The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 22, 1932
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i^rr-erf bit the United Press ,LE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKA ST AHKANSAB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HI.YTIIKVII.I.K. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, ori'OHKU 22, IIOMEEBTTION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS STUMP FOR ROOSE I). S. and J;ipiw in Pacific, Militarists Have Convinced Them War Is Certain! Sooner or Later. By NBA Service , America's friendship for China in I the latter's present difficulties wil Japan, evidenced in til? incident, lias done nothing lo im-: prove /relations between the great Pacific naval powers. With the Tjnlteu States ap?r:v- ing the Lytton commission 1 -; rue- cmmedation that Japan fisgorgo the frniw of her military c-jiiu.ii>:!. in Manchuria ant! the whole ins 1 -- tcr scheduled to come before the League of Nations assembly Nov. 14, the situation takes on add:d interest. Two development.-, stand out: .1 The Japanese people, contrail- | ed by militarists and gripped bv a | \car hysteria, are convinced that j sooner or Inter tlieir nation wilt be attackei from across the Pacific. 2. The U. 3. Navy's Atlantic Il?ei. sent to the Pacific for spring maneuvers about the time of the Shanghai trouble, U still in that ocean. Also there, of course, ar- the Pacific fleet and tr.e Asiatic squadron. Given Fleet Command Recently. Admiral Richard II. Leigh, commander-iii-chtef of the battle fleet, was given wider powers of a scope unique in peace time. He was accorded full command of the two vital naval districts in Hawaii and the Canal Zone with "supervision of all administrative co- tails affecting tlie fleet" uideu;nd- ent of the Navy Department at Washington. The main body of the fleet now rests-'at' anchor in the -harbsrS'-of '- San Diego and Sau Pedro, with ds- fenslvc units of cruisers, destroyers and submarines in Panama and Hawaii. Tliis authority—theoretically, at least—would permit Admiral Leigh to order fee navy's big cread- naughts to Hawaii or Panama on a moment's notice. Failure of the United States, lo' withdraw its Atlantic fleet has provoked the Japanese almost as much as this government's supnori of the Lytton report. Washington has let it be known that it will not recognize the "Independent rennb- lic" of Manchukuo or any other gains that Japan wins by farce of arms. Gripped by an economic depression worse than that in America, the Japanese people have turned blindly to tec militarists who prom- is" to lead the nation out of it; troubles. For a long time thcs? leaders have fed the people with rumored thrats of an attack from across the Pacific. Three Views Japanese distrust of America is shown in recent public utterances. Addressing the Dtet, Kaku Mori, one of the leaders of tha powerful Sciyukai party, declared: "I: 1? impossible to expect Impvovr-m-'iv in our relations with the United Slates; they are likely ta became worse." General Nobuycshi Muto, commanding Japanese officer in Manchuria, declared: "Should anvbo-'v attempt to obstruct solution of the Manchurian question, we should b:- obliged to combat such interference relentlessly, no matter wro thev may be." Lieut.