The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1934
Page 3
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21, 1534 il Serve Methodists as Educational Div e c t o r arid Assistant Pastor The appointment of U E. Till) s educational director of the First -iethoikl church was announced <xky by A. O. Hudson, chairman f th« board ot stewards. Mr. Tull will (ate over his duties fceember 1 at which time the hurc)> will Inline)! an extensive •rcgfain of religious educational ac- ivttles among both adults and cmng people of UK congregation. n connection with his duties Mr. ; W will also serve as assistant to she pastor, Die Rev. w. v. Wom- ck, who wns recently assigned (o ne local church ror Ills second year y. the North Arkansas conference 'Bora in Charleston,. ill., the son f a Methodist minister, Mr 'Hill's raining in church work lias occii- 1?<1 a considerable portion of his "e. After graduating from Saina, o,, high school In 1913 lie en;red the University of Cincinnati •3 take a Five-year course in civil ngineenng. \Vitli Engineers In France. After his fourth year, however, ,ie World war interrupted His stu- y as he enlisted in the first of- ,cos training camp in May. 1911. _le served with the Army Engineers ;i Franco and was honorably dfs- liarged in September, 1919. He re- irned to tlie university, completed ^ course, and was graduated in \A short time later he attended ^enncdy school of Missions for .pedal training nn<| went to Rho- ;«ia, south Africa, as engineer- nsslonary for the Methodist, church i 1921. He W as ordained deacon nu elder under the missionary rule ,ie same year, and was admitted •> the conference on trial, being PPpwted to 'a circuit' of native (lurches in addition to his work s construction engineer for the nsston. In 1924 Mr. Tull wfls received as full member of" the Rhodesia iission conference. He completed four-year conference study course no W as mission treasurer. i Vn RhodM| a Mr- 1MH marl a fellow missionary, Miss Ages Moore, who was home eeonom- s teacher in the mission school Supervised Postoftice * * ix an <i * half years as instruction engineer and misslon- t«i .h" 8 Which tlme he cor »o u '"Dion's building pro- Z e , reiUrt ' ed to tn « United '" accepted an appoUH- . tl 'e. Ohio state highway <<>. a llon he resigned in 1928 to nc- ,;pt an appointment with the u . Geological survey ' " In.193J.Mr. 11.11 was transferred tdn r<?aSUry departmc »i as con- etton engineer and in (his ca- llv- came to Blytl:evilt<> ' o su- lse construction or ,«, n " It,. -.---„»» nMO V.ULII- • this year, since lie has *n employed as c ity engineer in mnectlon with |h e relief Iwogram 'ooter Students Will Elect King and Q "Pseudo Squeeze" Induces Fatal Discard by Opponent Solution to Previous Contract Problem This Is the fifth of sU win- ln# liamls e.Yp)a|jird by Aaruu Frank, throujh William r.. Mo- Kenney. BY \VM. E. MoKKNNEy Sforetiry, Amprloah Bridge League Discussing this series of hands with Aaron Prank. I told him that I noticed he did not have any squeeze plays in lu ills answer v,'it.s, ''Srmeezc plays are not really (lifliciilt to the good card player. Hit I find iliat my most enjoyment i-o:nes from rtevoloplng n psciido squeeze. In other words, getting the opponents to make a discard, because they think they ure squeezed. TliLs type of equerac Is. ever so much more thrilling than the natural r.