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Illinois 14 Pittsburgh 0 Army 13 Villanova 0 Qhio State 13 Missouri 7 Colorado 7 Iowa Stale 0 Minnesota TIT 1 O. 'Washington 6 iuiciunan aiaie IIS Michigan 55 teiraslka McMillan's Polished Crew I.V. Vv i o.4, Tf tTv A 1 1 Cardinal Rookie Pitches 1-Hit Win Over Bruins 3-J lands Unsteady HusEters BY NORMS ANDERSON. A versatile Indiana pridiron machine that Btruck with brutal fury Saturday roared past the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 17-0, in the Beason's baptism for both teams before 32,000 spectators. Stunned by a high-octane running attack and riddled by a sudden burst of aerial fire, the Scarlet grid craft finally went aground after riding into Indiana waters in a series of first-half touchdown threats.

Indiana clung to a narrow 7-0 margin at halftime, added a field goal in the third quarter and cinched the game with a long touchdown pass with four minutes remaining in the game. For eighteen minutes, the partisan crowd was disc-eyed as the spirited Huskers CHICAGO. (AP). Ken Johnson, 24-year-old Cardinal southpaw, brilliantly made his debut as a major leapue starter here Saturday by stopping the Cubs, on one hit, 3 to 1, before 10,469 applauding spectators. Johnson held the Cubs hitless until two were out in ..1 Links io Play Bearcats in Tilt of Week LINCOLN, NEBRASKA SEPTEMBER 28, 1917 OFFICIALS RULE INTERFERENCE Cletus Fischer Intercepted this first quarter pass from Indiana's Rex Grossman from the arms of End Bob Ravensberg, but the officials ruled interferenct which meant a five yard gain for the Hoosiers.

(Staff Photo.) jM msm rev- v.vvA vCl 4t H4 jk i.islMsaK'ti .1 4 ssji TTV a. yT) men 1. J. Ji -Tr i i i I ACKERMAN TICKS IP SIX Bob Ackerman picks up six yards around left end in the second quarter, advancing the leather to the Hoosier 17, before being smeared by Indiana's Mel Groomes. (Staff Photo.) Huskcr-Hoosicr Statistics INDIANA NKnRAHHA gave iuu to me nope ana neiu the vaunted invaders scoreless.

Then with lightning swiftness, the Hoosiers struck with a ferocious dcadllness that took its toll. In less than three minutes, the powerful invaders had marched 48 yards to the first touchdown of the game. Nebraska had courage to spare, but lacked the line speed and barkficld savvy that was Indiana's. After paralyzing the Husker line with a heavy ground attack, the Hoosiers caught the Scarlet reeling with an aerial carnage that brought the final and decisive touchdown. The panoply of Nebraska offensive success seemed concentrated in the second quarter which ended with the ball on the Indiana 2-yard line the result of a 33 yard pass from Jim Myers to Ralph Damkrotfcr.

Myers' pass capped a quarter that was filled with "might have been plays by the Huskers. One near-touchdown occurred when swift Dick Hutton intercepted George Taliaferro's pass and danced 15 yards down the" east sidelines to the Indiana 23. From there, Ackerman moved to the Hoosier 17-yard line before the drive ended with Raven-burg's interception of Wiegand'i aerial. ANOTHER heart-breaking march was launched when Cletus Fischer caught a 37-yard pass from Wiegand. Only the momentum caused by his stretch for the pass kept Fischer from losing his footing on the Indiana 15-yard line.

Ackerman pierced to the Hoosier 13 and Fischer was spilled back on the 33. It was from the 33-yard stripe that the last Husker play of the first half, the Myers-Damkroger pass, was unveiled. Myers, a right halfback, received the ball on a pitch-out from Quarterback Wiegand. A vigorous Nebraska protest was registered when the clock ran out before the Huskers could launch a touchdown attempt. Officials ruled that, since Nebraska had used up its quota of time-outs, another respite would constitute a delay of the game.

rischcr figured largely In a first-period Scarlet drive that nearly ende.d in touchdown territory. FLEET CLETUS wing-footed 33-yards thru the Indiana line to the Nebraska 48-yard line where the last two Hoosier de fenders nabbed him. With the ball on the 48, Wiegand tossed a perfect pass to Bill Moomey, who had eluded the last Hoosier secondary defender. As the crowd loosened a collective groan, Moomey dropped the ball. A second Wiegand pass, at this point, was Intercepted by the Hoosiers' alert Taliaferro on the Indiana 48-yard line.

