The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Beaten Only By Scinty They Haw Annexed Wins': llv .1. T 1 . FIITI'M) Having disposed of the pa Bulldog's for ih'.-li eighth n live vletory, i!;i> lllytlu'Vinc a'.aws IIIIVP Inn our more I, hurdle br-;orp layh',,, i-tann Noithes:;i Aikan-'a'i ,-,i, in.u On The Outside - Looki?ig Tn By "DUICE" 1'lit'y riik HlyDieyllle <io;i't iiifriin n tiling, there is no ie:i£on wily either the Blytm- villc rh;cln.':i«'c or tlic Walnul Hiciff liouraii stioulil u- InMii. ^s liivoiltr... In Hie :i|)[jroarhhij; ull- S liiuixiriaiit hnille Prliiay. fMSOJ) i fVuiii here il looks like It is slm- |)ily a niiiiier oj even up, lake your •nutfi: Bui )t ( ,)i,>|,t J K inieri'st-' ill' lo |;iio\v that iiewspii|ier wrll- •)';: 'Aliu li.-ivc .vecn Im'ii ie:liiis III I'lHill :,le :i|.feed Ilinl t:,,. (;h|, ks r Rjir,,':i The Wtitmit (he lri«> in? Friday r.ftt-rntx.n Mariiti" :,i :> ,1 in., alone are in itu- ivny of a complete rout of ditiriet nnjwneiii':. \Vilh n of nini -md n single lost, the linnc-at* will lik'-My offer the keenesi eonipfiiilt Chicks have l:,c f ;l lhi ;i year. \ietlms Include ,ituie ; boni, F-iggod 5i-;!0; Imliodrn (5-0; n,.',v- port 21-7; Ani!in.-ta i-n- iriy-.-iu-i-n (Miss.) I-r, ; nosi,. M-O; and ii oii. Til? i:r-aro\- l.ior,-- th.?ni [i:rii- only r<Hli:i!.-k. :'0-7 Comiwr.iuye score-:, give ihe teams almost an c.iual b-.islr Walnut Ridse defpatrd ,Tnm'f!>.>ri> in Ilie fust lam? ol ihe s.-j~r,j,. 'J.[i in ihe Oraijhead renier. -|;i-.'u,!," won from ih e rinklen Iliin-irine , 20-7. here. Pio R0 tl Ml b«(c,,,. i ,,..' lie "Slick" rrallsiintton, et nl ',120, while tbe I.i'lir--Piiekeii ' ,,',a- chine rolled over the MdinvV 12. Walnut nidi... U'ai Nr-iv)r:>n' ', in Newport. l'nni»oiiUt .,v;ni (,»,.„ Newport. U-13. The niill:lnp-. wei-e sivnmped tiy Hie cliieks. :u-o. ,i,,ij..-. boro beal Nrnjiori, ni-7. Doiilife U'ltlsli.-H-k I'tii-iiialiiiii Using n Warner :,viiem wUh -i ^JS-CETS IK KiS EYES! "X ,\Ef7Yc Or TH4T O',' FAKBS ' TcLLIN' US HE HAD i AS To' Y ^J (tyHflUZHOW ^:.,;2-.t» / , ..„ „ Pndaj- )llg h, lhcy will play c nnl . n. Buth Barnes will I* pi ayj , (i . al . James I!; ilin; ployd Aetoii vs 'I Ida; 1-Yank Whllworlh v lliililjin-:!; Keck; C. W. Aftllek T- Ii. David vs J riigin [> i' 1 'I aylu; vi, Mnisli M. Calta- luwlly Ijnn.-pd ribs which tori .' were li-iii-ctl broken tir Rohert ••lid" .lolmson, ': horo iKdftai'k. Wiis ooveveil bliunl wlir-n be li-li Hit Held. "1,'aplaiii Iliiwiird lltnrn nl friini In tin- last hall hy Coai-li lliil?llp when ihe niack and I '.'old leader wished :i l.'i-yurd Hv 'in Ills mutes inr i-mi£lmesK. "Our Newport man win; ejenei lln> field for sliipginij '.'I Friday the rougher it became. ".ione.'iboio unil Newpon liavi' been willing to mix il frecli' since jHttl when ilie irmiw :n Newpnri ! ended In n free-for-all fist fighl, On' Greyhounds it-fusing i<> |.Ue' .ione,.-horo the bull even liinuRli loldcn Hurricane won n de- vlciory. "This particular feaiiire, which slm-letl the liltier enmity, was (Kijnird. out tn Coat-li Ituiitci by 'on. citmrter; "Sk"etc.r' Stokes, halves; nwl S. fullbncl:. li.-is feitmed ; , le Halliburton "The troiilik' slaKeil before Ilie Iy ihl . ; wr n 1 ^' HJm n,r^ ( ;r;,TCr'Lr <1s ,^ ^,X"K^^^ I'vtv [uture mn,r ii,,,,.. !','.l.,,'','.. 