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Springfield, Missouri
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ISed, Dec 34, 1171 26 Springf trlb MajBatljj Nrms 2-Term Poverty Wrecks (CONTINUED FROM PAGE U) Route 7, when it struck utility pole while turning onto Hasel- FROM PAGE 13) Mallory Speaks To Mental Deficiency Group The fatured speaker at the (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19) 'No' to Bid For Pension By Morris The Board of Trustees of the Highlights in care of it. He trusted us. frequently street lighting in sub-i funds cannot be made presently It was our own choice to go divisions. 'except during the last 90 days of to college It was not required of; City Attorney Don Busch said the fiscal year, us I worked as a waitress in 'he believed, the addition would The charter section should be CassviUe, and in the library and be useful. The proposal passed left as it now reads, the com-on the switchboard at SMS." with only member Carl Bradley mittee Dentist Identifies Lower Jaw Teeth It troubles Mrs.

Melton that: not all children have this choice. Another important matter at all levels should the committee was a oro- The lower jaw teeth of Mrs. Carol Blades have been positive- ly identified by a Springfield! dentist, according to Christian1 County Deputy Sheriff Harold Wampler. Mrs. Blades' remains were! found in a grove of cedars on a farm about two miles west of Ponce de Leon Christmas Day by Ernest Wilhelm.

She had been missing since Dec. 15. 1969. Deputy Wampler said Sheriff Buff Lamb's office has "re-i ceived a good lead or two" dur-: ing its current investigation of proved positive. Zoo's Tigress Dies In Futile Birth Try first convention of the Missouri Chapter of the American Associ ation Deficiency Columbia Jan.

28-29 will be-Mis-souri's new Commissioner of Education, Dr. Arthur L. Mallory. Dr. Mallory, president of Southwest Missouri State College, takes over his new duties Jan.

Acting chapter president of the group is Milton S. Sneddon, administrator of the Joplin Regional Diagnostic Clinic; while Dr. Jerry Pauker, of the psychology department at the University of Missouri Medical Center, is president-elect and program chairman for the convention. The American Association on Mental Deficiency is an organization of professional and lay persons who work with the mentally retarded. County Inmate SpGkS 166(10111 Hearing is set for Jan.

4 on a county jail inmate's petition for a writ of habeas corpus. Seeking release from custody is John Thomas Anthony Harris, whose petition for the writ was filed yesterday in circuit court. Harris alleges in the petition that he is held as a fugitive from justice in New Jersey, but is not in fact wanted by authorities there. Harris claims that he was sentenced to a 4-year prison term in federal district, court in New Jersey after being convicted of "using the mails to defraud." The petition alleges that Harris served his federal sentence, and was granted-a "meritorious release" Dec. 28 from the U.S.

have the opportunity to make decisions," she said. This leads Mrs Melton to one or the recommendations of the White House conference that education should be redesigned to achieve individualized, humanized, child-centered learning. A major redesign of education is urgent." the conference stated. Mrs Melton agrees. In gener- al she feels the redesign should lead to more freedom for the Child.

Freedom, she says, leads i to acceptance of responsibility. The government should estab- tish an office of chttddvocscyrt according to the conference. This does not mean advocating for the child and against the parents, Mrs explained, The conference asked for an, officer with cabinet status in the government to develop program for families and children. Mrs. Melton likes the Head Start program because parents are involved in it "The poor arc involved by helping themselves and making decisions," she said.

"They make the program work. I think Head Start is moving toward; narent-child centers. I saw one in Detroit." "Ten million children are hungry and that's a crisis," says Mrs. Melton. A log reason for it.

she that local authorities do not! The 4 year-old Bengal tigress at Dickerson Park Zoo is dead. The animal was found-dead in her cage at 10 p.m. Monday and an autopsy performed by loo veterinarian Dr. Waller Love, showed! she died while attempting to give birth to three cubs. Timba, a gift to the zoo tine Road too fast at 3:45 p.m., 'officers reported.