From here, the Hoosiers drove to their first touchdown. DICK DERANEK pun for 10, 9 and 7 yard' gains en route. Taliaferro carried to the 13-yard line with a four-yard advance. A five-yard pass from Frossman to Deranek brought the ball to the five. Dusky "Knocky" powered to the one-yard line.

After Nebraska was offside on the next play, Jagade blasted over center for the touchdown. Grossman kicked the extra point and the Hoosiers led, 7-0. That margin was to stand until late in the third quarter when a fierce Husker goal line stand forced Grossman to boot a fourth-down field goal from the four-yard line. Grossman's field goal ended a 75-yard drive that was started See HUSKERS, Page 2-P, Col. S.

Cadets Keep To Winning Ways by 13-0 1Q 1(4 4Q Total IQ 14 Ml 40. Total 2220835 5 6 19 000000000 0 000001000 1 53 13 28 15 111 45 82 50 81 238 11 17 10 21 59 1 0 2 12 14 4 2 1 10 6 2 5 12 25 11045028 15 10 13 0 10 1 2 0 2 1 0 3 1 1 3 3 8 0 70 2 0 72 9 5 27 47 SI 42 68 20 -6 124 53 87 75 96 315 21137201 14 42 15 36 30 32 37 0 30 24 32 0 0 0 0 0 18 0 12 0 SO 0 0 0 0 0 18 0 12 0 30 101020011 2 45 0 40 0 85 0 0 35 40 75 0 0 12 0 12 29 0 4 0 33 000000111 3 000000100 1 000000011 2 020022 1 11 5 0 6 0 0 6 20 5 5 15 45 000000010 1 000000010 1 First downs First downs Ball lost on downs Yards gained rushing. Yards lost rushing Passes attempted Passes Incomplete Own passes Intercepted. Passes completed Yards gained on passes. Net yards gained Punts Punt average Punts returned Punts returned Klckoffs Kickoff yardage Fumbles Ball lost on fumbles Own fumbles recovered.

Field goals attempted. Field goals successful. the eighth. With the bases loaded as a result of two passes and an error, Johnson saw his no-hit and shut-out dreams go crashing on the Texas league single which Eddie Waitkus sent to left. The Cardinals needed the aid of two errors, along with singles by Johnson.

Red Schoendienst and Erv Dusak, to collect their three runs off Ralph Hamner, in the fifth. Hi Louis ab a Chicago ab a 3 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 4 1111 3 0 10 3 0 0 0 3 0 5 3 4 0 3 0 3 0 3 3 4 ft 10 0 1 10 11 oooo k-dlenst 2b 6 115 Rciirm 3b Dierlng cf 1 0 3 0 Mccullough I'T lb 4 1 1J 0 KUMl 1 0 0 Waltkua lb 4 1 1 A hereon l( 3 0 0 Fallen cf 3 0 0 3 Hrhelflng 10 0 1 Nich'aun r( Nrthey rf Dusak If Garaglola Cross 3b crsaer ss Johnson 4 1 0 2 Mark 2b Madrid ss Sturgeon a Hamner D.J eon 3b Totall J0T2T13 Total IS 1 2T 17 MeCullough struck out for Schens In eighth. at Louis ooo 030 ooo Chicago 000 000 01O 1 Runs: Schnendlenst. Ruler, K. John-ami, Mack.

Krrur: Hamner, Mack. Creiier 2. Runi batted Bieler, Dusak, Walt-kua. Stolen base: Palkn. Sacrifice: Dierlng, Creger.

Doubla play: Creger to Croaa to Slelar, Mack Madrid to Wait-kua. Lfft on baea: HI. Loula 7, Chicago 5. Baee oa balla: Off Johnson 4, Hamner 4, Kuih 1. Struck out: By John aon 7.

Hamner 5. Hits: Off Hamner 7 In Innlnua, Kueh In 1. Hit by pitcher: By Johnaon (Mack). Loalns pitcher: Hamner. Umplr: Barr.

Henlin, Bog-gess and Conlan. Tln 1:40. Attendance: Brava Dump Dodgers BOSTON. OP). Ray Martin, rookie righthander, stopped the Brooklyn Dodgers with seven hits Saturday as the Boston Braves whipped the new National league champions, 2-1.

