The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARKJ COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1931 Society Calendar Vtiiiy The auxiliary of the American legion will meet al the homo of Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn with Mrs. J. P. Lent! also hostess. | 'The women of the First Chris- Plan lo llr.-.ullfy iho Churtli G " The Woinau'l of I lie Lone O.i church Mcndav; en members cut. In the devnlii OMiiry society 'iiiirch >n<M at '.Ii-j '(crnoon \vilh 5W- \iree visitors pros- BilsofNeios Moslly Personal Icy read I rata tian church will meet at the clmvch I M~ rs j o for special prayer services. Plans ' The Ladles Bible class of thcl i^,,,^,,,,, ot First McUiodist church b meeting bj . at the church at 1 p. In. for a biiil- ; ness meeting. Mrs. Bernard Gcoch Is the Tuesday Luncheon cliii). The Eiure Nous Bridge club will meet with Mrj. Thurman demons. Mrs. Carrol Blakemorc will be hostess to. the Matinee Bridge cluu. The new Wednesday.Bridge club will meet with Mrs. Uoscce Craltoii. The Dclphlans will meet at the Hotel Noble. The prc-Eister v.-ek of prayer will be observed at the First Christian church with special services nt 3 V. M. Saturday The Children of the Confederacy will meet Saturday nflcrnoan at . the home of Miss Mnurtnc Braiv son at 2:30 o'clock. .1 Mrs. J. W. Wort- , . (list I'-ilin in! M'«rvln Nunn h:is rolii/ncil from , o!fc : re;l /;;.„,.„• ' -liu- Memphis IliiptM huspltal where dlstus^d for ;lH'! hc "iidcrwem <"' i'.x:imin»lton. the church yard i Misa KallU'i-hie I.uwier retnnied shrubbery and f!o.we:s. I tudrty from I'aiagould whore she • • • i spent Kcveittl days ivlth her sister, i Club Fiitrrlalnril [Mis. Joe Klrby, and Mr .Klrby. I -.Irs. Itorcoo t;ia!ton rntritalnnl' Mrs. Klrby returned with her for ; ike-members cf the new Wednesday n visit. Contact club und MCMlnmes Jiv' u\f S willle A. Ijnvwn. county Trli-sthman und lloiaci; T. Culp • bujicihuciidi'iit, and Miss Hos.i M. yciltrdny afternoon. Hardy, principal ol the senior high Mrs. P. n. Joyner won the tin!) ., c |]ool, returned hist n'.uht irom prie nnd the sues: award wviH to;Nashville, Turn., wnue they nt- Mrs. Trio.H-hm:in. Both received, handkerchiefs. The hostess ^ir'.Tvi ? dvlii-iuu.^ fruit salad with nut breiut and hot tea. • \ • dull Has Gllrats. Mrs. Bernard Goix-h cnlcrtnlii'jd. j^ (u(1 the Tuesday Luncheon club '•'ndi M ,. s ' A p Mesdaiues C. It. Bubcock, W. Leon tended a conference ol admints- Ualors. Mis. 'J'ojn Ileatcn returned yes- Isrrtiiy fiom a brief visit in Tar, ngciild. Mrs. George W. Uarha:n and Miss Gladys, nrv in Os- as i; nests of Mr. and IJarhiun and dnuchlcr, Chftlrmen Announced For Art Exhibit Here. The art exhibit, to to 1.,.' :u-:, April 1C-11-18 undtr HID u:.-'.'.i;'>:r of the local Dsiphlan chiip'.cr in cooperation with the county department of education, Is a part of the year's program planned by Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county supervisor. This program, used in schools throughout the county, lias familiarized students with famous masters and their works. The showing of the Colonial Art exhibit of 150 masterpieces will include the art- ii!s studied. Mrs. Horace T. Gulp will be chairman of arrangements for the first day, Mrs. Otto Kochlitzky on Friday, and Mrs. James B. Clnrk, president of the Delphians, Saturday. The same exhibit will be shown In Osceola. earlier In the \vtok. Admission to the exhibit, to be in the Gately store of the Lyncli building, will be ten cents for students and teachers, flnd 25 cents for other atiulte. II»s Club. Mrs. Carrol