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Springfield, Missouri
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SPECIAL NOTICES Continued 4 Sat, July 11, 1970 pringfirUi MoSailg Ntwa Guard Strangled In St. Louis Jail Rogers Bears Nixon Welcome to British Aid well as in Southeast Asia to counter possible Soviet domina Arab-Israeli peace talks going will succeed. "It is the strong hope of the LONDON (AP) U.S Secre tary of State William Rogers arrived in London Friday night earing President Nixon's warm welcome for new British plans to maintain a military presence in Southeast Asia. After a swing through key Asian capitals, the American statesman is here for two days talks wlht Prime Minister dwird Heath's new Con servative government on inter national problems ranging from the Mideast crisis to nuclear weapons collaboration. Talking with airport news men, Rogers made plain we United States still has high hopes that its latest bid to get 5 r.

'i -A 11 i I ire Which Killed Iceland Cited Dr. Jane Hamilton Hall has been named to receive the Atomic Energy Commission's citation for 1970. She Is a physicist and former assistant director of the Los Alamos, N.M., scientific laboratory. Renault Parts-; And Service with FRANK GARNER and i LESTER DAWSON PRESS Montgomery MOTOR SALES 1300 Boonville 869-4698 THREK-FAMTLY imn Mle, nutanlly. women girr wyi ciouunf.

no. nllumai and fw WitUna Follow Mm Highway wwt at CmpbU to S7 S. IT Highway li Bat- GARAGE SALE. Water aUa, slalom, mm, su-tamav ooai cwmom, uooor, oir, mirror, automatic wither, dryer, alMtrie and hind feadf ahaan, powar mower, portabta othar mix. Item.

Saturday and Monday, Mil Normandy. 183.2924. GARAGE SALE. Electrical appUaneM, iir. anara, oiroea.

ckkouii. anoca, iru jnuta, Irish dill, recorda, camper trailer, zoic-It. a acta. Comer of Kant wood anil McDtiatal, one Dtock ad St. LohU.

Saturday, Sunday. GARAGE SALE. Large first time: near new Mia rugs, out oasK bum enair. Lamps, complete baby bad, high chair and lota of Infants clothing. Bicycle, and tables, fang sum) muck mors).

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sum deck, mud flaps, and tool bin. II, 250. Gordon Implement Rlggatos, III. 10 miles west ol Jacksonville an Routes 36 and St. Phone (117) 742-3138, Like new IS ft.

ail metal grain bed With holet. (1250. MONTGOMERY CMC TRUCKS. 836 N. Glenetone.

Ph. 86M773. GRAIN BED with or without hoiat, 13'. 1637 N. Newton.

AUTOS-TRUCKS (USED) 1965 RENAULT Dauohina automatic trans. mission. 4 dr. runs Use a swiaa watch TOYOTA of anrtngfirkt. inn.

1J2S Ingram Mill Hd. 883-lfBJ BEST REASONABLE OFFER BUYS, 1981 jmpaia as, 3x1, speed, rower steering, astro wheels. Near sew Una. Private owner, 833-1793. 1963 FALCON, fordor station wagon, cyl- jnuer, automatio traumiaaMm.

SjM. bib Peach Tree eoS-OtW. 170 CHALLENGER, 383, air conditioned, wee, au learner interior, svuu, assume loan paymcnta. 88I-105O after DUNE BUGGY Material, 1963 Volkswagen, izZr no carnage 10 trams. 83J-1399, CHEVROLET, Vi ton pickup.

Two 3 wimn raiicr, 4 racing ooat niu motor. 1342 So. Plaza. 13 BVICK, original condltioa. Extra mce.

Sea at low aat WalnuL 19M FOUR DOOR hardtoo, air, P.B., and P.B.. very dtan. 1703 S. Roan- 1SSI FIAT J24 Sport Coupe. Radial tlrea.

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14S0 St. Louis, 1SS Le SABRE, Mr eondlUoned. AS nirai miiea, Deauuiul condition. George Padmt 865-8731. 1963 FORD, tag pickup.

VS. 4 spaed. OTO, needs paloU SHo. 33-2714. 737.

