The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 31, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE TOL. HlyUievllU Courier Blytheville Dally Newi MiSiJsslpp) Vslley Leader Blytheville Herald _THEJX3M1NANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Foundation Laid For Injunction to End Coal Strike Tu man * -2s soft coal Bm'HBVILLB. ARKANSAS. WKDNKSDAY, MARCH 31, Southerner Wants Democrats, GOP, Too, to Draft Eisenhower TWELVE PACKS gave G. Abemelhy, new twist to the Eisenhower-i v-Pr«lde,,t boo,,, Abernethy and other Southern* Democratic congressmen insist that Eisenhower's disavowal of presidential ambitions Is not final. They „,„,,. - wj)1 dear the „„ mdn io seek an immediate com-t iniunction tn out of 400,000 United Mine Workers The Ihree-man board completed* •r£ w "* .""<* » 'ate night session. The White House Is expected to release the report later today. «r^ e " as the Wfort *'«nt to the White House, a bill was Introduced in Ihe house which would authorize anti-trust prosecution of John •L. Lewis for striking the nation's coal mines. Board members Indicated the report would advise Mr. Truman that the pension dispute between John L. Lewis and soft coal operators threatens to "imperil the national health and safety." Under the Taft- Hartley act, such a finding empowers the President to seek an injunction, to halt the walkout, for at least 80 days. Clark Ready to Act Informed sources said Mr Truman may announce Immediately upon releasing the report that he is directing Attorney General Tom C. Clark to go Into U. S. DIsrtlct Court to get an anti-strike order Clark reportedly has the necessary papers ready. ed at once. Lewis served notice he would fight to block it and government lawyers said legal arguments could delay i decision by a jfceek or so. *~ But even an Immediate injunction and settlement of the pension dispute within 80 days would assure the coal Industry nothing more than a temporary breathing spell. Lewis' current contract with the producers has only BO days more to run and the miners do not work the walk- without a contract. Mr. Truman almost certainly will School Sponsors Sought , Next step. Mr. Gill said today, will again have to Invoke the' emer- (be to obtain sponsors in each of the gency sections of the Tart-Hartley ' 21 school groupings. This will be law If the contract deadline ap- I done by the Finance Committee of sclieduled^ meeting with the pr^E drafTed.*™" Ch '" ot Abernethy's statement was inserted In the House record. He snid Dwight D. Eisenhower. >s President would unite the Jiallon "as never before." The MIsslsslpplan said Americans are "sick and tired" of flnger-poinl- i'ljr by Republicans and Democrats He said they want »-. Congress to sit down and work out Ihe nation's problems In unity and harmony Abernethy said nobody knows whether Eisenhower Is a Democrat or Republican. But that doesn't matter, he added. "The only way to unite our people Is for the delegates of bold parlies lo go to their conventions and nominate this man." he said. "Let him be the nominee of all The President of all. The leader -i Many Southern Democrats hopeful of blocking nomination of Prcsl- j! ent ,/ rrum nn, are clinging to a belief lhat Eisenhower can be drafted. Communist Coup The teacher -contest plan was MOV DC 1^006(1 originated by Mr. Gill as a program for education to bring it clos- UN Ooenx Hokni-. er to American community life. X X 9 Uel>ote The Rev. L. T. Lawrence of os- On Charge Preferred ceola last night was named chair- By Chilonn n.l. * man of a speakers' bureau for the " *- n " ea " Delegate program. It