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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 19
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 19

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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SEVEN LINCOLN SUNDAY JOURNAL AND STAR, OCTOBER 19, 1941 Up and Down the river 9 Personals Personals Tobias community church, Rsv. Mr. Bauntan officiating. Burial at Tobias. Here the story won, 21-13 Birds plentiful Want Ada Appear In Both Th Journal Bud Tha Star CASH Want Ad Rates For ConseeatlT.

Insertions Minimum II Words fet Bet Sell A4e- General ClaasifloaUona No. at lOae rr areel Sis IStveaia vTorta (Day (Days IPayal foa Mk IMS Vim " LADIES dreaaee, cleaned, pressed. Its. Peterson Cleaners, I-51M, Sol No. 17th.

KIND woman to care tur old people. Board and room. Clean rood. Oood boms. 6-7711.

LEAVING October 14 for Los Anf.les.' Want passengsrs to share sxpense, R.f-srencee escnanged. Call 3-I3M. LEaWno for Scottauluff. Caa Uks 3 passengers. Round trip.

3-1346. LEA VINO for Los Angslee Monday, I' a. m. Want paaaengere. 3-1173.

MAIL a can ot pop com to tht draftee. THE K.OKN POPPER. 1413 N. MARX JANE- long sleeved Cotton and Rayon Ureases now 5 to Sl'M. MARY JANE.

1336 8L but cover good Biggest exodus of hunters is expected today; Lytic correct BT IIOIXI3 UMPRECIIT. Nebraska nimrods have had three days in which to take after pheasants and ducks, but the biggest exodus of hunters is expected Sunday when every man with a gun, from the richest to poorest. Hodgi SI BU Funeral ot Irwin N. Suber Mon day afternoon la omana. ipiain, scnneir Griffiths.

Monuments Rook of Ages. Exclusive Distributor E. SPEIDELL 6 SON eat No. 10 Lincoln, Card oi Thanks WE WISH to trunk our friend, tor trwlr kindness, sympathy, and floral offerings extended during the end death of our Wife and Mother The Van Cleave Family. Funeral Directors E.

TROYER a TROTER MRS TROTER Castle, Roper Matthews Morttclans-C. Roper a Sons-Amhulanc. Cecil LVadlow AMBULANCE I-SUt MORTICIAN HODGMAN MORTUARY ROBERTS MORTUARY SPLAIN, SCHNELL IS3I i ItllkJ t-tocri DUBERGER'S 2-2424 AMBlILANCEa K. anandsra 3-6UMI A. May 1-7337 1110 Que Lost and Found AS A 8ERVICE to Journal and mar readers a reeord ol Lost snd Found articles ad vert lead here la kept tor two months at the Want Ad Counter.

When you lose or find anything call an ad-laker al 1-3333 or 1-1234 LOST Coach puppy, 3 months old, vicinity Stth and Randolph. Reward. 4-1 IM) LOST Royal portable typewriter near lvto and O. Reward. 2-M18.

Personals A BETTER WAX ot living, learn more, earn more, night classes. LINCOLN SCHOOL of COMMERCE 1-1774 BEAUTY SALON Regular 110 wave now 3S Including re-etyla Capital Hotel 3-3ftV) AT NO HIOHUH PRICES! Individualised Beauty Rejuvenation. Agnes Beaute Shoppe, Hotel Cornnusker. Sold Four Rooms Furniturt! FOR SALE Tour rooms of house hold furniture. TO! D.

6-8311. "Very good results sold nearly everything we wanted to get rid of." O. R. Jones, 701 St House Rented Second Day I 1610 BO. 13 Modern bungalow; reasonable.

Phone 3-7848. "Had lots of calls and rented the house the second day the ad ran." Margaret Stout, 1310 So. 13. Heating Stove Sold! OIL CIRCULATING nee ting stove. ISO Sumner.

"Had eight calls tor the stove and we sold It for the price we were asking." Mrs. A. R. Hustig, 800 Sumner. A COMPLETE Hat and Shoe Service.

The NEW WAt SHOP, 131 to. 13, 1-44UU. AFTER this day will not be responsible for any debts other than those made by myself. William J. Cruthers.

BARGAIN! Overcoats cleaned, Pressed. 4te. Petersen Cleaners, 1-6262. Sol No- IT. BRAKES RE LINED 14 00 nnTriD 1MM si l-llll vllVIL aEHVICM nigM alaaeee tourthand.

typing, dictation, key punch, machines. OAckinson Secreianal acoool 1-9141 Confidential Investigations. Special operator, provided for any occa.lnn, and all work Is kent entirely confidential. D4NBAUM INC. l-3oA4.

CHITTENDEN CKan.ra. I garments cleaned, preesed. vte. 34T No 17 I 1-34X1 DOCTOR Tiruon- DR1V1NU to Portland Wednesday. Want drivers snd passengers.

l-ee2A. loot O. FaIRMoTjNt" MATERNITY Secluainn sanitarium tor unmarried glrla; loweel ratea: working reduces expenses; early entrance sdvised; eonfldentlal. 1414 E. 37th Kamas City Mo FIRE1 PLACE wood, kindling, coal, fuel oil.

