The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota on June 26, 1955 · Page 3
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The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota · Page 3

Huron, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 26, 1955
Page 3
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SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 1953 Garden Column Don't Forget To Use Newest Insecticides, Food On Plants By MUS. OSCAU MfFARUNG Many new high potency insecticides and fungicides have been developed in the last few years. DDT is comparatively new and controls many insecls inducting flies, mosquitoes and aphids. It has a lone lasting effect and therefore it is not advisable to use it directly on vegetables and fruits almost ready to cat. . Chlordane anil [Jndane are effective control for grasshoppers, cutworms and many other pests that previously were difficult to control. There are on the market gen- ~;r. combin- O A l t M K N NIOWS IS KKOUI.AU rUATUKK Each Sunday in The Huron Plainsman a column on some phase of gardening or lawn care is published. The' articles arc written by various members of the Fair City Garden ^CIut^oMiurim^ ; · ation insecticides and fungicides that take care of major plant pests as well as many diseases. Among the new fungicides arc Captan which will control Wad; spot on roses, brawn patch on lawns, povvd- . cry mildew and damp-off in new seedlings, and cuttings. It can be New Furniture Tops To Resist Alcohol, Burning Cigarettes CHICAGO (UP) - G e n u i n e hardwood furniture toils that resist burning cigarels and alcoho! will bo in the stores by fall, the fine hardwoods association predicted today. The group announced approva. Of a process for manufacturing table, chest, bar and desk tops "with super resistant genuine hardwood surfaces that'can be finished in any color or effect." The association said you can burn a cigaret' completely (o ash spill nail polish, polish remover alcohol or fruit juice on the hard wood surfaces without damaging them. Association President Burdet Green said the hardwood surfaces pre made with a combination o "approved finishes and a process of laminating aluminum foil intr plywood construction." The advantage, ..he said. _is tha any plant which makes plywooc can use the new process. The fur niture tops can be constructec with the rest of the piece and fin ished at the same time. Dpnavon Schaefer Dies In Portland Word has been received in Hu ron of the death of Donavon Schaefer, 49, June 23 at "Portland, Ore. He was the husband of the former Margaret Knickrehm of Huron. They formerly resided at Winfred, S. D. unti 1934 when they moved to Ore gon. Surviving in addition to hi: widow is a daughter, Yvonne wh graduated June 12 from the Uni versity of Oregon. Mrs. Schaefer formerly taugh jn the Huron City Schools. Willis Knickrehm and Mrs. 0 L. Mayberry of Hitchcock ant Vera Crowell of Huron are broth er-in-law and Schaefer. sisters-in-law o Frank Clark, 85, Canning, Buried 1 CANNING -- Funeral service for Frank Clark, 85, of Canninj who died June 22 were held Fri day afternoon at the Nazaren Church in Canning. Burial was in Light Gross Crop Riverside Cemetery, Pierre. He had been a resident of thi Canning area 36 years. Surviving are his widow; fou sons: Lester of Pierre; Francis o By TOM MeNAUA' illed I'ress Staff Cor toys Town." M.T. Woods. Sioux Falls, a diroc scd m combination with sulphur, men for years was the most ef- 'clivo fungicide. J'erbam is one f tnc now controls for Cedar-Apple list which has been so troublesome us season. Pests Resist HOT Some pests develop a resistance 0 insecticides after they have been scd for some time. There are now ies that have, become resistant 1 DDT. Malathioi) will kill Ilicsc Distant flies now. Whether they an develop a resistance to it re- Vims to be studied, as Malalhion also new. Everybody is familiar