The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on May 8, 1945 · 5
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1945
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LAAF Pauses To Hold Brief V-E Day Rites Proper Services Held; Personnel Keturna to Job of Beating Japan Lincoln army air field, including both military and civilian personnel, paused briefly Tuesday to offer prayers of thanksgiving and to express jubliation over the electrifying news contained in the long-awaited proclamation of V-E day. Then the participants returned to work, to finish the job against Japan. For the moment following receipt of the news typewriters were stilled, processing of combat-crew personnel ceased, all planes were grounded, and shops and offices buzzed with joyful comments. Nine religious services were held throughout the day at the base chapels. Prayers, special music and brief messages from the chaplains were held at staggered hour? to allow all who desired to attend. Lose Little Time. Col. Herbert W. Anderson commanding officer, pointed out that "the urgency of the training program precludes extensive observance of V-E day and necessarily means that such celebration as the military participate in will be on the base, to the end that only a minimum of time will be lost." Civilians and soldiers halted work at 10 a. m. and gathered in one of the large hangars, where, following a prayer of thanksgiving by the base chaplain, President Truman's proclamation of V-E day was read. Messages frorr. Lt. Gen Barton K. Yount, commander of the AATC, and Col. H. W. Anderson, commander of the air field, were also read. It was announced at that time that all bars on the field would be cjosed until further notice and that "work will 'go on as usual." All recreational facilities remained open as usual. Will Give Dance. A special V-E day dance will be held at the LAAF hangar 5-W Tuesday night, to which all Lincoln girls have been invited. Special busses will meet the girls at 7:30 at the Lincoln USO and in front of the city hall. Another dance will be givn at the service club, it was announced. In his V-E day message Colonel Anderson said: - "I am confident that all members of this command join with me in humble . thanksgiving to almighty God for gracing our arms in Europe with victory. "Thousands of the men who made this triumph possible passed through this station en route to combat against the nazis. Their contribution is inestimable. To those who will not return, we owe an ever-continuing debt. "In payment we must remem- ber constantly that the defeat of Germany does not mean the end of the war. It behooves all ' - of us to exert renewed energies ta hasten the day -of final and complete conquest of Japan. Struck First Blow. "Lincoln army air field In fulfilling its mission, now of assembling combat crews for the Pacific war, will hew to the line that the "AAF struck the first offensive blows against the enemy In this war; and that the AAF will stay in the fight to the end, no matter how long iL takes. "I regret that we cannot take part In all of the observances A "v lV I 1 - - " - ' Tin HI m iii 1 MOTHPROOF ONCE For the Life of the Fabric ' I J Throw away the mothball I Forget endlest storing, packing, unpacking. Forget mil temporry,''hitr-misi"mothproor-ing, and switch to sensational O-Cedar Perma-Moth. When properly applied one application moth' proof t tot tbt lift of tht fabric. Does not wear or brush off. Reapply only after wishing or wet cleaning. Odorless, stainless, non-inflammable. wcitmiNu V 11 HXVHCI W tmt r rmm$ it w rrlimott, tot OCrrtm tmTtmtf mpOltn mil it Ptrms-Molk at opplird oy tpomg. im ( tpongt or tiotm) or dipping. lWri Attention i DMribvtod k" MAJOR APPLIANCE CO. 'tSM Faraaai llrnt Omaha . Kakraika OfJJor PERMA-MOTH O-Cedar Perma-Moth On Sale In Lincoln At CI Housewares Dept. 2nd Floor IACOB DAVIDSON Jacob Davidson, Store Owner, Is Taken Hv Death Jacob Davidson, 57, owner of Davidson's Mens store, Fourteenth and O streets, died in a local hospital Tuesday morning. Mr. Davidson, in ill health for a year, had been in the hospital more than three weeks. A Lincoln resident 39 years, Mr. Davidson, whose home was at 1217 South Thirteenth street, as for many years associated with the former Speier and Simons store. Surviving are his wife, Gertrude; son, Willard H.; six brothers, Harry, Atlantic City, N. J., Morris, Brooklyn, N. Y., Abe,' Kansas City, Mo., Dean, Phoenix, Arizona., Dave and Harley, Lincoln; two sisters; Mrs. Jacob Wishnow, Lincoln,' and Mrs. Herman Krause, Council Bluffs, la.; and one grandchild. