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Man Held at Gunpoint Yule Outing A Nightmare For Family Kidnapers Say He Served Purpose 51 -V. -x icrnni if i a iays DDI fx, ae Basques on trial in Burgos re ceived the death penalty. out of the assassination Aug. 2, 1968, of Meliton Manzanas, chief of the political-social section of the Guipuzcoa provincial police. The prosecution demanded While the results of the trial are not to be an by the Rev.

Pierre Larzabal, a French Roman Catholic priest "In kidnaping and holding" Beihl, the statement said, "our first objective was to save' the lives of our compatrioits after See BEIHL, Page 12 Christmas Eve drive to see holiday lights and sing carols turned into a 30-minute nightmare for an Air Force major, his wife and six children when they were held at gunpoint by a motorist whom they had stopped to aid. "The kids were all singing carols until that man pulled a gun and then you could have heard a pin drop," said Mrs. Joyce Gi-bout, wife of Maj. Fredereick G. Gibout of Wurtsmith Air Force Base at Oscoda.

"I am just thankful that we got out all right and that none of us were harmed," she said. nounced until Saturday, the deatlj for sue of them. Spanish Basque organization The ETA statement was read ETA indicated in a statement read at St. Jean de Luz, 'France, that it was convinced no death penalty would be carried out. But it added that any future strikes at Basque nationalists would be revenged "automati cally." Two other foreign diplomats andAmerican agronomist I TT i 1 WIESBADEN, Germany (AP) Basque terrorists freed German consul Eugen Beihl in Spain after holding him captive for 24 days and he arrived Christmas Day in Wiesbaden.

His kidnapers said in a message that they released Beihl because his abduction had served its purpose "at least for the moment." He was seized as a hostage Dec. 1 when 16 Basque activists went on trial in Burgos with the government asking the death penalty for six. The 59-year-old diplomat, honorary consul in San Sehastian, Spain, was freed Thursday night and driven here by West German television network executives who arranged for his release. The ZDF network announced there was no immediate word about two of the network employes exchanged "as security" for Beihl. They were identified as sound engineer Andre Cham-brun and assistant cameraman Peter Kruse, both of the network's studio in Paris.

They were to be released, the network said, as soon as "it has been proved that Beihl has arrived in Switzerland, Belgium or ABioeUted Frew Wirephot Ask for Intervention Members of Israeli parliament stand in silence in Jerusalem for Jews sentenced to death In Leningrad hijack trial. Parliament called on mankind to intervene with Soviet regime to abolish death sentences. Claude L. Fly of Fort Collins, spent Christmas in the hands of terrorist kidnappers. Fly was abducted in Montevideo, Uruguay last Aug.

7 by leftist Tupamaros guerrillas. Aloysio Mares Dias Gomide, Brazilian consul to Uruguay, Relatives Identify Clothing was kidnaped in July, also by Tupamaros, The Brazilian government currently is negotiating with rebels for the release of the Blades Swiss ambassador, Giovanni E. The Gibouts and their six children ran into trouble a short time after-they left the base to see light displays at homes in the Tawas, area. "We saw a car in a ditch and since it was Christmas Eve, my husband and I figured we owed it to the people in that car to lend them a hand since it was in a pretty remote area and they might be stranded," she said. Maj.

Gibout walked back to the disabled car and found the driver, later identified as Walter Graham, 32, of Troy, standing beside it. The two men returned to the' Gibout car and, police said, Graham pulled a gun. "He told us all to be quiet but it was not necessary, for the kids didn't let out a peep as the man climbed into tHCVront seat on my side and ordered my husband to turn the car around and head towards Tawas," said Mrs. Gibout. "I don't know how far we drove but it must have been about 20 or 30 minutes before he ctro Bucher.

kidnaped Dec. 7 in Rio r- "wt de Janeiro. Beihl was the third German diplomat abducted this year by terrorist organizations. Count Is West Germany." Appearing on a television in Body oun terview Beihl said, "To my wife and daughter all the best." Karl von Spreti, ambassador to Guatemala, was found shot to death April 5 outside Guatemala City after the government refused terrorist demands for the release of political prisoners. Ehrenfried von Holleben, West German ambassador to Brazil, was abducted by antigovern- He said that on Christmas Eve he found himself "in a very terrible emotional state.

It was with our eyes," Barnes commented. However, the clothing will be sent to the state labora the first time that could, not count on sharing this day with ment forces in June and held 123 my family." Asorlat4 Press Wlrephete tory injef.ferson City for further tests. parison with dental charts had been completed, and it was his understanding that the body was further identified through these reports. Although there were no outward indications of foul play, Sheriff Barnes said if he were A grove of cedars on a Stone1 County farm near Ponce De Leon -t only 20 miles from where she was last seen has yielded the remains of Mrs. Carol Blades of Nixa.

