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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 15
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 15

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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FIFTEEN THE LINCOLN STAR TH URSDAY. APRIL 18. 1940 OWTHE STMD mm 'Aim Tac AMERICAN LEAGUE Tr Loui I n-r Tort I Bfvon 1 "-J Clurico I C.r.nd 11 Owl whR ion Pblldrl. I 1 1 Prt YANK AND YANKEE-TO-BE? End Prochaska Grabs! Driver Swcmson Ready To Defy Death Again INDIANAPOLIS, April 18 FOUR HIGHS IN Hackney In Trim Beat -Kansas Relays Mark Lateral a nd Romps NATIONAL LEAGUE. I I Shettndn, RAPJB6BSwansonr27year-olci PMIidrl.

1 0 000 Bo-ton 1 TRACK COMPET Los Angeles driver who narrowly escaped death last year in the accident which took the life of To Only Touchdown Of Windup Session. 1 By DON KELLOGG. WAY PROCHASKA, the Floyd Roberts of Van Nuys, Lincoln Host To Jackson, MANHATTAN, April 18, i i vx nv York i Elmer Hackney, one of Kansas Uuv S1: State's greatest and most ful athletes, will break hu own 1 shotput mai of 52 ftet. 1 'j mchts Kansas relays shotput cord atj last April 22. Four days later, Lawrence Saturday.

from! he heaved 53 feet. 4 mches his recent performances. against NebrasKa at Lincoln and The "One-Man Gang" has i to make his week complete he shown signs of recovering from, set a new Colorado relays mark the wrist injury which has kept of 54 feet, 1, inches at Boulder him below last year's form He APril -9- Tne Mlowirg week- Havelock and Crete-In nas-signea to anve again-in intr Indianapolis mctor speedway 500- I mile race May 30. r.Wi Friday MeeL By ALEX STODDARD. For the second straight year.

Swanson, a former car "I hn fircl 1 rri T-stffm mfr nrivr- (ATI T-n mo iu iuui uuv. umt- that pillar of ifY for Capital City cinderaien Kansas Sells Its Soul For end in the Kansas State-K U.Nebraska triansular meet at Manhattan, he reached his best mark 55 teet, 11 inches for a new American record. athletic virtue will be the tour-way compet De- 1 1 i i and propriety, tween Lincoln. Tackson. Have- -r'Sf'-'V driver, will be at the wheel of a 16-cylinder speedster owned by Alden Sampson.

The car, rated as one of the fastest on the track, went out of last year's race after only 47 miles because of differential trouble. Swanson was driving relief for Ralph Hepburn of Los Angeles when Roberts was killed. soinam tooo the veteran end from Ulysses, stole the ball and the show at Nebraska's Memorial stadium Wednesday afternoon as the curtain was rung down on the Cornhuskers' 1940 spring football practice! sessions. Thanks to Prochaska, who bears a marked resemblance to Nebraska's senior senator, the red-shirted "Harvards" scored for the first time on the No. 1 "Yale" aggregation in walking off with a 7 to 0 victory on the muddy field.

won the event in the Kansas State-Missouri university dual track meet here last Samrday with a heave of 52 feet, 6 inches, but twice fouled on throws of one foot farther. Even the 52 feet 6 Inch mark is better than the big athelete was doing at the same time a year ago. He set a new Kansas relays ne Lmversuy of Kansas, has lu fallen for the lure of Gotham's cn the L. H. b.

cinders nday Pacific Coast League. Beittlt. Los Anfi 5 Sun Dtfgo, 9. Holly word. 8.

Oakland. 9: tiatrair.ento. 3. Sun Francisco. 11: Portland.

gold. Yes, lily white Kansas, the afternoon at 3:30. Havelock May Threaten. institution which had been bending backward in its adherence to correct ethics ever since its While Lincoln high is heavily favored, Havelock's performance scotching by the Big Six confer in a duel meet with Jackson earlier this week stamps the Shoptowners as a possible threat. Crete unimpressive showing in the Wymore invitational last week leaves the Cardinals out of the running.

CLAMS GIVE YOU Chief interest in the meet is centered on Howard Debus, the Harry Hopp's kick rolled out on the "Har-', vard" 22-yard I line 1 1 after the con-s test got under way and husky Ro a I "King Kong" Kahler work-horse of the Lincoln team. "SI I 'I'd Debus will be entered in only two events the discus and probably the javelin but will compete "un THE BUFFINGS. SHU a fiw ran to go. but Tommy RuMing, ilre-yar-old ion Chmlay Hulling, tht Yankft' act pffebtr. alfady ix burning 'm ortt.