Blakcmore has hostess to the Matinee Bridge club Wednesday afternoon when she also had as her guests-Misses Juiv- nita. Smith and Margaret 'Cross. Hosiery went to Mrs. Stephen H Brooks for the club award nnd. tha guest rjriz}. a handkerchief, was given Miss Smith. A delicious gelatine: salad served with sandwiches and coffee • * t Wins Beaiily Contest. Miss Dixie Mcbanlel of Tyle town, Miss., niece of Mrs. E. W Simmons, was selected by felto students ns the most bountiful sir in the Pike County Agricullnra high school and Junior college Summitt, Miss. Miss McDanicl visited here las summer. Have First of Prc.- Eastcr Prayer Services .Members of the Bertha Full. ,, ... , : Miss Frances, who rc'.unied this Smith, nnd M ss Mary Koiiey Wed- | ,, lcmm ( ,. om Llm j e mvocd, co]lcg( , ncfdny for a delicious luncheon and | g , ci ,. ir , M , or U)( . Eastei . ^J ccntruct bridge game. .cation Japonic* and bridal wreath made I M| . s ; Jo5 , nh G F 0[ c , fc lovely centerpieces for the two small jvlUCj Tcn]l w|w |s [h( , gucsl c[ ]wr mnci.Kin tomes. ! parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Main t,ic card games Mrs. Edgar , L yesterday in Memphis. J; urn won a taole lump for the Mr „,,„ Mrs . ci!;1 ., os W yl| c have !b prize and a wail ,,,-ln went to! lnom , w ,, lc rcsld(!ncc Jfol . mcrl ° Iss Honey for hlijh_ ijticst. -occupied by Dr. and Mrs. John R. ,., . McDaniel jr. : Th'riisher was elected 1 . M ', s ' J ; . NI J k Tlloln « ls ^ iu ^ -csidcnt of the Sudbiiry Parent-1" 1 ,, 11 ™" 1 .'".,'.?.""". 1 caclier association In a meeting:.... ' esterday oflcmoon. Other o)Ikers| anictl were: Mrs. Nettie Gray, vice, •osldem; Mrs. Ivv Cnmford, MC-i ,. , . „ ,. cturv; Miss Mary Iliibler. Ircas-i MMrs ' - 10 ! 1 " P v '^"""W *•• »"« rer;"Mrs. Ocorue Cross, historian.if 15 ' *• M .- Wnshbiirn arc s|Kiicl- For the iiroyram the llcv. Marsh ln ? 1llod ?i > .' ',", Mcm li l115 • Miss Vnjilnla Keck arrived home this morning from Limlenwocd col- for n visit with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. H. 1' Martin, during the tester holidays. Walter Roccnthal Im returned from u buying trip to St. Louis for the New York store. C. A. Cunnlnghiun, J. J. Jagers, Jack W. 1'rnslcr and R. J Collier returned last ntt'ht from Camdcn, Aik., where they attended the slate convention of the Woodmen of the World. Guy Butler, ol Little Rock, wa: a business visitor in the city yes tcrday. C. M. Gray is attending to business In Memphis today. Mr. and Mrs. J. 1'aul Wilhclm and -sons, I'aul Alexander a IK Richard, of St. Louis, nre expected to niTlvc today for n hriel visl with Mr. Wllhclni's parents, Mr and Mrs. L. B. Wilhclm. Elbert Huffman will arrive thi afternoon fruni Memphis lo spend the Easier holidays with his nur- cnls, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Huffman. He will be accompanied by Allen banlis, ol Florence, AJa., also a student lit Southwestern university, \sho will be his housegucst. Stanley Hancock, of Lcachville who formerly lived here, attended to buclness here today. Ray Jackson, of Cincinnati, Ohio, is visiting relatives here for several days. Cantata Friday Will Be Revival Feature One of the features of the cooperative revivals being held by the it Melhodlsl, First Baptist and First Presbyterian churches this week will be the Easter cantata given at the First Presbyterian :hurcr> Friday evening, 8:15 o'clock, by the church choir nnd other musicians of the city. Besides (he regular choir members there are about 15 other musl- j A 'j^ Plans Special Service for Good Friday Noon A special noonday Good Friday