ISM CAMARO, automatic, 127, power steer- jtesuiiw payment. gqMiii, TON CHEVROLET, 13Va frala bed. l.CHEVELLE Mallhu, 4 speed, tllSO. iw TORINO, automaUe, power slat ring. air, new urea.

iiw weiler. 1 peed. mm. Ua's, o. sjuis, eeo-e4L 1M7 MERCURY MARQUIS for gait.

One wwr. ov-xsov alter p.m. 1970 DODGE CHALLENGER, 0008 miles. jj niaanum epeea, siwv. nz-isoi.

1903 FORD sedan, Qslaxie SOS with air. sow. aa w. Hamsun, FOR SALE: lto Muatang, Bos 428. 1,000 muca.

aoB-wuv. ssu tuaat seunont. 106S CHEVROLET, tudor sedan. automaUe, suie wear acou. ud drives good.

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one owner. Call asm 700, 19l MGB ROADSTER, Radio, wires, and radlala, Imrnacnlata condition. 88t3JI. 19 EL CAM1NO, good condition, tilOoT go. 7008, IMPALA hardtop, automatic, air, clean, 083-7203.

180 MACH MUSTANG I ISO, 002-7087. tape. 1851 FORD quarter ton pickup, Buaa good. 8150, aarjsCT, 1S80 VOLKSWAGEN, PUMrger bug With beds, ideal for camping. l-m-aUM, I860 DODGE (4-toa, long wide bed, 4 spseS or sale or trade for wagon.

aWtt8 164 CHEVROLET IMPALA. V-0 automatic, citra sharp, tm. 357-S9SS. 180 MUSTANG. tM, mags.

C70, and J70 arte. 808-1354. 100a BONNEVILLE convertible, steering and brakes. Call OnS-KiOl. 1984 FALCON with 1987 Mt engine.

speed. Onao. 14J8 Cotuge Ave. At Youth Assembly Leftist Move For Expulsion Is Rejected UNITED NATIONS, NY. (AP) At a stormy session, the World Youth Assembly rejected Friday leftist demands for expulsion of representatives from South Vietnam, South Korea and Nationalist China.

The assembly approved the recommendation of its 18-mem-ber steering committee that no one should be expelled and that all participants already registered should be accepted. Some leftists sought also expulsion of Greece and Spain. Similarly the assembly endorsed the committee's proposal to make new bids asking Communist China, North Vietnam, North Korea and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam to send representatives. They have rejected pre-vious invitations. Lars Thalen, 26, of Stockholm, a veteran of socialist youth organizations at home, presided over the assembly session as chairman of its steering committee.

He said the committee had come up fith its recommendations endorsed by a majority after a marathon nine-hour meeting that ended at 5 a.m. When the assembly declined to accept the recommendations of the steering committee as a whole he conducted votes on separate items by voice, the raising of hands or calling on delegates to stand. The Soviet delegation and its supporters won out In their de mands that meetings of the assembly's four major commissions be public and not behind closed doors. They will deal with world peace and security, devel opment, education and the envi ronment. The assembly of about 600 delegates ended up endorsing in main the recommendations of its steering committee.

Tha- len's deft handling was credited with gaining that objective. Wearing a white open-neck shirt in keeping with the infor mal dress of most male partici pants, Thalen spoke out in exas peration when whistles and boos greeted some speakers. "I think this is fantastic," he declared. "The World Youth Assembly is behaving at the United Nations like the elders have never done." On occasion speakers tried to take the rostum even after Thalen had ruled them out of order. Amid the debate Jose Gran-ados, 24, a delegate from Puerto Rico, announced to the assembly he was withdrawing from the gathering.

He said he was protesting the decision of the steering committee not to recognize the credentials of Rafael Benitez, 22, another Puerto Ri-can. He charged also that totalitarian regimes were given too large a representation in the assembly. Nixon Will Meet With Appalachian State Governors WASHINGTON (AP) President Nixon will fly to Louisville Tuesday to meet with the governors of 13 Appalachian states, the White House an' nounced Friday. The governors are members of the Appalachian Regional Commission. Press secretary Ronald L.

