The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLTTIIEV1LLE, (ARK.)' CQtJRliiR NE Social Calendar SATURDAY'S EVENTS Chanter "N," P. E. O,, having luiiclkon meeting with Mis Rilcy B. Jones aiid Mrs. Dixie Craw ford at Jones home. luf MfcK Mrs w Ij Homer entertained the Mid-Week Bridge chili and two fiiiests, Mrs.:Rocitiey-L. Biintsler and Mrs.-;Floyd -White, Thursday, for lunch pnd bildge, A mixed bouquet of spiing flowers decorited the living room where lunch -»as senec! in lh" caid Klines Mu B A. Lynch won hos iery for the club prize aiid tlie guest award, card?, -«-ent to Mrs. Banister CHw> Has I'arh The Wonder Sunday School claw of ' the ' L:ike Street Methodist church had a party last night at ths church when 41 attended. Mrs. M. _ N. Johhslon, Mrs. Lafayette May and Mrs. Allen Van Wlnklo were hostesses. It, wus called r. "sock" party, with each shiest, taking a silk sock nnd for admission the length of the sock was multiplied by two. Thorp were games, contests and student uoie games, contests nnd stunts for other 'amusements. The- hostesses . served refresh- incuts of n frisit dessert witli coffee + « * Club Enferlih^il ' Mis Rosi D Huelies hid ti r Thursday Luncheon club this, week whsn Mrf. : M. A. Isaacs and Mrs W b Uhambhn were gu^ts Jonquils were used to cirry out a vellov, co'or scheme in (he lunch- ion Latsi In the caid gainer Mi* ,1 A L»"ch won high an I Mis Russeil Phillips, second high * • * S( Stephen'!. Epi co| al clivrcli Binlfl will hale ft call meeting Sit nrday ( aftenioon, 230 o'clock ai the hcaie of Mrs' r 1, Etnilcr when ljusincss will be tiansactcd ' * • t H.vtc Bridge Luncheon Mis clirenca witsou and MIS Pn OBrjant had a bridge luncli- eon \esteiday at the Riibin. Inn in honor of Mis Dan Ijlcr of Mai den,'.Mo.; liouEBgucsl of "Mr. am! Mrs G Del o HE After lun"h Ihe guesU phjed cirds nt Ihe Wilson liomc MIS Cd Stanlej HDH lilgli store prlre a crjstal nowei holder and Mrs rv- ler vas presented an Ivy bo\\l <4 ,, Kntcrfains Club And Several Gucsis. Mrs Roland Green had ' lufc Thir.sdaj Bridge, cluu this week when she also entertomci, Airs r L Busier, Mrs c H Wiltcy Mis Baker Wilson, Mis c A Cun- nmgftain ni>d Mrs J H Elklns Tne hostess usjd the Saint rat rick motif m decorating hei Hull" nnd sun 1031115 and In the plate lunch seued af(»r the bridge game Mr& Fred Rutnsiford won club pn?e and Mrs Cunningham, E ues! auard Daughter Born A dMiehtci \\ns bom todi\ to Mi and Mrs Wade Bhkunoie tit their home, 606 N Sixth St Tlie bab\ Mio weighs 11 pounds,, Jus teen mined Wanda Jo Blakemoie Before her marriage Mis Blake- ffioic aas Miv chifstino Hood Bits of News Mostly Pctsonal Mrs E A Regenold his return ed to her li^inc m Wilson after n •visit with her.'son, Eddie Reeenoli) and family. Mrs. Eddi, Reynold and family, at Wilson. Mrs Edit!" Eegcnold motored her home nl "l«rcd her )i omc . a , J. P. Holland is ill at his home on -Hcarn street, _Ray Jackson, .of Colnnibns, O , who has been ill at the home .of his sister, Mrs. j. j. F i cW , u n - ow 11 .