The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 193? 'Continual Prom Paire Onnl he beer lax flo cenl.s u barrel. Sponsor.'} of the measure estimated it would produce $100,000 additional i-evemi.c annually. Heveiiue from the tax would be distributed as follows; Comity ««- i-icultifil extension work, $205,000; n-ancli experiment stations of. the University -of Arkansas, SIOO^COO: county tuberculosis sanatorium funds, S75.000; confederate pensions, SW.OCO; Sion.aofl for hos- iltutli-.alion of indignities. under direction of the state Welfare Hoard. Any .surplus not appropriated would be turned into Hie Confederate pension" fuml. Emergency Clause Volril The emergency clause for the foi-tlieiM (i)'o jjei- cent sales tn>: nil. wnlch/will ; miike the measure eftecttvj'-npoii approval by the !overnoiy 'was: adopted by the louse'yesterday Brio 0. Murry of Villas, made |hc. motion to rr- :onsidei- the vote .by which (he fmcrgcney. clause failed of adop- fon"several days ago.. Under provisions of the bill, the only articles exempted are milk, cotton nnd cottonseed, and all agricultural and horticultural i>io- ducls as long as they remain In the hands of the producers, Au- >thcr amendment added by the louse makes the act expire June 30. 1939, The present sales tax tax law expires next June 30. However, the new measure will supplant the bill enacted two years ago. Ban (m Communism Loses The bill by liorIon of Oraig- icad, which would have prohibited the teaching of Communism in stale-supported schools, was defeated. IS to 40, after a lengthy tiscnssion. Tackett of Pike con- ended that Arkansas already had been ridiculed because of such iroposed laws, and urged defeat of he bill. -You would do nothing nil give Commonwealth 'College iear Mena some free advertising," ie said. Purviance of .Union also -spoke against the measure.' saying that while he had no sympathy for he college near Menu, still be jpllcvod "they should be permit- eel to teach anything tliey want o and we can go out and teach he truth." He said public school eachers were against tlie hill. Wear of Polk county, a "jreigh- lor" of (he college, said the only effect of Ihc bill would be to give *e college "some free publicity." 'Je added that, "we have the.only JOssum club in the world, from ell—.W£_'£;eJ^a ^great deal of p\ib- .y;"TrtKt "we fin'vc- Lum ahd.'Ab" "er.fvlie. alsaigwe us'a grftit deal of pubUe«.y?>J9"-:wriy do you.waiit o take that college away from us. vhich is just another source or mblicity for my county?" He said the people "down there don't pay •my. .attention to them." .Abington of White also spoke igainst the bill, declaring that he ladn't heard "anything about them overthrowing very much of our government." Under provisions of a hill by Abington of White, which was' lapsed, ?•) (o 3, peace officers voiikl 1 be prohibited' from using lih'd degree methods on prison - rs. It also would permit prisoners to consult a lawyer or call a doctor of their own selection. Leaclivillc Paving Started This Week l-EACIIVILLE, Ark.—Work began jwslti'day on Die paving of Mulu strn't iroin the corner of First and Main to Hie corner of.l-'iftli mid Main. The labor Is furnished by the WI'A nnd material by the pro|i- I'lty owners,. Tile pitying Is being j)laccci at a 4fi degree angle to form jKiikliijj sjiaces, wliich will climi- nale tlie iwlntins; of parkins bltrks, J. H. David of M.inlia is In cliarue, I'AsIsli'd jjy llcrL. Mi'tciiU, and (he »wk It exi>KH'<l In l within 30 days. •LTTHEVILLB, Johnson's Slave Visits Roosevelt COURIER NEWB LI T Hie CAftUTHERSVIU,E, Mo—Jurors anil alU'rnal-.