The grisly find was made about noon yesterday by a farmer who chanced upon the body while looking for livestock. Wowee When he was told he would be freed, Beihl said, he "didn't believe it until I was taken out of hours until the government agreed to fly 40 political prison-1 ers to Algeria. The 16 Burgos defendants were tried on charges growing His first Christmas was something else again for Dennis Vera Huls II of San Diego, Calif. The tree the bright boxes inside, the presents. He's 11 months old.

The woman's body had not been buried, and "very likely has been there since the evening she disappeared," the sheriff noted. Mrs. Blades disappeared from a laundromat in Nixa on-Dec, 15, 1969. going to guess what caused the the house and driven away." He said he was forced to wear spe cial glasses that prevented him woman's death, he would say strangulation. "There were no skuE frac told my husband to pull- over to the side of the road, odered all of us out of the car fend drove away after taking -my pocket-book and my husbanrs wallet." The amount of money he took was not known.

The family walked to the nearby Iosco County sheriffs office and reported the incident. Roadblocks were set up and within an hour, two state troopers spotted the stolen station Hard To Be Jolly in the Field The young woman's body was positively identified later in the day by her husband, and other members of the family, Stone Since that time, officials have See BODY, Page 12 tures, and no bloodstains on the clothing that we could detect County Sheriff and acting coro ner Richard Bames said last; Over Strike on Beard Growing night. Sheriff Barnes also said com Santa Can't Be Found Along the Vietnam DM2 wagon and ordered the driver to halt. Graham was arraigned Friday before Judge Richard Ernst i Iosco district court on charges of kidnaping and armed Inmates Confined To Cells 4th Day Israelis Irate Over Death nade into his bunker. His buddy comes up: "Hey, you guys want some grass? Everyone's going to be sky-high jewski, 21, of St.

Clair, and Spec. 4 Ernie Cox, 21, of Sherman, man the two machine guns. They're edgy. They like the lieutenant See YULE, Page 12 from seeing and was accompanied by five to six armed men wearing masks. Beihl said he was.

driven to an undisclosed location and handed over to two Paris staff members of the ZDF network, correspondent Albert Gaum and cameraman Baldur Freek. When Gaum saw Beihl approaching the car with two men supporting, he said he thought the consul was in poor physical shape. "He was being led to our car like a blind man," Gaum said. Then he saw that Beihl had to be led because he was wearing dark glasses. In San Sebastian, Mrs.

Beihl and her daughter Lucia, 29, embraced each other in joy after hearing he had arrived safely in Wiesbaden. "This is the most wonderful day of our lives," Mrs. Beihl said. Beihl was kidnaped from his garage in San Sebastian by Basque separatists, who said he would be executed if any of the tonight. A real mellow party." Freeman indicated adminis but not their outfit.

trators have "made no attempt to count the number of men who Term in Hijack have beards because that would The Blitzkrieg Platoon of Bravo Troop, 5th Armored. Cavalry moves out-? Sheridan tank and four personnel carriers named "Margo," "Betty Jo," "Marlene" and "Stump Jum "Too many new guys," says Andrzejewski squinting through his dusty spectacles. "They won't listen. They think they See SANTA, Page 12 just stir the pot." When the WALLA WALLA, Wash. (AP) Authorities at Washington State Penitentiary kept about 1,000 inmates confined to their cells on Christmas for the fourth day as punishment for striking in support of convicts growing beards.

But the prison superintendent. JERUSALEM (AP) Is- strike started, Rhay had in raelis reacted angrily Friday to dicated about 150 inmates were growing beards. per. By HOLGER JENSEN ALONG THE DMZ, Vietnam (AP) "Santa Claus is dead, the NVA got him." The sign is sprayed with shaving cream on an armored personnel carrier. NVA refers to the North Vietnamese.

It's Christmas Eve two miles south of the Demilitarized Zone and the soldiers who man the personnel carriers are angry. They have to spend the night in the field while their buddies party in the bunkers. 'Tis the season to be jolly for those who stay behind. The crew of gun No. 1 at Fire Base Alpha 4 cheerfully hurl eight-inch Christmas gifts at the enemy.

Between rounds the radio blares "Hey Mr. Tambourine man, play a song for me, I'm the death sentences given two Soviet Jews in the Leningrad "They're just using this hair For Angela Davis airplane hijack trial. B.J. Rhay, sent each man sand The Knesset (parliament) and beard thing as a symbol for some of their alleged grievances. They know this and we adopted a unanimous resolution calling on "enlightened wiches, coffee and small packages containing soup, cookies, cigarettes, candy and powdered do, too.

But before we can mankind" to intervene with Wallace to Wed Young Divorcee MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) George C. Wallace of Alabama said Friday that he and a 32-year-old divorcee, Cornelia Ellis Snively, plan to be married, but no date has been set. Mrs. Snively, a pretty brunette, is the mother of three children and a niece of former Gov.

