S3, With (he Glory .CHICAGO (UP)— The American Municipal Assn. reports that the city council of Lebo, Kan., has voted lo pay two dollars to. the person pulling the fire wagon to the scene of the fire. The wagan can be hooked on to any automobile and the first person who backs.up to' the fire station door receives the tivo dollars. Peachy Lemmon is a fruit dealci in Medford, Ore. Published Ky The Delta Implement Co., Blytheville Vol. 2 Friday, April 28 No. 35 I'/an to be present next week when C. H. Whislte auctions his 1043 show herd of l»ni!f H-iiming- Hereford cattle. 65 lots will sell, including some of America's finest Uercfords. The sale will start promptly at I o'clock Friday, May 5th. It wil] j, e held at Whistle's Elm Grove Hereford. Farm Sale Hani, at the West end of Main Street in Hlytheville . . . Write or sec Ellis Armstrong, in charge of the herd, at Elm Grove Hereford Farm, Blytheville, for cata- lojf. -Ui- yeainan 2-c Jack Drokn, wlio until a few weeks ago was foreman in charge of our repair department, is home on furlough. Jack will return (o Great. Lakes Training Station after ; t- week's visit with his wife and children here. -DI Anticipate your needs of hay baling ties and phone us your order. We've plenty on hand now. — m — You've -still time lo have planters ami cultivators repaired and relumed early next week for planting . . . We've got our fingers crossed against any more rain. -DI- (iciirge Shanks, of lilythcville, ,T. 0. Ken(Iricks, of I.uxora, and Airs. Louise Chapman, of Arniorel, all have International trucks in our shop Ibis week for general overhaul and repair. Fred Fleeman, of Manila, has a Parmal! 20 in for overhaul. UI Ho light your seed corn yet? If not, .see us. We've a liimled amount of DcKalb Hybrid on hand. TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DON'T MAVI IT STUCK HALFWAY Wt • ferf TODAY! Government release of (Ires for farm use has resulted in ,ui increase in Ihe sale of farm lire? from 210,000 In 1042 to an estimated 750,000'for 1S« Suggestions For Better featured For This Section'i P*b- grcasive Farmcra. War Bond Talk Made To Club At Lost Cane A iiiectinx of Die Lost Ciinc i-Il Club was hold Friday, wllh Jackie Lewis presiding. Two tenders mid one visitor were present. The jjroiip sang, led by Mottle Kllt-ii Cmi.'idii, SOIIK nipdtlii. 'Ihe home demonstration agent jincl county agent were present. Clifford vettcli was elccled 'pig canluin ;nid KrnesL McCliiln, Iruck | fnnuliiK captain. All other caplnins, previously elected, nave reports on I heir members' pi-ogress lo dale, llnn-y Mnrsh of Hie Wnr Savings Staff, Little. Hock, pvnlsert -I-H Club work lilglily and siild his own sun had profited Immensely from tils club work. Ho was an cnlcr- Inlulng s|ic(ikci- mid nko gnye somu lni])orliuu figures to remember ro- fe'jiKliiit; «•«(• Ijond sale, lie snld. "At tlie present time Americans own SSO.OOO.OUO.OOO In U. S. Domls. in GovermneiU securities Hint Is feven limes more than the people ever ownnl bcforu Hie wnr." Miss Elheleim Owens, secretary and trcnsurer, reported tliat $100 a.s to be Invested in bonds. Twelve members reported owning one 01- more bonds In addition to bonds owned by their parents. Eighteen new members Joined Ihe. chib. They were: Bonnie Golden, Mary Snu Clause), Mary Nell' Wood- wm-ct, j, vv. .Moody. Herbert U:c Frosl. Olendon Underwood. Wundn Hogan, liughic Lotl. Betty Lou SlaiiBhtcr, Billy D. Lotl. Hnrry, I'arks. Lavell Tntum, Jnmes Elll-l son. Dorothy McComiell. Robbie' "oil. Sidney Earl Slaughter. Roy I Farm Woman's Column Hiur .simple ways (o preserve some of this spring's bountiful sup- 1'ly of ctjgs [or home cooking next Fall ar e simsestcd by 11. L, Sbrad- MI extension poultry specialist of tlie U. S. Department of Agriculture. TO (umllte.s who live near a freezer lacker plant Mr, Slmider rccommomls Jreczlng n supply of CMS for home use. Other families inny pi-csen-e eggs nl home to act- viuiliiBc If they live near euuinjh to Ibc source of supply to obhiln c?g.s the. dny (hey arc laid, ami if they hiivc a cool cellar or other cool place to slore (hem. Mineral nil or waterglim. UOlh sold at drug stores, or "dry Ice", sold at many Ice cream plnn'ts. i»-o three substances Unit may be used to (ircsert'c eggs at home. The oil mid watei-glass preserve eggs by sealing the pores In (he shell through which spoilage organisms enler, Wnterglass seals so Ihimijjh- ly Hint nn egg preserved this ivny innsl have Us shell pricked with a pin before boiling or it will explode. In th e hot water. Dry Ice gives olf carbon dioxide gas, a [amiljitr preservative. Eggs sealed in n )nr of this gas keep well for months. To be prcscrred successfully by any of these substances, however. egi;s must bo infertile, as most com- SlnuBhlcr, Jr., Wallace Kthcrldgc. Miss Cora Colvmnn, home demonstration agent, gave a demonstration on project completion. Keith j. llllbrey, farm agent, gave a demonstration on Inscul control, mercliil ORBS lire, and its /rosli us |»B.slb!e, preforably not nver -j.