The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1954
Page 2
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PAG« TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)* COURIER NEWI WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER t», 1954 Alabama Studies Plan to End Public School MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A bold new plan to abolish Alabama's compulsory public school system and let the parents say whether they want segregated classrooms has been recommended by a legislative committee and a group of lawyers. • It would open the way for state- subsidized private schools .and strike from the state Constitution the historic mandate that separate schools must be provided for white and Negro students. The propose <i constitutional ed by a special legislative committee and a segregation commit* tee of the Alabama Bar Association as a way of getting around the Supreme Court decision outlawing separate schools. Sen. Albert Boutwell of Birmingham, chairman of the Senate- House Committee, announced' two weeks ^go that * plan had been forwarded to Gov. Gordon Persons. The details were withheld however until a source close to the committee disclosed them today. Alters Constitution The program is aimed at removing all reference to public schools in the Constitution and re- amendment is one 01 eight changes j writing Section 25 which specifi- in Alabama's organic law suggest- cally provides for a public school 'Kimona Cabinet' Decides Japan Needs Womanly Cleanup By ROBERT PROSSER TOKYO' Iff)—A 13-woinan.-"kimo- no cabinet" -has taken a -look at Japan's problems .and decided a womanly house cleaning is in order. £ Woman's Fourm,' leading Japanese woman's magazine, reported the results today. /The ' self-appointed cabinet includes authors, civil servants and politicians. Some members described themselves as critics. Males quickly agreed. .An - emphatic • recommendation •urged- the setting up of several reformatories for geisha, the traditional paid companions or hostesses of Japan. Ten Planks Here' are the" women's planks, straight from the kimono cabinet: "Prime minister" Raicho Hiratsuka, women's rights leader, urged realism .in naming ambassadors. "Send a dairy farmer to Denmark, send ,a good-sense housewife to the-United States, send a rice far- mer to a country that growsfrice." "Finance minister" _Ayako* Ishi- gakir—"I will slap prohibitive taxes on any entertainment involving geisha girls." •"'Trade and maustry minister" Chieko Yamamoto—"Japan is like a mistress ., who has been living on the bankroll of her" millionaire patron." "Food minister" Fumiko Funada —limit drinking hours to 6 to 10. p.m. and arrest all drunks on sight. "Labor Minister" Kikue Yamakawa—outlaw the geisha. "Education minister" Keiko Shi- nii2u—an immediate 100 .per cent pay increase for teachers. "Construction minister" Yoko Matsuoka (American educated)— outlaw the hanging of diapers.-and "unmentionables" from Apartment house windows. Require fireproof housing," ...-. ; ; :• . •;• •'.'• "Postal minister" Hanako Muraoka— more women's pictures on postage stamps. , system with separate schools for the white and Negro races. Two of the proposed amendments also would authorize the Legislature to make school officials and employes "judicial officers" to protect them against lawsuit, and require the state to defend them against court action. Another would take out the reference to public schools in constitutional provisions governing tax money for education. A proposed amendment to Section 256 would give the Legislature wide latitude in establishing non- state operated schools and arranging for "the grant or loan of public funds and the lease, sale or donation of real or personal property to or for the benefit of citizens of the state for educational. purposes." . •• Instead of mandatory public schools, the amendment says "it the policy of the State of Alabama to foster and promote the education of its citizens in a manner and extent consistent with its. available resources, and the willingness and "ability of the individual student." But, it adds, "nothing in the Constitution shall be construed as creating or recognizing any right to education or training at public expenses, nor as limiting the au- thority and duty of the legislature ... to require or impose conditions or procedures deemed necessary to the preservation of peace and order." And to avoid "confusion and disorder and to promote effective and economical planning foi\ education," it would give the right of free choice to parents and guardians who want-their children to "attend schools provided for their own race," subject to whatever restrictions the Legislature provides. A penciled note at the top. of, the proposed amendment ;reads, "study this closely. This "is the clincher." ••:.