The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE BT,YTTTEVII,T.T: (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TinmSDAT, MAT T8, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ••llr ml* per IJne fox cons tcu tlie Minimum chugi 5*£ 1 rlmr per line lie r time* pet line DPI day 12c 3 limes per lint per dajr *c I times per line per day 1c U nine* per Une per rtaj if Month per line 90c Count fire arrrace word* in (he line. Ad ordered tot ilirer or sli limes and •topped brlorr expiration will bi> tfairged for the numlier of lime* ihr ail »p{irarril and adjustment of bill made. All classified advrrttflnit ropy siilt- •tlttod hy person* res Mine otLl^tdf «if the city must be accompanied by o^ii Rates may rasUjr be romp n led. from the above lahlf, Advetllslne nrderrd for Irtr-fiilar Insertions take ih« one Urnr (able. .Vo responsibility wilt h; (Jkrn (*u more Ihati one incorrect ItmrMon it »ny classified ad, All a<»5 arc reilrlrfod 'o l»rlr pH-l"-' Inn style anrl ttpp, Tlie Courier Newi resc-ryei tlir drill to edll or rrjcrl any »d. Apartment for Kent 2 rm npl , utilities p<l . JT.OO p«r wk 100 \V. Ky. Th. 277S hotwr<-n 4 A: S p.m. 513 l»fc 2'> "3 rm. nirn. «pt. Ph W76. i IX P* 2" ~~Smfl!l turn, room. Pli. WHO. 5 12 iik Ifl D rrn turn, npl , \vni?\- Hint I'vt bfltli. 404 E n.u*i& Ph. 3'iai, -S 9 pk Ifi Feinting or carpenter work 0 D- ] tlnnry, Pli 5327, 4 23 i>k 523 Guaranteed iMANo Tuning At He- pair. Cul] 2071 d,rtj'h, 20ly nUlTitx. 4,2* p»c i2» Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME For rarrful, Ihojo.iflh ruif rliflnlitK eervlre, call on niylhrvlUp l.ftiinrtry'* J7 years ol rsprrlrncr In thin fjurul- Ized Hold. Frre jilr^np und delivery invlce—Jujit cftll «IB- BI.YTIIKVIIJ.K LAUNDRY CI-KANKKS For Sa/e, Misc. Floor Samples !),.5 on. fl. Deluxe tovs — miirrcd — 52.11.05— sale $20't.!lo. Slontgonicry \\'nv(l SIM ck 21 3 rm unnir. ' 3 room Is. 4 room 12. C- Abrntiftm ? or (WR6, 43 cK tl Inr rent Call 6 r.X tt Modern 2 room fur apt Ph 259.^ or 4S«5 lr1 ' Morl^rn Bpl., 3 rooms flnrl hutli. jt?\v~ ly decorated, pood (timllnr* 1 . K** fqul;>- ment. Ph. 3373. F. Bhuon. 921 cK tf Small Apartments, furnished. f 8 vip per week. Bedrooms |4 up single, U4 West Ash, Ph. 2833, 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services For S;ilc: P/iinl sproyer — contniclor type. Time saving' paint Innk, .spray ^un, 200 H, hose, (1 r<»(j crlottis, bnickfltw, dniihlt 1 duty 8 ft. wood extension plank, was in Irss th::n *(0 days. Kornierly sold for S<!HH.()0. Complclo outfit, can now ho Iionght for ?280.00, hlral for Commorcinl pntntin^. Monl- Komery \Vard. f/1 1 t:k 21 I Cuff for Knlp. Pli. 20X1 or 2fi2t I,M)Torn, i'L-l pk 21 Fryers, live or <tr<\n«rfl Hut rained. •116 K. Axh. NJcnols lUrkpr Shop 5 T j>k 21 1 tiibcle*K t1r« Rl7p fU.ft x IS. used I (1/iy. f.17-3f>. 104V Jrrj> $275 Ph. -131.0 I or 4522, r, 13 j>k 16 v wljpo] clmlr, J'h. 24BO. 300 BROADWAY 1951 FORD $1495 1950 FORD $795 Knjoy lhf> per/urniancK of Kit V-8 rnRlnrl J)rlii\e Tudor Sn- rian with holti radio aiu! Jio;it- cr, Rtnutltul Alpine JJIue, A real buy In a laU model 2- Inn shot I whrrlhiiso 'I rurk, llns a new block. With f-xtra /fooi5 IJrp.s, It's a RWH\ buy! 300 BROADWAY 1948 FORD $895 1948 FORD AnnlhiT 8-r\Jiii'Icr Vnrtl —just S80. r .! 