Martin, a product of Bostons Norwood high school, was just brought up from Boston's Hartford farm. Brooklyn 8tanky 3b ab 0 a Boaton a 4 10 1 Holmea rf ft 1 Miksis 40 Rob' aon lb Reiser cf Furlllo cf alker rf U.lirinin 10 0 1 Kowen ii 3 1 13 0 Torgs'n lb 4 0 11 3 1110 Maul 4 0 3 0 0 0 10 M.M ci i 0 1 0 Ryan Sb 3 0 0 7 0 0 0 1 fern oei 3 12 2 Pallca Luiwf Hermskl If 3 0 10 Elliott F-dwarde 1 0 3 0 Martin Bragan 3 0 0 Jorgsen 3b 4 1 2 Fnjek aa 4 2 13 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 2 Sit atlen Barney 0 0 0 0 Snider rf 2 10 0 Totals 33 7 2 Totals 33 6 27 17 Two out In ninth when winning run miintt walked for Culler In ninth. 010 000 0001 s.rrnvu...:::::"::::::.oio ooo Doi-2 Runs: Jorgensen, M. McCormlck, Ryan. Error: Robinson.

Rojek 2. Culler Fernandei. Runs batted in: Btanky, JJ.Vn.. Him. Tw base hit: Slanky, Pnhlnann M.

McCormlck. Doubla pi Reaon. IA Wton I 3llca GrekK 2. Doubla Play: Torgeaon to Culler to Tor- ij.Il nn u. a nn nana: un urtift i.

Menm 4. Struck out: By 2 Haltea 1. Behrman 1. Pallca 1 U.rtln Hits: un urega i u- tlnga; Hatlen 1 In 2: Barney 1 In Behrman 0 In Pallca 1 In -Ina- nltcher: Pallca. Umpires: Goeti, Stewart and Magerkurth.

Phih Outslug Giants PHILADELPHIA. UP). The PhiladelDhia Phillies won slugging battle from the New York Giants Saturday, iu-(. ai- tho the New Workers outhit the Phils. 14-12.

Andy Semi- nick homered for the Phils and Bobby Thomson clouted a lour bagger tor the Giants. N. York ab a Phlla. ab a Tth.wT, ab 8 2 10 Ca'ro 2h-3b 4 0 2 1 Kerr ea 2 3 Levan If 5 2 3 0 Thomaon cf 6 3 3 1 Gilbert rf 0 00 Xlie lb 5 17 0 Ennls rf-lf 4 13 0 Marshall rf 4 2 1 0 WyroaUk cf 0 4 0 Lafata If 3 10 0 Jones 3 2 10 1110 Yvara 0 Wltek 2b Picon Lockman Beggs 0 13 2 Verban 2b 4 14 Bemlnlclc 3 2 0 0 2 10 1 Padgett 10 6 0 1 0 0 0 Schultx lb 4 2 7 0 3 0 2 4 2 10 1 1 0 0 0 Hamner aa Rows Handley 0 0 0 Hein'man 1 1 0 0 Totall 4014 24 14 Totala 34 12 27 6 Lockman fouled out for Picon In alxth; Handley ran for Row In sixth. New York 031 010 200 Philadelphia 021 030 Six 10 Runs: Kerr, Thomson.

Mixe, Marshall Lafata, Wltek, Cabaiiero 2, Lvan I Knnla 2. Wvrostek. Jonea 2. Semlnlck Error: Kerr. Beggs, Thomson.

Runs bated In: Semlnlck 3. Ennis, Jones Yvara. Picon 2. Thomson. Lafata, Wl tek Two base hit: Plcone.

Horn run: Semlnlck. Thomson. Sacrifice Latata, Wyrostek. Double play: Rhawn to Wltek to Mixe. Kerr to Wltek to Mix.

ft on bate: Mew or a iu, fniiaaeipiua Baaa on balls: Off Row 2, Picon Tteeea 2. Heintxelman 1. Struck out Bv Picon 2. Helnttelman 3. HiU: Off Picon 0 In Inning.

Begg In 3, Row 10 In e. Heintxelman 4 In 3. Wild pitch Picon, Beggs, Heintxelman. Winning pitcher: Heintxelman, Loalns pitcher Beggs Umpires: Robb, Gore, and PlnelU. Tim 1:02.

V'1 S)a afijV 7) 4. lf 1MB jf i Mwr Mizzou Nipped COLUMBUS, O. (Al. Ohio State's Bucks, euchred by Missouri for two periods, came from behind in the last three minutes Saturday to snatch a 13 to 7 victory for their new coach, Wesley E. Fesler.

A crowd of 59,444 watched the Bucks stage touchdown marches of 75 and 84 yards, with Fullback Joe Whlsler, 220-pound Junior from Willard, going over for the two markers. IN BETWEEN those Ohio on slaughts the Tigers paraded 78 yards to send Sub Fullback Ed Quirk of St. Louis over from the five for the score giving Missouri a 7-8 lead which it retained until two minutes and 40 seconds before the finish. Altho Wblslfr scored the touchdowns, It was Alex Ver-dova, substitute right halfback from Lakewood, whe carried the Bucks practically single-handed to the winning score. The 186-pounder, who has been on the sidelines during much of the training with an Injury, wheeled Into the game In the final minutes when the Bucks had the ball In mid-field.

