The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1937
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 288 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ; _ ™ E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND 80UTHFAW MrWOtmt nivtlim'Ulo Prtiirlup - m...i._ ..." ~: ——• • • wwv> *u.MQi AliftttUlflU niythcvllle Courier Blytheville Hoi nld LOCAL WOMA SINGLE COPIES FIViJ 'CENTS, Measure Voted Down Mississippi County Pair As' /At Fmalo of]\i^i]^ YOUTHS AVard Talks (or an Hour • on Proposal lo Support Roosevelt LITTLE ROCK, Pcb, 19. (UP) — •The house of representatives, dur- I>IB its morning session, experienced I wo filibusters lasting more than an hour each but succeeded In pass- Ing-lwo major bills sent there by Die senate. The first filibuster was started by RC]i. William ward of Lea county against the passage of a resolution endorsing President Hooscvelt i" >»s efforts lo Increase j Hie personnel of'the United slates I Mipremt court. ' The resolution was .Introduced by Hep.. Lloyd Darnell of' Phillips county and Ward ssiiicd upon it us n means of preventing the consideration of the Ve.sey liquor hill which was due to lie recalled during the morning for a vote on its emergency clause. Ward talked until the moniin° hour -had; expired,.cndino his remarks by reading parts of stories .Jrom state' neivspapers handed to nl.m by his 'fellow legislators Coffcll Still - soclalton'.s ho)M of having parj-mu- fnel betting In 'connection with horse racing at the 1037 county fair here next fall apparently was blast; cil with the defeat In Uic house of representatives at Little Rock yesterday of a bill by Rep. ivy w Crawford of this city. The Crawford bill, which would have legalized paii-inntuel bctling on horse races at county fairs un- tier certain restrictions, was voted down by a narrow margin, according to worcl .received here toctav Parl-mutitel, bcMin" is le<»al "in Arkansas under tlie under ' uner which the Hot Springs race track operates, but the Mate is so heavy as to be prohibitive for small Tomorrow Is Last Chancel to Cast Ballots in Cour-i ier Poll -•-; I Opponents of President Roose-' veils supreme court, reorganization program made somethln<r ot a comeback in ballots received today „, .-- "'"5 .but arc still trailing 'supporters of The second filibuster was staged llle P'an in the Courier News noil ^ R a n Trpnn/ii]> /-"««-,,ii _f ~_.. ' rin n,- i_ - f , .. i/wn. R?p. Kenneth CoiTelt of Saline county against proposed house ac- uon receding from an amendment lo the appropriation bill for the jmbhc utilities commission in which the salaries of the commissioners were cut. Coffelt remained on the floor at. Iho lime [he house rtcessed for its noon horn- and was to resume his speaking when the. body reconvened nt 2 o'clock. >wing Ward's filibuster, wiiicli - .-- -~o-'.»-i nicii uplll- . -^., n.,,v;ii '°" s should'see that their-ballots - when the morning hour had reach ">e Courier News office be" •;•.!•/ . c "umbers by a vote of I r ° re noon Saturday. »•» to 1 approved the bill-by. Seil- •."Wt-Heudrlx'Rowell of Plrie^Bluff- - % WILMS ihf l^l' a b °:"' d ot rma "« to aid -. . ~' ^' ixctta |>Lm. On the vasls of ballots received .;iip to, l o'clock this-afleMioon (he vote stands: ' j Fbi;. Ihe president's plan. Do. Agnmst the president's plan 70 Of', the. ballots received since 1 o'clock .Thursday only six were r^le^^o^St 1 ^ j;:lf nofyTS^ Hp.KiHpugh. Sentences who desire to register their opiii- Negroes Say 'Former Missouri Coiivicl Marketed Stolen PoiiHry ! Proposes $50,000,000 I Floodjlelief Fund! WASHINGTON. Feb. 10 <Ul>> — ! Frnutcr Shcrmnn Ml n ton (Uejii, -, liul.) loday Introduced a Join 1 , i provldlmj for appropriation of $50,150,000 for rclitf off IM1 Hood suirerers. Minion's resohillon would author™ the president lo allocate (he money' lo the governors "o[ the various .stales alloclcd - by said Hood In proportion lo the mim- bcr or families in said stain tor slates aircctcd by. Ihe flood." .