The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1932
Page 8
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PAGE EK211T 1!LVT1IEV1U,K. (AUK.) COUUIRR NICK'S 5/ee/e Society—Personal As Ship Carried 37 Down '-.Misses Ruth Wall and Marion Wright are spending 'this week with frL?nds in Mississippi. Devart Snilth was in Memphis oh 'business Monday. ' ' Misses Rulli Harper and Julbt Frank are spending this week in •Carutheisvillc as the gusts of Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Brooks and family. Mr', and Mrs. J. H. Workman and ton James Henry left Tucs- »• day for St. Louis lo spend several days with friends. Miss .Thelma Patterson of F.?s- tus. Mo., sucnt last wec-k end here ' with friends. Miss Madeline. Baug'n is visiting fi lends in Hayli this week. Mrs. M. G. Atwood is sp'iidin'! . part of her vacation al Advance, Mn. She let' here Tuesday. Ben Broderick of Ktinsas City and his sister. Miss Hazel Brodcr- ick of Stee^. shopped in Blythe. villc last Friday. Bennie Wads Andcrs-.n of Avn. Tex., is tlie guest of Mrs. Sallte B. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Sp?nrer and daughter. Mrs. Elwood Brown, shonred in Blvtheville Monday." Mr. and Mrs. John P^ks ir. vere smsls of'Mrs. M. E. Pnrks of Caruthersvillc Sundav. Mr. and Mrs. .7. R. Neclev and daughter. Joe Prances, of Caruth- crsville, were guesls of Miss Pmil- inf*' Morgan Sundav. Mr. and M''S. Wilce Citr'ner and Miss HiMq Plumley visited at Alton Sundav. Aubrey Phelton. who ,hns been seriously ill for the past wsek, is •(itiin io be out again. Mr. and Mrs. .folm Parks jr.. pjinr-nfld in Memohis Mnndav. VirPic Rhrwrter and M'«nnn anH P n in Vi^ic were fnrpsts of Mr and M's. i.inrte«v 'Smith of Caruthors- vi"-> TiiPttlav. Mi-is Helen Marvell of Mcmnhl-s swnt the *"rek fn'l li"^ wilh h" 1 " sister. Mrs. C. E. Miller. TJ>o hnmn of Mr. mill Mrs. .T. R. Kell^v and Mr?. Jonnin rhlHit}" On Mnin street xvns drtfrovcd h" fi™ nrjrlv Rn + nniav. F'lrninirc nn'J rllMhinl* nf (hp fvc'H ln nis W 0( 5 VillrrvH. O-ioj^ nf l\-,f flvn jg |in- knoTii. T' 1 ^ hnrne. ^'>urh v-nc . nnrti" r'AVArprT ''v insurance, wil 1 list. i^rM-" >a make their hour|p trim* Mi^v M r *. ^^t 1 '.")! Pri1\ son B' 11 " of ^»^^,l>ll• s dnuehter. Mrs. C. E Miller. n' >r -. P'H V"«. J. \V. Pn^iEiT; .Mi^ Vnrix Pichnrd nf Mm yndi- i"n si>(>pce was in Carutlicrsvlllc . rai.. K H-,-> fimst n( Mrs. .Alnn C""°laii(i ffi'n fe<" dnvn. jfr. n"-i Mrs. P rt n -BrnHer'ri- nr F r «»i«'i« C'fv irr flip riw.';! 1 : ^f Mv jinrl »J'i-. T E. Broderick and oth- 1 p* r^io*iv n< ;. Plnllin JTVnirv. urliQ jc fiftenfllnr- .'"ips*Hi>-i A. "nd M. fipiip.".- sr^ni jncf. i.-onk nrl ^ i,p r p Tiih Ms pnr- pn»5. >*-. nn ^ M, 0 N T< 0 ,,, v • N. Johnson was lu Mcmph!° Jlf«n<i, Vi . Mis^wi ^Inri nnd F'hni -j^iviri. atp. and Punic* 4 »«H iTn?^! p-io- rrrrn r shopped in Blytbeville Sat- u^ov. Mr. find Wrs. John Pjirt'; ir. "••"•" In Memphis on busincs r T> ln sdav. M'. "rid M"; :M. 1". vipkA-v f f>. P.-"nei>. t?«n»il^ Wfldo AnH. nr*:^n. Frin'oi-fl Pfpffpf nnrt tlr- >'lr-,, O-'ilriln" !