The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota on August 10, 1888 · Page 4
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The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota · Page 4

Huron, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1888
Page 4
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FKIDAY, AUGUST 10, 1888. BUSINESS IX1USTR1ES OF HURO?!. Holly eystem of water works. Packing and Provision House. Flatted on Monday, May 10, ftsl). Thomson-Houston electric lights. Hnron Coal and Mining Company. United States surveyor general's office. .Financial center of south-eastern Dakota. Office of the Dakota board of agriculture. Finest opera house in Dakota--seats 1,000. First train arrived on Friday, June 25, 1880. Has the only system of drainace in Dakota. Two authorized United States depositories. Six churches--Methodist the largest in Dakota. First religious service on Thursday, May 6,1880. Horse cars began running Wednesday, Sept. 1, 1886. Elected the Capital of the new State of South akota. The first building was erected on Monday, March 5-, 1SSO. Railroads run to the four cardinal points of the compass. United States signal office; receives telegraphic Indications daily. Graded schools, two brick school-houses heated Dy furnaces, 11 teachers. County aeat of ISeadle county; population, 13, 000; $50, 000 court housi 1 . Building improvements' in ISSli, 3:;t37,775^-Jin average of over S1,iHX a imy. Two daily and live weekly p a p e r s : three monthly and oi»e semi-monthly periodicals. Manufact iru carriages!, wagons and o r n a m e n t a l woodwork; carbonated waters: cigar?; building cornice. Two flouring mills; two brick kilns made ·-!, 000, 000 of brick in l^li; make artificial stone. Headquarters of the Dakota division of the Chicago Northwestern K'y, covering over 700 miles. Second wealthiest county in South Dakota-- assessed valuation 3J,Ot-l, a'tt; only one other county has a lower rate of Territorial tax, Bea- dle's being 1 mill and T tenths. J V CO -H 'S: H 2 .2 o W E-- X, ·Jj fc 0 H 0 · * C=a--i I I Pk W 03 C3 oo cn OS O3 CD CO "cub 03 G O3 CO CO r -i 3D r"H £_ ^*" V) CO OS Slioi'itlan 3Iciuorial. Kilpntrick Post No. -L Gr. A. R.. has cotnpletori arrangements for memori- al services to the late (ren. Sheridan, in their hall on Friday evening, Com- mander Walton presiding. The or- der for such services a.-. prt.'scri!)?d by the ritual, will bo observed. Adju- tant J. H. DoYoo w i l l delivi-r the memorial -id.irr-ri.-. .giving a brii.-f sketch of the l i f o of (TJ.-U. -Sheridan. A prttrioiie uiidrfH.s v,'iil di'liverei.l by E. T. Liiugley. E: : q. Mrs. A. 13. Melvilio will read '-Sheridan's Bide," and Pnst Grand Chaplain bhanefelt will deliver a siiort address. Mrs. J. H. DeVoe will have charge of the music. xln invitation is given to the public to attend these services, which will begin at 8:30 o'clock, promptly. GASOLINE 15 cents per gallon, at 73dtf JOY BROS. THE HUBONITE works for the benfit of all-your property, and wants to do all your printing. At all events don't go abroad for work. tf a, 11 O o 1 TL 111 11 . B OARD W A N T K D . -- ['iirties willini; to take flay hoonli-ra or lodsjer? during the teachers institute, heiilr.r.iiiL! A in;. 'JO, aiM-1 continuing two wei'ks, w i l l confer a f u v u r by notifying the county nuperintenrlent within the next two weeks. iSitf OUD hoard w i t h f u r n i s h e d ruoin for two jjen- t l o i i i o n can lie had at l(i:i Uliaois street. FOR SALE. F OR SALE. -- The H u r o n Sti'jun Laundry, together with all the modern improved ma- chinery, ntHHl paying biisim'ss established, satis- factory reasons uive'n for selling. I n q u i r e at ad- dress," Huron Steam Laundry, Huron, Dak. O RUHESTKA--I will furnish a good ball room orchestra: with any number of pieces from three to ten, on liberal terms. For balls or pri- vate assemblies. W. W. MAY.NE, P. O. Lock Box -11. Leader and Manager. -J5if T O THE MUSICAL. -- George Vanclersteen, Hnron, Dak., teacher of Piano, Orpian, Vio- lin, Violiucello and Vocal Mueic. Orders by mail promptly attended to. d:i'Hf HCROJJITEMS. A