is planned that speakers will address various, school and civic groups throughout the county between now and the time school is dismissed for the Summer to explain the program. Schools Grouped For Big Contest Missco Form Bureau Education Committee Members Confer Mississippi County schools were given group designations by th- County Farm Bureau's Education Committee at a meeting in the Hotel Noble last night to further organize the teacher-incentive education plan formulated by Noble Gill of Blytheville. The county's white and Negro schools were divided into 29 groups and teachers in each will be eligible for a $300 cnsh award. Group preaches with no signs of a settlement. On CapHo) Hill, chairman Fred A. Hartley, Jr., R., N J., :of the Houw Labor Committee, 'co-author of the Taft-Hartiey act, announced he had drawn up hold-In-reserve legislation lo ."breit" tic poorer of John L;'"fieirt»;»; %To»fTn.» cnl^°i-'4~Kii t^.-T! B ,• .£li! which L'syd Godlcy of Osceola chairman. Each sponsor will provide the award to be given the winning teacher in that group. Tlie'"awards will take the sponsor's nafafc'jVhe said. Mr. Gill also sa. r. said that Arsons willing to :iarges lhat Riissii eliel- ncered the Communist coup in Czechoslovakia came up for debate >n the United Nations today and sources close to the American delegation said the Security Council might vote for a full investigation But no one ruled out the possibility of a Russian veto despite the charter provision that parties of a Electric Co-Op Adds Customers MISJCO REA Agency Obtains Approval Of $165,000 Loan 350 hotncs in Connection < CoumJf^^^ei^Tc" Is underway todny following cTSlon'bV^^rlTEle'etrl^ cation Administration. ; " s «"wovcd- lo bo for the extension of elcclr'c er o e r »?• °' Kn ™*"*:wr. '» »«i of the co-onerntive said The rural liomi's bel to Ihe REA lines said, »g connectej are scallcred ging of electric service lo .lie.;e homes will Increase the number of rural consumers in the coim- TnH', 3M ,'i Ml ';. Knn l'P«iticrgcr said. Total allocation to the co-opcra- -has been Increased lo mi OW (ivc by the latest loan, he said Mr Knappcnberger pointed out that Ihe Mississippi comity Electric Co-Operative serves more n,ni consume,., i,, the county ( h(ui nl , other uuutles combined. U has a total of 690 nillcs of lines, he said It also serves more rural customers than are served In any county m the United States, he said Burglary Case Testimony Is Presented Presentation ntl- . Hartley i'uihorlEe i the to prosecute nationwide strtl ____ der the Sherman and Clayton a'n' trust ,. • Coal BeiBf Congerred. .» Meanwhile, the latest of three •government orders to conserve the '"dangerously low" supplies of coal l ° ef<t a . midni S*it. are eight .. ...„.„ .. and 21 groups of white school:. I of the two $1,000 scholarship; will 'go to a Negro teacher. In many cases, one school will constitute a group. In others, sev- .| e ral schools too small to hold sep*^ C0nlests ^ ^ «"«* * one group. The white freight shipments 25 per cent on coal-burning trains. The Office of SSSTcSSS^Stt P-!