Ot eour. (hii only look placo in a hotel room. attached in two or three more fiyjllJyi events to get certified performances for the pentathlon sponsored by the University of Nebraska. ence of some 10 years ago. Announcement from Lawrence eonveys the information that Director of Athletics Gwin Henry nd Basketball Coach Dr.

Allen have given their okay to the appearance next winter of the K. U. basketeers in connection with one of those doubleheader things at Madison Square Garden Be it understood that the aforementioned basketball contests at the New York sports arena, first and last, are hooked up with a commercial enterprise. An individual promoter is the man behind the gun and, when the receipts are counted, jams a fat fist into the money pile. Common rumor tn Gotham has it that the promoter in question, after three or four years of his Garden activities, has cleaned up a fortune running into six figures a cleanup made possible only by the willingness of susceptible college athletic managements to be associated with a highly commercial and semi-professional scheme.

broke through to break Don ttom's kick after "Ha rvards" In the discus throw, ueous pei PLOT UNFOLDS event, the 190-pound Lincoln high athlete plans to cut loose an attempt to set a national inter- scholastic record if the weatner isn't too cold. TO STOP YANKS 9n. gloikwif OoIuslI Waverly at College View. LEX STODDARD III Track also was getting a little at tention Thursday afternoon, with Waverly and College View meeting in a dual meet on tne souinsiae COACH NEAL GALLANT of York college reports that entries are beginning to roll in for the invitational high school track meet there a week from Sat Rival Clubs Scheming To Send Lefty Pitchers Against Yanks. By JUDSON BAILEY.

layout. The week-end DaseDaii siaie zor Capital City prep teams lists four haymond prochasu failure to gam. Then, after Hopp and Vike Francis had made it a first down on the eight, the "Yales" had all the appearance of going places. Red Shirts Stopped 'Em But they didn't. A stubborn red-shirt forward wall saw to that.

As a matter of fact, no consequential action took place while the two first-string elevens waddled in the Jack Vincent, Kenny Simmons and the second "Yale" eleven almost accounted for a score when the No. 2 squads resumed the action. Ed Nyden, sophomore end, smothered a stray ball on the "Harvard" 25 and, after five plays, the blue-shirts had the oval resting on the five. With two downs left to go, the head urday Hastings, Aurora, Nel games. Thursday, was son, ung ana coraova nave seni TWIT Kansas U.

playing Teachers high in the game NEW YORK, April 18 (AP) Until Joe DiMaggio gets back in official entries, and Gallant is positive that the field this year will exceed that of 1939, when 46 Good Name Of Big Six At Stake because it has that was postponed Wednesday oe-c acted to cause of wet grounds, and Jackson strav from the was meeting Cathedral. into the lineup for the New nath nf aihietin frrfav. Bethany travels io y4h Am4An teams competed in two classes, with Lincoln high winning the A title and Genoa taking class virtue and what Ceresco for a diamond game, and It's smart to save money at Clarks for you get so much more in Style, Tailoring and Wear. It's no wonder men compare Clarks clothes with those considerably higher. You, too, will want to inspect their grand spring selection Friday and Saturday.

York Yankees, the world cham-, pions are sure to see a morej or less constant stream of south- paw pitching. Saturday finds Lincoln high going the answer? I have it. The au The York invitational annually is to Omaha to meet Creighton Prep inoruies down Lawrence way in a game involving two of the would say, pronto one of the leading early-season meets in the state, attracting a nre season state tournament Connie Mack, who has to. Oklahoma and Missouri, both of large entry list, including some of favorites. the Big Six circle, already have linesman, Hermie Rohrig, got mixed up on the count and handed the ball over to the opposi- had their whack at basket receipts at the Garden, so why shouldn't jj SPORT BOOMING the states better athletes This year the big attraction will be Lincoln's Howard Debus Thought Lincoln's blank isn't filed as yet, the Red and Black cinder-men will compete in the meet.

Twit 'em twice, and back would ON COURTS AT DOAHt. take chances with what material he has masquerading as pitchers, tried a right-hander yesterday in the only" game of the day in the major leagues, and the McCarthymen went right to work for a 4-1 victory over the Philadelphia Athletics. Prochaska's Gallop. Prochaska's touchdown gallop eome the reply: Oklahoma A. M.

