The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1944
Page 3
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WUDAY, AV1UL 28, llM-t Pacific Gains Menace Japan, Stimson Says WASHINGTON, April 28 <TJP>- Seei-etory or Wai- Stlnison says Hint recent Allied gains in the Pacific are a direct threat, to the Japanese empire and to Japan Itself. Stimson predicted that In the future our Pacific hops will Ije even longer than those thus far taken lie pointed out (hat Oneral MacArthm-'s operations in Nortli- eni New Guinea hnve given the Allies bases within 1000 miles of the Philippines and 500 miles of 1'alaii. And these gains were made will) extremely liyht losses. On the first day at Aifsjie, for Instance, American casualties were three killed eight missing and 20 wounded. Today, « days after the landing —the largest combined land, sen and air offensive ever undertaken I" the Southwest Pacific—American troops are believed to have completed the conquest of the Ilol- lantlia airfields, i\\e v look two on Tuesday, and the third is presumed- Io have fallen by now. OlA'TllEVILLE (AUK.) COUKlBR NEWS HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Romance-and Malaria-Make Story of Erie Canal Interesting Harry Lutes W/ns Checker Tournament Harry Lutes was declared champion checker plnycr In the checker Inionamcnt held last night at the American Legion nut under auspices of the local Legion . Runncr-ni) was liobert Rushing of cooler with w. H. Baxter, also of Cooler, placing third among the 20 entries, including contestants from Steele jind Cooler, as well as Blytheville and surrounding territory. Both "youngster and oldsJtere" entered the tournament, which attracted n large crowd of kibitzers whose enthusiasm ran hleh throughout the evening-. Winners [„ i ns t night's contest will challenge wniners In similar contests throughout the district. John Poster was in charge of last night's tournament . K. w. Scheele, Swedish chemist, first found glycerine in ma. His "Dad's .Medal '• As solemn-faced as if he knew ;' what it was nil about. 7-months- ' ' old Patrick Michael Ryan poses • with his mother, Mrs. Jo Ann ' Ryan, alter receiving, on behalf' of his father, the Distinguished ; : Service Cross with Oak Leaf i Cluster at Fl. Richardson, Alaska..' : Boy's dr.;;, Li. John C. Ryan, is listed "missing in action" since 1043 raid of 911) USAAF on Ploesli oil fields. Americn In the raw, rough era of the 1820'« Is Hie setting for Snin- ucl Hopkins Adnms' romnntlc novel, "Canal Town" (Kondom House: S2.15I. / Adams has built a very interesting historical yarn nroiim! Hie building of the Eric Canal, mill his forceful characters, acting out. (heir parts In pnci around Palmyra N V.. are true (o life, Especially interesting is the style of conversation, typical of those early days. Chief chnractor Is a young doctor whose yen for sanitation gets him in bad with _thc town's big shots, since his campaign to clean up working conditions on the malaria- ridden canal trods on the toes of the bigwigs. They get back at (he doc b v seeing (hat his license to practice medicine is revoked. But "ftr-r .some dark hours, right triumphs and Hie doc !>ocnrncs one of the honored men of the community. . The novel is a long one, lj\it it is filled with action and true color that only an Adams, veteran novelist, Is capable of putting into n "ineHei'dramiiicr," * • + FOIt GOD AND ENGLAND Once in a blue moon you gel n novel written nrouncl ancient England. Jeff cry FYirnol gives you a stirring romance on ninth century Albion in "The King Llveth" (Dou- blcday, Doran: S2.50). Earl Kanulf. thane of King Alfred, is the hero, and the gal in the story i s fair Lady Morwcnnn. But head and shoulders over the other characters in the book is tlie figure of King Alfred himself. His feat of rallying his people after their near-subjugation by invasion of Danes and Vikings, Is stirring. There's plenty of blood nnd action by reason of frequent use of broadswords, battle axes and spears. And the story comes to a fitting-climax when Ramilf takes unto himself Lady Monvenna. You'l] lil-.c it, • * * From a folk superstition that blackbirds on the lawn are a portent of evil to (he dwellers of the house comes the. title of n new novel, "Blackbirds on the Lawn" by Jane Morton (Coward, McCrmrr $2.50). Set in a small Kentucky community, the story concerns the bitter hate of two