The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1937
Page 9
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BLA'THEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NWS US! THE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertion?; One time per line lOc Two times per line per day .. 08c Three times per line per day .. OGc Elx limes per line per day .. 05c Month rat? per line (Me Cards of Thanks..... 50c & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times ,ind stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the e.3 appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy eubmltted by parsons residing out•Ide of tlie clly must bo accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. C1TV SHOE SHOP NEW EQUIPMENT-BEST PRICES We ask one trial. WILLIAM KKEEMAN 4 doors cast J. C. Fenney's Business Directory Sporting Goods of all kinds Uniforms & equipment for baseball, handball, sottball, soccer ball, tennis, track & boxinz. Best Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. Niner Sale to begin Feb. 1 hris ntil Hood waters >PENING DATE Hdw. Co. J. Wilson Henry Shb'usc Coal & Wood Shoe Repairing NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. Simon P. Lee ill charge 4 Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job QUALITY SHOE SHOP The house of good service and quality. Everything for your shoes and boots. Rubber heels 25o lip, Boles COc up. Wee Delivery. - - Phone 120 11. B. Campbell, Owner —I Batteries FOE BETTER Battery Service CALL J. 15. CLUNK Jackson Service Station—Phone Wanted To Buy We Pay Highest Prices FOR SCRAP IRON, METALS, PECANS. HIDES <fc FURS AUIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phone 170 Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture IS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn (Ills pleasant work which pays \\'cll. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Wanted To Trade Unimproved acreage near llcber Springs, Ark., for equity in Bly- Ihovlllc property or what have yon? E. J. Heaton, 200 E. Davis. 16c k20 Salesmen Wanted Gay-Colored Earmuffs Come Back on Campus MINNEAPOLIS 1 UP)—The ear- imiff. generally clawed with red llannels, celluloid collars and Paul Bimynu's blue snoiv as vestiges of n remote past, aijaln has come Into its own. C'o-cds at the University of Minnesota have given the stock of Ihe lowly enr protector a mlgllly push. The women have decreed It ns tops in fashion in (heir current common sense wave, outlawing white nipped cars. ..The Blrls, though, scoff tit (he WPA style, somber muffs. To crash sorority row earinuffs iniist be gay—bright colors, and pastel shades or plaids. They nrc made of velveteen or fleece or fur and stick out I'roni the jars like open doors on a (nxlciib. HUSTLER WANTED! To introduce, supply demand for Raw- lelsh necessities. Good routes open nearby, iwiolgh methods get bus- • .. iness. No selling experience need- Traffic Beatfi cd. We supply sales, advertislnx laulu uealn literature—all you need. Profits should increase every month. Low prices; good values, complete service. Rawlelgh's, Dent. AKB-27- 03, Memphis, Tcnn. H • WE BUY Hides & Metals Wool & Scrap Iron Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. Cherry & R. K. Plioiie 448 $6 PER WEEK !njoy comforts of steam heat. lot and cold' water, good food, all or his low price. fcabody Hold III E. Main WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbnrd 2nd Hand Furniture Store Alabama Lump Coal S3 per ton — Call 47 Kim's Coal Co. if You want Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal. $G50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 w. Cherry phone 44S "MY COAI, IS BLACK BUT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 