Miss Apple- I gate, released from the hospital after treatment of left eye con-j tusions, was cited on a com-; plaint of having no operator's li-! cense. Two Joplin youths suffered multiple fractures and lacer- ations wnen an allegedly stolen car struck several trees and a fence 10 miles north of Joplin Monday night. The vehicle was being pursued at high speed by state troopers, who said a 19-year-old youth believed to have been driving fled from the wTeck scene on foot. The injured men were taken to McCune-Brooks Hospital in Joplin. Fire-Bomb Hearing Delayed Until Jan.

12 Preliminary hearing for two men accused of the fire-bombing continued yesterday until Jan. 12 Magistrate Orville Kerr set the new hearing date because two main state witnesses were not present yesterday, but overruled defense attorney Andy Dalton's motion to dismiss the charge against Benny Vancel Hodge, 40. E-ldon. and James Ross Medlen. 38.

High Point. Judge Kerr said the witnesses a man and wife were not present because Jackson County authorities have not yet served them with subpoenas. Assistant Prosecutor Dee Wampler stated that arrangements will be made for service of the subpoenas by a Greene County deputy sheriff. Hodge and Medlen are charged with arson in con nection with the bombing of a storage building at Scenic and Sunshine in the early evening hours of Nov. 25.

The two were apprehended near Buffalo about two hours after the bombing by Dallas County Sheriff Jerry Cox taw Harold Hall, who halted the white Cadillac the men were driving. Hodge and Medlen are free on bond pending the hearing. Carthage Shoe Plant Contract Awarded CARTHAGE (Special) The Jones Brothers Construction Company of Joplin has been awarded the contract for construction of a 47,000 square foot Juvenile Shoe Corporation plant here. The air-conditioned factory eventually will provide jobs for about 250 persons. Completion is scheduled within 210 calendar days.

Architect is A.C. Esterly of Springfield. Take your time not your life. (CONTINUED opposed. posal by city councilman and former mayor E.

L. Anderson that council approve appoint ment of all administrative assistants. Drury representative John Denton questioned committee member and councilwoman Lu-cile l'pton if the act would clog up council meetings?" Mrs. L'pton replied that she did not see it clogging up or af- Acting the meetings, but noted that council already has control over the assistants, although it not appoint them. Busch stated that he was not enfln-ly sure what Anderson meant by his suggestion.

Bill Cantrell, presiding for Chairman Jack Curtis who is ill, said he would take offense to I council appointing the adminis- trative assistants since they al- control their salaries. "For people who think like Earl Slavens would this give a more legislative basis?" asked. Denton. "I agree with Mrs. Up- i ton that if council has con- fidence in the city manager, he should be allowed to choose his own men Cantrell added that he felt that it would "really cut a man down, not to let him choose his own assistants." Hulston felt that section 3.4 of the charter relating to adminis-trative assistants is strong enough, and can be abolished at a later date, as quickly as it can authorized.

The.proposal was not changed on a motion by Committeeman Duane Meyer. A question on the board of equalization was brought before the committee in the form of a proposed change by Del Cay-wood. He suggested that the membership of the board be changed so it might be consistent with state statutes. Hulston'believed that the matter to which Caywood referred has been taken care of since 1954, when the motion was made by the original charter revision committee. Cavwood also suesested a re- vision ol.

ecjjwi 3.11 of the existing charter, dealing with the city budget. Under his proposal, the budget, once finally adopted by council, may be amended and authorized with the effect of broadening and removing restrictions on the process for budget amendments. Busch commented that there are restrictions in the budget, but they are not unusual. "With the proposal, the budget would be of no importance." Busch noted that transfer of sion? 2., If so, in what form will it finally pass? 3, How much money will be produced to finance needs for which the session was called by Gov. Hearncs in November.