gloomy day. J. B. Pardee of LeMars, Iowa, was at Kent's today. Services in Grace Episcopal church at 8 o'clock this evening, Sheridan memorial services in Grand Army hall this evening. A. E. Ashley, a Jamestown insur ance agent, is at the Dakota house. Judge E. T. White of Yankton called on Gen. Taylor on Thursday. Mrs. Dr. Wing of Wesbington is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Jesse Koop. Mrs. J. W. Mackenzie and daugh- ter returned from their visit to Pierre on Friday. Major Barrett of Aberdeen was in the city a short time today on his way to Sioux Falls. Mrs. H. Kippax has returned from her visit to Wossington, and "Kip" is again happy. Hon. J. H. Baldwin of St. Law- rence is here and favored this sanc- tum with a call. None of the officers or members of the gun club were oat hunting chick- ens this morning--too rainy! H. E. Brisbine and wife of Yankton are in the city, the guests of Mrs, B'o parents, Capt. Cowdin and wife. Sam Appel has returned from Chi- cago--now look out for a big stock of goods at Appel Bros.'establishment. C. C. Irvine, assistant superinten- dent of the American Express Com- pany, was here today, going to Sioux Falls. Mrs. E. S. Baldwin and family have gone to Aberdeen for u brief visit with "Col. Ed," the implement rustler. Commissioner of Immigration Mc- Ciuro was here today, returning from Sioux Falls to Pierre. Who got the pennies, "Mack?" J. K. P. McCallum departed on Fri- day for Waterbury, Jerauld county, where he has opened an office for the practice of dentistry. Mrs. Luke Quinn, under the in- fluence of liquor was a disgraceful spectacle as she was carted to the jail on a dray this afternoon. G . N . M a r t i n of Sioux City, E. F. Dustin of Elkton and W. G. Lowry of Wateatown left their autographs on the Wright house register. John A. Carr of Washington City, with his wife and sou, is at the Wright house. Mr. Carr is special United States pension agent, and is here on business. Miss Fannie Shannon passed through the city on Friday on her | way borne to \Yessington. She is a ritudeut at the Agricultural college in Brookingu. The rmlroad commissioners con- j eluded their excursion yesterday, lieports say tnay bud n, splendid trip over nil the lines of the Northwestern road in Dakota. W. (J. Arnold has purchased the rights for Beadle, Hand, Hyde and Hughes counties for the Eureka Ker- osene Gas Heater; a divice for hetit- t ing ivith gas generated from kero- | sene oil. Chairman Issenhuth wants it dis- tinctly understood that the republi- can convention for the eighth legisla- live district will bo held in Alpena on the 2d of October, not the 12th as some would have it. Thursday evening's rain interfered somewhat with the lawn party at the home of John H. Miller, given by Miss Carrie Miller, in honor of her friend, Mrs. Anna Wood Nicholl. The gathering was large and- the oc- casion a happy one. The county central committee has decided to call a republican county convention in this city on the 18th of September to nominate county of- ficers and select twelve delegates to the legislative convention at Alpena on Oct. 2. MOTHEES WILL find a blessing in POND'S EXTRACT during the warm weather. Put a little in a bowl of water and sponge off the little ones bodies with this mixture. It will cool the heated skin, sooth and quiet their cries. It is healing too, and of gret benent for prickley heat, and im- proves the skin in every way. Be sure and get the genuine, put up in bottles only, enclosed in buff wrap- pers, by the Pond's Extract Co., New York and London. Note landscape Trade Mark. CREAM The fellow whom Justice Kemp sent up for ten days for being drunk and disorderly, was put to work on the streets on Thursday. When the other workmen were not watching him he "lit out," but was re-captured, and now works with a ball and chain hanging to bis ankle. Distress after eating, heartburn, sick headache and indigestion are cured by Hood's Saraaparilla. It also creates a good appetite. OH' His Base. "The job was such a little affair that I though you would not care to putter with it!" So said a man to a HURONITE