His first run, a stuttering, whirling trip around end, was good for 27 yards. Whlsler went for five, and then Verdova drove over tackle for another 14 yards. That put the ball on the seven, and the Bucks made it in three more plays. The lineups: Missouri Pn Ohio Stat Oakes Frits Murrlsun Wilson Abrams Fucha Bton Jabbusch IJnlngcr Ttempleton Jennlnga Dav Bnnnla Slager Clark Pepper Sheehan Entsmlnger Hopkins rinnkman Bensanhaugher Bowman fb Whlsler Missouri 0 0 1 07 Ohio Stat 0 0 8 IS Missouri acorlng: Touchdown Quirk iaub for Bowman). Point after touch-own Day (aub for Hopkins), (placement Ohio acorlng: Touchdown Whlsler 1.

Points after touchdown Molda (sub for Blager) (placement). Missouri substitutions: End Bounds, Hulse. Wren; tackles Donley, Bullock; guard Maruslc, Carter; center Cliffe, Blair; backs West, Bauer, Honnett, Day, Bratnell, Kllng, Vols, Quirk. Otlo Stat substitution: End Shannon tackles Hamilton, Failo; guarda Dlplerro, Snyder; centers Telfkt, Keener; backs Perlnl, Swine-hart, Cannavino, Demmel, Verdova, Clin, Btungla, Moldea. Purdue 11 Surprised By Badgers MADISON, Wis.

(UP). A surprising University of Wisconsin football team, scoring In every quarter, Inaugurated the Big Nine season here Saturday by blasting out a 32 to 14 victory over Purdue before a crowd of 41,000 fans. THE GAME had been heralded as a battle for last place between the two supposedly weakest clubs In the Western conference with Purdue rated as a slight favorite. Wisconsin however scored In the first four minutes and then went on to pile up an impressive margin. Wisconsin had no trouble In stopping the passing of Purdue's star aeriallst, Bob De-Moss, the conference's leading passer last year and held him to only one touchdown pass.

For Wisconsin two veterans from last year, rfalfbacks Wally Dreyer and Clarence Self, carried the brunt of the attack. Dreyer scored twice and threw a scoring pass to Tom Bennett. Self and Lisle Blackbourne scored the other touchdowns. Dreyer opened the scoring after Wisconsin had intercepted a pass by DeMoss oft the Purdue 22. Wisconsin piled up 17 first downs, 15 by rushing, to only seven for Purdue and gained a net total of 418 yards to 193 for the Lincoln high and Scottsbluff, both undefeated in three starts.

will write the ninth chapter to their brilliant grid series at the Bearcats' home field this Friday in the state top contest of the week. Also high on the slate is a Friday meeting between pace- setting Grand island and Pudge Glenn dark horse Columbus eleven. LINCOLN NORTHEAST will attempt to boost its stock in a game at Falls City, College View will be scrapping to get bark into the win column at Bellevue. Lincoln Cathedral will play at St. Cecilia's of Has tings next Sunday.

An important Mid-East battle sends Hastings to Crete and Gothenburg travels to North Platte for a Southwest confer ence tussle. Fremont will defend its perfect record against Omaha Benson and Beatrice will have the same aim at Nebraska City. Other games: KI.KVEN-M.tN. Albion at NcllKh, Alma at Franklin, Anaclmo at Mrrna. Arapahoe at Cul-bertson.

Arnold at Litchfield. Ashland at Plattsmouth, Auburn at Tarklo, Aurora at Central City. Battle Creek at Wliner, Bcnkelman at Wauneta, Blair at Lyona, Moya Town al Catholic Central of Detroit (Sunday). Burwell at Ord, Bunnell Reaervei at Stuart (Thura-day), Callaway at Analey, Cambridge at Bertram, Chadron Prep at Hemlng- ford, Creluhton at Hartlngton. Curtis at Alliance, Decatur at Tekamah, Ge neva at Falrbury, Oenoa at Puliation, Gerlng at Bayard.

Gibbon at Orleans, Gordon at Kushvllle, Guide Rock at Blue Hill. Hebron at Clay Center. Hold- rege at Kearney, Igloo. 8. at Crawford.

Kimball at Chappell. Lexlnxton at UcCook, Louisville al Weeping Wa ter. Mitchell at MuiaUre. Norfolk at Yankton. 8.