8n|»*r (kltivr I'tinlnr Sn- dan uilh r.nlio, heater, soul covcfSp fitm visor, riiMv tires. Von'JI fipl moni-y-mnk vlrft out cif tl;k 1'^-T u'licclhisf 'J'riifk, Mas new fiullt nuttfir, very Rond h $795 n^ xi-r- long 300 BROADWAY 1946 FORD $795 I'NK: r;i- '/'Jit^i r:ir lias rvrryt i!in, heater AM) ('olnmhiu ovenh -Ivp. Sujtftr drillvi- For- dfjr (V-8 t-tiKitie). Cloaii^st in town! 1948 CHEV. Will) a nearly nrtv $795 motor, this srrvJrc. U:IN cvtr.i jf'»»l new |Kilnt, Jie;itt't. Onl)' Don't rnrtnncer ymtr fntnlls" wttii fcUltr UreA— BUY I.EE TIHES CIMPMAN SERVICE STATION Mfvtn Rnti Division Phone 2,'ifi^ 12 13 rk U Services 15. H- AUrv — A1r COndLTIonlnii r«-- frlgcrrtdon service. Ph. 241R !02 E Missouri. Bli-thfiviltft, Aik 5 [4 rK 2H 1 r^pnlr nny mnkj? or model wsishliiK mpchlne 2 blocks wcrt of DJjeln Pie on 8th St., by new school Herbert Ora- ham. Ph. 6738. S|7 pk 6 7 Moving & Hauling VBH true)!, 1 !—Safe, ncppnilahlc. Coiir- i«4ti5. Kxperlonced »rfp. W W. HVC.A- hum. Ph. 8P28—117 West nosp. 5;6 ptc « 8 . { ' Watch and Jewelry Repair I-Dny nerTlce nn Jcvrlry—3 rtnyr. an WMches i\nrl clocks. Gtinrnnlcr<l work donfr Sy expert repnlrincn. Lowrst TAT o'BRYANT Main & Second LAWNMOWBRS We sharpen «n<J repair «J1 type, rnotv- «FB. All kind* mower parts. Also i.ow- er mowers for rent. Westbrook Mncliino Shop. Across from Kroger Store ' 4JA ck tt Need your tari!r> repitreri? Call Rort Walton. Disabled velcran repairs rattlo «t home. Rensormble prices Chlckft- »&w Courts. Apt. 28A Ph a^lR For a plPBsnnt reminder of habto.i llrsl todrilln^ steps hnvp ihn>ip precious chocs ei?rna]lT pr«wrj*rd In (jlenmlHS bronze. Rfld or silver, All work Rxiar- RtHeed. LECTRO nRONZE CO Trophies, momemoo.i amS bnby Rlm-'C- 221 Dovit;!\n. Fh. S2M. PlrK up Jt deliver. 14 pk 17 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIC SERVICE. O'STEKN'S STUDIO, lli W MAIN 12 -1 rk tt 300 Broadway Phone 4453 SPRAY WITH JACK ! Spray Machines For Any Make Tractor Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hly(h«v!lle, Arkinwi* — Phone 2371 For Rent Wanted to Buy cilan hlinrt l*T. Kr ( ii1pppfi fo si be aern to he Addition, ph. 3527. , Good piano. Cheap. Cash. Write Box. hrtrk tile hous.*. ^ large i LL "ij. Courier News. 14 nlc 71 Kh bnlh. asphalt Die floors. [ — -.. lectrlr hot water | Wnnl to bu>- several u.ierf plftnoa- •riric etove. [cull 2071, Nlyhls 2059. 4 2a cX j> 28 rpcffttr<L Ph. i 513 pit 20 WANTTI3 We pay top prices lor soybeans, soy bo A n aplUs. Micllert corn, .votid floors. yRt«. wheat rtnrt l>Rrlry dot our price ,(rna«'* New tirfnrf; J-on F^If 2220 nirrh, FARMERS HOYflKAN CORP 5 13 ck 20 H Broadway. BlytherlUe Ph. H101 3,20 ck 5 M floor i hoiis*; and h-tOs, i nnd wa.shlnn /-.a- I , ph. 833-5, 58 pk li j on to 12« E 4 13 [> 5 IB We will pay CASH for youi old Ko- rlaks. i-amiTDs and len.«M for parts O'STEEN'« STUOIO. 115 West Mskln. H 4 ck tt Com 1 1 fit! Bloi-k nulkllnK. fiiiltiUjle fot ( ';.i:i;u- 'ii store and nd)otnlnv; 5 room \ „„..