Pauley's. 3-237H. Honest Advertising Law Toe penal code of Nebraska makes a criminal offense of Inserting untrue misleading or deceptive advertising and provide, a penalty up to IKK) flna The Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit institution, co-op. ratea with The Journal and The mar to eliminate all advertising of a questionable nature. Read.

re may assist In protecting ulhers by reporting Promptly any doubtful otters advertised The Bureau will inveettgnto such without charge Call or write the Better Buel-neae Bureau, Room 3Uk Kichards Bldg I lib A 8t 1-444. HOUU Claasincation No. 8 and Miscellaneous For Sale. No. II nave some tntereetlng offers thsl you'll find it worth your while to invealleete.

HELP DEFENSE Paint vour car. $12.60 at McCaul.y's. 141 No. HUi I AM BACK at tne Arcade Oarage and will be glad to see all my friends and customers. Roy Quincy.

ICE CREAM SPECIAL. Home made toasted almond fudge 63c gallon. Fenton's Ice Cream, on ltth, lust South of O. ICE CREAM PIES Delightful combtna-tion of toasted almond and Whitman's Frosea Fudge, only 3c. Fenton's Ice Cream on ltth, Juat South of O.

JUNIOR LEAGUE RUMMAGE SALE Oct. 11-23-24 at 1331 O. open Thursday evening. Clothing, household furnlablnKs. You '8EAT You al STRIKE When you and JU Here are som Eight Buyers for Camera! 33 MM camera.

3.1 lens, complete line ot accessories. 3-6J41 "Had eight calls for the camera on Thursday and sold It" George Maser, 1341 Harrison. Picket Fence Sold! 66 FT. white picket tenet, 40 Inches high 5. 4.3M4.

"It certainly pays to advertise, my 40c want ad brought lots of buyers." V.B. Franks, 1131 S.37. Furnished House Rented! 11X4 SO. 33 Five rooms, bath, long living room with fireplace. Gas fumsce- Automatic hot water.

Frlgldalre. Garage. 336. "Only ran the ad one day had eight calls but the second party out rented It" Mary Hendricks, 1124 So. 23.

NEW8PAPEHS Ideal tot rapping and racking use. Tee Journal, I-A333, Tht Bur. 3-1334. NIGHT SCHOOL rJiT NATIONAL BUSINESS IKet OCTOBER Speclsls 15.00 maehlaeleas wave 13.00; oil ehamnoo and wave dried 60c. 1021 gr 16.

tf-41t0. PRIVATE nuralnt home for eMerly people. Injfsllds and convalesoentt 3-3066 PASSENOERS and responslhls driver to Seattle or Portland Tuesday morning, new car, radio and healer equipped. SALVATION ARMY needs your mare, sines, clothes, slwes end toys. t-ia7.

SUNDAY WANT AD SERVICE A)R your convenience the Want Ad De. partment of The Journal and The Star it open Sunday from I a. in. to m. Deadline for regular classifications lor Monday morning editions Is I p.

m. to. dsy. Ads received altar I p. m.

rua Teala's Rent-A-Bike Plnneera Park Road. WRIGHTS guaranteed rra sonsbly priced, n-4141. SOI tecuntr Mutual Bldg. 6 OALLON net red nam paint wtta 4" brush (rubber east), all for $, COOK PAINT A VARNISH 143ft a Patent Attorney 10 F. E.

LA NOB, STUART BLIX1. UNCOLM Formerly examiner S. Patent Of firs. Business Service 12 PLArlTF.RINO PATCH piaateMng won't ahnw under taints paper. Cement work.

6-1436 CHIBOPRAITIIKM. DR. t. L. A8HWORTH Lincoln Liberty Ufa, 304 S-14TS THATf and Sfar Wn on eing a which is'in0 Five Colls Rented Apartment! 143S omfortable two room apartment, hot and cold water.

Heat light, ass furnished. Raa-eonabla, 8-4814. "Had five calls from our ad and we rented the apartment within a few hours." Hazel Easton, 1428 St Sold Bed and Rug! SIMMONS day bed. Stratford-Wilson rug, Ixll. Excellent condition.

3-4107. "Sold both articles before the ad had run two full days." Mrs. R. S. Brewster, 3031 Stratford.

Unfurnished Aportment Rented! 1801 SO. SO Two bedrooms. Heat furnished. Completely redecorated, oak floors, stove. Rofrlgerstor: Oarage.

3-t34o. "People from out of the city rented the apartment the Want Ad did the Job." Mrs. Hugh Oalton, 1S10 So. 20, How Indiana FIRST QUARTER. Ctpt Gene White ot Indiana won tht toil, and elected to defend the north goal.

Fred Meier, Huaker gami captain, chose to receive tht klckoff. Lou Saban, Hooalar signal barker, kicked oft to Bradley, who raced back to the Nebraska 22. NEBRASKA! Bradley picked up i over Hufft tackle. Bradley (ailed to gala at tht other tide. Bradley punted to Saban, who was downed in hit tracks by Kathol on the Indiana IT.