CRETE, April 18 Tennis of the Missouri Valley conference only recently permitted its bas has been boosted into the limelight at Doane where two new hard surface courts now supple ketmen to perform at the Garden, so Kansas is entitled to a similar came shortly alter me nrsi-stringers got pack on the field. The "Yales" had the ball and, in the huddle, Major "Biff" Jones suggested that a new trick play might be just the thing. ment the clay ones. The new privilege. DATES for the 1940 state men's golf tournament have been set for June 3-8, with the Happy Hollow club in Omaha the scene of action.

major links meets on the schedule for Nebraskans are the state men's sand greens courts will be dicated on Saturday, June 1 of commencement Either reply might serve as an explanation, but would fall flat as an excuse. A right sorry ex week, when the name ot the aonor will be revealed on a' commemorative marker. It might have been, Dut wasn't For "Senator George" Prochaska came charging across cuse, too, inasmuch as Big Six Charles I. Sager of Kansas U. the scrimmaee line into the prestige" the good name of the conference is at stake.

Selling that good name for a price is just "Yale" backfield, got the surprise of his life when a lateral and W. D. 'Holenman of Oberlin are promoting the revival. Sager was a standout in the Big Six in what this Kansas, Missouri, Okla Face Southpaw Today. But Mr.

Mack knows the formula as well as he knows every other rule of the thumb in baseball. He gambled with Lefty Lovill (Chubby) Dean and won the opener the day before and he has announced that young Herman Besse, a rookie southpaw from Memphis, will be thrown into the Lions' den today. Although the scheme doesn't always work, the American league managers have been feeding lefthanders to the Yankees for years TvDical of the result was Wash home, Garden business amounts to, pass -plunked into his arms and recovered sufficiently to dash 42 his undergraduate days and two and all' the explanations and ex- tournament, June 9-12 at Grand Island; the men's Trans-Mississippi meet at Tulsa, June 18-23, and the state women's tourney at the Omaha Field club, June 24-29 That's considerable golf for one month Twenty-two days of June's 30 will be "golf days." HODGE-PODGE: Ravenna won the Mid-Six conference track meet Wednesday at Broken Bow with 60 points to 57 for Ord as cusei can't alter the unwelcome 8 7. 7t yards unmolested to score. Alfson Kicked Point.

Holdeman led one of Ohio's best collegiate teams. With no goal posts stationed at that particular end of the field, Incidentally, I note that the Big Ten conference now has on its statute books a rule forbid With tennis again on a com the try-for-point was held up ding any ofdts members to have petitive inter-school basis, these two racquet-wielding faculty but Warren Alfson kicked it, with Sparkling Imported Tweeds 4-Fly "Gran ite" Twists 15V2-OZ- Worsteds Finest Twill Wool Gabardines ington's record last year. The truck with the Garden enter Fred Metheny holding, just the members are grooming the "Tiger Senators won seven times irom the Yanks and three of these vic candidates for the 10 matches that same. prise. Query: Can the Big Six afford to haul down its flag and admit that in matters of ethics have been arranged.

tories were on southpaw pitching. It ranks below the Big Ten? The "Yales" attempted a strong comeback but all efforts fell short. Starting from his 35, Hopp faked a pass and then jogged off 17 yards before being hauled SOFTBALL LEAGUERS COMES Mr. Avery Brundage of Chi IN SESSION TONIGHT down. A Hopp-to-Bob Kahler 1 Ort on1 Of Tryouts Brundage In Favor The first organization for a'l cago, former president of the na IJtiSS was gUUU iu4 ov jaiua miu first down on the enemy 18.

three divisions of the City Soft tional A. A. U. and 1 i4 Vii nAV However, with fourth down and Amerira's memhPr ball league will De nem five to go. Kahler slipped in the of the international federation night at 7:30 at the City Hall, and slime as he went around end and St.