•» bs 01 "'' Ilc dc velop = d com- Plicat/ns .following a tonsilcctomy. A. Ll'SMttman, of- Memphis attended to business here ycstcr'rfjy • Mrs... Bernard- Gooch,. fflm is ., palient at the Mempliis Mcthotl- )3t hospital ..iwhstre she underwent a major operation Tuesday, is resting very well. .Mrs. diaries Crig- 1" Jr V'in? d £0 "' charl «. and Miss Joy Phillips -spsnt yesterday with hnm^ lhSy Werc »«°»l»nW Mrs ' Goodl ' s c:>usi ». Mfs . nl ,ff m " ?:. Clark, who has ten quite 111. is now better. _ Mr. and Mrs. Julian n^tis of h - vL h his \ ratcr »'" «luni D M( f," lph ' s v '" lun » <*» day*. Mr Belts has been In charge of th« by the U s Engine n " Mr and Mrs A. rjonway m ' s last MlBllt «a Mrs Loe Atihley and son v e in l »™ £d tmm * ««^ ay in pine Bluff .Jrfi A ' H ' Ganfci and ba widliig a week in Joncsboro Mrs Charles P. Wood ' at> y to business Jn*M, W ' Aflllck and Mr sell Phillip, are m.. Memphis «hi \, ^ Kln =' of Manila phis Methodist hospital jes today a, is a jeraay Dou])les Guide Soutli to Safe Slam Contract at No Trump «y WJi.'K. McKENNEV' Scirttiuy, Anierlriin lirldsc I.eax ; Phil Spnalny, well-known or- clicstr:! conduelor, who Is now directing an all-girl orchestra at one of the leading New York hotels, Is a rabid bridge fan, and a very proficient player. The Ijand Jca.;ler and his female nmsidnns hnve 'diiteiy- ercd t!iat bridge. Is one of the best ways of relieving the tension 'of ft fix-hour rehearsal. _ ' Evelyn Kay, his .violin" < ; soloist, and Maxhie Marlowe, his cbnlrttUo V A K Q 0 C * 10G ¥ None 4 10B032 *Q387C 2 N W E S Dealer A Q J72 V 10 8 7 5 3' t None * A 10 5 •! VJ42 » A J 7 5 1. 1 W^ - • . Rubber— N. & S. vul. *'•• Soulli Wesl Nnrdi Kasl 1 A Pass 3 V •1 * Pnss - 4 N. 5 A Pass (i » Pass T. Pass Pass Pass Double Puss Pass C V Pass P/i.s.s- Double 0 * , , Pass ' Puss Double ON. T. Pass Pass : Double Opening lead—* <!. I-ITM \ 19 soloist, arc both very line players. Recently these three, with Lee Zfazeji, a wcll-kiioim Neiv York oridge. player,'cngngcd in a few rubbers,-and [oday's hand is'one n". which '.Spttuliiy starred. .;G))ltnlny: slit North,\and Miss Kay was his partner. .Miss Mar- 'owe sat East, and Maxell West. patient at the Memphis Baptist, •lospiinl, Mrs. Gilbert Adams, of Hayti, Is Jt St. Joseph's hospital, Mempliis. Rives C. Allen underwent an on- Mallon for appendicitis today at ihc Memphis Baptist hospital Mrs Allen is with him. Mrs. j. c. Oriiicr, vvho is seriously ill, W as taken io tiie'Mem- nfternoon, she was accompanied by Mr. Criner' anil daughter, Mrs Ilmmle Smdthestiinn. , 'Mrs, M. ,¥, Mobil n.wl' Mrs. F. D. gmith. were in Memphis Wcd- Mlss ainry Blanche Mick, who vns formerly Mrs. W. P. Klrkln- lall, 'underwent an operation riicsdayx for appendicitis nt . the -t, Joseph's hospital, Memphis. Warron -Wriglit left Thursday or Detroit, Mich., whore he Is lo >e> employed by the stinson Alr- jlane Manufacturing. Company n. W. Crawford, who had a ight stroke of paralysis early yes-, his home at Goshcll is setter today. His son, Dixie irought him liome Sunday from' Memphis, where he ITad been 1111• ergolng treatment for high blood pressure and a heart ailment dnr- "S the past two weeks. Cai'iuhcrsville Society — Personal urt Matrons Club Uiilei [;i!m'il '' Mrs. C. G. Shepard entertained ."c Past Matrons club Monday evs- ni| ig wilh n dinner party at her nome on East Third street. ^ssi c Johnston, each having birthdays In February, were presented 'Jilts from the club. Mrs. Simpson received linen guest towels nnd n fase. and Miss Johnston received a :ard table and set of ice box Uish- « « t Mlr-i llnbinsaii Dnlcrliiins Chili. :hs Lucky Nine Bridge club at dinner Monday evening at the home if her parents, Mr. and Mrs. w \ . Robinson on Cotton avenue At contract the high score award was presented to Miss Elizabeth fi=.ds, wt.o was Elvrn a copy of he popular book. "00.13 with the Wind by Mtirgaret Mitchell. Mi-s Cvnthia Robinson, who won con- Today's Cqntract Problem j Snulh has opened with ona i diamond. Norlh responds with one heart. By rebkls, tlie j length and strength of thc£« j suits is disclosed. Does the ) holdini! of eitlicr player w«- V.esl lliat'Soulh s!io»W h* the declarer, rather than Kort!;? AKQ10 VAQJ100 ' » J51 (iilir.'