„• . • AH cx-cohvict, who says -ins; i nr T 'iinnrrin »»»><• Is ciy.lo Clark, and t vo i"-l ,1 If- H P^ M r^^u^,™ 1 " 1 . 1 ^— uUL !,.nurLiUL- OF.IBT and city oiricor.n in connec- wflli n .series 'of,.chicken hi the vicinity O r niy- le and O.sceolii, ' negroes, Willie Ward, nllas Jones and Ulnck Willie ex- eonvlcl, and Onve. N'ash, barber shc-p porter, have admitted the licit ol chickens :it,; ihe Closnell slate line mid Number Nine com-' imnilllMi near here mid along the Carson Ukc road, southwest or Osccola, and have named Clark who has been In this .city for ' or three, months, ,is the head leaders Iron's celebration: on the closing day of the rrom 54 countries attended the foiir-dny ceremony ty. , V6ic was . Ablngton of Whit by nnnrt 're-was Passed by a vote of ge to ''7 Hardy measure, authorizes "?. utaw Sli »'fuhd wHh collected from the sales h0rse mm e acn S fl "rt from when. payments will be made by the state welfare board to *** a = ea , Will Complete Bond Action c The membership, without !tp|)roved a dis- r;, •» for the appointment, of a fhe . »'i'K u *"ti[it;iiL> o committee or three lo inform 5ov- ," 0r wl a L T tAllt dllrin " tlle coming week two night sessions had been set aside ;or the enacimeni of administration bilk Tt\ n L w»iw- — - •-•* iiJit "5uiiL.iv me ores tit t'li- lhcboSd»T£ nnal .-«* ten °" "f'-.PnV"". ««t clly TO nl™OT«. led for If! f \' ls m WBS scllcd - S' lle "" f "S'y Democratic in Novem"l« for the afternoon session. - b"." This was true, of course in U. Gov. Bob Bailey will probably i mally of the commnnitlts that'are "«£ MIl'M 1 h" dftl>e BOVC1 '- ™ ( '^,: a j ainst tilc P' fl n'i»y Hree °m to the chief executive's NEA. Service Staff Corrcspomlcnl Opponents of the 'presidential plan to reorganize the'U S' Sii- preme ' Court held ' a comfortable lead of mprc than two to one as ballots .poured in from 113 cities in ,32 slates. 1 . Tlie figures: For the plan, 23973- against it, 48,045. a total or more than 72,000 ballots. . While the general trend held steady, some changes became 'apparent.'Clarksburg, w. Va. for example, swung over to a slight majority ii, f., vor O f u le -^^ 9p ^ 203, after early returns that" were sweepmgly t n opposition. : The El P O SO. Herald-Post took a special .poll at the College of Mines, students;2 - 1 I" 'avor of The Brie, Pa., Times noted that hoiigh its. early ballots showed a 204-716 vote against the prcstrtm- office for his The senate during the mornln- ass Passed eleven bills State totals, in states where an especially wide distribution of bal- !<ws^ S been obtained, were as foi- one-t nrd and the state police bin -">'= latter increases the duties of ML^nri aT,^^ - - - - - £,i£J 1.120 --, 0 -....^ tv Gcorsijx powers and making it the I Kansas The senate voted to pay the wi-'.Ohto Jni " "' " " "-"- - 716 l.nfi-1 735 Bcnton, former ser ° d wllilc on , ,, rel MI in the lower house . mn™'™ tcxtbo °k for 1938 and „ " crc P'^ed by the senate. t'Karcltc Tax Diversion scnal rin- lo ° bill and its for ,, " c bi " transfer- fllnd "" Pennsylvania Texas Wisconsin 805 • «l • 381 • <. 127 • 873 4.306 • 8H 3.828 • 3-358 2.413 • 2.3-11 5,448 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. IB (ijp)_ Collon futures reacted today when Husband of Three lo Three Years .„ . •MARION, Ark., Feb. 19. (UP)_ iMtchacr-'A^ i,. Orrlck,.--24;- former engineering student at Georgia Tcoh.