1 'ciT' i I 1 '""' '' : "' ™ 1)) ' 1 '" ae " ciisloniPd to neniilttlni; the win- nlni; leinn lo take Ilie bai, "Jlimli'i- staled today Hint hi- believed the trouble hud ( |j,.,i down mitll Fridays 6 a,,,e lollk rne two Icnins did not play 110 I;«st — - • .. l.islnii in |'oiij- i'lifjils; Defender Meei<; Hin-y Maincs With the qualifying mmlli c . juried Ihe annual niytlii'vllle conn- Ity dtilj gulf tomnamem C nlcrs the '^™^^ l l?:*^ :-• scheduled to he enmnlr.iivi m; .1 t 1 .-: Coleinan vs. ga m Nor-! CiU'i NPIS vs. Charles Crig- Di-iver vs. Russell Phillips; nogs us „ bur- , lie imfuldid. ills ndlvitv and (dramatic- star, ummlin,. m'reiioris •lm, [led to „ knee injury v.-iien n,' | ( .|V ...'.'.':'ly!!'. 01 ";, 1 ^ , 1)miml '»». «••''»'! nor- IhL- eharaeler ,of „ cripple. . .- ^ ™ was ' Harry "Pop sye , f,^ nn „„. | ^ er 1>« bee,, (he spark of the W.-icverv 11,,... -nosy" ' l ' „, ders m ' .,. , ±,o ro ' ' . Many club E olfcrs did not partlcl- IJ«lc in the .muIiryliiB round bull-- lliey were placed In various lllolus' K »"<l will .si HI have a i.lmnce"for I Y tau»- n outside u,c champion.,,,,,, n.,ni' i 0 "" 1 " 11101151 "]' nigbt' iiicinbers ^[" <; | Kltot »'/he qualifying round v. tM the exception of Leo UiUMn- Ifli. yoiiilifdl <lcrendlng champion «• )o will meet Harry iinlnos In n f M.roiiini lest thin week, w A ' in ' - '"• -". — ^11 I UllJIJ^i, A!a>: R?j[| v::. W. M. Scruges; Llovil V Wise v." .lames Terry: O B Diivcr vs. Godfrey Whit;-'; c R BalK-of-k vs. .7. c, Barnes Tlilnl Fitghi l'. A. Cuiinlnghatn vs. c, I.. Lcm- on':-. p. Warren vs. J. p. ,] 0 yner- Bill Chamblin vs. O. W. Cojipedge' f(. crufton vs. W. .1. Wnnderlieh; aiK-hlon Hall vs. Prod Flceman; oile Hemleison vs. A. O. Hmlson; tiiffereiH to have „,. back again for the first, time "din- Hig the current revival of (be wrestling game here, and even those who liecamc iomewhat no- -eiKtomcd to Enill's tnrtain bows - I last winter and summer got a kj c ); , w »h' an "Hi of hi s appearance again. As for Hie program Firpo , vas (liEqualiBed in the first match csmg to Bull Martin but providing the climax of the show with hk iciist with Peferee Leon Pedntty and fmaUy having the stage all 10 hnnwlf when Pedretty tjnit die img. m what was i-, have been feature match Ed Kanthe tan stroiie man, disposed of Jlo Joe. alleged Indian bad- r.",' ", t ™°" t of ."""e falls. The And Cooter This Week .STEELE, MoT^The will have ih'pir""r"" oui 01 town «?am null- game Tues- •'^I'tinju wrecker Service Motor Co. •• •-• *>• vy. IIIIU.M.MI. _ • ""*• "" nnt:e laJis. 'llir II- Crockett vs. C. Cnldwell; J.! ™ al 1M lasied only long enouel 'll'rner up T>m n:.._i Inv KnnH.^ t f. ...„!,. _._ . H 5'. . 'liirner vs. liill "'' folc thc started Pi-l- op tjus fall and Nor mo,', 'Tn ' " • wl pen slaged carlvi,,. rtheast Arkansas- DiS . ( l a ,o ro „ «H « (he nvo ends. K,l)ev and good hirk , p ( „ ' l 'B have toc-n consistent all .,•„. I Ihe f l ,'' c-n consistent all on. Also Die itr.w, .Murom : White line, which has nuiplayd ery oppDiicnt so far this seism, | s expected to i;et Us severest te',1 Allliongh no KJJJJ, ),„,. (,,,,,„ n '_ ceivcd from the olllcinls hbmil Die! *P"cm! tral,,, j)|, ms are pl)in , r lw ._ | ward toward getting Use "leiiutlv-- 1, reoimed MO , M M™ S{ .|- S . Pf ed .s. 