Paul, Loup City, Arcadia and Broken Bow trailed by more than 40 points Lincoln will be host to the opening shoot of the Eastern Nebraska trapshoot league Sunday, with Omaha, Fremont, Wahoo, Beatrice and Lincoln competing Tigerman John Pesek is back from the Miami dog races and returns to the wrestling arena Monday in Omaha, meeting Mayes McLain Orville Yocum of Humboldt heaved the discus 142-3 as Humboldt won a triangular meet with 71 2-3 to 37 1-3 for Dawson and 17. for.Bratton-Union Grand Island's 1940 football schedule lists home games with Hastings, Columbus, Creighton Prep and Lincoln and trips to North Platte, Norfolk, Kearney and York O'Neill will play 10 football games next fall, meeting Burwell, Creighton, Bloomfield, Ainsworth and Valentine on the home turf and traveling to Bassett, which controls and supervises everyone interested is invited to the narade had ended. vijruiiw: uiurrcs, wnn sensiuie 1 offend hukkcmiu iu est. ifrm Vetter the recreation ine atnietes or America, who rffhan riirertor. Alfson, Leonard Muskin, vie Schleich and Jerry Kathol were the outstanding performers in the "Harvard" forward wall, while Royal Kahler performed In the have been looking forward to and stntP(1 -at additional lights will Kl Ai nn strun UP ni3 year t0 Provlde the other four on' the unique knuckle-balling of Dutch Leonard.

The rest of the staff didn't count. Five In a String. With DiMaggio in a sick bed, the Yankees have five left-handed batters in the lineup, four of them coming to the plate in succession. Besides DiMaggio, the only right-handed hitting outfielder on the Yankee squad, is Jake Powell and he is in a hospital and may be lost for many weeks because of a brain concussion. DiMaggio hopes to get back into harness tomorrow, when the Yanks make their first home stand against the Senators, but the Yankees themselves we're skeptical and some thought he might be out for several more days until his twisted knee strengthens.

Slugger Sorely Missed. There Ls no question that his power against both right and left-handed pitching is sorely missed. In the opener, which New York lost in 10 innings, the Yanks collected only six hits, none of them more than a single, and yesterday Tr 1 better illumination, and that titled to substantial consideration. nHvnnned role of super-man lor the blue jerseyed lads. Bright Lights For Yales.

"dMlCJ tn 7-d. nnrl 1 1 1 0.iJ Francis. Hopp, Simmons and mic uiiiiti oidica owes MHiieimiig to its athletes, says Mr. Brundage. Style, indeed, is the crowning glory of Clarks values this spring sty I in woolens as well as every authentic fashion in models and patterns.

Vincent were the bright offensive therefore steps should be taken to ly was set to file a formidable bid spots of the "Yale" offensive Ewing, Neligh, Spencer and power. for membership of America's Olympic team. In his last year at give the boys a break by going through with the tryouts, just as if the world games were to be Nebraska U. he lowered the Big staged. To that end, Mr.

Brundage is Six record in the 440-yard dash to 47.7 time that can't be sneezed at any spot on the athletic map and followed through with victory communicating with district Godoy Pilot Insists On Whirl At Louis members of the national Olym Not until next Sept. 10 will the Husker grid charges again don their moleskins. Particularly pleased with the progress of the drills was Major "Biff" Jones and. the Husker coaches staff. Spirited squad enthusiasm, coupled with work well done, was the manner in which they expressed their pleasure.

Lilt Par Llncupi. pie body and recommending that in the 400-meter hurdles in the national A. A. junior either Los Angeles or Minne apolis be selected as scene of .1 and the tryouts, the preferable dates During the past winter, by dint being In July. of continuing in training, Bob was rnnntntr indoors faster than ever DENVER, April 18 (INS) Al Weill, the pudgy fellow who does so well as a fight manager, is demanding action in the heavyweight fight scerfe for his boy, Arturo Godoy on the threat of passing on to other pastures.

Weill today issued an ultimatum to Mike Jacobs, czar of the SAVE $5 to $10 YOU THE Brundage and proving that by surpassing his proposal, this previous time in the indoor quar- column sug- ter-mile. gests, would if success crowns the Frund- Cornhusker Athletes Sure To Approve they won with a somewha' skimpy seven. The only one ot these good for more than one base was a homer by Charley Keller. In fact, the Yanks might have been edged out again, in spite of Monte Pearson's four-hit pitching if Keller hadn't expressed his authority. He walked to lead off the fourth inning and scored New York's first run, homered for the second and drove in the fourth with a single.

