The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on June 3, 1948 · Page 8
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 8

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1948
Page 8
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SA THE OGDEN (UTAH) STANDARD-EXAMINER THUBSDAY EVENING, JUNE 3, 1948 Rules for Romance Given To Help Girls Get Man Dr. George W. Crane's le«- f she spoke miserably, "and it makes turea are featnred over KLO at eleven-thirty a. m, daily. Please address Dr. George W. Crane; Hopkins Syndicate, Mellott, Ind. By Dr. Georre W. Crane Case S-228: Martha Q., aged 29, is secretary to a prominent banker. "Dr. Crane, my younger sister is getting married next month," WANTED Experienced BEAUTY OPERATOR · Pleasant Working Conditions. · Daytime Hours APPLY AT Beauty Studio 3rd Floor at Penney's me feel like crying because I, too, haven't a husband. "Our parents were very severe with us as children, and I was the shy, iritrovertive youngster who had the chief responsibility of looking after my younger sister. "I was valedictorian of my clnss in high school, and have been very efficient worker. "But I never have many dates, whereas my sister has so many men trying to date her, that she has always been able to take her choice of a dozen. "Dr. Crane, I never thought much about marriage until I learned of my sister's wedding next month, and now I fee"! miserable. What can I do?" Cupid Trouble This is a tragic situation which annually confronts thousands of girls and also unmarried men, but society sti]] ignores such a vital problem in the realm of social service. We donate money for the starving Chinese and the hungry Hottentots. We develop the WPA to help keep food in the stomachs of our own . people. We send bil- OGDEN OPPORTUNITY DAY EMPTY ALBUMS RECORD STORAGE RECORDS GLEN BROS. MUSIC CO. +lions via the Marshall plan to Europe, even to purchase clgarets for Europeans. But we fall to realize that heart hunger runs a close second to food hunger, and disturb* millions of our fellow Americans. We develop private employment agencies to iteer, men and women into good job*, and we offer vocational guidance advice^ to make sCre they will be happy and successful in their chosen vocations. But we do almost nothing to help them 'meet desirable members of the opposite sex or to counsel them so they will wisely pick a mate, if they do happen to meet some eligibles. How to Win * Mate The churches or newspapers should sponsor "Acquaintance Clubs" in their' communities, and place some prestige on social "ritz" about these meetings in order to take away the ridicule which has unfortunately attached to "Lonesome Hearts" clubs. Then the young people will be able to meet in the proper environment, instead of in the taverns and cheap dance halls. Picking a mate is very similar to shopping for shoes or clothing. But the merchants have definite places of business and can advertise their legitimate products. Besides, those customers isolated in little towns and on the farms, have access to the mail order catalogues for a wider range of merchandise. We need similar services in this important field of romance. But Martha herself can also do several things to help Improve her chances. First, she should enroll in my "Compliment club," thereby changing- herself into a social detective. This will take her attention off herself and focus it upon the people she meets, thus reducing her self-consciousness. Rules for Romance Second, she should learn my "Formula for Being An Interesting Conversationalist," which I have offered you readers In times past. This will be her social sales talk, and in winning any prospect, whether for life insurance or love, you must have a good sales talk. Thirdly, she must go where the prospects are most likely to be found. A life insurance salesman cannot make a living sitting at his desk waiting lor customers. The same rule is applicable in romance. So I advised Martha to take a waitress job during the evening just for its educational value in teaching her how to chatter with men and develop a sparkling repartee. Finally. I told her to practice smiling, for a smile is not only a subtle form of compliment to one's companions, but it lights up your face and gives sparkles and animation to your features. P. S.