^iiecze." Odin's hand was played, with .'elf Click in the North and Mr. Fiank ni tho Sontli, in the Cleveland Interclub WhLst League. I like Uiclr maneuvering 1 . In tlie bidding, today. They cer- Today's Contract Problem This Is the last of six hands "y Aaron Frank. Soulli la pioylng the conirnct *f four hearts. How would you pro'««<! 10 make five odd? *QJ S 63 2 V A f Q9 3 4. AK5 * K 9 0 A A 10 VQ9 3 # J S C5 + Q J 10 i K J 10 C 6 2 * AK 7 4 ea 2 fiolut'foii In next issue. 4 A Q 10 1 4t ID 11 2 AJ4 3 * J 105 »KJ3 * K J 7 5 *Q 107 VQ62 » OSCG2 4.QC - A A K S 5 2 ¥K7 5 3 * None + A S 4 3 Duplicate—All vul. Soinli u>st North R, ut * Pass 2 * P 11SS ^ V Pass 3 y p ass 3 * Pas, :) N . T p nss 1 ¥ Pass Pass Pass lead—y j o lainly jumiwd around until they foiiart the right spot. Now four hearts is the contract. You might say they should be satisfied with making their contract, but here's the way Prank played the hand. The I'lay West opened tho jack of hearts, which Prank won in Hie dummy ;with the ace. .lie then cashed Hie ace and king of spades and ruffed a spade with the four of heuits thereby establishing two good spades in his hand. Me next led a heart. You will notice that he did not 1 lay the ace of diamonds and take :>. discard. He won the trick with (lie king and then decided lo play tor a heart break. He led the civc- ipot. East won the trick with the quvcn and returned the mieen ol chits which Mr. Frank won with the ace, discarding the nine from dummy. Mr. l-'rank now played the two good spades. On the first spads West discarded a club. On the second tpade West had to do some thinking. He Incorrectly reasoned Hint the dccV.ircr must have nl least one diamond, otherwise why hadn't he cashed his ace of diamonds when he was in the dummy? So Wesl discarded the jacl: of clubs, bearing down to the king. ll Mr. Frank had lo do now was to lead the three of clubs, West was forced to win with the king. Mr. Frank now had plenty of tricks, two good clubs and a heart and the ace of diamonds, making flvc-odil for top on the Today's Markets New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 21. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. ( o])en high low close PfC. ,.:.:..! 1225 1221 1224 1225 Jan. •:=;...( 1230 1231' 1228 >• 1228' Mar 1234 1239 12 W I23S May .. 1234 1237 1233 1235 J"1.V 1231 123* 1231 12.13 Oct 1200 1201 1198 1198 Spots closed quiet at 125. r >, unchanged. New Orleans Lofton . COOTER, MO. — The ueen and •onctey, November. 26. Cam d presenting the different cas 7-' Junior high, Mary ivS agsler and Robert Holly freshen, Adine Copdand and Jan , , own; sophomores, Vehna Jones id \Vj,yne Copeland; J,, nio " osie Wnoht nn<J Alvi|1 B1 , • NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 21. (UP) —The cotton market held very steady today despite continued liquida- ] tton in the December position in preparation for notice day. open high low close -- 1224 1229 1224 1227 J an 1232 1232 1231 12281] Mflr 1237' J241 1237 1240 M ay 1235 1240 1235 1238 J »1.V 1231 1236 1231 1232 °ct. 119!) 1203 11M 1200 Spots closed steady at 1257, oif 2. (UP)-Mrs. Robert W. .an harvested a second rasp. '7 .