representative about a lit- tle printing. Now don't fool yourself, Mr. Man! It is the customers that t h o u g h t f u l l y bring their small orders right here that got our grateful at- tention. Twenty orders with a profit of a nickel a piece in them brings us th.8 ''almighty dollar" we awfully need in our business. Our presses turn out larye orders on small mar- gins; but we have always a press or two hungry for a small one. Drop in and see us. Glad to see you. tf Syrup of" r'Sgs Is Nature's own true laxative. It is the most easily taken, and the most effective remedy known to Cleanse the System when Bilious or Costive; to dispel Headaches, Colds, and Fe- vers: to Cure Habitual Constipation, Indigestion. Piles, etc. Manufactured only by the California Fig Syrup Co., San Francisco, California. Fur saie by D. K. Bryant-. Ss Co. How is That Fur H i g h ? Have you seen Kamseys new Fall stock, if not. it will pay you to call and examine thorn. Just received the latest styles or French and English suitings and pantaloon goods, also Jino imported and domestic fall and w i n t e r underwear, gloves, mittens ets. Tariff or no tariff, prices low to L5uit hnrd times. Ilemember suits from §25 up. Call early while all the si vies are in market. 86t3 JO1J PKIXTIXG. H TJRONITE Green Line Blanks: the best and moat convenient forms of lejjal blanks, always on sale at the HUBONITE office. S OCIETY GAUDS and stationery: samples can be seen on application at the HLTIOSITE of- flce. KDD1SG STATIONEKY.-- A full line al- wajg in etock «t the HCBOMITE office. W TOB PRINTING oi every description promptly tf and accurately eiecutea at the HUBONITK office. M AIL ORDERS lor Wanks promptly filled at ·QUO fflce. Now is. Y o u r C!i;uu.'e. Now is the time ro make H specula- tion in Florida, lands. 150.000 t a u r - it-ts :;ud 1UO.OUO settlers this winter will doable and thrib;') all values in t h e uewiu 1 portions of t.lio state. Buy now and get the beuKvnt of the rise. I j will rioll a innir.Hil a m o u n t of our best | lauds to good Huron parties on s a m e i terms as arcs given to settlers--one tenth dowr,ou.e-tenth May 1, lSS9,and balance Jan. 1, 1801, at 6 per cent in- terest , Now is your chance to make a paying speculation in Florida on easy terms. Lauds cheap and bound to rise. Long time and low interest. First come best served. WM. T. LOVE. Boot Beer, Moxie, e., at Dnrand's. SUBSCRIBE for the DAILY HORONITE. Drink In rand's Boot Beer. While the bridge builders are at work on the Manitoba railroad bridge, the steamboat will make trips each evening np the river from the Third street landing to the Mani- toba bridge. _ 79tf Sealing vrax. and Jar Corka. J. C. Donaldson * Co. Dry Goods Department. Be- dnctioii in all Sniiimer Goods at CASH BABBOWS'. Im-aiid'* Boot Beer is the best. 02 H 125 E IH IV JLIV T 500 REMNANTS OF g a AT THE IVT IS saw*--- a O CQ "9 SS8S3SS U 2 fi l\ )~r, ft J O m HH V J r , r oi" So IXuroii «.i AMPAIGN gOODS Our new CATALOGUE OF CAM- fAlGfi OUTFITS, wiili constitution. drill tactics and f u l l information about organizing tnd drillinz Marching Clubs. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE KKKE. A. G, SPALDING BROS,, 1O8 XT-'".ion Si., 841 Hr«m«l w ay, ' " ' Of First-class Make for Only 812. Gall arid Examine them. We are Making Specialty of these (3-oods. WAIBEL DONALDSON, HURON. Special Announcement We wish to call the attention of the citizens of Huron and Beadle county immense stock of WALL PAPER, CEILING DECORATIONS AND NOVELTIES IN PAPER HANGINGS Which we ave receiving daily and will tarry in stock this season 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 Rolls! Rolls! Rolls! Rolls! Consisting of all grades, and many of then lines of goods heretofore sold only by sample. All the latest and hest designs of leading factories. The goods turned but this season are the handsomest by far ever known to the wall paper trade. mates and designs made and contracts taken; for any kind of plain or decorative work. Out of town orders solicited. J. Northeast Corner Third St. and Dakota Ave.

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