D. Oakland at Pender, Ogallala at Im-rial. Omaha Cathedral at tuoux City 'rlnlly (Sunday), Omaha Central at Bioux City Central. Omaha North Creluhton Prep. Omaha Houth at Omaha Tech, Oxford at Beaver City, Peru Prep at Humboldt.

Pllker at Stan ton, Ponca at Coleridge, Randolph at Pierce, Red Cloud at Superior, Schuyler David City, Sidney at Chadron (Thursday), Sidney, la. at Syracuse. Silver Crepk at Onceola. St. Bonaven-ture of Columbus at Madison.

St. Paul at Ravenna. Sutton at Mlnden, Tavlor at Mason City. Trenton at Grant, Valentine at Atkinson, Wahoo at Valley, Wayne at Wakefield. Wymor at Te- cumseh.

BI.VMA.v. Bennet at Nehawka. Carleton at Ply mouth, Cedar Bluffs at Scrlbnar. Cedar Rapida at Palmer. Chamber at Butte.

Concordia of Seward at Ulyaaea, Crof-ton at Wayna Prep, Dalton at St. Pat- ricKs's o( Hidney. liwient Assumot on at Beaver Crossing, Eddyvlll at Oconto, Eustl at Famam, Friend at Wllber. OllUier at Fairfield. HeraheY at Staple- ton, Hooper at Leigh, Lcwellen at Big springs, atccool Junction at Fairmont.

Miller at Elm creek (Saturday). Ne braska Deaf at Talmage. Nemaha at Union, North Loup at Shelton, Overton at Brady, Palisade at tndianola, Paxton at Maxwell, Sacred Heart of Falls City at Verdon, 8acred Heart of Norfolk at St. Mary's of O'Neill. Salem at Bhubert St.

Agnea of Alliance at Mullen. St Edward at St. Mary'a of Grand Inland. Sutherland at St. Patrlck'a of North Platre.

Virginia at Sterling. Wauea at Newcastle, Western at Exeter, Wilcox at Bladen, Wllsonvlil at Danbury, Wln nebago at Emerson. 6,000 Seats for Minn. Came on Sale Monday University of Nebraska Athletic Director A. J.

Lewandow-ski announced Saturday that a block of 6,000 reneral admission seats for the Minnesota-Nebraska game will go on sale Monday morning. These seats are in the bleachers at the end of toe field. Stadium seats have been sold out for a week. Lewan-dowski said no telephone orders can be accepted. Stan Stroll Plays Ed Maull For City Publinks Title Stan Stroh will go against Ed Maull in the 38-hole finals of the city Public Links golf tour name)t at Pioneers course Sun day afternoon.

The winner will receive the Harry Reed Trophy, to be presented by Mrs. Judy Vehrs at 3 o'clock in the eve ning. 1 -ft If it i Michigan Wolverines Ride Cyclone 11 Edaed AMES, la. (P). A second quar ter 48-yard pass play gave the highly favored Colorado Buf faloes a 7-0 victory over the Iowa State Cyclones Saturday, and the Buffs were happy to get by with that slim margin.

For a lighter, but gritty Cy clone eleven, starting on their own 20 in the closing minutes of the garrfe, moved to the visitors' one-foot line before they were stopped on downs with about 15 second of playing time remaining. THE CYCLONES piled up 13 first downs to their heavier rivals' eight and outgained them by rushing, 133 to yards to 72. The lone score came about midway of th second period with the ball an Iowa State 48 yard stripe. Quarterback Dick Schrepferman tossed to Ed Pudlik, who took it on the 10 after it had bounced off the fingers of the Cyclones' Don Ferguson. Pridlik went over standing up.

John Zlsch converted. IN ADDITION to their final drive, the Cyclones made only one serious threat, piling up most of their yardage and first downs in midfield. Near the end of the second quarter Iowa State moved 25 yards Irom the mid-stripe, but the attack was bogged down. The Buffaloes weren't even in the ballvfame the first quarter, never getting to midfield, but after their touchdown they threatened again twice in the third period. It was the pltchlne arm of Ron Norman, Cyclone halfback, who Drougnt tne estimated 8,500 rooters to their feet in the thrilling finish to the game played under dark skies and with a chilling south wind blowing.

From the Cyclones' 23-yard line Norman heaved a pass to End Dean Laun who was hauled down on the Iowa State 48. Norman again threw an aerial which six-foot-three Bob Jensen took on the Buffalo 15. After two running plays lost three yards Norman flipped another to Laun good to the seven, and Norman pusnea to the five to. make It iirst ana goaL Colorado ia. gi.i.