„.. lionsp with hatti Uirnlcf] in curve on j - st - 1 "P ffrfhway fit snui h sidp of [{odnnd Mo. I Crill 44fil nr write Paul Byrutn InipLe- rneni Co. 172-tk if Slietlanrt pnnirs hy the day. wrrk or i tnoiuh Drllvprv scrvlcft. John D Mr, t>ci'A-.-]l, j)h, 3706 55 pk 6: HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire and all kinds of I>o^t ho? Con [1 5, llarfii-r Simp opfti. ]>rlrcs rlnhi. Work K^nTante^t, snirtiy sanitary. HlKriwny 18 W-, Ciir) ('., Sims J 5 r»k 19 20 In, Ctuomn Fnn with ^ F JG5.00. Excellent cniitlliloii. T'li Win, 5 10 pk 17 Fryers for snip. rh. «327. 5,1 pk 21 Save Monc.v When You Buy — Sell — Trncle Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON KUKNITUKK CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2i>i>2 I TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS .CO 112 W Wnlnut Plum* ^^R3 Plenty of Parking Space M I N N 0 W S — Roaches. Fishing ciines lOc up. Ph. nite sasn, tiny, nnr>o. 323 K. M;iin St. G. C. Hawks. -1117 pk 5!17 No w n n rt me it po w p r in ower.s. H !•:•/ - elo ixirts nn<5 rrpnlrs, Alsn power utow- ern fnr irnt. WcHlhrotik Mncliinc! Shop A(:jp,vt trnm Kroner S;B ex t( Benrtlx Rinl WestLiiRlioiisn Lmujriro- mnl Avilonintle Wnshers (fi") 3"i Goo<l Ie< noKo.s. 110 up. Hftlsell \; While Fnrn, Co. MHln Hurt ni%-lfilo» I'lifiir 0036. 5 ]^ r k s 17 GEESE. \Vrltn vtlle. Ark, t, Mnrlln- 1-1 21 If It'r pftUlMi you RIP looklnR tot come to Rptts Fish MiirVrt. I h-ive plpnty at all Ume5. Can fill nnv r orrt^r 2010 Rose Hi. halt block en«T of Gntftiraj- Currc. rti. pfils. 4;i9 pk 3 If Good Roylienn flrpd. runk'a Kybrld .Setrl Corn, Foybenn Iiioctilntfnti MUpd Kertlli/er. Kew iiml U^pd Hn B 5 FAI'VIKHS SOVnKAN CORP M Hrrti\rtw*y. niytticv Itlc, I'll BIS) 3'20 pk S 20 Use 4f) , irc. hoi IJTir)>«>r Shot.. Sjivc li'"i rlicerninr. fj Lucian Fvi mil urc Co. Trade your olil furnilurc for new. I will also buy your old furniUii'c. Karniovs tcvnirf i/o rlown, l>ntiincc in the fall. Formerly Arnolr) & Oainns. . G357. in ; w residence on North Franklin. KoC 50x ISK) i'L. 1 las picture window, fianlwond floors, etc. In G.I. loan. Will take $1250. for equity. M"vn in today, F. H. JOYNKR U. C. CA.MPIJKU, :*• small hmiKc v/l'.ri hath. r hrat, nt V-irLirn across ChiiTfh on -'-, nrro 'nl. trims. StuaU monlhly ((Hire 512 N'. 51 til SI. 5 11 pk 21 Hoan and torn land, K. H, C:KK corrox t;o. cati c. c. C'oitncille, (iG'15, 2020, night Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. JJdwny & Afoiillne Drive Phone 8!K>2 -JJ15 ck tf phone 2880. 5G ek tf 6usr'n*sc Opportunities $r,(IO MONTHLY SPAUK TIMR cfUllns ajiU rolli-rthiR nlckt;]!. trojr, 5r N'nt machines on protil-sr.ttrmw n. No selliiiK or soliciting. Appl 1 - t must have car. reference rn-1 5600.00 %-urkhiK cnsn cnpUnt ^hUlj Is Rcenrpcl hy lii-^-nor/. hicuiu- up to iMO.OO monlhly, i1epNk(J<ri^ nn tlie Amount of spnre time t'ovo'-i'il to rome. KxrelLeiu fnturit poi.-.Lbihtte.s <jl operivtlii'.,' fxill time with nui<:li !aif;er lji<-onte. For prompt Intcrv(.