with 2-4D ic weed killer that is injurious to road-leaf weeds nnd docs not arm grasses. It lias r id many iwns of dandelions. There is also n arsenical weed killer (hat precuts all plant growth for one or wo years for use on driveways, long fence lines, paths and in reas where no plant growth is ranted. There are combinations lat will kill Jawn weeds and feed he grass in one application. It is better to start a definite Praying program at first sight of amagc than to wait until pests avc multiplied ami laid eggs or ungus has spread. Be sure to fol- ow directions on the label. Meas- rc accurately. The spray must be trong enough tp kill pests but nol o strong it will burn foliage. Spray vilh a fine mist all over the plants icing certain lhat undersides Of R ,,,,, C 1 ,,^.,../.' HP ?avcs arc covered since many in OOy OCOUtS 1 O Boy s Ranch" To Be Dedicated Sunday At Sioux Falls; Will Provide Home For Needy Youngsters; Expect Growth * * * * * * * u .1 JL _L eels live under the leaves. Spray arly in the morning when dew s on the plants or in late after- oon so the plants can dry before ight. Spraying in the bright siin- ifiht may burn plants. If you have a problem, ask your nsecticide dealer. He will be glad 0 help if he can. Feed Die I'lants Now that we have the bugs all Billed and the diseases under con- rol, let's not starve our plants. Often we crowd our gardens so ve may have a variety of flowers and vegetables on one small city ot. The result is that the compo- ilion for available plant food is ;rcat and the weaker plants will uffer. A good complete plant food containing alt needed nutrients in 1 form that is immediately available to the plants will give a quick- 'shot in the arm" so to speak. A ight feeding every two weeks or en days will give marvelous re- ults; Discontinue feuing in Sop- ember or roses and perennials vill have too much new growth lot hardened for our severe winters. It is interesting to put the lew foliar feeds on a part of youi awn and i n . a few days you can tell exactly how far you went. The grass will be a brighter dark green and seem much thicker. You don' believe me? Try it and see for yourself. · Relative Huron Resident Dies E. H.. Busch of Paullina, la, prmerly of Bancroft, and relative of Huron residents, died al lis Paullina home Thursday of a heart attack. He was 67 years old. The Busch family formerly re sided in Bancroft. Surviving are his widow; three daughters, Mrs. Gladys Raher Hartley, la.; Mrs. Verna Lamb -lark; Mrs. Helen Lowry, Lucka- hoe, N. Y.; four sons, Harland of Jopiin, Mo.; Harold, Glen and Al en of Paullina. Funeral services are schedulef for 2 p.m. Monday at Paullina and George Raabe, Elmer Raabe vliss Ethel Raabe and Mrs. Anna Raabe, all of Huron are leavini today, Sunday, to attend the ser vices for their brother-in-law. Predicted For S. D. MILLER -- Grass seed strip ping is underway, but South Da kota is estimated to have a ligh sons: tester ot rierre; Francis of TM l ° '= wiiujaieu 10 nave a ugh Pipesto'ne, Minn.; Vernon of Rap- cr °P- Cr °P predictions are abou id City and Osmanpf \Valerlown; one half million pounds as com two daughters: Mrs. Robert Stone P/red to 15 million reaped from of Pierre; Mrs. Lloyd Stuart, Can- the same area last year, ning. Hand County's best section i the south and southwest part du to an early rain. There are 110 strippers working'' in the county Friends Cnliivnle Wnlton Corn" Field CAVOUR -- Friends cultivat ed, Leslie Walton's corn fiel June 17 while he was a patient i St..John's Hospital. i Those helping out were: Ber nard, George, Bill, and Lnrr Zell, Irvin, Allan and Henry Put- crbaugh, Irven Peterson, Earl Mailer, Carl and Paul Verch, Les and Donnie Culver, Myron Zecck, George Montgomery, Rudolph Schwdreski, Enno Kruil, and Russell Dickson. Walton has been hospitalized twice recently, for a week in May and again on June 12. The Walton farm is located 10 miles south and one mile west of Cavour. In some areas the quality is up t standard but the bulk of it is no as good as last year. Dr. L. S. BETTS EYE , EAR NOSE THROAT Osleopathlc Physician Gbsscss Fitted Contact Lenses Phon» 3317--Over Waibel'i The HURONITEqtid.THE DAILY PLAINSMAN, Huron. S. D. PACE THREE for boys, a large lounge, nnd bath- ..