™ VT evme ~ t " N °- senger trains 25 per cent and the !' ""^We the city; Group 2 Commerce Department had halted Scl ! ool i G _™ U P 3 . Sudbury; most coal exports. The government won one legal skirmish with Lewis yesterday when he bowed to a court order compelling him to testify before the President's coal strike board. Lewis served notice In bolh the school groupings assigned last night follow: Group 1 ~ ;hools 1 outside School; Group 3. Sudbury; 4, Cen tral; 5, Number Nine, Huffman, Hickman. Promised Land. Tomato and Rosa 6. Armorel; 7. Burdctte; 8, Gosnell and Lone Oak; 9. Dell; 10, Luxora; n, Osceola; 12. Keiser; 13, Wilson; 14, Shawnee; !5, Dyess; 16. Stillman and Carson; 17. Eto- federal district court and before the I wah (Missco High School); 18, Mil- board that'he would oppose use of ("Ban. Blackwater and Brinkley: 19 the Taft-Hartley law to break the I Lcachvillc: 20, Brown. Boynton, strike. He contends the law is un- | Shady Grove and ",ocky; 21, Ma- constitutlonal and does not apply inila. to the'Current dispute. } Negro school groupings follow- Group 1, Blylhcvilic; Group 2. Osceola; Group .1, Wilson; 4, Carson; 5. Number Nine, Hickman. Armorel, Promised [.and and Rosa; fi, Gosnell. Dell and Burdelte; 7. Luxora, Lewis told the board- the 'work stoppage "has nothing to do" with his March 12 letter to the miners charging that operators had violated the contract. He said the violation was refusal to agree to a pension plan. In his public statements thus far, Lewis has held that the stoppage is not a strike and that no dispute ffxists under any provision of the VTaft-Hsrtley 'law Cancer Control Funds Sought in K'orth Missco Scekins a smaller quota than in previous years because of a Com- muntty Chest allotm-nt. the annual ! Cancer Control Fund drive will gcti 511 '"Quest Inter today. under way in North Mississippi K 8. Keiser, Shawnee and Lost Ca Buffet Wound Causes Death of Game Warden MAGNOLIA. Ark.. March 31. (UP) —Clint Lemay, 49-year-old Lafayette County game warden, died in a Magnolia hospital IBS! night of gunshot wounds received in a Stamps business, establishment. Sheriff w. H. Baker said Carroll Hamm, 55-year-old constable, shot Lcmay while nUcmpling to serve him with peace bond papers. A fight is said to have resulted whe:i Lcmay struck the constable. Hamm was not arrested pending Election is Called By School Board OnBondProposal $317.000 Usu* Sought to Finance Needed Improvements l), Th n, B ?* l ' d of Dlr «l°rs of Ely- Ihevllle Special School District No iJins propose a new bond ls., (l( , „/ •lid U «*.jci;i, iii(, .ue, t was announced yeslrrcfay bv ilinol Board Preslrlent Max B Hold >«' istrict's pre rent lnx rev « lU cS. 1 ™ A '" >l1 c '"'- ».m hl , S "'"' leavc * 22 5.000, which will, be used to finance n,,' imin-ovement Wd bnlldlni: annoiinced earlier by the b A»-"»«*«t ' Mi. neld. In order lo clarifv de !'^ l SJSMJS!irSS 1>»1. made pub,| c ycstC rd B y . a.ske<l'." ?l!S lo ." s ," e '•« both and anav.l, , , o »-«"<-" analysis of t| )e bonrl \ssw «hool building prot;™,,, fonows In- SINGH COPIM runs crarn House Move to Aid Franco May Run Into Difficulty Senators British Frown on House Move 'Amendment to To Give Franco Spain U.S. Funds , la * h Funds Is Rejected B.v K.ih Roy Burklnjt>i«m LOMDPN, March 31 . U.™-Vl^7^rmrf Brllhh Indicated tod.iy Umt Britain was prepared to lead a, quartern i all-out fight to bar "very program. , ,,s a "pcr- relkcllng in- MrlllMi u|>lulon dcscrlbcil Hie iiclloii o( (he House of Hcpiesenla- vcs in voting to Include Spain I NIB recovery |>i-o,(n lm rcctly irlRhUul ,, c t cdlbli) political nn. A fori'lBn office s|)okr.siilnll .snld he wn.s niithoiiml to point oul only that U. 8. Srciolnry of stute Oeorge O. Marslu.ll ••!,„., n | wny ., slutcil It wiw up lo ll,« Kuropcnn nations lo decide who would imrll- clpnle in the rccoi-ci-y momum " 'The British view ahvny., 0|i|)os- l the Inclusion of S])nh>," ihe spokesman snld, An,. 1108,000 which will be re- •I'««K1 by. ,18.000 to W3.000 IIHB tax payments. How much, under tli< law, can our from l>l'«*rnt Library Needs Cited by Board Members Ask for Authorization, of One-Mill City Tax .