>nrl I ott'" n-l'> FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1900 KITCHEN ! frull, teren!, cream, baked esgs, iniillins, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON—MVf'r and bacon ! ::i"Uv. irfie". head lettuce with 1 Fri'iuh dossing, cranberry' sjwiiie. milk. tea. JJIN.NKR—Sluffsd pcik !t:u!cr- loiii, ciiiiiamon ii.cjilcs, swept po- tators dvllc!ri.s, hi'OKcli i:i Hol- l^ncUiih^-^aucc, fro?en f?in^cr pear.i, vii|) <nk(",. initk, colfce. BY SISTKK MARY NBA Service Writer III many homts there Is a child v.ho must cat his luncheon alone, and his mother usually dices a diineull problem Unfor- mmey the lonely child usually Submarine Mountain Located in Pacific! i •SANTA CUUZ, Cal. (UP)--AJ Imw .submarine moun'.aliv mor^ ..,,. , , , . • | IKiin ii mill high, has lieen dis- has lillle apretlie and is not, in- ,. nv ,,,u ,„ tllc KKm ^ „,,,,.,, W( ,.., dined lo tnke sulficlent time to nf ,„=,. c! i y by t: , lc n . cw , )f tl n : eel. Ollen fcod miist b« kept hat| ijnci'-'iic survey boat "Guide", or reheated an hour after the j which has been makin? sounding i family liinchean. and caie must be '— '• used lest it become nnjppcllv.- ing When (lie S. S. Nevada sank off. bleak Amatlenak Island, in the Aleut Inn group oft Alaska, only three men out of the 37 on board were saved. They were dcscued by the S. S. President Madison, which' .sent a bout ashore through the heavy breakers to take on" Hie survivors The wrecked ship is shown ni top. with only Hie upixtr deck, bridge and [mmel above water. Two of the three survivors and their rescuer arc shown below.' Left to right are Lucena N. Dccnney, Captain R. J. Healy of the President Madison and James Tliorsen. Camera Sees Underworld Drama Bu.«t" T»n/1 M en4 w^ r ,i dinner^ts of ..Tnhnsnn RntiHnv. Cirtr^r nf Jon^sl-orn hen? ™>i.h his mrcnls. Mr DT.H Mr« w o. Carter. Miss Predia [Hnm-». of ^"nlion wv.'. is Oi^ quest of Mr. and Mrs MKs Mi'^rcd Ovt>rt«rf Ireturncd Sunday after hnvine w^.'ks wilh relalives at Tvronza Ark. " , Mnrv E.. la-month-olrt fltw\\ *w of Mr. and Mrs, W. T. Hnmn ton ^rn had nniv livrr) nt rnnt cr 11 da^'S. rtirrt at th»lr him Pi'nrliv nf whnonine rmnh. Bur W was at the Number Eight cem • Tlie Enwort.Vi Laegne gnv<> nifi s' m Tx;r pnd Tfimam at th ""thod'st church Tuesday »v M'ss Chatline T,lr-Kco;>il). ifr .Tohnc^n .Ipno 'Rnsjlf 1 HpVfl Ern Rnrr<- ^n^ Hii^ ft >-+ ui •s-'-^tM in the program. Mi Olfp Kourv wa^ pw^r^p'l a m °* the most- pooulor Eirl. an' 1 rr«1< nf the aftnir. SIRJS. . FV>vd B'edEoj. and th? Miiv "»'°n Mnrsh»H nnd Ohristin 1 Whiifipld of Mpmt>h ; c soent 'las; w eek <?nH HPT with Mr ^nd ^T^ T. The use of a iray will solve the lonesome side of the question. A tray can be carried wherever a mother's work may take her. IV she is at wtrk In the kitchen, the nay can be placc-d at one corner of the kitchen lalilc. A corner of the sewing table or a .sunny window In any room is a pleasant place to cat if the small ijerson has 'company." Also the tray plan does away .with the necessity of ;eepjny the dining room (able set or sin hour or so between meals. A fair-sized cblone tray will be :ound satisfactory, small and liyhl enough tor a child to carry, but inn and strong. Dishes in shapes that will not upset easily arc <lc- shatjle. A small, covered casserole (hat cap, be heated in a pan of hot water makes it possible to licat foods easily. Individual containers and molds are another great convenience. With I his equipment n most attractive luncheon can bo .served. The luncheon for one has one Important point in its favor. It provides opportunity to cater lo in- ^ dividual need and taste. Tlie small sun or daughter who is n bit finicky and lends to underweight can be tempted by favorite and nourishing foods too expensive for the family table and the hearty appetites of robust children. An eggnog In place of plain milk, cream in place of top milk over his baked apple or