-A (ncfucle phone 1n apnllcailoii. BOK ""I-15 '>, Courier News. 5 14 pk 17 rTlro new 2 -bed roo wnod flnoia, plcturp hackyard. Owne hnme Hnril- lnclnw.i, frncp<l triinsferretl ,jj!7 Ck tf j nllrt W !U' "rhnHRe SUGfl comity foi row Evvrtsmnn entinn rtinppi- pood ron<HMnn. Ren.iftnnhly p nletle PLnntnttnn. rh. 47B2, ar. Totnl price- Co.. Ill K Dart*. Pli Lewis Realty 4 22 etc 5 22 5 R If Arltnr KI\W, hnntl si\w. Joiner planer, com pip tr set riirpenirr'ft Jiand tools. \ ii, 437. Osreola, or write P.O. Uox 241, ncrOla. 5,9 pit 16 See us lor your r,ecr\ corn. We arc ; ttenlcra Tot Deknlh vnrlcttcn. Drkhll). $11.00 per bu.flifl U fi l.t ITyhrJiJ. S7 50 per tiiisdet. I-'F.EDEHS SUI'I'LY CO ftU E. Mn1u Phone. 341U 59 clc 5 Id 12(> nrres I D! Luxora. ' Pl of (scxut .-nlxcd .\ja)| ,t whool W(!»t on two sJtlrs. On nrcount of owner heliiE 111 tin* prlr n hii* been rrtlncrrt m ^210. There is a loan ol jll.- 000. Lewis Jtrnltv Co, Ph. 8805 For Sale Cars & Trucks Help Wanted, Male Mothers Landscape Grounds of School LEXINGTON, Ky. Wi —Washlnjr muddy school clothes got tiresome so Llio mnther.s of the Watcrford Ilomeniaket-5 Club In Spencer de- ciriccl to cure the source oT the trouble. They started a campaign to tand- .•!capo the school grounds. The .soil vras tesiecl and seed sown. The .school lionid furnished fertili/ei 1 and Inilli a tiirn-tirniincl for the bus to save the crass. They nre going to finish tlie job by plant mg shvubs. Tranto hnvise, A. C- Asl 27.1, nti-thevllle. (Irlvrr. Will furnish 4 room j branner, Rt. 4 Box i 5 15 pk 29 ct | TIMBER CUTTERS WANTED: need several ilmher (MItiers. Cont basis. $5.00 por thot!<inn(] fret. We h\ve fncllHtM to boar<l our men on the lob. Cflll HRbnc Vifiiear and l^tiinher Co.. inc. CnrutrnTsvllle, Mo. Phone 21?.. 5 15 rk 1H Pnrtnble Retnlnxtfiri 'lypewrLter case, Sll«hUy used, S1!S 00 Pli 021 5; in wltb , ck 20 For Sale, Real Estate 2 room !IOUR« *}». I'll. S2U. 1012 Dixie A .••'-., 5 II I I- n rim's—City Property LOANS II IntcrrMfd in Hujln* or sillltn acft Noble Gil! Agency INSURANCR •• Glcncoc Bide. Ph. G8G8! 9,30 ci If | ;--2 ton i KJrethne •;>(> 2701. •hcrrolrt IV). Ml) nnd I nodcl ChPvrolrt rnr. Ph. S;H |i* JI Insurance Call 4553 Fur Complete Iiisurjiiicc Protcclion W. J. Pollard Planned Protection 12J W Ash St GI.CNCOE HOTEL BU Private Rooms \H In. Sc^rs. Roebuck dpct-lc tro.v- er. Ph. fi!>25 nltfr 5 p.m. ^;t4 |)H n Among 23 cars entered in standard classifications in the 1952 Mobilgas Economy Run., CHKMPIOM...<OMM*Hat( V « Modorn 4'o room house and bjdli in northwest imrt of town dost' ID iu'\v LOOK AT THESE SEHSATIOJIAl SIUOEBAKER GAS MILEAGES school, ('.-ii'iiorl, I'cuoed yard. §701) c a s b, hiilanco •?r>(>2S. at $.|(i par luontli total monthly payments. Vacant. Modern anil extra iiico 'I- vooni house and bntli at 2;lOO Kenwood Drive. 91050 c;isli includes refrigerator, eliH-tru- r;iiiirc. healer, drapes. Venr- lilinds, etc. I.oan lialance only 551)11.50. Total monthly pay- nionls 918.2!). ll's vju-ant — move in tomorrow. .Modern -1-voom Mouse and bath at 11 in Heavn. Nice, shop and outdoor storaco.l Kxtra nit-e backyard. 5l :> >"0. j rash, |>ayiiH'nts S|:VI(> trtonth- ly. t)\vner lieini; Iransl'erivd. • ?oo or call i JOHNNY MARR '. 