Ziegler said it would be a one day trip with Nixon returning to the White House later Tuesday. The White House said Nixon would meet with the following governors: Albert P. Brewer of Alabama, Lester Maddox of Georgia Louie B. Nunn of Kentucky, Marvin Mandel of Maryland, John Bell Williams of Mis sissippl, Nelson Rockefeller of New York, Robert W. Scott of North Carolina, James A.

Rhodes of Ohio, Raymond Shafe of Pennylvania, Robert E. McNair of South Carolina, Buford Ellington of Tennessee, Linwood Holton of Virginia and Arch A. Moore of West Virginia. of Women To Hear of Square C. Wallace president of the Downtown Springfield As sociation, and Wilbur E.

Wood executive director, will discuss the three phases of the public Square renovation project at a dinner meeting of the Women's Division of the Chamber of Com merce Monday, program at the 7 p.m event at Raraada Inn was planned by the community calendar committee of the women's group. A slide presentation, "Year of Challenge Year of Choice," compiled by the U.S.. Chamber of Commerce, will be offered by the civic affairs and legislation committee. It is available for CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) A guard five days from retirement was seized Friday by prisoners in St Louis County jail and later found dead in a cell, possibly of stangulation, authorities said.

County authorities were in vestigating how the prisoners, who unlocked the doors to three daytime "tank" cells, were able to obtain the keys from Henry E. Thierry, 63. Thierry died either oi stran gulation or of a heart attack, County Director of Adult Cor rections Robert Gruensfelder said. The guard's hands were bound behind his back with cloth strips. A sock was stuffed into his mouth.

Jail official Herman Wood said William Breeding, a guard supervisor, found Thierry's body after noting about 45 pris oners milling in corridor in side an outer door to the jail. The prisoners returned to their respective cells without further incident after the body was discovered, Wood said. Gruensfelder said he was unable to attribute the death of Thierry to a disturbance, ad ding, "Quite honestly, there haven't been any problems, we have had no complaints from guards or other personnel." An autopsy was to be per formed on Thierry Friday night Gruensfelder said Thierry, who lived in neighboring Brentwood, would have been eligible to re tire July 15. Be a careful driver today not a sorry one tomorrow. 3 A MoiwmMK, Cemetery Lets CHOICE CEMETERY Lota with vaulta.

Cheap, in wniie uiapei. la-nit. LOST U23.5 FIRESTONE track tlrae, loot oft Firestone truck approximately 1500 block eaat Trafflewav. Wednesday PH. Julv Bth.

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Reward for return of aosj or uuormauon leaotni return. un Johnson, 50J St. juouis, wx-im. LOST BILLFOLD, vicinity Weaver and Grand. Pat Cunntanham, SM Lllllam, Bolivar.

Contact at-3070 or South weaver. MALE BLACK and white anotted nart Beaale and Bird Dos, vicinity Eaaf Di vision and Oak Grove. Colld'a pat. Ra warn, hm-woi, alter BROWN Schwta. 10 speed, varsity, serial number CE 39334.

Found Red English western iver, serial numner MA mivo. MB. Llndberc. Ml-1939. LOST BASSETT, brown and whit mala.

wearing collar and tag, Vicinity of Sun. nine and Ingram mui. Answers to nam. M14496. 0834349.

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Howard, Friday, Sat- uiuaj.tfuiy iu. 11. BACK YARD sale. Now through Saturday. Awn.

Travis. YARD SALE: Saturday, Sunday. 748 Nortk UNDO. tion of that vital oil region. The Shah strongly backed the decision of Britain's ousted La bor government to withdraw militarily from the Gulf by 1971.

Iran has aspired to replace British power and to shield the emerging union of Arab emi grants. But Douglas-Home re turned hopeful that Britain and Iran will be able to work together toward their snared objective of keeping Soviet Influence out of the Gulf, from which much of Europe's oil derives. The issue of keeping the Rus sians at bay in the Mideast, the Gulf and the Indian Ocean will be a major talking point when Rogers meets with Douglas- Home Saturday and with Heath Sunday. I will convey to them the President's favorable reaction to the announcement of the Brit ish government's intentions to maintain a military presence east of Suez, Rogers told news men. He is on the last leg of a swing that has taken him through Ma nila, Saigon and Tokyo.