-s for Ihc March term of circuit court have been si-li-ctal by the comity court. Thsy tire: Csotcr Township—Billy Pi)im:is. Willis isrnderick; alternates, 13. A. UHOnc, Ralph HUShit)!!. HcUiiml— K E.. L. Smith; altar- mile. Perry Taylor. Haytl—Henry Eucll, Kvnn Vaughn; alternates. F.. !,. Coldwell. W.'.T. Sanders. Pemiseol—Bill llnxter, u. w. \yil- llnmsoi); alternates, H. 0. Berry. Jolm 'rtirnlxnv. Virginia—O. V. via. Frankte »•>Priest; alternates, Willie PrichaM 1 Charles I'osey. Ilrnegiulqcfo--Tom Waldrop. j. A. Boanl; alternates, Wm. Bai'ksdale Roy Curtis. Concord—H. Thompson. Lee Wilson; alternates, I,, n. Gale, Albert Webb. Godair—Dud Edwards- alternate Clyde white.. .. • Butler—Henry pisltcr; alternate. Henry Burgess. Pascola—Aubrey French;' alternate, J. w. Schrader. Organ—Leu-is Pci-rcll- alternate P. L. Gates. Gayoro—Lacy Bush; alternate. Winfrcd Altai. Little River—\v. II. Fields, A E Brncy; alternates, Claim Stillman Jim Lee Clayton. Little ' Prairie—Charles Duck- Tho 30 minutes lie had j»sl .spent with President liooscvclt were the-happiest of his life, William Andrew Johnson. vj[ ex-slave, said as,he was pholo- in-aphrd, nbove, outside ilia White House grounds. In his right hand he clutched the cane tho president gave Mm, declared simply that the president Is "my kind of white folks" ;Born (he slave . of President Andrew Johnson, he was invited to the White House when Roosevelt learned of that fact. Funeral Services Held Today for W. W. Green Funeral services were held this morning for W. W. Green with the Rev. W. O. SlnglcteiTy, pastor of the Full Gospel church, offiri- olinit. Interment was made l at Sandy nidge cemetery. In an account, of Mr. Green's death in yesterday's paper worth. R. c. Dent. w. n. Cassi<Jy, C. H.I llryaut; allcriintcs. Pleas I-ynn. M.. 13. Thornsbcrry, Grovcr LalTerty si-., PYed Franklin. Body of Baby Flood '. Victim Is Recoveved LEACHVILLE. Ark.—The botlyof fmago Wiggins, 17-months-old baby v „ ~ • •laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wig- Negro Dr3WS $100 Fine ' U1S flrnu-nn^i ««.x.. T.':,..^,.. ^_ . ^ " * i111 For Drunken Driving Robert Powell, negro, .was fined $100 on a charge of driving whjls lnlo^:lcale(l in municipal'court'this '"""""'IT- 'A charge of reckless driv- name was erroneously listed ns J J. Green anil the name of his wife. Mrs. Mamie Green', ns Mrs Pearl Green. The Moss Funeral Service 'was in charge of - funeral arran"e- mcnts. I gins, drowned near Kisner Corner, j four miles sonth of Leacliville.ioii ' January 20. ivas located lotlnv In about six feet of water within about! f SCO yards of the place where a boat ronlaijihig.U'. H. Tibbets, Carl '.Dili-over, Mr^.'Pearl Brown, Mrs. Carl 1 Vyiggih&aiia the Wisgilis'baby overt urne"ri. : - ; . . Mrs. -Wiggins lost-her grip on tile baby and it was carried away by the swift current. As she came to the surface she came in contact with a ivirc and saved Jieiself. A Mr. Dolin found tlie infant, almost entirely covered with sediment, only its feet were visible It was delivered to Lee Bearden who conveyed it to the Howard Undertaking Co., where it is beiiw prepared for burial. Will Resume Church Services at Lone Oak Regular church service.? at Lone Oak. abandonee! for the past month because of flood condi- ioiis and Hie" illness of the pas- or. Eld. J. p. Manning, will be •esnmed. beginning 'Saturday, Peb- iisry 20. There will be- preaching each first and third Sunday and Sun- lay school every Sunday morning it 10 o'clock. Tire Young Peoples Gaining Course meets each Sun- lay evening at 6:30. Attend Rites at Oxford for Local Man's Father Mrs. w. C. Legged and daughter, B'lhe, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Burns iiavc returned from Oxford, Miss ivhsi-e they were called by the death of Mr. Leggett's father, c. A I*»- gclt, who died Tuesday