Zlsch Laun P. BrlKKI i Bouthard WU Brubaker Southard Jump Bush Spicer H. BriKga Pudlik Schrepferman Rellly Tanner Gregory Colorado Iowa Stat Anderson Rolllnaer Jensen Paulson FtraiMon Weber Klootwyk 0 0 07 ooo Colorado scorini Touchdowns. Pud- 11k; point after touchdown. Zlash '(placements).

i Substltutlona: Iowa State End. Har- uiu ouuisart, oryc Bennett; tackle. George Friedl. Lon Boanyak. Jim Jen-sen; guards, Wayne Selbold, Lowell iiue, hiii aiyera, norman Anderson: center.

Rod Rust: backs, Ron Norman John Griffith, Webb Halbert. Bob Annie Tom Qrundman, Jim Bean, Bill Chaun- Colorado: Ends, Walter Koebel, Stan Hendrlckaon, Jack Plxler, Harry Rob-rtaon; tackles, Douglaa -Nelaon, Aubrey Allen: guards, John Fabling, Don viMwj center, bhi nimons; backs Harry Narclslan. Don Evans, Jack Mc-Ewen. John Strobel. Pet Cook.

John Downing. Malcomb Millar. Armed Takes Match Race By 8 Lengths NEW YORK. Calumet way, beat King ranch's Assault by eight lengths Saturday in a $100,000 winner-take-all match race at Belmont park. Before a crowd of 61,573 fans, the game little gelding came out of the gate like a shot, coasted along three lengths aheads of his rival on the back stretch and when Assault pulled to within a length and a half on the turn, really started to run.

Pounding thru the stretch in a powerful drive he steadily opened up a big gap In the straightaway and won the long-awaited special with ridiculous ease. iy luffs Past State Enemies by 55-0 STATE 111(111. Wauneta 13, Itmyoke, t. Htaulna) 11, Nellih f. Newnusa drove Rattle Creek t.

rullerton S7, Hrotla 0. Omaha Douth 14, Omaha Benson t. BIO MX. Nebraaka Indiana 11. Colorado 1, lima Mate Ohio Slate II, Missouri 7.

BIQ NINE. Minnesota Washington I. WlMuneln St, Purdue 14. Illinois 14, rittubarih Mlrhlaan Ss, Mlehliaa Hate ortllwrstrl andrrbllt I. EAST.

Cornell II. Ihlih 8. Arniy IS, Vlllaouva Vale S4. Klnnix.lnt IS. HucknrU la, Alfred 0.

Hrasrlarr li, toast (Juard II. Ixfayrtte Muhkniburi M. Harvard St, Wmtrra Maryland Hrnwa S3, ConnecUcut II. Columbia 40, kalgera tl. Duqueane Western Reaem I.

Vermont 18, St. Michaels I. Massachusetts Bates 14. New Hampshire II, Colby I. Amhernl tl, Champlaln I.

Hotomao State I. Concord I. Thirl 1. Alliance 1. Khnde Inland II, Malm SI.

I ortland Trhrs. 44. Hamptwn I. Shlpprnsburg Tchrs. 11, California irnre.

o. Ohio S4, Ohio Northern Holy rose 0, liartmoutn f. larkana Hor heater II. William and Mary tl, Havldaoa I. Awrii Teitii (, Norwira is.

Plllabargh Tchrs. 11. Imporis I. Westminster Slippery Mark I. liwrentw S3, Depauw 0.

Mrelnla 99, Ueo. Washington 13. Farsona 0. Monmouth 4. Ylralnla I'nlr Inst.

10. Furman t. Vlralnla Mil. Inst. IS.

Catawba I. Bethany 1A, Wahington Jefferson It. Koehretrr II. Clarkeon 0. American Inlematlonal II, Fort De- vens Husqurhanna CCNV I.

tleneva tl, Wayneaburg 0. Boaton 4A Mohawk 1. UK'khavea Tchrs. 41, Kutalown Tchrs. I.

Mansfield (I'a) Tchrs. 1, Bloomburg (Pa.) Tchrs. I. Hartwlrk II, Bnickport I. Arnold 41, New Haven Tchrs.

I. MIDWEST. Miami tl, Murray mate II. Anguatana tl, Elmhurat 4. Michigan Tech.

1, M. orbext 41. Cornell to, Belolt 1. No. Dakota 0, Iowa Tchrs.

II. Lincoln II. 40, Wllberforr I. Albion Ohio Wealeyaa 40. Culver Htorklon 17, Iowa Wesleyaa Moulhwe.tem II, Baker 7, M.ryvllle Tchrs.

18, Omaha 4. Hhurtlrff 45. Cklllicolhe Charleston Tchrs 13, Kentucky Tchrs IS. Carthage to, Wartburg 4. Mt.