-:t«lay>-.began -a three-year sentence oh bigamy cliarges Orrick pleaded guilty to charges he had three wives and circuit Judge Neil Killough late yesterday senlenced him to serve it year in the Arkansas state penitentiary lor each of them. Orrick's second wife, Mrs. Zora! Obie Jones Orrick, a Memphis nurse, joined with Orrick in a futile plea that his sentence be suspended and that he b= alloived to establish a home with her and care for their child. His first wife, whom he married in Georgia, has divorced Him and Jus third, whom he married at Ciarksville, Ark., has obtained an annulment. " • Judge Killoiigh allowed htm the minimum sentence and promised to sign a parole for him at the. end of 18 months if. his conduct warrants it, Denies Giving Japanes? Information of Value WASHINGTON, Feb. 19. (UP)— John S. Farnsworlh. former .r. lieutenant commander, charged with espionage, declared today from his cot in the hospital ward of DIS- Irict of Columbia jail that, "i could not have.given Uic Japanese naval didn't al- attaciies a thin ready know."' ., T^he ont'e dapper Parnsworth who Monday pleaded nolo'contedere lo... j j •. ..u. u vviiit charges of comniuhiCiiling n crets lo Japan, Insisted that the information., mentioned In-'hls "ln- dictme'nt "was not "confidential" Corporation plant lurgical here. Two sheriff's deputies were in- iured seriously, one by explosion cf a tear B as gun In | lls 1)ockct and Ihc other by acid hurled from Ihe besieged building One sit-downer. ill. ran from the plant but Ihe others smashed >vi«do«-s to let out the dense clouds cf while eas and remained m the S1.500.WO factory which they have held since 'wedncs- United Stat»s Dcrmrlmcnl of Later Conciliator Robert Pcclin- tcn arrived i o seek a peaceful selMciiir-iit and Conciliator John O Conner was en route f rom Chi- The other a paper that was years ago. Now i a fella sent me published 25 - want to tell you I got quite a kid; out of it I got to lookin' at. the advertisements and I compared 'em with ., .,.„.„ ! hc aiis '"at. are runnin' h, the pressure was Pl ,t on £alnc pai>cr tMirl J'- II J«st shows ' ' ' • <•» keeo abreast of the The men who advertised notice day. nal pricts were one point ,- ongmal form, 29 An fimcndmcnt offered bv ntor Wilkes would hav i} vfinetti me common school fund and the equalization S as provided in the present law Senator Armstrong O f jyjrt Sintlh. who supported the \vilk« (imendment, told the senate tha? "If you take the cigarette tax away from the cities and larVe counties and give it to the nonr counties, the folks up in f^ Smith are going to tp,it paying Higher. Liquor Tax Tile senate, by a vote of 31 to Sled Hall to increase tlVstat* Ihior tsx 25 cenls a gallon and (Continued on page three) Dec Jan times. .--...„ in ,,,", le , olrt . W m 2s" years ,, w , March lost buggies, are stllin' aiilomo- u|[ . biles loday. off three points "nt' ; rhc " w » wl 'o ran the Harne« Slu,p in the eld days is HOT maimfaclurin- suit cases and goli ^^ bags. It klndn reminded me' of 1234 I llw blacksmith down home I 1223 1178 1182 open high low 124S 1247 1230 1237 1238 1234 1223 1227 1223 IITfl 1179 117G 1180 1185 1180 11800 1182 1182 1,82 Spots closed steady at 1279, ofT four. e uscrt lo w< > rr y "bout him because lhc blacksmith business kept, fall'"' ofT cvcr >' ' llc and I wondered gonna do, but , u founrl out (hat he's kept nbrcast Jl!l of the times, too. _, . — .Not long ago. he attended i Chicago Wheat • h , omc , l ^ !cnt show e'vcn ror me i./w nmt \c\mtch down home and when the chorus came out ana sang a sone close! about the village blacksmith tlicv ""••got so much applause that this blacksmith knew they was gonna sing an encore, so he nulled tack-slage and whispered to the song leader, "When you sing that second chorus, will you p ul open high So 5-8 130 '1-2 1 Chicago Corn , you p