Speak ing of his impressions of the sit uation in Vietnam be said: "In Saigon I was encouraged at the progress of the implementa tion of Vietnamization and by the general feeling which pre vailed that the Cambodian operation has enhanced prospects for its success." Subject Not Told U.S., Soviets Hold Meetings MOSCOW (AP) U.S. Am bassador Jacob D. Beam met Friday with Soviet Foreign Min ister Andrei A. Gomyko but spokesmen would not divulge what was discussed or how long the meeting lasted. It was the first meeting in what Washington hopes will develop into a series of high-level contacts with Kremlin leaders on international problems.

Despite the U.S. Embassy's official silence, it was assumed the Middle East and Indochina were the prime topics of Beam's conversation with Gromyko. The United States is still awaiting a Soviet response to its proposal for a cease-fire in the Middle East The Russians have been consulting with President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, who has been in Moscow since June 29. CAIRO (AP) The author itative newspaper Al Ahram re ported Friday from Moscow that Soviet Foreign Minister An drei A. Gromyko has prepared a reply to U.S.

Secretary of State William P. Rogers on the latest American Middle East initiative. Quoting official sources, Al Ahram said the Soviet reply demanded clarification of the American plan. The reply also says the Soviet Union still believes there can be no peace in the Middle East without Israeli withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories, Al Ahram added. Legal Notices NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING 0 STOCKHOLDERS AT SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI JULY 16, 1970 NDTIRR IS HKRKRV GIVEN.

Vhat Sneclal Meetuu of the stockholders of Mod ern Security Life Insurance Company. Hissoun. a Missouri corpo ration, wui oe neia tm jientwooa Arms Hotel. 700 St. Lousi Street.

SDrinsfield. Mia- ouri, at 9:00 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Time, on July 16, WO, for the fur- poses of: l.Vi Voting unoa the recommendation of man. agement proposing an Agreement of Merger Between Modern Security Life insurance Company and Gnat Missouri Life Insurance Company, Springfield, mrnmm ana increasing tne autnorueo capital stock from LjtiMOO aitsres to 1. ISO .090 shares: and 1 Transecting any such other business as may come cetera tne meeting, or any ao- journment or aojournmems tnereot, Pursuant to authorization bv the Board of Directors, the president of the company has fined the close of business on May 30.

wo, aa the record date for tne determination of shareholders entitled to notice of and to vote at the meeting. By order Of tne Board Of inrenora. 1. William Boyd, Secretary INVITATION TO BID SEALED BIDS addressed to the Pnrchaa. Ins Aient of ty Uttlitlee of- Soring field.

Missouri wui oe receivea ai ma otiice in tne City Utilities Butldlnc. 301 East Central atreet, Missouri until rat iuD, juiy ai. iyra, tor me following: BATTLEMKLD MALL COLLECTING AGENT FOR CITY UTILITIES OF SPRINGFIELD. MO. Bids win be publicly opened and read, Any Bid received after opening time wUl bo it-turned unowned.

Rids shall he submitted In sealed anvaloDM marked "SEALED Envelopes and srjeciticationa tor mimosa ot otaaini may oe onta neo tram tne rurcnasuui Aeent of Citv Iltllttlea. City Utilities reserve the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any Informality therein, to determine which is the beat but and to approve pond. CITY UTILITIES OP SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI W.Beit Purchasing Agent July 7, 1870 NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS AT SPRINGFIELD. MISSOURI JULY IS, 1970 NOTICE IS HERESY GIVEN, That a Special Meeting of the stockholders of Great Missouri Life Insurance Company. Springfield, Missouri, a Missouri corporation, will be held at the Kentwood Arm Hotel, 700 St, Louie Street.

Springfield, Mis souri, si a.m. central usyitgiK sjav. Inga Time, on July 1870, poses of: nma. on iuiy ism wa pur- i. Voting upon the recommendation of man agement proposing an Agreement of Meraer between Modem Security Life In- euranc Company and Great Missouri Life insurance company, Springfield, Missouri; ana 1.