-Gen. Sadao Araki. minister of war and real leader of th" 1 government, declared: "The United States loudly profess to champion righteousness and human'.f> but what can you think \vh°n yoi review its policy in Cuba. Parmrn Nicaragua and other Latin-American nations? . . . We must shak: our fists in t£eir fnces." Publish Rumors As an example of the sroilcion. with which the United State' is re garded. here are a fe\v of the ru mors that have bsen published b; Jaoaneso newspapers: 1. The United States is sn'.A t- have taken the first step In a mill lary alliance with Soviet Russia b arranging for an airplane ba« o: the Kamchatka peninsula, only few hours from Japanese soil. 2. United States planes iiav °=en sent to aid tV.e 'Chinese i 'heir plans (or new resistance 1 Manchuria.. 3. The Manila base of trie U. S. is said to have been strcn<z!h- . and the air force there"greatly Increased. *• Nichl-Nlchl, leading Japanese newspaper, has been featm!n<? s?v stories an? recently it carried a headline which declared: "0:> Ssa. SOVIET RUSSIA. (SIBERIA) SAN FRANCISCO SAN PEDRO LEGEND U.S. NAVAL BASES & JAP NAVAL BASES U.S. NAVY DEPOTS CAROLINE STUD! HPEK BILL DF mm Killoufel and Keck Will Shaver's 1931 Rcvorl al Ost'.cola. ..Mrrull .luiltrs Nclll KUluuch .if Wyniii! mid Ci. E. Keck of IlVyllic- will no over tlic lirtl exticiise account of .Sheriff W. W. Slmvcr nl an Informal session ut Osreoln Six Entered In R< v d Cross Roll Call Campaign Six lilyihi'vlllc women Irave ill- rt uily entered the Neil Cross nicin- Ix'rshlp contest,' announced yc.sler- iliiy. HLP winner nf which will lie rrwnrded will) n (ix'ii trip to HKV- »nii. I'nnnmu, and viirloiiK Cen- ti'iil AiutMlcan ports aboard u United Fruit company llnur. Mrs. Jiiliu IjCiill. Mr«. Howard I'rnclnr, Mr«. W. J. Pollard, mill llic Missis yiin.slilnu Aiinms. Mary ICIIi-u Slcveus nnil Iluth Wliltwlh GIF.™ OMSI HIS UK liuvo in the competition, , nuil J. A. Wnlitrman, clmlriimn of Monday afternoon. No Indication' lln> Rcrt Cross roll cull cimunll- (o when the long waited decls- 1 . lei-. In chaw; ol the contest, snld lun of the court on the account i this iiltcninnii that . he expected will bo Riven hns been made, i several ndclltlonal entries licfure According to reports Jiidtn Keck, llieli cnmimiijii gets underway In wham the report wn.s subtniltcd . nt'^r wj?rk. Mv. Wateimnn went to Mnnlln llils nftenioon with tlic exiicola- In the onrly spring, hns ludou Klllou?h lo go over the niiil- ttr with him and the Judges have tion of one or more cn- to sludy the account nt Irants from the western pnrt of Osceoln where Klllough is holdliiB court. IJmlled lo $5,000 th<. county, Any vvoinsn residing In the district of Mt'slss- Deliver-First, Address for Democratic Ticket Next Friday, . ..•'. SAN FRANCISCO. Oct.. 32. (Up) --U. S. Scnn^Sr Hiram Johiison, powerful iirogresslve Republican, will cniiipajgn actively for Franklin D. Roosovell, Dnmocrat'c can- didnle for president, • and will spenk on liehalf of Roosevelt at n miss hieclln"? here next Friday mi'ht. it wos Announced today. In bolting his party the. scna- lor look wllh him iwwcrful labor I'Tiders nid the northern nnd cen- Irnl Cftllfomlft lieutenants who Imvc aided In mRktne him n dom- innnl figure In California politics for n nunrlcr of a ccnlury. "Senator Johnson will si-cak in This unique news-map shows the progress of Japan's (prri'.oriiil ex pansion in the Orient, with the dates the various ureas were acquired, tind also the relative positions of United States and Japanese naval bases in the Pacific. It shows that Japan nml her possessions, fence-like, now fringe the eastern coast of Asia from the Arctic to lite tropics. In the- Imcl is Admiral Rlclmrd H Loljh, commander of U. S. naval forces in the P acifle, who was recently given breeder • powers. Steaming ahead in a straight line for target practice, 1 four of Uncle Sam's battleships of the Pacific nd Atlantic fleets are shown litre as Ihe navy participated maneuver.', off Hawaii inst spring. ; Senator