* ra P , fr °»< her vines this , ar ' ' October. The first ""MB y early in t hc - the second crop ul 1I1A . ihi. ii . Wosso " ls ' forecasting a lb 'e third yield in December. Chicago WJteat open high low close Dec 08 1-4 90 1-4 SS 98 1-8 May 07 3-8 98 1-8 96 3-4 91 3-4 Chicago Com spring. Declaration of the regular quarterly dividend o( J2.25 a share by American Telephone, iavorablestee'l news, and the best showing in electricity output in 200 weeks, helped bring a late rally into the stock market today. A. T. mid T '. IOG Anaconda Copper 10 3-8 Beth, steel 28 1-2 Chrysler 35 1-2 Cities Service -. i S_H Gen. Am. Tank 36 3-4 Gen. Electric 191-8 Gen. Motors 303-4 Int. Harvester 31 1-2 Montgomery Ward . 23 N. Y. Central 30 1-2 Packard "4 Phillips Pet '.".'.'.'." 15 3-4 Radio ._ 5 7 . 8 Simmons lic'tls .. n 1.3 St. L.-S. P '„ i !_ 2 Standard of N. J 41 3.4 Texas Co 21 3-4 U. S. Sleel ., ' 34 7-g McKesson-Robbins . 7 3.4 U. s. smelting ".'."jJ5 3.4 Al Dec May open high low close S3 1-4 84 7-8 93 1-4 84 1-2 83 7-8 85 1-2 83 7-8 85 1-8 MONTREAL (UP)— Brown, deiwscd bantamweigl champion of the world, will try to win brick his title in the forthcoming world's bantam elimination tournament here, it Is announced Promoter Armand Vincent said Brown had advised him by cable from Tunis thai.' ho will arrive in Montreal In December Is Hke l»rt in the (oiirney. Touted as G.O.P, Hope in 1936 "I slainl for pn«-ial responsibil ity willioui Horhilism," ' That is llii! lorse iiliilloriii (indorsed by Konaior Arthur II. Ynnden- unrp—iiiiil It may he :li? cmo <:n vrlnfli ili« ('.. O. 1>. will siam) In iu:!ii, ic.t tin: Michigan son- iiior, tihowh above, is regarded ,ns iivoKldcnliiil Umber, since. Ins rn-clncllnn on Nov. r> dn- sjihc tile Democratic landslide. Steele Will Crown Basketball Queen STEELE, Mo.— A basketbal queen of Sleelc high school will be crowned Friday nlglit, November 23, preceding the game with Cooler high school. The honor will go to the young Indy selling the most season tickets 'in a contest sponsored by the Utters club and the Steele Enterprise. The contestants, representing the four high school classes and the Eighth grade, are: Lydia Crockett, senior: Eunice Heminger, junior: Madalonc Kelley, siphomore: '- Virginia Chapman, fresli- mah.'Jaijd Frances Britton, eighth grade. ~ " "" *' Princess Marina Has New Coat of Arm LONDON (UP)—Princess Marina of Greece, who is to marry the Duke of Kent Nov. 29," is to have brand new coat of arms.- ' As n memlicr of a dethvonec dynasty, she cannot hear the arm. of Greece. Her shield, therefore shows the broad 'cross of St George, patron saint or Greece n well as Britain, antl, superimposed an Inner shield which bears thc arms of the royal house of Den- tiark, to which she "belongs. This shield thus comes Into the Sritish royal family for thc scconc time, for it was borne by the late t Queen Alexandra. Wilson 'Society — Personal The Week of Prayer was' oil- served with ati nil diiy meeting ilomiay at the home of Mrs. Herbert Sullivnn. Slxlren members were present, and the Rev. and Mrs. J. T. rtamllc, of Joiner, anil Mrs. \v. s. Johnson, of Chnlt'ee, MO., \vlio vifie visitors. The Rev. II. M. u. W [ S Knw (\ K devotional mid spoke on "Prayer for thi" Kingdom". Mrs J 1! Grain .sane » T ,ike My 1,1(0 and Ix>t It He". M rs . waller Curd told of work that has been done .with money vnlscil during Pniyer Week. Mrs. James linudle siwkc on Moving I\)rwnrd Throiiyh I'ruy- era". Airs. H. M, I.cwin road "GemldiH-n, The store HODIII". Mrs. John Snlllvnn wns hostess to tin. Melliodist Missionary society for their regular social meeting Tuesiluy i\Hernoon. Mrs. H. M. Lewis gnvc (he devolional and (llseusscd 'The