.i) AAJ3 V K » 'A K Q D 6 7 3 N. & S. vul. Opener—? Solution In next issue, ... -- .... could have cnicd. the bidding by passhif six dlntnoiids, and Miss Marlowe could have-let the hand play In.nn uninnkeablc heart or spade contract. However* with the help of his two opponents. Spllalny readied the right ; contract. Bust undeiicd the nci: of clubs and west's cjucen forced declarer's king, Declarer then laid down tlie king of hearts and West discarded h-'club. Next a diamond ivns led n'nd East discarded 11 club, wnlt- Ing for the look of •cnnslcrnalion calmly look '/lie home of Hfr. and Mrs. Willie Howard was the seUinjt for 'an aUractivo iwrty for tlie younger KCt when their daughter, nixlo, vws hosier to four tatocs or play- irs for n progressive blijgo parly Friday night. , : Miss Vivian Lynch won ilie high score prize, a card table, William Lynch won a box of candy and Mrs. John Franklin Bowen received Die low award, a deck of 'cards. The members of the Baptist. Missionary society met' in tlie home of Mrs. B. O. Wilkins Tue.s- dny for n Royal Service program on,the loplc for Ihe .month, "The Jew." Mis. Groyer , Driver, as leader, was assisted by Mrs. J 'I. Mifflln. Mrs. S. J. Smith gave "a resume of "The Jciv, Ifte World Contribution,. Bnrrleis Between Jews and ' Christians, and Jewish Persecutions." Mrs. c. 'B. .Wobtl, told of Jacob Gartcnliiius, n Christian 'Jew, missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention. Mrs. Ver- hon Mitchell told of HID''land "of the Jews, and Sdiiiliem Baptists 'n Palestine. The. next meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 2-|, and all day niccl- Ing, in'• the home of Mrs. - S 'J on declarer's fnce. Instead, Spllalny the trick, remarking, ''Thnnks , for tha overlrick," niid theii proccsdcd to take ait the . rcinoliilnj;.' tricks, eJfecllvely. squeezing ijasl oiit ol liciirt ntnl spade defense. 1 nrl'/f.. w'fis presented a |jot of English-Ivy. In-. Green Mrs. w. Untcitaius V\u\>. 11. Green was liostcss (o tlie Jolly Nine Bridge club nnd two cuMts. Miss Mary shade of this city and Mrs. Joe S. Green of In- di»nola, Miss., Monday evening ai her home on Cotton avenue. :. The high score prize, hosiery,'was won b. v Mrs. John VunAusdalir Miss Swan Nnylor, having second high, was also presented hosiery.; : : '• ;;c Mr. iin ( l Mrs. W. L}. Canlrcll and Mrs. Fred Blomeycr are in St Louis, where Mr. Canlrell is nl- leiKling a hardware retailers convention. Snm Cas'tlebcrry left Tuesday morning for St. Lauis to attend n meeting of hardware retailers. The young son of Mr. and Mrs Reginald Hitchcock, who was born Thursday of last week, has been given the name or Billy Oen" Mr. nnd Mrs. E. J. Long" and iron, Earl, have returned from St. Chillies, Mo., ivherc thoylmcl spent several weeks : vlsltirtg Mrs. Long's brother. Guy Motley. Mrs. Minnie Marshall, w-ho has been ill with influenza for two weeks, is able, lo be up again. J, 13. , Huffman leit Trcsdiy morning for St. Louis, where he is attending 1 0 business. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mehrlc left Tuesday for St. Louis, where they nrc visiting their daughter Mrs Gilford Edgerton. • ' Mrs. Harold s. Jones has returned from Little Roek Ait where she visited her parents, Mr' and Mrs BO. Bennett. She w»s met In Memphis by Mr. Jones Mrs. w. o. Long, who has been i'fi ,'!