The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1932
Page 3
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SATURDAY. OCTOBER. 22, 1932 BLTTHEVILLE, . (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGERVft <i CLASSIFIED SECTION .-> Classified Advertising Rates ., , .Minimum Charge n()e Cuunt 5 Average Words to a Line Moiuli rate per line, per mcnth •••• Six times, per line per day . 05c Three times per line |X?r day «> c Or.e time per line lOc All Ads run irregularly take the one lime rale. BUSINESS DWECTOUY KIWION DAIX'S 5-10-263 Store home of bargains. Save a walk. 1'LUMltlNG REDUCED KATES on plumbing work uonc ucioro 'colii weatner. A. G. Alltel). Call 11:1*W. Hc-KU-H COAL AN1> WOOD Tramliam Coal * Tianstcr Co. Dealers 111 Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycumoie &. H, R. bt., Wione Ml. •iC-h. li-1 FOlt SALE—Good dry wood, Phone 712. Cooke and Gillmm. UV-K. 11-12 POULTRY BABY CHICKS, all varieties. Cus- Mnrllyu 4cklT torn hatching solicited. HatcHery, Blythcvilie. While Wiir Rages in GrunChaco LET'S SWA!' WILL TRADE for set of children's books or sell, cheap, n complete set ol Alexander Hamilton's busl ness books. Address "II". Courier News. 2BX-K-TK WHAT HAVE yon lo swap? Gel results — It costs only a lev; cents a day. FOR KKNT WANTED—To overhaul your electric sweeper. Work guaranteed, Hetlncr Electric Service, ','c Gilleii's Furn. Co. Phone 080. 28C-K Oct 28 EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing. U. S. Dlank- cnship, 11G E. Rose. Phone 165W. 1C-K 11-1 COAL al low cash prices. Phono 40 Prompt Delivery. BLYTHKV1LLL, COAL CO., Walnut <& Kailroad Sis. FURNISHED Apartment—4 -rooms 5c-kriuv.3 ) «»d bath. Phono 805-W. 21c-M6 FOR KENT—One small furnished apartment; two il.rcom and one o-rcom aparlincnl unfurnished. Kent reasonable to sallsfaclory tenants. Frank C. Douglas, Phones 333 L. .J__l- KINDLING and WOOD for heating and cooking. We deliver. W. M. ISnnta, i j hons U8U or Gateway sioro. :!lp-k 11-21 PHONE 107 BUCHANAN, "Our coal is black but we deal you while." 21c-kl!21 KOOM & JJOAHD HOTELS MRS. T. R. WATSON—$5.50 weekly. 112 E. Cherry, rhone UK. 1P-K 11-1 ••The GoU, It's a good hotel". Cafe in connection. 23c-k Oct 23 RESTAURANTS BEST EATS in town. Open day and nlulil. Green Beetle Cafe. Mrs. J. W. Wright, Prop. 23p-k Oct 23 or 454. YOU CAN'T RELY on "For Kent Signs" but you can rely on Courier Nev.-s Wnnt-Aris to rent that house or room. WANTK1) TO HIJ~Y~ Also HoiisL-keeping Frog Pond Cafe. lllc-U DRESSMAKING WE PAY CASH lor old cook slovcs and used furniture. Don't throw them awny. Dodson Furniture Co., 301 E. Main. Phone 105. alircnhcil, Is forced Y'ltti treat 'Icclly llii'uuijh tho small o|>en- B left uiul burns Die valve fnce • wnrps llio stem. White Russian Intrigues Provide Jilm Plots white Russian' flUk ; ' emigre—one company will release a al picture of the plots, Intrigue* v'il and crimes • of (lie Soriet. Unlon'i jussl«n enemies abroad. ,. •*.'.. The' other picture, riot yet 'titled,- --| will be made (rom a scenario bc'- by Ily»-Ehrenburg, ivcllst recently returned here alter years of foreign To remove chewing gum from iiiylliint', rub the surface with lcohol. SEWING, alterations, mending. Cheap. Mrs. E. A. Fisher, 109 W. i Kentucky. 