I nlon Kent rital II. Waantngtoa II, Missouri Valley II. Howard 1, Blueflrld I. Ohio Wealeyaa 40, Albanlon I. Illnola Mormal 10, Indiana Stat 7.

I lay Ion II, Koran too I. Hanover 44, Canterbury 11. Wabaah 11, Southwestern Tenn. 7. Illnola Wesleyan Worth Central II, Edlnboro It.

India St. Clark. 7, Wiley 40. Denlaoa SI. Klo Grand a.

BowHnc Ureea 10, Central Michigan II, capital 0, Muskingum 7. Wagner 11, Panser 1. Butler Ball Stat 4. Knox IS, Dubuque I. WEST.

California Ramblers S3, Alameda Naval 14. California 14, Navy 7. Southern Cal. II, Washington Stat 4, Mouther Methodist 11, Mania Clara I. Whltworth 17, Whitman 7.

Traaa 11, Oregon II. Idaho 1, Stanford 14. t'pper Iowa 11. to, Hurna Vista 7. Ural her ford 14, Western State 7.

Km porta (Mate tl, rort Hlley II. (arb-Wia MacAtoeter I. Empaiia Stat tl, Fort Riley Centaurs 11. Hamlin I. St.

Olaf 4. E. Kentucky Tchrs. 14, E. Illinois Slat rs.

riallcrlUn Tchrs. 7, Stout Institute 7 Valparalsa 7. St. Joseph' 1. Winona (Mian.) Tchrs.

Eaa Claire Trhra. 4. Carroll 19, Mllwanke) Tchrs I. Ixiraa 17, Lather t. Oahksah Tchrs 14, Northern Mien 6.

Youngs town II, Baldwin Wallaoa Kraturky 10, Cincinnati I. Marquette S3, Mouth Dakota I. Franklin II, Indiana Central IS. Ohio U. 34.

Ohio Northern O. Wayna (Detroit) SS, Great Lake Naval Mint Ion 7. Utah 7, Oregon State Montana Mtate 11. Portland I. Col leg of Idaho 47, British Columbia is.

New Mmleo Tchrs. 7, Fort Lewis (Colo.) A V. Arizona 17, Wyoming 7. SOUTH. Alabama 10.

Tnlana II. Tennessee 0, Georgia Tech 17. No. Carolina Tears, gnaw 41. Mouth Carolina IS, Marylaad If.

Hampton Institute II, Fort Bragg t. Florida A A to 4. Belli une Cock man I. Wast Virginia 1, Virginia Colon 11. No.

Carolina State 4. Delaware 7. Alabama A A SI, Florida Normal 7. No. Carolina Tchra.

Lenoir Rayna 17. Tnskrgea Inst. II, Grambllng 4. Weal Virginia Otlrrbeln I. North Carolina 14.

Georgia 7. Mont hem I 41, Hoostoa City College I. Ontre 18, Tnsculum 4. Marshall 84, More head 11. The Clladel II, Presbyterian Wakn Foreat Georgetown I.

Mleslpplppl 14,. Florida 4. temtrat Mtata 10, Centenary 1. Washington and Lee 14, Richmond I. friacrss Anne to, Ellubelh City I.

Duke 7, North Carolina State 0. Guilford Zl, Emory and Henry I. West Va. Tech 14, Mhepnerd State 1. Maletn 7, West Va.

Wesleyan 4. Fairmont Mtate 14, Glenvllle I. Eraklne II, Kotlln 4. Appalachian 11, New Berry 1. Tnakegea IS, ramble College f.

SOUTHWEST. Arkansas 11, Tela Trhra. 0. Teia Christian 7, Oklahoma A A 14. Houston 14, Mr Murray 13, Sum Houston t.

Prairie View II. Pepperdlne 40, Flagstaff State 7. Blatmp 13, langston 12. Imlalana Mtate II, Rice 14. Teniae A and II, Tesas Teen 7.

Hardin College 44, M-E Oklahoma HI ate 4. Teaaa A and I IS, Nam Houston Mint 7. Kaatern New Mexico II, laa handle A and ANN ARBOR, Mich. (UP). Michigan's versatile Wolverines, favorites to represent the Big Nine in the 1948 Rose Bowl classic, did just what they were expected to do with Michigan State college Saturday Thev crushed the Spartans, 55 to 0, treating 73,115 fans to an all-out exhibition 01 runnine.

rjassing and kicking In the 1947 grid opener for both teams. Michigan Coach Fritz Crlsler used 37 players, all but one of his varsity men. BOB CHAPPUIS, 184-pound left halfback from Toledo, accounted for three of Michigan's touchdowns Saturday while Fullbacks Jack Weisenberger and Dick Kempthorn, End Lcn Ford, Halfback Chalmers "Bump" Elliott and Senter Dan Dworsky contributed one each. "Automatic" Jim Brieske tried eight points after touchdown and made seven of them Michigan scored first after six minutes of the opening period when Welsenburger plunged two-yards to cap a 53-yard drive. Elliott slid off left tackle for 56 vards late In the same period to the Michigan State 13-yard line and eight plays later Chap-puis bulled across from the one- foot line.