--Martha got her man! He is an airplane pilot whom she met at a restaurant near the airport. (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) Beginner-Easy For Tea Crowd Petits Fours for an afternoon tea crowd may be made from white or sponge cake baked in a jelly roll pan. When the cake is cool it should be cut into diamonds, squares, rectangles, circles or crescents and covered with a melted fondant colored in a pastel shade. Each small cake can then be decorated individually with a cake decorator in a variety of colors. 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Print plainly pattern number your name and address. bend 15 cents right now for your Laura Wheeler Needlecraft book! The best needlecraft catalog ever published, with 101 illustration* of L -t,.* 1116 ?* embroidery, crochet, knitting, home decoration, toys, accessories Printed in this book are free instructions for weaving on huck toweling--the newest hobby] Everybody Gets Into Act In Norma Productions, Inc. By Virginia MaePherson HOLLYWOOD, June 3 (UP)-When Burt Lancaster makes a movie everybody from the director on down to the fan mail secretary works like sixty to make it a hit. They'd better. If it flops, to do they. To most producers the camera- manman and the writer and the office girls are just people paid by the week-. They get their wages no matter what. But the key workers on a Lancaster picture are all backers. They have put their pennies and dollars in Norma Productions, Inc., and it's up to them to see to it they get their money back. Lancaster admits he's sort of borrowing a secret from an eastern manufacturer who made his factory hands part-owners of the plant. The overall gents pitched in like crazy, production zoomed, and everybody got rich. No More Long Lunch Hours "It works, too" L a n c a s t e r beamed. "I used to take a long lunch" hour. Now I'm back on the dot. Same way with everybody else." Secretaries don't dawdle on the phone or powder their noses between letters. They've got their savings in Norma Inc., and they're in there typing fast enough to bust a fingernail. Same way with the workers on the set. Even fellas with only $250 in the business work past quitting tjr- - i..iifv,n"t. a snuawk. They're not letting just anybody in, either. You have to be pretty good at your job to get in on the ground floor with Norma, Inc. Harold Hecht, Lancaster's agent, is president. Lancaster is vice president, and Jack Ostrow handles the treasury .and. those life-savings. Mrs. Cherie Redmond, who used to take Hecht's dictation, dipped into her bankbook and became secretary of the corporation. Norman Deming, an associate producer, signed a fat check and .won a feat on the board of directors. And Norma Lancaster, the brawny actor's pretty wife, said she'd let 'em name it after her if she could get in the act. She got in. A press agent even sank some dough in the set-up. And you can be sure the local editors will be hearing a lot about Norma Productions, Inc. Percentage Plan "We have another deal," Hecht explained. "People who work on individual pictures get a percentage of the profits on that picture. Then, if they seem to fit in, we'll take them into the corporation later on." "We know it's unusual," Vice President Lancaster said. "So we're gambling? So it's fun. Acting pales alongside the production end of this business. Eventually, I'd like to do nothing else but." "Norma" took her first faltering i steps with a gory epic 1 her backers ' wanted to call "Kiss the Blood Off My Hands." The Universal-International releasing set-up let out such a howl they changed it to "The Unfraid." The directors and cameramen and secretaries liked "Kiss the Blood, etc.," better. But the boys who sell tickets said "The Unafraid" would make more money. The directors and cameramen and. secretaries changed the title quick. CORDELIA BRASSIERES X^*^ Styles that please are styles that thousands of women ad over the country accliam the Cordelia Control-Lift at th« last word in beautiful styling and comfortable support. Cordalia Control-Lift brassieres achieve, a younger line for tf» full bust by means of straight and bias designing and diagonal tucking. THE ORCHID CORSET SHOP 2536 Washington Blvd. Phone 2-451* · GRADUATE CORSETIERES IN ATTENDANCE AT ALL TIMES w/rr SPECIALS at the JUVENILE Infants' Dresses and Organdy Bonnets, value to 2.98. 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Blvd. Temporary A SUN PET COLLINS-MOBMS For a sun-kissed you, a skirt with a clever top that ties many different ways. A halter effect, complete bare shoulders or a diagonal shoulder strap. In a dark of light background calico and black or gray chambray. Sizes 10 to 16, .$4.95. :.. , . Cwul Shop, Main Hoar shoes by Town and Country

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