*"„• Approximately $430,000. We «re limited by our assessed valila- Uon and. that figure has not mii- «rlally Increased since 1929. Why doesn't Ihe district borrow »P ti> Ihe IJmll and build M f, r »» the money will ,„? hH the district could not unv Interest and maturities on that large debt and: have money left (or operating the schools. Why I, ij,B school hoard art},- Diplomatic elides .snld Umt Lon- lon regarded tlio House notion 111 i "inece of political dynamite Hint will cnnble Ihe CoiimumlstK lo marshal a huge margin Q( opposition .' lo the MnrsliHll plnn from ihose sections which hitherto wavered." "It ts silly io ai-jjuc tint Franco is a lower or strength ngnlust communist." llicse sources snld. "Kn- ro]i« cannot forget Hint. u, c same definition applied to lllllcr." Dispatches Irom Home snld His house vole *m a Wow Communist forces In elections, knoekln made ng n re.iiilt of (lie Western A powers' proposal to return Trieste I reir to Italy. Sources close lo the foreign office snlrt Britain still opposed'arn- eraltssiiuo Francisco Franco's desire to hencllt from the piOKram and predicted the House move Mcmbrr.i of Hie BlylhcvillE Ll- urtiry Commission todny ui'jrcil sun purl for Ihe one-mill «iu<clal mimi clpnl lax levy whin Ihe vote"s In tlic city so lo the polls Tuesday April o In I he general clly election. Aiildillpnnl fumls are needed, Mrv C. \V. Aflllck. board chairman. .,a!d, to enable the MCIICV lo PI», i nu . , , March XI. (U.P.)— The House today rejected « move to cut Jl,aoo* 000,000 fiom the propiX owance for tli« first year o,' tlic .Kuropean recovery pro- tfi'ani. ^ ,,'|' he ..{ )r °« x>s «l'waa made by cp. Charles. W. Burwll, R' '" an , W bil , includes, f 6,800,000 ' the u' n ,..~' "•?"* r * Would OP- '^.^'^-"PPfoved move U.'1-ltn c*. - «*HjyiUVea *'."* «•""•<> Spain mio nf^! 1 '" ° f "'<= Senal, ERP. to Marshall plan to decide whe- GodTy 8 I, So™ 1 Dei=»'te Andrei,, :— -' 'has argued from the beglnn the political, turnover i n Slovakia iwas strictly «n'lntei lair ort;r which the UN isdtctiori. Chilean Delegate Hernaii Santa Cruz, who brought the charges es ngainsl Ru.wia on behalf of forme' Czech delegate Jan Papanek, was expected to press hard for a UN inquiry. However, If Santa Cruz had a concrete proposal to offer, it could not be considered unless sponsored by one of the II council members Th» Chilean diplomat was expected to reply to Russian charges that Chile had acted ns a tool V the Umtcd Slates In bringing p ap - anel-.'s charges to the council It was virtually a foregone conclusion that any inquiry committee would be denied admission (o Czechoslovakia and would have to rely on evidence brought to it Papanek told the council last weel- that ne had a string of witnesses , ready to testify, but he has not disclosed Iheir names. I attorneys got nn- 'court re-convened .rtal began at 1:JO 'VV ;.' .......'- ' ' . said yesterday. Mr. Ambrose se ! FPC Sanctions Merger "'(Of Gas Distributors Mittissmnl «' aSt named N ° rth WASHINGTON, Mar. Mississippi County campaign A Federal Power chairman earlier this week by Al- Ian Gates of Little Rock, slate'drive chairman. The drive will be han- 31. (UP)— Commission spokesman satri toda v that it will shortly announce officially the died again thb yearly the^nior ^V xS^ Kl %l Commerce, Mr. Am- Corp., into Texas Gas l?an S miss?on Campaign Lags In Drive to Aid Cripples A finnl drive to put the Easter Seal sale in Mississippi Coun<v over the top has been launched by County Chairman. John Maycs who reports tnat to date only siOMs" °' th . e «'<KO 0»ota for Mississippi ! County