The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1937
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BEIIITT OF But Dr. Dafoc Sees Thai They Arc Immunized Against Smallpox «}• Al.IAN 1 UOV O. It. E., M. )). . GALLANDER, Oil!.— Tile Dionnc r|Ulntiip:«ts never will have smallpox, tut neither will they ever reveal tbc disfiguring sear on the up- ):cr arni that used to be the mark of smallpox vaccination. Some time In the future, when tha occasion arrives for them to wear parly-gowns, the fiirls -Kill' appreciate' thai their vaccination inaiks are icfUtcrrd on the !<?ft° hip. Invisible In the wearing or any: sort of party-gown that the designers have (is yet lntio:lnced iii!o Die world of fashion. All five 'vaccinations "took" nicely, and yet the dully routine and piay periods of the girls were llot inteirtiptecl in fuel, they were .ill Intensely interested in the' procedure, and evidently keen to see what it was nl! jihnut The same curiosity, Interest, and t<ilal lack of f«n that 1ms char- n'ttcital their dental inspections was iignid. notable in the vaccination roi|Une. After each little glv had her punctuie, she proudly .shoved the maik to Xhe others * • • From that, leiin "puncture," yoi will guess [hat out piocedurc Is somewhat different, from the one with wiilch you ate probnWy fnmfl- iar. The old-fashtoncd method as many of you will no doubt 'vlvldlj reineinber, called for scratching of tlio skin, which often left n heavy scnr nflcr the hcnling. The modern method, and the one used in the case of the llltlc Dionnc girls, is tJint of a clean puncture •which Is made neatly and without drawing blood, tli c scrum' then be• ing applied in small, completely- sterile tubes. The childien were then kept quiet for n time until the serum diied on the clenn while skin, without, any covering during the procpss - ' •Ten days after the vaccination, n fine" scab formed, and this did require a loosely-applied protection to prevent premature removal of the scab, it was evident that Hie. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) CO'OIUER NEWS It's Winter Sptirls Time for the Li life Dionncs , vaccination had been success In every way. . a complete Ordinarily, it is best for children to .be vaccinated before they ore n year old. when they ate so young, there Is practically no \isible. cilcct. though of course the protection is just as complete. "In the (he quintupled the process 'has 1 been delayed this iohe because i pf their premature Mnlj.i nnd 'since we did not feet that- it mas • as"i urgently necessary as \ln "ordinary cases, because of their isolation from germ-carriers and. the -unusually hygienic 'surroundings of ' llic nursery. ' Isolnted'as these childien are and have been from contact with the puWlc and even' from geim-carry- Ing associates, «e nevertheless felt vaccination would be best Not only will it piotccl them against the «-'opyright, 1937, NBA Service. Inn.) 0pponon ts Block Dec!arer mny and Set Con tract I'^ raUnSJM_Y,_PRBRUAHY 18, 1937 "ihe^ck' """""'""« by'pi«y-j' JoHli nntl South won «..,. ) isv \v.M. i;. .MCIU;N-.VI:V . h'u-rdary, American l::irtKi- I/'/isuc] Today's hand was played In ai ie cut (Itilicale game. Eiist and! West probably bid too much, hut t'lit is :. •rather common falling "t the brintjn table. However, even »il}j tills overbidding, it look very j line defense by North and Snnlli lo "defeat 'the contract "I throe { i 1:0 trump.' j ! 'Ihe honor strenslh is quite s Today's Contract Problem North is playing the contract at six no trump, dou- "Icd. Can declarer lime his Play, after the oncninj; lead, so .is to prevent his opponents from ' . i iriclt? A 4 3 V AKQ9IJ » 1C Q a -1 *KJ A K » 5 2 V AS2 • 111 H fi A A3 VQ'fl'l) » K J i) 7 42 4.00 N W E S Dealer 6Q in vo v K 10 » 53 •* A q j to V -I7IM 3 » AQ + KB2 Duplicale— N. ant S. vul. South west Noilli Hast ''ass |' ilss p. lss i A Po'* I * Pass 2 A P.iss 2 < P:is, 2 A 1'JMi z N. T. Pass 3 N. T. Opening lend— A 2. 18 (S IOC V None * 10 8 03 2 + Q9«7C AQJ72 V 108753 None * A 10 5 4 A A K 0 8 5 V .M 2 » A J 7 5 '. " * 3 • N. & S. vie!. Opener— Solution in next issue. 18 Ili-iclkiil jiiss-cts Kvliibilp,] ' HEKKEt.Ey. Cal. , (UP) - -riv i University of California Juis some- ' 'hiivr, to say about "bugolo'v." It i .•N.nnle-, lh;it its collection of siKilmens. of tentMcia.! -|n- ' I.s is the s3=on;l liirjei! in t!i;i i :lcl, but <jv?ri at Hint It is only j !>('!