COAI, COAL We have the best prices on nil kinds of good coal. Phone us for prices. HARRY BAILEY CALL E. P. FRY at Wonder City Coal Co. FOB ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HTP-H r.RADE COAL PHONE 477 WE HAVE THE BEST Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky At the Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US 'A TRIAL r c Guarantee Honest Weight Shaver-Foster Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main Personal OET VIGOR AT ONCE, New Ostrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invigorates, and other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glands,' If j not; delighted, maker refunds fewu cents paid. Call, write Kirby Bros Drug Stores. Rooiti and Board Sones Found of Beast 25 Ft. fall, 65 Ft. Long BEAUFORT, South Africa (UP) —Parts of a skeleton, which sci- Hilists believe belonged to a bronlosaiirus, litivc been found on i farm In the Murraysburg district. It is estimated from the size of the bones that the prehistoric creature which roamed tills part of the country 100,000 years ago must have been C5 feet" long, 25 feet high, anil nately 40 tons. For St. Louis Made ST. LOUIS (UP)— The St. Louis Safety Council has complied a :lmrt of death, based oh the rcc- irds of 147 person's who were killed hcr6 last year In traffic ac- ciclchts, which sho\vs that 71 per :ent of Hie victims were pcdcstri- iris. Other deaths figured In pit.'- cciitagc, this vrty: Automobiles colliding, . 10 per cent; autonioulles striking fixed obpccts, 7 per cent; and non- eolllslon automobile ncciclents (skidding. etc.), 5 per cent. Lighthouse Arc;i Expansive HONOLULU, T. H. (UP)—P. A. Edsjeconibe, superintendent of thu U. S. lighthouse service here, is in charge of the government's largest federal lightlious division. His territory includes not the Territory of Hawaii, but lends 1,500 miles northwest to Midway, and 2,600 miles southwest to Guam. {"FLAPPER FANNY % syivi " —~ ; ' ! "* '•" euwicc, IKC. .t. u. mo, u. 6 . PAT. o;r.——_,i_— Fees Exceed Suit.Value' LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UW-Ar- tlmr Frankcl spent $JDO comt fees to file a suit against the uty for ad cents. He Is attacking coii- stllullonnlHy of the clly ordinance providing for a 10 per cent pen- ally on delinquent water bills. Frtc Gasoline AT GRAND OPENING LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION ArkimMis-lftlssotirl' Line Saturday & Sunday I'cb. 37-23 ' ' !> Ijaltoiis Super-Shell das J'RKB ivltli' 'every 10 gallons inu'chnscd. Visit one of tlie, most modem service stations In the South, A courteous Mali of nttomlrmts ni your service 21 hours a ilrty. LEFTY ALEXANOER, Pr'o!>. 1 WE HAVE , SECURED THE SEUV1CES OF AN EXPERIENCED. RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to repaU your radio tor first class condition. A Coniplclc Lino of Tubes and 1'arls - - Host Prlcts Hubbnrd Tire * JBat. Co. Phohe 476 "Coin" my way? ^|t it's by the grocery, li the park, certainly not!" "listened in" on numerous slate secrets meant for Dentocrnts 1 H-mu due to the fact thnf. ns an nid to Ills hearing a mechanical device is Cla^s Iti-roi'ils Kepi 111 Years 'IiACjRANGE, ItKl. (UP) — Mrs Martha Uobinson, tn, who taught ....i *ILMIui^ d iiicuimiiLutij nevicfi is , .i.«c,* t u attached to the speaker's micro- sclmo1 from 1B73 lo 101 > ri n " s u >9 phone. In one TEHUY AliSTItACT , REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & I.oai E. lit. Terry,. I'rps. ami sig.. 1'hoiio 017 Illyiiievilie, Ark. & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRIOE3 PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE IS 24 Hour Wrecker Service Host i'tices Joyner Motor Sales Cull 1000 Storage GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Fce<l - Kindling PHONE n Noiv Located nl lot Wort;. Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FUWAUDS, 1'inprlctor All makes of Hciiiitlt TyiiRWtltora, Ad,lln ? ninclilnw an« ' Ouiciihilors—IteirahhiK—Parts—lllbbonj Farm Loans $500 Up -ALSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES. PILLING STATIONS. Don H. Kasserman Room 220—Lynch bldg. P. O. Box 4TO FREE! If excess acid causes you Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, Indigestion. Heartburn, GET free 5ample doctor's prescription, Udga, at Kirby Bros. Drug Co. AUTO LOANS NO lllil) TAPE borrow money on your car to pay 'or your licenses and other bills Car need not be paid for. See V. W. MCLMNS lUdbnry Bldg. Phone 495 For Sale New Bargains! We nave some especially good bargains in cars, trucks arid pick-ups. See Our's Before You Buy! '.036 International ',-i Ton Pick-lip 1934 Chevrolet ^ Ton Pick-Up 1933 Chevrolet '.£, Ton Pick-Up 1935 Ford !'.'• Ton Truck 1929 Chevrolet Sedan 1031 Chevrolet Roadster 1030 Oakland Sedan Delta Implements, Iric. Beautiful enameled HEATING STOVE for livin/f room, oimer moved away. $30 gets it. Call 521. 17-ck'-24 i!i Co. Limited number ol Singer treadle machines traded in on new mod- f els at exceptional bargains. Also 3 ' twrlable electrics other inakca. Singer Sewing Machine Co. 408 W. Main Poitvy~&~Eggs FRESH EGGS 35c DO/. sold only at Abbott-Johnson farm Practically now Automatic Delco Light Plant. With radio, fan and iron. Will sell for halt price Delta Implements, Incorporated. Ic ktf POULTRY WANTED We p.iv highest market prices for all 'kinds poultry. Fisher & Gainrs at Gaines Grocery & Market, U W. Main. Real Estate GREEN INN—oafc & dance hall al steclc. Good business. Sell reasonable. Apply at inn. COURT HOUSE Cafe, IBS N. 2nd. Doing good business. Phone 12p For Rent FOR SAI.R CO Acre farm, newly decorated 4 room house, well & spring on mail route in O^arks foothills Mrs S. D. Gregory, 717 Chickasawba! 30-j)k-30 FOR .SALE 5 Room House, bath, large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town Could be made Into apartment Cheap for cash. 809 Cliickasnvbix dh It: Nicety furnished BEDROOM Reasonable. 325 E, Davis. 15-ck-I9 FURNISHED APARTMENT*"^ DOUGAis". Jire. A. A. Allen. 2-c'k-tf Nicely furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOSf, bath. Call 560. 2-c-k-3-2 small note-book. Some of her pu- Drs. Werf & Wert OI'TOJIETliiSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store *TVE MAKE 'EH SEE' Plionc 540 Listens In DENVER. (UP)— Joseph blckin son, Colorado Republican repress)) tative from Hugo, Is reputed to hav WHAT'S UPJ>-v^_/CMONI, MEN-WE GOTTA SAVE WHAT'S /WOW! HE'S\HI5 HIGHNESS, TH 1 EMPEROR BITIN' \ GOT HIMSELF^ HK ABOUT t 1 TH'CHIHF?/ ALL TANSLEPV EARS'CHAWEP GOOD GtODlLTV OANGEP SOI2R.V 1 AINT TH 1 CAT THOUGHT I WAS! mv- \v-VJ • (p '•>.!»';i ii[i/ /;/ f ; / f/\ !'•?/••* BOOTS AND 1 HRL T5UDDIEP \VAKFt.TUBBS NOT TO I.UI.U HKLLK! ' H A N :^-'l THW^SVLOO'K oufy.&ovsj HER HUSBANP'S THROWepHER/ Q^ glff? -^ —1CZZD SSSfe-sL-^ijffiffi'/giiBc FRKCKLES AND HIS' L'KIENDS VKS, Hi; KNOWS! /iMfjaK-*' r-*U Z— L'^lffl.'jjT.BY.HE^ntCTlC.EJ^C, T H Rn y. SJftJiSSt.J...^ VJ Jl-LJL.! li^FTTTtnnF^g^' r Flirimhcd. .steaiiihcated Apartment. ^Telephones 197 and 571. 9c ktf WARM BEDROOM ndjolnim- l-nth. 715 W. Ash. 17-p-k-22 THERE MUCT- BE SOME MISTAKE ! DID -rOU SAY TPIS BOOK WAS WRITTEW BY A GIRL NAMED TDlUJ THAT'S TK^ MAf-IE/ RIGHT! DO YOU CAW SEE \O WELL, I'VE SEEN WHAT THIS GIRL LOOKS ) PICTURES Of HER! ;VADRM IW BANGS OVER D, A DIMPLE |M : i HER. RIGHT CHEEk,.V/EAPS : j CUTE bptESSES AMD j DAWCES LIKE A r/!LLIO>4 DOLLARS ?' I :BRO\VM EYES, BtACK HAIR. By B!osscr M\

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