° '!"., brath , fcr - Crts =-v K'lsore. Luxora Society — Personal E By Sylvia] AT. <>lt.- j . "H'licc! That much just lot a broken heart- Canny?" : "Oh, sure; the less sentimental ji girl is, the limner value she nuts on love letters. •.-....-. ' . . . . Sinith to complete the new rVils- tudy on "Follow Me." A cov- i|oji .st . :red dish lunch will be'' served nt ' ' Mr. nrcl Kirs. ,Joe Hires were; Iicsts to Judge niid Mrs. S L Olndlsh, Mr. and. Mrs. Arthur . d Mn. -W. L. Walters, of'Osceola, and Mr. and Mrs Bowcn, MI-. nnd Mrs. Jesse find daughter, Eva,'returned Sunday from 'a ten days' visit 'with Mrs. George's brother, Sam Ritchey, hi Birmingham, Ala. • M., C. Coqke s'f. and Willie Grecr were In' RIplcy, Tenn., Wc<l- nesdny, attending to business. Mrs. Edith Howton, Mrs. John Tliweall aiid : sons, John Howton and William Howard, are'al home again afler a' three weeks' visit with Mr.. Tlvwcatt's parents. .Mr. Thweatt, Chat- Brown, Mr. and Mrs. CImrfle Bil- nnd Mrs. B. tanooga, Tenii. Mrs. j: o. -Spann, of Memphis, wns '- " after llngslcy, Miss Mae Hires ind Bob GillcsplB jr. Tuesday evening al dinner. The cvcnuig wns ipcnt in jilayliig bridge. * " a (, Tliirly members of the parent- teacher association observed tlie anniversary of the founding of fins organization witu a program Ed by Mrs. 13. o. Wilkins in Hie S.lgh school 'auditorium Wcdncs- lay; afternoon. : rrccEjiiiisf the progranV, Mrs. •em .-Stanford read the' Prcsi- teil's -letter of February; .Mrs. .1. C,i Langslon gave a report of MIC CpiinLy P.-T. A. meeting held n Shfuvnec, and;Mrs. J. j. Joli*- HOII 'gave a discussion on "Force- 'ulncss." •.-•,• Mrs. Wilkins. presented a drain- \lizntion of the founders' purpose ui orennli'.lng'-lhb Parent-Teacher isjocialion: based on Pnith Purpose, Understanding, Nationalism, Dedication, -Education, Recreation Mid Service, willi :spetiking parts being given by' -Mrs. Charles Evans Miss .Hnlstend, Mrs., R c LaiiK- slon, .Mrs. -R/'-T.; Ballcw, Mrs Char|ie Thomas. Miss Bob Wiliams, Mrs;, L,ouise' ; -McHcnry. and Mrs. R r -W.V Nichols.- Interspersed ivith appropriate J'fongs and a :andle lighting ceremony. Mrs. Wilkins gave :a talk on the Founders, Hurst, and ' Burney, in including the program. ' '.:. * •" ' i ' -' Mrs. Charles..Mifflin lias ve- turned from a .two weeks visit in Memphis wilh her daughter Mrs Will Dillard. Mrs. Loins Guoi-gc, after a Hire" weeks visit with her pnrenis Mr and Mrs. ( \. Kahalley, or Bay Mlnclle, Ala., has .returned home Mr. and Mrs. -iphfillp George " visiting with friends. Tlie Rev. James T. Handle and T. B. Renfro jr." were in Meihphis We<lnesday and were accompanied home by Mrs. T. B. Hcnfro si-., who has been in Memphis since Monday, consulting her physician Mrs. 8. J. Smith and Mrs,, c. B Wood, were in Memphis Wednesday night to hear Madame Sigrid Onegin, contralto, presented by Cortese Brothers, this being the J number on their concert Mrs, Aiicel Montgomery and son Travis, nre visiting'in tlie home of Mrs. Montgomery's parenis, Mr. M. Majors, en rdutc third series. and Luxora Wednesday looking her business, interests and . . , to their home at Reiser after a visit of several weeks in Mississip- Snow Swirl Is Steam; Error Traps Driver \VQppSTOCKrTt. (UP>-Rolfe F. Cillmghnni was taken tc a hospital through n injuries after "snow swirl" driving What he thought was snow turned out to bs steam from th- frozen radiator of Fred Flanders' stalled car. Flanders' iras imhurl though Cillingham's his machine 