Transacting any aoch other bo tineas may come cetera tne im Ing. or any adjournment or adjourn. menu mereot. Pursuant to authorisation by the Board Ulrectora. the president the company has fixed the close of business on May 30, 1970, aa the record date for the determine.

lion of shareholders entitled to notice of and to vote at the meeting. By Order or the Board of Directors. United States," he said, "That all concerned will conclude the urgency of the present situation is such that they will be willing to reinstate a cease-fire and move toward negotiations under the auspices of (United Nations mediator) Gunnar Jarring." Only a few hours before Rogers arrived, Britain's Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas-Home hustled over to Brussels for quick talks with Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi of Iran on Britain's hopes to keep troops in the Persian Gulf as Is Probed explosion lifted off the roof. When a fire brigade arrived from Reykjavik an hour later, they found only ruins and tne charred remains of the prime minister, his 50-year-old wife, Sigridur, and grandson, Ben edikt, 4. The child was the son of Ben ediktsson's daughter, vaia, an air hostess with Icelandic Air ways.

She was on a flight to New York aboard one of the air liners when the tragedy oc curred. Her husband, Vilmundar Gislason, is the son of the cul ture minister, Gylfi Gislason. Benediktsson was born in Rey kjavik on April 30, 1908. He stud ied law at the University of Ice land and later in Berlin and Co penhagen. In 1932, he became professor at the University of Iceland and stayed in that post until 1940.

That year he became mayor of Reykjavik and stayed on until 1947 when he was named minister of justice and foreign affairs. In that capacity he was one of the signers of the Atlantic Treaty in Washington in 1949. Benediktsson was editor of the Reykjavie newspaper Mor- gunbladid and held other nun Jsterial posts until he became prime minister in 1963. The summer residence Tingvellir was on the site of the world's first parliament which dated back to 930 A.D. the house was built in 1930 to mark the anniversary of the legis lature.

Pageant Prelims Area Beauties Win Honors MEXICO, Mo. (AP)Sandra Kay Asselin of Branson was the swim suit division winner and Brenda Kay Parsh of Spring field was the talent winner in Friday night's preliminary contests of the Miss Missouri pag eant. Both received a $100 scholar ship and trophy, Miss Asselin, representing Branson, is 20 years old, stands 5-feet-6, weighs 120 pounds and has green eyes and blonde hair. She is a senior at the University of Arkansas. She was the first runner-up in the 1969 pageant Miss Parsh, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Floyd E. Parsh of Springfield, is a junior at South east Missouri State in Cape Gi rardeau and represents the col lege in the pageant. She is 20, weighs 128 pounds, is 5-feet-6V4 has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She presented a reading from the play, "Anne of a Thou sand Days." Both girls are majoring in speech and drama in school.

Miss Missouri will be chosen from among the 31 contestants Saturday night. Salvage Fires Now Illegal Use of residential trash burn ers are not affected by the burn ing ban now being enforced in Springfield, but Joe Allen head of the staff of the Springfield Greene County Air Pollution Control Authority said yesterday that deadline for "open burning for salvage purposes" passed Wednesday. 'We assume that all of this type of burning has stopped in Springfield," Allen said. Use of residential burners may continue until April 12, 1972, he said. Someone's Teeth Show Up in Truck Raymond Pendergrass, 734 South Grandview, was greeted with a grin when he opened small box someone accidentally placed in his truck yesterday Pendergrass said the box, left on the truck seat while he was at work, contained a Set of false teeth.

The dentures, addressed to a Springfield laboratory from a Mansfield dentist, were turned over to police. Theft of a Citizens Bank bag containing $95 to 100 from a counter at the Ace Bookateria, 314 East Commercial, was. reported to police last night by Richard Fronabarger, operator of the shop. Prime Minister REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) Police sifted through the ruins of a wooden cottage Friday seeking the cause of fire and explosion which killed Iceland's prime minister, Bjarni Ben- ediktsson, his wife ana a grandson during the night. Flags were flown at half staff throughout Iceland in mournnlg for the 62-year-old government chief who bad wielded a pow erful influence on the politics of this, northern island nation.