service will be held at the Pilgrim Lutheran church In commemorating the crucifixion^ and death of the Saviour. The service, to be In charge of Rev. H. J. Klelndlcnst, will begin at 12:25 and close 25 minutes later, Congregational slnoing.'the reading of the sclrpture, a vocal so'.o, a ten minute sermon and -prayer will j make up the program. The sermon theme Is to be: "Jesus Crucified b> Co-eds Can Smoke, I Town Honors Hero But Not Get Caught! o{ Revdutionaj-y War YFSILANTI, Mich., (UP) — Coeds at Michigan Slate'Normal Col H1NGHAM, Mass., (UP) _ Historic Mlngliain, somewhat bchlcd- legc may smoke If they wish but,; lv - » as erected 11 boulder and tah- Leone Calllcott ' " ' any church ln thc cU J'- T ''e service The services are continuing wlthi*". 1 b ? Rt . thc St ' s ^ htil E l> lsc °mo: evening church at 10 o'clock and services nt 7:45 o'clock. At the Piist Presbyterian church last night the pastor, Marsh M. CrUlawiiy, preached on "Peter's Denial of Christ" In which he discussed his theme with three points; that he was a coward, a liar and was overconfident. These came weaknesses were used in a comparison of people of today with IhLs disciple ol Christ. His theme tonight will be: "What Will Ye Do With Jesus Who Is Called Christ?" Tomorrow morn- Ing he closes n series of studies on "The Ideal Church". church worship. If they're caught they may as well give iip hope of teaching careers, says Charles McKenny, piesl- dent of tlie school. "I'm not looking on anoking ns a moral problem but as. R ccnunon- scnsc spcial problem," McKenny .said. "The girls hero are preparing lo tench nnd Michigan doesn't want teachers who smoke. "When these ghis finish school they expect us to reccnmicnd them where the Lutheran. I f cr -! ro ? 1 . tlcns ' A .S reat ma "> r 5cllools in honor of the memory of one of its most famous native sons. The memorial is a tribute to Ma- Jor-General Benjamin Lincoln, Revolutionary war hero, wiio was assigned by General Washington to receive Cornwaliis' su'ord at th_? British surrender at Yorktown. Courier News Want Ads In -Michigan will not employ smoking teachers, ft these girls smoke and we know it, we'll tell the truth about them when asked." OVER t? MILllpNjJARS.USEO YEARLY H. II. McKlnnlcs, of Milwaukee, spent the week-end with his Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Mc'. Kinnies. Mrs. John C. f. Callaway, rcsbyli-rian pastor of the First church, spoke on; What » lioy Means lo a ITome" | ' e|;c ; i a message he 1ms been asked to!^ t lege, St. Charles, Mo., to spend the age ake to all Parent -Teacher asso- latlons of the city. Mrs. John K. Vebsler also spoku on "A Child' Playground" and members of lhc lee club, with Rosccc Morris as ncctor. sang a selection. Heixirts showed that the unches are being served daily 5 boys nnd girls at a cost ol 51.15 ""V rs ' G ' E ' KccK ' .< nlurol Jl;i5D "- °, f Glcndnlc, Cal., 7" nr }', l . re , 0:!n >' for severa! <Iay« '^ ay * 11U '"° """"* o£ r ' lr - •<»« ,, ' , M - Bi:U - Hc ls cnroute homo II ' 011 ' ""'S" 1 " 1 - M«- Judson Reed ter of Hospital Notes Ncal Bowles, Kciser, was dismissed from the Blythcvllle hospital today. Courier News Want Ads Pay. War Veteran, 36, Takes High School Cou r se NEW ORLEANS, (UP)—P^oba- bly the oldest high school student in the United states Is attending Warren Eason High School here this semester. He Is J. Mitchell Pilcher, 36, Pllchr-r, World War veteran, author, poet, and historian, has returned to school to perfect his writing, He plans upon entering Loyola University. f hot ! was f W"'-trly Miss Marguerite R y to' wll ° '"'^ hcre fcr a nnmter ' ' •'**"* <"'° movl »S to Calirornia. . vcekly. Mrs. Picas Secoy is chair- ! ™- n ' Kl Mrs - Bernard Gooch had nan of this committee which hasl as t " clr « llcs! J'csterday Miss Mar- erved lunches for nine weeks. Th.