INDIANA: Indiana drew a clipping penalty on the play, tnd was penalised lack to Hi own Doloway replaced R. White in the Indiana backlleid. Doloway. standing in hit end tone, punted to Bradley, who fumbled but recovered, and got back to the Huaker 41. NEBRASKA: Francis cracked the Hooeler right aide for 2.

Bradley swung off-tackle for (. Francit got 1 in the middle. Bradley punted 46 to Saban, who came back to tht Indiana 20. INDIANA! Doloway aklrted the right aide lor Zlkmund nailing him. Hillenbrand tried the other tide for 11 and a first down on the 34.

Jacoby lipped and fell, falling to gain. Jacoby found 7 at the Husker right aide. Von Goeti was thu to spill Jacoby for a 2 yard loss. Doloway kicked Into the Husker end zone for touchback, and the Huakera scrimmaged from their own 20. NEBRASKA: Nash stopped Bradley for 1 yard lost.

Bradley ahot pass to Zlkmund for 3. Trimble bringing him down. Bradley booted the ball to Hillenbrand, who came back to the Huaker 47, where Meier raced him out of bounds. INDIANA: Jacoby got 3 on an end run before Zlkmund hit him. Hiile-brand punched off-tackle for 3.

On fake spinner, Hillebrand flipped the ball to Jacoby, who iped to first down on the Nebraska 34. Hillenbrand hit the center for 1, and Indiana took out time. Haxen cams In for Kathol at end for Nebraska. A pass, Hillenbrand to Smith, was Incomplete. Hillenbrand's flip.

Intended for Jacoby, was also Incomplete. Indiana's back-field was in motion, but Nebraska declined the penalty. Hillenbrand punted out of bounds on the Nebraska 27. NEBRASKA: R. White replaced Doloway in the Indiana backfield.

Bradley faked a punt to Zlkmund and picked up 8. Bradley's past to Hazen was too and Incomplete. The Huskera took out time. Von Goeti was injured on the play, and Duda replaced him: Alhey Tumbled on a quarterback sneak, but Bradley recovered for a 2 yard loss, lloeller took over Tarener't pivot post- for Indiana. De-vlney replaced Abel at light guard for the Huskera.

Bradley punted to Jacoby, who fumbled, but Hillenbrand picked up the ball, and raced back to the Indiana 24, where Meier caught him. INDIANA: Herbert replaced Suban at quarter for the Hoosiers. Hillenbrand quick kicked over Bradley's head, and a swarm of Hoosiers brought him down on the Husker 24. NEBRASKA: On a spinner. Francis got 1.

On a reverse, Zlkmund got 8 before bo was forced out of bounds. Bradley failed to gain thru the middle. Bradley punted to Hillenbrand, who came back 6 to the Indiana 37. INDIANA: R. White gained 3 on a plunge.

Jacoby employed reverse to pick up a first down on the Nebraska 42. The play was called back, however, and Indiana drew a 15 yard penalty for holding, Kathol of Nebraska and Doloway of Indiana came back into the game. Byter replaced Schleich at Nebraska'! left tackle. Zlkmund Intercepted Jacoby't past on tht Indiana 38. NEBRASKA: Bradley's past to Athey was good for 2.

Herbert stopped him. Zlkmund started wide on a reverse, then cutback over the Indiana left tide, and crossed the goal line standing up after a 37 yard jaunt. SCORE: NEBRASKA 6, INDIANA 0. Francia' placeklck was wide. 8COREI NEBRASKA 6, INDIANA 0.

Metheny. Debut and Simmons entered the Nebraska backfield. Francis kicked off 80 to Hillenbrand, who brought the ball back 26 to the Indiana 26. INDIANA! The quarter ended before the Hoosiers could get a play off. SCORE: NEBRASKA INDIANA 0.

6ECOND QUARTER. Marvin Thompson came In at end for Nebraska, and Martlg took over right tackle duties. Zlmny and Swihart were Indiana substitutions. 8wihart got 3 at tht Husker right tide, Francis and Simmons pouncing on him. Hillenbrand slipped off-tackle for 8 more before Deviney ttopped him.

Swihart rammed Martlg's tackle for 2. Doloway punted. 48 to Debut, who was downed on hla own 20. NEBRASKA! Hasapet came hi for Nash at end for tht Hoosiers. Debut failed to gain at Steele'! guard.

Debut rolled off-tackle for 3. Bell came hi for Trimble at Indiana'! left tackle. Francia punted to Hillenbrand, who fought hit way back to the Indiana 48. INDIANA) Doloway got 1 at tht right tide. Doloway faded back to oaaa.

but mulrln't rot tho k.u and the Hoosiers were penalised 16 lor an intentional grounding of A past. Kellv renlarwd nemo uni (or Nebraska. Doloway punted to De- duo, wno came oaca to tnt Nebraska 30. It was a 15 yard return. NEBRASKAl Nehraoko rirow IK yard penalty for clipping, putting It lua vwn u.

veoua Drone loose for 43 and eiraf Hnm ra. fk. Tn. diana 46. Debut picked up 2 over hla own ngm guara.

Indiana took out time. Trimble came back in at tackle for the HnhaUro flah.w serted into the Indiana lineup. Debut' pass io juiinoi, piua a lateral to Met hen inorio nnio i r.v.... to Thompson was incomplete. Ne- uraaaa urew a yar penalty for defenalvo mm in siuv punted to Hillenbrand, who raced back mm lu iiiv liraisna Si.