families resulting from a dispute over a strip of land between their adjoining properties, the effect of this fend on the lives of the members of both families. As the crusading editor of n small-town newspaper whose poor health forced him io retire. Henry Tarnol assumes the leading role in a unique cast of characters. Living with Henry on the family fann are Linda, n frustrated spinster sister. whose bitterness causes near-tragedy to the community; Susan anpllier. sister whose, patchwork quilt becomes the symbol o her life: and Benjy. the yoimgc brother whose pfij'sienl thiiturUj accentuates Ills childlike menlnlilj I" its portrayal of the tinderclir rents of life In a small-town com munity, the fight of «enry Tnrno "gainst injustice and intoleranci Becomes symbolic of similar fight against similar injustices the work over—and therein lies the strengtl of "Blackbirds on the Lawn." • * » Octavus Hoy Cohen has done 1 right good job of treating murdei m a light vein in "Ro-inance i( " lc F '"l Degree" (Mncmillan: $2) „, caused) CHECK ITCHING-BURNING Hie ^"l' Black a.ul White Skin &Sp Have Fan & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned Per .Siininirr. New Location 1T6N Isf J. T. (Charlie) Stalcup Phone ZS193 or 2598 Sare 50% On TRUSSES Steel nnd Elastic STEWART'S rug Store & Lake Phone 2822 Midwest ICE CREAM Pints 20c; Quarts 40c When You Buy Your Groceries—Take Home a Carton! CECIL LOWE Grocery & Market We Deliver Park & K. Jlwy. 61 Phone 59T Elm«r VULCAHIZIMG Tire & Tube Repair Cotton Belt EJL * g. H WJ. « (Formerty with totter Af. «*.) ATTENTION SERVICE MEN: Please bring proper identification'papers from your commanding officer when buying badges, ribbons and medals. We have complete stocks. For KHAKI and TKOPI- CAL shirts and trousers, see us. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier Mother's Day Sunday, May 14th Send her your PHOTOGRAPH! A gift she'if treasure O'Steen's Studio 105 W. Main . Jerry Franklin is n wounded nnd aisfliareed \ v nr veteran, lie 1ms me tough assignment of findlnt; unl- what's wrong with his former windy, son of the nmii he works for. And while trying to find the wot of (he evil, he runs into n nlUVi. i °,' slfll ' llieB - " vicious Mack maikcl circle. ;>ml sanely Ciimeron bandy Is a swell girl, sister of Jerry s old [lame. One day of Sandy « the old flume dies, Tlie (Mil a uig help In 'handling tlie In- itf«allon. nnd (he story winds up the usual clinch after some rather unusiml plotting. l'ATHEIl_A.\j) FHAXCE "Willie Father's Awny." by Oof- [«y and Mother (John' Day; $|. 6 o. is the dny-to-rtny record of I't on hi nn Amerlcnn household w,J -f "' malltlls "nit father was awny O n a tour of dill,, as a «'«'• rorrcs|»iu!cnt. Written in dairy foi n. the took records IDe convpr- wtloiu of Mother, and Ocoffrcy. used G, who ivlshes his father had i Job that would uernril )ilm to toy home and piny with liltn - >jit he wouldn't swap hit father for any other boy's, you can l )c sure of that Included an- tellers from Solomons, and Ceoffrcv's let- E. M. Huffman Must Have Liked County-Lived Here 90 Years Gov. Earl Wnrren, above, ot California, will be keynoter nnd temporary chairman when the Rcpuulii'im National Convention opens in Chicago in June. 1 doubly so for „„,. ° 0t < Fm " K ' s nitnlsler of under the I'oyulnr Front m a whole, imme.s uamos, nnd demon- Kmles Hint no piirttcitlav croup In rrnnce. the appeasers, the workers, or the capitalists, was entirely responsible for the Fall Df France I'Ully documented, especially ns to the morn .Trial. A fleliflug book. Vesuvius Haiued Hocks VI NIT A, Okla. (UP>_cpl. Edward K. llltdebrnnd thought It wns ruining when Ml. Vesuvius erupted he wrole his parents, who live here "We thought It was raining." he- wrote, "and when we looked outside, rocks were coming down" borne of them, he added, were the size of n limit's head. •riw rocord of liavliiB lived In North MlffllsslDpl County longer Ihnn nny other resilient Is l;el!e\ p ed Io have boon established by K. \\ Huffman who celebrated h| s sioth bin Inlay Sundny, Apiil It). lie has s|K'ia his enlhe Hte nt lluffnniii, where he was born and "I lllylhcvill. Horn nctir (eli Mississippi nivcr where his fnnUly cleared woods and fanned the rich soil found Ihi'ie, Mr. Huffman >vns BI'OWII before lllylhevlllc existed. lie lived In Hie HiiKmnu roni. Broker Of Mrs. Nicol Is Missing In Action