t , ,, word about nlc mmaw < b , ™ » EOfflpRT Sit Downers Hold Factory Against Officers; Two Sheriff's 'Deputies Hurt VTAUKEOAN, HI., Feb. 19 (0 P>—Strenuous peace efforts were made today after 140 police and sheriff's deputies had baltlcd unsuccessfully for two hours in an elicit lo dislodge 100 sit-down strikers from the Fanstecl Mclnl- . John Dromcy or North Chicago, where (he plant Is located said "I hope the sheriff will delay -attacking asain until we can reach an agreement" Max Swiren, attorney for the company, announced that ccm- pany officials would meet with representatives of th c j r own workers but would not bargain with —•-••- organizers. HAMILTON. Out. (UP) _ Dr Wilfred J. Runmcy. veterinary iiup.con. is in Florida in answer In a Mimmons telephoned him bv William Bishop, who asked that he leave for Eradentown Immediately to treat Bishop's dog uuffv an influenza-sufferer. Mr. Roosevelt. However, Stands by Walsh-Hcaly W-Hbur Act :. ; WASHINGTON," Ftp, W (UP)- Presldcnt Roosevelt' inlljimied'" today that the government will take prompt, action lo obtain stcel'ror Us building program. Material has been (iiniciilt (o procure because of the Walsh-Healy act Bet- ling a 40-hour week for large cov- criinienl contractors. Mr. Roosevelt, speaking at his press conference, said the govern- ii ' must act'to obtain a sum-1 fleers of the chicken '' Ward and Clark ijimlnled white bolh l"f! time" In the Missouri Peiillciiliaiy at ' Jefferson City Wurk has been al liberty about in-1 live monlhs. K'Oil (.'JilcUcns in jMomiihls Tim white man denies participation In the ||, c r| S bllt 0(nc <, r ' s •||>y he has been Identified as the man who has sold a taree >>'iml,er „, ehlckens (o a- Pronl KMI ",? >V " cnl « l " i » Memphis Miiiin the past three weeks lie l'i>s bcr-n nslna. Ihcv sav. the "nine of Parson In his dcallm j>t Memphis. The Memphis ,' B ',|»n 7, lri i' nccor(li " 9 '0 oiflcers. aid that (he man . explained Ills POS.W.WIO,, of the chickens bv •; ° "* '""' ."= operated •« small - ore in niylhevlllc and received the chickens In exchange for' groceries and merchandise. " , Widow -,'Says She _Was Taken to Mis- souii and-'Attackecl . CCO'I Ull Mo,, , Feh 10 - Two , Coolei jonlhs, nichaid Young 21 I mid o D. Bondi. 20, membcis of | well known fnmllio'!, imva Jjeen j jailed at Cai uthorsvlllc on 'Ihe complaint or Mrs Clnra Pyle 3B-yfni-old UlytlieUlle widow, who '"•' olllceis thai .she wiif cilmlti- M ! Overseas >••'••' \ ,,l'"».ccHtln B yv.loiney Robci't ___ •_ (Hawkins announced tills afternoon WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (Ul>)-' vLi? M "m CI f vl " 0 , """ "' C lw " ajority 'l.ciider Josenlr T ' nob • i } ^ Khm n isoi. (Dem- Ai-k,l to! «i C ' S e,mlo " ? ^ ""' ° " ° ler loclay that he belleral will be Hi-comnlh ' stealing ring. hnrnnm ; •"••r"""»'«i tt,;, UL- lU'COIll were ••, c r!'°? 1 '"' • wUtal ' t ' 1 ' 1 °t «'«r «eic sciy- w iu,| n a yeaiv- , . sl " tl " lie cmphiislzed he wns'o: IK his-personal opinion. Re iiide Ihe slalcmcnt (I l U, r i, • , r |lc ile snkl "S SS.I I?" 1 ' 1 "? 1 taln » pate with the prosecuting 'Am ' tlo "' Q<l ""'«' " ° " u l ° "« «' lhul ' ""'- wil- «1 eta " ,„ " : or two ollici clprocal • ™ ,- ih' 1^1 "B iialloiLs which" hnvc'dcSed bit sho debts owed this coimlii- ''-I •Previously llic senate finance extending for, three' and walked to Cootei, \\heic told her 5 lory (o ollicen. cxhlblllng blnhcs she claimed were sustained at llic hands or thoiity : (o ' •Accoidlns lo Mis Pyle she had ^-^ »e S of,a, c -^,prS £S U^-XT^^ C- ta^lbwo'S'ln 1 ^ 1 " '^"'"PW-laS™ 0 ^"""" 1 '- l " iShl " niJ reversion of uxiiimnm... ._' °™,._":'". ll . omc thcro is a .< In the next soinclhlng s'ub- look- ,SeySrifr hiihWerl-pninds of Vresii'i !,'!&.'