Spiill ot Thanksi'lvlng" mid M rKp Herbert ulllvun gnvi- "The irislory nl riinnksglvlng". pinns wrn- ninilo Tor u Christmas party (o be given Tuesday, December 18th, at (lie home of Mrs. li, M. u w is Mrs Hermuu Mullins was a visitor und Mrs. cow Muruliy Is u new mem-1 ber. ! Mr. ami Mrs. Percy Vincent, the Rev. II. M. Lewis, Mrs. Eva Kcr- lln, Mrs. Irene Hood uml Tom Hagltin nttemlcd the funi-nil of T. o. Dill, in Mempiiis. Monday afternoon. Mrs. W. S. Johnson and daughter, Itosi-innry, returned to thKr home nt Clinirec, Mo., after spending severnl days as the guests of Mr. ami M K . Henry c.oWmiin. Joe Wilson Nelson haft yonc to Winter llavuii, Florida, where hi' will be the (jiiest of his mother, Mrs. H. C. llowells. for two weeks. Mr. imrt Mrs. Hudson Wrcnn had as their guests over the week-end Mr. Wremi's father, S. S. Wrcnn, and his sister. Miss NorvelJ Wrenn, or Piescoti. Ernest Mann mul MIES Joyce Mann have returned from Cleveland, Miss., where they spent sev-' eral days as guest o [ Mr . m(i Mrs. Ora Liiughter. They were accompanied home by Mr Mann's mother,, Mrs. j. E Mann. F. L. Zander retinned Monday [roiii St. Ijjuls, where he visited his (laughter, Mrs. James Waits, ami Ill's son, Frank Zander. The Rev. R. C. Moorchead ol Osccola, the Rev. J. T. Randtc of Joiner, and the ficv. H. M. Lewis- are attending u district ministers' meeting at Black Oak today. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mium have named their daughter, born .recently, Billy Galnes. ' V Amer Azblll S|»nt Sunday with his family nt steelo, Mo. J. W. Gay, formerly of lily- llievlile, is moving hk fnmily'lierc this week. ; ALLEY OOP THEVVOpZIB DELIVERS! PAG6 THR6E — _ By Hamlin OH WOOZIE, GREAT AN' WISE, ABKA, GA700, KABLOOtC- SHOW ME WHERE TH' PRINCESS HIES/ WOOF,WU60LE.WIZ2 ^^n ^m l,\ O l«4BVNC*StHVICt 1 INC, T. K. BtO. U.»>AT. Off incuts for tha reception to" be given next week, and competition Is keen. Services arc at 7:30 p.m. P.-T. A. Seeking Books for High School Library A drive Is beln^ launched today tor looks [or the high school library with Mrs. 7M n. Harrison, project chairman of the senior high P.-T. A., chairman In charge. She Is being assisted by 12 members,' Citizens are asked to (jive boohs to the library or to'contribute any nmoiml of money which will lie spent for books. 777 At Night—Sunday—Anytime For Quick and nepenitahlp Wrecker Service Phillips Molor Co. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Nov. 21. (UP)- TRUNKS For 1934 Model Fords $ 37 I .t)U Completely Installed PROTECT YOUR UPHOLSTERY FROM WINTER'S GRIME WITH COVERS \\'c carry a complete stock of Scat Covers for all makes of cars...Vour upholstery needs protection in winter, more than any other time. HUMPER GUARDS FOR '33 - '34 FORDS Thc V protect your trunk, spare tire .iiid fend- ns and add to tlie general appearance of ?<"»• car. Set of 4 PHILIPS MOTOR CO. NOTICE Tax Payers In Drainage District No. 17 THE TAX HOOKS WILL HE CLOSED TQ THE PAYMENT OK Wl DRAINAGE TAXES ON OE- CEMHER 1ST. PAY YOUR TAXES BEFORE THAT DATE AND AVOID ADDITIONAL COSTS. / Your attention is nfso caliett to (he possibility that your iirnj)er!y may !