'Rockl sahba, cbairmaii of u,v Citizens Athletic comniUtec and Eddie B. Davm are in ,-harge ol Ihe f l nd! Than s s v _ itrnt he ' .. . , "', ' "' " 8l ' 1 """ 'i«"^iT"i, U M "' " mt ° f " IOM: sl!». lU'ltfi- slick lo u -s-ire' T like fmilball. Eddie! They me nrg-. like to niiik. 1 J lids,, on tin- i touch \\ilh ills-Hi U)e nrrangemenis. I'lg tlioce ulio <hf Hip in Walnul special" io »s«oonas possible. They f fe) . "le reqn.reil number will t\ e cured. Bands io Make Trip If Ihe plan-, f0r | )1P lr;lill „,,_ Ml lie t tl h school Ml ,,e S are'roue,!,'and v aff.m re more ,il UI , L , „,,, ,„„, " lnv0111 brawl Hum a foollcill tame 1 "" 1 - lul 'n'.in Al "iKlcr mlc.s and ie s u"lntion',' i ,,.,,„ iulv , '""' llolo '-' ; '•oiinneni ."oin a Jonesboi-o Trlljiin,. ^i m ,, eohnnn atter iurt T7,-i i„• •'"' in't Mlilnyn |!nine won hy .Kuifjiboro. is to '/• Nn Hul,l5 Hnrreil "More, pleas;,,,! ^hlaic relnilniis n'!".,: l!)1K: ' bt "" bi « h ^l«iol was ,.„ .. '. " '"f ir.'im DM- '"'" •" '-".'ii-ii i'. AI llmiter tire Ih? Inmi s;],,,,-,, „„<, , , nl Newport high following ihe vis J'el»n ; l S W ||| go ,, OTl ,, Ml , , 1 , 1U I'orV ,9 , n y „,[,,„ j^''^^/^ *-»JC], ! II t Ii'] | w j 'in I,, ,, „ , -, . . _ J said. Since the same is lo start P.'".. 11 is likely tl,,-. " 5p; elai leave here abnui 10 inn Intimated. , Will, pbnly of „»,, and Chicks yvcm ihrcMi..), a »orkoi;t .vo.ver.ln. T l mornhiK "The Joiieslioro caplnin • otined me lhat "we have yon In our buck ynrd Ihl.s year and we're ,,oln(! lo treat yon'like yon I VO-lf sir) n/- } nmiUC11 '- take part in the c.1,,1, event, -jic niny meet, ^,, K chainploii later ln a mat. The first round of the inent will be- played over club 0,,?. tonrna- the 18- was scheduled Friday rar, to lie played at Ireatetl us. "A game for next j Newport, "l would llki. to ,^r ti,e sltiM- t-lon corrected," Hunter said to day. "We wnni ( 0 ,,| By ,| ( , n esboro every season, but I do not believe en her iea m nr Snm nppri>rlntc the kind of game Hint, was plaved yesterday. Newpon is inlling to'do • -- I/.U.H.-U t,VC'l * . ro "'e »' """eh play, accord>B lo Richard M. Heinsma now l>rofc.ssionn!-|it (lie club Pairing.; r 0r (i ,. st ,. olm(| nmta l" Hie various nights follow Clianijiinnship Fllglit J. I F%"iiU 2 ™v'V^ Ir candm^ ran Jlorsc vs. w. T. Oarnett; H H Hm A ° r vs " R ' F - Kirshner- J.m es piiin-d vs. u. a. Branson>'- B. Oei' vs. Hill Afflick; Cecil Cnoter and Holland ! Cnpers Divide Games •^^••IBk ROXY Tucs.-Wed.-Tliurs, MAT. & NlTE~10c - 25i- iWi [or Kanthe to walk over to i, Indian's corner, pick him u,, „„„ <l™p bfn, out of me ring. Jeers catcalls and sarcasm thai, only a wrestling crowd can deal out ac- I compnnicd the end of the show Firpo entertained for W ]iat seemed to be a good 10 minute. lie hnd been dlsfualined for Disqualified, Hint Steals Show From Principals Kinil Firpo, the one man show came 10 town last night to save —,. .....v iijguL iu .huve i j whai would otherwLsc have, heen a | t>:rin| nd rage. Finally Marti,, left °hc t«e and Fi rpo na<1 lo ^ ™ it over again wjth lhe * c/e ree bu ««i the !a tter nnally decided enough was enough nnd quit Fir- continued to stint around, ges- presentation with little 1 appearance was made („ . e "' for - nnd all to join him for the time being, it tlie armory. Tiie Sonlh American was never mcan- hpllcr cast, as an old double ,,,t-uM- »• 'il the modern grunt und groan racket but as far as lhe audience is concerned he seemed to have •liwil role of clown and tra»e- tllan. About half O f Einil's °' , me eln« orders to quit the ring from varf- ™.5 ringsiders Timekeeper Virgil Oreene. who waved his big walk «>g ^tick pugnaciously at Ihe en- tcnamer, and Commissioner Nelll Tuesday Hint. 2:30, 10-25c Nile fi:.