-; BRre , 1 V, ' ct Jlc " l l )n( s. «'"o tor- activity will be> co-,itinu«l thromlr '""ly lived here. Miss Webb drove he school terra : wllh the 'American . "'' wlth llcl ' father, J. H. Webb, Lesion furnishing funds for thc lroj( ,,t. . wlth llcl ' father, J. H. lwno wcllL to c; "l>" Oirnrdeau for a business trip. The sum of $31.50 was recently; ".j i MlSl I! ''• Galncs nll<1 daughter pent for library books, required! ; vcnt to U.vcrsblirg. Tcnn.. (his af- or nn elementary A grade school I tenloou «> w «'llh Mrs. Galnes' Ibrary. I mothcr ""d brother who nrc scri- Thc pic s-.ipper netted 51B.40J cu f'.V'"' .he committee Hiinouiiced. ! , i , "' al '5' Cat.ierinc Martin, n It was voted to sponsor a move-1 ^" dc ', lU nt U'«l ? nwood college, SI ncnt to remove all cans from al- c " nr!cs - ™°- a"Ivcd last night eys nnd the co-oi>crat!on of all townspeople is askcti. Roscoe Morns' roo:n won the Flowers for Easter Next Sunday is Eastnr—A day of flower ..... /giving. Heatons Home of Flowers have F u wonderful collection iu potted blooming plants for your selection. Blue and pink hydrangeas, Easter lillies, imported hybrid amaryllis, Made up boxes of blooming plants, hanging baskets and smaller plants too numerous to mention. In cut flowers you will find roses of different colors and prices—carnations and snapdragons, the best to be had, sweet peas, pansics, valley lillics, callu liliics andJOasler lillies. Corsages of gardenias, roses arid sweet peas. Order early. We telegraph flowers all over the world. Heatons Home of Flowers niylhcvillc, Ark. Received at 103 Soutl: Broadway 4IMG HO 'I6XL CHICAGO ILL MAR 30 1931 JIEDEL'S BLYTHEVILLE ARK HAPPY TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT AS EXCLUSIVE . REPRESENTATIVE FOR MUNSINGWEAR PRODUCTS CITY OF BLYTHEV1LT.K STOP YOUR INITIAL STOCK NOW ON THE RAILS UPON ITS ARRIVAL YOU WILL BE ABLE TO EFFECTIVELY SERVE WITH JIUNSINGWEAR EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD IN BLYTHEVILLE STOP ALL GOOD WISHES SINCERELY MUNSLNGWEAR CORPORATION 542? Note: It is indeed with considerable pride and pleasure that we publish the above and to invite you to come in and inspect' this complete line of MUNSINGWEAR. 224 Main JIEDEL'S I'hone dollar puzu uothcrs in for h.?.\l:i r group of the Woman's Missionnr society' of the First Christ!a chutch were in charge of t'r.e sp cial prayer service Wednesday a . temoon. This v/as the first of a scries three sen-Ices to be held in the pr Easter week as is the annual en torn. The Shclton group will t: !:• charge Friday afternoon for & :;;•_•gram at 3 o'clock and for the s :.-,rise service Sunday, 6 n. m. ;;:c- Ross grouj will give the program. "Fellowship in Suffering" was the - theme of yesterday's meeting. Lnslcr Ffrtr Hunt Given. i Tlio primary uc-pniLigicnt oi the; Sunday school i>! Hie Ilvst Baptist' church had ics nnr.'