>e (Iclinrment for one or more years without your knowledge. A mirtiher of pieces of properly are\tclini|iicnt, apparently through oversight. Brinjf your properly descriptions to the District's office »n<l make sure thai yon have paid for every year. Clifton H. Scott Federal Receiver Office in Lynch liuilding, fflythcvillc, Ark. Christian Groups Compete in Contest Tonlglii is »AH Church Loyally. "Iglil" at the Christian clmrch revival The Kcrnion topic .is "Who won't-Get to Heaven."'A pri?.e is lo be awarded to the delegation milking .the. best showing this week. In the invitational contest the O. N. group forged ahead of the A. F. and.'.O.. 2.-groups last night. The losing-, group will furnish .refresh- Ohio Fortune Tellers Clamp on Lid . CLEVELAND (UP)— Tile 11(1 IB on the fortune-telling racket li "Jlevclanii. ~ But it was not clumped on by police.. U . was self-Imposed aftei the prosperous htisiness enjoyci Illegally by score.? of' psychic readers 'arid hiedlinh' ndvhers In (h'e city was exposed by>njjors. After a scries of fcatine stories recountinK : the - nourishing activities In the city's ."psychic lint- verse,".'Police chief' debrge \3. Miitoivilz .ordered n police- drive iigaliist; the fortuiiR- tellers. Fortune telling" Is lllegn'l ,iiii(|e'r -Ohio aw. fallowing the chief's Instmc- ".ioivs, two |»llcewomcn ere as- :lBncd to tlie J'lllLAL)ELI'HIA.(UP)-An exhl- lllDij oi.. £i>\ 11 u) lii.'iidicd uni incdnls. 1 ' Iro'in I ranee. Belgium and „-__._ , _ ..._ ,... ^,,. D ,. i.u,,, in i. [i ma, 11 IJJH i rimcp, i>p|y tin Sergeant Helen, llolniu'r,. head- Germany has opened hcie. undci Ing the campaign, reported to the' auspices of the Kmeigoncj Aid Matlwllz several days latci' that •- • - -- J no nrresls hud .been made. , "Our women can't gel In," she said. "The doors aru closcil to jvcrjrone who Isn't accompanied by someone known by the lortimc of Pennsylvania in the AH Aili- SEATTLE. (UP) -Conijie-mail - j ..... .„. „„,„ Marlon XtonthecK was payshig up (cller. We can't get In lb i>cti"° - l)cls "> the ic»ul political evidence." icumpnlnn. lie visited tlie city Jail .—.— . .. . inrt'ed .the Inmates to cast abfcn •Ice ballots anil left, cl'saiets In the women's (jimitei nml with the men Haisnl Kent Itnlwi! Kunivus WATEKBURY. Conn. (UP) — Huston Cnrbliin's aparliiient was not C|iiltc to his taste, to lie pnlnl- eil Die floois, iiajiered the walls, put in hew ' electric light fixtures ami fixed the place to his liking. Then 1119 landlord raised the'rent.' Caiolan moved, taking with him the fixtures and other movable improvements. The landlord had lilrn nrrestccl for "'destruction- of private property.',' Carolan . claimed the liimllortl, iippravcd the remodeling nml/Judge John- P. Mc- Ornth dismissed- thu chiirae. ACHESandPAINS TfOR-Miliw .Ju,, Jo )(«]«),„, fr t h M.. raw*, ncuntftin nnl (or it uiciihr mi«l Jnliil acini me Cnpu line CnpH- 'illtic mnJnlin nevtrn] tnxroaienlH which ncl Inprlhrrit s iv<-<ni1cVcr rilM A k Ii>r (X'ntVln- I'.iuul or ll.fv nio ,i [u.l fitrmul.i, Caimilinp IIimil Tnlili'L CREOMULSION FOR .MEN HARD TO PLEHSE The moat discriminate dressers say "OK" to PEDWIN style-rightness and finer craftsmanship. As for service and comfort, you'll agr«» thgl.their genuine value IB far greater than tho ' : price you pay^' ~~~^ The FAMOUS JOE APPLEBAUSI There is no,substitute for GOOD, SOUND, REFRESHING SLEEP. Y our bodily health, comfort and beauty of face and figuro require unbroton slumber. Tired lines are erased from tho face — tha eyes sparllo — and life seems good, when you sleep on Ihe Boautyrest. Convenient Terms Hubbard Furniuure Co.

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