Settling Floor Braced By Repair at Courthouse Duties of the mayor were discussed by the group because of a suggestion again by Cay wood. Cantrell wondered if it was necessary to send the proposal to the study committee, composed of Warm, chairman, Bradley and Busch. A suggestion was made by the acting chairman that the word "regular" might be stricken from Section 2.6 of the charter dealing with the position of mayor, but Mrs. Upton felt that the "loophole" should be kept, in case the mayor should ever be called to perform regular duties. Hulston agreed, and noted that in a case of an emergency or crisis, the mayor might be called to become the head of the city government such as a military head and if the wording were changed, it might provide a conflict.

Cantrell commented that with the tone of the discussion, he believed all committeemen felt the wording should be left as it now is. Another item receiving approval of the committee was that of being able to place a lien on real estate for the abatement of public nuisances. Busch said there is no way to effectively collect now for weed cutting, or taking care of dangerous buildings. Cantrell asked the city attorney if he did not feel that the issue was covered under Section 2.16, subsection 19. Busch answered that he did not.

Proposals for revisions turned down by the committee included abolishing the job of the director of personnel; Change Section 8.1 so that the director of public works is not required to be a registered engineer; and election of the city manager and requiring him to be a resident of the city for four years imme diately prior to the election. Hems dealing with storm sewer districts, and water main extensions were tabled. Several itemswere sent either to the study committee, or to a style committee, composed of Busch, chairman, Meyer, and Mrs. Upton. The meeting ended with a note of humor added by Denton, when he asked that it be added to the minutes that he objected to the word morals in Section 2.16, sub paragraph 19, of the present charter, which deals with "Enumeration of Certain Powers." He referred to the wording of Defining and Abatement of Nuisances which reads: Define, prohibit, suppress, prevent and regulate, all acts, practices, conduct, businesses, occupations, callings, trades, uses of property and all other things whatsoever detrimental or liable to be detrimental to the health, MORALS, comfort, safety, convenience, or welfare of the in habitants of the city, and abate all nuisances.

"monitor" the situation and ob-ibe Emergency' repairs to the Greene County Courthouse to prevent further settling of a portion of its basement floor were completed Tuesday. Presiding Judge W. Fred Scha'effer noted the completion wns "very successful The emergency work, accom-pl'shed by the Garbee Construe-' tntn Company, was made after the discovery last; police and firemen's retirement system has unanimously rejected a request by former Fire Chief Bill Morris for a duty-connected disability pension. The announcement was made by Secretary David Dean following a closed study session at City Hall yesterday. All members except the mayor were in attendance.

The decision was reported to City Attorney Don Busch, who will prepare a written "finding of fact and law" for the board. Chief Morris was accorded a board hearing at his request recently. He had suffered a heart attack in 1968, and retired last June 30. Morris can appeal to the courts from the board's decision if he wishes. He currently is receiving a disability pension in a lower amount than if the board had found the disability to be connected with his duties as fire chief.

Medical Center here. Harris, acting as his own attorney in the case, will appear for hearing before Circuit Judge Jack A. Powell. KEEP YOUR SHERIFF'S Office Strong VOTE "YES" TODAY THE 50 LEVY PAID FOt Vf CONCEtNtO CITIZEN COMMITTEE OIIS EMMEUT Fad. tiro off your car.

13, tuneless black; 7 'S-IS Rim 2.19 F.E.T. $I885 15-14. Plus 2.3S or 2.35F.E.T. 2095 lia 55-14. Plus S2.S3 1.45-11 F-E-T.

for tubeless. black I and tira off your car. 10-Acre Park Site Bought By City for $21,530 CAR TIRES A price of $21,5.10 has been paid for a 10-acre park site on the south side of Battlefield, between Dayton and Franklin, Federal Projects Officer Kurt Naegler said yesterday. The purchase was from Mr. and Mrs.

Wilson Smith and Mrs. Alice Nunn. Half of the CHAMPION Full 4-ply nylon cord body tire Vote the News Mrs Blades disappearance and, death, but said that no one has been taken into custody "at this time." The upper teeth were intact in the skull found with the remains and had previously been identified, but the lower jaw and teeih were not found until the following day. The teeth were taken to a dentist in Springfield who had made' X-rays during treatments of Mrs. Blades, and comparisons' of the pictures and the teeth from Silver Dollar City, had given birth last spring to twin cubs which were sold to a zoo animal dealer in the summer.