James E. Folsom. She and her children had Christmas dinner with Wallace on Friday at his home in Montgomery. Wallace, 50, has four children. His first wife, Lurleen, who succeeded him as governor at the end of his term in January 1967, died in office May 7, 1968, after a lone battle with cancer.

"Margo" is the command track No. 36, with Lt. James Drumgole of New Orleans, sitting in the machine gun turret. 1 He's a bachelor of mathematics, 23 years old, hopes to "marry, work for IBM and live happily ever after" if he gets out of Vietnam alive. Pfc.

Vincent "Ski" Andrze- handle the grievances, we must chocolate. Demonstrators Ask Freedom Soviet authorities to rescind the settle this beard issue," Free "We always give these gifts to man said. prisoners at Christmas and we felt this year should be no ex The dispute must be "resolved ception despite the strike, said death sentences and free the two and nine other defendants, who were to prison. The emotions raised by the Lentngrad verdicts was underlined by the gathering of the Knesset in special session. Correspondents recall only one pre Robert Freeman, an associate Violators Irate But Only Briefly MULBERRY, Fla.

(AP) -Six out-of-state motorists were totally," Freeman said, but if only a handful continue to grow not sleepy and there ain no SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) -Black militant Angela Davis was visited by her family in the superintendent The annual Christmas Eve Mass was can place to go." One of the shells hits a North beards, "we'll keep the diehards locked up, if that's what it takes." 181 Are Dead celed, however. Marin County Jail Fndav as about 250 demonstrators ouiside Vietnamese truck 400 yards this vious occasion in Israel's 22 side of the Demilitarized Zone. A letter from Dr. William urged that she be freed.

arrested Friday and hauled fuming to Municipal Court where they were found guilty of violating the city's Christmas On Highways years that Parliament met on Friday, the day on which the "Right on the nose," screams Contc. state director of Miss Davis, 26, a former phi Freeman said five of the nine members currently on the Inmate Advisory Council were growing beards "when this Lt. Edward Sarrat of New Or stitutions, was circulated among losophy teacher, at UCLA, was Although the governor-elect Jewish sabbath begins. law. the prisoners.

In the letter, ur. Associated Press Traffic accidents claimed 181 extradited from New York Two Jews sentenced to death Tuesday to face charges of mur Thursday were Mark Dymshits lives in the nation with two days Conte promised to come to the prison Jan. 8 to discuss grievances with the Inmates Adviso der, kidnaping and conspiracy remaining in the tnree-aay and Edward Kuznetsov. They were convicted of planning to hijack a Soviet airliner to Finland ry Council. Christmas holiday weekend.

Snow covered streets and leans, scanning the flaming target through an integrated observation system that cost the American taxpayer $250,000. His radio gives the latest headline from the states: "President and Mrs. Nixon shocked by David Frost's performance at the White House." Elsewhere on the base, a in connection with a Mann County courthouse shootout Aug. 7. said no date for the wedding has been chosen, friends said Wallace and Mrs.

Snively probably will be married before he takes office for a second term Jan. 18. Wallace and his fiancee have been dating for several months. Until Friday, they denied having marriage plans. Furious at being caught in an apparent speed trap, the Northerners heard the judge pronounce sentence: Each driver must accept a basket of assorted fruit.

The city ordinance law makes it illegal for an cut'-of-state driv thing started," but two have since shaved. Inmates have complained about inequities in the parole system and in prison disciplinary procedures. Administrators said one member of the Inmate Advisory Council had worn a placard be "The problem still exists, but last June. Nine other defend highways in the Great Lakes by the tone of the thing we now Visiting Miss Davis tor two ants, all but one Jewish, re feel that time is on our siae. hours and 10 minutes were her ceived terms ranging from 4 to said William Macklin, another 15 years.

associate auperintendent. er to pass through this little west-central Florida town on mother, Mrs. Sally Davis of Birmingham, her brother, Reginald, sister Fania Jordan, states, and ram feu along the Gulf Coast, but otherwise the nation was dry. The count of traffic deaths began at 6 p.m. local time Thursday, and will end at midnight Sunday.

fore the strike which said: "If "Some of the convicts are shav From Haifa in the north to in the south there were d-stained soldier wearing beads and peace symbols cal ing and that means they've de Christmas Day without accepting such a gift from the police cousin ouver rearson ana Pearson's wife, Ave. you care, grow hair." He reportedly still had a beard himself Christmas Day. cided to let us run tne in mly recounts how he tear gassed his captian by lobbing a gre manifestations of Israeli and an See REACT, Page 12 department. stitution." Organized by the Angela WEATHER OZARKS Fair to partly cloudy today through Sunday. High today 35 to 42, low tonight in the teens, Ugh Sunday 35 to 40.