•' No Winners In This Game OKLAHOMA CITY (ffy— Oklahoma City football parlay card who lost, lost, and those who won. also lost. Syndicate kingpins who hold the local franchise flew the coop over Sunday, leaving bookies with an es-" timated $75,000 debt to card winners. Some bookies closed shop rather than face enraged parlayers who were trying to collect. Handicappers said the syndicate i took a beating on last week's games. No Lady Cigar Smokers Wanted, Thank You KANSAS CITY (£>)—The nation's cigar makers would be-just as happy " if you ladies leave the -cigars alone. "- - ~ Bernard Sless, assistant" lo the' president of the Cigar Institute of America, told a meeting yesterday the cigar business is doing good in 'strictly a man's field and added* "We consider cigar smoking one of the few male prerogatives left." WARNING O"R D'E R IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, < ARKANSAS j* Dorothy M. Rogers. (Col}, Pltf. vs. No. 12,765 Leroy Rogers (Col), Dft. The defendant, Leroy Rogers,- is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Dorothy M. Rogers. Dated this 30th day of August, 1954. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. By ERNESTINE PETERSON, D.C Ed B. Cook, Atty. for Pltf. 9/1-8-15-22 Montesi Death Scandal Again Hits in Rome ROME (£») — The MX and 'dope scandal of Wilma Montefti's death exploded again last night wjth the arrests of Piero Piccioni, son of Italy's former foreign .minister, and self-styled Marquis Ugo MbnUf na. The case, involving Uirid allegations of drug and sex orgies attendee, by prominent Italians, ha« rocked official Rome and threatened Premier Marie Scelba's government Piero's father, Attilio Piccioni, resigned his Cabinet post last Saturday to help in his-son's defense. The younger Piccioni, 32, is charged with aggravated manslaughter in connection with the death of the shapely 21-year-olc party girl, whose nearly nude body was found on a beach at Ostia, near Rome, a year ago last April. i, Montagna is accused Of aiding and abetting. Both men were held in Rome's Regina Coeli Que^n of Heaven prison.. They have repeatedly denied any connections •• with Wilma's death. WARNING 0 11 D $ R" IN THE CHANCEB3L-COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS , Robert A. Freeman (CoU.^Pltf.- vs. . 'Uo. 12,766 Katie Lee Freeman (Col.), Dft. The defendant, Katie Lee -Preeman, "is hereby, warned to appear within thirty days in the court named "in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the- plaintiff, Robert A. Freeman. -'Dated this 30th day of August, 1954. * SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. .By ERNESTINE PETERSON: . N, D.C Ed B. Cook, Atty. for Pltf.^ 9/1*8-15-22 I'm "Porlde" The Frozen Pig! You Can Win Me f l\ t fc I Man Watches As Train Bears Down Upon Him ANGUCTON, Tex. (*)-,An itinerant icissort grinder was killed yesterday as he sat on a box in the middle of the Missouri Pacific Railroad track* here and watched a freight train bear down on him. He was identified as Ellis P. B, McGinnis, about 52, of Sari Antonio. Gene Yeamanstof Houston, the engineer of the train, said he blew the whistle and applied the brakes as he aproached McGinnis, but was unable to stop in time. He said McGinnis was sitting on a metal tool box facing the oncoming train. Nights Unbearable ': Itching Skin? 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IF YOU CANT COME IN - MAIL YOUR ENTRY TO ADAMS APPLIANCE CO.. INC. 201 W. Main , Ark. OCTOBER 1st is lasf day for payment of 1953 County Tax on Real Estate without penalty and final date for payment of 1954 Foil Tax. Personal and Drainage Taxes are also due and payable. Under Section 1 of Act 480 of the 1949 Legislature, "Pay- ment of Poll Tax must be made to the County Collector, or his authorized deputy, by the person named in the receipt, or by the husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, father, or mother of such person* Payment of the Poll Tax may be made by remitting the payment to the County Collector by United States mail." If payment of Poll Tax is made by mail, sender should give tht name of the person to whom the receipt is to be issued, relationship to the sender (if remittance is made for a person other than the sender), color or race, residence, post office address (if different from residence), name or number of school district ward number (if resident of city) or name of township (if rural resident). PAYMENT FOR 1954 POLL TAX MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE COLLECTOR'S OFFICE BY OCTOBER 1. WILLIAM BERRYMAN COLLECTOR and SHERIFF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS

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