The lineups: Michigan Ford Hllken Boheleskl Dworsky Wilkin Prltula McNeil Welsenhurger Derrlcott C. Elliott Kempthorn Pna. Michigan Stat Huey 7.lto Bagdon McCurry Mason Wheeler Balg Waldron lh fliierr Chandnol Blenkorn jvncnifcan 14 14 20 755 Michigan Stat 0 0 0 00 Touchdowns Welsenhurger, Chappul S. Klllott. Ford.

Dworsky, Kempthorn. Points after touchdown Drleske 7. HuhfltHntlnns: atlchlKan: Ends Holt way, Rlfenhurg. Hershherger, Wlsniewskl, Anderson. Tackles Hllkene, Kohl, Johnson, (luards Sickles, Wllklns, Tnmasl, Dendrlnos, Kemp, Henenheneveld, Strauas I White.

Quarterbacks Pete Klllott, Klesel, Chlndla. Halfbacks c. Elliott. Chappula. Kulck, Tenlnga, Fullbacks Welaenburger, Peter son.

Michigan State: Knda Oullman, Car-rlgan. Koskopp. Tackles Vngal, Cap- nuert. lMaifna. (luarris Sohackl.

Ot ting. Centers Kitsl, Leech, Oaaserd, Wen-ger. Quarterbacks (Hick. Halfbacks Kkith, Pnloncak, Waters, Crane, Smith, flnleeel. Kritzer.

Kefere: Mike layden, Notr Dame; umpires: E. C. Krleger, Ohio State; field lurtee: Stanley Knch. Kentucky: bead linesman: John R. Mcl'hse, Obtrlln.

Illmi Rally For Triumph Over Pitt CHAMPAIGN, 111. (UP). After sputtering helplessly for three periods, Illinois' defending Big Nine champions broke lanky Dwight Eddleman lose for two long touchdown runs in the clos ing minutes Saturday to Deal Pittsburgh, 14 to 0. Except for Eddleman, a star high jumper dn the track team, the Illlnl might have been held scoreless by the scrappy Pitt team which fought 'an uphill battle for most of the game. BUT IN THE substitute half-: back from Centralia, 111., the fighting Illini found the spark which made their offense click.

In the final period he ran 25 and 40 yards for the pair of garqe-winning touchdowns, Eddleman, playing his second year for Illinois, led the play during the second half with his accurate punting and savage tackling as well as his hard Only the rifle passes of Steven Romanik kept Villanova in the running. Twice this aerial attack carried Villanova well down the field but each time Army stiffened. ILLINOIS PITTSBUROH Zatkoff 1 Hkalartany AKasa It Harris Wrenn Ig Barkouakle Levantl Radnor Flegert rg Johnaon Cuns rt Ploti Owen McPeak Moss Bruno Dufelmeler 111. Lee Patteraon rh Robinson Bteger fb. Dl Matteo Scor by periods: Illinois 0 0 0 1414 Ptttsblrgh 0 0 0 0 0 Touchdowns: Eddlemen Z.

Point after touchdown: Maechtl 2. WEST POINT, N. Y. (JP). Army's green football team carried on the winning ways of IJs departed All-America backs, Glenn Davis and Feix Blanch-ard, by downing Villanova 13 to 0 Saturday.

Frequent penalties, mostly against Army at critical points, marked the Army's 29th straight win. Recovered fumbles set the stage for both of Army's touchdowns. Halfback BUI Gustafson fell on a Villanova. bobble on the Wildcats' 14 near the end of the first half and darted all the way to the goal line on the next play. Midway in the third period, Ralph Pasquariello, 220-pound Villanova fullback, dropped the ball on a linebuck and Elwyn "Rip" Rowan, fullback, recovered on Villanova's 23.

Bobby Stuart ripped off 21 yards at his right end, and Wjnfield Scott went aroud right end from the three to tally. TIGER GOES FOB FIVE Richard Braznell, Missouri halfback, picks up five yards around end in this first period action in Saturday's opening game for Ohio State. Ollie Cline, OSU fullback. (leu) made the tackle as his teammate End Dave Bonnie (84) barged in. (AP Wirephoto Saturday Night).

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