11'J So. L'nd. I'litrnc- II II LTLIC ftorit rf>om, Private pntrnnr*! hnth For mrn. Rlrls or rouplc Is avnltnhlp. rh. -1660. .107 N. L.n 10 pK I? lea ftirnlshr-fl herfroom. trotiveti- locatlon Pti 2.S14 ^ 21 nk S 2C> L-fJrnoiii, prlvalc bnth ,V c:itr«nri- ic Ln, Ph. ^4^2. 4 30 tf ndiooin with pvt. bath, !'h V!M3 J fiTl 5.3 Ck 17 llytlifvlll,- 5 9 |ik 6.9 Salesman Wanted Route sn Its man waritKL Established route no*- earning 575 per week. True* nnd expenses furnished. Hom« each nl^ht, Write Box D-14, % Courier " v*, * 514 pk 17 Help Wanted Family to make share crop. Ph. 6801. 23 ck tf tosf & Found A 1000-20 Montgomery Wi\rd truck lr^ Ar wliPfl. hntwpiin West Memphis :- Blylhevllle. Reward. Ph. 2701. O. " >stvls. 5,9 yfc 16 Notice FULLER BRUSH Tor service nt yoxir door, call 6398 JAMES LIGKTY, DEALER Specials Tbf N«w Hetenp Curtis Wave RprlreK J1SOO Comlltlonal S1QOO Otlipr colil wftves *5.00 and up BEAUTY BAR Th. ,.202 r Olencoe Hotel Bide Personal p'iolMerfd furnlinre and rugs I new. l-i lo drop-clean tlinin wllh Mystic Foam. On pal« nt Blierwlu-Wllila 3 15 tit Ifi EXPERT REPAIR - H-flLTCRS JUBUITY SHO€ SHOP 121 W. MOIM ST. Vacation Specials VISIT SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. & INSPECT THESE OUTSTANDING USED CAR VALUES! .1H50 CHKVHOf.KT Fle«(lin« deluxe 4-door Sedan. \Vilh l>owerj;li(le Intnsmission, plastic seat covers, healer and defroster! Come in today and see this low mileage, one-owner car! 1!M» CHKVKOMiT Kleetlin* delux. 4-dm>r Sedan. Jtcniiliful xi'een finish, large r^dio, seat cov- ^1AAC «rs, heater & defroster. The special price .... IU99 ISMS CHKVROUCT (M'i.ssenser Coupe. HHS rudio, sent covers, spot light, heater and defroster. See this handsome 2-tone blue and grey tur today it's * bargain! I9S8 CHKVKOI.KT <leluxe Kleetline 2-<ioor Sedan. Attractive 2-lone finish (hrown and green),.radio, seat covers, healer i<mt defroster. 1917 CHKVKOJ-KT >/,-'l'. t'ichup. Motor over- $CAC hauled, tires extra good. City driven and only.. W«f W 1!MS CHEVROLET M-T. I'kkup. In excellent i condition, it's a real bargain at 19 IR DODCE "<-T. Slake liodii Trk. It runs ! good, has good rubber—a GOOD buy at only. . . Many" More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always m»ke a food deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Bie Used C»r Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Complain of Bad Jazz — It Takes an Artist BELGRADE W)—The newspaper Borba. voicn of Marshal Tito's Com-j munist Party, recently coin plained ] .hut there is too much "jazz". And! b!Hl ja?.^ at that. Few who hnve listenpd to some! •Utempts to strike the same notes ] -top American bands would dts-j agree. [ Borba agreed thai jazz itselt IK , okay. But with this condition: i "Only when the composer and re- [ producing artist nre talented and masters of their profession." "Your Exclusive IJON Dealer in Blyiheville" C * Ity ,SprIng- M eld Tl res, A 1 fishing and 3reRSlnjj, Mon Sfttu r a \ u b e. ?ennzoll, Lion's 'jnprovcd HnH. WILSON AUTO SERVICE Guaranteed Watch Repair 53.50 watch In dfeaswihteril, d, plr«is pelkhcrf and For Only Ya«r clo hair 3 Day Service Thompson < Credit Jeweler Next d**r to Wad* Farnltire SCREENS All Aluminum SCREENS s HAYS