Mwt. Waller Ifcvulrtcks Jr,, of Ullle Rock, brother of Mrs. Tlmd Nlcol, hns been missing in action since March -I. Mrs. Nlcol. who relurueil recently to her former homo In Little Hock when Mr, Nlco) ralered service, makes her home with her father, Judge o. W, Hemlrk'ks, who also has another daughter, M,. a Ilenilrlck.i died recently, nnmlty until 192411 after the nlnuler "cniuo to town." JfcsldliiK nt 622 l.iimcrate. a niece, Mrs. Maude Cassldy, Is maintaining the home MIKO' the 1-ecent, denlli of his wllo. H|J health Is very good, ronsldeilnu his line, nnd he Is able to be «u nil ol the time. Ills UOlh birthday was n imy occasion wllh • Mi-, irufdnnn Iho of Ills only son, Kluerl Huff, man, mid family for the. day n't their home, 107 ClilcXn.s.iivbit. 'Hie large blillulny cake was lopped with nine gleaming candles —iMii'li .sljjnlfyliiir 11 10-ycnr of lite. Recital Postponed STKBIJ3, Mo,. April 28-The recital, planned by Mrs. 0, T. Coll tor her voice pupils, lias been postponed from May 1 to Monday, May S. because of Illness among (he class. Proceeds from the recital, to be held tit tin: Steele Methodist church, will be presented to (he fund to purchase new choir robes for Ibis clinreh. . StJoseph ASPIRIN WARNING ORDER In Iho chancery Court, OI1ICKA- 8AWIJA DISTRICT, MlssUslppI County, Arkansas, Aaron I«e Alexander, Plolnlltt, M. No, ROM Francis Alexander, Defendant. Tlic (lefendnul, Francis Alexander. Is liercuy warned, to opuonr within thirty days In the court hum- Mi in the CAplltm liercof and answer Iho complaint of ths plaintiff, Aiiron Loo Alexander. Uatcd this 10 day of April, )91f HAIIVEY MORHI8, Clerk, Percy A. Wj-lf'hl, Ally, for Pltf. 0. F. Cooper, Ally, ad Lllcm. 4|13-20-27-3!4 The Gift, Shop Modern and Andqw COSMKTICS , BAB* GIFTS GREETING CARDS NOVELTIES , : -, ' f • < A Gift For Everybody * Ingram Bid*. Phone 2254 MOSS BRYAN • '.'• a B Guards Laundry CONCESSIONS SItBliliNAOKI,'.* CO., INC Little Until, Ark. Lasf week's a'd?-Well you certainly gave us a run for our money I-THANKS A LOT-But- AND the most Gorgeous Chenille Spreads... Priced at only ~ ALSO beautiful Chenille Spreads for baby's bed too, for- DID YOU SEE OUR LUXURIOUS AND SERVICEABLE CHENILLE RAG RUGS? You Won't- Want to Miss These— 15 different styles and colors of ladies Spring and Summer NON RATIONED SHOES. Green, red, While, brown . . . Pumps, straps, sandals— open or closed toes and heels. Serviceable— beautiful—economical . . . Priced 2.G9 to 3.95. Would You Believe If? We hnve just received a shipment of STEEL WOOL. You know liow bard it !IHK been lo find, HO Ket yours while it lusts. A generous aim! ball for only )0c. Genuine Blue Ridge Hand Painted Dinnerware Service for 8 — Sophisticated colorings, brilliantly executed to make your table look more attractive and your ra honed meals more appetizing. Hand painted underglaze with creamy ivory background. (One of Memph.s' leading department stores had this identical service for 8 advertised at $16.95 in the Wednesday Commercial Appeal.) Service for 6— $6.95 ... Service for 4—$5.95. WHILE THEY LAST? One lot of heavy, first quality enameled double boilers and dripo- lators. Ivory trimmed in red. Don't wait, they won't last long. AN EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE ASSORTMENT OF MOTHER'S DAY GREETING WAK L* j — • Priced 10<! to THERE'S ALWAYS PLENTY OE PARKING SPACE AT ITZIUS 5 On West Main Across From the Rice-Stix Factory A SUGGESTION: For prompt service shop ot Fritzius in the afternoon after I o clock. • DRS. NIES & NIES QSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY {EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main Blythcvllle, Ark. Phone 2921 CASH PRICES For USED CARS ee Us Today! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. -153 Walnut at 5t!» Mr. COTTON FARMER: Don'l lake a .chance \vlicn you can buy GRADED DKUNTE1) and CEKESAN TREATED PLANTING SEED! All of our seed is first year from pedigreed Stoneville 21) and DPL M. $5 Per 100 pound bag ' RED TOP GIN N. Hwy. 61 Phone 2142 "SQUAUF, DEAL" No. 101683 Minnesota State Cliaraplon 10f2, Senior Boar Pi* All American Champion, 1W3, Senior Boar Tig ° • FOR SALE A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE DEAL. Thick, smooth and well grown out, with plenty of quuliJy. . JOE T. CAGLE S- .Hwy,_,61— Phono 3390— Rt. 2, Blythcyille

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