• cnn of the entire number I f lyp-s- ol beneficial insects in ex > !U Ihc nine cf clubs, which' held the trick. The six of clubs was played, and the- (c-n finessed. South v,<m with the king. , j South then made the brilliant i 'tad of the oneen of diamonds v.liluh West won with (he king. A «in?.!l diamond was returned ivilli the hope of establishing the suit »y dropping the ace. South won /un,y divided between (1 ,e oppos- cer | mg sides. East and West have | in dummy. So fl, t two kid us. Nobody, could walk mi those things/' th - 1 Pis seem to tell R. Dafoe. They cnn'L lie blamed, Issuing ratnchccks for The,opening lead ol the two of | ' The" kin./'of'hravts was led and -M>acles by North was won with No. th rented to vin The ,H"V| tie ace after Soiiili properly| Ifeart Nonh won. A-'spade was Played the eight. WcM then led 1 returned and East won with tie' possibility of contact with smallpox later on. but it serves n.s nn e.vnmplc lo children all: over the world of how modern medicine can protect tliciii from die chances of ciilch- ' IK communicable discuses. This treatment supplements the antl-diphlheria toxoid administered lo the children in December of 1935, mnkiiig them Immune from two diseases which used to be dreadful scourges in this vicinity ns well as all over the world. * * * . . No one who has seen the sorl of ravages which smallpox used to inflict on people could hesitate in re- Riird lo providing Uic best protection against it which science knows how lo give. Smallpox used to be quite common iu the north country, nnd the scarred races of older people are n reminder to those who do not remember the disease Itself, as many do not who-have been reared In communities where protection is universal.. 1 Mortem mc-thi uxls of preparing s? mm • practically eliminate mi; cnHnces or infection,- a danger o the earliest, days of vaccinations Bui doctors like myself whose iractlce goes bnek 30 years rcmom- xr smallpox all too well Dmiui an outbreak of Ihe dreaded disease I- used lo take the parish priest Wong with me on my rounds or the for "In many cases to ndmintstcr the 1 re nee lind not WI-:RKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL Jesus' Power Over Death putiuits, wcsoncc than See the Difference STARTENA mates/ -Mil) Itili'iiKilinnal Uiiifonn Sunday Sclmol Ltsmii for I'ctiruai v Zl. TfAl: .lolin ll:Z:i-28, :ij..|i * * * By \VSI. C. GH.ltOY, ]). 1). IMilor of AilvaniT The miracles lhat we have stud- led in the lessons thus far have sj-mbulkod the power of Jesus to fjive life, to heal, and to bring lijdil lo Uic darkened souls of men. Here In our lesson we come lo the ultimate miracle of [he power of Jesus over death, ihc miracle attested in Ills own dealh ami resiir- reclion. ft Is a very human story Unit presented, of two sisters In Bethany, Martini and Mary, who were very unlike in their dispositions, but had in common a loyally lo the Muster and n love for lilm Unit made Him an honored guest in their home. < Into this home sorrow had come in the dealh of their brother, and in the deep sympathy of Jesus, as , acles well as ills intense ion- lo that I lien Uic weapons which science has given us for the fight against smallpox, now no near a .complete victory. While it is true that smallpox has been (ought to a .standstill, ami 110 lomjer constitutes the menace it used to be. still it crops up orten enough to make protection distinctly worth while, and unusual emergency conditions may occur at any lime that would start an epidemic if protection were not Instantly available. ' Knowing that the Dionnc miln- liiplels are now immune from both diphtheria and smallpox makes all of us breathe easier at the hospital, for despite all our precautions ayainsl infection being bron»li| In from the oulsidc, there is always such a possibility, prom such dan- sers, we now may be quite sure the quins are just as safe as medical science can make them. Surely we could do no less Ihan that. When similar protection Is available to every child in the world, as I hope some day It will be, then we can all reel safer ami bs glad that we have .it least done whnt we ;now how lo do to insure life and icalth for the world'., babies. liospllnblc home, is found in the simple words concerning 'ills'com- ing Into the house of death—Mcsiis wept.". In (he division' inlo verses in our English Bible, it is the shortest verse or all; yet it is full of expression and significance. The story of how Jesus brought Lazarus forth from the tomb is familiar to us all. It brings to every thmigliUul and inrjnlrjng minil .'onie very poignant questions, wiij did Jesus weep, if He had the power, lo bring. Lazarus rrom Hie dead? Why was Ihe power of Jesus nol exercised hi more homes and circles of sorrow in His own day? There must have been many many cases ol.bprcavrd disclplus' nnd yet the .stories at Jesus bring-' ing the dead- to life arc few. Why is Ihe sainV power; of Jesus not manifest iii'homes of tlealh and sorrow loday, where the devotion to the Master is as intense as It was in that home where Martin and Mary loved Him? l * » '» These questions .we cannot answer, any more than we can explain the miracle. The rationalist might say that these slories have come rrom traditions that arose annul;! the life of the Master, as lltey Inive arisen in pomp form around the lives of olhcr peat leache-rs and prophets. nut we cannot dispose of th? inir- Service In Flood Wins Praise For Manila Boalm;in The '- "'"' In . improving li „,„, ,, r „„. f:,, |,,r m i, |. lrs . u, ( . '','; .:";!'" f'-"n'<'lils<- , t,, sump. <|i!Jlifii.