15C-K 11-15 GAHAGES FLOYD HARGETT'S GARAGE CHRYSLER SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALL bp-K U-C - I DRESSMAKING—Coats relincd, alterations a specialty. Ruth - Thompson, Gofl Hotel. 20c-l:ll-20 DRUGGISTS FOR DRUGS go to tile St. Francis Drug Co. Now located on Ash Street near 5th. 23C-K Oct 23 FOR SALE FILLING S T A TI O N, dwelling house, 3 storage tanks, all combined. Good business. Will sell cheap. Address -HA", Courier. 1O-K 11-1 CORN WANTED—Marilyn Hatch cry, Blythevilie. HELP WANTED WANTED — Mi. . Jgsci, sctlled woman, unencumbered, lo do general house work. Apply to Mrs. A Driver, Osceola Inn, Osceola, Ark. 19P-K25 SALESMEN WANTED BEAUTY 1'ARLORS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING & DYEING NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP. 20c-kll-20 CLEANERS, TAILOKS HATS CLEANED and re-shaped, 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 53. ' . 12C-KH-12 SUPERIOR DYE WORK ATTENTION — Men's overcoats cleaned and hats blocked. Ladles fur trimmed coate our specialty. Call Unique Cleaners for prompt Service. Phone 111. Gp-K 11-6 DONT THROW THEM AWAY We re-line, re-model and repair coals and suits for men and women. Experienced tailor and experienced dressmaker. Hudson Tailor Shoi). 12C-K 11-12 DA1U1ES AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS 28C-K Oct 29 VTTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale Out-board motors, E 01 " 1 as new, sizes. Boone Hall. lup-k 11-10 FOR SALE .REASONABLE— Slightly used portable typewriter. Call 8G8-W. 12x-ktf FOR SALE—Good 7 drawer Sing=r Sewing Machine, cheap. See Mrs. Elma Archilllon, 712 W. Main. 20p-k24 FARM LANDS SALESMAN FOR HOBART COMPRESSORS, CAR WASHERS, BATTERY CHARGERS, ETC., PAYMENTC PIVm AIJLOWED PUR Y u ' UcrC5t W Ma % ° r ll:e wnr '" lnt Gra " chtlc ° ls ''opo'lcd raging us CHASERS LEADS FURNISHED. I Paraguayan Iroops, cstlmalcd lo number 14,000, attack Port Arce, HOBART "~" " " ' OHIO. MAl.E HEM' FOR-SALE—53 acres in cultivation. Old established wants n reliable man for a permanent business. Must have A-l references. Starting average weekly. Steady Increase up lo $15 for right man. No slack seasons, or lav offs. Write promptly, Mc- CONNON & COMPANY, Dept. BA-2580, Winona, Minnesota I, : : 22pk24 "SITUATIONS WANTED barn, in • 6 miles 1 mile of good 3 houses, big of Blythevilie. school. $25.00 per acre, terms. Phone 887 or 888. W. T. Barnett. GC-K-TF HAVE house and lot to trade lor FRESH--A Grade MilK delivered ntehl and morning. O. W. l£wis, Phone 877. 10P-K 11-10 Farm Land. Qougan. Eddie Burks, 130 18C-K24 ELECTRICAL Dust-proof bags, Brushes and rubber-covered cortl for your electric sweeper. Hcffner Electric Service, Tc Gillcn Furniture, Call GSO. 13c-klll3 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, fixtures .:nd wiring. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 314 14p-kll-14 CALL WIGGINS Electric Shop lor repairs and estimates. Phone 442. 