Precipitation probabilities percent today and tonight. Davis Defense Committee, the all-day rally consisted of hymn singing and placard carrying by marchers who walked in a circle. As Christians of World Observe Christmas Peace Appeals Mark the Day Sheriffs Capt. Harvey Teague said Miss Davis probably was unable to hear the demonstration 100 feet away because the jail is soundproof KANSAS Fair west, partly cloudy ml, warmer Saturday. huth.

low sns southwest to round 40 northeast. Generally (air Sat-rday atfht and Sunday. Warmer east Saturday BiKrtt, low PPr toeM LU cooler Rnnday, toltha lower aoottrwert le mtd-aos northeast. OKLAHOMA Warmer Saturday, cler Seau Sunday. Continued fair through n.ghU ID Bifha Satyr- day -5 Hurra Sunday -54.

ARKANSAS Fatr today, partly doody taiuJt fair Sunday. Not jnach In Htta Wayaad Sun-iayToid J0 la upper lowi lonlaht yLii low 30a. Weather ata tor irrtafflHd: TEMPERATURES: IJfJJg in loweat yesterday 17: htiheat tnia date tan. 1:00 P.m. At one point, the crowd sang a hymn with the words, "Free Angela Davis we need our sister beside us." About 50 newsmen and sev-e a 1 police in squad cars watched the rally in the parking lot at the Marin County Civic Center-Hall dHuHice.

It was in the same building pilgrims visited Bethlehem over Christmas, the largest number since the town was captured from Jordan by Israeli troops in the 1967 war." Only one incident was reporteda grenade thrown Christmas eve at an Israel vehicle on the outskirts of Bethlehem. It exploded harmlessly and attracted scant attention. Another grenade blamed on an Arab terrorist exploded Friday morning in a food store in Ramallah, an Arab Christian town 14 miles north of Bethlehem. Three Israeli soldiers and an Arab were injured. I snowy London, Queen Elizabeth told the people of the British Commonwealth the message of Christmas is "learning peace.

He told Americans in a Christmas message: "I firmly believe we can look forward with greater confidence than at anytime since World War II to the prospect that our children can have, at last, what we all devoutly hope for generation of peace." Another world trouble spot, the Mideast, celebrated a mostly peaceful Christmas, a three-month-cease-fire helping to keep Arsbs and Israelis in check. Focal point of the Christmas celebrations in the Holy Land was the tiny village of Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ was born. Police estimated that 10,000 where a judge and four others nSZv oo p.m. yewrday. heaj- Mwl una data a years.

nose this 11 1 daylUXt. Associated Press Christians the world over attended church and spent Christmas day with their families as their leaders appealed for peace, brotherhood and charity. Pope Paul VI, spiritual leader of the world's 58 million Roman Catholics, delivered his annual Christmas message in strong and sometimes somber tones. He urged mankind to cast off "the centuries old poison" of hate and conflict "which you carry in your blood." Speaking to a crowd of 20,000 In chilly and overcast St. Peter's Square, the pontiff said, "You must come to my school where one learns to look upon every man as his brother, not as rival enemy." A 24-hour Christmas truce in the Vietnam war ended at 6 p.m.

Saigon time and the U.S. and South Vietnamese commands reported more than 50-enemy violations with at least 10 South Vietnamese killed. The Viet Cong had proclaimed a 72-hour cease-fire that continues until 1 a.m. SSnday. Less than two hours before allied cease-fire began Christmas eve nine U.S.

paratroopers were killed and nine were wounded when an American artillery shell landed by mistake on their camp. President Nixon spent Christmas with his family at the White House and expressed prospects for ejL to be concerned about one another, to treat your neighbor as you would like him to treat you." Speaking In a recorded radio broadcast, the queen urged her subjects "to care about the future of all life on earth." The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Micahel Ramsey, spiritual leader of the Anglican Church, issued a Christmas appeal for Britons to visit the old and the elderly and mvlte the lonely into their homes this holiday season. Prime Minister Edward Heath attended Christmas ser-. vices near Checquers, his coun- See PEACE, Page 12 Ira rerftun rt.rd.y: 1 i.i!T 1 5 jo J7 ro.

.31 were taken hostage with weapons Miss Davis is accused of Superior Court Judge Harold J. Haley and three ther persons died in shootout moments later. Miss Davis, though not present, was Indicted under' a California law as an alleged participant in the plot. a.m. 4 a m.

I a m. I a.m. a m. 5 a.m. a.m.

It a.m. i is p.m. 4 P.m. P-m- pm. p.m.

19 I pm m. 19 1 p.m. mm Data furnished hy MaUoaal WeseVsiSerHca. i 17 11 am. Nooa 1 em.

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