« ......... ^ u ,,^,,vi.i,t m ing and toilet facilities. Two addl- FAU.S, S.D. (UP) --A tional double looms for boys arc ·""' '" '-- -'-·" -- '-·· under construction. The Mayevs will move in July 1, will be oUnday for needy yuun^b\t,'i, * n u mrtyvis win move in ouiv i, .. one backer of the plan said just five days after the dedication, «iay lie could see no reason ivhy and (hey will get (he place ready would not be as successful as for the first youngsteij. At least e famed Father Flanagan's one, and poss'bly two assistants will be hired soon. Mrs. Melinda Bell McCrossan, i .V «r Z C; ' " " " v v - im.1. mi'imuLi jua mc^iossan, of the McCi-ossan Foundation, whose generosity has made the said the · sky s the limit" project possible, will be on hand e Kl'OWth m tho MrfYnccnii f^i. tl.n o,.«.],.,, ,I...I:~...E-.. IT-.. the growth of the McCrossan jys Uaneh w!i|cli I.? locate! on half-section of land northwest of oiix Falls. But Woods warned that backers the project must go slow al st to build a strong and solid titutfon lo care for youngsters twech the age of seven through ·;h .school. To Increase Enrollment Only a small number of txiys 1! start life anew at the project ion it opens its doors on Scptcni- r under the direction of Mr. and rs. Jerome Mayer, former teacli- s in Hie Sioux Falls public school stem. But the enrollment will -ii-case as the facilities and staff ow to adequate size to care for ore Wds. The first boys will live in a 0,000 plant consisting of four rtncr federal hospital units which ve been linked together. At pres- t, there are three double rooms ourney To Vezo Mexico PIERRE -- Eighteen Pheasant Duncil Explorer Scouts, 14 to 18 ars of age, will leave Pierre rly Monday morning on the uncil annual expedition fo the itional Explorer Scout Uanch, hilmont, at Cimarron, N. M. Adult advisors for the 10-day ek on the 200,000 acre ranch cated in the mountains of New exico are Robert Echols, Pierre, e Rev. John Iszler, Milbank, id Ronald White, Pierre. Stops enroute to New Mexico ill be at the Ellsworth Air Force ase at Rapid City, Peterson Air orce Base, Colorado Springs, olo., and the famous Explorer cout Koshare Indian Kiva at aJunta, Colo. Weather permit- ng, and air_ force transport air- aft "being available the continent will have an orientation ight at Ellsworth Air Force ase. The Explorer Scouts will spend ) days on the trails at Philmont sing the burro and pack horses r the 85-mile Philmont trail ek. The contingent is scheduled return to Pierre on July 14. James C. Schooler, Pierre, heasant Council Scout commis- oner has served as Philmont hairman for the council with loyd J. Kraft, Huron, as the ad- isor for all tour arrangements nd schedule. The following Explorer Scouts ill participate in the expedition: ierre, Vernon Trimble, Craig ickson, Jan Darner, Philip Hoy Wiite, Leland Pallet, William C. aimer, George Ferley, Tom liss; Miller: Leon Grossman, ick Moen; Tulare: Lance Otto, )hn Roos; Gettysburg: Barnabus rbanyi; Wessington Springs: -^ren Rukstad; Milbank: Everett szler. the Sunday dedication. Her homo Is in Anuu'illo, Tex,, but she Ill's given more than $800,000 through the years--including nn original gift of 5200,000 n IK! 5ilX),000 in money and contracts received recently. Mrs. McCrossan is establishing the project 'as a memorial to her husband, who died in 191M. The couple lived in Sioux Falls for a time and Mr. McCrossan rnn a wholesale grocery house. The wheels began turning on the project in 1947 when she gave liiis- (era her .Sioux Falls Interests, consisting ot business