10P-K 11-10 RADIO SERVICE Mr. Bargain Hunter Now is the golden opportunity lo buy a 40 or 80 or larger larm. Improved lands can be boughl at prices ranging from 515 to 540 per acre, cash or terms. If you ouy a home this fall it will increase in value, pay a good divi- dcnt and help make a living. We can locate you, write or phone. G. G. CAUDILL Box 18S 'I'lioue 7U7 15C-K 11-15 LIVE STOCK FOR SALE— Jersey Milch Cows RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guaranteed, estimates free. R. L. DEDMAN'. Walpole Electric Sr,o:> Phone 314. Hp-kll-14 QUICK SERVICE on all types o! radios. Watch Tor our advertising car. Parkhurst Co. Phone 57. 18j)-kll-18 TAXI IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 279 18P-K 11-18 GKEF.X I.KAF CAFE & FUUTT STAND Regular Meals a Specialty. All you can rat 2AC. v,ith drink. Complete line of Fruits & Vegetables. Sec me for wholesale prices on apples. !'.i;CK MEIIAHG, Proprietor We Deliver 313 E. Main OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs Wi eifun 1 Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'hone 81C-731 with young calves, at Harris' narn. Sec R. M 19p-kll-H MILCH COWS for sale or Irade. Hester's Fruit & Produce. 19p-kUI9 FOIl SALE—Car load of Jersey Milch Cows at barn South of Canning Factory. Rlytheville, Oct. 22. Sec O. F. Wear, Wantalinga Hotel. 20c-k27 FARMERS having livestock to sell or if they desire to buy they will find it convenient and economical to use Courier News Want- Ads. AUTOMOTIVE SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson 301-303 K. 57»1» See Weisburd And Sec Ifcfter EYES TESTED FREE And Glusts Fitted [•'OR SALE—New and Used Auto Part;,. Jnckson Aulo Parts Co 20H» W. Main, Phone 60. 3c-K Nov 3 FOR SALE—Model "A" !«, Ton Fo r <1 Truck. Perfect condition. Very reasonable. John C. McIIancy. -Jr., "Tlic Monument Man". 23C-U-TF WATERPROOF Covers for trucks nnd wagons. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First St., Phone G43. np-Kii-n Sinclair Gas & Oil. Greasing, washing, U. S. Tires. Day and Night Service. Phone 555. 24p-kOct. 24 VEW FORD BATTERfEsT Rental batteries, recharging and repairing. 777 Tire ft Hat lory Station. 18C-K TOJiACCO Send to Williams Tobacco Farm • R. 3, Fulton. Ky., for Rood lOc '• Per pound tobacco, and Seed Les- '• pcdiza Serica, a wonder plant for : poor land. 22pl(2< j TREKS, SHRUHS i SHRUBS—all prices, We set them ; out. Hester's Fruit and Produce ] i 123 East Main . 19p.klll9 H is Impossible, when activities of Kusslan emigres .ilito warps and loscij Us orluln- Pails. Prague nml other foreign 1 nlljinnient with editors provide the Ihcme (or two seat, lo bring It bnck, yet it new turns here, one already under ildlculons lo replace It. The remedy is if cylinders niter about IS.IXWl under the tlllo "aorguioir Al- illes ol" running. Ii>iis"--!lic lute 1'uul Uorgmon, assassin of Ihe French I'rcsldcn courier, News Wim AUs I uommtr being used as a type ol to recondition i in-quired. NOW THAT VOUV& TtJUND MONEY, "DON'T 6O HIDING IT TM 1 VACUUM CUEANER. OR. rAEACT POT2 IT, OK. SPENt) Wf-^I'O VoU "BUY A COUPLE TO UfcE MY MONEY IN THE ADVANCEMENT Of- SCIENCE ? -REFIT fv\Y FOR EXPERIMENTAL I WILL SHOW YOU A. •SMOKIN& T1PE I HAVE INVENTED, THAT TXDES TtWS AN INVESTMENT ^VOU CA^T LO&t ? >AJO' one of the strongest Bolivian positions in the entire disputed area ACK-TO S-Ob- T-OT5TE From the machine gun nest In the toy photo, Bolivian gunncra In- ilictctl a heavy loll on the enemy before relinquishing Fort