mci.rvr.KY Kiist Proof—St^ln Proof— Lifetime /S(urdy durable frames—fits light, will not llnp, sag or faille., .Cusinm m^tle to fit any window In rialf or full length. Mea.sureil, assembled and Installed hy local man—all materials and workmanship guaranteed. KEMI» WHTSENHUNT Phone 3109 R. H. ARENSiHRIER Phone 2693 HESTER'S Umliutor Slum S. f(l<;h«vn.v fii I'tmnr SI5G Comvlt'tc I!.ill t^ I or M.ikpi Tin* nillprencr: '. '. —New ,C r-rd lli.Hitor<i Kor S.vlc— BEAUTIFUL CUT STONE HOME Open fnr inspection, Sunday 1 :00 to 6:00 p.m. Shown by appointment during week days 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths $30,000 This tnvcty home Is ritiAlUr Ihrnusliniit. Beautiful (J-shapeil klt- clicn, lilt-lime Ccnevn cAhlnrls with all the nrrcssorics, fnrludinK K i Ir lie t^-Aide Ilislnvnsber. Dining ruuni, spurious liviiip room H'tili tnartite antl mirror Hrrplarc. The 3 rn-clroorns liave larpe walk-in c filar Hncn closets. Bnth His lialhs liavr culnrnl fixtures. Sloracc-jilus iti lurer floorrd allic I,nr*r trrracc In hack with hnr- bcriif i«l. You will like Oils sjiacinus MO x 12* fl. l-im^capfd lot. Onti't fail In investigate the sturdiness onrl choice materials used (n ronslriirliiMi of this honir. l'o« crl JIS.OOO loan for 20 jc:*rs at 57<. Will take In smaller liouse on trade. See or call JOHNNY MARR, REALTOR Office I'hnnc 111! Res. 1'hone 2596 I N the 1952 Mobitgoi Economy Run, STud«t>ol<er iuc<«itfully defended ils reputation for lland- euf 90 to tine m'tfeage. The Studebn(c«r^'w«r*pnol«d by experienced driver* under A. A.A. Contetl Board rules. Each Sfudebnker had overdrive, optional rri • Klta cos|—and used regular, not premium, gat. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. •fc Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer * Railroad & Ash I'hone GSSS LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING - • COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA _ LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eajgte Stamps See if now. 1 Today's tig Difference \r\ automatic washers— HALSELL & WHITE FURN. CO Main & Divisio NAME IT! YOU'LL FIND THE TRUCK YOU WANT AT HORNER-W1LSON! 1!U8 CHEVROLET l'/i- Ton Truck with a new b.ed. practically new (ires. Special price . . $895 1950 CHEVROLET Vi Ton 1'icknp in guaranteed fine condition. Good I ires, loo. Special price . . $975 1SI9 FORD l'/,-Ton long whcelhase Truck that's as clean as can be. Special price . . . $695 1!!.M) CHEVROLET 2 Ton a\VIJ Truck equip- pcd with air brnkes. Perfect tires. Special price. . $1295 1916 CMC IVi-Ton LAVB Truck with a new bed. Good tires. Drive it today! Special price . . . $495 CMC Vi-Ton Pickup. It's a nice one . . . good rubber, ROO<! mechanical condition. $850 1950 FORD '/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck. Good tires, excellent engine. A bargain! Special price . . $795 1951 STUDE RAKER 1 !'2-Ton long wheelhase Truck. This low mileage truck is guaranteed. $1195 HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rocket Olrtsmobile — G.MC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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