Johnson Hafstein, minister of Justice and Industry, took over as acting prime minister. A priest who lived nearby saw the flames coming from the cot tage Thursday night in Tingvel- Ur, 40 miles from Reykjavik, and turned in the alarm A party of Danish tourists also saw the fire and hastened to the scene, but by the time they reached the house, it was an in ferno. A few minutes later, an Gaillard Yacht Wreck Found ST. HELIER, Channel Islands (AP) Maritime 'authorities found the wreckage Friday of a yacht aboard which former French Premier Felix Gaillard sailed for the French mainland Thursday. Customs officials said the bod ies of two women passengers.

Mrs, De La Brosse and Miss Anne Dumont, were also dis covered, but there was no trace of Gaillard and another sailing companion. French authorities said the yacht apparently wrecked on the Minquiers rocks about 20 miles southwest of the island of A dinghy bearing the name of Gaillard's yacht, Marie Grillon, and bits oi! wreckage were found on the reefs, officials said. Gaillard, 50, a Radical Social ist who served as premier in 1957, had sailed to Jersey with another man and two women to visit his sister-in-law, Mrs. Nel lie Faure, vacationing on the is land. i 'He had a young couple and a friend of my sister on board," said Mrs.

Faure. "He frequently made trips to Jersey in his yacht." Gaillard was named premier of France on his 38th birthday on Nov. 5, 1957. He was the youngest government head of France since 1883. But Gaillard's troubles began almost at once and his govern ment fell in April 1958 after bit ter debate in the National As sembly over his Tunisian pc4 uies.

Builders Strike Is Ended With Three-Year Pact CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (AP) About 700 southeast Mis ouri construction workers will return to their jobs Monday, en ding a strike that began June 16 Spokesmen for Building La borers Local 282 said Friday members agreed on a three- year contract with the South east Missouri Contractors Association, calling for in creased wages and fringe ben ems. 'j The agreement provides first-year wages of $4.50 an hour for workers on jobs with contracts under $2.5 million and $5.00 an hour for workers on jobs with contracts in excess of $2.5 mil lion, union presilent Fred Kelly said. By the third year, wages for the lower contract jobs will be $5.90 an hour and higher contract workers will receive $7.00 an hour. The old contract expired May 15 and provided for $3.50 hourly wages for both classes of work ers, t. Local 282 members work in an area from the Mississippi River west to Poplar Bluff and from the Perry County line south to the Arkansas border.

Voting on the proposal was completed Thursday night Ann Franklin, Benjamin's ais-ter-in-law, was the nation's first woman newspaper editor. She became editor of the Newport Mercury on the death of her son James Franklin in 1762. Associates' free Wfrcphet Briefs Bonhomme in St. Louis County, has endorsed Clyde Wilson of Columbia in his bid to challenge incumbent Richard Ichord for the Democratic nomination for 8th District congressman. "This is a major step forward in my candidacy," Wilson, University of Missouri-Columbia professor of anthropology, said Bonhomme is a bell-wether Democratic organization." Bonhomme, which also en dorsed Sen.

Stuart Symington for re-election, is the first of four St Louis County 8th Dis trict townships to endorse a can didate for the congressional primary race. HARRISON, Ark. A com mittee to study the Ozark Humane Society's offer to take over operation of the city pound was appointed by Mayor Dene Hester. Roy Milum, will chair the 4-man committee. BENTONVILLE, Ark.

Yes terday was opening day for the Wildwood Arts and Crafts Festi val at Wildwood Camp, a mile north of here on U.S. 71. The fes tival will continue through Sun day, MARIONVILLE The VFW will sponsor a "lite-a-bike" bi cycle safety program from a.m. until noon Saturday at the post building. Reflectorized tape will be applied to bicycles as a safety precaution.

i MT. VERNON Dry weather has resulted in strict enforce ment of the trash burning ordi nance, which prohibits burning on Sundays or holidays; re stricts it to approved containers with lids, between 6 and 9 a.m and 4 to 7 p.m. "Unless it rains by next week," warned Mayor Jack Johnson, "we may have to ban trash burning entirely for awhile." AVA Cash prizes of $1550 in 23 classes will highlight the sec ond night of the Ava Saddle Club's 14th annual horse show at 7:30 tonight at the fairgrounds. LANAGAN Approval of $14,664 grant for completion of 12-unit public housing project for the elderly here came from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Gold Con struction Company, of Spring field, is the contractor.