has been retried. Mr. Ma yes. has sent reminders to the various persons who have not contributed to Ihe fund, which finances much of the work done for crippled children in Arkansas Jfe expressed belief that the total couid be reached if thaw who have not yet purchased Easier Seals woulj send in their contributions. He stressed the idea that this county s goal 1.5 a vital portion of the stale- wide quota of »I06,000. which must be reached if the new convalesce." enppled at Jacksonville. Chamber of brose said. The drive will be conducled only In communities surrounding Blytheville "-' --- • Corp. The announcement will be In accord with a decision handed down S o,,d f on o/^v^^r tn? cSE \ ^SJV&SSSV iSTS^ iff s-cS^'-i.^'-ss.-- y^-iv--- ?«" cancer fund campaign here. The cancer fund goal for this year was set at $1,500 for the Norlh half of Ihe county.. The Red Cross Field Agent ca-bin-aV ihe:tcurisV; courrne'ryop 1 : eraled by C. Abraham. Kimbro WHS shot five times at close range wltn n .45 caliber pistol last December by Mr. Abraham, who had hidden In the cabin lo await an expected prowler. At Ihe lime of his arrest officers here said they believe,! his cap- lure cleared up a number of other lourist camp and residential burglaries. * Kimbro was on the witness stand tins morning. His trial has aroused considerable interest, especially among. Negroes. Nearly 303 specln- tors were present I his morning Mr. Abraham testilied yesterday afternoon. ' In other action this morning, Malcolm O'Bannon of BIylhevilfe was arraigned on a charge of grand Inrceny and entered a pica ol guilty. Anti-Trust Action Against Lewis, Aim of New Bill WASHINGTON, March 31. ,UP) —A bill to authorize anti-trust nc- lion against striking labor unions- aimed at John L,. Lewis—was Introduced in tlic House today. The bill was introduced by Chairman Prcrt A. Hartley. Jr.. of 1)13 House Labor Committee. It woiuri designate as a "monopolistic strike'' any concerted work stoppage agnmst two or more employers. Hartley, co-author of (lie Taft- Harlley act said he wrote the bill because of widespread concern that the strike-slopping machinery of the act may not apply to the current salt coal strike. n broader progrnm for tile llbmy book.'" " e """ " lc I""' 1 -'!'"™ of new , ., . "i' 1 '*! ."binry now Is serving nearly '/i ,,"H I r' MO S " ll<X)1 cn "i'™n R"rt wlrtur lij- the IU1 «n crest of aduKs in the facilities ot out all. snlnsilhu library Is sought total ' only »8»5.50 wns spent for new biiiks nucl }78 nf this miioimt w«i contributed as a memorial and did hot come from funds orlglii»ii y »j| o - would be stnmslicd by Slate Department or ate. tlic U. S. ithi cnlwi for Ihe library. M«. Ira Gray, librar .. librarian In Ihe s,.,, :- jC , im l»''taiico ot more funds ,W In the ben- boo ks a ,, d 3m . iccll lor gch(X)) ^ the bilUo.1 tor y.e city elecllon'-by of tnJC|i«yer.i Inleresled'In nations bound to- pgrnm are on re- g:'Spnln's parllcl- 4]id Portugal sun- i«re. The Ux will be collecled and funds provided forijMS o'pernllona if electors,-'wlio «o polls next/ Tuesday, vole for rpin ""^palii' Vaid' "tT»i ed Indebtedness will In New York Cotton This home, according to Mr Maycs. is operated by (he Arkansas mtion lor Crippled exclusively through the sale of Easter Seals". iin one-half of all funds receive:! ' ing directed lowar,i the work for . \i av crippled children in counties where * the money w as raised The Convalescent Home has ?. capacity of 65 patients, but since opening last November his Handled a larger volume of patients returning many completely cured to j their homes. open May ....... 