30 feet. .Manila Society — Persona) Casually Insurance Co. make Ills liome here. One hundred aiid fifty new books have been added to the high school Library at a cost of $225 Money fas acquired by the librarians managing the Lion's Den, cafeteria In the gymnasium. They started a pencil campaign this week and expect the proceeds to purchase an additional twenty books. The librarians are Knthcr- ine Tipton, chief librarian, Emma Jane Craflon. Edith Essig, Edward Reynolds; Jamos Coats, otliat Love, Helen Denton, Pamellla Knoblln, Clara Grace Fox, Lottie Simpson, Jean Fowler, Mildred Lowcry, and Neva Hay Hudson. They plan to add 100 new books to the library by tlie end of the uirrcnt school term. Manila faculty and students are planning • t 0 wor k overtime to make up for ti nl c lost during the flood. Supt, w. W. Fowler will begin this Saturday, adding an ad- dltional school day to the week to make up ||i c two weeks lost. Mayor C. W. Tipton, City Attorney It. s. Hudson, Boh Mc- Kliuion, and Jim David, WPA foreman here, arc planning to nt- teixi a conference of mayors called to meet in Forrest City at noon Saturday, Feb. 20, at which time flood rehabilitation plans will be discussed wilh State WPA Administrator Floyd Sharp and Gov- crnov Carl B. Bailey. The meeting will pe addressed by the Governor and Mr. Sharp.. Everything For Tour Entertainment and Comfort Tonight Is Pal Nile Adults Admitted for Price or .' Diamonds arc not inflammable m air, but will burn at 850 degrees G. if ul in ure oxygen. Tile ashes of burnt paper money can be identified and redeemed. Fletcher Burgess and Hill Down ing transacted business in Pnra gould .Wednesday. 'Joe.jEob David was a business visitor In Memphis Thursday. 1 Mrs. H. L^ King, who bus been in a critical condition at her home here for tlie past few days, was admitted to:lhc Baptist hospital in Memphis Thursday morning. Aiidic Mullens, 10-year-old school child, who received a broken "and crushed le'if when hit by an auto lost week,' is reported lo be in a serioiis condition in the Joncsboro hospital.'.; U. \v?.Tipl"6n. "ATDTBreedonTKip --•--• O r ._ in Blylhcville Wednesday in the interest of .the Red Cross. Vein' Brand, waitress in the Golden Cafe for three years, returned to her home in Faragould Wednesday. Mrs. O.' o. Stuart of Manila and Mrs.', Tom HInley of Leachvillc returned Wednesday from Huiit- ington, Teinv, where they attended ' tlie funeral of Mrs. Hinley's mother Mrs. Parnlee Groom. Mrs. Groom was also Mrs. Stuart's aunt. . ]. . "|, • Floyd Horner, who receiitly returned from Mississippi has accepted a poition with, the Life and Moore, and G rover Snyder Manila viore businc.'B visitors BERN'AT" KNITTING YARNS . FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns '•:.. Latest Styles Classes, Friday,, 2:30 P. M' MRS. LESLIE lipOI'IiB car pushed ! , 1M ci.ickasawba C All I)ay Friday, Saturday & Sunday FUDGE NUT LAYER. Each CRULLERS 14 Doz. ............ 1*1 (Cake Donuts) DATE-NUT LOAF-I« Each IL (Sweet Bread) CHOC. CREAM DIPS. Each .... BATE DROPS Doz. Specials for Kutereg Hour - 5 to 6 P. M. Friday-Saturday-Bundny DONUTS -IflC Doz. ...; OATMEAL WAF- OC ERS. Doz. ......' CINNAMON STICKS. Doz. ... PARKERHOUSE ROLLS. Doz. ... PLAIN ROLLS Doz. Let Us Make Those Siwcial Cakes, Rolls or Pies BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Fhonc 110 jc 12° tereg V M. nnd;i; 12' 3' •W. 8 C .5° OF Mrs. Qbys Cdkcr and children returned Tucsdny trom Newbern. renn., wliere she had been visiting Mrs. Jack Dawning. w ho rcceni- •>nedtcote.