properties and the halt section of farm. Income from the property was accumulated for six or seven years until barkers were ready to slart work on choosing ii site and buying (he buildings. "Mrs. McCrossan Is extremely public-spirited," said Woods, ail attorney here. "She could have dmie oilier things with her money 11L . vet she was the type t l m t couldn't 1 project said, "And we won't have the gtaff to handle. · the mentally disturbed r neurotic." Woods said the Ixiys will be on-' roil raged lo lead normal lives and if possible, will be placed back 1 soon in their homes, or in foster homes. There will be no limitations (in race, color or creed and Ihe ,,i,S on wi " ''Trosoiit many states. buildings, and the personnel, and the boys to he served." sre for Si'U'i'iion Is Problem Woods snlil one of Ihe Wgest problems is (joins to be deciding which boys to admit from the Imve number cxpcclwl to apply, lie said! Ihe Iwys will be not delinquents' but normal youngsters who have no satisfactory home life. I "We lire not going to try to run' a correctional institution," Woods country," , , ....... Woods said. "We will have Bailoilov Acccuotici and flepaln All Malio ol Hearing Mdi 17 f, 0. 0. F. BIdg. PHONE 5289 Homing a] prlco you on allord Will Help You in 5 Days Ntw U , dtveloptd lo,. to help you llop hief Runs Into Jnexpectcd Bonanza UEBERUNGEN, Germany (UP) --Police said a thief was in the ct of robbing a farmhouse near ere when an insurance collector mocked at the door. The thief delved into a stolen urse, paid a 547.62 premium and ent the unsuspecting insurance lan on his way. FARM LOANS Improved 320 Acres Si up Also Ranches Conn. Mutual Life Ins. Co. MILLARD G. SCOTT Box 136 Huron. S. D. -SHHHHB5H5HB5S Dangers of Rectal Troubles Free Book -- Explains Many Associated Conditions Backache, headache, constipation', ditzincs3. nausea, abdominal soreness, tomach and intestinal conditions arc oitcn caused by Piles. Fistula or Colon Troubles. 40-page FREE BOOK ex- )lains Vhe nature of these ailments. Write today--a postcard will do. Thornton Minor Hospital, Sulle ]878. 811 E. Llnwood. Kansas City 9, Mo. adv. We Move Anything -- Anytime (DAY OR NIGHT) Packing For Your Move locaf Moving NO, 1 SPECIALISTS IN Long Distance Moving Your LOCAL AGENT FOR ALLIED VANS NYLON TRIM HALF SUP In No-Iron Plisso 97c Men-Mow is the time to buy that SUIT W h i l e ' o u r slock is complete nud the price is right. Summer weights nml yenr-roumls, BOY'S SPORT SHIRTS -onirory lo mosl morchanls icports wo'vo had a big coat season so we've eordorcd many times. Each iimo we've boon forhmalo in buying coats at below inrkot nnd close out price. Thai's why o'vo still a good selection lo choose from nnd al 20.77 to 55. Regular 1.98 famous mako Bhirls sizes 2-7. Gay prints Hko Dad's. Buy with school in mind. By Don Richards Berkray Warren Sewcll Frankfy Wc'ro Overloaded On Very, Very Low Prices Up We Have Some Real Values In T - SHIRTS Buy Now nnd SAVE! For Girls - Boys Sires 1 lo 12 Men's Sport Shirts Reg. 2.98 f nag. 1.98 Now 2.77 | Now 1.77 Boys Sport Shirts Reg. 2.49, Rej. 1.98- Now 1.97 Now 1.77 CAPS 1.00-1.98 JACKETS Special Valuei On Sprlnj Stylet 3.33 up SLACKS Washablei Rayons Acetate As Low Ai 2.22 Keep Cool - Calm And Collect The Savings On These MEhTS SLACKS Dressy and Sport 2.77 4.33 fo 8.33 Others lo $12.98 FREEMAN SHOES Real Savings Here Values to 13,95 NOW Boaullful shirts worth 1.98 and 2.50 now only ... $1.27 Thay HoW Thotr Shapo NEWI NEW! LADIES' HATS They're big--they're small. Thoy'ro white--they're black Prolty and easy io wear, $4.98 ONE GROUP SPRING PURSES 1.67 to 2.67 Plus Tax Ladies Gloves One Group 77c up MENS AND BOYS WORK STRAWS DRESSY 1.69 and STRAWS 1.98 SUMMER SANDALS REDUCED 1 group regular GIRLS' COATS nail Boys Coats Cut Lov Prepare for sAoSf Now $3.77-$5.77 up And Small Boys Coats Cut Low to Sell! 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