pudding, or a broiled lamb chop are instances ci extra care. .' One hot dish should be planned for a child's luncheon. A cream soup can be quickly reheated without spoiling it in any way. A creamed meat or vegetable can be reheated in a casserole placed in a pan of hat water. A small double-boiler Is excellent for reheating small portions, too. The following menus are planned fcr the child from seven to nine years of age. Cream of corn soup, toast 'sticks. cnrrot straws, rolled oats cookies, lemonade or orange juice. | Creamed Inmb on toast, lettuce sandwich, baked apple,. cocoa. Stuffed baked "potato, heart of lettuce, cinnamon toast, et'g noj. Cream of tomato soup, toasieu crackers, peanut butter and lettuce sandwich, baked pear, ginger cookie, milk. Egg poached in milk on toast, sliced banana, molasses cookie, milk. Tcmorrow's Menu BREAKFAST—Halves of grape- HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Adm.—;\Iatince and Night 10 and 25c ]ieai' here. A hu?e crater, 7.000 fer-i tlr-op. ! \vas loijii'.cd some tirn.7 ayn. Th? i top of the motiiHain is approximately 930 fathoms, or 5.400 feel, under the .surface. Tor Ynur Entertainment and Comfort R1T7 THEATER Last Time Today—"Miidison nnd wilh Jack 'M;irinii Nixon. Saturday Onlv Ad.'n. — Al.'ilinno and 10 and 25c Sec 'Cornered' with Tim McCoy Serial — "Hero of Ihc West" hold-up—an exchnnsp of shots—a woman accomplice kneeling bc- idc a fallen bandit—"Joe, Oh, Jce! Yon're hurt!" That was the lark underworld drama that an alert photographer recorded in this emnrkable picture. While Joseph Can and Louise Baroutco had been obbing a New York clothing store, Patrolman John Montague entered nd opened fire. Both men were wounded, but, the policeman so slights' that he was ab!c to pursue and capture the woman when she with the robbery loot. After being returned to the scene ihcoting, she is shown here as she tearfully embraced Oair. -olice stood by quietly for a moment, for they- knew it was farewell. The bandit then was rushed to a hospital, where expected to die from his,wounds. of fled the Other a last he was See Texas Buddies' with Bob Stcele The Kind of Western Kvcry- onc Will Enjoy. Serial—"Hero of the Flames' And Cartoon I. Whitfield, and Mrs. Vi •. and Mrs. T. J. Barnes anrl ron of BMhpvllle wpre <-iie';' nf Mr. .and Mrs. Jack Ozmtnt Sunday. Mrs. H. S. Tavlnr and daughters .Tackle and F^l»n swnt W°d- nesdiy in Lcachville with Mrs V f. Tavlor. Miss Kathlinc Haroer retut to hsr home here Sunflav follow ine »n nr/>ration for aonenrti at thn Blvth'^iv hospital. She i Letters Delivered After 28 Years of Travel LOS ALTOS, Cal. tUP)—"Such «rvice!" sold members of W Walton Edwards' family, as they received a packet of letters addressed to Edwards and posted 28 \ears ago. Afier years of travel. lho letters one mailed in New Jersey ,!n 04. one from the sam e slatei'in "C* and one from Washington'. C. .in 1909—arrived nil right, ut Edwards was dead. He died ve years ago. Nipples Put "Kick" In Speak's Near Beer Sundav and Monday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c See Ml« Helen Taylor has accepte fc TOslMon ns assistant in th 8«nk of Sieele. KNEW IT ALL lv with the teginning of th century was there recognize n«d for a dictionary wtiic help Englishmen to. tetter o( Jeflerson. tlie first Adams, nnc Sonroe. all three former Prcsl cms. died on July 4. KANSAS :CITY. Mo. (UP)—Ever wonder how tli" hinncgger gels "•. ri(?ht "sliof'in n boitle [ near beer? Fecternl prohibition