INDIANA! Dolowsy't past was partially blocker), tha Kali Ko.4l- tht air, and Blue of Nebraska recovered on the Hoosier 17. NEBRASKA! Sabaa was thru to pill Metheney for a I yard lost. wu nianea ana threw a wild Baae which kh.i and got back to tht Nebraska 46. INDIANA. trill l.

uiijwiwraaa snaaa teant yard it the middle. Hillenbrand' Ions) flln s.K. i- eompleta. Indiana's backfield waa la uuuvb me piay. our.

Nebraska was BllUtV Of IntorfoMnro onrf tk. -r ui, ytmj waa cancelled. Harrell replaced Saban, wno waa injured on the play. Hillenbrand'! past to Bmlth was good for first down ea the Husker tl Metheny made the tackle. Doloway failed to find a receiver, and circled tht Husker rleht sirlo fn in down on the Nebraska 23.

Hluen- Capt. Gent Whits came Into tht Indiana lineup for Steele. Lelk replaced Herndon for Nebraska. It waa tht first touchdown scored against the Huskera this year. O.

White placeklck split the uprights. SCORE: INDIANA 7, NEBRASKA 4. Steele came back In for G. White, the Hoosiers' ace placeklcker. Saban kicked off 62 to Bradley, who returned 45 to the Husker 43.

NEBRASKA: A pass. Bradley to Zlkmund. was good for I. Bradley's long past to Zlkmund was incomplete. Metheny replaced Athey at quarterback for the tiuskeri.

Icaclno replaced Zlmny at hte Hoosiers' right tackle. Metheney' pass, intended for Zlkmund, was short, and Incomplete. Indiana took the ball on downs on the Husker 44 when Bradley couldn't find a receiver and was totted for an 8 yard loss. INDIANA: Jacoby got 1 on an end run. Jacoby got 7 at the other tide as the half ended.

SCORE: INDIANA 7, NEBRASKA 0. THIRD QUARTER. The Husker starting lineup wu back in the game, with the exceptions ot Marvin Thompson at left end, Martlg at right tackle, and Myers at left gtrard. Saban. kicked off 68 to Bradley, who came back to the Nebraska 19.

NEBRASKA: Francis dove over the Indiana left guard for 3. Bradley plunged for 2. Bradley punted to Hillenbrand, who back back 6 to the Nebraska 49. INDIANA: Hillenbrand picked up 2 at Thompson'! wing. Doloway got 2 at tha middle.

Jacoby made it a first down on the Nebraska 37 before Zlkmund ran him out of bounds. Hillenbrand was nailed by Byler for 4 yard lost. On a spinner, R. White picked up, 2. Hillenbrand's long past to Jacoby in the end lone was good for 39 yards and a touchdown.

SCORE: INDIANA 13, NEBRASKA 6. Gene White came back Into the lineup to kick the extra point. SCORE: INDIANA 14, NEBRASKA 4. Ludwick replaced Kathol at Nebraska's right end. There were four and one-halt minutes gone In the period.

Saban kicked off 50 to Athey, who got back to the Nebraska 27. NEBRASKA: The Huskera took out time. Athey was hurt, but stayed In the game. Zlkmund failed to gain at Indiana's left guard. Bradley swung outside tht Hoosier right tackle for 7.

Francis failed to gain at Trimbles tackle. Bradley punted out ot bounds on the Indiana INDIANA! R. White slashed off-tackle for 4. Francis dragged him down. Hillenbrand failed to gain, Meier hitting him.

Hillenbrand quick kicked to the Nebraska 15, wkefre the ball rolled dead. NEBRASKA: Bradley failed to gain at Trimble's tackle. Bradley punted to Hillenbrand, who got into the open, only to be overhauled by Abel on the Nebraska 41. INDIANA: Hillenbrand skirted the Husker left tide for 16 and a first down on the 26, and the Huskert called for time out Jacoby, behind perfect Interference, made it a first down on the Nebraska 14. R.

White cracked tht middle but couldn't make any headway. Jacoby slashed off-tackle for 4. Hillenbrand tossed a strike to Kenny Smith In the end tone for 10 and another touchdown. SCORE: INDIANA 20, NEBRASKA 6. Gene White came In the Indiana lineup to try for the extra point.

Hit effort was perfect once again. SCORE! INDIANA II, NEBRASKA 6. Debut and. Metheny were rushed Into the Nebraska backfield. Deal came in for Gent White at guard for tha Hoosien.

Francia kicked off 64 to Hillenbrand who rushed back 28 to the Indiana 34. INDIANA: Three minutes remained In the quarter. Hillenbrand got 4 at the middle. Jkcoby found a large hole in tht Nebraska right side, And made it a first down on tht Indiana 47. Jacoby picked up 1, and Hillenbrand Added 11 on a iweep for a first down on tht Husker 41, but the play was called, back And Indiana penalized 6 for backfield in motion, Haxen replaced Ludwick at Nebraska'! right end.