afternoon Mr. Leggett and daughter, Mis; Louise, who accompanied them there, remained for a longer slay Mr. Leggett, who was 79 years «t age. wxs active despite his years and became ill only a few days before his death. Burial was made Wednesday at Liberty, near Oxford He is survived by three sons, w C. Leggetl of here, B. a. and L M. Leggett of Memphis, and one daughter, Miss Mertis Lsggett of Bamiio, Philippine Islands. Two charges of. gas lax oVnsion .were docketed, this mbrninirjn° the Bryant Truck Lines. °" ° Moon farming, the planting o seeds in accordance with' certain Phases of Ihc moon, has, absolutely no support from any scientific point of view, according 'to a report of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. ' :, TWO OF AMERICA'S GREATEST WHISKIES Some like BOURBON...Some like RYE. They ALL like CLARKE'S PURE RYE 'INC/and CLARKE'S BOURBON. k .' These whiskies are . ' . 2!& years old. CLARKE'S (CLARKE'S BOURBON Py .HE RYE INC WHISKEY WHISKEY STRA.OHT.BOUBBON WHljKtY ~SYW A)O HT RVE WH,tK EV UUJ F S(ra "" * S«"- Kork, Ark. - tJquor Jobber GOLDS l and ! FEVER first flay Liquid, Tablets, HeadacheV 30 Salve, Nose Drops minu(t s Try "K u u - My-Tunr—wnr l d's Best Liniment Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe IsRacs' Store ••WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 54D , BRAKE ADJUSTING Avoid costly accidents will) properly adjusted brakes. Our mechanics will gladly check your brakes at regular in- Lei'vals and make adjustments whenever necessary. Dnn't . trust bad mikes. JOYNER Motor Sales Co. JJuick 'and Pontiac , Sales and Service ' PHONE 1001) Wnos Squalors Move I of Fellow for Plan to Shops lly 1'AT WAI.SH (hiKcii |'i-,. ss stalV CoriTSpniulrul i.rrn,n HOCK. Ark. iui')- Stcaks (nay prove lo b? l!i« dceltl- nis f:i<-tor | n tln> loration of Ihn stale highway doparlinent's dlvl- stomi nhniK. now located in wvnno Stale StMinloi- K. C. ri'ook) aatli- »w«, west Mjinphls. tills week ail- mltled that, he hud been biivlus slnik dinners for 0 :h Pr ineinbers or t '••• UDiier IIOIISD a s n part of nls lolj>:ylnx efforts lo have tli'o >-hoiis nmveil to i.'orrert Oily ' "Sure ! have tot-en buying jteak •liiiuers for some of the s->nalori I want, in i MV c their ^«c,d vlll wh^li inc. o.iiost!in of moving. the shops cqin<is ui>,'' onlhlngs sni.t. Obsei'iTi-s ,wci-e of Uw oijlDloii,, Hint, Oathlngs 1 eifort;; we-e lo repay si Fronds county for the siip'wt R iv,.., j,!,,, )„ die primary sl"cl| n ., of i9t4. W | 1(!n hc wfts C , C[ . U fiLT " Um * took ll to ""»"' tlial he wesl Memphis senator was 'h IMB >I|S fC " M ' S r ° r ^'• Bl<!i:llon W'lile S«nn(nr .Cl-ilhliig., bon-lii "enk dlnii"rs for fellow members Miwlor J. I,, (neck) siiavei. Wynne, occnplcrt h| 5 ii me \ n a \a\ n * Governor cnrl.E. Uailev in sliai)- »iif his legislative i>ros>ram iiiul -Ic- pemling upon gubernatorial .favor to keep the shops at Wynne Shaver served ns an Inlermcdiarj »i seltlini! the legislative dlsmile between the govenioi- mid-tin )Je~ti- tcuant governor ami he is rengrt- ed to be the one who origlnnl-d th? comprotnlse move • Co-eds Buy Iteil Fl.inurl.f STANFORD UNIVERSITY. Cal. (UP)— Palo Alto merchants are authority for the statement, Umt during the -recent, California cold snap, co-eds on the university farm couldn't take It, and bought, heavily of red flniitiel underwear Tile ruin-crow, cries of which are supposed to forecast rain. Is not a crow but n specie;; of cuckoo. Memphis Sjx>ci;ilisl Agrees lo Corrccl Clofl Palales «/ Infants " •'I'lic skillful n-oi-lf of n M.