Caraway j 1 Says Roosevelt i I Victory Certain! KILLER DF JONESBORO. Ark.. Orl. 22 (UP) i --Unrest throughout the nation j i « i p. T * I 1 ' ulll ^l ll.tuueuuut L1LL- IliUl .rouble between Irish and j win go a long-way toward Italian Convicts Source D<an - omitlc party victory ' of New York Clash. NEW YORK. Oct. 22 HIP) — olice emergency squads summon<l from the heart of Manhattan aid siege lines alon? the crowded i The to5a™' only woman ever elected "'Negro's Self-Defense Plea Gains Him Exoneration in Municipal Court to the United States senate knit- i Ocorgc Range, ne»ro wife slny- apjlauphter Verdict Re- hv Osceola Jury Early This Morning. OSCEOLA .Ark., Oct. 22.—A jilry in clrcrtil court here this morning returned a vredlpl of manslaughter ntralnst Arthur Brown, charged with the murdsr of T. W. Young, and Bro^vn was sentenced to two years In the penitentiary. .The jurv sticm flvp hours In ccn- Th:> tesli- befon? ad- Jomnmcnl Friday afternoon nnrl the arguments . were begun nt 7 o'clock last night, closing at 10 o'clock. The jury's verdict was returned shortlv afifjr 3 o'clock Ihls morning. Several times during the course of their deliberations thcv came hack to the court room for linuons - deliberation, mony was comuloled Submission of the sheriff mid linil coimlv Is elhlbta to compete collector's expense account Is In for the prize. Prompt decision Is accordance with n constitiillonnl Important, however, as the cnm- aineuriment, only unforced In the jmlgn will slfirt next week. Anv- insl two years, limiting the slier- one (Hiring to compete Is in- Ift's remuneration from the office vltcil to net In touch with Mr, lo J5.000. This Riven the county Watenunn. nil proceeds of the office above the The urta, a 12 day cruise of S5.0W limit and the sheriffs ex- the CaribbcRn aboard a luxurious nenses except his profits; from Jail steamer, with all cxncn«cs paid. I'oiurt and sale of state auto 11- wns mada possible through con- censes, trlbutlons (if a number of Blv- Shnrlff W. W. Shaver's expense tlicvllle bmlnc-ss men Interested in ncconnt u s released Insl Jammrv the success of the Red Cross roll rhowo dn total of S28.S95.fW for cull. It will be • awarded to the expenses of the officn.'the bliacst contestant who obtains the InrR- rnrt of which was Slfl.MR for sal- cst number of Red Cross ininn- nvlrs of e!?,vcn demnirs, Sheriff l>ei-shlps, Slmvcr inter stated that the re- The winner will leave New Or- nort rclensfd nt that limn wns the Iwns January 14 nnd will vlsll same submlltPd to Judge Keck Cuba, the Cnnal Zone, Costa Rlcn some time inter. If thn sheriffs and Honduras, with stop overs nnd expense nccount is allowed the inland trios nl n number of points teller. lo'n<? p^valent. that the of Interest, riff and collector's office Is a »money" otflco will be explod- «l... .•••'<*; ' . ..>'. \-..> _; t Not only would the cou"l", ro- 'IvK ji"'h'ing. but tho sheriff's re-; numeration, over find above ex-1 yc-nses nf tbn office, would lie- farfj below lh» M W) permitted him by j tlin. cam'-'tutlnn.- I 'Tai Faytrs Notified A form loltnr hm been mill to : all members of the Mississippi counly iavpflvers association by Secretary 0; E. Sullcngcr asklm? their presence at the Monday meting. He said the letter was sent out at the request of R. E, L. Wilson, chnlnnnn of the nsioclaMon. The nssoclnljon adonted a resolution last spring nuking that the sheriff's expense nccount be submitted to the circuit court nnd it wns soon nfler Hint the rcoort wns placed In Judge Keek's hnnds. Bull Kills Master—Is Shot STAUNTON. Vn. (UP)—After an hull killed Its mailer. L. hc| . anks of East River tcday while unrds