Jacoby got 13 on an end run. Doloway made It a first down on the Husker 42. Dolowty'i past to Hasapet misted connections. Schleich, Kathoi and Byler went into tht Husker line. Harrell came into the Indiana backfield, and tha Hoosiers took out time.

Biff Jonei Inserted Simmons and Blue into tha Husker backfield. Hillenbrand punched the middle for a first down on tht Nebraska 80. It was 13 yard dash. Doloway't flip to Jacoby was grounded by the Husker secondary. Doloway faked a past, and got up to the lint of scrimmage at the period ended.

SCORE! INDIANA tl, 6. FOURTH QUARTER. Hillenbrand failed to- find a receiver, to ht swung around the right tide for a first down on tht Nebraska 15, but IndlanA waa assessed a It yard penalty for clipping, which shoved tht Hooaitrs back to their own 47. R. White replaced Hillenbrand in tht Indiana backfield.

Doloway waa ttopped cold by Meier' for no gain. Doloway punted out of bounds on tht Nebraska 24. NEBRASKAl Oeylt went Into the Indiana lineup. Debut skirted the Hoosier left tide tor 5, but Nebratka'i backfield was In motion and tht Huskera were set back 6. Debus swung wide Around the left tide, end skipped down tht sideline! for 46 and a first down on the Indiana 34.

Debus cracked tht middle for 4. 81mmona, trying to swing the left aids, lost Simmons took a short pass from Metheney for 8. Blue punted into tht end tone for a touchback, tnd Indiana scrimmaged from 1U own 20. INDIANAl Doloway got 1 At tht middle. R.

White added 4 more At the same spot. Jacoby outran tht Husker right sldt for a first down en the Indians 89. Doloway leaped off-tackle for 1. Doloway went off-tAcklt tor I And a flrtt down en tie Indiana 49. Doloway fumbled and Schleich recovered for Nebraska on the Indiana 47.

NEBRASKAl Debut lost A yard when he slipped. Hillenbrand came back Into tha lineup for the Hoosiers, and immediately called for a time out A pats, Metheny to Ludwick. picked up 11 and a first down on the Hooeler 87. Debua ahot a strike to Metheny, tnd the Husker signal barker got to the 1, where he waa pushed out of Blue got a half-yard on a plunge. Blue crashed over the Indiana right guard for tht score, SCORE INDIANA tl, NEBRASKA Schleich plttekiekea the extra point with Metheny holding the ball.

SCORE: INDIANA 81, NEBRASKA li, Schlelch'ij klckoff rolled out ot bounds on the 1. to Indiana scrinf-maged from its own 85. The whistle hadn't blown, the, to Schleich kicked off Again, this time 64 to Hillenbrand, who came back to tht Indiana 2S. Indiana waa guilty of clipping, to the Hooeiert were shored back to their 1L INDIANA! Thompson rushed thru to hold Hillenbrand to a 1 yard gain. Preger failed to gain oa an end run.

Doloway punted out of bounds ea the 60 NEBRASKA! Herbert And Tavener came into tha Indiana lineup. Hillenbrand Intercepted Debus pass oa tht Indiana 36. Jacoby was hurt oa tht I UlaU worts I LltiUt IM II "worti" 13 "werda3" U'werti For aaok I .441 i Mtritt 3.411 an jtJ jei jj additional wort oil free Charge Bates Slightly Higher, Oui o( Town Ait Cmth teith Order seeial Lew Katea Pet "Work Wanted" end "Business Service" 10 Werti Me Ess Aailtleaal Wsri Cash With Or4.r. Include Address When Figuring Cost Phone Ads to 2-3333 or 2-1234 WANT AO DBADUNIS 13 e'aleek aeea for evening etIHea I a. oa.

for asornlnf sat SaaAay etltlene. WANT AD INDEX Aaroat rarmi for Rant T4 Aersaiea for Sa'e If Apartment rurslshed to Apartments Un turn labed tl A pe.rtm.ou Furs. IT Autos for Bale II Autoo-Trucks Wanted tl Auto Bsrrteoe Aeuiaasrisa 33 Avlatloa Senoolt 45 Beauty Parlor. Bicycles Motorcycles JJ Building Contracting JJ Business Opportunities Business Property for Bale IS BulMIng Material 4 Business Office Equipment 43 Business Service Card of Thanks Clothing A run St Correspondence Schools Deaths 1 Dots Pets Dressmaking it Employment Agencies 64 Exchange or Sale Real Batata SO Parma for Sale Peed Fertiliser 34 Floriat Funeral Directors I Oood Things to Eat Heating Plumblns Help with Investment. 61 Homes for Sale I Horns rumlanlnga Holies tot.

Bentijj Houses for Rent Furnished. TO- House Trailers ru Trade Too. 30 la Memorials Instruction JJ Investments Investment Property Tl Laundries 1 Lawns Landscaping II Livestock Farm Machinery S3 Lost A Found Lou for JJ Machinery Tools 43 Man or Women Wanted Men Wanted Mlacauaneous for Bala St Money to Loan 61 Monuments Cemeteries 3 Moving Packing Storage Offices Store Buildings JS Painting Papering 31 Personals Pianos Musical Instrumantt 3T Positions Wanted Men 61 Positions Wanted Women 66 Poultry Eggs Supplies Radio Radio Service ft Real Eetate JJ Real Estats Wanted SS Roomo Sleeping JJ Rooms Housekeeping Rooms with Board II Balaa ladles Wanted Balesmsn Agents 6 Beeda Plants Nurseries tl Snare laving Quarters. 44 Summer Cottages Reaorta a Trackage and Trucking HauUng JJ Trucks Bod lea Trailers JJ Wanted to Borrow ee Wanted to Buy Wanted to Rent. JJ Women Wanted JJ Wood A Coal ik.