Uoiine- ;TII. Wounded Paragiinjnu soldiers arc shonn In the lower photo Pniaguayflns claln in tlic military hospital In Ascuncion, Paraguay. HELLO EVERYHODY! to have virtually annihilated five Bolivian regiments. Service automobiles the engine show to body and clnissls noise eliminR- "The guide, a small cast-iron ro- jierfectlcn in eliminating noise [ipm where the heat from burning gas vahe mechanism. has greater opportunity small salary. Address 11, soon loses Its perfect alignment Valve trouble in most cars is In- with Hie seat and changes the di- dicative of lack of power. The en 1 rection of travel of the valve. giue will not idle, the car will not irier News Want-Ads oiler climb a hill a s it used lo. and the The spring h M the power to ult producing service at low! trouble is made known in many close the v.ilvc regardless of this U ™.P™ ™ g inlaces. . tmlruc condition, hut does 'so through the valve striking a small ponton of Hie sent first and then cent of valve trou- Price of Wivrs Drcline BELGRADE. (UP)— At a confer- pendulum-like swing of the stem. some sort of noise, and result from held al Kcsovske-Mitrovica. It was that defies removal through cnt- ith the valve stem, stem t;u:ile or unanimously decided lo reduce the tlic lappet clearance. ives from 10.000 dinars Tlie seats and stem guides ?.rc to 2,500 dinars until the depression has ended and subject to seasoning as is the case the younger men have more hard with all parts made of cast iron, Under IjKt, conditions, this side- and the intea'jc heist generated in cash at their disposal when getting ready to set up housekeeping o carbon lo .such an extent that It .rapid -change In Ihc texture of tlic and distorts these Tornado's Traek rhe average track of a Warped and burned valves began lo ap;:c:n willi the advent of the hiRli-suced engine:;. When a lo 2COO miles of run- before they become perman- is about one-fifth of a mile aero;.-; ently scl or seasoned. ol j valve dors nol clcr.e complelely in sharply defined that houses on one adds to the value C'f the thc.s:: engines, the compressed gas, which reaches a lem- side of Ihs btrcel may be completely ihe ' material In HK-.SP parls. but makes cmollshcd while those other arc unharmed. il necessary lo service or A TOUGH SPOT! THERE, NOJ BUHV«N' 61T HIS MftCWNfc 60N! I'M GOIW TO THIS -&WP,?, A LESSOW WJOT Hc'a NEVER FORGIT. WASH TUBES AlWTlb UFE OF PAL FAILS/ / <30 I NO USE IN BOTH 0' \lTS 6EniN& KlUED. ; SMOOTH c« AHEW fcN 1 SHOOT, OR, 1 BtOVOS VGR BLOOMIN' NOODLfc OFF. MOW, BLF.'ST BV TIHJND6.R, \ To REASC-N./; I CM-IT SHOOT MY OWU 6UOD1E. 1-- ^^Y SOODUESS, ARE vjo HURT? on Tpe FOOTBALL TEAM? MOT REALLY? WAT DO V<X> THINk, I'M ON TVIE. SHADYSIDS RX3T8ALL. TEAlrt !.' ISUT "WAT SREAT? GREAT,SOM SREAT VA MADE TWE TEAM, [ HUH? \NELL, I'M 'PROUD OF You.... TELU ME ALL ABOUT It.' BOOSE WAMTS FRECKLES ID REPOHF FOR FORWARD PRACTICE..-; WOT G05H! IT ISN'T JUST ALL THERE IS TO H 66T CM THE. TEAM, YOTJNO UVDY COLLEGE GRADUATE desires position. Efc enced in general office work, cashier, restaurant Irastess and 1" caring for children. Willing to work clicap or for room and board and salar. Address "S" Courier News. price (about

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