Dr. Low said her death was caused by uterine torsion, a condition in which the uterus and the birth canal were found to be twisted so tightly that the unborn cubs were "trapped." week that a main pier had slipped because of an under ground fault. 1 The workmen were able to raise the beam about three-eighths of an inch after first get ting the necessary bracing in place. Judge Schaeffer He concluded that other necessary! repair work to the. floor is expected to be completed without difficulty.

cost will be in Bureau of Outdoor Recreation funds. The site is the final one of a number being acquired with federal assistance, except for the South Avenue park in the South Central A urban renewal project area, Naegler said. FROM PAGE 191 21, Berry School, 911 East Division. 22. Weller School, 1630 North Weller.

23 Pepperdine School, 1518 East Dale. 23-B. Robbcrson School, 1100 East Kearney. 24, Robbcrson School, 1100 East Kearney. 25.

Reed Junior High School, 2016 North Lyon. 26-A, Bowerman School, 2148 North Douglas. 26- Tom Watkins School, 723 West Talmage. 27 Doling School, 1423 West Atlantic. 2 7-B, Watkins Community Building, 2025 West High.

28, Tom Watkins School, 723 West Talmage. 2 9 Fremont School, 2814 North Fremont. 30, Shady Dell School, 2757 East Division. 31-A, Oak Grove School, 2574 East Bennett. 31-B, Bingham School, 2126 East Cherry.

31- Hickory Hills School, 3429 East Kill. 32- Eugene Field School, 2120 Barataria. 32-B, Unity Church, 2214 East Seminole. 32- Pershing School, 2120 Ventura. 33- Cowden School, 2927 South Kimbrough.

33-B, Holland School, 2403 South Holland. 33- East Chapel Messiah Lutheran Church, 927 East Seminole. 34- Horace Mann School, 3745 South Broadway. 34-B, Mark Twain School, 1017 West Broadmoor. 34, -C, Sherwood School, 1813 South Scenic.

34-AD, Horace Mann School, 3745 South Broadway. 35, Westport School, 300 South Golden. 36, Bissett School, 3006 West Calhoun. 37-A, Alice Pittman School, 2943 East Bennett. 37-B, Alice Pittman School, 2943 East Bennett.

38, Wilder School, 2526 South Hillsboro. 39, Glendale High School, 2727 South Ingram Mill Road. 40, Walt Disney School, 4100 South Fremont. 41, Nichols School, West Mo. 266 and Sunset.

-Voting places outside Springfield are as follows: 1st Boone, American Legion Home, Ash Grove. 2nd Boone, Rozell building, Ash Grove. Brookline, Community building-fire department, Brookline. 1st Campbell, Mt. Pisgah Methodist Church, Route 9, i i I $0(0145 LOW II 3lH piui 1 80 1 VFVV AfT Ex.

tax and 1 Low Ex. tux nd MS 6.00 Siza Q95 Phil M.78 F.E.T. SO-IJ plu, ,1.78 F.E.T. I570 7.M-I4 Plul 2.04 F.E.T. I675 7.75-14 Plul 12.17 F.E.T.

All prices above aidawalls; plus taxat WHITE WALLSADD 3 Ml (BEG) CTCOS serve who needs and who doesn't need. Mrs Melton is a strong believer in local action and local decision making. Tax (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19) of a to 6 percent range with an emergency clause, or grant the House a conference on the matter. The Senate refused to go along with the House version ano oom Dorties appointed mem hers for a conference com- i nnen tne conierenre report reached the House floor carry- ing the l'--j to 6 percent rates ith the one year provision as a compromise, the House after some speech-making defeated Ihe conference committee report 81 to 64 and requested further conference. was out of the further con- ference that the original Nov.