1 riMlNte-Kuneral of Urn. Howard P. Buxton In charge. Burial at David city 1LOON8 Samuel P. Koons, died Saturday evening at the bom.

ot W. Blair ta' th only au'rylvor. Hodgmane. MAWN-Funeralrt William H. Mason at firaki.

J. AhrendU, William E- Moss- holder ana w. n. 8M1TH Funeral of Rev. Isaac i B.

Smith at 1 Monday at Cjulnn Chapel A. M. Rev. I. C.

Bell and assoclata pastors In charge. Masonic and 1 Eastern Star ritea. and music by ehurch cnolr. Um- bergers. wyuaa.

SOllTHWrXL-Funeral and burial of Lorin M. Southwell at Lyons. Splain, Bcnneu uruiiuia. BWANHON-Benlamin J. Swanaon died at the farm borne near Alva LOetober 18th, Funeral service at Waverly Methodlet ehurch Sunday at 3:30.

Clements Mor tuary, Xlmwocq. AO WllJ-K FORD Funeral of Mrs. Anria J. WUlesord at 3 a. aa.

Sunday at the Individual statistics NEBRAMKA. Times carried Osln Loot Net Athey 1 0 3 -3 Bradley 16 Zlkmund 44 44 Francia I 11 Metheny 1 Debua 1 13 13 II Blue 3 1 I 1 Ag. 1.5 14.1 tl -31 U.1 .5 Avg- 40. 42. 2.S Pet 0 60 .40 ausaoas 3 I 3 Paata.

Number Tarda Bradley 3 Francis 1 Blue .....3 Paeaet, Attemp. Comp. Intercp. Incp. Bradley.

6 3 0 3 Metheny 4 3 11 Debut .3 3 1 3 INDIANA. Bashing. Times carried Gain Loss Net Hillenbrand 10 It 13 tt Jacoby ....11 15 3 13 Doloway ..11 33 it Bwlhart" I R. Whit 1 i 13 Brown 11 I 1 Ronson 1 4 Preger 3 3 4 3 Pants. Number Tarda Hillenbrand 3 107 Doloway 1 SOT Avg.

1.6 e.4 it at i.i .5 ee 1.0 Avg. 35.T 43.1 Pet 60 atMMB. fYirnn. Interest ImB. Hlllenb'd 1 1 3., jominr .1 Doloway a 3 play, and Preger replaced htm.

Doloway picked up 3, and Thompson spilled Hillenbrand for a 11 yard loss. Doloway punted to Debut on the Nebraska SO, where he waa nailed In his tracks by Heaapes. NEBRASKA! Debua couldn't get his peas off, and waa thrown by Hasapes tor a 13 yard loss. A pass, Metheny to Ludwick, was good for 13. Dolo way Intercepted Debar past, and raced back to the Nebraska 26.

INDIANA: IndianA took out time. R. White replaced Doloway la tht Hoosier backfield. Indiana drew a I yard penalty for toe much time la tht huddle. Preger gained 3 before Zik mund halted him.

Hillenbrand waa forced out of bounds oa tht 31 by Blue, picking tip 1. Hillenbrand found a huge hole is the Husker middle, and rammed thru for 4. Hillenbrand made tt a first down oa the 11 at the) game ended. FINAL SCOREf INDIANA 11, NE BRASKA U. will don his huntinr toes.

a report ox the first three dv ist about meets early prediction. William Lytle. actinar secretary of the state fame commission. There are plenty of birds Lytle's estimate says from to 2,600,000 but a lot of hunters are having trouble getting their limit because of the densely thick grass and cover. Duck weather hasn't arrived yet, but there la plenty of time for ducks, aa the season lasts 60 days while pheasants are legal game for only three weeks.

Best duck hunting has been reported along the North Platte river. SUM IT 'UP Lytle's field men got together last week and decided where they thought hunting would be best, and a reprint of their selections might be of tome value: Northeast Nebraska: Most pheasants In Knox, Flsrcs, Warn and Cedar counties; duclu oo Missouri lord ring Knox, Cedar and Thurston. Ent central: Pheasants mott plentiful In Cuming, Burt and Dodge; ducka In Burt. Washington and Barpy. Southwest comer: Pheasants In Dundy, Chaee and Parkins; duck In Chase and Dundy.

i Western part; Pheasants In Beottiblutf, MorrlU, Gard.n, Cheyenne and Deuel; duclu In ScotUbtuff, Morrill and Garden. Northwest corner; Pheaaanta along Irrigation ditches In Sioux; duclu In aand hill lake! in southern Sheridan. Wait central: Pheasants in Logan, Lincoln and Keith; duck In Keith and North central: Pheasants In Rock. Keya Paha and Brown; ducka In earne counties. Band hill area; Both pheasant and ducka In Cherry.