clsshed with rioting pris- ! election. shawl ns she gavei cr - was frcc<1 *»' Municipal Judge I Instructions. of the coming : p- A. ^Cunningham at a _ prelim-1 Drown, charted by innry hearing yesterday nftcrncoii. t ,, e s[ntc "Tin people in the United States : 1 "" 1 ' i ° slnlc ' w ' llich held Hint .aiged the nc- had not only •; administration and v/nru a change", 1 *'» "'" m '""; naa " ol °|»>' ; ishe said. "I don't expect Gov-i ?' rt . °., " tllblls V a , mo ' ve " ut the iners in city penal institutions:°™ dissatisfied with the present! a "- ^ '' ' :n Welfare Island. ' ; Edmhustratioii and v/nn; a ch""™" ' M ' mllrtlcr ' One convict, George Olshoe. was i sbc sa!tl - " T dolVt exn ect tabbed and killed. j crlior Franklin Roosevelt, A short time nfter the outbreak ! Democratic nominee, to be i defense . police sergeant reported: "ItE; 0 ' 1 president by n landslide, but; ' ,.„,,. 11 over now" hc «i" ^ °" r "<**• president." ! Th e negro killed his wife bv The rlqtlng started •••'"-" » ' Aliliough she hns been invited : hitting her over the head with a t)iQ ! Ihnl testimony showed that with the wilful murder of Younsr. when the latter came between Brown and P. M. Darton durint; an argument between thp Iva over ownership of n hay baler, plcnd- cd that the killine of Youu? wns nn accident and that nt the time he shot him he wns dofendinf; his lit" against Bnrton. The shootln? took place last Mnv in front ol Brown's home on ; to take the stump for [he D2mo-. Welfare Isrr.V.d row strip of 1: of the river Is a long in the middle i „ Kansas. i kansas." " ! She probably will decline an in_,„, ,,,, ! vltation to make a political ad- aud within easy - .i r ,_, ., swimming distance of Manhat- ' ' an. Most of the prison buildinra is well as a hospital for charitv •nses nre on the upp^r ;he islnnd over wlilch runs a bridge connecting Manhattan with I Long Island. j The class of prisoners Is not | particularly dangerous, > •'rank Stscrl, 48-year-old tnrmcr, of .iccr atnunton. men hurt to enter oil trucks nnd nrm themselves with shotguns U) subdue the nnlmnl. Rlx shols struck the bull before it retreated from the dend man. The seventh shy. proved fnlnl. Cnltnn NEW YORK, Oct. 22 (HI Cotton closed steady. open high low Oct CIS 613 BIO Dec 1523 C24 Jan C27 028 Mnrch (534 03(1 May C45 0-15 July 616 620 055 CM 041 close 610 016 020 630 G40 648 Spots closed nt 625. off 5. quiet I the stnle when the from further action jury mect.'i. The flea has sucking, not biting,] Charlcc Wiilett. ncqro, was bound Brown. Is to stand trial on the have She Ls al!oecd to brought her husband the of j mouth parts, nnd cannot chew a j rvcr lo tnc grand Jury on n "nn with which the shooting was Land nnd Air Japan. 1 America Provcke.s A recent example of the spy scare South Care 1 in3 Negroes I turn Against Hoove? i COLUMBIA. S. C., Oct. 22 (UP) —South Carolina negroes today were asked "to support Franklin Hcosevelt for president because of charges by negro politicians in this state that the Hoover Republican administration has been I "contemptuous" of negrccs and! ravcrcil "Illy-whitisni"." N. J. Frederick, negro lawyer' nnd politician of Columbia, whose plea before the national Republican credentials c.-mmittee at Chicago for seating delegates of th.