The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1944
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ULYTIlBVILIiB (ARK.), COUKIBK NEWS " ScoptsToHold District Camp Here Saturday j ~ _ .., A, district "Camp-O-Hal" for all Boy Scouts lu north Mississippi County will be held at the high school'stadium in Blytheville Saturday, it nas nimoujiced today by Wr P. McDaniel, chairman of camp- Irij and activjdes 'committee. Registration will begin at 12:30 p. m.. with the following program planned for the afternoon: Inspection by patrols: Scmit formations: Instruction' on pitching; cam)) (cuts, given by members of the Arkansas Guard: message relay: signaling contests: first aid contests: scrambled slioc race. Judges In these contcsls, all to be! held oh .a patrol basis, will be Bancroft 'Terry, \V. R. Crawford, Randolph Smith Sr., G. H. DeLong, Percy Wright, Don McLean. Joe Evrard, O, "P. Ralney, 0. C. Wood and W. P. McDaniel. Scouts from 14 troops In this district arc expected to compete lu this affnlr. • EPSON IN WASHINGTON Capital Doings and Stewings THURSDAY, Al'KIl, 27, 1944 Promise Of Publicity QffsWAC 'Engagements' FIFTEENTH AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS, Italy, April 24 (UP)— Uncle. Sam is doing n pretty smart job chaperoning his enlisted WACs on the Italian front. Last March the order went around thai no Army officers could have off-duty dates with enlisted WACs—unless the couple was related or engaged. .Two dozen couples Immediately applied for' the necessary certificates, .which were meant to prove they were engaged. / This week the engaged couples were advised as follows: ""It should be understood by all concerned that information ' concerning the engagement will be given to public relations for dissemination !h hometown ncwspa- pers. 1 ' All but one of tile so-called engagements \verc promptly broken. Fait Accompli -. ST. JOSEPH, Mo. <UP(—From all appearances the old story of "nil that -goes up must come down" might foe applied in the case of Prank Becker who erected a building here without, n permit. Police asked to see the building permit and then haled Becker before n Judge when lie Couldn't furnish it. In 1940, 6500 light airplanes for private use after the war will have a capacity of two passengers ami 30 tc* 50 pounds of baggage Lord Louis Mouutbateen Is the first commando to include mobile breweries as 'part of the equipment of advanced combat units. Gets Invasion Post «V I'KTEIl EDSON AH this talk about the coming "invasion" of Euro|>e Is wrong—according lo the experts In semantics. When they go into n friendly country which has already been Invaded," that's a counter-Invasion. Germany, properly speaking, Invaded France, and U. sj forces Invaded Italy when it was n declared enemy country. U. S. forces will therefore counter-Invade France, and Hie campaign In Italy is now a counter-Invasion. Eventually, U. S. forces will invade Germany and Japan. ,'lhcre never was a national election year In which so many men did not want 'to be president, but (Senator Harry: Flood Byrd's expressed disinterest. In the move to nit- him at the head of the anll- Deal wing of the Democratic >arty has a real foundation. Most of (he anti-New Dealers are Southerners, who hiive taken an extreme lositton on the Negro question. : iyrd, It Is felt, cannot go along on '.his position. The Virginia senator is extremely proud of the untl- ynehing law which llic Old Doinin- on stale passed under his leadership, and his moderate views on where to draw the color line are not in harmony with those of the Illy-whites. On (he other hand, Mississippi politicians say Sen. Tlieodorc G, Bilbo's recent oration before the state legislature In Jackson, in which he went all out on race prejudice, was just what he needed lo nut him In solid with the voters of that state. Before that speech, it was thought, Bilbo would have difficulty in being re-elected lo the Senate In 1S4G. because of nntl- joll tax opposition to his views. Now he Is considered ns good as In. TI1K ITCH IN LEND-LEASE Hep. John M. Vorys of.Columbus, O., has at last found what's really wrong ivith reverse Icnd-lcase. A GI in London told him: "You congressmen should do something about this reverse lend-lcnse underwear we are getting from the British. It doesn't fit and it scratches." "Thus," says the congressman, 'American troops are being brought n contact with different standards of living .among our allies In n very graphic scratchy way, through reverse lend-lcnsc." • » • How small business men get converted to post-war planning Is rc- Inted by Paul G. Hoffman, president of Studcbaker and chairman of the Committee for Economic Development. The head of a little outfit In Lansing, Mich., says Mr. Hoffman, was having his troubles. Before the war, he never had more than 20 employes and now has more tlmn 200. In spite of ills bigger business, he isn't making any more money than he made before the war, mid lie looked forward to the da v when he would be able to fire 1BO people and bring to an end Maj.