•S <V '"' <1: ^"'a^ht W.-itjo'-«•«[• nenl fmiurl n i oi^..i.!_ . . .• i iiLui. 1 !. - • .. they flrove lioilh 'on Highway Ol mid 'Into Missouri "Ihere they Action to clear up the steel jam "as been spurred by announcement of Great Britain's $7,500,000000 naval construction program- Mr. Roosevelt said that despite the dllliculties of operallno under the Walsh-llcaly art lie favored the !nbor standards .established by It and would like to sec similar pro-1 visions applied to all Industry all over the united stales. Clark's wife has admitted, of ville, Miss., tains Ihe . from Boono- Ihouuh Clark main- they arc rrom Alabama. Slay 1'roscciite In Missouri Among the therts admitted by the iioeroes | s (|, nt of a number of chickens and turkeys from the Mississippi county home for tin"-"I poor near t.uxora. One o< negroes, having "served lime" he county convict farm, on en the poor home Ls located '.was well-informed as lo the man-' |ner In which the farm's fowls were kepi. Anolhcr theft admitted by the lu-ifrccs. In which they Involve the wlnlc man. is that of some chickens from a farm near Cooler, MO. r Revenue Office Announces Plan for Lcachville and Manila n. B. Stout, assistant supervisor in charge of tlie Blythevlllc office °- the slate revenue department, announced this morning (hat \v, E. Armstrong, attached to the local office, will bt in Manila on Saturday' «"d Monday. Feb. 20. 22, and In Lcachville on Tuesday ami Wednesday, Feb. 33, 24, for the purpose i of receiving applications for state! "" (j.ui, ci u)],],ur record, officers believe they will be able lo oblaln conviction of Clark under a Iwibilu.H criminal law in some state which has such a statute, probably Missouri. Sheriff ffnic Jackson's deputies and Chief E. A. nice and his officers believe they have an "airtight" case against Clark. Closing Stock Price* -NEW YORK. Feb. 1(1 (UP) — Armament slocks soared today tc keep pace with demands for war materials In many countries. Steels led the market, u. S. steel and Uetlilchem made new higs since 1031. gaining more than four automobile "licenses. Btciuise Highway No. IS. from Blytheville west to Manila and since pHErS-Sfe-aS*^ sell state tags. it. was said. Mr. Stout said that the condi- L T niirt n- lion of the roads would be no ex-1 Amcric " ft ,? waicrworks' new htglis. opinion which settlement. lead Roosevelt Names Alrmeyer . n • ... ' . Eight, community Identity of (lie "other men' public alleged to ha\c been involved be, ,™™ sWc . s HodgcS| h(ls not bccn eUul) _ llshctl •r'^fi_-, t Two Found GuiHyftii, , ,. Kansas City 'Vote Fraud' .KANSAS CITY Mo, Peb ID.(UP)—A federal comt jury today * returned a split verdict m the lunt of nve election offlclah and ers charged nith compiling ti mil. ballot fraii<| in the No 3 election. John H Drmnmond, Democratic prpclnct captain, and Edson M. Walker Democratic judge, weie found guilty. The Jury nas unable as i \\orK-a to com- 1 n em her I lo Succeed Hii Chairman ; WASHINGTON, pet is (up ! |L President Roosevelt loday withdrew the nomination of John.o. Winant ns a member ot the social security board, subsllitiiing that of Murray W. Latlmer of New York. Winant, who has been servin-. as chairman of llic new government ngcncy. is being relieved, Mr. Roosevelt said, to attend to necessary personal business. ,-- - s ....... ^:,, iu ^, MK Mr. Roosevelt named A c. AH clerk ' allrf Loretta. McBnteo. Demo- >»nirn>- ., . *• " *' 1 *' I rim tin l,,tt n ^ . tc. agree on the guilt or innocence ot the three other defendants. ' Judge Meidll E Otis dhmlssed the Jury Those found guilty Will be sentenced by Judge oil? Thurs- dav morning. The defendants about whose fate the jury Has unable to decide were Elijah Burke, Republican Mrs. Anna O'Uughlln. «.,„•(( T V a mcmber °' "«= .