- 1 mixed necrro and white Tolbc'ri faction was rejected, announced the support cf Roosevelt, assert- in? ho "dees not believe President Hoover Is any kir.d of friend lo I the negro", to say nothing of rw- (Continued on p»g» Uir«) nig n "sincere friend". House Rented At a small cost to the owner a furnished house was rented, giving the owner a steady income- Here's the ad— FURNISHED five room house which ran In the "For Rent" column of the Classified cf the Ad Department Courier News If you have a house or room—run a "For Rent" ad and increase your Income. To find cut the cost call • Phone 30fi Intent to I done. He Is accuted of firing a I i boys were struck by stray shots from tho shot gun charge. Jack Robinson wns fined one dollar Thursday for violation of n city traffic regulation. Employe BadlvHurt i n Fa'l| jti Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 22 (UP) — Co'lcn closed slendy. open high G17 617 C25 625 628 628 G17 C21 637 Bircl Shot Catches Up With Pecan Point Boy Oct Dec Jnn BASSETT. Ark.—Willis Franks, j March 23, employe of the Joiner Gin j May company, .passed through Ba'.sett July this mo-ninc eu rouls lo Osceola for treatment for injuries received when he fsll off the gin run«• Closing Stock Price* Franks fell about 20 feet. His rlaht nrm was broken lust nhove j the wrist, his nose was broken, nnd OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 22.—Dep-1 "Is face wns badlv bruised. Five uty Sheriff Shell Harrison let I tMth wcrc *r"x*ed out. Mackle Loiis; out-run him twice : Frnnk s, who has lived nt Joiner but early yesterday morning when' nbout a *&"• ls '"" «>n of Mr. he w?nt to arrest the youth a slld Mrs - w - w - Franks of Dyers- third time, he loaded his gun with ; bur ?' Tenn - • bird shot and warned Long not lo run. Long didn't take him ser- innslv and headed for R ditch near h!s home at Pecan Point. Harrison aimed nt Long's legs and shot just as Long Jumped In- FOOTBALL to tl'.-i ditch. Jailer Owaltnev snys he thinks a shelf cnn he fixed up In thn toll where Long's meals con be served. The youth Is charged with houschrcaklng. Fins! Army 20, Yale 0. Harvard 10, ""-'mouth 7. Half Michigan 13. Illlink 0. Kirst Quarter Pittsburgh 0, Ohio Stale 0, 635 644 653 637 644 655 low clos 012 6021 614 614 617 028 637 647 045 Spots clcscd at 620, off 5, steady 'imnort of the candidacy of Oov- mior Roosevelt at a mass mcct- ' 'tie to be held under the nus- liices of tho Pro7rcsslvi*. p^niibll- •rin noO'twrU len"nc cf California in nrpim'nnd nudltorlum. nctober 11 snld a ftntement Issued hv Fred. 'Vllilntns rcpicsenllng the Dcmo- ~'nt!i; parly. Tirt n" 1 iniinc' i rn(>nt (Vn -'i t^e only formal notice that Johnson -had ,'nd hl« riortu fo support the "'"mocrntlc nominee. Prmrttrlty the I«u« <v.. Or-.t, n <UP1 of nrnwj-itv to the 'his cuniinl'n. n«v. Prtospvlt told in nudlenm from tho rear nlat- f"'m o( w« R"nnlnl train I'ist bj- forn renchlnij Lpulivllle todny. The train paused at New Al- 'mnv, Ind.. Ju«t »oross the river '•••"in he;,,. . ' • • The gre«t laaue in this camMl™ '- to hr(n? n^rt'^rlty bfek fo the-. American,people «i| : .'.»•;"vhole" -he •'. nnld. ' • -,.-,-.- -.-:Tim covprno- was oh!l-cd to co1- rt his *hnii0hfg r(\n]fl'v ^hr-his ick nlfttfrirm IT.fM'iini'e hecuujc e was tuiit ifttln? dressed wheh ich trnln rench?d New lo^e Fadino v for Tranoed Hv Severe.Bliz- zard in Wyoming.,". SHERIDAN, Wyo., Oct, 2! CUP' —nescucrs fouuhl Ihclr way liroirali snov drifts ns high n r rlcphnne ):oles to marooned linnt- rs In the Blj: Hern uninltnini- icre Ifilny. All hill Ihrce cl more- than 2CH iien 1 known to-hnve btcn-trapwrt >y a bllzMrd while stnlklng deer were accounted for by forest rnn«- rs. sheriff's deputies, nnd hisrh- vay workers nflcr a 48-hour struc- ;lc over snow clinked trails. Little hope wns held for thr .hrec niLssini! men. They wer<- nillon McKlnnon. Fred Damme' nnd n 21-ycnr-old youth nnme^ Yonkum who wandered away fron -ompaniras ncnr the WhUne 1 nine. Since last Sunday afternoon when the blizzard broke thc- ind been In the hills without shelter nnd. 11 is fcnred. without Claim Minister's Wife Died of Uremic Poisonin? MUSKOGIsF.. Okla.. Oct. 22 (I "1—Attorneys for the Rev. S. A ^errlc. nccur.ed in the allc?ed pol -on dctith of his first wife, reslet 1 •'-.Mr defciife of the 52ryear-o! -ersc wrll.ln? pastor shortly be "ore no°n tcday. A phvKlclnn. Dr. W. W. Os»o:d ^iMl a cheni!" 