-Gcn.' Hoyt S. Vandenberg, above, ol Milwaukee, Wis., has been appointed Deputy Com- .rnanrier-in-Chicf of llic Allied invasion air force. Gen. Vandenberg helped plan the North African iivasion, later served as 12th Air Force staff chief. In his new post, he will serve directly under Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory. MEXSANA SOOTHIH6 KiPICAUP POWDER llic making out of a new form every Dircc minutes every day. llicn lie got to reading ,'iboiit. llic daiwr* of post-war unemployment ni»l at it mlslil Iran to. lie came Into Hie Lansing CED, admiUcd Dial maybe he hud the wrong Itlisi nboiit wanting to get buck lo (lie goo<l old clays, nwl is now tryiiiti to work out plans to keep Ills 200 employed. * • * ISLAM) IDKA T)io nigl) I!oi>. I'clrr Frasor, New Zealand's llliciril and kindly prime minister who slopped off In Washington for ti few days on his way lo London, thinks tlici'c should 1>« "0 cniise lor post-war dispute among the United Nations when It comes to dividing up Ihc Islands of Hie Pacific formerly mandated lo Japan. Personally, he would like to see all Hie Islands bctwct'ii Hawaii and the Philippines put under Ihe U. S. flai;. But even so, he points out (lint tliere arc so immy of theso Islands Ihat every country could have all It wanted or needed for air bases, naval bases or commercial develnpment and still leave enough for everybody else. The Idea of Joint sovereignty by two or more Pacific powers he rejects flatly. It hasn't worked out at all In the few islands where it lias been tried, after the Japs were driven out. Doctor Wassel I " ;W1 Premier Held At Little Rock UTTLK HOCK, April 27 (U.I 1 .) —The premiere .showing of "The Story of Doctor Wasscll" last nteht brought to a close the three-day cclubrnlloii for Commander Corydon'11. Comnmiidcr Wassdl expressed "l[jh praise of the: home front, and says hn Uoen'l like to hear any one say Hint home folks aren't doing the purl. Director Cecil B. DcMille, who WRS In I;ltll« Hack lor Hie pre- inlcre says lit 1 was greatly impressed with the fact that of all the kids of nil ages who have come and aslied him for Holograph,those in Little Hock were the host innn- neral. lie also gave high praise a Little Rock and says he wishes to return some day. . uiso added that white other cities mny be famous HE milclcrs of ships, centers of com- icrcc or Indus* ry, Arkansas Is a milder of men. ' Energy-full • "Vitamin Value" One of the popular ShtoOfa- Finer Foods Downright In llic liimly 6 oz. table size bottle. V Rctjuircs no ration points. Chock full of spicy flavor co nuke wartime menus tasty. . \ Its appealing new flavor is gathering wider approval day by day... because muais, seafoods, gravies ... (asic b«(cr when IfiutCiU- Sana- Is added. Most grocers-have a limited sup- *> ply. Naturally the boys over sc;is come first. • * V THE G. S. SUPPIGER CO. ST. LOUIS, MO. B«l!«vill», 111. Colltnivllli, III. Converse, Ind. l. Summlly Ind. t/ictvuf. with DID YOU HEAR THAT, MOM? IT SAID MORE PEOPLE ARE STAYING HOME AND FINDING IT'S LOTS OF FUN/ VES TOM/AY/ WITH GAS AND TIRE RATIONING PEOPLE HAVE REDISCOVERED THE JOYS OF HOME LIFE GEE POP/ I WIN/ DON'T WE HAVE A GOOD TIME AT HOME THERE'S NO- RATIONING OF FUN HERE/ NO SIR/ AND IT'S VERX IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE- HAVE SOME FORM OF RELAXATION! TO KEEP KEEPING FIT- IS A PATRIOTIC 1 DUTY FOR i EVERYONE OF US NOW/ THAT MEANS EATING WELL BALANCED MEALS-AND-GETTING LOTS OF FRESH AIR AND. SLEEP AND. This Weekend's Specials ENRICHED with VITAMIN B-l DEV/L'S FOOD CAKES Rich, Delicious Chocolate 490 ERENCH BREAD Baked Fresh Every Day! Blythevllle Owicd— Employing Hljlhcvlllc People llomc-I'Vnnf Stalwart TROY, Vt, (UP)-Molse Lclollle, 49- year- old dairy fanner, who fought in World War I with two strong arms, is doing tits part in this war with only one. Working a 12-honr day, lie htui found time lo cut more than u carload of pulp- voocl a clay and work on the local Red cross committee In addition to ills dairy duties. I'lniis Courtesy on Itise KANSAS CITY, Mo. <UP)—Mrs. Anna Dcmion, crossing off her 28th year of service as clilcf switchboard. operator nt one of the hotels here, has assured.intaylewersuthati-peo^; pie are much more courteous now tliiin before the war. Mrs. Dcimon hus handled approximately 7,3UO,- 000 calls during her ternv of service, and Is In charge of 12 assistant opf cm tors. -SHOP BY TELEPHONE- Victory Wagon Delivery Service TWICE EVERY DAY! 25 Pounds, Self Rising 50 Pounds, Self Rising 100 Pounds Self Rising BONNIE MAE GUARANTEED i •> PURE CREAM, WHITE 25 Lbs $i.n 10 POUNDS SAME OLD PRICE Sack 2.95 15 POUNDS (one peck) CARROTS CORN Diced No. 2 Cans Fancy Cream Style 15* GREENS Mustard or Turnip 11* KIDNEY BEANS BROOMS Joan of Arc Large Warehouse J3* $450 I PEAS Early June No. 2 Cons GREEN BEANS No. 2 . Con 13* PORKUEANS SALMON Alb. I Can Chum Con - 250 MOPS Radiant Polish or Dust 750 1 Pound Box Sunshine, Princess or Premium TALL CANS. WHILE THEY LAST. PET-CARNATION- AM BOY — PAGE or SWIFT. PURE AND FRESH 55 POUNDS $9.35 50 POUNDS $850 8 POUND CARTON . ... $1.38 4 Lb. CARTON FOLGER'S PERCOLATOR, DRIP or .PULVERIZED, 16 FRANKS " WEINERS » SLICED BACON 37c and Lb SALT MEAT Streak o Lean tt> BACON In Piece lb OLEO Vegaco or AllSweet, 7fi American CHEESE Swift's Brookficld 1/2 1f> Box 23< BEEF" VEAL STEW PURE GROUND BEEF lb » VEAL ROAST Chuck lb VEAL CHOPS Rib lb PORK BRAINS CURED HAM HOCKS » 22f 113 E. Main TJfAPPYTJOUR X ili GROCERY & Ji AMARKET Phone 814

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