() |i,. r ,soi] oi rmiipany "' the .r^lluwlii^ town: .S'l'KBJ.R, MOJ ' I'prscns to whom ilils fran- (liis? will he Riaiilcil nmsc !'c "f lii-fi cliaraclcr ami iPIMilation and have avail- aide «i.«JO or more on wbich lo nperalf-. 'I'lierc are trancliiscs ui (his kiml c|)cra(in? ami mak- i"S money for tlieir owners in nearly every lovvn of any <-«n«(|iicn (( . ,•„ (I,,, worm. If you have money ( 0 invest and (he ability to (ip- eral,! oiiv of the mnsl nul- stunillnif and profilalile husi- iKl.ssi's in yny com)im:iify, u'e u'viie your mvesii^-.tcion. Write Box "H,'' Courier News, Dlyllievillc, Ark. /Oft A BLOOMING COOD TIME/S lous records arc imbedded in tlia story of n wonderful life, anrt one eannot fee] that Ihc lite and salvation Jesus brings lo men have their ending in death and th; tomb. We have suggested that the miracles beyond the literal record have the symbolism ol spiritual truth and this 1 3 surely true concjrnin»'' Ihe mimr* of restoring the dead | lo life. Ill s recrciitliiu and Veviv- ' Ing power has everywhere been manifest, both in the days of His life on earth, and all the years since, in the limes and places where His gospel has made its power felt. I" His earthly life and teaching, Jesus never promised His disciples immunity ; inm, P and-sorrow He never tolil them thai they would have uiUmitrd i-hy;k'al exlstsnce What HD cikl promise was that- eternal life would be Ihe portion « the;-? who ! 0 !:r.:l in Him the vvaj- aiirt the Truth. - HOT HOWE ,. — BIOUOM , PALSTAFF WINTER -WITH W/t IT'S THE BEER EvI^YBODY There areno two ways about it. For pep, for warmth and dowar^t flavor, Falstaff Winter Beer has what it takes to ake you Don't delay. Order today. Keep a case iil your home. Its the beer ,h a f« making warm friends everywhere. Ask about the handy six-bbttle'^ke'-me-homc" ba° S -rewrer $' Art QHICKS RAISED on Purina Staitena weigh up to a quarter of a pound more ol six weeks thoji chicks raised on other feeds. They're bigger framed, sturdier, have yellower legs and brighter , eyes and combs. . ' Feed your chicks liis year ou Sfarteno, the only feed that contains Pur-a-tene, and at 6 weeks you'll s«e the difference Startena makes I THE GOODWIN COMPANY Scl1 U< Sl iio^- 112 El Mam A PP r °ved Baby Chicks, Phone J5-I We Guarantee - Thai oiiv lubricators nro thoroughly competent awl wholly conscientious, nnd— That our lubricants nre the host that 'money can buy, and— That your cars every grease port will get its share of the right lubricant— —Let's Lubricate. Service Center MANILA, Ark.—Haywood Aslvi- brainier. 27-year-old motor boat operator of Manila, who worked sis days and rive nights iu the lloiKlwi area in and aromul Leachvi!l,> (luring the crisis, has received a ]--t- ter signed by several merchant of. Hint city praising his efforts during the trying period. This irttcv was written January 28 and o\-i- denlly was modestly kept seeiet liy "Cutlcr." a s he is known hero The letter Is as follows: Leachville. Arkansas Jan. 28. 1037. "Mr. Cutter Ashnbrnnncr "Manila. Ark.. "Dear Mr. Ashabranner: "Upon your !enrin<; us. nr (ho imiiersigned citizens "or I,~arhville want to express to you oi;r clr,-p\it" Hpixreciation and ' most siiurre lhanks for the splendid work you have rendered in rescuing so many of our unfortunate flood victims "Vou have exhibited Ihe groairst valnv. privation and constant <1:in- RCr to yourself, and you can olwr.s remember that you have ariiniiv raved many human lives. "Our rcRrcl is tliat we cannot rto more to couifionsalc you Ihan lo say -thank you' and 'to wish \m, good luck. "Sincerely yours. "J. M. COX. irh.iir- man local Red Cross)." Other citizens who signed ihe letter are: Ted Rogers. E E Hub bard. A. G. Taylor, T. A Alexander. E. A. nankins, j. Lre l!»ir- <tMi. D. C: Frew. M. C. Slautlon- mayor. M. D.: Bob F.blen Ix3-ii s Welnberg. J. \VolnbjrR. Raymond Phillips, and C. C. Craig. "Cutler" is n former x'titddi! at i ihe Manila high school ant] was a member of the old Manila loannii sniiatl of 1927. 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