Unfavorable weather forced postponement of all the other major league games. have the hearty suggestion. Los Angeles heavyweight fisticuff world, de approval of at "Yalea" A ton. "Harvarda" A Ludwlck L. Preston Kahler Muskin Oreenllef Schwartzkopl Burruaa Meier Abel Alison Behm Herndin M.

Thompson Prnchnska Knight Metheny Kahler Luther Hopp Rubottom Prancla F. Blue "Yalei" Po "Harvarda" Bunker Kathol MrNutt Schlflch Zorn 9 Von Ooeti Kelly HarrH Stearns R. Bryant Whitehead Lelk manding both a quick answer and at rematch for Godoy with Joe least one Lincoln athlete, the latter being Bob Simmons, and like as not the entire track and field squad at Nebraska U. wmiiH Louis. REGULAR CHARGE ACCOUNT OR TEN-PAY BUDGET PLAN AT NO EXTRA COST If Jacobs does not dance to his tune, Weill said he would start negotiations on several offers for be coming up with an ear-splitting "me too." Herb Grote, the javelin heaver, for Instance, and ditto Gene Littler, Cornhusker looms as the likely location for the American tryout meet.

Its probable selection being predicated on its possession of a 100,000 rapacity stadium; also because it is a center of a tremendous popular Interest in track and field. Minneapolis already has been named as host of the national collegiate meet, dated for June 21-22, and presumably would be willing to waive Its bid for the tryouts In favor of the Pacific coast city. Godoy including nicture work, a 5 f'ght with Max Bacr in Los An Nvden Conner sprint ace. Fisher Atney ttcica una ivwiainK oners in aan i 2.7 Chile and Buenos Aires The younger Simmons, after three brilliant seasons in varsity track duds at Nebraska, seeming- Blind Bowler Scatters Pins against ranking heavyweights. JIMMY DYKES JUNIOR FIGHTS No Charge For Expert Alterations KEY Big League Scoreboard Last Nijjht OVERALLS Guaranteed to be the equal of any 29 Overall rtgardl JOINS COLLEGE CLUB VILLANOVA, April 18 (AP) Jimmy Dykes, son of the Chicago White Sox manager and one-time star third-baseman of the Philadelphia Athletics, hopes "that I can some day make the big leagues." The junior Dykes is reporting for basebnll this season as a freshman at Villanova college and i already beginning to show some of his father's form.

"I don't expect to be great as my father," he said, "but I do hope that I have Inherited soim of his ability." SAN FRANCISCO, April 18-(INS) George McDonald, 40-year-old blind bowler, was to leave San Francisco today on a tour of the coast to get what he terms "the feel" of different alleys before challenging Ray Foskett's mythical blind bowling title In St. Louis. McDonald, former advertising manager for the San Francisco Coast league baseball club, consistently bowls between 143 and 175. Three times his score was 208, a fair mark even for an amateur who can tee the pins. of price.

WF.nNKSDAT RESL'tTS. National All mt poitponfd. Amertran Iatat. Nfr York. Philadelphia, 1.

Otntr Rimes postponed. THURSDAY CAMrS. Natlanal train. Hilladelphla at Nr York. CNcnirn at Clnrinnati riHuhurih at St.

Loiila Othtr cluM not aehedulrrl. Aaiarlraa Leaia. Mr York at Philadelphia, nfRitn at Wanhinirtou, Bl. Imm at Dotrolt. Cloiland at CblcafD.

AT DBNVER Lou Ambers, IIW, HerH-ttt't, N. llahtweifht rhamplon. de-claloned Wally Halljr, 140, Hollywood, 10 rmin(l. AT HAOBUBTOWK. MiJ.

Harry Jeffra, US. Baltimore, former bantamweight champion, decKloned Hltlohl Tannaka, 122. eltht rounda, AT OAKLAND, Calif. Chic Delaney, 1 1 0 1 a Oakland, declaioned Aura) Tumi, )1, Rumania, 10 round Otla Thomaa, 2t. Bt.

Loun. Hopped trnle McDonald 10. Freno, Calif in aecond round. AT P1NB m.Vrf, Ark Johnny Lnll. North Little Rock, 1)1.

atapned Joe Ark arman, 1M. New Orleana, In aecond round AT HARRmmjBO, Pa lrlh Bobby T-land. 14, Atlantie City, and Stanley Mark, 14J, WUkee-Barra, drew tn eifht roundi. -Down- Work Clothing Uln at 1028 "0" Street MAG EES.

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