-mpdls- snr«con \iiil traiislorm twin huljles uorn ,a i, P [,clivllle on si. Valtn- l»i"s IX-iy nidi c!i-f( imlnt™, lino iifiilihy, nornm) children . The twins, a hoy mi-J « u |,| were torn to Mr. and M r , s . clliiMid Mninno, who live n?nr Ij-u-lu-lll" •o» W' N. 13. llouiXf fur,,, A f|,,,. tney had been dellvi'i'cd by n r . f, E. liohhivjn lusi Slin-Jny tli<' l )a - atp.1 «•(•!•(. torotifjlti hero ami pi,».,. ( | in (lie Rod cross einersencv hiiMil- tnl in the city hall. ' Throng, (he olfort-i of Mrs James !i. chirk, director o( the •Misslssip|)| County Society tor Crippled children, .iccommo-.itulims were secured for (hem In llu> iiup- tist hospital in Mt'liiplils where Iti-v will Ije i)p--rnted on liv I5r. W M Adiiins, well known Memphis S|K> elalist. who will attempt to ri'Mllv natnre-s oversight by nmkhm Ih^r piiliik'S and niontlis as noarly nor- mul as possible, !iy operaling on the Imljli.s »•.soon n.s- possible the .surgeon will be better able to remedy the rie- fecls. which If allowed lo go us'- attended would not only result in lifelong disfigurement but would make the children more susceptl- hle lo diseases of the llnoat and Iniig.'i. Mrs. Clark snid, nr.- • Edna NIos - voluntcereil to take Ihc.. bali.les,. .lo NJejuphl.-i by car llih moililni; nnd she ' was nccompnnted by" Miss Vein Dlek- -erson,.-Hed- Gross nui-sc at the etnergc-ncy hasjiltnl liere. Whetber Dr. Ailanis would perform bolh oDcriilions today was not known here ns the condition of one of the infants might, make It necessary to ixMlpone surgery for several months. tic was confident however, tint the oiwratlons would he successful and thai. In n feu- years only slight scars would remain us reminders of the one-lime deformities. In the ttinlei, some inlt w flsh visit water regions, FAGB THEM NO EXTRA COST <?W *il* \Phillip the World's Largest Producer of Natural HIGH TEST Gasoline WANF SPLIT-SECOND STARTING? Then K member: <t,cre is nothing like liijjli tesi gasoline to w.ike up a cnlil, tlrowsy engine, livery motor-wise driver knows tlmt. v And most of tliein know that Phillips rtfi Poly Gas has \ah\ajs set (he high-test pace—ib still out in front. / 'lliis is not n nnitcr of opinion It is no boistfitl claim. No trick stitcmetit to win unfair jilvimage. 'Ihc fact is (hat the Phillips Testing I tbor.itory, after ani- lyrniB many thousand's of simples of .ill available motor fuels purdmul in the open nmkir, assures you lhat llic Volatility Index (cffUtive high test) of Phillips 66 Poly Gas i.s unsnr- p-isscil by any other gasoline, even those selling at a higher price, Day in anil day out, almost without exception, Phillips 66 Poly Gis is Inglicr test tlnn oilicrs . higher test \\ithoitc liij-licr piicc! Plus (lie nddci! energy umis supplied by the patented I'OI.Ytuerizatiaii [jroccss. 'I Ims you get the economy of low first cost per gallon And on top of eli it, the economy of faster w-inn-up nnd smoother running... reduced battery drain... less crankcase, dilution... am) extra miles usually wasted l>y prolonged use of tlie choke. Llilun In,.PHILLIPS POLK FOLLIES..ColumbiaNelwo(k.,Everjlu«di)M(i E Phill-up with Phillips for JkttMtt Here's aroma for you ... a picture of Chesterfield tobacco just as it comes out of the 1000-pound wooden hogsheads after ageing for three years. If you could be there when-these hundreds of hogsheads are opened up ... if you could see this mild ripe' tobacco, prime and ready to be made into Chesterfield Cigarettes ... see the golden color of the leaf. . . and get a whiff of that delightful aroma..'d say ... "Delicious . . . makes me think of fruit cake." Copji.'ghi IM7, Licctn K M ms Towcco Co. Mifd, ripe home-grown and aromatic Turkish tobaccos... aged three years.., make Chesterfield an outstanding cigarette...give them a more pleasing taste and aroma. READ COURIER NEWS WANT-ADS

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