Central: Pheaaanta In Greeley, Howard, Valley, Buffalo, Dawson, Phelps, Kearney -eniL GQiper ducks In Garfield. Wheeler, Loup, BlalneMowerd and-VaMos Southeast; Ducks In Richardson and Nemaha. Nam aha, Richardson, Johnson and Pawnee counties are closed lor pheasants. PITTMAN-ROBINSON. Dr.

M. Campbell of McCook, a member of the state game commission, believes the first three days' shooting has already provd the worth of the plan to provide numerous protected areas on farms under the Pittman-Robln-son act to insure ample protective cover. The large number of birds In the state is traceable directly to the wonderful cover, contends Dr. Campbell. Survival of young birds has been extremely large.

By providing more small refugees and adequate cover under the Pittman-Robinson activity in Nebraska, a better crop of game is assured even in years when other protection la lacking. VALUE UNKNOWN. One thing the first three days did not prove is the worth of the Trl-County lake area aa a hunting ground. It has often been expressed that this area would be a hunter's paradise, but a final decision will have to wait until duck hunting weather arrives. Nebraska isn't the best pheasant country In the nation, if you listen to South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota publicity agents, but a good number of out-state nimrods are here taking a shot at our birds.

A Chicago group reserves most of the available hotel space at Broken Bow, and Grand Island hotels were crowded on the eve of the season's opening. It was the same at most of the good areas. NEW COMMISSIONER. Most of those In the know are complimenting Gov. Grlswold on his appointment of Arthur Stors of Omaha as game commissioner, the appointment to take effect in January.

Mr. Stori has been a tireless worker for the state's wild life for years, and might even qualify as Nebraska's No. hunter. Altho not a member of the commission, Stors has done almost aa much aa anyone in the state to better hunt-ing conditions. He will be a valuable addition to the commission, but he'll have to be If he surpasses the work of the man he is succeeding, Dr.

H. Zellers of Lincoln. BEATRICE CHAPTER Detentions from Lincoln and Fairbury attended a meeting last ween oi Beatrice cnapter or tne Nebraska Better Fishing organ ization. The Gage county organization has grown to 70 members. William Lytle.

Dr. H. Zellers, a game commissioner and Charles Anderson of the Nebraaxa wua life Federation, were also present and Dr. Zellers told Beatrice mem' bers that the state owned lake at Alexandria will be fixed up by the end of the month and stocked for ishinr. Scottsbluff and South Omaha are showing a good deal of in- erest in the tuning group, ac cording to Dick Wait, Lincoln sec retary.

Wait conducted hla own personal tour of fishermen along the Blue river and of queries con-cerninar the new throw line rez ulatlons, found 88 anglers against any kind of throw lines, ten in favor of the present law, and aix BENCH SHOW The 4-H building at the state fair grounds will be scene of a dog show Nov. and 6. inciuaea in the entries is Duke Fran von Trapplst, Great Dan owned try John G. Moore of Norfolk. The dog has won first place In hla class at every Omaha show since 193S and haa won at Kansas ury, Louis, Molina, IIL.

and Chicago. Harmon still 1-A HAMMOND, Ind. UP. The Lake County selective service appeal board late Saturday sustained the decision of Gary local board 7 in Placing Tom Harmon, former University of Michigan football In dog ihotc here THE GREAT DANE pictured here Is Duke Franz von Trapplst, which will be shown at the dog show at the 4-H building Nov. 4 to 0.

The called a harlequin because of his coloring, la owned by John G. Moore, secretary of the Norfolk, Neb. Rotary club. He has won first place in his class at every Omaha show since 1936, and haa also won at Kansas City, St. Louis, Moline and Chicago.

In 1937 he was best o'f breed over an entry of 21 Danes, and reserve winner at Chicago against the country's best. Texas surges tol48JL4 wiii over Arkansas Fourth in row for Longhorns AUSTIN, Tex. UP). Universltv of Texas' surging Orange wave rolled on Saturday, Inundating a valiant Arkansas football team. 48 to 14, in its fourth consecutive triumph this season.

A deception-laden ground game sprinkled with aerials successfully launched the Texans' Southwest conference season. Arkansas, seriously crippled by Injuries, took to the air for the most part and made most of their 14 first downs by that route. Texas made 12 first downs. Three Steer teams gained 401 yards on the ground and 67 in the air as compared to minus 19 on the ground and 141 overhead by the Razorbacks. Football Scores (Continued from Page i-B.) Midwest Alba Veil.

Adrian Con. t. aihhm as, Welles t. Aaswetana eollea St, Yaaktea rallese (. Baldwin 11, kaiporla Teachers Hernia Tears, 16.

Monrehead Tehrs. t. Bowling unca Michigan Stat Nor mal Butler tt. DePaaw t. lees so, Wooete.

t'eatrat Mala 1, Ball Stat f. I'larlnuCI IS, t'MIra I. fee II, Cornea eelloge I. elver Stoektea Central eollrse Dartoa id, Miami, a. Dealaoa Muftklntum 0.

liafeaaM IS, tpprr 7. Ituluth senior Kly Junior I. Klmhnrst Carthage I. terete last. 1.

tjraad Saplds I. O. S. franklin 11, Hanover resaa Stale I. Nevada t.