<{ wish ' throat-soothing itigrcdlcnu of Vicks VapoRub. Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 2-1 Hour Service Tires Kcpaired - Gas Delivered \Vrccker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phone 633 •eturncd hoinc the latter part of art week. An average ; ; pf four earthquakes occur (teiiy in Japan. HUSINKSS '•..'<: OI'l'UIU'UNITY "IB to Impruvin; business «m<lilions. O n c of t hc { ^ g . csl manufacturers in ihc wnrl.l | 1:ls decided lo grant • Is snlcs franchise (o some qujlihfiT rc rson or company in die following lonn; ,. Persons to whom || lls fran . J-iihe will be granted must he of high diaradcr nnd urination and luvc available fO.OOn or nmrc on uliirh lo operate. 'i'licre .ire Iranrniscs ol this kind oi:cralin; and'mali- i"S money for their OVUHTS In nearly every t nm , nf anv ronscqiicncc in the world'. If you have moiir, ( o invest and llic aliility to op . cmlc one of (h c II1cst oul . slaiidins: :!m ] jirofilalilc liusi- nesscs in any connnunUy, «c invite your invcstlgauon. H'Vitc KIK "If," courier News, lllythcvlllr, Ark. ,MR. F?OME6- HAVE 56ME MIUK F GRAIG'.S ,'dAi.RY ITUL:PEP,UP ' Children like our pure, rich milk bcsl, ami its good for llicm bc(,iu4 its hcallhful ami noiiri^liing. GRADE A KAW MILK lOc t'int (jc Buttermilk, Qt. Gc Modernize Your Home , You may install city water in your home with the aid of ati F. H. A. Loan...consult your plumber for full details. Steps In Purification Cliloniialion, llic final ptuitication process in makiiig public water supplies pure and ^y'ho]t;spme, is a development of modern.sci- ence.. A clear walcr is no assurance of a heallliy water. Coagulation and sedimenta- tipu, lollo^vcd by filtration all greatly improve the quality, of the water. Yet, one more step is necessary lo insure the complete removal of any harmful bacteria which may not have been eliminated in the previous purification treatments. Chlorine gas is used as the sterilizing agent in this final process, but only in sufficient quantity to destroy the harmful bacteria without being injurious to humE.n beings. ihus, through coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and finally chlonnation, the modern waterworks supplies the home wilh a pure and wholesome water supply. : BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 113 S. Broadway Also Kilzpalrick ' Traveltalk iind Comedy —Admission— Matinee—Id'. 4;-lieii Night—f6 •& 36o Saturday Only "Mummy's Boys 1 ' With Bert Wheeler and Robeit WooJsey A pair of hriiiknif; \lolcK m the valley of tlie Nile! Also Cartoon and Strial— "Jungle Jim' —Admission— Unlil 5 P M—JO 4. 2(,c 7 Aflcr 5 P Jj—IG &. 3lc —Cent inn ous Showing— Sunday - Monday Merle Obeion and Brian Aherne m "Beloved Enemy" Wifh Hcnrv Stephenson, Jerome Cowan, David Nivcn and Karen Morley. Also Paramount News, Technicolor Cartoon and Cojnedy Suiida}~^li Da\— 16 i 3«c Monday Matinee— 10' & j«c Night— 16 & 36c bunilaj — TUESDAY, KEB. 23— $175.00 BANK NIGHT! ROXY Aim.—Always 10 & Z56—lo Tax Show Every Nighi Matinees Friday, Saturday^ :Snnday Friday & Sunday rtlatUiccs—^ 15 \<i Saturday Matinee — "CpntuinouJ V 1:00 Tljl lliOi) P. Friday - Saturday BobJ.AllCTiViiiv 'law of the Abo Stage Show Also Cartoon and Strlal—. "The Vighling Marines';; Sunday -Monday t'ntrrl.iinmcDl as oxciliig; ais thw new and' unusual star— • Anna JScllu .anrt .,' /tenry Fonda 'in "Wings of the Morning" With Leslie Hanks ' i\U m the beautiful natural • Technicolor.

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