33js July Oct Dec Mar. 3169 3103 3071 hijh low 3543 3507 .1477 3444 3230 3157 3150 3090 3115 3060 1:30 35il 3462 <»..c.J» the *"'*"* (ak « <•"! *M5,000 >nd start Ihe bulldlnr of the new while hl»h Mhool, u,lni the money u far >„ | t will ,„ toward (hat proJetlT Ans. The proposed white high school will cost »t | cnst »«00«1 perhaps *500,000. The »225 000 being borrow would give us a half finished Job on the net, high school. It would use up all of the money lhat we cnn afford lo borrow now and leave the district without ihe means lo provide other building rc - ncf more pressing that the white high school. Wh»l building demands nre more preming than the white hljch school? Ans. The most seriously crowded condition Is In the white grade schools and the negro school. Sudbury Is filled (o nbout Its capacity. Central has more pupils than li ca« accommodate. The overcrowding at Large has reached serious «„.,; proportions. The greatest Aver- inr, crowding Is at Harrison school. n ,,h U'flAp-A 111*. . _ . ItUlJ Sfofe Employe Joins Staff of Lee Wilson Co. Glenn A. (Bud) Green of Little Rock, state publicity director for the Arkansas Resources nnd Development Commission will arrive in Wilson tomorrow lo tnkc over the position of advertising nnd promo- Fei.dler as vice-president, nnd lion director for Ihe Lee Wilson,Co. ' James Roy wns elected secrelnry- Mr. Green snld ycslcrdny his fain- I treasurer to succeed A. s (Todd) ily will Join him there at the end I Harrison, of the school ycnr. Tho association also went on rec- Tn his new position, Mr. Green Old a:i favoring the creation of will handle advertising, pronlitton Piissnjje of 205,000.000 global °y nightfall. ,, . were Diving (or their one-packsge is foreign aid bill the HOI.M bill "remained to"b«"» c t - ert on but Republican. leader, %- aered the Hoaie Into "» *" ' hem «« s "f« Is Passed, w i (h the Sen« *" , e «U Foreign- ,| d bm .,„ . « ' 1 ^^M!^- eo Sp»ln to the list of Marshall pmn nnllons wn» due to iun Into opposition Irom Blytheville Bar Association Elects Officers Qwjii- Pcndlcr was elected lo suc.- crcd Kii a. Cook as president nf the Illylhcvlllc Bar Association nt *. meeting last night at Sullivan* Cnfc. Mr. Fendler l a Ihe retiring vice-president of the organization. Graham Sudbury will replace Mr. x- of the-Sen«t« Foreign' Commltlee U, known'to of and publicity for the various enterprises of Hie Wilson Co. which cxlcnrt over Arkiuisns nnd second division o f the Chancery Court for this district, with the chancellors o! Ihe respective divisions having co-cxlcnslve Jllrlsdir,- where the rooms arc now serving about double Ihclr designed cnna- See SCHOOL BONDS P», e » Russia Orders Travel Check of Berlin Trains BERLIN, Mar. 31. (UP)—Russln Informed the three Western powers 111 Berlin today that a rigid Inspection system of travel would be slarted tomorrow. The Riiwlans sent Ideiilicnl let- vary lor agriculture ami Industry i tlon within the dlslrlct or lhat the to bunking and retail selling, ....... - • Deanc Allen of Lltllc Rock v^lll cccd Mr. Green n.s stale publicity director. Mr. Green hns been sltiie publicity director since March, If)4l. Mr. Green's resignation becomes rffectivc tomorrow. The Blylheville Junior Chamber of Commerce was assisted by Mr. Greene last year In Ihe handling of publicity for tlic Eighth National Cotton Picking Contest, 600 Greek Guerrillas Hemmed in by Regulars SALONIKA. Mar. 31. (UP)—A tcrs to the American. British n'ltl ' orcc ° r "00 Greek guerrillas In the French chiefs or staff. The letters, Kro "! sia Mountain area ot North- 3130 31H Soybeans $1,2W. leaving $260 to be colle^-lcU elsewhere In North Mississippi County to complete the quola. A six-man Jaycee committee has been named by Mr. Ambrose to handle the drive, with Mr Ambrose »s chairman, the committee included Sanford Boone, director W. O. Guerln jr., Lynn Hughes, , Glenn B. Johnson, Mason Day and i Jack Foster. ] , The. drivf. will ckw. April 30 Ambxow wld. Arthur Jackson, of st. Louis, field representative for Eastern Arkansas Red Cross, visited the local chapter olfice today, on routine business Mr. 40 Die m Train Blast JERUSALEM. Mar, 31. (UP) — Forty persons were killed and sixty wounded when a train was blown up near Bcnyamina today, It was «.« ,* S ° tlM * lt y- The. rusun'tics were iald U> be mostly Arabs. Building Supply Firm In Blytheville Chartered LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 31. (IJ P )_ The Dullders Supply Co. of Blylhe- vlllejoday tiled articles of Incor- Secrctary of state were signed by Lieut. Gen Mikhail Dratvln, deputy Soviet military governor. The Western powers were told that the Russians Inlcnd- ea to Inspect both freight and passenger trains leaving Berlin. | All American. British afid French j nationals who are employed by the Western military organizations will reinforcements have been moved up be required to produce documents ariri tnc p ri clr clcmcnt Is colng "ac- 1:30 certifying their Identity and the i cor <l'"g lo plan." JiC'ib I nature of the Job Ihey hold. Eix>rarilc fighting tonllniied all : . nlghl and blny,cd Inlo renewed fury Utility's 500,000-Gallon Water Tonk "" ""*"* ^" °* " '"" open . 364 high 369 low 363 ern Greece was being hemmed In by Greek regular army troops In Ihe second Any of ihe Spring offensive, it was reported aulhorlla- livcly lod.iy. The guerrillas were fighting fiercely lo avoid being trapped, these reports snld. hut Greek army Nearly Ready for Use, Manager Says Construction on the Blytheville Water Company's new 500.000-gnl- lon wafer lank on Soulh isih Street was expected to be completed this afternoon and filling of the 102- foot structure Is scheduled to begin tomorrow. Bernard Allen, manager of the that It will probably be'Monday be- poratltm with C ' r °'J!?, a "' „ * alcr company, said this morning J. Wilson Henry was listed as fore the new tank Is placed In ser- r^l^nt Cogent, and the articles vice. ,,,,„„,! ,M „_ , as W. H. I In Ihe meanlime, Hie lank's in. . both of ,lerior will be sterllzed and this all- lorized capilal was lowed to "set" for 24 or 48 hours .-snnnn r>a!d in c»Pl- Mr. Allen said . •00,000. | ij se O j Blhi.l Blytheville. i Aut stabilize pressure In Ihe city's wafer mains at about 42 pounds per square Inch during periods of peak consumption, he said. At present the pressure drops during peak periods New York Stocks 2 p.m. Anaconda Copper Hclh steel Chrysler Gen Electric .vcconri chancellor should hiive Jur- i.sdiclion in only two or three counties. I'.csldcnl Kcl 8. Cook nppolntod Orahnin Sndliury. C. F. Cooper and Prank Douglas commtUcemeii .n clinrgc of advising Ihe olhcr bar associations of the dislrlcl of this action. Tills action was taken to relieve the present situation of delayed hearings. Visitors present last niglit included Circuit Judue Charles W. Light, of Pnrngould. nnd James C. Kale, prosecuting nltorney of Marion. Robber Nearly Overlooks Candy Box Containing Gems Valued at $50,000 MIAMI BEACH. Fla., March Jl. (UP)-—A New York Jewel salesman told police today how a holdup man robbed him of J250 In cash and then as nil aricrllioii B ht look along t candy box conlnining $50.000 worth of gems. Leslie Jonap said he and B chauffeur