-.UUBI ecurily board, lo serve as rlmir nan. I.IJIIH- Thc president said he hoped Winant would return later to government service. He ha., been mentioned as t a pos- Wc secretary of public welfare tvlri 1 ,. . S !' C 1 1 a " Ow S ov «n'"«nt department be created under Presi dent Roosevelt's government rooi- ganlration plan. cnitic judsc. Two Negroes Added to Flood Death List MEMPHIS. Feb.; 19...(UP)—Th n death list from floodWaters in ihij Ohio nnd Mississippi \allejs reacli- -. . today with the drowning ot two. negroes when their boat overturned In overflowed Bi» cieek .near Woodstock. Tent). Three negroes were paddling Tennessee Puts Limit f n r., lu i '" LX ' " e s roi;s were paddling tlH> OH Lracle Phone Fees', thro "B h backwaters to a stow } vllen It stnick a snag sprmv a Ten,,., (UP) ,,,, »- ...... A *.«. ly vur, The Tennessee public ulilities commission today issued an order lim- . U>C Soutlwr " B C" Telephone ' Livestock FAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Feb. lUI'i—Hogs: receipts 6,500 Top 10.3.) 170-230 Ibs 10.25-IO.3fi Light weights S.75-9.DO Bulk so\vs 0.40-!).l!5 Catllc: receipts Steers 7.40-8.00 Slaughter steers (>.00-13.25 Mixed heifers and vearlin^s 0.00-8.25 Slaushler heifers C.00-10.50 llocf cows rillO-GOO _, ., i , *•" 1UJ t|lt: muii 1'iccir Cuttrrs and low cutters 3.M-4.M ndmlnlstratfon until Ifl46. disc for avoiding penalties after March I and urged local motorisls as well as those west of nig Lake to .obtain their tags before the first of next month. Mr. Armstrong will take annli<">- lions and issue t,i|>s at tht Manila Banking company and at the Cotton-Barle Drug stoic in Ljachville. Carmody Appointment Confirmed By Senate WASHINGTON, Feb. 19 (Up,— The senate today confirmed the, it nomination of John M. Carmody' U. S smeitln» of Now York (o be adininlstra- ] ir. $ steel tor for the rural electrification| Warner Bros" Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel Chrysler Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester McKesson & Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central , Packard 13 Phillips Pctro. ..'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'. 54 1-2 . Radio Corp 123-8 i St. L -S. Fran 43-8 Simmons Beds 52 3-E Standard of N. J. Studcbaker 13 3-4 Y. Central 45 3-4 ._ .. ""'K »'c ooutncrn Bell Telephone 26 13 TOm " an *' '" il - s monthly surcharge * s '- 3 on cradle type telephones Subscribers who have palrl a lo- lol or $210 or more in the extra monthly assessment of 15 cents cc 1 8 ,, bccn illstructoi bj the com- Bb 5-8 mission lo dLscontinne the extra ,L.a ™™? 1 cffec A! re »»«n* I. New 26 1-8 61 3-4 92 3-8 151 1-2 15! Texas Corp. 74 3-4 19 3-8 55 93 7-8 113 15 5-8 Honlte .^........'......,..'. g ew- subscribers will pay tho extra charge for 18 months or imlil -i total of $2.70 lias been paid and llien will be obliged to pay no under terms of ths riiliiij. , ...^. v ..., tl t.-.Qt \j iv.I* saved by keeping afloat until two white men could push n lo.. out to him Arkansas — Probably occasional! 'ins tonight and Salurday. Memphis and vicinity—Rain this afternoon. Ionian and probably , S-1'urday. Continued warm with lowest'temperature tonight 50 to 55. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Pcb. 19 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close March 1256 1258 1253 1256 1240 1243 123S 1238 1228 1231 1226 12JG --- . 1181 1184 1180 1180 Dec .1178 1180 1174 1174 Jan 1177 im 1177 1171 Spots closed steady at 1206, olt cue. Spot Average Is' 12.11 The average price of 7-8 inch middling collon on tl\e ten designated spot markcls today WBS 12.73, according to the lilythevllle Board of Trade.

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