.ir.l Kaitcr cj^ i hunt in. the br.sdnent o! the church jvsicrday afternoon. j The telling of npp-oiiri,i(e Easier , slorics. distributing candy mid hunllnj eggs were features o! the! entertainment. : Mrs. Jake Huffman, supcrlr.tcnd- ! ent of the department, was assist- j ed by Mesduiises U. W. Mullins. T. ! J. Hall. Alfred. S. Hnrwcll, C. Mar- i ;:n, Ciara Perry nnci Misses Virginia Huffman and Ka'.hryn Mnr- tin. | Favors of tickets for sonvniirrs! at the Central Shoe stove wercj given. WHEREVER YOU GO WHATEVER YOU DO THESE ARE THE SHOES THAT GO WITH YOU GiviMi I'.irty. Miw Lccilc Sutlcm to 12 tjuols last cvnil I \vr.s linr.toss | Given Shower. ; - Mrs. Damon McLeod and her - . B'eek-old daughter were CTir;ir, cE | ccaiplinienting Uymon Powell w!io! honor at a surprise party and I" b " ! "B translcrrcd to I/arhviile.! shower given Wednesday afternoon Hc ui " bo loc:<i 1' a;«l m« j by Mrs. Hetchcr Kinir. hcf.ucr for the Arkansas-Missouri' The 22 guests met at tlie King j i' 0 ^ 1 " company. i home and went tojeltcr to visit Games and danclr.i: wore rr.juycd the mother and baby. Contests were r ' l;tl '. nle '" lhe evening delicious enjoyed and a baby basket, lined In pink satin and filled with yellow jonquils which was presented Mrs. McLeod, was filled with gifts fo- the baby. ri'lHslimeuts were served. The marriage of Miss Violet Quartcrmoir, and Mr. Wesley Mill- ', •ins. both of here, occurred here | jv-.crday by Justice Obcar Alux- i .The daughter, who v.'chrufi pounds al birth, has h:';:; n . Marianne. ! -' I - Mrs. King sen'cd dciic:;-... '-.-,'ij ... • salad with cakes and hot c!-.oeo!itc ' il;lvin c N'i;ht flub. ' and the favors were chocoial" Eas-1 XI:s - V'clorBrsy and Mrs. W. P.: ter rabbits. Vca^y arc u-,:citainins the Night' « * « I Bridge club nf the Young Matrons j j Bridge ch:b tonight. Pastor Is Given an | Informal Reception. The Rev. J. L. Newsorr,, who recently became pastor of the Second Baptist church, was the BUSS;. of honor at an informal receptio-.i last evening, planned by the Woman's Missionary Union. Follovring the usual mid-wcek prayer service the GO present en- Joyed a social hour In tho social rooms of the church. Delicious refreshments u'erc served. The new pastor Ruth Taylor New County Health Unit Nurse Mi:s r.ii-.h Tayltr, of Ei norsdo.t Ark., srrhcd ictlay to a.viime her | jdi;t:cs a.s iiMi?e of the Mississippi' I County ttsith Unil. She is re-1 placing Miss Sa'.'.ic M. Crowe who ! i was trans-ferrcd ID the Jackson: I county unit v.iiii hcadc^arleis at' succeeded liis j Newport. brother, the Rev. E. Z. Ncivsom.] The unit now h?.s a'diicclcr two' who is now pastor ol the lilmo, Mo., I white nuises, one colored muse a! Baptist church. sauilary and a c'.cvl: ' MODES of the day - - modeled to the manners of the smallest woman fashion knows - - - Water Snake, Colored Kill of Sea-Sand, Sun Tan, Ulack Kid and Hlack Faille Cloth featured in Snappy Tics, Dainty Straps and Tumps, styled (o answer all demands of afternoon and evening par- lies, Priced al ?G, §7.50, $8.50 and §10. Good Shoes & Hosiery Jeff Roland ' Flovd A. White Complete Showing of Children's Footwear Exclusive Styles ... a/ moderate prices We Introduce The New Mode . . .in all its glory . . . At the JNcw Low Prices ol the Year Women who shop here arc amazed al (he abundance of individually styled dresses . . . (he freshness and completeness of the stock . . . the quality of the materials and the workmanship . . . and the low prices prevailing throughout our store. Here is a complete selection of Spring Dresses and accessories that arc proof of our leadership in fashion, and of our ability to offer them at the lowest prices. Choose your Kastcr outfit here with the utmost style assurance. All the highlights of the mode arc represented . . . with a freshness that is invigorating and a quality that appeals to every woman of taste. THE NEW YORK STORE Ifil's new you'll find it here first RTY-RING SEVEN H!!!i. ^ (:Auu y I'UICKS OX I'l.AIN HUKSSKS AND COATS .STii.I, IN KKI-KCT

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