|5— 10-35c nc(]iies( , nme Friday nifrhl when Ihev lo Hnllnm] nwl look nn fast Hie (jirls contest the Cooler '""» bad little dlfriculiv in ; tl,,. Holland learn.' «-ln- :rf as. corns s until six (orced Ui leave th nl tnjurit'.s. Eereil :.|ar .luiu-Kluiro 5he the world in "Aiowiny Glory. In Hie bo.vs' game lhe Holland learn won a decisive viclory. 23 to The Cooler boys slaved n fnsl '-e. in all probnbillty wm ,,, )t S( , t McreriiUi, and Crais luarler rally, (railing, lo to lhe end of ihe Ihlrd period I were unable lo overcome tilt Be Holland lead. All players hi me Cooler line-up were new wllti Hie exri'jitlon of Oestrlng. subsided lo almos, AND NOW SHE DIPS lltK SGlll. IN FIKES Of K O M A N .: F. 1 with JOAN BENNETT "' A U L I. u K A s F R A N C E S 0 F F JEAN PARKER Ma } Olivsr ^. t I Y of A,, or Interest Musical— "f.ailio.s That Play" >vilh Pliil Siiainy anil His car (193/). Mnsical— "Mirrnrs" with Kredilie Rich and Orrhoslra The Tax Book Is Due to Close DECEMBER 1st, 1934 Mrs. Lyn P. Gooch, Collector C "° Use ( "°»- 2M ' >° " e. Ark. MAY WE ASK YOU QUESTIONS ? ALL FOOTBALL BOYS in 'COLLEGE RHYTHM' YES Qn»itlon No. 1 If a member of your family is seeking employ men l, do you j need a lele.jihone so that employers may locate yon quickly when a vacancy oc- 1 curs? Question No. 1 When you.wake at night and ihe ominous crackle of flames tells yon that your home is you need a telephone? Question No. 3 When sinic!en sickness 'comes lo some member of your family ... do yon need a telephone to call the doctor in a Imrry? Question No. 4 When your wife is alone, and a thief is heard Irving loopen a window ... wouldn't a telephone he a godsend? Question No. 5 Wiien yon arc nnjivoid- ahly dciaiiicil a! work, or l,y niilomnhilo tronhle, would a telephone al liome he handy to notify the family? Question No. 6 When a ,,-nler pipe hursts, or a drain clogs, Isn't a telephone useful in meeting lhe emergency? Question No. 7 When it's raining, would a telephone- save you unpleasant trips to lhe nearest store? Question No. 8 Insurance lahlesreveal lhat a high percentage of all accidents occur i:i lhe home. Should a member of your family suffer an accident, wouldn't a lelepliotie be worlh 1(3 weight in gold? Quastion No. 9 Docsn'i it lighten lhe , wife's duties if she lias a telephone to YES [ order groceries, ask tlie cleaner In call, N O f or rim oilier errands? I Quesllon No. 10 Isn't it worlh a lot r jnsKoknow thai yonoaii lift the receiver YES L of your telephone and call your friends NO f or receive calls from ihem? YES NO U D If you have more "Yeses" thnn "Noes" our suggestion would be...a telephone. The cost is moderate, the value is nil you wish lo malic it. Get in loucUwitlnhe business off ice. Lei n s tell you the cost of a telephone in yottr home. SOUTHWESTERN BELL THiPHONE COMPANY

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