apsuLs. raid- K here, discovered how the illicil ellers of liquor worked It in nl .m one spcnkeasy. Tl:o bartend- was cqliiopcd with a supply of ubbcr nipples, intended originally or baby's bottles. The nipples (Hied tightly over mail measuring glasses, each of vhich contained a "shot" of alco- ol. Thus It was possible to squirt he spirils easily and evenly into nch bottle of bror as It was called or. TO TODAY'S fp 11 E colossal Ftalue of tV.e pphinx was talll ^l.oul 2Sno n C. The planu ri^ 1 lurpil 1s a PAR Al/l.ELORRAM T li c Anlartiii , birds shown ar j PRNlli:lNS Paramount News and Comedy. Meyers Bargain Center Again Makes A Mightyf Purchase* Sunday and Morr/av Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 35c See - .BERT Sllft £? SHALL GARY GRANT Dfrecl-d by JOSEF VON STERNBERG Brard new F:ill novelty footwear. 1'atcnf, And hroini kid, blar-k and urown sui-de. Arch supports. Novnlly Irim cum- hitiations. $145 $1-87 $245 Ml» 1CCOND MAIIIAOI MIANT NOIHINO 10 Mil HUT HUSB*HD] r/ COMIXG — THURSDAY & FRIDAY—Oct. 27-28— ON THE STAGE IN PERSON' Man Gets Drunk On Ground Glass Cocktails KALISPEL, Mont. (UP1— John Colure, Indian, was arrested on n "liargc of drunkenness. "What have you been drinking? ' 'nicrled Magistrate Eugene McCarthy. 'Ground glass cocktails." volunteered a. member of the court. A flask of moonshine, containing 1 bits of floating glass, was exhibited. and . miscroscoplc study rc- 1 veated hundreds ol glass particles I flinilrm lit the liquor. SIAMESE T Wl N S In tl*e World With Their BO ft N° JOINED With tin: Picture— Sl!CCKSSPUl/CAI,AMIT\" \Vitli George Ai;liss. ofBrand New Merchandise Starting Sat, A Smauliitif; Scoop! A Great Sa!c . ... on MKN'S HEAVY WEIGH'l Womens' Coats TlicVre the f:?jl vahic in tfluii! Scorei ui i.i' hie i. 2 blr new stj]r s, new colirrs, new u*;i '.trials. Overalls and Jumpers 49c Table Oil Cloth WOMEN'S RAYON KNI FANCY SWEATERS Assorted New Colors Solid Colon and F.incy PatUMiix. YARD Shoe Bargains! KLEENEX 5-PIKCE RUFFLED CURTAINS SET Just unpacked. Hrand new .styles and new Fall colors EIGHT-PIECE Green Glass Cereal Sets Consists of 6 ctreal'bowls, cream pitcher and sugar $2.88 $4.88 LADIES' WHITE HANDKERCHIEFS MEN'S WHITE HANDKERCHIEFS Galvanized Tubs T.irgc No. 2 Sii: (Limit) Green Glass Salad Sets Consists of 6 salad plates and one large bowL Peppereli Sheets PILLOW CASES Full 42x36-inch Q g Bowl Sets Cenisls of 3 various siic Ion Is and onf gradr.atcd cup. i ll " SILK HOSE tA All New Colors -I J ^ A MOST KXTRAORD1NARY OFFERING! Men's Dress Shoes and Oxfords In All the New Styles $1.45 $1.87 $2-87 HROOMS Five Slranrl tl.iinil} 13c P. * G. LAUNDRY SOA!> 10 Bars (Limit) 21c MEN'S BROADCLOTH DRESS SHIRTS Solid Colors and Fancv Patterns CHILDREN'S GOLF HOSR AH colors 1fl/« Pur , tyt CHILDREN'S LKATHERKTTE HELMKTS Wilh (toggles, OO r Fleece tired " J Children's Rayon Stripe Jersey HLOOMERS colors STOCKINGS Children's htavy ribbed slockinjs, ?air ...— COVERALLS Children's hickory Eiri|K*cl coveralls .... MEN'S SHIRTS AND SHOUTS 2 rnr 25C SILK HOSE .Men's Rayon Siik Hcs« MEN'S ROCKFORD SOCKS r.-r P,ir WORK SHIRTS Men's blue work shirts with two porkcls MEN'S SUEDE SHIRTS In grey and tan, full cut. two pcckcU JUMPERS Men's blanket iiifd jumpers WORK PANTS Men's 77 r-l.50 value II*. UNION SUITS HC>T.' and Girls' ri&bcd union suils, Eacli .. MEYER'S BARGAIN CENTER ;110 \V. Main St., UlyUicvillc, Ark. B IXwrs West of Rit 7 . Theatre

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