MT. VERNON For the third year the city tax levy here has been set at $1.35. 'Weapons' Take, An Odd Turn Fusseri and fighters in Springfield turned to odd weap ons yesterday. A 29-year-old man told police he was arguing with another man who owed him money when be was struck on the head and arm with a sawed-off broomst ick. The complainant said he fled when the assailant dropped the stick and picked up an ax.

Another local resident report ed he was seated in his parked truck on North Robberson when a man poked a frog gig through an open window and slightly cut his face. He said he had pre viously been involved in dis pute about a traffic incident with the man. Checking on a fight on North Jefferson last night, officers learned a man bit his girl friend on the anger during an argu ment She retaliated with a slap, Hibernia is an old name for Ireland. It comes from the Latin "Juverna," which scho lars believe to be the name Julius Caesar gave the country, Delilah herself did not cut Samson's hair. She called a man and had him shave off Samson seven locks while the strong man slept.

Area NIXA A reward fund has been established for information leading to the whereabouts of Mrs. Carol Blades, a Nixa housewife who disappeared last Dec. 15. The fund, announced by Nixa American Legion Post Commander Milo Thornton, will receive donations at the Nixa Bank, or they may be left with any Nixa business place. A meeting of all Nixa civic or ganizations has been called for 6 p.m.

Tuesday at Dorothy's Cafe to plan a community-wide drive. If the reward is not used, the money will be refunded. Mrs, Blades' abandoned car was found south of Nixa on Dec, 15. She was last seen at 3 p.m. that date wearing a purple pants suit and furry white coat.

KIRKWOOD The largest township in the 8th District For Hemmerling New Charge After Fracas With Lawmen A 23-year-old Springfield man already charged with assaulting an officer faces magistrate court trial July 29 on a charge of resisting arrest filed in con nection with the same Incident He is Jerry Lee Hemmerling, 1740 west Olive, arraigned yes terday afternoon on the charge of resisting arrest, Hemmerling had been arraigned Wednesday on the assault charge. His trial on the assault charge also is to be July 29 in magistrate court. Hemmerling is charged with the offenses in connection with an incident Wednesday morning involving Police Officer Larry Craig. Police said Officers Craig and Terry Smith were near the in tersection of Kansas and Olive investigating a police call when they observed a pickup truck leave the Chestnut Expressway at a high rate of speed. The police report said Officer Craig attempted to flag down the vehicle, but that it swerved toward him and then fled.

Police said the two officers followed the vehicle until it turned in the driveway at 1740 West Olive and that Hemmerl in a was arrested for in vestigation of careless and im prudent driving. Officers said that a scuffle then broke out between Hemmerling and police. After posting bond at the county jail yesterday, Hemmerling was arrested by city police on a municipal warrant charging him with careless and imprudent driving in connection with the Wednesday incident. He was freed on $50 cash bond. Staff Is Completed For of A Music Camp FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.

(Special) Professor Robert Bright of the University of Arkansas Department of Music and administrator of the Summer Music Camp has announced the roster of counselors for the 2-week camp, which begins Monday and continues through July 24. David Woolly of Little Rock is administrative assistant for the camp. Miss Julia Kaps of Bartles-ville, will serve as head counselor for girls and also as a string instructor; Jerry Ratslaff of Grsvette will be head counselor for boys; Miss Sally Brown and Miss Becky Hartman, both of Fayetteville, Miss Charline Grant of Enid, and Hank Hartman of Siloam Springs will be counselors. Miss Grant and Hartman also will serve as instructors. Additional instructors include Robert Nelson, Mountain Home band director; Wendell Hise, Springdale High School band director; and Ron Anderson, Harrison High School band director.

use by other organizations. Hay vertes. secretary OS VW CAMP Mobil, UIO Went Harrison..

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