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. Wednesday at Roberts, Rabbi Meyer H. Marx officiating. Senate Okays HolV Haiincgaii As Postmaster ! ... REPLACING FRANK WALItR I WASHINGTON, May 8 (AP) Robert E. Hannegan had a favorable nod from the senate to- i day to take over as postmaster I general July 1. ' President Truman set the mid-j year date for the democratic na-! tional chairman to relieve Frank j Walker, resigned. ! The fact it still is seven weeks ' off figured in an unsuccessful mnvp hv Senator Donnell (R"-Mo) yesterday to delay senate vote on confirmation to permit hearings meantime on Hannegan's qualifications. On a straight division of democrats and republicans, Donneil's motion lost 35 to 28." Hannegan's nomination was then confirmed, 60 to 2. Donnell and Senator Taft (R-Ohlo) cast the negative votes. Favoring c o n f irmation were 34 democrats, 25 republicans and Senator LaFollette (Prog.-Wis.) the U. Stiff W3ini base, anlijjJ-iH-flr scheduled in connection with V-E day. Time- just will not permit. Despite a reduction in the number of aircrew personnel being trained, the army air forces training command has definite personnel commitments to. meet. We can afford no interruption in our schedule." V-E day brought an inspiring congratulatory messeage from Lt. Gen. Barton K. Yount, commanding general of the Army Air Forces Training Command, Ft. Worth, Tex., to personnel of the base, lauding the part the Lincoln Army Air Field has played in bringing about victory in Europe. Message From Yount. Said Gen. Yount "The news announcing that open hospilities have ended in the European theater following the defeat of the German armies by the allied forces gives cause for sincere thankfulness and prayer on the part of all liberty-loving people throughout the world. "With the passing of this milestone in our fight for world freedom, I wish to pay tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice and express my . appreciation to all members' of this Command, both - military and civilian, for their contribution to the victory. "The defeat of Germany does not mean the end of the war, and no immediate demobilization can be anticipated. It behooves each one of us at this time to exert renewed energies to hasten the day of final and complete conquest of all our enemies and the liberation of the world from tyrannies, ' exemplified by our enemy Japan." Military May Work At Civilian Jobs On Leave, Furlough Military personnel of Lincoln Army Air Field are now permitted to accept employment In essential industry while they are on pass, furlough or leave, Colonel Herbert W. Anderson, commanding officer, has announced. A new war department circular from Washington provided the authority for the announcement. Application for such employment may be made after it has been certified by the war manpower commission that an emergency exists because of a shortage of labor; that such employment will not interfere with the customary employment of civilian labor; that the employment is voluntary on the part of the individual; that the work will be restricted in amount and severity to an extent which will not Impair the efficiency of personnel in the performance of their military duty; and that no expense to the government will be involved. The pay and conditions of employment will be decided by employer and employee. Squadron commanders and the base commander will approve or disapprove applications for employment. Employment which renders diced personal service to the general public is not approved, the war department circular said, nor is employment which might tend to bring discredit or censure on the war department. According to a clarification on types of employment to be approved the following jobs are not authorized for military personnel: passenger ' bus drivers, street car operators, elevator operators, liquor store attendants, store clerks salesmen, waiters, taxicab drivers, barbers and bellhops. Teachers Send Thanks ' The Nebraska Education association sent formal thanks to the legislature for the passage of LB 120, the teachers' retirement bill. MUNICIPAL COURT DISORDERLY CONDUCT: XtU Rin. plradrd fulitr. Fined 135 and eoau ILLEGAL TURN AND DRIVERS IICINBI: C A. Eittl, plraded fulity. Fined II and coau. NO DRIVER'S LICENKK- t.abIW Williams plradtd guilt. Fined tt- and eots OPERATING A DISORDERLY HOL6E Milton Row. 1M0 T itrt, plfided not guilt;. Mrarlnf May 14. Bond H0. WMATI OF A DISORDERLY HOCSE: Lnnnla Pric. Waller Forter. and Frm i Milo. each pleaded iuUtr and lined 10 All Yankees In England To Get 'Victory' Leaven LONDON, May., 8 (AP) Brig. ! den. E. EOitfrfHSf,'' commanding ted Kingdom today that all