13 tax bill was resurrected last night with its 2 to 6 percent range of personal income tax and 5 percent figure on corporate income tax. The House and Senate both resume sessions today after an overnight layover. The Senate takes up at 9:30 a.m., the House at 10 a.m. Before the Senate will be another House version of a conference bill calling for a 100 percent increase in the taxes on beer, wine and liquor. The Sen ate refused to except a House committee amendment on the bill Tuesday, apparently wishing to cling to the Senate rate of $1.80 a gallon on liquor, instead of $2.40 per gallon suggested by the House.

The Senate defeated the House committee amendment by only one vote yesterday and the House decided to let the Senate try again today. Still very much in doubt last night were three questions which faced the general assembly: 1, Will a tax increase be passed this fourth special ses- Mumford. 2nd Campbell, Rube Chap man's home, Route 12. 1st North Campbell, Oakland Methodist Church, 5000 East Di vision. 2nd North Campbell, Ritter School, Route 11.

Cass, Cave Springs, Bert Per-ryman property. 1st Center, Wilson Garage, El- wood. 2nd Center, old Salem School, Koute 1, Bois Arc. 3rd Center, Bois D'Arc School building. Clay, Rural Empire Gas Company, U.S.

60 and Greene County NN. 1 Franklin, New Hope Church, Route 1, Pleasant Hope. 2nd Franklin, Pleasant View School. 1st Jackson, American Legion Home, Fair Grove. 2nd Jackson, Strafford School, Murray, Lodge Hall, Main Street, Willard.

Pond Creek, St. Elmo Community Building. East Republic, Republic City Hal), Republic. West Republic, Republic Hardware, Republic. 1st Robberson, Flint Hill Com-m i building, Flint HiU Road, Route 2, Willard.

2nd Robberson, Glidewell School. Taylor, Oak Grove Advent School, Mo. 125, Route 3, Ro-gcrsville. Walnut Grove, Walnut Grove School. Washington, Logan-Rogers-ville High School, Mo.

125. Wilson, Cherokee School, 420 East Plainvlew Road. ways WINTER RETREADS (CONTINUED House of Flowers, 1921 South to the next-door business of Fay Printing Center, 1K3 South National. Ward 5-A will move from the west entrance of Parkview High School to the South Campbell entrance, where voters can park in the circle drive, Willis said. Greene County has a total of 91 precincts, 65 inside the city and 26 outside.

The city wards and places are as follows: voting 1-A, Delaware School, South Delaware. 1-B, Delaware School, South Delaware. 1- Rountree School end, 1333 East Grand. 2- Fay Printing Center, 1505 1505 east 1923 South National (change from House of Flowers). 2 National Avenue Christian Church, 1515 South National.

2-C, Rountree School, west end, 1333 East Grand. 3-A, Trinity Lutheran Church 1415 South Holland. 3-B, Phelps School, 934 South Kimbrough. 4-A, Sunshine School, 400 East Sunsh ne. 4-B, Jarrett Junior High School, 840 South Jefferson.

5-A, Parkview High School, Campbell Street entrance, (change from west end). 5-B, Church building, 837 West Madison. 6-A, Portland School, 906 West Portland. 6-B, McGregor School; 1221' West Madison. 7-A.

Grand Acres Rest Home 2401 West Grand. 7-B, Study School, 2343 West Olive. 8. Broadway Methodist Church, Broadway and Mt. Vernon.

9, Campbell School, 506 South Grant. 10, St. Agnes School, recrea tion hall, first door north of church, 531 South Jefferson. 1 1-A, First and Calvary Church, 820 Cherry. 11- McDaniel, School, 237 South Florence.

12- Union building, 1727 East Walnut. 12-B, Union building, 1727 East Walnut. 13, Tefft School, 1418 East Py-thian. 14, Courthouse, east end. 15, Court house.west end.

16, Fairbanks School, 1126 North Broadway. 17, York School, 2100 West Nichols. 18, City Utilities Warehouse, J321 West Calhoun. 19, Weaver School, 161 North Douglas. 20, Boyd School, 1409 Whitewalls or Rlarkuuallo.

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Louis St..

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