1 . Robert Ish -rorc railed todiv in nn atte •o estnbi!?h that Mrs. Fanjil ferric died as n result of ureml nulsonln; and that tests showln 'trlchnlne were the result cf "rcscrlp'.ion given to her afte ~he was strlrikcn. A. T. nnd T 101 5-e Anaconda Copp:r 8 Auburn W !-'•'• Caterpillar Tractor .... 8 Chrysler '3 5-' Cities Service 31-4 Coca Cola 0* 5-f Continental B-.Hng .... General Electric 14 7-8 General Motors 12 3- r Middlpr'st Utilities .... 3-B Mont.'e - TV Wnrd 11 1-4 New Yn-k Central 22 3-8 Pncknrd 3 Radio Corp 7 S!m:-ons Beds 8 1-P Standard cf N. J 28 5-8 Texns Corp 12 7-8 U. S, Sttel , i 3i 1-8 -I '" Fever VicHms Ask City to Eliminate Weed Swlnr« In* > ROn3EVKT.T - RpT}Q_. »'. TRA'N. Ot. M (TIP)—Oov. nklln D. Roo r ,evi>lt carried • Ills • Vinocratii pvo^idrTitlfll cnmne^n "riay in'o the frienrtlv border •""d of thn Mnson nnd Dl"nn Jine. iy,t'ln» with ridicule nnd satire •ere bHj»d on fear of tinlc. Tlw IJroiocrntl'; cnndldnl-i -swim? n Ihvo'icrti Kfntur-kv nnd Tenn- vw. todny with pledges left be- ilnd In addressee nt Springfield. II.. nnd 9t. T^iul 1 ;. Mo., to give "lief to Amwlcan farmers and lotcct the nation's security hold- rs. JTc cnmhlrvyi the outline of his •villcy wlrh • rldlc\i!e of what he •"•mod efforts hv the Rfnubllcan 'nnvor nnd ex-oir>5ldent Cm'idge. T fri<7ht^n thn nnMnn vrith ft hnrvK pmle. would follow n Dem- Tallc victory. He termed the ntlacks a worn "it, stage trick patented by Mark Hnnna. Qov. RoosewJt scheduled his first major stop todiv at Lonis- i-ilie. Ky.. where an nrtrtre^s was nlnnned shortlv before norm. Other h rlef anoeargnces \vere scV^duled it Lebanon nnd CrrMn, Kv.. He •v»s to reach Knosvllle, Tenn., at 9 p, m, HBCV In Dakola PABOO. N. D.. Oct. 23 ftiT) — °>"m'fir Huev Ton? of Louisiana liareed Inr r^ilci to nns plvcn bv t.Ua ndTn'nl >' p'esM«nt.« Hoover nnrt «ro re«pmsiblf> for th« felirnl V^^lt in o ''imia' 0 ^ sn?pch for ~w. *v,T,klln D. Roo"vc!t here '«st nleht. s^ld the Hoover nrtminis- inn iiad cost the nation $19,184,000,000. BIRTH H*TE Fir.TIRES ' Berlin's Hrfhra'e fl»i're for "031. set nt S.7 ivr thnu^nd. W3S t^c Inwjsf of an" cHi' In th» ^orld. "«x» r-™^ Ft^ci-holm. with 10.8, ™"n Fro'io^m. wllh U.S. Pirls, -ith 14.4. nnd I.ord^n. wlih 15, WEATHE1 c'oudv tinleht. rvrflbi 'n extreme north warmer o^Tit In cl""rlv to ib'v showers northn and north- cloudy. Sunday partly cloudy to HOUSTON, Tex. (UPI—Havln s' in many a ner«onnl encojn- j or with the dread malftdv. Dr. Al' n n C. PiitchKon", city health of- •er, scoffs nt talk of n weed cut- n^ campaign to alleviate sufTer- -s of Houston's 20,OCO hay fiver ••'•'Ims. Pr. Futfhesi'ii wns hnndcd $20 -i» M«^r Walter E. Montelth bv ^n" fever sufferers, w^o singested •h-> fiuxi be used to clear weeds According to the official weather 'rom the citv's vacant lots. r>-'-"" i r. c^ir'!"! PHl'InE. Jr, the p-i-twon snipe *"rt »n«-"= "" I minimum temnmture here yes- Vn »Hh office rsald he did rot terdny was 44 degrees and the 'hink such n nrorrim wm'd heln i p'f-slmum. 6t rdeTrxs. cl^ar. To- •^pch. He ha« had hay fever for day n year ago the minimum tern•)3 years, living In communities j rerilure w»s 49 divTrcs an? the with and without w«ds. | maximum, S4 d«frees, cl««r.

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