riiillef"ffi(lr in ine unnea KitecTom to Ret "victory fur loughs" durihK the months of May, June, July or August. j . Meeting Postponed The annual business meeting of the Lincoln Council of Christian Education, originally scheduled for Tuesday night, has been postponed until Thursday at ":20tjp. m. ;tt St. Paul Methodist church. Rev. Pauf E. Becker, retiring president, announced. V-E day services at St. Paul , church Tuesday evening necessitated the change. Trilla Gardner, Member of LSC Staff, Is Dead Trilla F. Gardner, 2945 South Twenty-seventh street, died Tuesday morning in a local hospital. A native of Sheldon, la.. Miss Gardner attended public school in Franklin. Neb., the Franklin Academy and Doane college She received her degree as K ... 0nrfi in pHura- tion at the University of Nebraska in 1837. She was head of the secretarial department at the Lincoln School G(mJn,r o f Commerce, and had been on the staff there of First Plymouth Congregational church, the Thursday Evening?' club, and P. E. O. of B. R. Surviving are her mother, Mrs. Susie Gardner; sister, Evelyn, Salt Lake City; brothers, V. P., Miller, Mo, and A. C, Crete; nine nieces and nephews. THE LINCOLN STAR TVESDAY, MAY 8, 1845 hi LSD since 1925. Miss Gardner was a member Poppy Dav IVels Total of $4.0G3 The twenty-second annual Poppy day sale in Lincoln, which netted $4,063 from the sale of 30,-752 poppies, was a decided success, Mrs. W. A. Miller, Poppy day chairman, declared Tuesday. There were 140 workers on the Lincoln streets. "Our quota was 33,000 poppies," Mrs. Miller explained, "and we met with cooperation on all sides. Our workers said the public was both generous . and anxious to remember the day and custom which was instituted in 1923." I 2416 N St. Pewi-Cola Compant. Lono I$land City. N. Y, PEPSI-COLA BOTTLLVG CO. OF LINCOLN m .a - -- n a..nni.ii.aM.-dr y - x. m $m Mi aaa mm mm m Mi M tS B mm m M m " i Corn-on-Cob yen,, sweet... Lb. 15c I OnioilS Texas White Ib. 8 c "if Safeway features top-quality flavoi ... for Safeway experts select choice fruits and vegetables right in the fields . . . send them to you packed with goodness. Try Safeway produce and taste the difference yourself . . . your money will be refunded if you are not pleased. Fresh Peas Bright green, full pods. Lbs. Eiers ucum Smooth, uniform, and of fine color. Lb. 1 I , Do you know this about Produce? When you serve fresh vegetables, properly prepared, you are providing your family with re-, quired vitamins . . . using foods in plentiful supply, and best of all, offering them delicious, delicate flavor obtainable in no other way. Here are some tips on vegetable cookery that will pay y6u dividends in ease of preparation as well as flavor. For ttrcing-flavored vegetables, such as onions, cauliflower, e., use sufficient boiling salted water to cover the vegetable; cook uncovered, drain, and discard cooking water, for it contains disagreeable sulphur compounds. For spinach, Swiss chard, and other leafy greens, lift washed leaves into a large saucepan contain- ing 1 to 2 cups rapidly boiling salted water, and 1 cook rapidly, uncovered, turning greens once or twice with fork and spoon. Cook until barely tender. Drain and discard water, for it contains -objectionable compounds of oxalic acid. Season to taste with butter or margarine, salt and pepper, and serve garnished with lemon wedges. For red cabbage and beets, cook in small amount of . -boiling water to which teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice for each cup shredded vegetable has been added, in order to retain bright red color. Panning vegetables: This method of cooking vegetables in a covered pan with a minimum amount ' of water just enough to produce steam is excellent for nearly all green and succulent vegetables. Shred, dice, or cut.yegetable fine. Into a shallow pan with tight-fitting cover put i to H cup water, add 1 to 2 tablespoons butter, margarine, oil, or bacon or ham fryings, and heat to boiling. Add the freshly shredded vegetable; (3 to 6 cups), salt lightly, cover tightly, and cook antil barely tender, but still slightly crisp 5 to 20 minutes will be ample for most vegetables. Amount of water and shortening and time of cooking will depend upon the kind and amount of vegetable, and on the type of utensil. Less water will be needed when a heavy saucepan is used, as in so-called "waterless cooking". Water should be practically all cooked away when vegetable is done. Safeway llomtmakers' Burea JULIA LIE WRIGHT, Dinah Asparagus Pascal Celery Jb. 18c Head Lettuce Lb. 14c Home-grown; tender spears Lb. 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