Oaa Adoluhas 34, Abedreea Trhra. a. UUiMls iae Normal 11, Eastern IIHnola Tears, a. ladteaa male Tearhrra SI, Valparaiso ladlaaa Trhra, It StlPMrr loeh Tears, a. Jam MllUkla 41.

Haas 1. II, Whapetea Srleaee I. 1, Weetera Ontario S. Kemper 4S, Ckllllcnlbe Maslaees Cell. V.

Kmtarkj II, Xavler LaCrsea Tehra. Eaa Claire Tears, t. Uaeala ft, Lenwyae 11. Lather IP, KlmBvua 1. MaeAlesier It, HaniUae C.

Maaeamter 11, Central Normal t. Maaaala Teachers II, Duluth Teachers t. MarvsvUk) Teaehera It, Holla Mine 1. button Hom It, Northwest cuuece 1. North Dakota IS, Month Dakota Mtate It.

Northers llliaela Teachers 4, Wheats Narthera (Mats Tearhsra it. Northland e. OMa Akroa (tie). Ok to Westers, 11. Warn t.

Ottawa 1, ftaaaae Meurraa a. Otterseln II, Blulftoa riMsbarf Tearhm Fort Hare C. naltevuls leachara It, MUwaakes Teacher! Rhartlefl Wleeoaabi Eltnwloa t. aathera Nemal SI, Marea tloath Dakota It, MornlaseKio II. Hpearfuih 11.

Dakota Wreleraa t. Htate Tehrs. Cell. It, KlrkivlUe 14. Wtoveae ratal Oehkoeh Ht.

NareciU Mlrhlsaa Tehrs. t. M. Nal tarletoa 1. tHmrt Id, Aaaeharf t.

Tatladrca Coil. 13, Valaw State CoU. TkM 14. Hlraao t. Toerde) It, Mat am a Taloa St.

loots Valle Uti Teaehera It, Marrllla 1. Wahaah Lake rami (lie). Vt artlri 1, Baeaa VMa t. Waahkara colkao 1, Wleulta 1. Maoofcilteo 14, V.

C. L. A. 1. Mkkitaa IS.

Iowa Trhra. 7. Res. It. RaMwta-VValaee t.

fV'eakrra Male it. towa mate Teaehan 1. Weot Uherlp tHato Keal rtuta (Mai. watarforee 11, rhUaadrr Smith a. Southwest AMleaa CltrtsMaa 14, Snothwrntera t.

Bradley II, Uakkm eollet lommerea Tears, t. Texas Weeferaa t. loatelaaa Mato SI, Biro t. Marohead Trhra. It4, Bio Oraaos t.

raahaadla (MO. Afilee It, Lea Vataa Nat- ami It. Pratrle View It. Xarkw Teaaa 4s, Arkaaeaa 14. Toua A.

at. 14. Texas Cartatlaa t. Teaaa oH. I.itUe Hark 1.

Teaaa Teeh It, Cealeaarp t. TreaMy 11, Daalrt Baker t. West Teaaa state It, Weelara Stats 1. Rocky Mountain Brlghara Teaa t. rtah (tie).

Colorada IS, Cohirado Mlaea It. ot. rate It, Coturado Mate 1. Iteavar 44, Wyamlai Idaho I tak Make t. Lewletea Normal 1.

Balaa J. S. Mearaaa Is. Ooaaaea t. Beejta as, Adaaas StaM t.

Far West Maadaaa Mlaea Is. WkHwarth t. Ofoaea It, lailforala 1. Maata lora 1. MKhlcaa Pa( Boathera allforaia 1, V)aakletoa teaalord it, saa rraartera 14.

State high school Mato S. thai ikl Tern t. Central (tie). You'll always find the largest selection of apartments, houses and rooms for rent in The Journal and Star Want Ad sections. I I Phone Your Want Ad Get Results in the Want Ad Columns That Results Built Thousands of people make money in thousands of ways through in expensive Journal and Star Want Ads.

a day, on the low 7 day rate buys a Want Ad In botb The Journal and Star for a whole week order year ad this low rate yon can cancel It when yon get remit you pay only for the days the ad actually' tuns, at the rate earned. Phone 2-3333 or 2-1234 To Chaise Your Adl orana roamed eff-tAckle for 11 and first down en the Husker 13. Coach Biff Jones ruined hit first team back into the game. Jacoby found 4 on an end rua before ZlkmnncT stopped aim. Hillenbrand plunged for 4 "more.

Doloway cracked tha center for a first down oa the 1 Brown went Into the Indiana backfield. and Byler replaced Schlelcb, at Nebraska'! left tackle. Brown failed ta gabt at von Gael' guard. Francia coming up to help with the tackle. Brown made' 1 at the same spot.

R. White replaced Brown In the Hoosier backfield. Indiana took out time. Hillenbrand cracked Ne-braska right guard for the touchdown. SCORE: INDIANA NEBRASKA star, in Class 1-A..

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