| hours old. They should also im-.-c (•lean, sound, slrpnij sliells. i.; i;( i, s with soiled, cracked or even Might- ly checked .shells will not keep, Mineral on. Dipping i-l'.Ks In mitt cral oil Is a simple .Inexpensive way lo preserve ihem f«i- srvi'i-nl months. Use Ihe lightest nrinl<; iiiliicrnl oil the drug stole .soils because- heavy oil makes Hit- shell Ilironsy and rolled* dust. Warm Mi" 'oil to Ililu It but have 11 m> butler than the hand can stand wllh , roniforl. Kgij.s keep best If Iliey arn ' oiled the day they are. lulii init I they should not be. oiled unit) they 1 have ton laid at least four hours Put several eggs In a wire basket, illp (he basket itmvn Into Ihe oil. drain, Him pack Ihc oiled cgi-s In clean baskets, crates or caws in a cool cellar. Walorjlass. A vcrv common household method of preserving eggs Is lo put them down In a so, lulton of walerglass or sodium silicate, 11 clear liquid sold al <ln>l,' .stores. One c|uart of wnlcrnlns,s is enonsh lo pri'.scn-o M or 15 do/en t'BKK. Into a ft-gallon crock or ual- viuttod mi], throiiulily (-leaned and scolded, pour !) ijimrl.s of mi- tur which has been boiled and then cooled. Sill- in tile ((Hurt cif water- glass. I'lnrc the c BOB In Ihls .solution carefully K( > !ls not to crack shells. Keep the eggs In In o cool place, and miike sure the llqiil[| covers Die ufigs al least tut i Inch at nil limes. More otuw muy I be added from lime lo time, or more ' of tin- solution added as It evaporates. A cover over the lop helps prevent evaporation. Cm-lion illnxlilii gus. A llllrd unil more uuusuiil method lo prescrvu eggs at home Is to seal them hi lite trull jars filled with cnrbon dioxide i;as, "Dry Ice" gives off carbon dioxide, as It melts, but must Im used with 'care because it can tiuisc burns or even explosions. Al- itt'fisn handle dry Ice wllh tonga or ! paper so that It does not como'lu comae! wllh the skin. For prcscrv- »)« eg8« with (tils mntcrlnl tise 2- (liinil si».« glass fruit Jars with n-ttbhff rings ami screw tops. Adjust Hi.. 1-lnjis ui) clcili) Jura, llu-ii , imo each jar ilrop a pkcc.i of dry Ion iiboiil the sl«' of walnuts, I'ut as many eggs in the Jar ns it will hold. When Hut Ice- stops fimilnn and the. Jnr h rillwl wltli ivhltu vapor, screw on the lop Unlit and set away In u cool plaqe. 'Ihc ga« does not leak out »[ ihe Jm- easily so eggs kceji well [,»• u mimber of mouths, Oiicu Ihe jur la oiwiii;;!. lunvrver, the cues ure no longer .siirrouiKlcd by tliu prcscrvtni! giis so llicy should be used within n few days. , I'rcc/liiK CKIJS, Though home'xp'rcV. serving by these methods'provides a supply of cooking eggs for a lat-> ,er sensoi), Die eggs do gradually i os c their very rresh quality pver .t»c months. Eggs preserved In a. I fi-ccitcr locker keep their freshness much loiiBcr. For freezing, eggs are removed from the shell and put In-. ! lo clean baking ponder cans or oilier light tins 01 special 4 vapor-' • proof containers Whites and .yolks jinny lie frozen .siipaialcly If deslr- ' , ed. Whiles arc Ideal for free/lng, | but yolks must be beaten and, have sweetening or j,nll added io keep Ilium from becoming gummy when" lliiiwccl. Add I tablespoon of corn syrup, honey or sugar syrup to two ' cujis of egg yolks before freeing. | So uniform Is Hawaii's climate that unlives ha\c no word for. weather. < Good Used Horse-Drawn Equipment -Also Harness- NITRATE OF SODA 3-9-18 «.id PH7 Fertilizers. J. L TERRELL S HIS. Broadway Phono 2631 ' ELM GROVE HEREFO Friday, May 5th, At Elm Grove Sale Sale Starts Promptly At 1 P.M., Following Lunch At Rustic Inn REAL DOMINO JR. 34th 327106, 1943 ARKANSAS CHAMPION \Vc lake genuine pride in the cattle sclecletl to go into Hiis, our annual sale. We are otTering absolute lops in both'bulk and females ai.,1 Ihe entire 1!M3 Show herd is included. The Grand Champion Bull of Arkansas sells, as well as many oilier pri/e winners. \Vc also want lo call your alfenfUm lo seven yearling bulls bred by Wyoming Hereford Kancli . . . these are top young hulls. We believe you will be pleased with the bulls and females (hat sell. They have been lopped from the herd. There are no cut backs. Regulations of sale and guarantee of animals are in accordance with (he customary rules as recommended by the American Hereford Association, FRED REPPERT-Auctioneer KKI'UKSKNTATIVKS of the leading slock journals and associations will be preset!I. PAIR OF YEARLINGS, BOTH SELL PLAN TO ATTEND Our model sale barn it located on the West End of Main Street, in Blytheville. > GET OF REAL PRINCE DIMiNO 127th, ALL OF THESE SELL

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