were returning here from Palm Beach allcr trying unsuccessfully lo sell (he Jewelry. The thief hlrt In Ihe back of Ilielr car, Jonap said, and aflcr taking. , n , the money from them at gunpoint P | a i, c picked up Ihe candy box also when of Ih Jonap loJd him it contained only were i 38 34 3-1 59 5-8 ,„ _,-., . «... ... n t i*,an |iui LiMlfl • f~, .»L Operating of the new tank nhol?, 0 " Motors will make Blytheville eligible for """^omcry Ward rcgradini? by the Arkansas arid " Rating Bureau In Little Rock advancement to a Claw Six insurance rating. Complctlllon of llu: tank was a condition for regarding set forth ,n c report Irom thc%uicau earlier this year. It wns not known loday how Ion? the reeradlnit nrorrss iniRht take aflcr the tank Is placed in operation. U s Sled N Y Central Int Harvester, North Am AvMlion Republic Steel , Radio Socouy Vacuum ... .^tiidrbakiT Standard of N J .'.'. Texas Corp ....... Packard 54 3-8 54 3-8 H .1-8 BB 1-1 personal belongings. Weather , Arkansas forecast: clear lo pnit- ,i-< i.v cio.iriy todny fl n d tonight with scattered showers In Southeast portion. Thursday, clear to partly 2? 1-8 10 16 3-4 cloudy nnd slightly cooler. Minimum this morning—54 Miixlntum yesterday—63 Sunset today—6:20. Sunrise tomorrow—8:47. Precipitation. 4S hours to 7 s.m, IB 3-81 lo<lny—8. 15 1-8 Total since Jan. J—1309 57 1-4 Mean temperature (midway ^4 l-J'Uvrrn high snd Inn)—s«.5 <4 1-8 Normal mean lor Maicl\-51.j. .,?„!,; v * nAen **ri b said lo feel It might hairper the taip administrator, operations, especially sine* inifi! n rf W f i ' 1?' » mon * the counlrlej Sin ^f^'U"^ £S! n * U Icmner. " si aes> ~ Sfnilt, Keep* Busy Rep. Alvln E. O'Konsicl R wis was ihe author of the Spanijh participation amendment. He said fall- lire of ihe western Eu,opean countries lo Include Spain In ERP now "would be definite proof that they are not Interested In economic unity and reconstruction, but only lit their own selfish affairs." 'Hie Scnale completed Its own W,038,000,000 three-part foreign T sislnnCB legislation late yesterday by approving a one-year |4*rjoOOOO program of military amj economic aid to Chlnn. Previously, It hid passed bills authorizing $5,300,000,"00 lor European recovery and *215,000,000 for military »ld too Greece and Turkey. The House bill Includes all three or those measures, ns well a* t $60.000.000 contributions to the United Nations Children's Relief Fund. Capital of Costa Rica Bombed by Captured Aircraft SAN JOSE, Oosln Rica, March 31 (UP)—Rebel forces bombed this Costa Rlcan capital today for the' first time. ,JT' e reb " 5 lU5et1 " n American iJC-3 Iransport plane captured frora TACA airlines to drop one bomb and shower down leaflet* promising more attacks. Eyewitnesses said the bomb hit a wing of the presidential palace, causing a fire, and showered houses within a block with fragments. It was not believed lhat anyone was injured. The plane used was one of three captured by the rebels at San Isidro Airfield early in the fighting. Th« leaflets dropped from th* were enlitlcd "First Bulletin Ihe Army of Liberation," and dated at San Isidro, March II. They said today's bombing »-*» "Our first visit to S«n Jose, mecc» of Communism," *nd Indicated th*t more bombings were planned. Tfi« bombings would be confined to military objectives, the leaflets prom- Ued f lot Lakt G«fj Quota In Red Cross be- Tlat Lake community went over Its $50 ([UotA for the Red' Cross financial campaign early today, by reporting n loUl of $63.45. . Mis. Essie D»vts »«« ch»irm»B <X the Flat Lake driv«-

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